A Name Unknown

A Name Unknown

A Name Unknown (Bethany House, July 2017)

She’s out to steal his name. Will he steal her heart instead?

Rosemary Gresham has no family beyond the band of former urchins that helped her survive as a girl in the mean streets of London. Grown now, they are no longer pickpockets—now they focus on high value items and have learned how to blend into upper-class society. Rosemary’s challenge of a lifetime comes when she’s assigned to determine whether a certain wealthy gentleman is loyal to Britain or to Germany. How does one steal a family’s history, their very name?

Rumors swirl around Peter Holstein. Awkward and solitary, but with access to the king, many fear his influence. But Peter can’t help his German last name and wants to prove his loyalty to the crown—so he can go back to anonymously writing a series of popular adventure novels. When Rosemary arrives on his doorstop pretending to be a well- credentialed historian, Peter believes she’s the right person to help him dig through his family’s past.

Anger and danger continue to mount, though, and both realize they’re in a race against time to discover the truth—about Peter’s past and about the undeniable attraction kindling between them.

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  • A great start to a new series with a socially awkward beta hero and a spitfire dynamo heroine that is out to steal his name but ends up stealing something else entirely – his heart.

  • Another excellent novel by Roseanna M. White. This story has it all: intrigue, danger, and a budding friendship and romance. I knew from the second I had the book in my hands that I was going to love this book!

  • I came into this book expecting to love it and I was not disappointed. Roseanna White has developed a reputation for creating a cast of well-rounded characters, fully developing romances so that they do not feel rushed, and giving the reader a sense of authenticity as they experience the period setting of the book. She creates well-developed plots that keep your interest without giving away too much and there are always surprises the reader does not expect at the end.

  • Being the first book in the  Shadows Over England series, this book has so much to offer. It’s full of amazing characters, twists and turns, and jaw dropping events that kept  me turning the page one after another. The characters are well developed, relatable, and unique. I love how much thought and detail were put into the characters, their interactions, and the budding relationship. This was my first read from White, but I was not let down! It was an amazing read that I highly recommend to others and would read again!

  • Worthy2Read says:

    White excels at both character and plot development. Her book is rich in plot twists and historical detail, as well as romance and adventure.

  • “A Name Unknown” by author Roseanna M. White is a very exciting novel of love, history and family.

  • The characters are very well-developed. I loved them and even found myself thinking about Rosemary and Peter when I wasn’t reading. (I’m not crazy. If you’re a reader, you’ll understand.) There was a good balance between their inner thoughts and feelings and the action of the story.

  • Roseanna M. White is an author whose books I have enjoyed for quite a long time. I especially love the way she makes her characters so human and vulnerable while also strong.

  • The author gives a glimpse into the life of those that are unseen in London, those that have fallen through the cracks, the street urchins, and the year is 1914, and war is looming.

  • Roseanna M. White is one of my new favorite authors, I think. She pens historical fiction with such grace and unique-ness. A Name Unknown, book one in the SHADOWS OVER ENGLAND series, is an interesting, humorous, and heart-touching tale – with a nice amount of suspense.

  • This book was an amazing read. Written by Roseanna White, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of reading before, and who I pray I never have the end of reading! She pulls you into the story and continues to tug you along with no indication of how the story is going to end. Even planning for a happy-ever-after, I was still struggling as I neared the end that everything would be wrapped up by the last page!

  • I like how Peter challenges Rosemary to rethink her plan, and how she get’s to know him for who he is a man loyal to his country. Rosemary and Peter are people who come from very different backgrounds and I love how it brings them together, and how they complement and make challenge each other. This was a fantastic read, I loved the characters, though it was slow to start for me. I love how Rosemary and Peter find logical ways to organize generations worth of clutter, while they also get to know each other. A great start to a new series!

  • The Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White was an okay book for the most part. I did get bored from time to time because of all the details that are in this book. I am sure this wouldn’t have bothered me if I was more interested in the book but I had a tough time staying interested in this book.

  • I enjoyed reading A Name Unknown. Roseanna tells the story with a fresh twist. Rosemary is a thief, yet she’s a likable character. At one point I forgot she was a crook and started rooting for her. The secondary characters add a deeper element to the story, especially Rosemary’s ragtag family.

  • This was a fun and captivating novel! I enjoyed the glimpse into this particular time in history and the real historical figures who make appearances. Roseanna M. White’s new Shadows Over England series is off to a promising start.

  • Ms White did a good job developing characters through the progression of the story, revealing things about some of the characters right up to the end.

  • Will a romance develop and will Rosemary end up stealing his heart rather than his family history? Grab this winner and settle in for an engaging read of wit, mystery and lovable characters that will be absolutely delightful! You’ll love this book, I promise.

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I enjoyed the last series, and the premise of this book sounded very interesting. I’m happy to say that it delivered in almost every way. Rosemary, and the eccentric recluse (who of course turns out to be the author of adventure novels), Peter Holstein were both wonderful, well-drawn characters with realistic flaws and strengths. Londoners are known for being rough tough and often brash, and I think Rosemary’s character portrayed this very well.

  • Books like this book are a once in a lifetime read, you will be transported in the time machine to the streets of London, with a charming Rosemary.

  • White has long been an author I’ve desired to read, and this first book of her new Shadows Over England series left me with a remarkable first impression. Afterall, what book lover wouldn’t fawn over a story in which the main characters consist of an author and a librarian?

  • I love getting to read a couple of historical fiction novels each summer. This one greatly exceeded my expectations. I loved it! This time period is fascinating to me, the character development was wonderful, and the historical facts that were woven through were perfect. Highly, highly recommend this book to anyone that likes historical fiction!

  • Moments says:

    First of all, this cover is amazing, seriously, one of my top favorite book covers ever!  Then I started to read the pages underneath this cover and was completely drawn into the storyline and into the characters’ lives. 

  • A great read with a lot of twists and turns.

  • A Name Unknown will completely sweep you off your feet. If you are even the slightest bit bookish, you will simply fall head over heels for Peter! A man of incredible character, high standards, genuine compassion, a deep relationship with Jesus, and a serious TALENT with words!Rosemary, is just…AHHHH! A woman who I want to meet. A woman who I wish was a real life person so that I can interview her, have lunch with her, and go for walks together along the cliffs in Cornwall.

  • I love the complexity of the characters! This book takes on some unusual subjects, such as being orphaned and growing up on the streets and the prejudices in the days before WWI broke out. This one is hard to put down!

  • Overall, A Name Unknown is a surprisingly well-written romance with likeable characters, intriguing dialogue, and detailed descriptions. While it wasn’t a fast read (it’s over 400 pages), the pacing flows really well, and I was able to read the novel in three days. I highly recommend the title to other readers.

  • Set in 1914 England, Roseanna White’s A Name Unknown is an intriguing tale of secrets, national pride, family ties, loyalty, love letters and royal connections all woven into one story. 

  • The sparks between the two main characters ignite the page with a chemistry that is memorable. This book magnetized my eyes to the page, keeping me turning the pages late into the night. Truly the twists and turns with this plot prompted a few gasps and several swoony sighs.

  • This was my first book by this author and now I am going to go back and read her other series. I loved the story and the characters. This was mystery, intrigue, history, and romance at its best.

  • The story builds slowly but the tension, when I experienced it towards the end, was unexpected. Once I felt that, I knew there was no putting down this book until I’d read the very last page.

  • A NAME UNKNOWN is a story sure to pull readers in from the beginning and never let go. They won’t be able to resist the likable characters, beautiful setting, and intriguing plot with danger, suspense, tests of faith, and romance. This is one story not to be missed!

  • This was quite a captivating novel, so much so that I found myself dreaming about this book with closed captions. I believe this is the first book of Ms. White’s that I have read, and I know it won’t be my last.

  • The plot was delicious and kept me riveted to the pages.

  • Complex characters readers will instantly fall in love with are the backbone of Roseanna M. White’s book A Name Unknown. Her historical fiction novel, which is set in Britain, weaves an intriguing tale that will have readers turning the pages late into the evening as they yearn to know the book’s outcome.

  • A Book Lover says:

    The plot and characters are interesting, unique, and well developed. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Recommended.

  • I’ve read a lot of stellar books recently. A Name Unknown, while enjoyable, was not quite up to par, as I found myself bogged down with too many characters and several side plots.

    Make no mistakes, I enjoyed A Name Unknown. WWI England fascinates me, and White brought it to life wonderfully. Rosemary is a charming heroine, and I appreciate her wit and personality. She gives as good as she gets, and I want to see more heroines like her in fiction. I simply struggled with the multiple characters/side plots.

  • Roseanna did an excellent job on this book. The story line and characters are really well written. I wasn’t able to guess exactly what would happen and there were some really good twists dropped in that surprised me and kept me reading.

  • Wow!  Roseanna M. White’s newest book A Name Unknown is a book like no other.  I love historical fiction, and White has reached new heights of excitement and suspense in this story. It’s not just a story of love in the midst of war, although it is – but it’s about political loyalties, chosen professions, the role of faith in our lives, and how money affects our integrity and place in society.

  • A Name Unknown is a beautiful story of hope, faith, love and trust. We watch as our characters struggle through each of the stages throughout the novel in the backdrop of misunderstanding and hatred fueled by race. It is a well written novel that I just could not put down.

  • There are definite secrets that Peter is keeping that could have consequences. Will he confide in Rosemary? What will happen if Peter finds out that Rosemary is a thief and is out to steal something very valuable from him?
    I loved the way the author blends prayers into the story in a way that shows the characters need for help from God. I was captivated by the intrigue and twists that the author placed subtlety in the story. It kept me wanting to read without stopping. You don’t want to miss this story that deals with forgiveness and trust.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    I liked the historical story line and the characters language and phrases were accurate to the 1900s. The main character Peter stuttered through out the entire book which made it a little hard to read and keep the flow of the conversation, but I still enjoyed the story.

  • The most striking idea in A Name Unknown was that Peter was held under a microscope because he was of German descent. The time period is just before WWI, and Peter is a citizen of England, with German ancestors. The book is mainly about him trying to prove his loyalty to his country, while others are trying to prove that he is a traitor to England. (I find the parallels to the political situation today startling.) He is greeted with distrust, vandalism, and hate.

  • The romance is gentle, but the faith revealed by Peter Holstein is wonderful! He lives his faith daily and isn’t afraid to let others know of his beliefs. He thinks of others first and tries his best to give godly advice and guidance.

  • GCC bookworm says:

    This book will steal your heart! Historical romance and mystery at its best. Loved, loved the characters. I had a hard time putting the book down and then was sad when I read the last page! More please!

  • More Of Him says:

    I found this to be an exceptional book and loved the setting and the characters! I have never read a book set at the time period before WWI in England and really enjoyed the whole experience.

  • “Peter . . . tried not to be so impressed by a too-thin woman with a manner as inviting as a steel trap.” (108) And how could one not be impressed? Not only with our main heroine, Rosemary, but the novel, A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White as a whole. This is the first of the Shadows Over England series, and I just can’t wait for the rest! Be still my heart is right. A Name Unknown has everything a booknerd like myself want in a story.

  • The cover alone makes this book a worthy addition to any bookshelf. But add in the amazing story, and you know “A Name Unknown” is a definite keeper!

  • A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White marks the first book in her new series, Shadows Over England. Set in pre-WWI England, this novel was enjoyable, thought provoking, and extremely well written. The plot line was well developed and included moments of humor, romance, betrayal, mystery, and suspense. The themes of the novel were incorporated flawlessly and delved into matters of forgiveness, what it means to be a child of God, the value of a person, trust, and honesty.

  • This book covers more than history, because it keeps the reader guessing. Even if you are familiar with the history of World War I, there are still so many parts and stories one could never know or understand. I love when books introduce readers to those who lived in the past–even if they are fictional.

  • This is the first time I have read a book in this genre. I have always been interested in World War 1 so this was the perfect novel for me. This novel is set in England in 1914. The war is approaching and the country is in turmoil. The setting is perfectly weaved and blended with history.

  • I loved this book! And…in some ways, got quite annoyed with the story, but that’s a side point right now. I loved the setting. I can’t remember when the last time was that I read a historical fiction about England right before the First World War, so that was extra special (probably partly because I’ve always had a bit of fascination for English history anyway!). I loved the tension as it built…

  • I liked that this wasn’t your typical “perfect guy”/”perfect girl” romance. Peter has a terrible stutter, and it was refreshing to read (and fall in love with) a hero with such an outward flaw. I love that Rosemary wasn’t your typical strong female heroine. Her feet are placed both in the good-guy and bad-guy camp (but she does ultimately choose which camp she’s going to stay in). This is the perfect weekend escape (if you’re needing one!)

  • “A Name Unknown” by Roseanna M. White is a fast-paced suspense and romance story.  Will she or won’t she? Do they or don’t they?  Can he prove his innocence before it’s too late?  Who is really behind it all?  Even though Rosemary is a criminal by definition, it is so easy to fall for her charm.  This is the first book I have read by White and she doesn’t disappoint.  Her book was easy to follow, interesting and engaging as well as entertaining.

  • I love a book that has weight, both in number of pages (426!) and in content. Although this is a Historical Romance, which some might consider a “light” read, it is also filled with wonderful historical tidbits, and thoughtful insights into the Christian walk, all while recounting the story of the intersection of two unlikely, delightful characters~ a feisty thief who knows no boundaries, and a stuttering gentleman, who guards his solitude and true occupation.

  • This book was an beautiful writing and compelling to read with this series of the drama upper-class romance and this series also giving us to adventure, explore and learn about the historical Christian life of during World War I, that engaging a lovable of characters.

  • The novel had an interesting premise but I felt the book was about 100 pages to long. I felt that it dragged on and it had a lot of unnecessary fluff pieces. The ending had a bit of a twist but it wasn’t enough to warrant me to ever want to read this book again.

  • I loved this newest book from Roseanna M. White. To a book lover, the setting of a library and the inclusion of an author in the story line was so much fun. With her awesome talent, this author takes you on a fun journey of discovery, faith, mystery, and love. Looking forward to reading the next book!

  • A Name Unknown is a great story. I loved how the story is weaved together pulling you into the mystery at hand. It will have you guessing along the way as to who the villains is, what is the real story behind Peter Holstein and what will Rosemary uncover about him. Mystery and romance is a great combination in a historical novel and the author has done a wonderful job in crafting her story. Make sure to pick up this first book of her new series. This novel is a great one to add to your library.

  • I absolutely loved this well-written story. The characters just leapt off the page; they were funny, flawed people I wished I could know in real life. I loved the history Rosemary uncovers as they try to figure out Peter’s ties to Germany and his family’s secrets. There were some great conversations and letters about God and it was wonderful to see Rosemary’s journey from being so distrustful of a wealthy man to great respect for him as she got to know who he really was.

  • Sometimes a story simply resonates in a special way … maybe it has something to do with how the setting (Cornwall), characters (fascinating and complex), storyline, and spiritual theme all blend together. Whatever the reason, I loved A Name Unknown. Rich in historical detail, the pre-World War I years make a fascinating backdrop for this story. Peter and Rosemary are compelling characters with great chemistry between them. Best of all is how Peter shares his faith and the growth we see in Rosemary. I enjoyed A Name Unknown so much and hated to reach the last page.

  • I really enjoyed how the book ended. And the middle was good too. But throughout the book were some slow parts or a plethora of details that bogged the story down a bit. The history was super fascinating, and for me made the story.

  • A Name Unknown turned out to be quite the read. Rosemary was a misunderstood character. Peter was picked on for something he did not choose. Between the two of them, a bond started to form. As the book developed, they both brought out the best of each other in an interesting way. I really enjoyed reading A Name Unknown. It had a nice pace to it. There was always something going on and really engaged me as a reader. A book I would recommend.

  • I was taken back to London, early 1900s, and got to know Rosemary as a common street thief. Turns out she’s not so common and has skills people want to pay for. This was a slow read (in a good way) because you want to take in all of the details and every inch of the story that’s happening! A delightful start to a series.

  • When it comes to Christian historical fiction Roseanna White is one of the best out there and this book did not disappoint! The cover alone is enough to draw one in but the content is even better! I love the painstaking research that is put into this book, it was a fascinating time during England’s history and this book brings it all vividly to life.

  • “With the greatest risks come the greatest rewards.” This is the theme of A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White. And the heroine of the story, Rosemary Gresham, proves the truth of that statement over and over throughout the story White has brought together with wonderful storytelling skills. The characters, major and minor, are all well-developed and the story is truly unique and well-written.

  • I liked the mysterious air attached to this story with the secretive Mr. V and the details Rosemary slowly discovers about the Holstein family. Sometimes it was hard to keep the information together because each piece of the puzzle was very slowly revealed. I like how the book ended because it was not what I expected and the way it sets up for another book in the series.

  • For those who are looking for a new series to start, you’ll definitely want to check out this book. It’s the first in her new series, Shadows Over England. If you like fiction or historical fiction, you’ll absolutely love this book. While you’re reading, check out all of her other books. Each one is beautifully written.

  • I really liked the characters in this book, and the story, even though I was a little confused at Peter’s present-day relationship with Germany, as well as why so many people hated him so much. But I truly enjoyed reading the book and I’d like to read more in the series.

  • This story satisfied my thirst for historical fiction and mystery. I learned a bit more about the time period and I didn’t figure out how this story was going to end. I am delighted to know that there will be more adventures about Rosemary’s family.

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