Brave Is the New Beautiful

Brave Is the New Beautiful

Brave Is the New Beautiful: Finding the Courage to Be the Real You (David C. Cook, March 2017)

Our culture bombards women with “thinspiration” messages and pressure to “do it all” while wearing the mask of perfection. 

Women are left feeling alone and overwhelmed. How can they stop comparing themselves to others? How can they live out who they really are?

Lee Wolfe Blum offers stories from everyday women who have answered these questions with their lives—and found true beauty in the process. In Brave Is the New Beautiful, Blum weaves reflections from her own journey with inspirational stories from everyday women who chose to take off their masks and live authentically. Through call-to-action questions and ideas, she encourages readers to be brave enough to be who they really are and the beloved that God knows they are.

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  • Blum reminded me that this journey I’m on is not about striving to be perfect, or godly. We’re not in competition with each other. She – and the stories of women she told – tells me that it’s okay to be messy, to ugly cry, to step back from what we know is hurting us, and taking us away from God….it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to peel away the layers of the falsities we make ourselves up. It’s okay to step up and say this is me, and this is who I truly am, because brave is the new beautiful.

  • Brave is the New Beautiful is a little gem that is filled with stories of brave women which will inspire you and make you think. Each story is a small sub-section of the book and is followed by reflection questions. It is a terrific Christian growth resource for individual or small group study.

  • I really, really liked this book. Somewhere between a vulnerable memoir and a thoughtful study for women, each of Lee’s well-told stories resonated deeply with me. I soaked up the heart-level honesty and gutsy authenticity found in these pages.

  • The author takes on a variety of hard subjects in this book to make her point, that brave is beautiful. But through these stories, the author shows us that even in the hardest of times, when we can’t understand why God is allowing something so terrible to happen, that our faith might grow stronger through that struggle. That we might create a stronger relationship with Him and in turn find bravery we never knew we had.

  • I highly recommend this book to all women! It would be perfect in a small group setting (or even a slightly larger group). With a focus on being raw and honest with one another, I think women could truly see lies exposed, walls broken down, and true, beautiful bravery as the result of reading and discussing this book along with prayer and Bible reading.

  • This is a wonderful book for women of all ages! I was encouraged by the stories and the over all message.

  • With every issue that Blum touches on, she shares personal stories that she has experienced or from other real people. She shares how they processed and the end result. She also provides reflection questions at the end of each chapter that are great for going deeper, especially on the particular issues that are affecting the reader.

  • There’s nothing that inspires me more than reading other people’s stories. I love when there are anecdotes and testimonies full of encouragement that leave me with an attitude that I can do this. BRAVE IS THE NEW BEAUTIFUL is a wonderful encouragement because it offers hope among the pages.

  • I enjoyed this easy to read novel of inspirational stories about women facing hardship and challenges and coming out a changed person, with beauty truly coming from within.

  • Jami's Words says:

    This book looks beyond the appearance into the beauty that is within everyone–waiting to be tapped and shared. Author Lee Wolfe Blum has beautifully chronicled stories in this book from ladies who’ve faced hardships and revealed to others that bravery is beautiful.

  • Brave is the New Beautiful is a beautiful well written story. I really enjoyed reading this story. Each chapter is about hope and trust.

  • This book is an easy and enjoyable read, full of stories that encourage women to discover and own their own bravery and beauty. What’s more, the author encourages us to be a cheering section for one another. We are not only brave and beautiful alone–we can be brave and beautiful together.

  • Lee Wolfe Blum takes the reader on a journey through the personal experiences of individuals who displayed unwavering courage in the face of gut-wrenching ordeals. Keep the tissues close. This is no sugar-coated gospel; the pages are filled with true stories of real people who despite their deep-rooted faith lost their battles. The stories are impactful, and so is the resolve of those individuals…

  • Lee Wolfe Blum does an excellent job weaving her own experiences and those of women she has worked with to demonstrate the dangers and hurt caused by holding to these incorrect views of beauty and where we should find our beauty instead. I like how she uses Scripture to back up her points and how she shows the importance of mentorship and getting help instead of trying to figure out things on your own.

  • I felt the author did an excellent job being real and focusing on healing while not glorifying pain and tragedy. These things are hard, but they are not all there is, and we need to remember that. It’s part of being brave and making the best choices we can even if we don’t like the options. We don’t stay stuck. We reach for Jesus, we reach for our community, and we be brave.

  • Moments says:

    Lee shares personal stories and stories of women she has met whom are choosing to be themselves, rip off the masks they are hiding behind, a perfect front that they are putting on to the world and those they interact with in their everyday lives. 

  • With true stories from the author and author’s friends, readers will be inspired, encouraged and empowered. Brave is the New Beautiful engages readers on a very personal and emotional level. It’ll be great for yourself, a gift to a female love one or use it in a small group setting. The reflection questions at the end of each chapter makes it great for discussions. I highly recommend it.

  • This is a book every woman should read, especially teen girls who are defining what being a woman looks like. Brave Is the New Beautiful will help every woman define her self-image in a new, healthy, God approved way.

  • Every once in a while a great book comes along that makes me forget about all the self righteous mumbo jumbo I’ve read and makes me believe that books in this “genre” aren’t all bad. This is one of those books. It was an incredibly quick and empowering read and it was never over the top.

  •  Women of all ages need to read books such as this one. Brave is the new beautiful is eye-opening, inspiring, and encouraging. With all the stories of women who have fought through trials and tragedy, it is also convicting.

  • God is Love says:

    “Brave is the New Beautiful” was not an easy read. The author shares perhaps too many stories from different women. While each story has inspirational and life-changing qualities, the overabundance of viewpoints and glimpses into a variety of real-life situations made the flow of this story a bit choppy and difficult to follow. The reader can become a bit lost between the pages of this book.

  • This book is something every woman needs to read. The writing style is engaging and accessible and the stories are such that everyone can find at least one chapter (probably more) that meets her where she is now or where she’s been.

  • I appreciate the author and her willingness to share her heart on this messy life along with the other women in this book, who speak the truth about their situations, and in all realize that being brave, are being beautiful.

  • This book will help you peel back the layers and hurts that are deep that you didn’t realize you had been carrying for years. I found this book to be refreshing and soul deep, full of help to hit the places in my life where I had not surrounded areas in my life to the Lord.

  • Brave Is the New Beautiful: Finding the Courage to Be the Real You reads smoothly, but I wouldn’t call it an easy read. It moves deeper with each chapter and offers hope without guarantees. Just like real life. It will be a resource in my ministry.

  • One great aspect of this book is the variety of women that Lee highlights, she really tackles the most real stories. This book was speaking of each woman’s changing moment and calling for me to have one. It just begs for the reader to say ” okay, I am going to just be me”. God gave us the opportunity to live within him and be ourselves, why should we want to change that? I could see this book becoming a revolution, women having their moments of brave and allowing their masks to come off. I hope this for all women.

  • Brave Is The New Beautiful was the most powerful books I’ve read in a long, long time. I picked it up to read a chapter or two and didn’t put it down till the last page. Each chapter details one “brave” story from either Lee or another woman she knows. Reading all these heartfelt stories encouraged me and made me feel more connected to the larger Christian community. I could relate on so many levels to Lee and the other women as well, and their stories resonated with me on a deep level.

  • I love the cover of this book – that and the title is what drew me to it. This book dives deep into real life and the bravery it takes to face whatever situation you’re going through. This is a well written and inspirational book and by the end of it, you’ll be inspired to be more real with yourself and God and allow healing to take place and to help others do the same.

  • Lee Wolfe Blum’s book Brave Is the New Beautiful opened my eyes to even more stories of courage that God has instilled into each one of His children. I love how her friend describes courage in the last chapter: “The kind of bravery you are talking about isn’t the kind that conquers. . . . It’s the kind that submits and relinquishes control to God. This is true bravery.” This book is full of stories of women who make the difficult decision each day to get up and do all that God has put before them, in total submission and trust in His goodness and guidance. In this way, we live out the purposes for which God made us.

  • Brave Is the New Beautiful looks directly into your eyes and speaks straight to your heart. We see beauty in its true sense, far from how the world would define it. Blum’s writing style in engaging in this collection of women who have faced the unimaginable and grown in faith. Their stories are real, as are their struggles. You won’t find endings where everything is tied up neatly – and that makes them even more inspiring. This book is full of hope and inspiration, packed with a compelling message for all women.

  • More of Him says:

    This book is so encouraging and truly did help me to see that brave is beautiful!

    I love the writing style of Lee as she writes as though she is sitting with us and talking with us as a friend. She drew me into the book on the first page and I just couldn’t put it down! It was so exciting to realize that being me was beautiful and that all the scars and hard things were what make me…me!

  • Could it be though, that I am braver than I realize? Could it be that my definition of brave has been defined more by the world than by God’s word and who I am in Him? Could brave instead be defined as vulnerability, realness, humbleness, rawness? Could being brave mean that I trust my Lord with my life despite all of the unknowns and struggles? Could it be that I am much braver than I have ever really realized? After reading Brave is the New Beautiful, my answer would be yes to all of the above

  • I loved how the author drew on her own personal experience as well as many women around her to add merit to the things she was saying. A perfect blend of sage wisdom and depth this book was an excellent read.

  • Noveltea says:

    This book was not what I was expecting. It wasn’t really focused on outward beauty at all – not even about how to view it the correct way, etc…. Instead, it was more about the beauty of handling hard situations with God’s grace. The book was, for lack of a better word, simply beautiful.

  • Brave is the New Beautiful is a beautifully woven series of stories. Some of them are Lee’s, but many are the stories of courageous women who have faced difficulties most of us have only witnessed on television dramas. These stories, friends. Wow! They will move you. Uplift you. Encourage your soul. Surprise you, even.

  • So many women struggle with feeling left out, not good enough, lonely and unsure of themselves. Are we really brave? How can we possibly be beautiful? This really is a wonderful and powerful read. It reminds of us the value of being our situations and experiences through the right lens.

  • This is a truly encouraging read. If you need a new book to lift you up, this is it. That author writes this book as if she is talking to a friend, the reader. It’s a powerful and uplifting read full of inspiration and dreams.

    We all get “down” once in a while and doubt ourselves, but this book shows us to believe in ourselves and see beauty in an otherwise unpretty world. The cover of the book is eye catching and the book itself is a great read.

  • The author did a great job of making me think, as well as bringing each chapter to an encouraging close on a positive thought – which through some of them I was really waiting for, as I wiped the tears out of my eyes.

  • Lee Wolf Blum’s new book, Brave is the New Beautiful, is compelling, encouraging, and relatable. I read it cover to cover in one very long bath. I smiled and cried reading stories so similar to mine (and similar to yours, I guarantee it).

    By the end of the book l I felt deeply understood, far from alone, & loved. I felt hopeful that God was never going to stop loving me, & all the women I know searching for love. I felt Beautiful. Because I was going to be Brave.

  • I found that Brave is the New Beautiful – was good. It helped me think in a different way.

    One of the nice things is after each chapter there are question for you to reflect on and think about. In one Chapter the question was How do you define beauty? Can authentic living and cultural ideals of beauty overlap? What are some of the challenges a woman might confront when trying to be both authentically herself and physically beautiful?

  • Faith Raider says:

    Oh there are so many places that I have underlined with stars and hearts and exclamation points in the margins. I was trying to pick a quote to share here and there were just too many to choose from. So go get yourself a copy or oder one here – and you’ll know what I mean.

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