Kari Patterson

Kari Patterson reaches thousands of women worldwide through speaking events and her popular blog Sacred Mundane. She's a pastor's wife, homeschool mom, Bible teacher, mentor, and passionate seeker of truth. At Patterson's request, all royalties from the sale of this book will benefit World Vision's work with women and children in need.

About the Book
Sacred Mundane

Sacred Mundane: How to Find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy (Kregel, July 2017)

What if the key to changing your life—and yourself—is already in your hand?

What if breakthrough and extraordinary growth are waiting for you within the ordinary days you’re living right now?

In Sacred Mundane, Kari Patterson pulls open the dusty blinds to let the light of truth shine in. Even the most unremarkable life is an opportunity to see, know, love, and be utterly transformed by a God who knows no bounds and who upsets every expectation. He eagerly awaits your invitation to fill your world with mundane miracles and holy habits.

Through her entertaining narrative, candid real-life stories, Bible study, and practical instruction, Kari will take you by the hand to discover the beautiful sacredness in the life you already lead.

If you long to grow in God and make a real difference in your world—no matter how small—Sacred Mundane contains everything you need to glean the truth hidden within your everyday existence. Dive in, and learn how to find freedom, purpose, and joy.

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