The 10 Myths of Teen Dating

The 10 Myths of Teen Dating

The 10 Myths of Teen Dating: Truths Your Daughter Needs to Know to Date Smart, Avoid Disaster, and Protect Her Future (David C Cook, September 2016)

There’s no greater moment of panic in a parent’s life than when their daughter begins to date.

Due to their lack of knowledge about the world their teens face coupled with the scant dating information they received as teens, many parents feel ill-equipped to guide their daughters through the minefield that is teen dating.

And by the same token, teenage girls crave information about dating and relationships. And left to their own devices, many will develop their own assumptions about dating by talking to their friends or watching the latest TV shows and movies. But that will only lead them down a path toward heartbreak.

So how do you engage your daughter in discussions about dating, relationships, and her future happiness? Expert educator Daniel Anderson and his twenty something daughter, Jacquelyn, help you navigate the biggest dating myths, including: the myth that a boyfriend will make your daughter happy, that she should trust her feelings, or that sex will enhance her relationship. Combining the latest scientific research with poignant personal stories, as well as proven truths and practical application, The 10 Myths of Teen Dating will equip you to teach your daughter how to date smart for today . . . and tomorrow.

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  • I enjoyed the personal stories and lessons that others have learned through this very normal process. It is a trying time for us but applying some of the things we have learned from the book has really helped our situation and it can help yours too.

  • This is a GREAT book. I read it. I had my husband read it. And I strategically left it lying around so that my teenage daughter would pick it up and read it. It has good, common sense advice in it, but it is also quite realistic and practical. The “message” here is simple: “You are loved. You are unique. You are worthy. You don’t need to compromise yourself and your body”. It acknowledges that sexual desire is real and healthy, but its focus is on having young people – primarily young women – avoid having sex for all the wrong reasons.

  • This book is very helpful and I loved the personal stories they shared. The lessons they learned along the way through dating as well.

  • THE 10 MYTHS OF TEEN DATING is a thorough and resourceful guide for parents on opening up discussions on dating with teenage daughters. Full of statistics and actual experiences, it gives a solid base as to what teens believe and what they should know. If you’re looking for something to help you as a parent broach this topic with your daughter, this is the perfect segue.

  • The 10 Myths of Teen Dating” Daniel Anderson & Jacquelyn Anderson is a great resource guide for parents to talk to their teens about dating. I have three girls the oldest is 13 and thankfully she has no desire to date whatsoever right now. She’s more focused on school and eventually art school, but I have a feeling this book will come in handy when my younger two are teens.

  • I thought that the “myths” were explained and discussed very well. The authors point out how important it is to have an honest and open relationship with your children, talking about the types of situations and decisions that begin with the dating scene.

  • Teens today are bombarded with so many mixed messages concerning dating and it is imperative that they know the truth. They can become disillusioned through it all. They need a guide to help them sort through the mess of it all. That’s where The Ten Myths of Teen Dating can help!

  • I’ll tell you straight off that this is one of the best parenting books I have read. It’s well-written and researched and the author is a veteran high school teacher who is also a father of two grown daughters and a son. The writing is engaging, intelligent and at times poignant. The minute I began to read this book, I learned new things and I continued to learn new things throughout.

  • It is my belief that there is much in the world that is out to harm our children and our best defense is an offense of preparation. This book will help prepare you and your daughter to engage in a battle of myths that could potentially harm your child (possibly even for a lifetime) and keep them from the healthy relationships God longs for them to experience. There aren’t many parenting books that I advocate but this is a MUST-HAVE for all parents (including those with boys-because, hey, if you can help your son understand these myths-he’ll be all the more prepared to be the kind of young man a girl would be lucky to date!) to have on their shelves. Read it. More than once. Listen. Discuss. And let’s prepare our daughters to “date smart, avoid disaster, and protect her future.”

  • THE 10 MYTHS OF TEEN DATING is a book I wish my parents would’ve read when I was a teen. I made so many mistakes in dating it isn’t even funny. He “loves” me, but he “loves” her and is dating both of us. Verbally abusive. Controlling. Oh, and the dating cycle, breaking up and getting back together, over and over and over.

  • I wasn’t really sure what to expect these 10 myths to be. Would they just be the author’s personal opinions that ends up feeling like a list of dos and don’ts? I was pleased to find out that while each myth may be controversial, they are verifiable by both statistical data and Biblical truth. Each myth also builds upon the previous ones, which really ties the book together. From “If I Had a Boyfriend I Would Be Happy” to “Serial Dating and Living Together Will Help Me Stay Married”, these myths are counterbalanced by truth in a loving way.

  • My first thought was, YES, a book that sticks to solid moral values but doesn’t bog it down with the mention of God in every sentence! Instead they take moral values, put them into real life words and practice so that even those who are not religiously based can use and find great value in the advice and action points in this book. Kids need real life, practical advice for facing the world around them, and this book has it! Not only does it give good advice for teens, but it does it by helping you to be the messenger of that good advice.

  • Thus us an excellent resource for parents of girls! I like that the authors also offer advise for single mothers too.

  • Moments says:

    This book is a must-read and must-have for any parent of a daughter and anyone who is in a role of working with a teenage girl and offering guidance. “The 10 Myths of Teen Dating” is filled with so much information and questions and a guided discussion for parents and daughters. I love the layout of this book as each chapter focuses on a different “myth,” tackling each one with research and personal thoughts and stories. Each chapter ends with questions to reflect upon and questions/conversation starters to talk about with your daughter. Honestly, the thought of my daughter becoming a teenager and dating terrifies me.

  • What I appreciated most about The 10 Myths of Teen Dating was….
    ….the personal stories. They are realistic and relevant, making it a little easier to bridge that gap between parent and child in a discussion.
    ….the reflection questions at the end of each chapter. These were thought-provoking. They couldn’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” so they make great fodder for conversation.
    …..the candid discussion about sex. Giving them anything less than the truth is hiding honestly from them.

    Although the 10 Myths of Teen Dating is primarily geared toward girls, I think it has benefits for boys as well.

  • I really do love this book and plan on handing it to my husband to read as well so we are BOTH prepared for DUM DUM DUM DATING!

  • In the Pages says:

    When your kids reach the dating ages, it can be scary!  I am always looking for books that can help guide me as a parent as our kids enter these years.  Daniel and Jacquelyn Anderson’s book, The 10 Myths of Teen Dating: Truths Your Daughter Needs to Know to Date Smart, Avoid Disaster, and Protect Her Future is JUST THAT BOOK! It is easy to read and digest and a book I will go back to over and over.

  • Fruitbearers says:

    I’m so thankful that my daughter didn’t date when she was a teen. Homeschooling helps in that regard. However, lots of the information in this book still apply to her now that she is 23 and in college. I really appreciate the practical and insightful advice, supported by statistics, research data, and personal testimonies…I highly recommend this important resource to all parents who want to help their daughters through the dating years. A wonderful wealth of much-needed information!

  • This research based book about dating is a must read for parents. It provides a terrific support to help parents guide their daughters through the potentially treacherous waters of teen dating.

  • I like that The 10 Myths of Teen Dating is written in an easy, conversational style, and that there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Although I no longer have a teen daughter (she’s 23 now), I have friends with teen daughters with whom I might share this book.

    Now, I’ll be on the lookout for one for teen boys!

  • Since reading this book, I have loaned it to a mom of a dating teen in our youth group. I will continue to pass it on to other parents. I am so happy to have his book and be able to share it with other moms. You never know….I may need this information for my own children one day and I will equipped to guide them.

  • I truly love how Daniel started out with what happiness IS, and what it is NOT. This may be the hardest one for teens to understand, as they are so ruled by peer pressure at this age. The thought of being different and unique is not only difficult, but fraught with it’s own devilish rocks to overcome. But Daniel stresses that happiness doesn’t come from those outside signs, but from within OURSELVES.

  • Practical much needed resource for parents! A book every parent needs to read.
    The book is filled with realistic personal stories.

  • I feel that many questioning teens or parents could read this book and glean some valuable knowledge from it. I liked the anecdotes and analogies that the author included and there was plenty of good, common sense advice that I should already know, but needed a reminder of. I don’t think the author pushes anything in the reader’s face and he handles the topics lightly without coming off as commanding or judgemental.

  • He wrote this book as a way to help parents understand the way that teens view dating.  It is chock full of statistics and facts about WHY the things that teenage girls think are true are just myths.  These myths range from “If I had a boyfriend I would be happy” to “Love and sex are the same”.  My favorite part of this book is the insane number of statistics he uses to back up his advice.  I know statistics can be manipulated, but I love them anyway.

  • I was actually surprised by what I found in the pages of this title.
    The book was well written, factual, and was laced with just enough Biblical truths to be appropriate for non-Christians as well as believers.
    Daniel’s experiences in a school setting for 20+ years gave him valuable insight into the subject, and his daughter was a great addition to the book.
    Overall, a pleasant read with some valuable information, great for moms of teens or teens to read.

  • This book was very helpful in giving me insight to current teenage dating practices, thoughts and ideas. The authors discuss ten common myths and shows examples, along with data and research, on why these myths are false and tools to use to avoid falling in these traps.

  • I was a little put off after reading the introduction because he immediately stated that this was not a Christian book or a book that is necessarily just for Christians, and that “in a perfect world, the teachings of the Bible would be all we need”. Well, I do believe that the Holy Scriptures provide every principle and answer we need for life and any successful application will be drawn from the Scriptures. However, I do appreciate the fact that he wrote this book to reach a very wide audience so hopefully many people will read it and the scene of teenage dating will change in the wider world as well, not just the Christian world.

  • Having two daughters on the cusp of the teen years, I must admit to a certain amount of fear and trembling as I contemplate the reality that they are not that many years away from – gasp – dating! To the rescue come father-daughter team Daniel and Jacquelyn Anderson, offering up their collective wisdom to help parents guide their daughters through the teen years.

  • Noveltea says:

    Just to be clear before we start: I’m not a fan of teenage dating, or dating just for fun, *but* if y’all are in that setting, then I highly recommend this book.

  • Teen Dating. Something that none of us parents are sure we are ready to deal with, right? So, in theory, this should be a great book giving us lots of wisdom and insight.


    I can not even tell you how angry I was when I read this book. This book is an exact picture of what Christianity has turned into and it disgusts me to my core.

    Let me clarify. The Bible IS enough. There is not even one problem you will encounter in life that the God has not shown us how to deal with. Even as I read through the chapters and their “scientific research”, I find myself saying that God’s Word actually gives us insight on every one of these “myths”.

    In fact, God is very clear that when we ask Him for wisdom, He reveals it to us.

  • Cara Putman says:

    It’s written in a very conversational tone and filled with research without reading like an academic paper. It could be a great tool to help open conversations with your teen about what dating can be and what it shouldn’t be. This book is perfect for families that need a little help addressing these critical topics in a non-threatening way.

  • As a mom of several daughters, I truly appreciate this book. I especially like the writing style, as Daniel Anderson presents his viewpoint and experiences, and then Jacquelyn Anderson follows up by remembering her teen experiences (which is an honest portrayal of the areas her dad made mistakes as a parent, the ways he could have approached topics better, and also her viewpoints now as an adult). The tag-team of the authors brings a unique, reliable voice to The 10 Myths of Teen Dating, and it is a resource to which I will continue to refer.

  • #Transformed says:

    Ten Myths is well written with practical advice and discussion starters for you and your soon-to-be-dating-teen.

  • Filled with sage advice and backed with research this book is exactly what parents need and I feel like it addressed so many of the concerns and things that need to be addressed. Instead of just ignoring the inevitable this book faces it head on and helps equip both the parents and the child to navigate this scary and exciting time.

  • Practical information right at your fingertips. A resource you’ll reach for time and time again.

  • This is a really cool book because it is written by a father and daughter. It is so interesting to see their different perspectives on the teen dating world. I think this book is a must-have. These dating myths are so accurate and so many teen girls fall for them, such as “I’m in love”, “Love and sex are the same”, and “If I had a boyfriend I would be happy”. I think a lot of us ladies would look back at our teen years and cringe about something in our past. Let’s use that when talking to our daughters or girls in our community!

  • I appreciated the real, commonsense, practical tips laid out by Daniel, based on solid principles of parenting through the dating years. I thought the extra insights provided by his daughter were also helpful and provided a teenage perspective to each of the topics.

    Though the Andersons didn’t say anything that particularly surprised me, it was helpful to have it all written out and explained in such a practical way. The dating myths are definitely accurate and many girls fall for them. I think this book may be required reading for our girls to go through together with me!

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