The Story Behind ‘Driver Confessional’

June 2nd, 2017

Ride share driver Antonio cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. looking for his next fare. He has an unusual gift for relaxing his customers and stimulating their desire to reveal more than they planned. By the completion of their ride, many feel so comfortable that they confess their sins great and small. Antonio’s faith guides his discussions and points him in new directions. Suddenly, his peaceful world is turned upside down by a mysterious business woman. As she heads to a midnight rendezvous, she confesses more than Antonio can handle. Her story sends him into a world of espionage, international terrorism and danger. Read out interview with author David L. Winters to learn more about his new release, Driver Confessional!

Tell us a bit about the story behind your latest novel. Where did you find inspiration?

After a 35-year career with the Navy and Department of Homeland Security, I was eager to retire and launch my writing/speaking career. My first book, Sabbatical of the Mind, was based on notes from a five-month sabbatical that I took in 2009/2010. I basically crash-landed into the sabbatical after experiencing panic attacks, bizarre physical symptoms and concern that I was wasting my life. Sabbatical won several awards, including the Christian-based Jenkins Group Silver Illumination Award and the secular-based Next Generation Indie Awards. When I retired, I couldn’t just stop working cold turkey. So I began driving for Uber at the request of my best friend. He got a bonus and I got five months of juicy stories for a book.

What was the hardest part about writing your novel: Getting started? Keeping it going? Finding the perfect ending?

The novel was remarkably easy. It just kind of poured out. If there was a hard part, it was waiting through the editing process to see what I needed to smooth out. Hope Flinchbaugh is a great editor and she helped me improve the story with a few well-placed suggestions.

What trait do you love most about your main character?

Antonio cares about everyone he meets. He uses his job to love people to Jesus. His ability to find God’s love, even for his mortal enemy, is an amazing trait that all of us should covet.

When readers get to the last page, what do you hope they take away from the story?

A sincere longing to read the next book in the series. Besides that, I hope they see how their everyday life could be a platform for meetings of eternal significance.

What are you working on next?

Stock Car Inferno will be out in January 2018. It is the story of Antonio and friends eight years later. He and Sylvia attend a stock car race and make friends with their son’s driver hero. The brassy blonde has big skills and a mouth to match. She lands in hot water when she bumps her major rival and his car blows up. Emalyn is charged with his murder. Antonio and his brother must figure out what happened, as Antonio prepares her defense.

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David Winters

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David L Winters is an award-winning author, humorist and speaker, originally from Ohio, who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. His first book, “Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace,” won several awards including a Silver Illumination Award from the Jenkins Group and two Finalist Medals from the Next Generation Indies Book Awards.

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