A Miracle of Hope

A Miracle of Hope

Book One in the Amish Wonders series.

How far can God’s mercy reach?

Lindie Wyse is pregnant out of wedlock and thinks an arranged marriage is the only way to preserve her future. Josiah Plank is certain he’ll never love again, but he needs someone to care for his eight-year-old daughter, Hannah. The two take on their arrangement tentatively at first but soon realize they are each in for more than they imagined.

Lindie experiences a breakthrough with Hannah when she recognizes Hannah’s special gifts, but a risky pregnancy and serious health issues threaten to demolish the foundation Josiah and Lindie are building. Will their growing love survive despite their struggles, or will their hearts become as cold as the northern winter?

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  • Having never read Ruth Reid’s other books I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I began, A Miracle of Hope, as when I read a new to me author I get a little nervous since I’m not used to them but I know I will be seeking out her other books and can’t wait for more in this series! Poor Lindie – forced into an arranged marriage in a completely different state, also means a completely district and leaving behind everything to become instant step-mom to Josiah’s deaf 8 year old daughter. Talk about a way to begin a story! Josiah and Lindie have a lot of emotional baggage that they must overcome in order to become the family that Hannah and Lindie’s child needs. There quite a few twists, one of which I figured out quite early on about Lindie’s pregnancy but some of the twists took me by…

  • This is a special review for many reasons: (1) this is the first Amish book I have reviewed on my blog, (2) the author’s last name is Reid which was another reason I had to read this, and (3) this book dealt with spiritual wonders that will amaze you!

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved reading A Miracle of Hope. There is a part of me that is still hesitant about Amish fiction, mainly because I rarely read them (in a year I read maybe less than five and that seems a lot for me). Yet, Reid’s powerful writing force pulled me in, and I stayed up all night until I think 3 in the morning to finish this book.

  • I enjoyed the story and enjoyed seeing Lindie and Josiah develop a relationship despite themselves.

    I don’t know where I got the impression that Ruth Reid’s “niche” in the Amish fiction world is stories with a supernatural element, but it is something I knew when I selected this book and Hannah in this book has a gift that isn’t normal. It is presented as having come from God and is used for good, but it definitely isn’t the usual answer to a prayer.

    In short, this is an enjoyable Amish romance. Grade: B.

  • The IE Mommy says:

    I was so excited to read this book A Miracle of Hope by Ruth Reid. This is the first book of her new The Amish Wonders series.

    If you know anything about the author you know that she writes books that the reader cannot put down. You fall in love with the characters and you just have to keep turning to the next page to follow the story. The author writes in such a way that you can clearly see the surroundings in the book and feel what the characters are going through.

    In this new book the author sets the stage with the main characters Lindie Wyse a pregnant out of wedlock girl and a young father Josiah Plank the father of an eight year old daughter Hannah. Together they are trying to fill voids in their life by making a marriage agreement out of convenience. Together they all grow as a family; however there are forces that are trying to destroy the foundation that they have built together.

    This story will tear at your heart strings as you read it. I look forward to reading the next books in the Amish Wonders Series.

  • This was an interesting book. It starts off about Hannah who is a unwed and pregnant. Her brother arranges a marriage for her with out thought or question of how she ended up pregnant. She is married to Josiah that agrees to a marriage in name only for the sake of his deaf eight year old daughter. As both struggle with the arrangement love blossoms but other obstacles come their way. It is an interesting story of faith and God’s gifts. I would recommend this book.

  • Lisa Johnson says:

    For me, this is the best of Ruth Reid’s writing thus far. One thought as I read the story was how it takes courage to risk being shunned again to let anyone really be a friend when experience has cause deep hurt. When people have been deeply hurt, to risk or open one’s heart and bare the soul takes courage along with a special recipient to hear and love that person instead of rejecting them again. Another thought I had was how keeping secrets can accidently lead others to reach an incorrect conclusion that can cause the secret keeper further pain.
    In the novel, when the characters come to the end of themselves after trying their own solutions to problems, they turn to the Lord. I believe this a truth in life I have learned many times. If I turn to Him first, before proceeding, He has kept me from making a bigger mess than what already exists. The Lord is who we should turn to and not expect those in local fellowships to be something other than what they are, human. It takes prayer, time and discernment to know who to open up to and confide in. When the Lord shows you who He has sent to walk alongside you, be thankful and take one step at a time. A Miracle of Hope shows that believing God is essential to living through the trials of life and bearing up under difficult seasons of life.

  • A beautifully written story of forgiveness and hope. Lindie and Josiah find hope for a future they both did not think they would ever have by following their faith and putting their trust in their Lord. A great read that made me not want to put the novel down!

  • Wow, just…wow. That’s how I’ll describe this one. Ruth Reid is quickly becoming a favorite and I love her “supernatural” twists that she incorporates.

    I do want to say that some people may be put off by mentions of violence or crimes against women in Christian books.

    I give this warning simply because I wouldn’t want someone to pick up this book on my recommendation without me making them aware that there are some violent situations presented.

    This book is beautifully written, intriguing and kept me up all night because I could not put it down.

  • A Miracle of Hope is Book 1 in the Amish Wonders series. This is a wonderfully created story which draws you in and shows you how God’s love, grace and forgiveness can change your life.
    I loved the relationship not only between Lindie and Josiah, but between Lindie and Hannah. The patience Lindie showed in dealing with a new situation is a great example of following Christ even without knowing what will happen.
    Through the trials they face, we gain an insight to their journey from strangers to a family.
    You will find yourself involved in this story and having a hard time putting it down!
    I can’t wait to continue learning more in book 2.

  • My Thoughts About The Book: Ruth Reid is an excellent author and quite a wordsmith. For an Amish story this book was different than what I expected it to be. The shame Lindie experiences was heartbreaking. The fact that this young Amish woman could be brutalized as she was, shamed by her own kind, and terrified for her family in a community that is supposed to be peaceful almost made me put the book down without ever reading it. I am so glad I did not. The power of love, the hope of a future, and the love of family is what this book is about. The grace factor flows throughout the story as Lindie takes on the roll of wife, mother, and member of a new community. I have read several of Ruth Reid’s books and loved them all. I believe this is my favorite. The characters come to life on the page and I could not put the book down once I started reading it. I felt as if I too lived in this Amish community and personally knew the characters. If you love a good Amish story this book is for you.

  • I have to agree with Beth Wiseman’s endorsement on the front book cover “…a beautiful tale of romance, redemption, and faith.” I think that it is this best way to sum up Lindie’s and Josiah’s story. I hope you’ll add A Miracle of Grace by Ruth Reid to your reading list, because this just might be the best Amish story you’ll read this year.

  • A Miracle Of Hope by Ruth Reid was a great book. I read this book in a day and a half because I was so drawn in by the characters and I wanted to know what had happened to Lindie.

  • A Great Start to a new series. See how love can come about through some bad circumstances and how even when things seem to be beyond you God works them out for good.

  • Book Reviews says:

    I loved the cover of this book with the Amish woman and the deer in the background. As you read the story, you will realize the significance of the deer. It is a great added feature of the cover. A Miracle of Hope is a great Amish romance that I will read again, and I’ll read more books by Ruth Reid. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down.

  • This is a book that I couldn’t put down, even when I should have been asleep. The hours flew by as I read the story of Lindie, Josiah and Hannah, a withdrawn and shy 8-year-old. The obstacles and complications that stemmed from previous events evident in their relationship made for a compelling story. The author’s expression “cabin fever” when relating to Michigan winters is authentic. Those of us who are lifelong residents of the state can attest to that fact. The isolation and weather conditions described in the North Woods are factual, and when applied to Lindie’s circumstances imparted her sense of desertion. The author has a gift for creating characterizations with a depth of feeling throughout their development. Hope, faith and forgiveness are deeply ingrained in this story. I highly recommend this author of Amish fiction. A Miracle of Hope was beautifully scripted!

  • You know by now if you read my blog that I adore Amish Fiction. This is no exception. I felt that I was Lindie’s best friend and the keeper of her deep dark secrets. I knew her and she knew me and due to this great friendship the book was over before I began. Okay so I DEVOURED it really and truly. One of those things where I sat down to read it while putting the baby to sleep and before I knew it the baby was awake again, my husband had the taxes done, and I had the book finished. Yeap that good. It also makes me want to learn sign language and see what they are really coming up with for curing cancer. Hey, I’m a nurse, that was one of the coolest parts! Make sure to pick up a copy today!

  • I had such a hard time putting down this book and read it in one day while waiting at the hospital. It was different than most Amish Fiction books out there. I loved the events surrounding the characters.

    The characters are so different and Lindie I just feel in love with. She was facing a tough situation and yet still was searching for that inner peace from God despite the horrific ordeal that landed her an unwed and pregnant woman.

    Josiah is a gentle soul trying to protect his heart from falling in love again. He feels he will betray his deceased wife memory if he lets his heart go. He has to put aside his own stubbornness. Only for the sake of his 8 year old daughter Hannah who needs a mother figure in her life and some what to watch after his deaf daughter.

    This odd marriage arrangement turned out to be more than what either one bargained for. They found that God was in control of their lives. They discovered that they could love and trust again. Just when they let go of their hearts to love again tragedy strikes again. This book will keep you reading on into the night. This has been Ruth’s best book so far. I hope she uses with the Planks in the series in the future. Thanks Ruth for an amazing story.

  • We all love a mail order bride story, but an arranged marriage because of some tragic circumstance is right up there with that genre. I sympathized with Lindie throughout the whole book, because here she is, a woman with a child in her belly, no husband, and no one to love her. Her brother’s friend offers to marry her, but all he needs is a housewife and mother for his eight year old deaf daughter.

    Things go well after a time, but inevitably, they go terribly wrong as well. I enjoyed the roller coaster ride through their lives, and how just when they think life is finally settling down, something always popped up. It was a page turning Amish romance, which I attribute primarily to the fact that Reid makes this novel so different than everything out there in the genre. It was an excellent read, and something I recommend to lovers of Amish fiction, as well as those who are on the fence about giving the genre a second chance.

  • This is an amazing story of how God can use something that the enemy meant for bad into a wonderful blessing. There have been a few times in my life when I have questioned why I had to suffer through difficult situations and eventually realized that by trusting in the Lord things would eventually work out. This is a great read for anyone that has ever questioned, why me Lord?

  • I think this is probably the best book that Ruth has written, I have enjoyed all her books that I have read to this point, but this book was the best of them all. Don’t get me wrong the other books were good, but this one just stood out for me. I enjoyed the storyline, I thought her writing was crisp and clear, and she told the story wonderfully. A great book, with a great ending. (that I wont give any spoilers on.) I loved Lindie, and I also got exasperated by her unwillingness to open up and share what had happened to her. My heart broke for Hannah, and I wanted to take all her hurts away, just a young child with so much hurt in her life, loosing her mother, and now a a new change.
    Great storyline, and I loved the sitting too. I love Michigan, and the UP was a great setting.

  • Lindie does not have the wedding every girl dreams of. Instead, her brother takes her far from her community to enter into an arranged marriage. That’s what happens when an Amish girl gets pregnant. Even her boyfriend rejects her. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more in the Amish Wonders series. Thank you, Ms Reid.

  • A MIRACLE OF HOPE is the first book in Ms. Reid’s newest series An Amish Wonder. Set in the upper peninsula of Michigan, an area of Michigan I had no idea any Amish lived.

    I enjoyed getting to know Josiah—though I did worry about him and his health, and was glad he had a doctor on top of things. I also loved the way he cared for Lindie even though he’d “never give her his heart.” I was glad Lindie struggled through Hannah’s issues to win her heart, too.

    Ms. Reid includes the supernatural in her writing. This book, so far, has a lesser amount than Ms. Reid’s first series, but it is still evident with Hannah’s gifts. If you like Amish fiction, then you will want to read A MIRACLE OF HOPE. My daughter loves this book—and all of Ms. Reid’s fiction and read it twice in less than a week.

  • The book was a vivid account of a kaleidoscope of emotions. You will be charmed by Lindie’s spirit and touched by Josiah’s kindness. It was beautiful to watch Hannah flower under Lindie’s kindness and love. I have read books depicting the harshness of Old Order Amish communities. This tiny community with only eight families was different. They came together for fellowship that they seemed to really enjoy and they assisted each other in so many ways. Rebecca, the bishop’s wife was a beautiful example of being the hands of Christ. She babysat, fed people, sewed for others, while showing love.

  • I am a big fan of Amish fiction so I was immediately interested in reading this book. What intrigued me even more was the truly unique aspects of this story, compared to others I had read. What other Amish books feature unwed mothers and arranged marriages? I wanted to see how all of this had happened and how Lindie and Josiah would make it work.

  • Ruth Reid is a new to me author and am I pleased I took a chance with this one. The story is engrossing and compelling and it was one that I didn’t want to put down.

  •  This is a book where you can easily step into the story. You feel like you know the characters… Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! I sat down to read this book one night, and before I knew it I was half done. I spend the next day counting down the hours until I could get home and finish it. Which I did. It’s a great book for fans of Amish fiction, stories of arranged marriages in modern times, finding hope and more.

  • …Ruth is a great writer that has come up with an excellent plot and a great set up…From the beginning this book had me hooked! I didn’t want to put it down…The messages are great, from God’s faithfulness, unending love, and mercy to His’s will and plan always being far better than we could have ever realized…

  • I enjoyed this book and look forward to more in the Amish Wonders series. Thank you, Ms Reid.

  • This was such an enjoyable story. I love the characters and, although I can’t reveal any details, trust me when I say the plot was amazing. It was about loss, healing, faithfulness, hope, joy, loyalty and love. You WILL need tissues. Trust me. This is one of the BEST Amish stories I have ever read. You will fall in love with it. If you like Amish fiction I very highly recommend this book!

  • As my readers know, Amish Fiction is my favorite genre. I have had the privilege of reading all of Ruth Reid’s novels thus far, and I have to say A Miracle of Hope is my favorite. Ruth Reid has written a beautiful book of tragedy, and out of tragedy comes comes a beautiful life of love and happiness. This book shows that life for the Amish is NOT perfect, but how they handle it is inspiring. Ruth Reid writes with authority on The Amish, the Amish settlements, sign language, art, and faith. I found myself captivated from the first chapter in this story and could not put it down until the end. This story truly touched me and showed how out of tragedy, God brings good things. I loved the characters in this story especially Josiah’s Father in law, Simon. I really felt connected to this story and look forward to the rest of the books in this series. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Amish Fiction, you will not be disappointed. I give this book 5 Stars.

  • Moments says:

    This is such a sweet story and I loved watching the relationship between Lindie and Josiah form, change and grow. They are both individuals whom I loved reading about and found myself rooting for them all the way in the midst of the trials and difficulties. This story is a beautiful portrayal of family and loving guidance and also the benefits of having a close-knit community. Ruth Reid is not an author to miss for any Amish fiction fan!

  • The author never gives you a moment to want to quit reading. Once you read that first page, figure you’re going to finish it. There’s only one problem, the author leaves you wanting more. To me that is the sign of a talented author and a good book. The story does continue in the rest of the series books. Even if Amish books are not your favorite, why not try this one. It will warm your heart. Ms. Reid shows you that Love and Faith can bring you together.

  • I have read books by Ruth Reid in the past, and enjoyed them. But I must say, hands down A Miracle of Hope is my favorite. The storyline about an arranged, loveless marriage was fascinating. Lindie’s pregnancy and how she became pregnant were a big part of the story that focused on forgiveness. I loved the characters of Lindie and Josiah, both such sweet, kind people. I truly could not put this book down, and loved every word!

  • At first glance A Miracle of Hope might be a little predictable, but the author has a charming way with words, which resulted in the story being likeable. Yes, it is a little clichéd, but that happens when there are ten or so Amish fiction titles being released every month. The author puts her own magical touch on the plot, making it more interesting than it should have been. The characters, though flawed, are likeable. Overall, A Miracle of Hope is an intriguing start to a new series and I enjoyed reading it.

  • I really liked this story. It shows you that GOD does listen and answers prayers. This book was filled with strong characters that you will come to care about. Ruth Reid can really write from the heart. Hannah is a child that steal your heart, also. Lindie has a hard time when she first goes to Michigan, but then she starts fitting in and her, Josiah, and Hannah come to care about each other. But will a tragedy tear them apart when they are just getting together, or will Hannah’s prayers be answered? If you are looking for a read that leave you with a very good feeling and give you hope, then pick up a copy of this book.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

  • Barb Shelton says:

    Ruth Reid writes in a fresh voice, adding depth to her story to all the words I have just expressed. Her subtle humor is catchy and appropriate. Written from insightful imaginings and authenticity that add a reality perspective to problems within the Amish lifestyle, I commend Ms. Reid for penning a story that holds promise to travel many directions from here. From the beautiful cover, to the glossary of Amish words, meeting these exquisitely developed characters, to the back cover, I am pleased to meet you, dear author and I anticipate a long standing relationship with your works.

  • I immediately fell in love with Josiah, Lindie and Hannah. Josiah was such a sweetheart, and he struggled daily with his feelings for his deceased wife, his daughter, Hannah being death, and his feelings for his new wife Lindie. This is one of those books where really feel the emotions of the characters, and when you finish the book, they leave a warm feeling in your heart. This is a special family that will show you how hurts and frustrations, sickness and pain, can lead to love and forgiveness and commitment. And I love the way Ms. Reid weaves the promises of the Scriptures into the lives of these characters. A Miracle of Hope will stay with you long after you finish reading this book.

  • We don’t generally think of the Amish in terms of injustice, crime, danger, or arranged marriages, but A Miracle of Hope has all of the above. The story starts with a dramatic mystery and ends as a sweet story of hope and love.

    So don’t start A Miracle of Hope in the carpool line or just before bedtime or while you wait for the doctor. You just won’t have enough time. Settle in with some hot chocolate and your favorite snack, because you’re going to be there a while. Once you crease the cover, you’ll be turning the pages until you reach ‘The End’ at the back.

  • Although my heart ached in reading of Lindie and Josiah’s struggles, I couldn’t put down this book. I really wanted to see this family come out on the other side of their difficulties and find a brighter future. This story gave me hope that people are stronger than they know and can emerge from tragedy with a renewed appreciation for life and those they love.

  • “A Miracle of Hope” is a wonderful start to what I anticipate to be one of my favorite new Amish fiction series! I really enjoyed getting to know main characters, Lindie, Josiah and his daughter Hannah. The mystery of Lindie’s past really intrigued me and I couldn’t stop reading to find out if she and Josiah could make a home together and possibly love again. I enjoyed the strong message of hope and grace displayed beautifully throughout the story. Fans of Janette Oke’s “Love Comes Softly” series, should give this a try! I can’t wait to read more from this author and this series!

  • I recently finished reading “A Miracle of Hope” by Ruth Reid. I have read a lot of Amish fiction novels, and in all my readings I have never heard of Reid. After reading this novel I have to say that Reid stands up to any other Amish fiction writer I’ve read.

  • I really enjoyed this book as it deals with an issue that you don’t normally hear about in the Amish community and how Lindie deals with her situation. Ruth did a good job with the story and the development of the characters. This is another book that you just don’t want to put down. I found myself really pulling for Lindie and hoping everything turned out good for her. I am looking forward to book two in this series. Fans of Amish fiction will enjoy this book.

  • This is a beautifully written story about the power of hope in overcoming difficulties in life. The characters and their stories will draw you in and you will find yourself crying with them, cheering with them, and pulling for them. I recommend this book to anyone who loves stories based on overcoming obstacles.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    A quick moving plot really pulled me right into this story, but it was the depth of the characters, and the ease in which I connected with them that kept me reading to see what would ultimately happen in this story. Learning the backstories of these characters provided so many layers allowing a true glimpse at who they were and the life events that had shaped them into the people they were, but it was the trials that they continued to face that made me hope for a positive outcome for this Amish family. While I connected with Lindie, it was the story of Josiah and his young daughter Hannah that really touched my heart. The author deals with a few subjects that isn’t always touched on in “Amish” fiction and for me this made the story more realistic. Fans of Amish fiction will love this one, but I recommend this story to anyone looking for a bit of inspiration where you can’t help but hope for the best outcome for the characters in the story.

  • This past year, I have really come to enjoy Amish books of all kinds! This is the first book I have read by Ruth Reid, but I was not disappointed! There is something so lovely about the Amish community’s simple way of life, and I find it fascinating. I love the way they are so quick to put others’ needs in front of their own, and the way they push attention off of themselves and onto others, which is something extremely rare in our world today.

  • You will love this new story about Lindie & Josiah. It isn’t your normal Amish story and you will be surprised to learn that their marriage isn’t normal either by Amish standings.

  • All Meant To Shine says:

    I really enjoy a good Amish book and I really do enjoy when an author writes a series of them. This is a great book to start her series. I really look forward to reading the ones to follow. The characters are terrific and the story line is one of my favorites. I love when couples decide to get together for one reason or another, not for love, and they end up falling in love more than anyone ever thought possible. There are struggles along the way and I love reading about how they work through it and make something deeper out of it. I definitely recommend picking this book up and starting the series from the beginning.

  • I read and review a lot of books. Sometimes they are just so-so and I skim them. NOT ~ this one. I did not want to miss one single word of this book. As Winter Storm Nika blew I was curled up with this book and coffee.

  • The latest Plain tale, A Miracle of Hope, although not the first book by author Ruth Reid, is the first story of her’s that I have read and I’m happy to say, it’s a winner! I’m a sucker for marriage of convenience stories and this one hooked me from the first.

  • This new book was a page turner for me. Not your usual standard of Amish fiction A Miracle of Hope starts out very well with the very tense first meeting of the couple. I really hate to give anything away in my reviews but if you like Amish fiction I think you will find this one hard to put down.

  • Veronica's 'Views says:

    This was an enjoyable story that’s unique from other Amish fiction I’ve read. Besides the arranged marriage, there are the health problems experienced by the couple, the deaf daughter’s emotional problems, and a hint of the supernatural, too. I liked the characters and felt for the situation they found themselves in, but both of them got on my nerves a bit for some choices they made and for not explaining things. I found Hannah very interesting and wished the supernatural aspect had been developed more. Overall, I liked the story and will look for more from this author.

  • Ruth Reid has once again captured the Amish way of life and their beliefs. I loved all of her books and this is one of my favorites.

  • While reading A Miracle of Hope, so many thoughts went through my mind. How do Amish people deal with things like this? Where do Amish people go for help? Over and over in the pages of this book, it was clear that the Amish community supported their own. Even if you’re not a Christian, you could still enjoy this book. It deals with many worldly issues that the Amish community, devout as they might be, still faces from time to time. This book was SO good that I really would recommend it to anyone!

  • Kerrific says:

    The story as these two families are brought together is amazing! It was so fun to read about how these two individuals learned to work together and became a true family. This is a great story of love and hope perfect for Valentines Day, or any other day of the year!

  • This book was good but, while reading it, I got frustrated with the main characters a few times. But, as I read on, realizing what Lindie and Josiah each had gone through, my frustration eased and I became more sympathetic and understanding. This was a good book, one I wouldn’t mind reading again and may keep in my permanent collection.

  • I am always blessed when I discover a new author, but consider myself doubly blessed to come across an author whose work I’m reading for the first time in a genre that isn’t particularly my favorite who ABSOLUTELY blows me away with her story. Ruth Reid has done exactly that with A Miracle of Hope. I actually just finished this book last night…or should I say this morning at about 1 a.m.! I couldn’t put this one down. Lindie and Josiah’s story is told beautifully by Reid, whose characterization is rich and detailed. Reid peppers detail all along the way and draws you into the story from the very beginning with a bit of mystery and suspense. She captures Amish life is such a vivid manner that I felt at times a part of the story rather than just reading a book. At times I could picture the scenes so clearly and could almost feel the emotions being experienced by the characters.
    I would describe Reid’s writing as honest and believable. I loved Josiah! Found in a very difficult situation with an arranged marriage and a hurting daughter, he can almost be seen as a “type of Christ” figure…laying down his life for another. His relationship with Lindie was a delight to watch develop as I read the book. Reid eloquently portrays the hope that can be found in Christ and what trust in Him looks like in the midst of what appears to be hopeless situations. I will be keeping an eye out for Reid’s next book in this series.

  • This isn’t what I was expecting from Amish fiction. It was a great story with believable characters and a great plot. It makes me want to go out and see what else Amish fiction has to offer.

  • A Miracle of Hope was my first book by Ruth Reid and it will definitely not be the last; Reid did such an excellent job writing this book. The reader will find themselves immersed in Lindie, Josiah, and Hannah’s lives. I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what happens to everyone. This was a very engaging book that had everything from love and friendships, to relationships with daughters and a marriage of convenience.

    This story was so compelling that I felt myself pulling for Lindie and Josiah to beat the odds and form a family with one another and Hannah. I felt like I was there in the story with them, sharing their experiences and heartaches. This story was not as strict as some are with the Amish communities and traditions, which I loved.

  • Soon you can start to see where the three of them come together as a family. The story is action filled from the very beginning and throughout the book I just couldn’t bring myself to put it down. I love the constant banter that starts to develop between the two main characters.

  • This book was a great way for me to start off 2014! I loved all the characters, and I felt like I could reach through the book and touch them. There was a plot twist at the turn of every page, and every single chapter held a certain excitement. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, so to speak. A Miracle Of Hope was the perfect mixture of love, trial, joy, danger, excitement, faith and mystery. I can’t recommend this book or it’s author enough. Just read it.

  • A Miracle of Hope is the story of two people – strangers brought together by necessity, with a past that attempts to define their present – and shows the healing and redemptive nature of God through her prose. A Miracle of Hope is a wonderfully well-written, entertaining and unusual Amish story, with plot and characterization so strong that it should go beyond Amish fiction fans and appeal to all readers. These characters will stay with me for a long time and I hope to travel further with them. This book goes on my favorites list! Highly recommended to all readers.

  • As I have written about in many past reviews, I am an Amish fiction fan. I have become much more discriminating in my tastes concerning this genre, and authors with whom I am not familiar don’t generally get and easy 5-star rating. And as I began reading this book, I wasn’t too taken with Ruth Reid’s writing style. It was hard to follow, and I thought that the story may not be all the intriguing. But I continued to read with an open mind.

    Once I realized the difficult issues both Josiah and Lindie had to face, I found my interest growing immeasurably. Rape and cancer are hot topics even in today’s post-modern society, but when placed within the Amish framework, it is even more intense. Throw in a deaf/mute child and arranged marriage without love and you have a recipe for potential disaster. But all the reader needs to do is read the title to get an inkling of how the book ends. I actually shed a few tears on the last pages because I wasn’t sure if the book ended as I felt it should have. I was quite relieved to read the last page!

    As to the Christian message, it is strong and real. Both Josiah and Lindie learn to trust God in everything, and I believe that is why the book concluded as it did. The gospel message is not there in so many words, but the reader can find true inspiration and reliance on God encouraged and rewarded.

  • There are lots of twists and turns in this book – some of which I never saw coming – and I always love that. I don’t like a book that is predictable and this one certainly wasn’t for me. I loved the story of grace, faith, and love and how God is able to redeem that which is hurt and broken.

  • This was a beautiful story about faith. With Faith and love anything is possible. I also cried when the words “I Love You” were said. Sometimes words have such an impact that they affect every one involved. I really liked the characters and I can not wait for a sequel. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.
    – See more at: http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-miracle-of-hope-by-ruth-reid-review.html#sthash.2Dznq8BU.dpuf

  • I have never read an Amish book before, but this book looked very interesting. I was amazing at how well written it was. I learned things about the Amish I didnt really know about them, and I loved that learning experience.

    This book was very emotional, and I kept turning the pages as fast as I can because I wanted to know what happened next. I was quickly sucked into the romance and the drama and the life. I found myself crying a few times.

    With a few twists and turns, there is no lack of interest in this wonderful book. Both Lindie and Josiah are strong characters, and I loved watching them grow throughout the book. I want to read more of the series, and I might even pick up more Amish books because honestly, it was nothing like my expectations.

  • In one word – Excellent! This was one of the most heartwarming Amish stories I have read. This book had it all – suspense, sadness, bravery, and a real nice cast of characters. This book has gotten almost ALL 5 star reviews on both Amazon and B&N.

    There were so many different aspects to this story, so much going on. But it all revolved around this one family. Which I really liked. There was no confusion with too many characters. But yet there was a lot going on so there was not a dull page in the book.

    This story was an absolute delight to read! I loved it. Can’t wait to continue the series.
    This is definitely an author to watch.

  • Hands down, this book has become one of my fave Amish Fiction novels of this year so far, and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series! This is the first book by Ruth Reid that I have read, but suffice it to say, it will NOT be the last! I will definitely be putting her books on my Amazon Wish List and loading up with e-reader with them in the very near future. A powerful read that reminds me that God is our Healer!

  • I am a huge fan of Amish fiction. Ruth Reid’s “A Miracle of Hope” is a new favorite! It is well-written, and the story moves quickly. At times, I couldn’t put it down. Each chapter I read ended with a cliff-hanger that enticed me to read “just one more” before I could put the book down. I had hoped for a less predictable ending, but I still enjoyed it very much.

  • What a beautiful story! Such redemption and forgiveness portrayed. Lindie starts as such a broken soul, pregnant and unwed in an Amish community. Her beau forsaking her, and she has no choice to but to move on. The arrangement at first is strange for everyone, but in time they soon learn to love one another. So glad that the book goes that route. Josiah is a gentle, kind man and epitomizes a great husband and forgiver.
    I really loved this book. It felt like it had some different elements to it than some of the more recent Amish fiction books I have read. A different series of themes and events kept my interest and reading till the end. This is the first book I have read by Ruth Reid. I am going to be checking out her other Amish series for my To Be Read pile. I really enjoyed her work!

  • Right off the bat, I was intrigued by each and every one of these characters. I wanted to know what secrets they were hiding, and if their relationship would develop into more than just a “marriage of convenience” between two people who seemingly didn’t want this at all. As the story unfolded, and more details came to light about their pasts, I couldn’t help but feel as though I knew them. I worried for them. I laughed with them. I even cried with them.

  • Such heartache is evident within the these newly weds. God works miracles in this family as they work through their trials and tribulations. The author has written a heart wrenching tale building up the spirits of these characters having them learn to have faith and trust in each other through the intercession of God. Yes it began as a heart wrenching tale and then turned into a heartwarming tale. It is not a fairy tale but a fictional account of a family given a chance for a new beginning.

  • Just based on the above synopsis it’s pretty clear how this one is going to end. I was still pleased and slightly surprised by how we end up there. Well worth the read. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

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