The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible (New Growth Press, November 2017)

How do you explain the gospel to toddlers and preschoolers?

Often adults are stumped, but Jared Kennedy’s focus on the promises of God makes the gospel come alive to the littlest hearts. Through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible highlights God’s perfect promises. Every page pops with bright colors, playful illustrations, fun learning opportunities, and, best of all each story points children to Jesus.

Kids know the value of a promise. Through the gospel, our good and all-powerful God keeps his word and fulfills his promises to us better than we could have ever thought or imagined!

In The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible, author Jared Kennedy traces God’s perfect promises through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, retold in simple and compelling ways with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. Each gospel-centered story highlights God’s tale of redemption through Jesus and the unexpected and surprising ways that God’s grace and mercy are revealed throughout the Bible. Children will hear the good news of God’s love for them clearly expressed in ways that will speak to their young hearts. Brightly colored illustrations highlight the stories and add fun teaching elements of counting, opposites, patterns, and object recognition to keep even the youngest child’s attention. Every story also ends with a question that parents and caregivers can use to further reinforce the message.

Through reading this book one chapter at a time to your children—or letting them read it to you!—even the youngest kids will come to know that God’s promises are especially for them, and that God always keeps his promises.

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  • I actually asked my 10-year-old to review this book! His insight was better than a mom’s perspective!
    He was impressed that the book had a story he didn’t know. (Jeremiah being thrown into a well for years) and he spent about 15 minutes just reading the stories. He said he liked it and would recommend it.
    The pictures are not the blingy, or distracting. All the characters have their eyes closed like those on the front. There is about a paragraph on each page and occasionally the characters have speech bubbles in addition to the text.
    Everything is simply put. And I like that it is a Bible not just for kids but for beginners…of any age. It gives a good foundation and understanding of the stories of the Bible. It doesn’t quote the Word but summarizes it. It does include texts on some pages

  • My kids and I really enjoyed this book. As the title and the cover of the book suggests this is a book with Bible stories for little children and is meant for kids between the age range of three to seven which is exactly the age range of my children.
    This work contains fifty two stories with the order of the book being chronologically arranged. These fifty two stories are evenly divided between the Old Testament and the New Testament, with twenty six stories each. The book starts off with God’s creation and ends with Jesus opening up a scroll as recorded in the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. Recommended!

  • THE BEGINNER’S GOSPEL STORY BIBLE is a collection of Bible stories for toddlers and preschoolers that will help to teach them the good news of God’s love through 52 different Bible stories. The pictures and the style of writing are definitely engaging and will keep a young child’s attention.

  • This book focuses on promise, tracing God’s perfect promises in 52 stories from the Old and New Testaments. In each story, one key truth is highlighted in boldface type. It isn’t always at the end of the story, but can be found anywhere. This makes a fun game for the kids – find the promise! Each story ends with a question to discuss with the child, often a question focusing on Jesus–even in the Old Testament. Salvation and the Holy Spirit are frequent. The book skips those parts of the stories that kids might have a hard time understanding.

  • SK Bell says:

    We’ve read a few different Bible story books around here and have a few favorites for various reasons, but right now this is my top choice for this age group. The stories are short and simple enough that 18-month-old C sits still through them, end with a discussion question that keeps 4.5-year-old A very interested and piques 2.5-year-old B’s interest. The illustrations are simple and cartoony, and all three of my kids like them.

  • This is such a great Bible! I love how bright and vivid the illustrations are. This Bible does not mince words and that is the best part!

  • The main highlight of the 52 stories has to do with God’s promises and his work of redemption shown from the very beginning of His Word to the end. Each story is short but can easily be enriched with discussion and/or reading the Scripture passages given at the beginning of the story. Colorful illustrations accompany each story, along with a major truth (given in large, colorful print), and a summarizing question to provoke thought and conversation. The gospel plan of salvation is clearly presented multiple times throughout the book. The target audience is probably about ages 3 to 7 or 8, but the material could pretty easily be adapted a little outside that range.

  • I have found publications from New Growth Press to be Biblically accurate and well written. The illustrations chosen for each of the publications for children that I have reviewed have been different and quite interesting and appealing.

  • The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy provides parents with a solid resource to teach their children how all of the Bible points to Jesus Christ. If you know or are a parent of a 3-to-6-year-old child, purchase a copy and welcome this book into your home. This God-focused, Christ-proclaiming, gospel-centered children’s book would make a great gift!

  • This is a book my boys are requesting each night, and seem to be learning something new all the time. The stories are geared to the 3 to 7 year olds, but my ten and eight love them!

  • This storybook is very cute! The illustrations are fun and beautiful. When I get a children’s Bible or Bible story book I always check to make sure they don’t leave out the main theme of the Bible, Jesus birth death and resurrection, and this one had these stories in it and they were very well done.

  • Beautiful and easy to read or hold for little hands. I think the best part of this book is being able to share it by reading out loud to my children.

  • This is absolutely THE best book I have found in the children’s bible arena. It’s written in such a perfect way for young kids to get exposure to the gospel and staying on their level without dumbing down the story. I am in love with the illustrations. It’s an absolute keepsake in my house. We will read it over and over and over again.

  • How does one introduce the good news of the Gospel to little ones? Many children’s bibles seem to either talk above or talk below them. You don’t want to offer a watered down version nor do you want to bombard them with information too complex for them to process correctly. This story Bible does a pretty job balancing the simplistic and the complicated, although I did find the stories a little disjointed at times. My daughter, aged 4, really enjoyed our evening stories, so for that I am thankful. She is probably on the verge of moving into a more challenging Bible experience. Best suited for the 3 and under set, it is a pleasant way to introduce your child to God’s great love for us. The illustrations were great and discussion questions are included for personal application. It would be a lovely gift for new parents.

  • 52 chapters the tell the story of Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation, with a conversational lilt to the storytelling, and thought provoking conversation starting questions that get the young person in your life to start thinking about the important things in life.

    Illustrated in bright colors, and simple, but expressive pictures, this book brings to life the Gospel, from Creation to what is still yet to come. I loved that the chapters were concise. They took each event and connected it to the cross of Christ, and ended with a challenge question that was easy enough for a child to understand, yet deep and would be a great way to start a conversation.

  • The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is the latest children’s Bible for children three and younger and honestly, it is one of the best. With aesthetically appealing illustrations and truths from the Old and New Testaments, this Bible is great for introducing youngsters to the truths of God’s word in a comprehensive, deep and understandable way. My husband and I have really enjoyed reading through this Bible with our 20 month old daughter each night. We appreciate that the stories point to Jesus and each person’s need to turn from their sin and trust in Christ alone for salvation.

  • Moments says:

    My favorite feature is the questions as this makes it so interactive for the children and to really teach the truths at even a very young age.  My older children even enjoyed paging through this book and exclaiming over the pictures and making comments about various stories they have learned and how this reminded them of certain details.  I highly recommend this for young children; it would make an excellent gift for the little ones on your Christmas gift list this year!

  • This review is for the book “The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible” by Jared Kennedy. I had barely even taken this book out of the box it was mailed in when my 8-year old daughter grabbed it, curled up on the couch, and began reading it. By the next night, she had finished the whole thing.

    Now, I will say that this Bible is probably meant for a younger child, I can see why she devoured it. The pictures and illustrations are colorful and fun. The text is in a font that is very easy to read, and there isn’t “too much” on a page as far as wordiness goes. There are questions strewn in for the kids to think about when reading it alone or with parents, such as “What is your favorite thing God has made?” when reading about creation.

  • One of my favorite things about this book is that it isn’t your typical book for kids. It has some not so familiar bible stories, along side really traditional ones. This book highlights 52 various stories. From God’s promises, to his redemption, and everything in between.

    I loved the fact that each story has such a good discussion and reading involved. It is done at a level a child would understand, but also well teach them, strengthen their faith, and open a disucsion about faith. The book contains scripture passages at the begining of each story. A large color print expresses the major point. The gospal of salvation is presented at several places in this book. There is a collection of both Old and New Testament stories. Which is really neat.

  • One of my favorite things about this book is that it isn’t your typical book for kids. It has some not so familiar bible stories, along side really traditional ones. This book highlights 52 various stories. From God’s promises, to his redemption, and everything in between.

  • Kcreatives says:

    The best story book Bible for preschoolers and toddlers. I love this piece. It will be the most recommended for me for this page. He beautifully writes these stories to point us all to Christ. All. Every story.

  • LOVE this book!! My 11 year old son and I have enjoyed this book! The recommended age is 3-7 but we enjoyed it, so it would be great for older kids as well!

    This book contains fifty-two stories and the book is arranged chronologically. The fifty-two stories are evenly divided between the Old and New Testaments. The book starts off with God’s creation and ends with Jesus opening up a scroll as recorded in the last book of the Bible.

    This book has over two hundred pages, but it is amazing. I had planned reading one story a night, but once we started reading, we couldn’t stop!

  • Are you looking for a Story Bible to us with your toddlers and preschoolers? The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy may be the one you are looking for.

  • This Mom's Delight says:

    It is my goal to spend more time with my youngest reading God’s word than I did with the older two. Yes, I need to allow God’s grace and forgiveness for lost intentions. However, I still want my child to have a strong foundation of who God is before the world starts having an influence on him.

    Sitting with my youngest reading a complimentary copy of the book below, I have really been blessed to find a quality book that shares the gospel in a way that little ones can understand.

  • WORD Up! says:

    ‘The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible’ by Jared Kennedy is a beautifully illustrated book containing 26 “Old Testament: Promises Made” and 26 “New Testament: Promises Kept”. These are short, easily understandable stories that are true to Scripture. Each story ends with a question that will engage children in conversation about Christ and lead to applying Biblical principles to their lives. This is a great way to introduce children to God’s promises.

  • The illustrations are bright and eye catching. They’re large and simple, yet lovely and pleasing to look at. I think for the average child, they’re great.

  • Oh man, I cannot say enough good things about The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy. Over the last four years, we have read and utilized many different Bible story books and many of those are still favorites of ours. However, this one just might top the list! First, the book itself is well made, thick and sturdy. If you have kids, you understand why that matters. 😉 The illustrations are incredible. Absolutely incredible. They aren’t overdone and I think that helps the kids to focus on them more. The stories are numbered which we have enjoyed when we are switching off nights reading stories and I can just tell my husband we read story #11 last night, etc. The stories themselves are well told and shortened from the actual Bible stories. I feel like they don’t mince words.

  • This is a great, beautifully illustrated book that was perfect for my 6 and 4 year old. It held their attention, gave great bible lessons and opened up conversations between us. They were excited and intrigued as the stories came to life. This is a great gift for kids, grand kids, nephews, neices, etc. My boys loved this and look forward to reading it. It has been a great edition to our daily bible time.

  • In “The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible”, Jared Kennedy tells stories from the Bible that will teach your children about the Bible and let them interact with the story by asking questions to help them apply it to their life.

    Trish Mahoney’s illustrations are awesome. The color and simplicity will capture your child’s attention. You will enjoy reading just as much as they will enjoy looking at the pictures. Stories are told in such a way that they will remember them. You will be reading them over and over again

  • This book is wonderful…and is written in a simple, engaging style that even an older toddler can follow along with. Along with bright, friendly pictures to accompany each account, there is a simple question related to the story that even my 2.5 year old can generally answer. I would highly recommend this book to any family looking for a simple, engaging, gospel-centered book geared toward teaching their young children the truths of the Scriptures.

  • There is much to love about this delightfully interactive book with its visual appeal, engaging teaching elements, frequent questions, and amusing interjections. Most importantly, the entertaining aspects of this book are not an end in themselves but a means to communicating the character and work of God, especially the glorious truth of the Gospel. While the connection to the larger redemptive storyline wasn’t always clearly demonstrated and the main point of the Biblical account wasn’t always the focus of the author’s retelling, this story Bible was generally faithful to the text of the Bible and is a worthwhile addition to the libraries of those blessed with toddlers in their lives.

  • The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is such a great way to introduce preschoolers to God’s story as a linear concept. The illustrations are positively gorgeous and adorable, all at once. Preschoolers will be drawn to the bright colors and not-too-busy illustrations. The stories are geared toward a child’s short attention span but at the same time they are packed with truth. I really like the format of the highlighted main idea as well as a question that you can discuss with your preschooler.

  • As a mom of 6, a children’s ministry volunteer for most of my teen, college, & early married years, followed by 14 years (and counting) of vocational children’s ministry, I have owned and read many children’s devotionals. The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible has just become my favorite story Bible for young children–if I could give it more than 5 stars, I absolutely would do so. The illustrations are large, with a bright color palette. The stories are simple, yet full of clarity and truth. The stories present God’s Word, connect the points to our own lives, and then ask a question making it even more personal for our children. I have really enjoyed reading this to my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughters, and they do a fantastic job of sitting, listening, and grasping what we are reading!

  • The wording is easy enough for a toddler to be able to comprehend the message of the Gospel. My 8 year old daughter reads this book to her 3 year old sister and they enjoy the beautiful message of hope found in Jesus that is easily understood. While this book is substantial in size and weight both my daughters are able to handle it with ease.

  • This book was very good for reading and teaching with kids and for family to have fun when they have time together.

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