What is Stealing Your Significance? | Donna Gaines

December 29th, 2017

As we look to 2018 and start make goals and plans for the new year, don’t loose sight of what gives you significance! Donna Gaines, author of Choose Wisely, Live Fullyjoins us today to remind us where we must look to discover our worth.

Deep within every one of us resides a longing for significance. We want our lives to matter, to make a lasting impact. The secret to real significance is experienced when we realize our worth is in Christ. Once we recognize our significance in Him, we are finally able to live beyond ourselves. Until that time, we seek worth and significance from other people, possessions, and power.

In my book Choose Wisely, Live Fully, I point out, “Reading through Proverbs we see the guidelines God has given us for living. He has made it very clear. So why do we have a hard time believing or obeying? We are like the Israelites in the Old Testament. The law simply exposed their sin. It does the same thing to us—our sin is the problem. Our sin is the thief of our significance”.

We all have a sin nature that must be taken to the cross. If you don’t believe me, volunteer to work with the two-year-olds in your church nursery. I love this season of life as I watch my children parent. One day, one of our precious two-year-olds was, well, just being two! As he proceeded to refuse to obey and then had a meltdown, I must confess I saw myself in his behavior. How many times have I wanted to kick and scream against God’s commands only to realize later His commands were for my protection and my good? It is only as I look back that I see clearly His purposes.

God’s Word exposes my bent to sin. Believing God and trusting His Word is what grants me the significance and security to live according to His truth and trust Him with the outcome. When I reach the point of believing so firmly that I would “bet my life” on God’s truth and wisdom, I begin to view life from His vantage point and value what He values. It is then that I am free from trying to beg for significance from other people and other things.

When I reach the point that my love for Christ surpasses my love for self, then sin is defeated. How about you? Are you struggling to feel significant? Turn to Christ. Immerse yourself in His Word. You could begin by reading Proverbs 1–9. Why don’t you underline everything you read that is associated with wisdom or folly? You will find as I did that the path to the life we are longing for is paved with the Word of God. Read it and obey. Don’t continue to allow sin to steal your significance. Let the Word of God tell you who you are in Christ. Choose wisely, and you will live fully!

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