A Thousand Shall Fall

A Thousand Shall Fall

A Thousand Shall Fall: A Civil War Novel (Kregel, November 2015)

A story of love, hope, and healing set in the midst of the Civil War

Nineteen-year-old Carrie Ann Bell is independent and spirited. The only thing she really fears are the Union soldiers fighting against her Confederate friends. When her youngest sister runs away from home, brave Carrie Ann is determined to find her and bring her back. Disguised as a soldier, she sets off–only to find she’s fallen into the hands of the enemy.

Her childhood friend Confederate Major Joshua Blevins has warned her against these Yankees: they’re all devils, ready to inflict evil on unsuspecting young women. When Colonel Peyton Collier arrests her for her impersonation of an officer, it seems to confirm all her fears.

Soon, though, she finds herself drawn to the handsome, gallant colonel. He rescued her, protected her, and has been every inch the gentleman. Carrie Ann discovers that her foe has become her ally–and more than that, someone she could love. But the arrival of Joshua in the Union camp as a spy will test her loyalties. Will she protect someone who has been like family or be loyal to this stranger to whom she wants to offer her heart? When her world is being torn apart around her, whom should she trust?

Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, A Thousand Shall Fall is framed around compelling characters and a very romantic setting in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Andrea Boeshaar’s extensive research guarantees historical accuracy and romance genre enthusiasts and Civil War buffs alike will enjoy the Christian perspectives on actual historical events.

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  • “A Thousand Shall Fall” by Andrea Boeshaar is book one in the Shenandoah Valley Saga series. This novel starts in the autumn of 1864 during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Carrie Ann Bell is disguised as a Yankee soldier in order to get through the military lines to find her run-away sister. However, she runs into a skirmish and instead finds trouble. She is arrested by Yankee Colonel Peyton Collier for impersonating an officer. What he doesn’t know is that someone from Carrie’s past is masquerading as a Yankee when in truth he is a Confederate spy. Her secret causes no end of trouble for both her and Colonel Collier. This book gave a realistic view of the Civil War as experienced by the people of the Shenandoah. I received a copy of this book from LitFuse for my honest review.

  • Andrea Boeshaar is a new author to me however, I am now a fan of her works. Her writing is easy to read and understand and her characters are very well developed. A Thousand Shall Fall is a wonderful Civil War story that I will remember for quite a while. The plot is a “page-turner” indeed and the subplots are equally as engaging.

    There are a few war scenes that get descriptive to a point that might make certain readers queasy however they were not too bad in my personal opinion.

  • I didn’t know what I would find when I started this book, since I had not had the privilege of reading any of Andrea’s other novels. What I found was a wonderful story, filled with likable main characters, some fun secondary characters (I especially liked Aunt Ruth and her spunk!), and a lot of rich historical details. I think it is neat that this series focuses on the battles fought in the Shenandoah Valley in late 1864.
    If you are looking for a neat historical series, then I highly recommend the first book of this one! I eagerly await the second story in the series.

  • It had been quite a while since I’d read a book set during the Civil War. I was really excited to get the chance to read this one the first in a new series!

    I absolutely love history and books like this one remind me why I love reading Historical Fiction.

    The setting is the Shenandoah Valley. Most of the book takes place in Winchester which is a city that I’ve visited and isn’t extremely far from where I live. Knowing the area made this book all the more interesting to read.

    Carrie Ann Bell is searching for her sister who ran off with a peddler. Not a very smart move as there are soldiers from both sides of the war all around. Carrie is very resourceful and full of faith even during the hard times. She ends up in the care of Colonel Peyton Collier.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall by Andrea Boeshaar was a good book. I have been a huge fan of historical fiction books lately so I really enjoyed this story. This is the first book I have read by this author and I can’t wait to check out other books by her and also reading the next books in this series.

  • “A Thousand Shall Fall” by author Andrea Boeshaar is a beautiful love story. But, it is also a story of family love. After Carrie Ann Bell’s little sister runs away from home she decides to go and find her even if there’s a war going on. She is captured by the enemy even after she has disguised herself to look like a man. –

  • I had a really hard time getting into this book. The beginning felt slow, with a lot of build up. I didn’t feel really connected to the characters, I couldn’t totally sympathize with Carrie’s motivations, and found it easy to set this one down for long periods. It just wasn’t holding my attention. Once the story gets going, it is interesting and the history and setting are vivid and compelling. Although the ending felt a bit redundant and hurried.

    Overall I think this is a perfectly good book, and one that I’m sure many historical fiction lovers will enjoy, but it’s not one of my favorites. I’m not sure that I’ll continue with the series.

    *I received a copy of this title from LitFuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sassy, independent, Carrie Ann Bell, finds herself in a pickle when she’s captured by Union soldiers and arrested for impersonating an officer. It had all started off soo innocently enough, her younger sister had run off and Carrie thought it was her duty to sneak behind enemy lines to go find her. The Yanks have no idea what to do with this smart talking, headstrong woman, but one soldier, Colonel Collier, has his eye on her.

    Carrie finds herself caught up in the midst of the war and she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust other than God. All she wants to do is find her sister, but she finds herself compelled to stay and help with the wounded. It doesn’t hurt that she also has eyes for the dashing Colonel. Is there time for love in the midst of war? Which side is she loyal to?

  • A fast paced adventure, that once you get past the rather interesting and a bit unbelieveable premise, makes for an entertaining read. I honestly didn’t think Carrie’s plan was a very good one to get her sister back, so the first few chapters I’ll admit that I thought she was crazy. But as I kept reading the story really drew me in, and in hindsight I’d label this a sort of Civil War Cinderella Story.

    The characters are vivid, and it makes for a fast paced read, that I really enjoyed after I got past her crazy plan. Well written and well researched, this book avoids the common pitfalls of a Civil War novel by being accurate, but not an endless list of facts and troop movements.

    Overall, a wonderful read with great characters, and a smart heroine.

  • Set in the Civil War, A Thousand Shall Fall is a three-dimensional romance. Author Andrea Boeshaar gives both of her main characters a fully developed past, which makes them so realistic that you can almost imagine them as people in your social circle. What really captured my interest was the depth in which the characters developed relationships. From childhood friends, to family ties, each element of the story was steeped in character interaction. This made it a meaningful read, as I could see the way that the characters behaved and acted in different settings.

  • This is the first book by this author that I have read and I have to say that I am happy that I gave her a chance. I am a fan of historical fiction books set in the Civil War time period so this was a win win for me. The author did a good job with developing the characters as well the settings. I felt as if you could tell that she did her historical research. There is plenty of action and adventure to keep this story moving right along. I will be looking forward to the next book in this series as I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall is book one in the Shenandoah Valley Saga. This book was an epic read, full of action and adventure. I loved how this book corresponded perfectly with the Civil War history. I cant wait to see what this author writes next!

  • Ms. Boeshaar gave us, or me a rather unforgettable and compelling read. The story itself just tangles you in and doesn’t let you go until the very last page, and even beyond (with a nice beginning chapter to the next book in the series). That’s exactly what I did. I read it so quick and so engrossed that I didn’t realize it was the end until the second to the last page.

    For the full review (live 11/24/15): http://justcommonly.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-civil-war-thousand-shall-fall.html

  • I almost passed on this novel as I am not a huge fan of historical fiction. This would’ve been a mistake. A THOUSAND SHALL FALL did start kind of slow – with Carrie Ann meeting up with an old childhood friend, but nothing clicked for me. I kept reading then there was a click, about 50 or so pages in, that grabbed my interest and it was held through-out the remainder of the book.
    I enjoyed getting to know Carrie Ann and Peyton, and even Joshua. Set during the Civil War and not after as most books during this time period. As such, it is greatly different (and more interesting) than most. A great book by a very talented author. I’m anxious to read the second book in this series.

  • It has been awhile since I read a book by Andrea Boeshaar so I had forgotten how much I enjoy her writing. Her characters came alive in “A Thousand Shall Fall’ and I felt like I was right there with them. Vivid imagery and a well-paced plot held my interest and brought my hatred of war to the surface.

    Set in the Shedandoah Valley during the Civil War, the story quickly has its heroine Carrie Ann Bell witnessing a fierce battle between the Northern and Southern armies and being held (for her own protection) in the Yankee camp. A renewed acquaintance with the dashing Colonel Peyton Collier seems to be developing into something more but how can that ever work out?

    The compelling story depicts life during the Civil War with all its drama, danger, violence, secrecy, and emotions yet is tempered with occasional humor and a sweet romance that ends well. As a fan of historical fiction, I was impressed by the historical accuracy as well as the author’s attempt to show both sides of the story fairly.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall gives me hope that the Shenandoah Valley Saga will be a series that remains in my library for years. As a fan of her previous series’, I have great hope that book two will not disappoint. The Bell sisters could be my favorite heroines!

  • A THOUSAND SHALL FALL was a heartbreaking tale of a woman trying to keep her family protected and the Union officer who, in turn, attempts to keep her safe. There were moments of fighting and suffering during this war, spies, broken and false friendships as well as true friendships, inspirational moments, and a sweet romance and love that developed between these two characters. An enjoyable read for those who enjoy inspirational romance.

  • I found A Thousand Shall Fall to be well written and researched. Since I am drawn to history, I’ll admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed, and I found myself cheering on Colonel Peyton Collier and Carrie Ann Bell. Add in the fact that this is set during the Civil War (and we have attended several re-enactments), was even more captivating for me. I think my almost-sixteen year old history-buff son might even enjoy it.

    I will be in suspense, waiting for the second book of The Shenandoah Valley Saga.

  • I am a huge Civil War history buff, visiting the historical sites and reading books set during that time or about that time gets my interest piqued so when I had a chance to read A Thousand Shall Fall by Andrea Boeshaar I had to join in the tour. The book kept me turning the pages quickly and even waking up in the middle of the early morning to get more reading in, a source of frustration that there is no down time at work to read or I would have had it read sooner. I was swept up in the tale of the North and South forces as they battle to take town after town and those who are neither side and terrorize the citizens.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall is the first book in Andrea Boeshaar’s Shenandoah Valley Saga, and is the only book I have ever read by her, so far anyway. Let’s just say, I loved this novel so much that I know I will be reading more of her work in the future. Andrea has weaved together a wonderful tale of love and loss, pain and joy, that will captivate your mind and touch your heart in ways no other book ever has. The story that fills this novel’s pages is so sweet, so touching, so heart-wrenching, that you will be completely unable to put it down. I know I was.
    I received a copy of this book from the Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

  • I am a big Civil War buff and I really enjoy reading stories set in this era, be they Confederate or Union in theme. So I was excited to read Andrea Boeshaar’s new novel, “A Thousand Shall Fall,” and I wasn’t disappointed.
    This mesmerizing story of a young girl’s search for her family, her dangerous adventures in that journey and the love that she finds along the way was absolutely entertaining. Boeshaar proves to be the consummate researcher in the “unpleasantries between the States” and captures the time period as well as the characters perfectly.
    I also so appreciated the Christian aspect of this novel – both characters were strong in their faith.

  • I really enjoyed this novel. I don’t enjoy a lot of historical romance novels but this one kept my attention and I enjoyed the characters. The only complaint I had is that some of the things spoken of in the novel made me think there was a prequel to this story that I had not read. The characters spoke of things that had happened in the past that made me think they would have been in a previous novel, so they weren’t fully explained. It wasn’t anything that made the story confusing or hard to follow. If you like historical fiction, you will enjoy this novel.

  • Andrea takes her readers on a fun adventure set during the Civil War. If you enjoy a story mixed with romance, drama, and warmth, in a historical setting, this just might be the book for you. Carrie Ann’s (the heroine) story is a real page turner and will keep you reading to the end.

    A Thousand Shall Fall is the first in the Shenandoah Valley series; I enjoyed this story so much that I can’t wait until the next book comes out in the fall of 2016.

    This book is a well crafted, well written, and will keep you entertained still the last page. I would give this book 4.5 stars.

  • This book came at the perfect time for me because I had the week off for Thanksgiving, and I actually had the chance to sit, read, and enjoy it! And I did enjoy it. The history included is interesting and adds to the storyline. The characters are well-rounded. The romance is sweet. This was a quick, easy, and fun read and a good way to spend some of my holiday break! If you are looking for a sweet, historical fiction, this would be a good one to try!

  • Moments says:

    I love reading books set during the Civil War era and “A Thousand Shall Fall” is one more I read and loved. This book is filled with action, adventure, secrets, and love and was hard to put down once I started reading. Carrie is such a fun character to have spend this time with; she is spirited, independent and tries to do what is right.

  • I was eager to read this book as the setting is very familiar to me. I loved to read all the historical details that Andrea Boeshaar put into this book. The conversations of the characters were rich which historical information. Yet, Boeshaar doesn’t bog you down with the details and instead just makes it a part of the conversation so that the story ebbs and flows. I already want to read her sequel to this novel, not only to find out more about the characters but also the war history. She also did not glorify the war but let its horror show. However, this was not in a gory way, but still it allowed you to feel the pain of war.

  • The book is set during Union general Philip Sheridan’s Valley Campaign of 1864, an event which culminated in the command to burn crops, barns, mills and factories. The battle Carrie Ann witnesses is that of Guard Hill and Boeshaar brings to life the horror of warfare and the rough and ready military camps in which the soldiers stayed. When the action moves to Winchester, the reader gets to experience life in an occupied city where one person might support the Union while their neighbor supports the Confederacy. Carrie Ann and Collier are drawn to each other almost immediately, although it takes a relative’s contrivance to further their relationship. Overall, it shows that two people of different circumstances can find common ground.

  • Book by Book says:

    Andrea Boeshaar’s newest novel, A Thousand Shall Fall, tells a captivating historical tale of war and romance. She sets her story within the Shenandoah Valley and in the middle of the region’s conflicts in the Civil War, which adds much excitement, drama, and vivid detail to the plot. Any fan of historical romance will not want to miss A Thousand Shall Fall – I would definitely recommend it.

  • This is one (rare) book whose cover first hooked me, and did not disappoint in the reading.

    What I love about this book is that there’s a strong sense of family in it. Often in historical romances it focuses solely on the main heroine and main hero and their romance–nothing wrong with that. But I love seeing the main characters have a strong sense of family–such as the fierce Carrie Ann.

    I appreciated the historical notes from the author in the beginning of this book because, even through fiction, I love to learn. As I turned page after page in the story, I learned more and more about a part of the Civil War–post Gettysburg–that I had not researched myself in quite some time. Bonus points for brushing up on my learning at the same time as reading a fantastic story.

  • ReadLove says:

    I particularly enjoyed the novel’s familiar (local, for me) setting as well as the many humorous and lighthearted moments which offset the weight of the serious subject matter. The Christian elements never feel obtrusive or unnatural; similarly, the romantic thread is carefully woven (there is no instant, sudden love) and main characters are treated in sufficient depth.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall was a bit of a slow book for me. The last third of the book picked up, and I was anxious to read to the end; however, it didn’t feel like other books I’ve read of Andrea’s. I wished the beginning had more depth or background to many of the characters and situations.

    I know it must be hard to write a book without having too much information. Too much can make the reading tedious. Nonetheless, I would have…

  • This book is an exciting read full of action and adventure. I like the way Ms. Boeshaar writes. She is an accomplished author who knows how to deliver true to life dialog and create wonderful characters that you fall in love with. The love story between Carrie Ann and Peyton is a lot of fun and this book is filled with plenty of action to keep you turning the pages. This is an excellent read! I recommend it.

  • The book will draw the audience in heart, mind and soul. I found it interesting how some of the female characters were aware of the others’ support for one side or the other, but for propriety sake kept each other’s secrets. I simply adored the tale and more so the faith themes woven throughout A Thousand Shall Fall from beginning to end! After you read it, you might consider sharing it with someone you know who enjoys historical fiction or get a copy for them to enjoy.

  • Travel through the Shenandoah Valley in the midst of the Civil War. Who will you trust? And how will you get through?

    A Thousand Shall Fall takes you into the heart of the battle, where good men — friends, brothers, fathers — fought against each other to defend what they believed was right. Many weren’t evil, but a young woman could easily get caught in the middle. …

  • With this book, you will get a little humor and romance as you read about how relationships were affected by both sides of the Civil War. I really enjoyed the writing style and the interaction of the characters. Well done with this Civil War piece!

  • While it might be difficult to believe that there were women that served in the Civil War, the truth is that there were some women that did disguise themselves as soldiers, either as a spy or to follow their fathers and brothers into war. That being said, the plot of Carrie Ann Bell disguising herself as a Yankee solider isn’t that far fetched as it sounds. The heroine is extremely well-written here, and I instantly liked her from the get-go. While it was slightly cliched that Peyton Collier showed up in the nick of time to save her, it didn’t bother me one bit. The chemistry between the two characters was believable. Overall, A Thousand Shall Fall is an intriguing romantic novel set during the Civil War.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall (A Civil War Novel), by: Andrea Boeshaar
    This is the first book that I have read by Andrea Boeshaar. I look forward to reading more of her books in the future. What a wonderful story of love, faith, heartache and pain.

  • I really admired Carrie Ann’s bravery, not only going after her runaway sister during a war, but also nursing wounded soldiers. There was certainly never a dull moment when she was around! Colonel Collier was a great character, also, a man who used to be a scoundrel before a battlefield conversion. I think men and women would enjoy this book and I highly recommend it!

  • Carrie Ann’s sister has run off with a passing peddler, and Carrie Ann is determined to do whatever it takes to find her. This includes impersonating a Yankee officer.

    It gets downright dangerous. Sometimes it’s difficult for Carrie Ann to tell who is friend or foe. She learns that a seemingly innocent secret between childhood friends can put many people in danger.

    Thank you, Ms Boeshaar, for this story which drew me in. It still doesn’t want to let me go.

  • The scenes were well-paced, the cast of characters varied in personality and motives, and the romance led to some charming moments. I enjoyed following Carrie Ann on her adventures and misadventures; she’s a character with a lot of spunk, which serves her well in the dangerous situations she finds herself in. And Colonel Peyton Collier, well…for the most part he proves himself to be a worthy match for Carrie and a likable hero.

  • A Thousand Shall Fall was such a well written book and full of twists and turns, drama, mystery and love (my favorite part!). It was also full of history and that was really interesting for me as well.

    Andrea Boeshaar really weaved a book that had me loving it from the first page! I love how Carrie Ann is a strong woman and loyal and I loved watching her fall in love and find out who she is and become a confident woman in the process! Boeschaar is definitely a talented writer and I look forward to reading more books from her!

  • Andrea Boeshaar has gifted us with a wonderful read, a page-turner for sure, and one that will linger with you for a long time. The reality of the Civil War in the Southern States was not pretty, and we picture all of the destruction from the eyes of young Carrie Ann Bell, and Colonel Peyton Collier, a Virginian in the Northern Army.
    We meet Aunt Ruth and immediately fall in love with her and how she cares for people. With a few chuckles as she “puts her foot in her mouth”, when she makes a lie into something even bigger. Oh my, she is a northern sympathizer living in the South, and has friends, kind of, on both sides.

  • …This is the first of Andrea’s books I’ve read and I REALLY enjoy it! Anyone who follows my reading and reviews knows I enjoy a good Civil War read! 🙂 And that’s exactly what I’ve found A Thousand Shall Fall to be!….

  • A Thousand Shall Fall is a compelling tale! Boeshaar’s extensive research and attention to detail bring life to the narrative, as she weaves a love story amidst the events that transpired in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Filled with drama, danger, and romance, I really enjoyed A Thousand Shall Fall and eagerly await the next installment in the Shenandoah Valley Saga!

  • Overall, ‘A Thousand Shall Fall’ is not my favorite historical romance, but I suppose nears the top in Civil War Era novels. I want to read more historical fiction books in this era after reading this one! Still, Boeshaar’s book has merit. Although the pace was sluggish, the story was interesting, historical, and romantic. The time period and geographical area Boeshaar has picked are fun and will undoubtedly produce many fantastic stories. The end of ‘A Thousand Shall Fall’ features a preview of book two, ‘Too Deep for Words’, and seems to be about Carrie Ann’s sister Margaret. I loved the preview and will be reading book two when it releases in 2016. 3.5 stars.

  • Centraleast2 says:

    I really enjoyed seeing how the story progressed between Carrie Ann and Colonel Collier. While they had their differences, including her being a Southern girl and him a Union officer, they were still able to accomplish their goals. Carrie Ann soon finds herself torn between her loyalties and has hard decisions to make.
    I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story especially one that has a historical background. I received a copy of this book from LitFuse to review.

  • Well researched history,a fantastic plot, well developed characters, and perfectly timed conflicts and chemistry weaves the perfect civil war tale! A Thousand Shall Fall by Andrea Boeshaar is a keeper!

  • I loved this story, and did not escape without a sigh (or ten) of admiration for Colonel Peyton. I especially liked that he was an imperfect hero, whose life was turned around by his coming to Faith. I identified with many of Carrie Ann’s struggles and I wished more than once that I could have tea with Aunt Ruth too. And I will… The next time I read this book.

    It is worthy of a second read.

  • Book one in Andrea Boeshaar’s Shenandoah Valley Saga, A Thousand Shall Fall: a Civil War Novel, was a delight and a historical fiction reader’s dream. Taking place during the American Civil War, the war between the states, this novel was thoroughly researched with rich, knowledgeable, and pertinent information pertaining to the wonderful story.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    As I read this book it was obvious that Ms. Boeshaar knows her stuff when it comes to civil war history. She brings not only the time period to life but the characters as well. Truly a page turning story that I couldn’t put down! I had to know what would happen with Carrie and Peyton. The author provides plenty of twists that kept me guessing as to how things would play out. Romance, mystery, suspense set within the backdrop of the Civil War this book was the perfect read for me!

  • Boeshaar’s characters Peyton and Carrie Ann will enthrall you with their spunkiness. I love reading about characters who face challenges with spark, and Carrie Ann excels at that. She never does what is expected and doesn’t know the fancy manners that Peyton’s social class required, and her mistakes are funny and lighten the dark mood of war.

    Dark it is. Boeshaar doesn’t gloss over the gruesomeness of battle in the 1860s, and one can nearly smell the gunpowder floating in the air. The horrors of battle are vividly described, and those issues are important for us to remember if we’re to understand the time period accurately.

  • This was an engrossing historical fiction read. I am always interested in Civil War era books as it is one of my favorite time periods and this book certainly did not disappoint! It had everything a good historical novel should have, rich in historical detail, engaging characters and a page turner! I am super eager for the next book in the series and cannot wait for it to be published. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Andrea Boeshaar, a Wisconsin author, has written many Christian and romance novels. A THOUSAND SHALL FALL is the first in a series set in the Shenandoah Valley. I received a copy of this novel from Litfuse for my honest review.

  • Oh my, this book is a must read. It grabbed me with the first paragraph and just kept sucking me in until I realized it was two in the morning when I finally turned the last page. I love Andrea Boeshaar’s writing style, her choice of settings and how she made her characters come alive. This is the best novel set in the Civil War I’ve ever read. I so can’t wait for the sequel to come out. I’m just sad that I have to wait a year!

  • To say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book is an understatement. Although I did have a hard time getting into this book at the beginning, it surely didn’t characterize this book after about the third chapter. In fact, I stayed up past midnight last night and finished this book in 3 days because the plot was moving so quickly from chapter to chapter that I couldn’t put it down!

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    This historical fiction romance story is set in the Civil War time period. It’s rich in history and portrays the horrors and tragedy of war.

    Carrie Ann has taken over the local paper while her father is off at war. But when Carrie Ann’s youngest sister runs away with a peddler, she puts on a Union uniform as a disguise and goes off in search of her to bring her home.

    I found this book a little slow reading because of all the historical facts, but a history lover who craves drama and romance will definitely enjoy reading this!

  • This is my first time reading a book by Andrea Boeshaar and I have found a new author that I like. Her writing had my attention from the very beginning.

    I appreciate how she gave explanations at the beginning for some of the material in this book, regarding drinking and smoking. Some authors write about it without explanation and make it seem as if these things are o.k. I respect Andrea Boeshaar for being upfront about her reasons for including it and that she herself doesn’t believe in these things.

    Andrea Boeshaar knows how to write historical fiction and make fiction seem real.

    Historical fiction lovers won’t want to miss this book!

  • A Thousand Shall Fall is Andrea’s first novel that I have read. While I enjoy historical novels, I don’t know much about history when it comes to wars. Andrea has obviously done her research to write this story rich in historical detail. I learned a lot about the Civil War while reading this book. The characters show how hard to was to know who to trust during this turbulent time in the United States. I really enjoyed this sweet romance and … Read More >>

  • A Thousand Shall Fall is the first book in Andrea Boesharr’s latest series, Shenandoah Valley Saga and it is great! This is the first book by Andrea Boesharr’s I have read but I have a few on my TBR pile, so I am excited to dig into them. As a huge fan of Historical Christian Fiction and my love of the Civil War this book had the perfect blend. Andrea Boesharr has the perfect blend of fact and fiction in this book that really kept me interested and I learned some more about this time in history. Andrea Boesharr writes with authority about all things Civil War including all of the places the war took place, the way of life before, during and after, the state of things in both the North and South, and the attitudes of the people in the different places. I found myself having a hard time at first getting into the book but after the second chapter that was not the case. I really found myself unable to put down this book, not wanting to have to wait to get back to it! The characters are well written and are real people. I really enjoyed this book! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction, it will not disappoint! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. I give this book I give this book 4 STARS.

  • Andrea is a very strong woman and loyal to a fault, Peyton is a strong man of God and he recognizes that Andrea really needs protecting. This makes for a very interesting love story about two people who are obviously meant to be together but have some difficult hurdles to overcome. This book is one of those that I just didn’t want to put down until I read it all!

  • This is my first time reading a book by Andrea Boeshaar, with that being said it will not be my last. Boeschaar is definitely a talented writer and I look forward to reading more books from her! The Civil war time period was my favorite to learn about and of course “gone With the Wind” and Scarlet Ohara made me fall in love with this era. I know “Gone With the Wind” was completely fictitious and not the true facts of this era. In “A Thousand Shall Fall” we are reminded of the amount of death and what real people went through. It also reminds us of all the pain and suffering with so many loved ones suffering and dying

  • LyonsLady says:

    I so enjoy books such as this on written about the Civil War. I do not know why but I just do! Page one in love with book already…The horrors of battle are vividly described, and those issues are important for us to remember if we’re to understand the time period accurately. . . loved the story line…enjoyed the characters…they were believable…the book cover was good too…loved the history written in it …I learned a lot of things ….God was in this story…lots of turns and twists…Carrie Ann was a brave woman.

  • “A Thousand Shall Fall” by author Andrea Boeshaar tells the story of one family’s struggle to live through The Civil War. Carrie Ann Bell is only nineteen years old when her sister decides to run away. She in turn decides that she must go and look for her even if there is a war going on. When she is captured by Yankees even her disguise as a soldier doesn’t save her from prison. Now she is alone and afraid to trust anyone. Even the man who has arrested her and has been very nice to her. What can she do all by herself? This is a novel full of detail love and family. I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for a review and all opinions are mine.

  • I loved the setting being in the Shenandoah Valley, a place I have been to many time. The book seemed more real for me, knowing the setting. I grew to love the realistic characters, and the history in this book is amazing. A history buff would sure love reading this historical fiction!

  • Seriously, who doesn’t love a good love story? Throw in mystery and history and I’m hooked! I loved meeting Carrie Ann. And her Colonel Peyton, well he’s not bad for a Yankee! The real test though is can this spitfire of a girl pass herself off as a boy? Not hardly! It really is harder than you’d imagine. But does she really know who she can trust? She’s put her trust in Colonel Peyton and he’s stood by her and earned it, but can she say the same for some of her lifelong friends. And will she ever find her sister?

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