Blogger of the Month | August

August 22nd, 2014


Congratulations to Rachelle of Inspiring Daring! She is Litfuse’s blogger of the month! Thank you, Rachelle, for being a faithful reviewer and for providing some creative and thought-out reviews.


Rachelle Rea

Where can we find you on the web?


Number of years you’ve been reviewing:

When I was 17, I began a blog under a pen name (Rose’s Daring Adventure). I long ago dropped the pen name, but I picked up book reviewing. That was 5 years ago. I love reading and reviewing books for my favorite authors, as well as showing others how they can become book bloggers, too!


I run my own business editing for writers who need an extra pair of eyes and authors who are both self-published and traditionally published. I love getting to work with other writers on a variety of genres.

Review writing tip:

Use the sandwich method: positive+negative+positive…. read more »

Get to Know Amber Stockton

August 21st, 2014

A Grand Design, Amber Stockton

Amber Stockton hopes her books will either help readers discover a faith in God and cling to it or have their faith strengthened by the stories she writes. Her latest release, A Grand Designis no exception. Keep reading to learn more about Amber. Quilts of Love is giving away a Kindle Fire HDX to celebrate the latest release in the series! Click here to enter and RSVP to chat with Amber Stockton and Robin Caroll at the QOL Fall into Fall Facebook Party.

What’s your go-to activity to get out of writer’s block?

I honestly don’t believe in writer’s block, but if I get “stuck,” I simply move on to another part of the story that flows better. It might come as a shock to some, but I rarely write my books in order. With two children underfoot all day (although my daughter just started full-day kindergarten this… read more »

An Excerpt from ‘A Grand Design’

August 20th, 2014

A Grand Design, Amber Stockton

A getaway on a charming island may be just what Alyssa needs—if only she can let go of her past. Get a sneak peak at  A Grand Design by Amber Stockton and start the first chapter today! And don’t miss the chance to win a Kindle Fire HDX and chat with the QOL authors! Click here to learn more and enter.

“I hate the month of June!”

Alyssa Denham shouldered her way through the revolving door to her office building and onto the concrete sidewalk, her arms laden with bridal shower grab-bag gifts. She should have tossed most of the stuff, or found an unsuspecting coworker and bestowed the gifts on her as a random act of kindness. Three office bridal showers in the first three weeks of April. It had to be a record. The predictable wedding invitations arrive in her inbox, and she still didn’t have a date for the events. Some of… read more »

The Story Behind ‘A Grand Design’

August 19th, 2014

A Grand Design, Amber Stockton

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 
Where does a writer find inspiration? What’s the hardest part about writing a story? What do you hope your writing achieves? We’ve asked Amber Stockton, author of A Grand Design, to tell us the story behind the story. Quilts of Love is giving away a Kindle Fire HDX to celebrate the latest release in the series! Click here to enter and RSVP to chat with Amber Stockton and Robin Caroll at the QOL Fall into Fall Facebook Party on 9/16.

Tell us a bit about the story behind your latest novel. Where did you find inspiration?

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with Mackinac Island after watching the film, Somewhere in Time starring Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn) and Christopher Reeve (Superman). History has always fascinated me, and I dreamed of visiting… read more »

Weekly Client Roundup

August 18th, 2014


Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? This is Chirper Caitlin, and here is your weekly client roundup:

If you love WWII fiction, we promise you’ll love Sarah Sundin’s The Wings of the Nightingale series. Book three is on tour with us right now, and Sarah is celebrating with a Kindle HDX giveaway!

See where Sarah Sundin writes her WWII novels, plus enter to win a copy of her new book, In Perfect Time!

Kristy Cambron stopped by A Christian Writer’s World to chat about her book The Butterfly and the Violin and all things writing (plus she’s giving away a copy of the book).

Adventures in Odyssey and the Odyssey Adventure Club are celebrating back to school with an iPad Mini giveaway! Find out all the details on how to enter, plus how you can join the club for only $5.

We spy two books that previously… read more »

Sunday Refreshments | The Best Yes

August 17th, 2014


Making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands . . . this is what Lysa TerKeurst is challenging readers to do in her new release, The Best Yes. We are thrilled to take part in “The Best Yes” blog tour and share about the ever-so-daunting word NO. Learn more about the tour and join here.

Why it is that a two-letter word can be so difficult to say. It isn’t because it’s hard to pronounce. Or because it’s meaning is lofty or abstract. It’s simply because we are afraid of the repercussions, of the emotional impact.


One small word. One large impact.

“I know I’m caught in the rip current of people pleasing when I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.”

Lysa shares about this ongoing battle in The Best Yes, and I am right there with you, sister. Maybe saying NO comes easily for… read more »

Who Said It? | Week 13

August 16th, 2014


Where did summer go? Did the past few months fly by for you, too? No matter the season, there is always time for more books. Guess Who Said It? correctly for the chance to win a surprise set of books. You will find this week’s quote in one of the books we campaigned in August. Luckily for you, there are only 5 books to choose from. Not sure what books that includes? You can see our campaign schedule here. Read through back cover copy and excerpts to help you figure out what book it’s from, take a guess in the comment section, check back for clues, and you could be a winner!

God gives us good things not because we’re good, but because he’s good.

Are you eligible to win? Check out our rules and regulations for giveaways here.

P.S. And in celebration (or mourning) of back-to-school, the Big Picture is . …. read more »

Friday Favorite | Summer Comings & Goings

August 15th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.07.49 PM

A lot has happened since the last time we caught up with the Litfuse chicks. . . for starters, two chicks have since joined the nest! See what we’ve been up to this summer and make sure to follow Litfuse on Instagram!

Amy and her little cheerfuls had a fun-filled road trip. Can we please come next time?

Christen’s taking advantage of the dog days of summer

What project is Audra working on next?

Caitlin caught a hot air balloon show on a perfect summer evening.

Elizabeth finally got her camera fixed. Reunited and it feels so good.

Anyone else jealous of the summer grilling spread Christine had?!

Emily’s kept bus writing, editing, and playing music. #supertalented

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