About Our Team

June 12th, 2012

{Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket. || Andrew Carnegie}



{Lead Hen}

Owner | Amy Lathrop
amy (at) litfusegroup.com

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A book lover from way back, Amy is forever tripping over one stack of books or another. She graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in creative writing (poetry) and editing. Upon graduation she started a family and opened a children’s clothing boutique and a successful catering business. But Amy returned to her first love—books—on a fateful snowy day in March 2005, when a friend (and published author) asked if she would be interested in a little part-time job as a writer’s assistant. Fast forward a few years and Litfuse was born. “Our mission is to take authors, their platform, their work—and spread the word. We “fuse” authors with their audiences by coming alongside and handling media relations, online publicity, social media, interactive author events on the authors’ behalf. I love coming alongside authors and freeing them up to do what they do best—WRITE!”

In addition to providing direction and vision to Litfuse, Amy is a co-founder of Saturate (a non-profit providing coaching and resources to churches and church planters) and serves Doxa Church as a missional community coach. For fun, Amy spends as much time with family and friends as possible—camping, going to movies, feeding people, laughing, playing games, reading, running, and throwing down a poem here and there in the suburbs of Seattle. Connect with her on Instagram, @SprightlyAmyAnne.



{PR Hen}

Publicity Manager | Audra Jennings
audra (at) litfusegroup.com

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Audra took the roundabout route to publicity that included time as a graphic designer (she has a degree in art from the University of North Texas) and a very, very brief stint as an elementary school teacher. Audra joined Litfuse in the spring of 2012 after a decade as a publicist with another agency.

Her love of reading goes way back. Audra remembers getting in trouble in 5th grade when her teacher was reading a book to the class, while she was trying to hide her own book under her desk. (She claims she was able to follow both stories at once.) To this day, her dad cannot understand how she can read in the car, something she’s always done.

When she isn’t immersed in the world of publishing, Audra is finally putting her art degree to use again through her small crafting business, The Crafty Dad and Daughter. She also finds herself sucked into blogging about The Bachelor, but also features a weekly video post from the third grade class she teaches at church because variety is the spice of life, as they say. You can keep up with her antics on Facebook and Twitter, and probably see more craft project photos than you want to see on Instagram and Pinterest.




{Chick Incubator}

Director of Operations | Caitlin Israel
caitlin (at) litfusegroup.com

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When Caitlin was in second grade, she wanted to be an author. At fifteen, she had dreams of being in a rock band (and, embarrassingly enough, has the photos to show for it). And as a junior in high school, she thought she’d go into business administration . . . until pre-calculus hit, and she realized math + Caitlin = terrible combination. So she decided to pursue writing. (Maybe you should listen to your gut as a kid—you might just be right!)

Caitlin graduated from Taylor University in 2012 with a degree in professional writing and two minors in public relations and Biblical languages. She focused primarily on editing, journalism, and public-relations writing. She served as editor in chief of the university newspaper during her senior year, and after graduating, she interned for Tricia Goyer as an editorial assistant before accepting a job with Litfuse as a publicity assistant and social media strategist.

When Caitlin isn’t working, you’ll find her pinning her life away on Pinterest, watching tennis (who wants to give her free tickets to Wimbledon?), blogging, shopping, and spending time with friends and family. You can visit her blog, Re-Mix-Her, and connect with her via Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.



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{Chick of All Trades}

Art Director | Elizabeth Ford
elizabeth (at) litfusegroup.com

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Like most kindergartners, Elizabeth faced a bit of a dilemma when confronted with the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Should she be a veterinarian and play with animals all day, or should she be a writer and hold the pen behind best-sellers? Writing won. Elizabeth learned early in life she communicated best through the written word. She was drawn to the puzzle of writing with its countless solutions. Her love of writing stemmed from an even earlier passion for reading. Much of her childhood was spent turning the pages of her latest library book or using her active imagination to go on an adventure in the “enchanted forest” behind her house. Fast-forward to present day and Elizabeth continues to find her voice loudest with pen in hand.

When faced with same career question her senior year of high school, her answer remained the same. She decided to pursue a writing degree at Taylor University. Along the way, she unearthed another creative passion: photography. She found a photograph could express more than words, but the combination of both image and word was the strongest of all. In 2012, Elizabeth graduated with degrees in writing and photography and strives to use her talents to bring glory to God.

When Elizabeth is without pen, book, or camera, you might find her exploring the outdoors, making a mess with a new craft, laughing with friends and family, or experimenting in the kitchen.



{Design Hen}

Webmaster & Designer | Karen Lewis
info (at) litfusegroup.com

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Karen makes the Litfuse nest “look” great. She has partnered with LPG on several web design and custom Facebook app projects for our clients. When Karen isn’t working in our nest, she’s busy rocking her real life as a mama of 3, homeschooler, and owner of Simply Amusing Designs Studio, (a small boutique web design company that has a passion for affordable, quality design). Oh, and she sings in the shower. Loudly. Find out more about Karen here: www.simplyamusingdesigns.com.