Go on a Blind Date with a Book

January 13th, 2017

We have your weekend plans set . . . go on a blind date with a book! No fancy shoes or makeup needed. We’ve compiled a variety of “dates” for you to choose from below. Read the teasers about each book, pick which one (or ones) you fancy, and click to learn more about your date. Who knows — you might find yourself wanting to read more.

Book Date #1

Book Date #2

Book Date #3

Book Date #4

Book Date #5

Which book date sparked your interest? Share in the comment section below for the chance to win a surprise set of books!

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Elizabeth Hanson

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  • Denise H says:

    Regency! Sounds like a great book.

  • Lis P. says:

    Historical Fiction and Bible Stories were the two that caught my eye…
    (side note… exiled, not exhiled… 😉 )

    Cute idea

  • Samantha T says:

    2 got my attention first was the regency but I couldn’t get it to pull up the second was the historical selection of The Mark of the King.

  • Annie JC says:

    Totally love to go on a date with a Regency novel and I was right! Lol. Clicked on it and love that cover too! Totally judged a book by its cover AFTER i saw the clues. 😉

  • Lis K says:

    Books 1 and 5 definitely pique my interest!

  • Linda G says:

    Actually, I think I would like to read three of them: the historical, Amish, and regency! They sound really good. Will look I to what the titles are. What an interesting concept! A blind date book.

  • Sarah says:

    #1 piqued my interest.

  • Donna B says:

    Book #4 would be my first choice followed by #5 and #1.

  • Arletta says:

    Blind Date #5 sounds appealing.

  • Carla says:

    Regency or Historical Fiction! They sound like great reads!

  • Amanda says:

    #5! Regency England always wins my vote.;)