Anchor in the Storm

Anchor in the Storm

Anchor in the Storm (Revell, May 2016)

One plucky female pharmacist + one high-society naval officer = romance—and danger

For plucky Lillian Avery, America’s entry into World War II means a chance to prove herself as a pharmacist in Boston. The challenges of her new job energize her. But society boy Ensign Archer Vandenberg’s attentions only annoy–even if he is her brother’s best friend.

During the darkest days of the war, Arch’s destroyer hunts German U-boats in vain as the submarines sink dozens of merchant ships along the East Coast. Still shaken by battles at sea, Arch notices his men also struggle with their nerves–and with drowsiness. Could there be a link to the large prescriptions for sedatives Lillian has filled? The two work together to answer that question, but can Arch ever earn Lillian’s trust and affection?

Sarah Sundin brings World War II to life, offering readers an intense experience they won’t soon forget.

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  • WORD Up! says:

    “Anchor in the Storm” is a wonderful work of Christian Romantic Historical Fiction that blends an engaging romance with an emotional time in the history of our country and complex subplots like family dynamics, handicaps, combat fatigue and drug abuse to show the reader that Christ is the Anchor in our storm. This novel is a 2016 summer “must read”.

  • Pat Moore says:

    I haven’t read “Anchors in the Storm” yet. Will be picking my pre-ordered copy up this weekend. I can tell you this, I’ve been a Sarah Sundin fan since the first book I read by her. My father and husband even enjoy her books. My Dad (army) served in WWII (7th infantry under Gen. Patton), Korea & Viet Nam. My husband was in the navy during Viet Nam but he was never in Viet Nam. Sarah’s books on WWII he loves. Each book I’ve read would be a 5 star rating.

  • Lillian Avery is a pharmacist in Boson and she really likes her job. America has just entered World War II. Lillian’s brother has a best friend named Ensign Archer Vanderberg who is always a bother and will not stop. Arch has a problem with his men being alert as they try to find and battle German U-boats. Lillian Avery has to help Arch find out what is really going on. Will they be able to work together? This is part of author Sarah Sundin’s “Waves of Freedom” series. These are wonderful stories of love , sacrifice and family.

  • I was hooked from the first page and enjoyed every page until the end. This is book two in the Waves of Freedom series. What I love about Sarah’s writing is her ability to weave scriptural truths into the story without it being preachy. She uses real life scenarios that are believable and able to relate to. This book has everything and I guarantee you will enjoy this book!
    Highly recommended!!

  • I find it very interesting to read a historical rendering of the times when my parents were young and I kind of envision my aunts and uncles, my parents, and that entire populace as spectators in the crowd of onlookers that might have been around during the story’s action. In the case of Anchor in the Storm it is WWII. The setting is around Boston and the Atlantic Ocean. The characters are young naval officers and crews on shipboard and their family and friends.

  • Sarah Sundin never disappoints. 🙂 “Anchor in the Storm” was another fantastic book, with a great plot and fantastic characters. There was also a bit of mystery in it which was fun to follow along with!

  • susan newcomb says:

    Anchor in the Storm was hard to put down! It certainly had a different twist, a truly surprise ending!
    The people in the book are so very dear. I am glad that the ones from Through Waters Deep were continued so we can find out how they were doing. Lillian & Arch have lots of issues in their lives, but one constant is the Lord, who they learn to lean on. I just love Sarah’s WWII stories, they are so full of history and worth reading slow to get all the information. Love how she adds music into each book. Great Reads!!

  • While romance was intricately weaved into Anchor in the Storm, it was the history and suspense elements that kept me turning the pages of novel. Before reading this story I never would have called myself a reader interested in suspense, but if Sundin continues combinding suspense with her history, I will most definitely join the bandwagon on this genre. The author’s experience and insight into the pharmaceutical industry, combined with her passion for World War II history, created a riveting storyline that fascinated me. In addition to the drug-ring storyline, sub-plots involving PTSD and naval history satiated my World War II history craving.

  • Just as with Sundin’s other stories, the setting switches back and forth between the homefront and the war scene. The Christian element was fairly prevalent, with biblical references and exploration of one’s faith being mentioned. Anchor in the Storm shows another side to socioeconomic issues, presenting prejudice from all angles. It’s worth the read!

  • ANCHOR IN THE STORM is book two in Ms. Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series, but it easily stands alone. Fans will want to read book one, Through Waters Deep to get the details of Jim and Mary’s romance and the mystery they solved.

  • As an avid reader of fiction novels, I have stumbled upon books that I plain out don’t like, some that are tolerable, the ones that make the cut and are enjoyable to read, and then those few that are gems. The ones that make the world around you disappear for the hours you are ensnared in its pages. Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin is one of those gems. While it is the second installment in the Waves of Freedom series, you can most definitely read it as a stand-alone story, though many of the same characters are involved from the first book.

  • Anchor in the Storm is book two in the series Waves of Freedom. This book will have you drawn in from the first page. I really love this author’s work, so I was very excited when I had a chance to review this book. I can’t wait till I read more from this author.

  • The emotional things that Arch and Lillian have to deal with were well written and dealt with by Sarah Sundin. PTSD is something that we are more aware of now and it was shocking to see how it was handled back in the day.

  • I absolutely love this series. Sundin has done an amazing job of creating characters who feel as though they live right down the street. Yet she sets them in situations that are far more interesting than daily life, using both their strength’s and weaknesses to solve their problems.

  • Sarah Sundin is definitely the reigning queen of World War II historical fiction in the Christian/Inspirational market. Her writing immerses you into the era with historical details, lively plots, and memorable characters.

  • I can’t tell you which book I loved more, Through Waters Deep or Anchor in the Storm. Both had delicious mysteries to unravel, characters overcome their insecurities, and a love story to make you swoon! Full review on website.

  • I am a fan of Sarah Sundin and of the WWII era. I deeply enjoyed this book and love the suspense! I’m loving this series and cannot wait until the next book in the series comes out.

  • I loved this book. The characters are great, there is action and mystery, and romance. It is such a great series. I can’t wait to read the next one!

  • This is a captivating story. These characters will win your heart and will have you on the edge of their seat as they work to discover the guilty, who to love, and how to trust in God.

  • ANCHOR IN THE STORM surpassed my expectations with its historical setting, fabulous characters, sweet and turbulent romance, heartfelt inspiration, and some climatic suspense. If you enjoy Christian historical romantic suspense or Sundin’s other novels, then this is a must read!

  • There are some really sad happenings here, a drug ring, murder, and prying on our sailors. You will never see most of what happens here coming; I was very surprised at all who are involved, and I guess good old greed is to be blamed.

  • By The Book says:

    Sarah always weaves a message of faith and hope in her novels. In Anchor in The Storm, characters and readers are reminded that Jesus is the anchor of their lives in the midst of any storm.

  • This story was a good read. I enjoyed seeing the characters grow and watching Lillian and Arch try to solve the problems happening both aboard the USS Ettinger and at Lillian’s pharmacy job. I’m looking forward to reading the next book!

  • Anchor in the Storm completely surpassed all my hopes and expectations. I was captivated from the first page, and unable to put it down until I was finished with it. This is one book you shouldn’t miss.

  • Cara Putman says:

    I love Sarah’s WWII fiction. She is such a strong story-teller and researcher that her books sing. This book is no different because she has created such memorable characters, and both so broken that I couldn’t help but cheer for them from the first page to the last.

  • “Anchor in the Storm” may just be Sarah Sundin’s best book yet. With a large dose of World War 2 facts I never knew, a suspense filled mystery woven into the story, a lovely romance, and her bold inclusion of what many would consider “defective” characters, this novel was fascinating from the first to the last page.

  • The only bad thing I can ever say about a Sarah Sundin book is that I hate to wait for the next one! She does a wonderful job of paying attention to details and being historically accurate while weaving together an intriguing tale. Anchor in the Storm more than lived up to the high expectations I have for all of Sarah Sundin’s books and I am already looking forward to Book 3 in the Waves of Freedom series.

  • Every time I pick up a Sarah Sundin book I know I’m going to be swept away to my favorite time period in a unique and beautiful way. I absolutely love reading any stories set during WWII but Sarah’s are a cut above the rest! She writes so vividly that I feel like I’m right there and she also draws her readers in emotionally in a very beautiful way.

  • Anchor in the Storm is a wonderful blend of history, suspense, and romance! Sarah Sundin captures the time period beautifully and crafts memorable characters who readers will champion the whole way through. Fans of historical fiction, especially World War II buffs, are sure to enjoy Anchor in the Storm!

  • Sundin once again transports the reader back to WWII, exploring stories not often told about life during the war. The way rationing affected the world of pharmacy is not one that I had previously considered. Sundin’s extensive research into every angle of the story brings life and realness to her characters. The mystery story line will keep you guessing and turning pages until the very last one… And then you will wish there were more pages!!

  • I really enjoyed this newest book from Sarah Sundin. An awesome follow up to the first book, it has just the right amount of romance with a thread of suspense to keep you intrigued. These characters are real and are each struggling with their own self-worth. Lillian is a strong woman with a determined spirit. She doesn’t let her disability slow her down. Archer is determined to leave his family’s wealth behind and become his own man. You’ll find it easy to get lost in this story! 🙂

  • I’ve read more non-fiction than fictional WWII books, so this was a new type of book for me. I didn’t think that the war was glorified in it–being that Arch was in the middle of a ship with men struggling with their nerves and Lillian worked at a store that saw the social war affects first-hand. It was very interesting and brought the era to life.

  • This is a very moving, climactic, suspense-filled with some romance that will entertain readers for hours! Read Through the Deep Waters before Anchor in the Storm so you can fully enjoy the developing tale!

  • Writing Abby says:

    If you’re a fan of historical romances, Anchor in the Storm will be your new favorite novel. This book is expertly crafted from page one, and will enrapture you from the moment you’re introduced to these beloved characters. Heck, I’m not even a huge reader of romances let alone historical ones, but this book holds a high place in my collection. It’s not often one finds an excellently written novel set in the WWII era, let alone one with a romantic plot focus. Yet, here it is – and I’m in love with it.

  • “Anchors in the Storm” is the second book in Sarah Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series. The series focuses at this point on the home front during the beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War II. This book in the series focuses on the time after December 7, 1941. We are introduced to another Avery sibling, Lillian, as she comes to Boston to work as a pharmacist. Arch is deployed on the Ettinger, a destroyer hunting for German U-boats in the waters of the east coast. Arch and Lillian come together to try to thwart the drug trafficking on the ships. I have found a wonderful author who writes about this time in history with knowledge and sensitivity.

  • I love Sarah Sundin’s World War II novels, and this is one of her best.[…] Sundin accurately depicts the presence of German U-boats in the Atlantic near the eastern seaboard and our sailors’ heroic efforts to keep the war from U.S. soil. The personal struggles they endured as a result of the horrors of war are also presented. As always, Sundin’s characters are authentic, complex, and perfectly portrayed for the time period.[…] As for romance, it is much deeper than starry eyes in the moonlight! Compelling and satisfying, Anchor in the Storm is a must for your summer reading list.

  • Anchor in the Storm, by Sarah Sundin, is the second in the Waves of Freedom series. This time we follow Lillian Avery as she moves to Boston in 1941 to take a job as a pharmacist. She has a grumpy boss who is sure she can’t perform her job because she has a prosthetic leg. Lillian vows to be the best she can and has also caught the eye of her brother’s friend and fellow Navy man, Arch. Throw in a mystery and some intrigue and this is the stuff that makes a book perfect. Sarah Sundin writes WWII perfectly and always captures my attention throughout. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  • This is the second novel in the Waves of Freedom Series and one I am enjoying from first to last page. Sarah Sundin is an expert at taking an idea from factual history and incorporating her story lines and characters around it. I love Lillian’s attitude of not feeling sorry for herself despite her disability. She is willing to take risks most wouldn’t including being one of the first female pharmacists. She utilizes the assets she still has to be the very best she can be, no matter what she faces. I love that the chemistry develops slowly over the course of the novel and Lillian doesn’t simply fall for Archer despite all the attention she receives from him. Add in a bit of mystery and you have the recipe for a successful and wonderful novel. For me this really hit a 5 out of 5 stars!

  • I loved this story so much! Lillian and Arch were great characters and I loved the way Arch pursued Lillian, whether it was outright flirting or having to back off and just be friends. These two characters were definitely complex! Lillian had a lot of baggage due to her disability and the way she had been treated in a previous romantic relationship. Arch was not used to being liked or loved for the man he was, rather than for his extreme wealth. He had some very big difficulties to try to overcome and although it was rough at times, it was so extremely interesting to watch his journey.

  • Sundin’s writing shines in many ways in this novel. First, she captures the feel of America at war — rations, separations, women moving into jobs typically filled by men, the battle to keep our coasts free from attack. She especially excels at showing that life went on during that time; people sacrificed and made do, but they also continued to live. She also manages to blend criminal drama and romance with the right amount of suspense and tension.

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no one writes World War II era fiction like Sarah Sundin! Her writing has a way of bringing the time period to life, and the vividly drawn characters feel like friends.

    Anchor in the Storm is a book that will captivate you from beginning to end while transporting you into the fascinating world of Boston during World War II. I loved every second I spent reading it, and I almost wish I could start it all over again!

  • Like already mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of WWII novels, but I did find myself liking Anchor In The Storm. The author does a great job with descriptions as I felt like I had stepped back in time while I reading it. The characters are written-well, and the romance between Archer and Lillian was believable. Overall, I enjoyed reading Anchor In The Storm and I recommend it to others.

  • I love Sundin’s characters who are basically very “human” – and thus flawed – and yet able to forgive themselves and accept themselves for who they are. They learn to put their faith and their trust in God, and in doing so, realize that they don’t need to fight all their battles alone.

  • Anchor In The Storm by Sarah Sundin was a good book. If you have been around for a while, you know that I love books that take place during WWII, and this author is one of my favorites when it comes to books like this. I am ways excited when I see a book by her come up for review because I know I will love it.

  • Every book I have read by Sarah Sundin has had several common threads – fantastic plot development, marvelous character development, and exceptional story-telling! Anchor in the Storm is NO different. It is a wonderful second story in this series. Sarah brings WWII to life for her readers!

  • A beautiful love story of seeing beyond the surface, and finding one’s true strength in Sarah Sundin’s Anchor in the Storm. Romance and mystery ties with history. Another great WWII ‪Christian Fiction‬ from Sarah. ‎Anchor in the Storm‬ will take you by storm.

  • One of the things I enjoy about Sundin’s work is how well-researched everything is. Related to that, there always seems to be some little thing that isn’t widely known, such as the deep divide in the United States about joining in World War II prior to Pearl Harbour, that she highlights in her books.

    In Anchor in the Storm, that issue is battle fatigue. Today, we know it at PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • I LOVE this novel! It picks up with some of our favourite characters from Through Waters Deep (the Avery family) but this time the focus is on Lillian. loved her confidence, her hope and her drive. She never gives up throughout the novel even though society is against her moving into a typical role filled by males.This was one exciting novel full of hope, forgiveness, understanding and mystery. I loved every moment of reading this novel.

  • Sarah Sundin writes with authority about World War II, the world during this time, the military especially the Navy, medical terminology, and pharmacy practises. I learned more about WW II in this book. Sarah Sundin weaves the perfect balance of fact and fiction for her readers. From the start, this book grabbed ahold of me and kept me guessing until the end, I could not put it down. Being book two, Anchor in The Storm introduced us to new characters but also gave us a deeper look into old friends from the first book. I loved the characters in this book especially Lillian Avery.

  • Anchor in the Storm, by Sarah Sundin, is the second in the Waves of Freedom series. I honestly loved it more than the first book in the series. I think the development and the depth of Lillian and Arch were phenomenal. She addressed issues in this book that are not easy but did it in a way that was respectful. This book transports you to the WWII era, and there is plenty of intrigue and romance. This is becoming one of my favorite historical fiction series!

  • Sarah’s writing and descriptions will drop you completely into the world of WWII in Boston. I felt like I was there and experiencing the stress of being a Navy officer in a ship as well as the frustration of being a woman in a position that wasn’t traditionally held by women. As one of my favorite eras this was the perfect read!

    I definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, sweet romance, and mystery.

  • ‘Anchor…’ focuses a little less on the mystery than it’s predecessor. I found the mysterious kingpin to be pretty obvious and I didn’t think that the danger was really felt until nearer the end.

    Instead, I had plenty of time to focus on the characters and their budding romance. Spunky Lillian was the perfect match for hilarious Arch. Naval officer Arch knows what he wants in a woman and when he meets his best friend’s sister, he knows he is willing to wait for her to warm up to him. They both have to learn to trust and open up themselves to love and hurt, and when they finally do, it is so precious.

    I can’t leave my rating at a four, but I feel like it is missing to make it a full five, so I’m cheating a bit with a 4.5 star rating 🙂

  • If you like a blend of history, romance, faith, and mystery, then you for sure need to add Sarah Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series to your TBR list! Anchor in the Storm is sweet and funny and poignant, and it will gently challenge you to cling to the only secure Anchor in a turbulent world. Kisses aplenty, hunky sailors, a feisty independent heroine, and the backdrop of 1940s Boston will treat you to a delightful afternoon of reading with truth to take with you.

  • “Anchor in the Storm” is the second book in Sarah Sundin’s newest series “Waves of Freedom” series and I loved it. Set during WWII in Boston, the reader is treated to a great historical novel packed with romance and suspense. Fans of historical fiction should love this book. Ms. Sundin is always accurate in her historical backgrounds and they bring her stories to life.

  • One thing I absolutely loved, loved, loved about this book was the introduction of a mystery to be solved. I have read Sarah’s books before and, while they are most excellent, there wasn’t the degree of a mystery to the story line like this one. It added so much to it for me!

  • Sarah’s latest novel is filled with history, romance, tragedy and true love. This novel is rich in character development, intricate weaving of emotions and realistic historical war situations.

  • You know what’s totally cool and unexpected about this book? The heroine wears a prosthetic leg, due to a childhood accident. (For those who don’t know, 2 of my daughters also wear prosthetic legs.) This book addresses how people treat her differently and how she’s wary of Arch, not thinking that a decent guy can actually like her. I’m really glad society is more accepting of differences these days.

    Lillian and Arch end up working together to catch bad guys, and falling in love, of course. But they both bring their own baggage to the relationship, and pretty soon, they’re at odds because of it.

    Anchor in the Storm is part romance, part mystery, all wrapped up in the author’s niche era, World War 2.

  • Anchor in the Storm was filled with mystery, love, romance, and history and I couldn’t put it down – I believe I read it all in one day – it was THAT GOOD! Sarah Sundin is so talented and now I have to wait around for her new book and the wait might just kill me….

    If you haven’t read any books from Sarah Sundin, you need to pick up all her books to read this summer! You won’t want to put them down and Anchor in the Storm is no exception!

  • As I read Anchor in the Storm I could feel the tension rising through the pages. Drama comes on many fronts, both on land and at sea. Both Arch and Lillian are insecure, wanting recognition for who they are and not what they are. The majority of the other characters are sympathetic and likeable, which means the death of one of them has extra impact. (This is a war, death happens.) The plot flows smoothly, and there’s a twist in it towards the end that I hadn’t seen coming.

  • This was another great read in the wonderful series about World War 2. I think this one was my favorite in the series so far as I loved the characters and the aspect of mystery and intrigue that was wonderfully added. I thought the romance between Lillian and Ensign was just perfect and I loved watching it grow and develop. I loved finding out more about different aspects of World War 2 and I think the author captured the fear that was in America during those dark days, fearing Nazi invasion. I love how the author brought it all to life so beautifully and made me want to know even more! I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • I must say it was really good. It’s one of those books that I figured would be good but was surprised at HOW good it was. It had some elements that aren’t usually in historical fiction–at least not in the books that I read. So it seemed more interesting.

  • I fell in love with Arch and Lillian from the very beginning, and I was so glad to read their story, though I will confess I did not want it to end. At least it had a very beautiful ending!

  • Moments says:

    This is such a great story filled with romance and intrigue. I found myself immediately pulled right back into the story and into the characters’ lives as I was eager to discover more of Arch’s story as well as Lillian’s as I was intrigued by them in the previous novel. Sarah does a great job of tying together historical details and bring this time period to life as the country is getting pulled into the war and tensions and fear is high throughout each home.

  • This book tackles some difficult subjects – physical disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and women working in traditionally men’s roles. Lillian’s determination to break through the barriers is admirable. She does the best she can and doesn’t back down from adversity. Even though (Arch) hates the wealth and status he was brought up with, I was impressed with how he uses it to help others with PTSD and other wounded warriors.
    The author kept me guessing as to how the drug ring would be captured and how all the relationships that were hurt and wounded would mend in the end.

  • I enjoyed reading this story. The WWII time is an era I like and Sarah Sundin writes characters that seem so real – like someone I could be friends with.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I do all of Sarah Sundin’s books. I loved the fact that she has a theme to the book – Jesus is our Anchor in a time of storm and how her dad gave her an anchor necklace to remind her that Jesus is our Anchor, our Hope in any storm, our Refuge. This spoke to me so much that I bought an anchor necklace for myself.

  • Set completely in the US, this book felt a bit different than Sundin’s others, but it was no less mesmerizing. I couldn’t put it down and couldn’t wait to find out the ending – and I couldn’t predict it, either. Sundin remains one of my favorite WWII era authors.

  • Lillian Avery, the main character is a pharmacist in Boston. Women pharmacists are rare at this time and Lillian’s work efforts, her growing relationship with her brother’s friend, Ensign Archer Vandenberg, and a plot that includes a mystery, contribute to a novel that was engrossing and kept me reading past my usual bedtime.

  • This is truly an on-the-edge-of-your-seat book. The nautical terms add authenticity, and prove how well researched it is. The drama increases powerfully, to a heightened climax. I will admit, there are times I wanted to “clobber” Arch, to try to “knock some sense” in to him!

    Even though Anchor in the Storm is book two in the Waves of Freedom Series, it can stand alone. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed book one of the series, and look forward to the third book. Be sure to add this to your summer reading list.

  • Anchor in the Storm is a lovely historical novel set during World War II. It tells the story of Lillian Avery, a pharmacist in a time where women rarely held this job. She is strong and resilient, and has worked hard to achieve all her life after a childhood accident left her an amputee with a prosthetic leg.

  • Anchor in the Storm has that perfect blend of historical detail, rich characterization, suspense, romance, and spiritual depth – resulting in a highly entertaining story that was hard to put down. I’ve read five of Sarah’s novels, all of which are excellent, but I believe this one is my favorite so far. Lillian Avery and Archer Vandenberg are compelling characters, so appealing and relatable in their humanness that I would choose them as best friends in real life if possible…This world will always be full of physical and emotional storms, and the message that Jesus is our anchor, hope and refuge is needed just as much today as it was for Arch and Lillian. Highly recommended.

  • 1 Six 1 Five says:

    Sarah Sundin’s new Waves of Freedom series has quickly become my favourite series Sarah has ever written! The stories are incredible, the characters are relatable and you really want to root for them, and don’t get me started on these covers. The covers for this series have also become favourites. If you’re looking for a top notch WWII series then Sarah Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series is the one for you.

  • A Book Lover says:

    This is the second book in the Waves of Freedom series by Sarah Sundin. The characters are a continuation from the first book although the main focus switches. A few of the plot details also follow over. I do not read a heavy amount of historical fiction but I have read ALL of this author’s books. I can tell how much research she has done. It does not weigh the book down though.

  • Sarah Sundin makes my list as one of my favorite historical fiction authors. I have really enjoyed reading about the wars through fictional characters. She does an excellent job at making the historical time period come alive while including fictional characters to tell the story. I learn something new in each of her books, which is one reason I like her. She does her research, but writes it in such a way that the book never feels too heavy with history. She blends her fiction work quiet nicely.

  • Sarah Sundin has once again written a fantastic historical, romance novel that readers will absolutely love. This novel is well-written and bursting with characters that deal with issues readers can relate to. This story has plenty of mystery, drama, and romance to engage readers from page one all the way to the turn of the last page. This novel has been well researched and will teach readers about interesting historical events. I would recommend this fantastic novel to readers that enjoy historical fiction.

  • Book by Book says:

    The second novel in Sarah Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series, Anchor in the Storm shares a story involving page-turning drama, mystery, danger, romance, and World War II history. Fans of historical fiction, read this book!

  • I think a reader’s pleasure in a story can often derive from where they are in life and how they can or can’t relate to the characters. In this case, I felt drawn in by Lillian and Arch’s story, discovering alongside them what love entails and the importance of identifying your true anchor in life. Sundin fans won’t be disappointed, but this story can also stand well on its own for historical fiction readers wanting to give this great author a try for the first time.

  • I really enjoyed reading this book…was able to read it in only two days (a real page turner). The characters were very likable, real people with real fears which made it easy to relate to them. The story had a bit of a mystery to it. The two main characters team-up and work together to figure out whose behind an illegal drug ring which sells drugs to sailors.

  • Absolutely could not put this book down from page one, to the end, and I may have read it over…twice. Seriously. Go read every single Sarah Sundin book, you won’t regret it. I haven’t!

  • This was a good old fashioned page turning book with the main characters getting to know each other from the inside which is better thatn from outward appearance. Great Book Great Series

  • Sarah Sundin wove a powerful, intriguing tale expertly set in multiple locations, chock-full of history and a tender romance. In short–this novel has it all.

  • This was a fun read for me, because I have been to Boston before and it was interesting to read about it’s history. Especially about nurses during World War II. It was definitely different from today in regards to medicine and injuries. The romance was sweet and I would love to see more of this couple in the next book in the Waves Of Freedom Series.

  • No doubt about it Sara Sundin really knows how to tell a story. Ms. Sundin has given us an interesting, highly suspenseful thriller with sabotage and mystery there. Ms. Sundin has provided us with a wild ride that will keep you flipping pages to see what will happen next. And did I mention that this is a romance? “Anchor in the Storm” is an exciting book. Ms. Sundin has done it again and I recommend this book highly.

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