The Action Storybook Bible

The Action Storybook Bible

The Action Storybook Bible (David C Cook, October 2017)

The Action Storybook Bible invites families with children ages 8 and under explore God’s redemptive story together.

From the sleek and amazing creatures God created at the beginning of the world to the powerful kings who reigned over ancient Israel to Jesus’s gift of eternal life for you and your family—God has a beautiful and exciting plan for the world. Where do you fit into that plan? How are the truths found in God’s Word reflected in your life?

This Bible storybook features 15 episodes highlighting key milestones in God’s story, packed with dozens of scenes—combining stories from God’s Word with brand-new captivating illustrations from Brazilian master-artist Sergio Cariello, illustrator of the bestselling The Action Bible. Discover your family’s place in God’s redemptive story and together put your faith into action!

Interactive features include:

—Fifteen episodes loaded with over 350 brand-new illustrations from master-artist Sergio Cariello.
—Short and easy reading for all ages. Take turns telling God’s redemptive story!
—The Life, Faith, Action! feature wraps up each episode and helps your family recognize how God is moving through each story, discover how that relates to your daily lives, and feel inspired to put your faith into action.
—Heroes Hall of Fame index, where you can look up your favorite Bible characters and discover their stories!

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  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    The Action Storybook Bible makes and adventure of the Bible and it truly deserves that. the Bible is a book filled with action, adventure, drama, suspense and romance. This storybook does the Bible justice for kids in keeping it vibrant and alive. Put your faith into action with the new The Action Storybook Bible!

  • Moments says:

    This is a great resource to use with children!  It is entertaining, interactive and all at the same time, children are learning! 

  • We love having the freedom to provide numerous avenues for our children to learn God’s word. Obviously, we want them to grow to read and love the Bible. But it is so helpful when you have young or struggling readers to have alternate styles that are attention grabbing and appealing. So when I had the opportunity to review the new Action Storybook Bible, I wanted in!

  • Whoa! You are in for a special treat, as Bible stories jump off the pages of The Action Storybook Bible! Illustrations are bold, bright and contemporary and will grab and hold the attention of any age reader. A great way to “fire up” new interest in your children.

  • The Action Storybook Bible was a great read for me and my son (9). It was exciting, fun, and the illustrations were bright and wonderfully done. My son, Nate enjoyed reading taking turns reading to me as we covered the 15 Bible stories in this book. He found the text easy to read and loved how he could see the stories come to life on the pages.

  • This is a good Bible for preschool and young elementary age readers. The illustrations are great and the small amount of text is good for beginning readers and families with young children.

  • With the digital age of books I have to admit that I find it hard to follow a book on at tablet. However, my kids don’t have any problems in with reading books on the tablet. They eat them up. I was quite excited to receive this for my son. I downloaded it for him on his tablet and on my computer for me to look at.
    First off I’m enthralled with the colorful graphics of the The Action Storybook Bible. The details in this Bible are quite remarkable. My son and I spent a lot of time exploring the graphics after we read the Bible stories.

  • The Action Storybook Bible is one of those Bibles that is designed to keep kiddos engaged and coming back for more.

  • MysteriesEtc says:

    The Action Storybook Bible is a lovely illustrated book for children filled with stories of the bible. It would be a great book to give to a child or to a new Christian of any age. The illustrations bring the stories of The Bible alive. This is a fabulous tool for introducing The Bible.

  • My son is really enjoying this book! This is not a replacement for the Bible, but more like a Bible storybook! They say that it is great for ages 8 and under, but I am enjoying it right along with my 11 year old son!

  • My children, ages 2,4, and 6 all truly enjoyed reading from The Action Storybook Bible. My little superheroes were enamored by the beautiful images and the simple retellings of each story. If your child is into Super Heroes and Graphic Novels, I’d say this is a great Storybook Bible in which to invest. The suggested age range is 8 years old and under. My 6 year and 4 year old were captivated. My youngest (age 2) was not as interested but kept coming back to listen.

  • Though I’ve listened to the Action Bible, reading the pages on The Action Storybook Bible was a different experience. It looks very much like a graphic novel, which are so popular with kids right now. Each page has a short but powerful section of text that relates to the pictures. I also liked the Life, Faith, Action page at the end of each story. This short guide for parents and children helps to make the Bible story applicable in today’s society. I’m excited to read this book with my kids.

  • I LOVE this so much! The creators of The Action Bible include beautiful and fantastic artwork that goes along with the stories that they highlighted. Perfect for families and/or those who work with children to use as an interactive tool.

  • I think it will be interesting for a lot of children to read this storybook Bible and it will help many of them to understand the Scriptures better. I like that it is broken down into sections so different stories of the Bible can be focused on in different timeframes.

  • WORD Up! says:

    I was surprised at the depth of insight into the stories in several cases. The “Action Storybook Bible” would be a great devotional for parents or grandparents to do with children. It will lay a foundation in the home that can be supplemented by Sunday School.

  • I think the Action Storybook Bible is a perfect step up from our Jesus Storybook Bible for my six-year-old, and the perfect graphic novel introduction for my seven-almost-eight-year-old.

  • amandainpa says:

    There is something special about seeing illustrations beside well known and loved Bible stories. It adds something to the story. I was moved by the story of Joseph, seeing him on the selling block with chains on his neck and wrists really helped me picture the story in a new way and made it feel much more real. The artwork is very well done and the stories are written in an easy to understand format. Definitely recommended!

  • A great book to have for your children. It was a wonderful experience to read with my three year old son. He loved how the graphics were and loved each of the stories.

  • I was very pleased to find that this format of the Bible is a great way to engage children ages 8-11 in the big pictures of Scripture – God redeeming a sinful people to Himself through His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. The artistry is exceptional and this Bible reads like an actual comic.
    Each story is the perfect length for kids and is written in such a way that they will grasp what is happening.

  • The Action Storybook Bible was a huge hit with my two youngest daughters, ages 5 years and 8 years. It is set up similar to a comic book, with many fun and beautiful illustrations. The text is limited, which is great for my 8 year old, who feels like she can sit down and read the stories to her younger sister.

  • This is a book that will appeal to readers of all ages; not just kids but adults as well, especially comic book enthusiasts.  This storybook bible represents a wonderful outreach opportunity to reach more people than ever in spreading the gospel message. 

  • SK Bell says:

    My brother was a major comic book aficionado growing up and I know this would have without a doubt been his favorite book of Bible stories had it been around when we were kids. I think most children (probably 4+) would find it interesting, but this is an especially excellent version for kids who have an interest in comic books!

  • For younger children around 3-5, the pictures in this book and the streamlined version of the Biblical narratives are suitable for instruction. And for older children, the images would be helpful in catching their attention and allowing them to visualize the story.

  • The illustrations immediately drew my son’s into the story. Reading this book to them held their attention and they stopped to make numerous observations about the settings, the characters, and what is happening. I read the bio of the illustrator and he has worked on numerous comic books. The style is certainly very appealing to two little boys who love superheroes!

  • Cummins Life says:

    I know that it is specifically marketed for families with children ages 8 and under but it can work for a broader age range. I really like the graphics and designs, the comic book feel is extremely appealing to children and it can provide a fun take on the Bible. The reading is true and simple which I also think appeals to younger readers. I really enjoy the extra contents that is included like the Heroes Hall of Fame index and The Life, Faith and Action! feature that helps you see how God is moving in each story. I would highly recommend this book and its counterparts!

  • I thought that merging these two ideas together was interesting. I know that graphic novels have caught my daughter’s attention, and she enjoys reading them. This product is great for kids who love those types of books and would get them interested in reading Bible stories.

  • My boys are 6 and 4 – and love everything superheroes! They loved being able to read stories about the superheros in the Bible. I love that we have so many different versions of God’s word available to us. They loved looking at the pictures – and it sparked good conversation about Jesus’ world and ours. This is a must have for any superhero lovers! Both of my boys loved it! This will be one that we revisit as their faith matures.

  • When you really think about it, why shouldn’t the Bible be presented as the greatest story of the ultimate hero. I loved the premise of this book but I did have some reservations about the format. Could the Bible even compete with the flash and dash heros of our popular comics? The answer, at least from my household’s point of view, is a resounding YES! Having the beautiful illustrations and wonderful text together added a dimension to our daughter’s devotional time that was both popular and upbeat.

  • The artwork within this book is truly phenomenal! Even if only for the artwork, I highly recommend The Action Bible and this Action Storybook Bible.

  • In today’s wave of technology for children, I can see how this bible would appeal to them. They are a generation of visualization and this bible hits high marks in achieving this. The book is sturdy with pages that are not easy to tear. I am very impressed at what is included at the end of the book. They have included several people from the Bible and wrote an individual excerpt about them. This is a wonderful reference if you are wanting to talk about a particular person from the Bible. I am very impressed with the overall way the book is written and illustrated. This is a must have Bible for children as they learn about His Word.

  • Beautiful and STUNNING illustrations grace the pages of this Bible like you have never seen before.

    I am excited to continue reading through this book with my kiddos and I know that they will love reading it on their own in the years to come.

  • Children who enjoy action-packed stories paired with powerful illustrations are going to absolutely love “The Action Storybook Bible”. My own children were immediately engaged from the first page, and simply couldn’t get enough!

  • If your children are anything like mine, they love pictures. My husband has a huge collection of graphic novels, and most of my girls started “reading” these before they could read, by flipping through the pages looking at the pictures. Like a graphic novel, The Action Storybook Bible makes the Bible accessible for kids by putting favourite Bible stories into pictures.

  • i love a good graphic novel and if its about Jesus then sign me up. i’m sure its more marketed for a kid but as an adult i love it just as much. the pictures and the way the stories are told are awesome and i’d definitely recommend for all ages!

  • Our shelves contain a plethora of Storybook Bibles (as well as full Bibles) so why, you ask, would I be here today to talk to you about another new release… Several years ago, I introduced my oldest daughter to The Action Bible, soon followed by both The Action Bible New Testament & Devotional, and The Action Bible Handbook. She has fallen in love with The Action Bible series. I am in love with her enthusiasm to spend hours reading and studying Bible stories.

  • The illustrations are great, and the artists show a true talent. I’d venture to say any comic book lover would appreciate this!

  • This is such a amazing way to introduce your kids to God’s word in a way that is utterly engaging and real. This book does not fail to delight all ages, even my 2 year old was mesmerized by it and it really caught her attention which I was impressed with! The illustrations are amazing and the book is so insightful and lively, which will appeal to kids for sure!

  • This Bible was quite engaging for my young children! We enjoyed the illustrations and reading through the stories immensely.

  • The first thing I noticed was the vivid life-like colors on each page. The people and animals were realistic. I like the easy-to-read print and the ease of telling each story. The picture of the serpent could be a bit scary for a very young child. Faith in Action section gives an activity to do. One example is to have everyone go outside, take a walk and talk about their favorite things in nature.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    This story has a cartoon action type feel to it with the drawings but still depicts the bible stories reverently in my opinion.
    I love that after each story section there is a “Life, Faith, Action!” segment which gives a little recap of the story, asks the reader some basic questions to build on Faith, and has a little prayer.

  • The Action Storybook Bible would be a wonderful devotional tool to get children excited about the scripture. The illustrations are gripping and truly the work of a master artist. In fact—Sergio Cariello has provided artwork for Marvel and DC Comics. He has brought to life Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four and dozens of other characters. His expertise brings the Bible to life in an innovative and creative way that children will appreciate.

  • I loved the devotional style endings of each section. “God in Action” sums up something that we can learn about God from the story, “Faith in Action” discusses how to apply it to our lives, and lastly, it ends with a prayer to wrap it up.

    I couldn’t recommend this book more highly!

  • This seems like a really good idea to capture the attention of kids in our world today! I’m very interested to check out this action Bible!

  • There are countless children’s Bibles out there. We have had our favorites as our kids have grown. Currently, my oldest is reading a regular verse Bible as he likes to look up verses. However, my other son is loving his Action Storybook Bible.

  • Elizabeth Hanson Lori says:

    Enjoyed this beautiful story book for children. I love picture books even tho my son is almost 16.
    I guess you can say I’m a kid at heart and will never grow up as long as I have Jesus.
    I enjoyed the message and the beautiful pictures that were in it.

  • This is a wonderful and simple way to encourage our children to read the Bible for themselves.

  • I “tested this story book on my daughter and she loved it. Kid approved! Made this mommy very happy 🙂 I don’t think I can rave enough about this storybook Bible! No, this isn’t a replacement for your child’s Bible, but instead a

  • With the beautiful illustrations, and easy-to-read structure of the episodes, this is a perfect Bible to add to every Bible collection, for readers young to old.

  • This book is a great way for parents to explore God’s redemptive story together with their children.

  • The Action Storybook Bible is a super cute interactive story that will take you through the wonder of Gods words. This is a bible for kids ages 8 years of age and younger but I believe older kids would benefit for this as well.

  • I really enjoyed the layout, illustrations, and delivery of the Bible stories found in The Action Storybook Bible. My 6 children range in age from 17-3; this particular Bible storybook isn’t really one that interest my 3 year olds, but my 5 year old son enjoys it…..and his 15 year old brother enjoys reading it to him!

  • As a grandparent, my central focus for my grands is to build a love for God into their daily lives.

    A beautifully, illustrated, The Action Story Book Bible tells the story of the Bible adhering to the Gospel truths found inside. The chapters included in the book cover Old Testament history as well as the time of the Gospels to Jesus’s Crucifixion. Uncovering the Biblical story with great accuracy, the authors took care to include life lessons at the end of each chapter, entitled: “Life, Faith, Action!”

    This book is a great beginning to introduce children to the truths of the Bible, but as always, I encourage you to use it a tool along side your Bible to read with your children or grandchildren. With Christmas coming, this book makes a wonderful present for the children in your life.

  • This book had a lot of adventure and was exciting to go inside of the story, making it hard to put this book down!

  • Complete with colored pictures and exciting stories, this hard copy of the storybook is easy to take with you or leave by a bed. With animation that is detailed but not distracting you feel like you are watching the stories unfold!

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