Get to Know Lynn Austin

October 2nd, 2014


For many years, Lynn Austin nurtured a desire to write but frequent travels and the demands of her growing family postponed her career. It was during the long Canadian winters at home with her children that Lynn made progress on her dream to write, carving out a few hours of writing time each day while her children napped. Several books and awards later, Lynn is celebrating the release of Keepers of the Covenant. Don’t miss the chance to win a Kindle HDX and ask Lynn questions at her LIVE webcast event on October 21st. Click here to learn more and enter to win.

What’s your go-to activity to get out of writer’s block?

Go for a walk in the woods.

When you were in kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse.

Favorite ice cream flavor:


If you had an extra room… read more »

The Story Behind ‘The Sacred Year’

October 1st, 2014

The Sacred Year, Michael Yankoski

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Where does a writer find inspiration? What’s the hardest part about writing a story? What do you hope your writing achieves? We’ve asked Michael Yankoski, author of The Sacred Year, to tell us the story behind the story. Join Michael and #EmbraceTheSacred by sharing the ways you see God working in the mundane. And as a thank you for ordering The Sacred Year, Michael is giving away a free ebook! Click here to learn more.

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

For 10 years I was a Christian motivational speaker, and traveled around the country speaking to hundreds and thousands of people. What I eventually began to notice in myself and in many (though not all) of the other people with whom I was on stage with, is that Christianity had… read more »

Get to Know Robin Caroll

September 30th, 2014

Hidden in the Stars, Robin Carroll

Born and raised in Louisiana, Robin Caroll is a southerner through and through. Her passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others, and her latest release, Hidden in the Stars, is no exception! Robin is celebrating her latest release with a “Night on the Town” giveaway. And don’t miss the chance to talk with Robin at the Quilts of Love Fall into Fall Facebook Party! Click here to RSVP and learn how you can enter to win a $200 Visa Cash Card.

What’s your go-to activity to get out of writer’s block?

Going to eat with my husband and girls . . . I tell them where I’m “stuck,” and we all start playing the “what-if” game . . . I usually end up with quite a new direction, but the turn is more than likely, pretty awesome.

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Weekly Client Roundup

September 29th, 2014


Hi, everyone! This is Chirper Caitlin, and here is your weekly client roundup:

Struggling with prayer? Max Lucado’s new book, Before Amen, is for you. If you pre-order the book, you’ll get another book for FREE—plus Max is holding an iPad Mini giveaway! Today is the LAST DAY to enter!

The next book in the Quilts of Love line is here! To celebrate, Robin Caroll is giving away a $200 Visa cash card and copies of the Quilts of Love books. Find out more details and RSVP for the upcoming author chat party HERE.

Speaking of the holidays, Sarah Sundin, Cara Putman, and Tricia Goyer’s new historical holiday book is on tour with us! Read the reviews HERE.

Author and illustrator Kelly Pulley’s new book for kids is here! Find out more about Treasury of Bible Stories and the Kindle HDX giveaway he’s holding.

Michael Yankoski’s new book, The Sacred Year, is on tour… read more »

Sunday Refreshments with Shelley Shepard Gray | Joyful

September 28th, 2014


What is joy? Shelley Shepard Gray, author of Joyful, joins us today to share a look at what it really means to be joyful. Today is the last day to enter to win Shelley’s Return to Sugarcreek series. Click here to learn more and enter!

A funny thing happened when the art department at my publisher was designing the cover for Joyful. It morphed into a complicated conversation about JOY.

If this seems a little surprising, I have to say that I’m right there with you. On the surface, the idea of being joyful seems pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it means being really, really happy, right?


However, I soon realized that being ‘really happy’ wasn’t quite the being joyful.

Romans 15:13 says: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in… read more »

Who Said It? | Week 16

September 27th, 2014


Get out your reading glasses and sleuth cap and take a guess at this week’s Who Said It. Guess correctly and you could win a surprise set of books.  You will find this week’s quote in one of the books we campaigned (or will campaign) in September. Check out our campaign schedule to help narrow down your options. Read through back cover copy and excerpts to help you figure out what book it’s from, take a guess in the comment section, check back for clues, and you could be a winner!

We show our faith in God when we keep moving forward even when our prayers aren’t being answered.

CLUE #1: You can find this quote on a pin we included with a blog posts this week. Browse our blog and you’ll find who said it!

Are you eligible to win? Check out our rules and regulations for giveaways here.


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Blogger of the Month | September

September 26th, 2014


Congratulations to Heidi of Heidi-Reads! She is Litfuse’s blogger of the month! Thank you, Heidi, for being a faithful reviewer and for providing some creative and thought-out reviews.


Heidi Robbins

Where can we find you on the web?


Number of years you’ve been reviewing:

1 year.


Photographer, child care provider.

Review writing tip:

Couch a negative criticism between two positive sentences to avoid coming across too harsh.

Share a random fact about you:

I got an art degree from San Diego State University, and my favorite class was The Art of Bookbinding.

You’ve just been hired by a circus (yay!) what will you be doing?

My secret fantasy has been to be a trapeze artist since reading a vintage book The Long Way Down by Robb White.

Favorite literary character:

Laura Ingalls from the Little House books and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. My favorite literary couple is Phillip and Marianne… read more »

Get to Know Elizabeth Nolt from ‘Joyful’

September 25th, 2014

Joyful by Shelley Shepard Gray

When Elizabeth is offered a job cooking and cleaning for Randall’s family, she wants to refuse—to stay far away from the man who hurt her—but she needs the money. Though she vows to protect her heart, spending time in the Beiler household makes Elizabeth realize that, while she’s older and wiser, her love for Randall still burns strong. Read our interview with Elizabeth to learn more about Joyful by  Shelley Shepard Gray. Don’t miss the chance to win a set of the Return to Sugar Creek series. Shelley is giving away 5 sets! Click here to learn more and enter.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning and spending time around the house. I can organize like nobody’s business!


I was just hired to help take care of the Beiler family’s home. Currently, there are four men and one little… read more »