True and False with David L. Winters | Answers Revealed!

June 20th, 2017

Driver Confessional follows ride share driver Antonio as he cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. looking for his next fare. He has an unusual gift for relaxing his customers and stimulating their desire to reveal more than they planned. By the completion of their ride, many feel so comfortable that they confess their sins great and small. Antonio’s faith guides his discussions and points him in new directions. Suddenly, his peaceful world is turned upside down by a mysterious business woman. As she heads to a midnight rendezvous, she confesses more than Antonio can handle. Her story sends him into a world of espionage, international terrorism and danger.

Since David L. Winters’  latest release is shrouded in mystery and secrets, we took a different spin on our author questionnaire and did a true and false segment! Keep reading to find out the answers and if you are a winner!

True and False with David L. Winters | Answers

1. I’ve seen over 150 pop/soft rock/soul concerts, including a lot of now-deceased people like Minnie Ripperton, David Bowie, Donna Summer, Andre Crouch, Robert Palmer and Natalie Cole. TRUE

2. The following cities have been my home at one time or another: Columbus, Ohio, Oklahoma City, OK, Chicago, IL, Richmond, KY, Arlington, VA and Kensington, MD. TRUE

3. My friendly stalking of Carly Simon led me to New York City twice to see her at the Apollo Theater and on a morning television show. TRUE

4. I’ve regularly attended several different brands of churches including Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal and Nazarene. FALSE, My sister is a Nazarene, but I’ve never regularly attended there.

5. I played Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof in High School. TRUE, “A milkcow so I won’t be lonesome.”)

6. At the urging of a friend, I auditioned for a movie and got a speaking part. TRUE, I was in For the Glory as Congressman Baker.

7. I am married to a lovely Danish lady named Lana who has given me three beautiful children. FALSE, I’ve never married and have no children.

8. My current car was rear-ended twice in the first month I owned it. TRUE

9. I’ve heard Kathryn Kuhlman preach on several occasions. TRUE, on recordings. Something about that woman’s voice fascinates me.

10. One of my first fan letters came from a man who was living in his car in Los Angeles. TRUE

And the winner is (drumroll, please) . . . or should I say “the winners are . . .” Cheryl Baranski and Patty. Congratulations, you tied in the correct number of guesses, so you’ll both be receiving a $75 gift card to Barnes and Noble!

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David Winters

{More About David Winters}

David L Winters is an award-winning author, humorist and speaker, originally from Ohio, who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. His first book, “Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace,” won several awards including a Silver Illumination Award from the Jenkins Group and two Finalist Medals from the Next Generation Indies Book Awards.

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  • Patty says:

    I hope I’m the Patty that won! I entered🙂