A Woman Overwhelmed

A Woman Overwhelmed

A Woman Overwhelmed: Finding God in the Messes of Life (Abingdon Press, August 2017)

“A Woman Overwhelmed” is a phrase with which many women can relate.

But what would happen if we could see the insanity in our pace and embrace our overwhelming God?

There is a reason they say that a woman’s work is never done— because it isn’t! As women, we often are overwhelmed by the demands and circumstances of life, resulting in stress, fear, worry, impatience, fatigue, frustration, and even depression. The truth is that we were created to be overwhelmed . . . not by life but by God! When we learn to be overwhelmed by God, the fruit in our lives goes from rotten to fragrant—filling our days with peace, hope, love, and joy.

In A Woman Overwhelmed, best-selling author Hayley DiMarco shares biblical insights and personal stories to offer a glimpse at the comedy of an overwhelmed life while encouraging us to discover the depths and heights of God’s love and power.

Be empowered to find freedom in becoming overwhelmed with who God is—by learning to focus on what we know about God so that we can hold onto faith even when it seems that all is lost. For it is when an overwhelmed woman gives up the mission of me and exchanges it for the mission of God that being overwhelmed becomes a good thing.

Choose to bask in the abundance of the Father instead of the abundance of life as his unfathomable depths can surely replace our fathomable messes.

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  • This is a wonderful little book for any woman who is feeling overwhelmed! I love the stories that Hayley shares, since they are full of humor and heartfelt. Reading this book takes no time at all, and is so enjoyable, since you feel like you are sitting down with a good friend and talking about life. I enjoyed this book tremendously!

  • I loved this book. Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? Maybe you just need a reminder like me. I mean I am a recovering control freak so in my journey, I need reminders often to bring it all back to what is important. I recommend this book. This is one going on my bookshelf to keep handy.

  • This book is one that I think many women can not only relate to, but will find something of value from reading it. The author uses a combination of personal stories, along with Biblical stories and scriptures to talk about a variety of topics.

  • I loved this book and it came at a very timely point in my life. The realness and transparency of Hayley’s writing was a breath of fresh air.

  • Most women I know are overwhelmed–either by life, by work, by kids, by everything that must be done. Hayley DiMarco, author of “A Woman Overwhelmed”, has lived a life overwhelmed and decided there had to be a way out. She sought to find the exit and shares her insight with us.

  • This is an easy to read book–one will not get bogged down with terminology or jargon. Hayley uses her personal stories to illustrate her points, and she shares the wisdom she has gleaned from living life.

  • I’m not much of a nonfiction or self help book gal as they tend to take me longer to read and I usually have to study them a lot more. I have to say that the title caught my attentions. A Woman Overwhelmed-yea that’s me I’m a stay at home mom, a homeschool mamma, involved in ministry, and I have a 14 year old special needs daughter. I often wonder how I did what I did when I worked full time. It just seems like I’m running non-stop now a days.

  • In all, A Woman Overwhelmed provides insights to a woman’s world, but also allowing readers to ponder on the meaning of it and how we can find that hope in our daily life. Encouraging and empowering, a book us girls should peruse periodically. And in the end, ponder the important things.

  • In the Pages says:

    I read the back of the book, “Are you overwhelmed? Did you know that you were made to be overwhelmed?” And thought, “Well, I DON’T need that!!!” But I’m glad I read further. DiMarco goes on to share that you aren’t made to be overwhelmed by the world, but by God! AMEN! And what an honor – to be filled to the brim, overwhelmed – by our BIG God.

  • Its not often I pick up a nonfiction book and immediately identify with the person she’s writing about. A WOMAN OVERWHELMED. Yeah. That’s me. And who would’ve guessed it was because I am trying to take control, keep control, and not let others do it because God knows they’ll do it all wrong…

  • I received a complimentary copy.

    Cassandra’s Review- The book will be a great gift for any female that has a thirst for empowerment of God and being able to gain strength in him. You do need to have belief in God and love wanted to find as well as feel him. With this author’s words you will be moved in the moment and want to keep reading for yourself.

  • I think all women can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed and can relate to the topic of this book. It’s something I have realized in my own life this year, and this book really spoke to my heart. I enjoyed the conversational tone of the author and the down to earth advice and encouragement. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • It’s not often I pick up a book and immediately relate to it as if the author is speaking directly to/about me. This book really hit the spot for me.

  • This book contains solid teaching with a good dose of humor. I like that DiMarco reminds us we are made to be overwhelmed, but by God, not our daily schedule. There is good teaching on why we are overwhelmed by life and how to trust God. I recommend it to women who want a new perspective on life.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    A Woman Overwhelmed is one of the most practical and relate-able devotionals I have read in a long time. I think all women can find something that will speak to their own hearts within this book. The author speaks to you and doesn’t just talk at you.

  • A Woman Overwhelmed is a Christian book that looks at the life-changing choice of being over-whelmed by God rather than being over-whelmed by your current circumstances. Presented with humor, DiMarco shares important biblical truths and many highly entertaining stories from her own experience that are very easy to relate to as a mother.

  • Ladies, if you read this book and you don’t relate to it, well you are wonder women. It seems that we are all busy or stressed out. So mush going on running all over the place. We are just overwhelmed.
    This is a refreshing read and a valuable read. Very well written. Very easy read not a lot of mumble jumble. Good solid advice. Let’s all get overwhelmed by God. If that’s what you want then this is a book for you.
    I gave this book 4 stars. I hope that you will pick up a copy. The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.

  • Moments says:

    love the layout of the book for this reason, it is in-depth, but it doesn’t require a lot of time to work through the reading and questions because honestly no one has time for that during the busyness of the day.  This is the prefect book to pick up at any point throughout the day to read through and then think about and reflect on the questions. 

  • A Women Overwhelmed is a joy to read. I can definitely relate this book. I love how the author wrote about the issues in a funny way. The questions were fun to answer and they were good points to have. A very good book for women to have. At least we all know we are not allow in being overwhelmed.

  • A Woman Overwhelmed was such a fun and insightful book to read. It’s packed with a great mix of humor and Biblical insight to reach the “overwhelmed” women out there who may need an extra dose of encouragement in their lives. When I first began reading the book, I wasn’t sure what to think, since it started out almost like a diary or memoir. In some ways, I guess you can say it is, but it is so much more than that. In each chapter, DiMarco starts off with sharing a personal story of her own, but then moves on to a Thoughts to Ponder section that challenges the reader to step back and examine their own lives and personalities to see where their priorities lie…

  • Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at some point in time? If that describes you, this is a book to check out. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, from our own desires to impress others by trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, to illness, to so many other things. Perfection, control, worry … the list goes on and on. DiMarco reminds the reader that in those circumstances, God is still there. He doesn’t leave us to go through them alone.

    In general, this book is a quick read, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not filled with lots of useful tips … because it is! The book is very relatable

  • Hayley DiMarco’s A Woman Overwhelmed reads like a faith-based Gilmore Girls episode script. Her witty banter and blunt honesty about faith, its implementation in her own life, and how to “walk it out” make me feel like I’m sitting across from her at a local coffee shop, sharing heart-to-heart conversation.

  • I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I am not a Woman Overwhelmed.

    I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said that I didn’t find help in filling my days with peace, hope, love and joy after reading this book.

    Who doesn’t want to bask in the abundance of the Father.

    Hayley DiMarco shares herself and shares what God has taught her.

    This is a great book for all women. Mature or young. I think there are times that we are all in a place where we need to be reminded of God’s sovereignty and his grace.

    Let’s face it. It’s hard being a wife and a mom. I for one am grateful to find some help.

    I recommend Woman Overwhelmed to all women.

    I received a complimentary copy from Litfuse.

  • Is your life spinning out of control? A Woman Overwhelmed contains lots of humorous stories from Hayley’s life that will make you laugh and not feel isolated in your sense of overwhelm!

    Her book also contains plenty of biblical insights that shed light on the magnitude of God’s great love for you – even in the messier moments of your life.

    Some of the things I really like about this book is Hayley’s not so politically correct but very funny chapter titles as well as her Thoughts To Ponder, which give you lots of opportunity for self-reflection.

    A Woman Overwhelmed is a fun, easy-to-read book – qualities that are important for the ladies who are apt to pick up this book.

  • A great way to examine God’s greatest creation—-MYSELF!

  • This book had it all of intention writing and compelling to read with that will helping you and another to finding a way to move from overwhelmed by life to overwhelmed by God and to go from Living the mission to embracing the mission of Him and realize that comparison is a deadly habit and make you more overwhelming in life in everywhere you live

  • The author must have had me in mind when she wrote this book. I feel overwhelmed everyday. I am always asking myself did I remember to do this and oh yeah I need to do that errand before they close. Some days I’m so out of it, I see myself coming and going. This book is just what I needed. It is so refreshing to read that I am not alone in my thinking. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the author said, “I’m overwhelmed simply because I’m not in charge.” Well of course that’s the answer to my problems. Let me be in charge of everything, then I know it will get done. Then I stopped and realized I’m the problem. I want to do everything to please others, make myself feel good and yes I forgot that God is in charge, not me.

    Landing page:

  • This was an encouraging book for any overwhelmed woman!

    DiMarco is very honest about her own weaknesses and failures in this book. I wasn’t sure I liked the self-depreciating tone at first, but I came to appreciate it by the end of the book. Her honesty made her feel more like a graceful friend than a hard nosed preacher (always a good thing!).

    If you are a women overwhelmed by life who would much rather be a woman overwhelmed by God, than this book is very much worth the time it will take you to read it, even in the middle of your overwhelmed life!

  • Almost every single woman can identify with feeling overwhelmed at some point in their life and she gives you the tools and encouragement you need, not only to realize you are not alone, but how to manage quickly through them and get to the other side of the issue. She opens up her own life and that is how I feel she wins readers over. We realize someone else has been there with us and the feelings she relates are exactly how we have felt. By the conclusion of this book, hopefully you can see the depths of God’s love for you and maybe even the ability to catch a glimpse of the comedy of an overwhelmed life seen from the rearview mirror or the passenger seat of our car, and you will discover freedom. You will find grace to begin to close your worldly eyes to the messiness of life!

  • God is Love says:

    Hayley DiMarco is a talented writer who authored the book, A Woman Overwhelmed: Finding God in the Messes of Life. It’s an intriguing collection of reflections on her life.

    More than writing lessons on her reflections, DiMarco shares her heart and doesn’t hold back in this transparent real-life story. She strikes a chord with her title and core message with one word “overwhelmed.” Many women can relate to this word because they’ve been there. Women who have many duties inside the home and the demands out in the real world can relate to this book! Readers will be inspired when they embrace the author’s main message which is a challenge for women to not be overwhelmed by life but be overwhelmed by God.

    The author presents that God can fill your days with “peace, hope, love, and joy.”

  • Choose to bask in the abundance of the Father instead of the abundance of life as his unfathomable depths can surely replace our fathomable messes.The first few pages perked my interest, the next few grabbed my attention and by the time I ended the chapter I was wondering how the author was able to read my mind. Overwhelmed…how often this emotion keeps me from enjoying the here and now. How often do I fret and worry about things that will never happen? How many times do I see the day ahead as an endless To-do list rather than an adventure waiting to unfold? It was a hard thing to face, however the author very patiently and gently leads you through some hard realities…realities I would rather keep hidden from view. There is safety in isolation and fear is a wonderful reason to retreat. Discovering that I was far from alone was a great comfort and helped me to find honest answers to my relationship with God and how the “overwhelmed” life is far from honoring. Life may be unpredictable, messy, uncomfortable and scary but it is also the greatest gift meant to be enjoyed and experienced. We may lose personal control over our lives but we are entrusting it to the God of the universe…I think I can trust his judgement…or should anyway.

  • I can certainly identify with this woman! Chapter 5 especially resonated with me.

    I think just about all women have been overwhelmed at some point.

    Ms DiMarco wades through life’s messes and inspires while doing so. Thank you, Ms DiMarco, for showing the world a messy and overwhelmed life that’s shared by many.

  • What is it like to be overwhelmed by God instead of by life? Isn’t that the way we should be? This is a wonderfully written book about being overwhelmed and it’s an amazing read. Life has just gotten too busy and we’re stressed with not only the big things but the little things as well. Where does it stop? This author gives us an idea on how to begin with stories of her own daily experiences and how she turned things around. I must say they are amusing.

    Only God is perfect and no matter how hard we try life will never be so why stress? What are you doing wrong? Read this book and realize how much different things could be.

  • A Woman Overwhelmed is a gem of a book. Hayley DiMarco is a talented writer who speaks from the heart on a topic to which all of us can relate. Whether from circumstances beyond our control or from responsibilities/demands we’ve placed upon ourselves, being overwhelmed is surely something we’ve all experienced. As Hayley shares her life experiences and insights, I see myself more clearly. Chapters are short and conclude with a “Thoughts to Ponder” section, making this perfect for devotional reading. With its humorous style, A Woman Overwhelmed is full of inspiration and encouragement. Highly recommended.

  • I have enjoyed reading this book. Hayley has several very good thoughts on how to be overwhelmed with Jesus instead of overwhelmed with our circumstances. I liked how she used everyday examples of her life to illustrate her points. I did feel like the book was a bit choppy with how it was laid out. I thought it would be more like a book with chapters but it was more like a devotional with little lessons each day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing it just wasn’t what I expected. This is an excellent book for any woman to read. I received this book from LitFuse Publicity for free. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own. 

  • More Of Him says:

    I could relate to so much in this book! There’s always something going on in my life and so much to do that it can feel overwhelming.

    Hayley writes with humor about the messes of life that we all experience as women. The little things and big things that can be so overwhelming. I really like how real and open she is about things that she has experienced.

    There are several sections in the book and my favorite is “The Mission of Me”. This section focuses on how we need to put others before ourself, just as God instructs, even though it’s our nature to put ourself above others. Contrary to what we think, it can be more overwhelming to be self centered. 

    At the end of each chapter, there’s a section called, “Things to Ponder”. This is where she asks us questions for us to ponder and answer. This is where she shares what God has to say about what we’ve read and how to apply it to our life.

    I really enjoyed this book and recommend it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Hayley DiMarco has such a fun way of writing and sharing her own personal struggles with being overwhelmed that it just draws you in and before you know it you are zipping through chapters faster and faster soaking up every story and knowledge she has to offer. Her humor is such a bright spot to me and I think you will enjoy it too. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy reading a chapter called “The World Can’t Handle My Ninja”, right? Right! I highly reccomend this book for anyone that has every felt the stress of being overwhelmed!

  • o·ver·whelm

    bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
    defeat completely.
    give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate.
    have a strong emotional effect on.
    be too strong for; overpower.
    If I were to be entirely honest, feeling overwhelmed is a feeling I know all too well. Running a business, blogging, having a special needs child, having a toddler, not to mention dealing with health issues on top of it all. Whew… is it any wonder I’m constantly overwhelmed? And in this day and age where we women feel like we need to do it all without help, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get very tired of feeling overwhelmed by the stresses. My feeling of being overwhelmed feels very much like those first two definitions— defeated and drowning in stress. Wouldn’t it be great to instead be overwhelmed by the GOOD?

    Today I have a book for you that might just help, A Woman Overwhelmed:

  • I just finished reading this book and really benefited from it. The author’s honesty and openness definitely helped me to face my own mind and heart concerning life. I was surprised by how similar I am to this author. This book was easy to read, not too long yet full of truths and worthy of thinking over. I liked how each chapter ended with ”thoughts to ponder” and I look forward to re-reading it as a daily or weekly book study. The author, Hayley DiMarco is a best-selling writer and I certainly will read more of her books from now on! Not only does she speak from experience and with sound Biblical truth, she writes with a great sense of humour which I enjoyed. I highly recommend this book for any woman who consistently feels overwhelmed and/or out of control of life! 
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • This book really spoke to me because too often I am overwhelmed by everything I do or feel overwhelmed by all of the things I should be doing. I love how this book talks about instead of being overwhelmed with life, which let’s face it is so easy to do, we should be instead overwhelmed by God.

  • Hayley DiMarco shows us the funny side of being overwhelmed. As she shares her personal stories and anecdotes of God work in her life and through her life.

    If you like to be in control but frequently find life seems out of control, you will be able to relate to Hayley DiMarco. Through her life stories and experiences, she shows us her struggles to let go.

    An enjoyable book for moms (especially those who need to be in control). You will be encouraged reading this book.

  • A Woman Overwhelmed by Hayley DiMarco needs to be on every woman’s to-read list! With hilarious chapter headings (‘The World Can’t Handle My Ninja’, ‘My Face Just Won’t Shut Up’, I’m Like the Fat in a Cheese Stick’) and an engaging & witty writing voice, DiMarco speaks to the heart of a woman and refreshes the soul. Each chapter’s ‘Thoughts to Ponder’ help the author’s personal insights become personal to the reader as well and would make great starting points for a small group discussion.

  • This book is a light-hearted yet thought-provoking women’s devotional/autobiographical/study. I think it would be a great book for new Christians or women who are still trying to figure out what a relationship with a personal God looks like. It’s also a nice book for the ‘seasoned’ Christian, as it provides a refreshing and fun look at insights that too often fall into a rote ‘Christianese’. I enjoyed having someone so honestly discuss life as an overwhelmed woman and what it means to turn that over in total surrender to being filled by God and allowing him to have your complete heart.

  • Women are overwhelmed with so many things in life – worry, faith, loss, doubt, rejection, finances, love, regret, and so, so much more. The problems that this book talks about are true for almost any woman, I would guess. I found myself thinking “Me too!” a lot as I read it.

  • A Woman Overwhelmed: Finding God in the Messes of Life is the latest from author Hayley DiMarco. I first became familiar with Hayley when I read her book The Fruitful Wife. I really enjoyed The Fruitful Wife and am thankful for the impact it’s had on my marriage but with A Woman Overwhelmed I didn’t quite feel the same way. With 31 brief chapters, A Woman Overwhelmed reads like a devotional type book although it is not one. When I first received my copy of the book, I found this aspect confusing because I wasn’t quite sure what the intention of the book is. Through the 31 chapters, Hayley takes women through various scenarios in which she’s experienced feeling overwhelmed and how she responded. I did enjoy reading these as I found them very relatable.

  • It’s not often that I like reading Non fiction but this kind of grabbed my attention.
    This author wrote from the core of her heart.

  • As a self-proclaimed do it all, this is just the book I needed desperately. I feel as if the author wrote this book just to speak to my individual soul. “A woman overwhelmed,” that is precisely who I am. This book was such a blessing to my life. This book is what I needed, and it might just be what you, yourself need.

    The author is a fantastic writer, one who uses a perfect combination of teaching and humor. It creates a book that is enjoyable and impactful. I found her writing reflective and super encouraging.

  • Being overwhelmed appears to be a normal, daily thing for a wife, a mother, and a career woman. When someone asks, “Are you feeling overwhelmed?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Isn’t that just life? According Hayley DiMarco the answer is no. Find your true mission as a child of God by reading her latest book!

  • I actually found this book rather funny. I didn’t expect it to be comical, but it is and very uplifting when you need it. It really speaks to the reader by offering personal stories so you can relate & know that you don’t need to be overwhelmed.

  • This review is for the book “A Woman Overwhelmed” by Hayley DiMarco. I loved this book! I loved her style of writing. This book felt like we were sitting in my living room sharing a cup of coffee and just talking and commiserating, and encouraging one another. I felt like Hayley was reading my mind, especially on such topics as creating our own laws (telling myself what I need to do, not what I actually have to do), or not asking people for help, but rather, making a lot of noise in their general direction until they volunteer to help me. Hayley had me cracking up, nodding my head, and taking a hard look at myself! Great read, and I highly recommend it for all women!

  • The title of this book drew my interest enough to want to read it. I had read The Fruitful Wife by Haylet DiMarco and really enjoyed that book, so I was curious about how she would tackle the very common feeling of being overwhelmed. 

  • This was a very insightful book! It was a good read, but I’m still overwhelmed… which is why I didn’t get my official review written up and added to my blog post about the book. I really connected with the author and the writing!

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