Who Said It? | Week 20

November 22nd, 2014


A surprise set of books is up for grabs in this week’s Who Said It?! You will find this week’s quote in one of the books we campaigned in November. Check out our campaign schedule to help narrow down your options. Read through back cover copy and excerpts to help you figure out what book it’s from, take a guess in the comment section, check back for clues, and you could be a winner!

God’s a big God. Nothing’s too hard for him.

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Less than a week until Thanksgiving—and pumpkin pie galore! Congratulations to the winner of last Saturday’s What’s the Big Picture contest, Raechel. Please email your mailing address to elizabeth {at} litfusegroup {dot} com to claim your prize.

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Instagram 101 for Authors and Bloggers

November 21st, 2014


If there’s one facet of technology I could spend way too much time exploring, it’s not perusing Facebook feeds, live-tweeting during a TV show, or endlessly scrolling through Pinterest. Instagram is my one true social media love (you can follow Litfuse on Instagram here), and if you’re like me, you probably upgraded from that old-school flip phone to a smart phone for the sole purpose of being able to take part in what was back then an up-and-coming social media platform.

Looking back at some of my earliest photos on my account makes me cringe ever so slightly. The photos are either grainy, boring, or have too many filters and special effects. Since then I’ve really tried to hone my “iPhonography,” and as a fellow blogger and writer, I wanted to share my tips and tricks for creating quality photos, building followers, and getting extra likes on your… read more »

Interview with Kate Ramsey

November 20th, 2014

Daughter-Highland-Hall Carrie Turansky

What if the title, the estate, the life of security and splendor isn’t enough? Strong-willed and beautiful, debutante Katherine Ramsey feels ready to take the London social season by storm, and she must. Her only means of securing her future is to make a strong debut and find a proper husband. When a shocking family scandal sidelines Katherine, forcing her out of the social spotlight, she keeps a low profile, volunteering with the poor in London’s East End. Kate finds herself torn between tradition and the stirrings in her heart for a different path, she must decide whom she can trust and love. Read our interview with Kate Ramsey to learn more about The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I’m going to London soon to take part in my first Season. I’ve been preparing for months with dress fittings, dancing lessons,… read more »

Interview with Tate Webber from ‘The Promise’

November 19th, 2014

The Promise Cover PK

Tate Webber has loved Mallory Hammond for many years. He understands that Mallory will never be happy with him until her deepest heart’s desire is satisfied. When Mallory decides to travel across the world to fulfi ll her dreams, Tate begs her not to go but tries to give her the space she needs. Mallory embarks on her dangerous journey only to discover how swiftly and easily promises can be broken. And Mallory can only pray that she will make it out alive. Read our interview with Tate to learn more about The Promise by Beth Wiseman.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I tend to see myself as an average guy, but my entire life has revolved around playing the piano. They told my mom when I was a kid that I was a ‘prodigy’ lol. She uses that word a lot . . . gotta… read more »

The Story Behind ‘Pound Foolish’

November 18th, 2014

Pound Foolish cover

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Where does a writer find inspiration? What’s the hardest part about writing a story? What do you hope your writing achieves? We’ve asked Dave & Neta Jackson, authors of Pound Foolish, to tell us the story behind the story. You can learn more about the Jacksons and their Windy City Neighbors series at their website!

Tell us a bit about the story behind your latest novel. Where did you find inspiration?

For a long time we have been troubled by what is commonly known as the “prosperity gospel,” and yet there are many Scriptures in which God promises blessings and abundance. This story attempts to bring those tensions into perspective around Jesus’ teachings.

What was the hardest part about writing your novel: Getting started? Keeping it going? Finding the perfect ending?

The tension in… read more »

Weekly Client Roundup

November 17th, 2014


Hi, everyone! Did you stay warm this weekend? This is Chirper Caitlin, and here is your weekly client roundup:

Did you win the Quilts of Love’s latest contest, a Kindle Fire giveaway? Click here to find out.

If you’re looking for a new read that shows proof of God’s faithfulness worldwide, check out I Have Seen God by Klaus-Dieter John (currently on tour with us).

Dave and Neta Jackson’s newest book, Pound Foolish, is on tour with us. Read more about it, along with some reviews, here.

J.A. Marx is celebrating her new book, Destiny Defied, with a Kindle Fire giveaway. Enter to win, then find out if you won at J.A.’s Facebook author chat party on December 2!

N.L.B. Horton stopped by Robin Lee Hatcher’s blog to talk all things books, writing, and author inspirations. Stop by to read the interview and enter… read more »

Sunday Refreshments with Rob Peabody | Risk

November 16th, 2014


Are you playing it safe, keeping in line with the status-quo? Rob Peabody, author of Citizen, joins us today to share why Christians should be the most risk-taking people on the planet. Learn more about Rob at his website, awakenmovement.com.

‘Citizens of the Kingdom should be the most risk-taking people on the planet. We have nothing to lose.’

In my book, Citizen, I devote an entire chapter to risk taking and breaking the cycle of status-quo living for citizens of the Kingdom of God that I am finding, is getting me into quite a bit of trouble.

Some readers have reacted strongly to the words I wrote in this chapter. Not necessarily “strongly” bad, more “strongly” good, but the type of “strongly” good that comes with an uneasiness.

Let me explain.

People’s reaction to this chapter on risk taking has come pregnant with inner tension. It’s the kind of… read more »

What the Big Picture? | Week 37

November 15th, 2014


Welcome back to another round of What’s the Big Picture! Take a look at the zoomed-in image, share your guess in the comment section below, and . Winner will be announced next Saturday. Happy guessing!

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Congratulations to the winner of last week’s Who Said It, ANDREA WIILLIAMS. The quote is from The Brothers’ Keepers by NLB Horton

I am archaeologist Grace Madison, and I do not normally kill people.


Please email elizabeth {at} litfusegroup {dot} com to claim your prize.

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