Dan Britton and Jimmy Page

For 20 years Dan Britton and Jimmy Page have purposefully shared lessons of faith with their children, coworkers, and friends. In WisdomWalks, they use those lessons to create a clear and compelling guide to live intentionally, maximize their relationships, and pass the torch of faith. Find out more at www.WisdomWalks.org.

About the Book
Wisdom Walks

“What Dan Britton and Jimmy Page have written with WisdomWalks SPORTS is more than a book–it’s a guide with forty principles that can be not only game changers but life changers too.” – TONY DUNGY, Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach, sports analyst, and New York Times best-selling author

An experience so powerful it will transform athletes’ lives on and off the field—and impact teammates, coaches, and generations to come. WisdomWalks Sports is a training tool for an unstoppable faith that packs a punch in the gym, in the locker room, at home, and in all of life’s relationships. FCA veterans Dan Britton and Jimmy Page present 40 game-changing principles for athletes, coaches, and teams, with the goal of igniting readers’ passion to have maximum impact that will change the world of sports.

Each WisdomWalks entry features a key life principle, pithy quote, an in-the-trenches sports story with Scripture and life application. In addition, there’s a “Be a GameChanger!” section, room to write “My GamePlan,” and a transforming prayer.

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