A Daughter’s Dream

A Daughter’s Dream

A Daughter’s Dream (Avon Inspire, May 2016)

A young teacher and farmer discover they have much in common, especially when it comes to healing old wounds from the past . . . and finding love in one another.

Rebecca Kinsinger has always dreamed of being a teacher. But when she’s given the opportunity she’s been waiting for at Charm Amish School, she’s dismayed to discover that teaching is hard work—work she’s afraid she’s not very good at.

That is, until Lilly Yoder joins the class. A thirteen-year old who’s just lost her parents, Lilly is in need of someone like Rebecca. For the first time since starting her new job, Rebecca feels a sense of purpose. But when she meets Lilly’s uncle, Jacob, his good looks and sweet, easy-going temperament are hard to ignore. How can she even entertain romantic thoughts of Jacob when his niece is her student?

Suddenly becoming Lily’s sole caregiver, Jacob Yoder never thought he’d be a single parent—or a farmer. Having been living in Florida as a carpenter, Jacob feels more at home wielding a hammer than a backhoe. The only bright spot in his life is Rebecca Kinsinger. As Lily and Rebecca develop a bond, Jacob’s fondness for the pretty teacher grows, too.

But when a fateful accident brings them together, Rebecca and Jacob must choose between duty and desire. Will they follow the path before them? Or set out to find true happiness . . . and true love?

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  • Return to Charm, Ohio in this latest offering from Shelley Shepard Gray. See the benefits of education both inside the classroom and out.
    Watch as characters explore and develop their dreams.
    See the sacrifices in the name of love. Marvel as characters achieve their God given potential.

  • This book brings us back to Charm and characters we met in A Son’s Vow. Here we are intoduced to secret dreams of Rebecca Kinsinger and Jacob Yoder. This is a good stand alone read, but reading A Son’s Vow will give you background on some of the characters.

  • I resonated with both Rebecca and Jacob struggling to find where they belonged and to use the talents and gifts they have. I know many people find themselves in a job where they don’t feel their gifts and talents are or in a situation where they thought they always wanted to be but then realize that it really isn’t what they wanted. I think many will relate to the struggles of these characters.

  • I loved the first book that brought us to Charm and I can’t wait to read the next one as well! This book the second in the series was no disappointment either. I enjoyed getting to know Rebecca better and learning more about what she dreamed of in life.

  • Rebecca Kinsinger has a chance to teach, something she has always wanted to do. But, after she starts she is not sure if she still wants to. Lilly Yoder gets put into her class, one day. She is being raised by her single Uncle Jacob because she has just lost her mother and father. Rebecca notices what a nice person he is.

  • A Daughter’s Dream is book two in The Charmed Amish Life series by Shelley Shepard Gray. This story grabs hold of you right from the start and doesn’t let go until the very end. A story that

  • I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline. This is not a predictable Amish read. Its a different story then most Amish books. Gray has a way of making you wish that you were there in Amish Country with the families that she writes about.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray has been a favorite author of mine since I began reading her Amish fiction novels! And I’ve just added this story to my collection.

    This book is just as great as I hoped it would be! Shelley writes a wonderful story about Rebecca, who works in the family business, but has always wanted to be a teacher. When she finally gets the opportunity to teach, she discovers —

    Well, I can’t really tell you what (or who) she discovers. You’ll just have to read it for yourself. I will share that there’s lots more to the story than just teaching. Matter of fact, there’s lots more to the story than just Rebecca! It’s the perfect sequel to A Son’s Vow.

    Don’t miss this exciting sequel in the Charmed Amish Life series!

  • ….I LOVE the animal additions that Shelley always puts in! Romances galore I really enjoy the dynamic of these siblings and the addition of those that love and marry them just brings even more to the table…

  • This is a sweet romance between two people who have a lot in common. Shelley Shepard Gray has written another winner!

  • Shelly Shepard Gray is one of my personal go-to authors when I want to read a wonderful clean-cut romance. For me, A Daughter’s Dream was a really fast read that I finished in one sitting and a single cup of coffee. I was hooked into the story right from the opening sentence of Chapter One, where Rebecca is struggling to keep her twenty-five students from acting up during school hours. Rebecca is a very likeable character, someone that tries to find the good in everyone she meets. Jacob is also a likeable character, though slightly cliched at times. Overall, I ended up enjoying A Daughter’s Dream. While the main plot is simple, the author’s storytelling makes up for the few flaws.

  • I love that Shelley gives us a realistic look at Rebecca’s life. Rebecca is chasing her dream to be a teacher while her brother is wrapped up in running the family business. Lukas was so involved with his own agenda, he never realized that his sister had a dream. This is life people. We all do that, get wrapped up in what is going on with us, and forget there are others with dreams and expectations too.

  • I didn’t want to put it down. Although this is book two in the series if you haven’t read the first book you’ll still enjoy this installment. I enjoyed it even more because I had read the first book. It was like coming home. The sub-characters in the story and Rebecca the main character of this story were introduced in book one.

  • I have loved everything I have read by Shelley Shepard Gray and now I’ve added another one of her books to my library. This book is not just as great as I hoped it would be, it is even better! This was a wonderful sequel to A Son’s Vow. If you love amish fiction then you must read this….you will love it! I know I did.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray’s books always bring the two main characters to a crossroads where they have to decide that the romance between them is worth considering or should they just walk away. It’s like your very own Amish soap opera. Shelley seems like such a nice quiet author but the things that she writes seems that there is another side to her all together. But one thing is for certain she believes in love and romance even for the Amish. I enjoy her version of love and romance and her writing is impeccable.

  • This book is so short that it doesn’t contain too many unexpected twists. If you’re okay with a predictable, sweet story, then this is the one for you. I adored Rebecca’s quirky family, and the affection she shows for her friends. The book explores the idea of talents and achieving one’s dream, despite hardships and obstacles that stand in the way. Additionally, there’s an underlying theme about trusting God’s plan. I’m definitely looking forward to more titles in The Charmed Amish Life series!

  • A daughter’s s dream by Shelley Shapard Gray is about Rebecca Kingsinger who has always wanted to be a teacher but when she starts to teach she has a lot of problems. Then a farmer who has been taking care of his niece after her parents die enrolls his charge in school. Lily has just has her parents die and she really needs guidance. Jacob is her uncle and Rebecca starts to like him .Then Jacob starts to like her. Will they get together? Will Lily be upset or happy?

  • The characters are fun to get to know. Their development and the ways they deal with crises — big and small — keep the engagement level high in the story. The setting in the small Amish town of Charm is perfect for the story. Having had the chance to visit Charm on a couple of occasions, I feel like I’m right in the middle of Shelley’s mixture of real locations with her own fictitious spots.

  • I loved being back with these friendly and kind Amish families, and they are really on the road to recovery after the devastating fire.

  • I love the characters and writing for Shelley Shepard Gray’s books and I read the first book in the series so I totally should have remembered all of the characters as the book unfolded.

  • Fun, fast paced and entertaining, another great book by Shelley Shepard Gray. This is definitely a stand alone book.

  • “A Daughter’s Dream” is the second book in Gray’s The Charmed Amish Life series. It can easily stand alone but would probably be much more enjoyable after reading the first book of the series “A Son’s Vow” which provides background information that helps to understand more about the characters and the town.

  • There is some drama in the book. A naughty goat, a jealous man, an over-protective husband, two accidents at the mill, and more that will keep the pages turning, and I loved Rebecca’s turtles at the pond. So sweet!!!

  • These characters have such a sweet story throughout their relationship, and it is tragedy that finally shows them what their future is going to look like. I look forward to the next book to see what the future holds for them.

  • The best thing about all of the novels I’ve read of Shelley’s is that when you begin them, it’s as if you have moved to one of her Amish towns and are learning about the people living there. At some point, it stops being a story and you find yourself actually living among the characters she introduces you to. While this is part of a series, you can read it as a stand alone, but trust me, you will want to go back and read a little more detail about Lukas life and how he met Delia! I can’t wait for the next novel in the series which readers get a peek at in the conclusion of this one. There are even some great discussion guide questions for book clubs, a recipe for delicious granola bars, and an authors note from Shelley that takes you into the very heart of Charm, Ohio.

  • A Daughter’s Dream was quick to draw me in. Shelley Shepard Gray has a way with characters that makes me feel like I know them personally. The story moved along at the perfect pace, so that I never wanted to put my book down! I look forward to the next book in the series!

  • This was another nice installment into the The Charmed Amish Life series. Shelley has a was of writing books that make you feel a part of the story. I like how she makes the characters seem so real. For me her stories are easy but very enjoyable to read. I also enjoyed the touch of romance that is added to this story. I liked how they took in Lily and raised her. To me that was touching. I also like how the family values come out in the author’s stories of the Amish. A good addition to this series.

  • Moments says:

    Shelley has done another incredible job with this book as it is a book that draws the reader in immediately into the storyline and also the characters’ lives. This is sweet story that is a quick read and it will leave you wanting to take another journey to Charm.

  • Fic Gal says:

    I think this book would make a great book club pick for summer since it isn’t a book that’s hard to get through. Even though there are characters dealing with the loss of loved ones it isn’t a sad story if that makes any sense. I really enjoyed getting the chance to get to know more about this member of the Kinsinger family. Weirdly this is the third book I’ve read this year that has had a crazy goat in it. I’m starting to think I’m a goat magnet along with being a series magnet.

  • Shelley’s most recent series has been a real joy to me. I enjoy her shorter novels that often pull me into the world of the Amish, a culture much different than the one I live in, and yet many times with the same struggles and trials. Such is the case of Rebecca Kinsinger, a girl with dreams and ambitions but when she is finally able to realize some of them, she finds out that not everything is as she thought it would be. Rebecca is a great female lead and I loved her interactions with the children, even the difficult ones, and how she handled things.

  • I enjoyed this second book in the Charmed Amish Life series. A Daughter’s Dream is definitely more laid back than its predecessor.

  • Shelley Shephard Gray has become one of my favorite authors. I found A Daughter’s Dream to be a fairly fast, easy read. I enjoyed meeting more of the Charm town folks, and learning more about the Kinsinger siblings.

  • A Daughter’s Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray was another great book. Just like I said in yesterday’s post about that author being my favorite for books that take place during WWII this author is my favorite for books having to do with the Amish.

  • “A Daughter’s Dream” is the second novel in the Charmed Amish Life Series by Shelley Shepard Gray. The setting for this story and those in the series is an actual small town in Ohio, called Charm. This novel is a continuation of the stories of families in Charm after a tragedy that impacted more than one family. Rebecca has always wanted to be a teacher, but has had to work in the mill owned by her family. She has an opportunity to substitute in the Amish school for one of her best friends. After trying to corral the children a few times, she decides that she doesn’t have the patience or knowledge needed to teach there. She finds that she really is happy being needed at the mill and decides to stay there. She has never had a boyfriend, but then Jacob Yoder comes to town.

  • This Amish book is wonderfully written and will have you hard pressed to put the book down! I enjoyed this book so much and it’s another winner! I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  • I was excited to read the second book in this series and to get reacquainted with the Kinsinger family and the town of Charm. Shelley Shepard Gray is an amazing writer who knows how to make the characters in her story tug at your heart.

  • I really enjoyed reading about Rebecca and Jacob. They both had some soul searching to do in order to find out what God had truly prepared each of them to be satisfied working at. Their budding relationship was such a joy to read about!

    I also enjoyed the side stories belonging to Lilly and Peter, with the beginnings of a young romance, and the balancing act that Rachel and Marcus were trying to walk in their young marriage.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray made me chuckle in some parts of this story, like when the schoolteacher tells Jacob that his niece is gifted and he replies, “I’ve always thought being smart was a *gut* thing.” Clearly, he expected the teacher to tell him Lilly was in some sort of trouble when she asked to meet with him. She also threw out a zinger that made me really think in another part: “It was so easy to think that each day was going to be like the one before and the next one, too. Before you knew it, another week had passed, then a month. And if you weren’t careful, you would have nothing to show for it.” Ouch. What a great reminder to live an intentional life!

  • A Daughter’s Dream will make you smile. It will make you hug your family tighter and reflect on your dreams and God’s dreams for your life. It will treat you to a sweet romance and some charming humor as well as heartfelt reflections on life and love and relationships.

  • I enjoyed this new installment quite a bit more than the first novel, as there were so many things constantly happening that kept me captivated, and so many sweet moments between either Rebecca and Jacob, Lilly and Peter, or Rachel and Marcus, that I couldn’t help really enjoying this novel.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray is one of my favorite authors when it comes to Amish fiction. This was a sweet charming (pun intended) Amish story that stayed true to the book’s title. But was a little less heart wrenching than book #1 in the series. If you like sweet Amish fiction you’ll enjoy taking another nice trip to Charm, Ohio in #2 in the Charmed Amish Life series.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray sure know how to write romance. I loved the first book in the series – A Son’s Vow and usually the second book is not as good, but not the case here. I loved this one just as much, if not more. This one is a very sweet slow developing romance. There are quite a few heartfelt moments and a few chillbump spots.

  • This second installment of this series had me turning the pages quickly to see how everything turned out. There are new people and they are what the main stories are centered around. Come of the characters are suffering from growing pains and having others see them as older . Great book. Can’t wait to see what happens next in Charm, Ohio!

  • A Rup Life says:

    I love this simple story. The characters are sweet and Gray weaves several storylines seamlessly giving you the big picture and plenty to read. This is the second book in the Charmed Amish Life Series. These stories always have God’s love and presence through out the pages without being to preachy.In this book we are reminded to not forget ourselves or our dreams as they too are God’s calling. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  • This book is a second in a series but don’t worry you still can enjoy this book on its own. The book centers on Rebecca and her siblings. Rebecca has always had the dream to be a teacher but not sure she is really cut out to be one. He new man arrives to the area from Florida to help raise his orphan niece. He is trying to be a farmer like his dad but really his heart is in working construction. A romance develops between the two. We also see marriages grow through out the story.
    The main point of the story is to be who God called you to be and walk in it.

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

  • I enjoy how Shelley Shepard Gray has the ability to write a book about the Amish with a plot that transcends the setting and the faith of the characters. She develops such a captivating set of characters and as you join them on their journey of discovering themselves, it is hard to not feel a connection with the characters.

  • I’m enjoying learning more about the Kinsinger siblings and the small Amish town of Charm, Ohio.

    Overall, book #2 was a quick and cute read. I wish there had been more about the courtship between Rebecca and Jacob, but honestly, the story line between them didn’t really need it. (I just wanted to live vicariously through them.)

    If you’re looking for a cute romance with a lot of heart, then this is the book for you! I can’t wait to read more about the other siblings in this family.

  • Gray’s books still are some of the best Amish stories I’ve read and I’ll forever be a fan. Her stories were some of the first I read waaaay back when before I started this blog. For me to stick with an author for so long, you know they have to be pretty fabulous. My taste in books changes like the wind these days! Give her books a go if you are looking for an escape from the daily grind and a taste of the simple life.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray is one of my go-to authors in Amish fiction. I have not been disappointed by her yet, and I honestly never expect to be disappointed by her.

  • The character of Jacob was very sweet too and I loved reading their romance develop. Sweet and pretty predictable, this is a wonderful little summer read that is enjoyable.

  • A Daughter’s Dream gently pulls readers into the life of an Amish community in Charm, Ohio, connecting with and building on characters and themes from the previous book. It flows easily and there are moments of delightful humor, making it the perfect comfort read – yet there’s good character depth and emotion. The lingering effects of the fire at the lumber mill overshadow a community still dealing with grief and loss. But as with anything Shelley writes, relational issues are at the heart of her stories, all of which are easy to relate to.

  • A Book Lover says:

    This was a sweet romance story with well developed characters and plot. The ending was good and I look forward to reading Rebecca’s sister, Amelia’s story. Recommended.

  • I was excited to return to Charm and catch up the characters that I enjoyed reading about in the first book of the series. Shelley Shepard Gray’s style of writing is easy to read. I never have to read a sentence twice to figure out what she is saying. Her writing is straight forward with a dose of sweet romance and faith in God. If you are looking for…

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    Readers are introduced to the city of Charm, Ohio and the characters in book 1 of The Charmed Amish Life series. “A Daughters Dream” is book 2, and although all the characters mentioned from book 1, it can be read as a stand alone story. I have read both of them in order and have liked the character developments and story line.

  • Shelley is talented in writing stories that bring to life raw emotions. This novel is about dealing with changes in life and overcoming pain. Readers will not only love the story, but the wonderful and delightful realistic characters. I recommend this novel to readers that enjoy Amish, Christian fiction.

  • ‘A Daughter’s Dream’ is the 2nd book in Gray’s “The Charmed Amish Life” series, and I have to be honest….I really enjoyed the first book, but I like this second book a lot more! My liking it more took me by surprise, as I had anticipated who the main characters would be for book 2, and was disappointed when I was wrong. My disappointment did not last long!

  • An easy, enjoyable read when you want something with which to help you relax.

  • Book by Book says:

    What a pleasure it is to revisit the community of Charm, Ohio in Shelley Shepard Gray’s A Daughter’s Dream. I really enjoyed this charm-ing second Charmed Amish Life story, and I’m sure it will not leave fans of Amish fiction disappointed either.

  • A Daughter’s Dream is a complete romance, as well as a book about finding the right path and a wholesome family story. I am a fan of Shelley’s work and enjoy reading the Amish stories she pens. This book is the second of the Charm Series and even though I had not read the other book this one is a fine stand alone book. I finished it in a day with a kid on summer break by my side such were the interesting words.

  • This is the 12th book I have read by Shelley, obviously I find her stories to be entertaining. This one is no exception, I enjoyed going back to Charm and reading about the romance between Rebecca and Jacob. I am looking forward to reading about Amelia Kinsinger in the third book.

  • I love the characters in this book. Gray makes her books so easy to read and enjoy. I look forward to the next book in the series!

  • I love Shelley Shepard Gray’s books, and I fell in love with Rebecca and Jacob’s story! Ms. Gray does and exceptional job of weaving together the characters and different situations in this story, making it such a heartwarming and entertaining read. There was so much good stuff in this story that I found myself going back many times and re-reading pages or chapters. This is definitely a book I will keep and read again. If you are an Amish book fan, you will love Jacob and Rebecca’s story. I am patiently waiting for the next book in this series. I know it will be just as refreshing and entertaining as this one.

  • LyonsLady says:

    I am in love with Shelley’s book….this one is also an awesome read!!! The characters are alive ! I enjoy books that talk about the amish and the way they live. Shelley makes you feel you are right there with them…love all the characters and the way the story goes….I love Shelley’s books!
    I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read!!!

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