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January 26th, 2014


Despite what the world might be saying, the best and only place to look for a role model is to Jesus. Julia Daugherty shares why we are in need of a hero and Jesus is the only answer. A former Litfuse chick and forever writer at heart, Julia will be joining us regularly on Sunday Refreshments to share her insights. You can lean more about Julia’s writing here.

There is an awesome song from the 1980’s used in the awesome film Footloose, and I’m not sure if it’s the title of the song or not, but the part that sticks in your mind goes like this, “I need a hero! I’m holding on for a hero till the morning light and he’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast, and he’s gotta be larger than life. Larger than life. Oo Oo Oo Oo.” You get the picture.

As much as the world, and different movements, from the beginning of time have tried to squash it out of us, the truth is that we were created to need.

That song I mentioned came to my mind when I went to see a movie and the trailers came on. I had goose bumps twice, once during the trailer for Star Trek, and again for Superman. Then the song ran through my mind – we need a hero. We are scared in this new, uncertain world where we are no longer the safest, strongest, and best country. Maybe we are longing for the days when we were brave, just and protective. And maybe, during the continued assault on what makes a man a man, we are looking for that kind of man who makes us feel safe.

As the Superman trailer ended, the cry of my heart almost escaped my mouth, which would have had me yelling in the theater (something I was taught not to do), but if I had I would have yelled, “MY PRECIOUS, FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS BROTHERS . . . BE A SUPERHERO!”

Act on those dreams you have of fighting the good fight, standing for those who cannot stand, and for leading in a way that commands respect and is easy to submit to. (Satisfying both the most basic needs of man and woman, to be respected and safe respectively.)

You are still our heroes, no matter what you believe because of what the world has said. No matter how many times a woman sneers at you for opening her door, DO IT ANYWAY!  No matter how much she protests, on occasion, pay for your sister’s meal! No matter what others will say about having a balance, not being a door mat, or being taken advantage of, look to Jesus on the cross as your only example and sacrifice yourself for the sake of her.  Whoever she is.

Lead us out in this my brothers. Set it straight. Speak truth boldly. It has eternal implications that far outweigh any lie you believe or any ridicule you may endure. Be a superhero my brothers.  I love you.


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juliadaughertyJulia fell in love with writing while she was in college where her English degree credits came primarily from her film study classes. The opportunity to form words into ideas that convey emotion, character, and even visual images inspired her to invite others into the precious, profound, and even painful moments of her own life.  As life continues its ever increasing rate of movement forward her heart’s desire is to erase the line that divides typical Christian writing from other types, which alienates not only non-Christian readers, but a fair number of believers who have been burned by the judgment and holier-than-thou traditional churchgoer.  You can find more of her writing on her blog,