An Endless Christmas

An Endless Christmas

An Endless Christmas (Worthy Inspired, October 2015)

Too many people, too much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for disaster.

Christmas takes a very different turn when the guests of honor break up instead of announcing their engagement. Trapped with his family, they learn that love looks different than either imagined. Both in their eighties, Dodie and Wilson Binder celebrate every Christmas as if it were their last. This year, their grandson Micah is planning to ask his girlfriend, Katie, to marry him so they can celebrate with the whole family. But things go very wrong when she says, “no.” Now they are stuck. Too many people, too much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for disaster. But sometimes too much is just enough. Especially when it’s Christmas.

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  • I love Christmas-themed books around the holiday season. I always get that cozy feeling reading novels that portray all of the emotions that seem to surface during the season. “An Endless Christmas”, by Cynthia Ruchti certainly fulfilled my expectations of a wonderful holiday book. The fact that the first page was a real surprise since I would never suspect that a novel would begin with a marriage proposal where the intended bride says, “No!” didn’t deter me from reading what came next. What follows is the surprising reaction of the family and the Christmas celebration that warms her. I would heartily recommend this book as a holiday novel. Pull up a comfy chair, throw on anafghan and delve into a beautifully written book. gave me a print copy of this book for my review.

  • I read this book in just a couple of hours and I loved every page.

    I was so worried about Micah and Katie but it was all good in the end.

    Wish I could spend a Christmas with this family, they were the perfect family we all wish we had.

    Just wanted to jump in the pages of this book and never leave.

    I gave this book 5 stars but because it was way to short for me and I loved it so much from page one, I wish that is was longer. Based on how short is was. I was left wanting MORE. Cynthia needs to write an Endless book, she is so very talented.

    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.

  • This is a heartwarming, light and fantastic read. I simply could not put this Christmas Nouvella down! It was delightful to read a book about the Binder family who wasn’t perfect, but had stuck together during good times or bad times and overall made the best of everything. I loved their family Christmas traditions and this book was simply a heartfelt read. I loved it!

  • I love to read books by author Cynthia Ruchti. Every time I read one of her books I feel as if I am right there experiencing all that the characters are. She writes from her heart. Wilson and Dodie Binder are getting up in age. They are hopeful that their grandson will have a chance to be happy. His girlfriend does not accept his proposal and they are heartbroken. As I read the book I had tears of sadness and happiness. A beautiful Christmas story. I give this book a 5/5.

  • This book would have been about my family. We had huge Christmas’s like this every year until my mother’s generation all passed away. This was a tender story and made me wish for that kind of Christmas memory once again. Ruchti did a wonderful job of building her characters and making them real, flaws and all. I loved being part of this family, even if was just for a little while. Once I began reading I did not want anyone disturbing me. My only problem with this book was that I was not ready for it to end. It was my first Christmas read of the season and I am so ready to celebrate like the Binder’s now.

  • Mary McCauley says:

    The newest Christmas TRADITION for me will be the rereading each year of this incredible story of love, grace, and hope. This is the BEST Christmas book I have ever read! I laughed, I cried, and I was deeply moved by the wonderful rendition of the story of the birth of Christ. You HAVE to read it!

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    Christmas is just around the corner and to me this season means family. What if you don’t have a very caring family and get thrown into a family filled with love and grace. I think that would be so overwhelming! This is exactly what happens to Katie when she goes home for Christmas with her boyfriend. The book starts off right in the middle of a proposal and continues with Katie experiencing a family that is filled with God’s Grace and Love. She has issues with her family heritage that is holding her back from experiencing the great joy, love and grace that God offers. The author really makes you feel as if you are a part of this family’s love and struggles! I highly recommend this little novel, especially this time of year! It would make a very touching gift!!

  • This novella is a very touching story of Christmas with the extended Binder family, a bunch of fun characters. There’s life and death, laughter and tears, celebration and prayers. It’s a good portrayal of a family with extravagant love and acceptance.

  • Welcome to the Binder family Christmas. Experience the love as described in 1Corinthians:13 lived out within the pages of this book.
    Once again Cynthia Ruchti has produced a novel that I just want to jump inside and live there. The characters are all delightful.
    I just love Cynthia Ruchti’s writing and cannot get enough of her novels.
    An Endless Christmas is just a perfect Christmas story. Give yourself a treat and buy it today.

  • A very special story, especially so close to Christmas! It was a heart warming story of love and family, trust and faith in each other. The novel was well written, engaging and witty, something you can re-read over and over again.

  • This holiday story will touch your soul and cheer your heart with its loveable characters and delightfully well-written story. I would recommend this novel to readers wanting a fun light-hearted Christmas holiday read!

  • Ruchti has a way of making characters come to life. Their back stories slowly reveal themselves to us adding depth and meaning to every word and moment. What appears to Katie, the main character, as the picture perfect Christmas that has always been is in fact built on the pain of loss and challenging commitments that come with marriage.

    If you are looking for a fun, light read that surprises you with involuntary tears and joy then this is the book to kick off your holiday spirit! Purchase your copy of An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti today! Grab a few extras to stick in Christmas stockings or to take as the perfect gift exchange at upcoming parties.

  • I enjoy reading Cynthia Ruchti’s online devotions, so was looking forward to reading this novel. While it had the same excellent writing and spiritual insight her devotions had, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped. To start with, I felt like I’d been dumped in the middle of something as Katie Vale doesn’t accept her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, made in front of his entire extended family on the first day of their week-long Christmas celebration (we then backtracked, which made me wonder why we didn’t start with the backtrack and move forward).

  • Katie and Micah are both delightful characters who are great to get to know, even as they deal with the issues that seem to keep them apart. And what can I say about Grandma Dodie and Grandpa Wilson — such special people at the helm of a loving family, willing to help those they love, even by sharing moments that show them to be less perfect than they might appear.

    Elements of pain, love, forgiveness (of self and others), grace, and fun filled this story and brought tears to my eyes as I read. One note of warning: DO NOT start this short book unless you have a block of time to read the entire story. Once you’ve read the first page, you will not want to put it down, even after you’ve finished the last page!

  • Cynthia Ruchti managed to write an emotionally moving story while staying true to the Christmas novella genre.
    One thing I really liked about the story is that the characters went through Bayport Minnesota, which is where my parents met.

  • Tima Murrell says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that tugged at my heart strings like this one. There really isn’t a main character. The author brought the entire family alive. Each person was distinct and memorable. The antics and interaction between the family members was entertaining and refreshing. Several key thoughts were brought out in the book, but the insights didn’t come across as preachy. It was a quick read that I was disappointed to finish. I will definitely be reading more by this author in the future.
    I received this book free of charge from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my honest review.

  • The IE Mommy says:

    An Endless Christmas is a wonderful read this holiday season that got me in the spirt and left me feeling as warm and cozy as if I were in the Binder’s inviting cottage that’s the very definition of a home.

  • With Katie telling Micah she wouldn’t marry him, you’d think there would be a lot of hard feelings and a complete disaster. There is a lot for Katie and Micah to deal with, but this heartwarming Christmas story ends on a positive note.

  • Typically, I have a good idea what a book is about by just looking at the cover at, but with a only a small cottage surrounded by snow on the cover, I had no idea what An Endless Christmas would be about. At only 232 pages, the author, Cynthia Ruchti, doesn’t waste any time setting up the main plot. There is a proposal and an answer right on the first page, except the outcome is shockingly, “No.” Overall, An Endless Christmas is a simple, fast-paced and sweet story that ignores all the cheesy holiday cliches that are found in books as well as movies. Speaking of films, I can easily see this novella being adapted into a movie for a Hallmark or Lifetime.

  • The author has written the perfect quick read full of holiday spirit. But it was more than that for me. It reminded me that we all are inadequate but God sees us differently and loves us just the same. A sweet holiday story that focuses on real life and doesn’t lull us to asleep. It has a few twists and turns that keep you guessing to the very end.

  • I’m usually not a huge fan of novella’s, since they are short and can lack character development, but I still like to try them since it is nice to have a shorter read that is easy to finish in an evening or two. I am happy that I picked this novella up though, since it did not lack in the character development area! I feel in love the all the characters as they opened their home to a hurting young woman during the holidays. This is a sweet story that has some surprising depth to it. I’ve read several of Cynthia’s stories and, while they are all wonderful, this might just be my favorite yet! I highly recommend it for some holiday reading this year.

  • “An Endless Christmas” is a wonderful tale with memorable characters.

  • An Endless Christmas is a Christmas novella by Cynthia Ruchti, and is the first book by her, to date, that I have ever read. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going in—since I had never read any of her novels, or very many Christmas novellas for that matter—I had heard wonderful things about both An Endless Christmas and Cynthia’s writing. Clearly I was a little excited for this novella, partly because it does sound wonderful and all, and I have to tell you that I wasn’t disappointed. This was the sweetest, most touching Christmas novella I have ever read. That may not mean much since I haven’t read that many to begin with, but this really was such a great book.
    I received a copy of this novella from the Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

  • This is such an inspiring story with a lesson that every person can learn from. It was one of those books that once you get into it, you can’t put it down.

  • I didn’t had a problem getting on the story, at first. It was easy to delve into this book; it was greatly constructed and beautifully built. But where lies my problem? The book revolves around Katie and Micah’s family. Micah’s family is pretty big and with that big of a family, there’s bound to have a lot of happenings. And there are a lot. There are a lot going on that I had a hard time following the story. It has multiple point of views and there’s no warning when will the point of view shift (or maybe it’s just the ARC I received).

  • An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti was a sweet Christmas story. I loved everything about this book because it was on the shorter side but it didn’t seem short in the least. It seemed like it was a full length book and I loved that about this book.

  • Really enjoyed this novella, loved the characters, and the storyline. It opens with a marriage proposal that is turned down. The couple spend the next several days together in what could be a very awkward week.

    The Binders are a wonderful family one would like to be a part of. Holiday traditions are special, this family is full of faith and love. Nightly prayers for each person that are special, hidden secrets that are you find out aren’t really worth keeping hidden at all and a chance to see what good is already in your life. A great book.

  • Legacy. Unconditional love. And not only unconditional love, but outrageous, extravagant love…An Endless Christmas is one of the most memorable & endearing stories I’ve ever read. While its December Minnesota setting certainly invokes the Christmas spirit, this story gently unfolds messages that readers can take to heart every day of the year…Of all the spiritual gems in this story, the one that touched me most is that we should never leave any unfinished business when it comes to our loved ones…For beauty of narrative, the entire Binder family, and the way this story touched me . . . 5 stars! Highly recommended.

  • Wow Cynthia Ruchti has done it yet again! She has written a book that is a masterpiece. A delightful story about an uncomfortable situation.

  • I was glad to read this well before Christmas so I had a chance to absorb the message I got from the book. It may not be the one the author intended but it’s still a positive one – that we all have reason to forgive and be forgiven, no matter what our lives look like now. And when we have forgiven, we need to move on and live in the joy of life.

  • I always eagerly anticipate curling up with a novel by Cynthia Ruchti and, once again, she delights with this latest release. Ruchti specializes in finding hope among chaos, and there is certainly plenty of chaos in this tiny house crammed with family! I wanted to wrap Katie up in a big hug….Beautiful lessons of life, love, and family are tucked in this gem of a story. This is a book to be read and reread every year. Don’t miss it, and remember to treasure each moment!

  • I loved this novella. This is the perfect Christmas novella to read. It is rare to be so thoroughly immersed in a novella with this many characters but somehow Cynthia Ruchti makes you feel that you know each character and it isn’t overwhelming at all. Instead you feel a part of this wonderful family and Christmas experience. There is also a lot of depth to the novella, about family and how love that might seem perfect comes from hard work and forgiveness and trust and many other things all wrapped up together.

  • I love, love, love Christmas novellas even in the summer and I’ve read other Cynthia Ruchti books and her writing draws you in as you enter the characters lives, and while this is a novella, so it’s short, you feel like you’ve always known the characters. Join the Binder family as they explore Christmas and let go of their regrets from the past year (a neat idea that I think would be fun to add to our family’s traditions) and live each day and each Christmas as it’s their last. I won’t give away all the book but grab your tissues, a hot cup of tea or coffee, and cuddle up on your couch or bed and begin to get engrossed in a book that will leave you wanting to live every day like it’s your last – and not just live but love.

  • It’s not often anymore that I can sit down and read a book cover to cover in one sitting.

    I read “An endless Christmas” by Cynthia Ruchti in a couple of hours(I should have been sleeping) and I loved every bit of it.
    I gave this book 4 stars just because it is way too short for me.

  • This story was awesome and so sweet!! I love the surprises towards the end of the story. This is a family everyone longs to have. They’ve learned the hard way that tomorrow is not guaranteed so live for now, with no regrets.

  • I laughed, I cried, and I loved every minute of An Endless Christmas! This is one Christmas story you don’t want to miss!

  • The story tells of a couple, Katie and Micah, who have been in a somewhat long-term relationship. They have a strong love for each other. During the holidays, Micah takes Katie to his grandparents home to spend several days with the entire extended family. While there, Micah proposes to Katie. To everyone’s surprise, she says no. To Katie’s surprise, the family doesn’t hate her.

  • Tradition. Every year for Christmas the Binder Family gets together and this year Micah plans to propose to Katie and dies. Katie says “no”. This did not go as planned but the both of them are stuck there. But Christmas is more than just a big, wonderful, meal or opening presents. The reason for the holiday is Jesus and when you have a whole family that knows Jesus and you have nowhere to go Katie hears a new message and receives healing for some of her past hurts. There is a lot going on in this very short book and this family is just incredible. This book will keep you reading as fast as you can to find out what will happen next. You won’t be disappointed I assure you.

  • I enjoyed this book for the most part, it was just so cheerful and sappy. I just felt that Katie was so down-in-the-dumps and the entire Binder family was so overly perfect. Of course, the book was a great escape, and an easy read, and it did have a happy ending, even if I did feel the ending was a bit rushed. There were also a LOT of characters to keep up with in the story.


    Micah and Katie are now two of my favorite characters! They are both awesome people, even if Katie did turn down Micah’s proposal . . . on Christmas Eve.

    I have a new all-time favorite Christmas story . . . An Endless Christmas

    Not to offend other reviewers, but this is my review – and my opinion. And it did not start out slow. It wasn’t confusing. It wasn’t hokey.

    It was, in fact, one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

    Micah brings Katie “home” for Christmas; home – referring to his grandparent’s home, where his family always celebrates Christmas. But Micah has a secret . . . he plans to propose. As a matter of fact, he does propose – the moment they arrive, before Katie has even had time to hardly take a breath…

  • If you are looking for that perfect holiday book, An Endless Christmas is that ONE! It was such a heartwarming, fun and intriguing book and I didn’t want to put it down (even though it wasn’t even snowing outside yet!).

    This was such a heartwarming, loving book that all people should read as they head into the holidays. It reminds us to take each day as our last and cherish ever person and every day we have on this Earth because we never know how long they will last!

  • Ahhhh. An Endless Christmas full embodies what Christmas is all about. Not only Christmas as a holiday, but Christmas in faith and Christmas with family and Christmas of love. It’s beautiful. It’s funny. It’s awkward (in a very good way – I mean who wouldn’t be awkward with such a big family). And it’s magical. No, not the fantasy type of magic, but the miracle type that only God can be the source. Read on and fall in love.

    Full review live on 11/22/2015.

  • Thrilled! I absolutely could not get enough of this story, and would love to read more, there are so many more stories there, in the awesome Binder family. I truly hope Cynthia Ruchti, considers making a holiday series with this family. The setting, the story it was all very well written and I enjoyed it. I love a good book that makes me cry, and I did cry while reading this book several times. I loved the family, and while yes they may have seemed too good to be true, it is amazing what a God-centered life and parents will do for a family unit. A strong faith message and an important message about disconnecting with electronic toys are vital parts of this story. Can’t wait, hoping for more next year! 5 stars from this reviewer.
    This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment

  • This book could be the story of just about any family at Christmas time. This time of year I enjoy reading holiday themed books to help get me in the mood for the upcoming season. So I was happy to get picked to read this book. I have to say this was a nice book to read and a quick one. The writing style of the author made the entire story flow through the pages. This story will take you on a roller coaster of emotions from laughter to tears. There are also multiple lessons to be learned when reading this book. I loved the bonfire scene. The characters were strong and well developed. I will be looking forward to more books by this author.

  • If you have been reading my reviews for very long, you know that I’m a huge fan of Cynthia’s writing. An Endless Christmas, Cynthia’s new Christmas novella, only had one flaw…it was too short! In typical Cynthia Ruchti fashion, she packed such a poignant message in these few pages.
    I immediately fell in love with the characters in An Endless Christmas. And my favorites were Dodie and Wilson Binder. What a lesson in “live like you are dying”! Cynthia used the Binder family and Katie to portray such beautiful pictures of family (who may not always be “blood” relatives), forgiveness, redemption and restoration. God’s grace is woven so fluently throughout this story. Emotionally gripping from the first page to the last, you will want An Endless Christmas to be part of your holiday experience this year!

    *I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

  • A cozy Christmas inspirational romance that will be sure to warm hearts. Katie agrees to spend a week at her boyfriend’s grandparent’s cottage to experience the week long Binder Christmas festivities. To her surprise her boyfriend, Micah, proposes to her in front of all 18 family members as soon as they walk into the door. Horrified of commitment because her family has never succeeded at relationships she says no. She then has to spend an awkward week with Micah’s family, how will she survive? Despite her reservations she starts to loosen up and enjoy it; his family is soo thoughtful, happy, and nice. Will the Christmas spirit work it’s magic on her and make Katie reconsider Micah’s offer? A charming novel that will get readers in the holiday spirit.

    I received this novel for free from Litfuse Publicity in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.

  • We never know when we’ll have our last Christmas all together as a family—a fact that has become more real to me after the deaths of three of my four grandparents. That’s a concept the Binder family embraced, and I loved reading about their traditions and extreme love for each other. I also thought the way they rallied around each other and clung to the Lord amidst difficulty was inspiring and realistic. (I may have shed a few tears.)

    With a plot that I could easily see as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, An Endless Christmas is both a good read and challenging. As I head into the Christmas season, I will certainly be considering how I can make the most of each experience with my family.

  • A warm cozy read despite the misgivings, the commotion and everything else a huge family gathering seems to bring!

    Full of love and hope this book can teach us a thing or two about savoring each moment that we have.

  • AN ENDLESS CHRISTMAS was full of the spirit of the holiday, family, a roller-coaster of emotion, love, forgiveness, inspirational moments, and a very sweet romance. With a beautiful story inside and beautiful hardcover binding on the outside, this would make a fabulous gift or book to be read each year around Christmastime. Perfect for inspirational romance readers.

  • I really loved the warm-hearted, loving Binder family. Getting to know them in this novel was one of my favorite things about this book. I especially loved the Binder grandparents, Dodie and Wilson.

    The setting of small town Stillwater, Minnesota, was perfect for this cozy holiday read. I love novels set in picturesque small towns, and Stillwater was an especially nice visit.

    There is inspiration to be found in the way Kate works through her dysfunctional family past, and comes to view love differently.

    This is a warm, inspiring read for the Christmas season. I highly recommend it as a holiday reading treat.

  • This was my first time to read a book by Cynthia Ruchti, and I found it to be delightful. You won’t want to miss this book as you prepare for the season. I give it a 4.5 for happily-ever-after endings.

  • Such love and warmth and laughter and friendship emanated from this novella, courtesy of Cynthia Ruchti’s talented pen. Grandma Dodie and Grandpa Wilson are just the absolute sweetest and cutest couple ever! I want to be like them when I grow up. Next to my own, the Binders are my new favorite family.

  • WORD Up! says:

    I laughed. I cried. I gasped. I cheered. And I did all of this out loud, by myself, as I read this wonderful book! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, the characters, the homey setting and the sentiments on display in this touching novella. I am inspired to live like it’s Christmas every day. What a perfect holiday read!

  • I love a good Christmas story any time of year, but no time is better than when it’s cold outside and warm inside. A little Christmas reading during snatched moments can be relaxing for the woman who has filled her days and evenings with all the things we do to “make Christmas”. Of course we’d all like a cozy evening by the fire with a good book, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen this time of year. Tuck a book in your bag and take advantage of wait times. You’ll be amazed how it can pick you up.

  • It was well-written with a wonderful mix of romance, the true meaning of the season and a huge family you just wanted to be a part of. The whole family and Katie have a strong faith in God, yet Katie struggles with letting go of her past and feeling inadequate. Her journey was beautiful to see, with a great mix of action and reflection throughout the story. This is probably the best Christmas story I’ve ever read!

  • By The Book says:

    Some people like to watch Hallmark Channel movies or listen to Christmas music to kickstart their Christmas spirit. I like to read Christmas-themed novellas. Cynthia Ruchti’s heartwarming book, An Endless Christmas, is perfect to get you into the holiday mood. The Binder family with their traditions, non-traditions and bottomless Christmas cheer and the oh-so-perfect rural setting is the way Christmas should be done. And this book is a great reminder of what Christmas means.
    An Endless Christmas is fun and funny and filled with poignant moments that remind the reader of the sacrifice of Christ. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and settle into a great Christmas read!


  • I absolutely loved AN ENDLESS CHRISTMAS. It did start a little slow and draggy, but by the second chapter I was entirely hooked and in love with the host of characters. I absolutely loved some of the Christmas things they did as a family. A play, put on by the grandkids. The Grandfather singing one verse of Amazing Grace every night. Everything. This was an absolutely charming Christmas story that ended with a sigh of contentment (the best kind of book ever) and will go on my keeper shelf. Love, love, loved it. 5 stars.

  • Amber Writes says:

    This is the first book by Cynthia Ruchti that I’ve had the pleasure to read, and it was such a great experience! The characters are well developed and lovable, the story has a few unexpected twists, and the setting screams picturesque holiday. This book is by no means holiday fluff (though I do love such stories!), Ruchti weaves a bit of suspense and mystery into the story. The pace is perfect–which is tricky for some authors when it comes to novellas. You’ll finish this story longing to spend more time with the Binder (pronounced Bender) family, but also aching to hug your own! his is a must-read for the upcoming Christmas season, and it may well become a Christmas tradition in your holiday reading.

  • A family that has it right, a family that knows the true meaning of Christmas, and this story shows in more way than one that the Binder family knows why we celebrate.
    Micah has brought the woman, Kate, that he believes will be his soul mate, and can’t wait and doesn’t to pop the question. Kate over whelmed and carrying her own baggage says “No”.
    Micah is about to get a little help from all of his family, and Kate is about to be overwhelmed, but before we are finished you will wish that you were a member of this family. Everyone including the children seem to know that Jesus is their savior and the reason we have Christmas.
    This is a wonderful warmhearted read, and as you turn the pages and think it can’t get any better, it does.

  • Let me tell you this story brought a few tears to my eyes and a few laughs as well. For me, the main theme is legacy along with passing down traditions or changing them which brings new life. When the matriarch and patriarch of the family were saying goodnight to their growing family who came to celebrate Christmas, the patriarch prayed a blessing over each person. Now, to me, that is one special and meaningful action worth repeating. It doesn’t have to be just the man in the family; it can be the woman too as I have prayed blessings over my sons.

  • So I received this book to review, and I KNOW you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but….this is a BEAUTIFUL cover! When M opened the package, he even said, “Wow! This is a beautiful book! It even sparkles!” So, my first impression was instant WOW! Then I turned to the pages. And again, WOW! This is a really great book that shows the true meaning of love and family. This is a light, easy read with a well developed plot and characters. There’s depth, emotion, and faith. What more could you want?!

  • I loved this sweet story! I really connected with the characters! I love how well these people love each other and how well they make it through tough things. This was a great Christmas story, but so good it could be enjoyed all year!! I highly recommend this book!!

  • This is an unbelievably delightful read. Unless you’ve been around a large family, you might find some of the scenes unrealistic – yet they are not. Or if you’re from a rather dysfunctional family like Katie is, you might find the Binder clan a bit fairytale unreal – but they aren’t.

    As the Binder family and all the inlaws gather in Grandma and Grandpa Binder’s little cottage way up North, layers of sweetness, tenderness, joviality, joyfulness, playfulness, and lots of other things begin to emerge as the “normal” ebb and flow of Christmas at the Binders.

    Bits and pieces remind me of Christmases past at my parents. ……

  • Book by Book says:

    Even though Cynthia Ruchti’s An Endless Christmas begins with Katie turning down Micah’s marriage proposal, it tells a truly heartwarming holiday tale. It will delight any fans of contemporary fiction eager for a holiday-related book. I would certainly recommend it.

  • Laura Hix says:

    Cynthia Ruchti has a person’s heart in mind when she writes. The writing that she does is some of the very best when you want blank space reading. When I say blank space reading, what I mean is just a fun, easy read that makes you leave your world and enter into the world of the author you are reading!
    I needed this book, right when I read it. God has a great way of doing that!

  • Katie has not had the best childhood and has a real hard time accepting that she could be loved. Yet~ she finds herself in love with Micah. Micah takes her home to meet his family whom just happens to be one of the greatest families ever. Micah’s grandparents ~ both in their eighties ~ along with an entire family welcome her with open arms. Micah surprises her with a marriage proposal in front of the entire Binder family. Only things go terrible wrong when her answer is “no.”

    At the little Binder cottage with tons of people and lots of snow Katie learns what love from a real Christian family looks like. Will they be able to convince her that she is worth loving before it’s too late?

  • This is truly a beautifully inspired Christmas book that will not only get you in the mood for Christmas but quite likely change how you view the Christmas season. Life is filled with fleeting moments and no tomorrow is ever a guarantee. This story helps you to appreciate each day as if it were an endless Christmas. For me, this one rates a 5 out of 5 stars and has found a permanent home in my personal library!

  • When the book opened I could not believe the author started it with a failed marriage proposal. It definitely got my attention and I wanted to read more, if only to see why Katie told Micah no in front of his whole family. Ruchti definitely set the story up in a way that made me want to keep reading! I fell in love with Micah from the beginning and though Katie refused him, I knew how she felt and her reasons became more clear as the book went on. Ruchti knows how to pen a tale that gives you warm fuzzies and makes you happy for the family you have. A great little book that you definitely want on your shelf!

  • “An Endless Christmas” by Cynthia Ruchti is a book to be read over and over each Christmas season. It is a book to be cherished.

    Ms. Ruchti has created a wonderful story about the Binder family who with all its flaws is able to welcome a young woman into their home during the Christmas holiday and show her what family, faith and love is all about. She truly cares for Micah Binder but after saying no to his proposal she learns that this wonderful family can still accept her and love on her during this magical season.

    I loved this book. I cried, I laughed and I cried some more. When I turn the final page it was with joy and feeling of peace. Ms. Ruchti has delivered a magnificent ‘keeper’ book to be enjoyed for years to come.

    This was definitely a 5-Star read!

  • Fic Gal says:

    I’m glad they went with a winter cover instead of a Christmas cover. It is really cute. I also love the spine. It is so pretty when you remove the dust jacket and take a look underneath. This novella is so adorable. It is so tiny and short. That makes it ideal for those who want to read something that isn’t too long.

    Read the rest of my review on my site.

  • Ready for a novella that warms the heart as much as a cup of cocoa? An Endless Christmas is as charming as the beautiful cover.
    Most of the charm in this story comes from the Binder family. Grandma Dodie, in particular, was my favorite. In my opinion, Katie made a mountain out of a molehill. Not only did she blow her personal issues out of proportion, but she risked losing a truly sweet man in the process.
    An Endless Christmas is a novella, so it all wraps up in 227 short pages. As usual, Cynthia Ruchti presented a final twist to make the story worth the read.

  • Moments says:

    I loved Cynthia Ruchti’s novella, “An Endless Christmas;” a wonderful, sweet story that will draw you into the Binder family and put you in the Christmas spirit. Micah is bringing Katie home to meet the parents and the whole extended family all at once and he has planned this as he wants the family to all be a part of his engagement; however things do not turn out how he planned.

  • I wanted to jump into the pages of this book! The Binder family is precious with their delightful traditions: Bonfire of Regrets, Christmas pageant, family charity gift, and Grandma Binder’s “No Technology Rule”. The one bathroom situation (well, there is a second one in the barn) for 20 people adds a delightful element of chaos as does the sleeping arrangements (Katie slept in the kitchen window seat). Nothing can stop Christmas week- not a blizzard, lack of electricity, ER trips or even broken hearts. I was a puddle of tears when Grandpa Wilson told the Christmas story- just beautiful.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    A fast paced, heart touching story that pulled me right into t he midst of the Bender family. It was interesting to see the story unfold through the eyes of Katie, who really hasn’t experienced a family like the Benders before.

  • After reading the first page, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to see where the story would go. As I turned the pages, I found myself falling in love with the Binder family. The way the story unfolded kept me engaged and interested from cover to cover. Cynthia Ruchti does a great job of showing how love doesn’t always have to look like a fairy tale to be true love. Katie’s story is one that will resonate with many readers.

    This was the perfect book to read to get into the holiday spirit. It’s set in a winter wonderland and full of family holiday traditions.

  • This is a very short novella story that is great read for the Christmas season. This story really gets you to realize what the Season is all about, it shows forgiveness in every chapter. This is a story about love, family and JESUS.

    I would recommend this book to those that want a good book to read on a lazy afternoon or if you just want to read a great quick story. It is for any age and once you start reading you will be sucked into a family that you want to be a part of. Anyone that reads this will want their family to be just like this one…….

  • My first Christmas book of the season! This was a sweet enjoyable read. Unfortunately though it was also very slow for me. I kind of felt like I was an uninvited guest crashing their Christmas week and didn’t know anyone.

    The character development was pretty good. I just really didn’t care for Katie much. She was a real “Debbie downer” for me, while all the other characters were overly happy and optimistic so the contrast was almost too much to take. On the other hand I did like Micah. He seemed very level headed, kind, sweet (but not over-the-too) and never gave up.

    Not a bad one for my first Christmas one of the year. This was my second book by Cynthia. The first being “As Waters Gone By”, which I loved! Read my review – HERE.

    Thank you Litfuse for sending me this book for my honest review.

  • I really enjoyed this little book and it was just enough to put me in the Christmas spirit. I found myself falling in love with the story and the characters in it and finished it up really quick. It was a delightful little book filled with great characters and I totally loved it. I highly recommend this sweet little read to get you ready for Christmas. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Read it in one night, that is the beauty of a Novella! It wasn’t too short, just the perfect length for a nice Christmas evening read. What a predicament to be in! Poor Katie and Micah, but such grace the family has. They aren’t upset, or bothered by her refusal. They treat her like family and Micah’s feelings haven’t changed. They have such a peace about them. This family is what I pray mine will look like one day. All squeezed together in the house, enjoying each other for the holidays. Generations of the family together, celebrating the savior. It is a perfect representation of grace and the love of Christ. The family all learn from each other, and grow closer to one another just in the short time they are together. The family dynamics are just beautiful.

  • Cynthia did a great job giving all of the family members a voice which allows the reader to get to know each family member the way Katie had to. My emotions were all over the place, one minute I am laughing at the bathroom schedule joke, crying at the passing of the horse, extreme sadness when grandpa Binder is in the hospital, amusement at the girls play, and joy when Katie finally understood what enduring love meant.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    After almost a year of dating, Micah invites his girlfriend Katie to his family’s house for Christmas and ends up proposing to her in front of everyone. Surprisingly she says no, which makes it a little awkward since she’s staying with his family during Christmas vacation.

    Katie is worried that her broken childhood and ancestry bad marriage luck will have an impact on having a forever marriage with Micah. As she learns more about the Binder family and their love for each other and God; she can’t help wonder if maybe she can have a better future than what she thought.

  • The novella’s main storyline hits immediately and leaves the reader saying, “Oh wow”. Katie has gone to Minnesota with her boyfriend Micah and says no to his wedding proposal. A wedding proposal done in front of his large extended family. A proposal done the moment they walked in the door. At Christmas time. In a small house that Katie will be sharing with the Binder family for an entire week. If I expected a sleepy beginning, those thoughts disappeared the moment I read the first sentence of the novel–what a hook! Katie is convinced she is not worthy of Micah or his perfect family, but as Ruchti adds depth to the other characters, both the reader and Katie get a better sense of what it means to live a life of joy even in the midst (or even as a result of) tough times.

  • Perfect book to read around the holidays. This read is full of holiday spirit and the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ! I have never read Cynthia Ruchti’s work before, but I sure hope to read more of her books! I was captivated by this story on page one. Cynthia Ruchti wrote in such a way that I felt like I was scrunched up in that cabin with the other twenty Binders.

    I love how the Binders were so close. It reminded me of my family and then some parts, I wished my family was more like the Binders. The contrast between the Binders family and Katie’s family was such a vast difference, it reminded me how blessed I am to have a close family.

    A beautiful story to match the beautiful scenery of the cover! Definitely going on my “to keep” shelf!

  • I love Christmas books and was not disappointed with Endless Christmas. I also love that it takes place in Wisconsin. Reading this book made me want to spend time with the Binder family. I like the traditions the family shares. Nothing could stop Christmas – the snow, no power or the trip to ER. This is a book I am going to get for my Mom ~ I know she will love it.

  • This is a wonderful Christmas story! It center around the Binder family that is the type of family we all wish we had. Love abounds through this family. When the oldest grandson brings home his girlfriend for the Binder family Christmas it is overwhelming for this young lady. Her family is nothing like this family and she doesn’t feel worthy to belong.
    As you read the story you will find a story of love, forgiveness and God’s grace.
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for this review.

  • An Endless Christmas is a great little story about forgiveness and moving on. The characters are rich and fully developed. You quickly fall in love with all of them. The setting is also fabulous. I quickly was pulled in to the little cottage out in the middle of nowhere, shoved full of people and warmth. I loved the themes of living like it is the last Christmas you have together with no regrets.

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