Christy (50th Anniversary Edition) (Evergreen Farm, October 2017)

New edition of Catherine Marshall’s inspirational classic!

The train taking nineteen-year-old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville, North Carolina, might as well be transporting her to another world. The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspended in time, trapped by poverty, superstitions, and century-old traditions.

But as Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home, some see her — and her one-room school — as a threat to their way of life. Her faith is challenged and her heart is torn between two strong men with conflicting views about how to care for the families of the Cove.

Yearning to make a difference, will Christy’s determination and devotion be enough?

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  • The author gives a work of fiction. Even though this is fiction, there are still, even in this modern day, people who live in the remote mountain wilderness who are stuck in time. The characters are strong and yet, each have their own human weaknesses. Christy was a character who you could visualize. A person who cared and wanted to bring change for the good of these poor mountain people. Christy’s Christian upbringing helped to keep her standing firm even though there were many times she could have easily given up. The story brings about a mix of emotions, sadness, empathy, anger, caring, admiration and more.

  • Fall in love with the heartfelt, transforming timeless journey of Christy. This 50th Anniversary Hardcover edition is beautiful and one not to miss. While this isn’t a light hearted journey, it is worth the journey and the reader will fall in love with Christy’s determination to handle all obstacles and circumstances that come her way. Christy is a story of romance, hardship, adventure and historical fiction, which I love!

  • This is a definite must read book for young adults and adults. While some of the topics may be difficult for teens I think they can grasp what they are learning and that it is important topics for them to learn about. We learn about faith, superstition, resilience, faith, hope, neglect and so much more. What makes it even more incredible is it based on the life of a real woman. A woman who accomplished so much in a time when woman weren’t encouraged to do so. She brought so much hope and a brighter future while maintaining respect for their beliefs to this community. This is a definite must read book!

  • I was looking forward to ready about Christy and the difference she would make in lives of others. I had high expectations. First, I have heard a lot about it from others. Second, with the book celebrating 50 years, I knew I would just love the way it was written because I love classics. I am happy to report that it did not disappoint!

  • I was an avid reader as a child and still remember picking up my aunt’s copy of Christy on her bookshelf. I don’t remember the thickness of the book, or how old I was, but I do remember reading the book to the end completely engaged in the characters and the story and feeling slightly disappointed at how the romance ended… it wasn’t clear enough or passionate enough to my childish mind. I remember taking the book to my mom, showing her the end, and asking her. Does this mean that she marries _____? And Mom, bless her heart, not having read the book, didn’t know. She did read the book after that and bought her own copy so it is on her bookshelves.

    I never could get the girls interested in any of Grandma’s old books, but when an opportunity to review and promote Christy for the 50th anni

  • Christy and her book Julie remain among my favorites. She shares stories on such a way that you can see God working in their lives even in harsh circumstances.

  • This novel is about family, friends, hardships, endurance, determination, and understanding of a culture so different from one’s own way of life. When reading this book loosely based on Catherine Marshall’s mother’s experience as a young teacher with real people and real events, you can feel that. The characters are colorful and deep. Also there is a strong faith in commitment and yes, even a slowly evolving romance all included in this joyous novel. Reading this book, it will show you the beauty and good in all things. It compels the reader to desire to be in a better world, and for the want to learn in unexpected ways. There is even a lovely surprising twist that doesn’t conclude until the last page of this book. Christy was also made into a two hour television movie with a television series that followed staring actress Kellie Martin (starred in Life Goes On Series and several Hallmark movies). I loved rereading this inspirational uplifting novel written by author Catherine Marshall. It is hard to believe it is in its 50th anniversary edition. I highly recommend taking the time to sit down and read this heartfelt book.

  • I vaguely remember reading and enjoying this classic years (decades?!) ago when I was in junior high school, but oh! how much better it is as an adult! Catherine Marshall’s beloved novel is as relevant today as it was when it was published fifty years ago, as well as when the events occurred that inspired the book. The story is a gem, and the nuggets of truth tucked inside made me pause and reflect as I read.

  • Christy was a courageous woman, one that many of us can only hope to be like, as she dove not only into a culture alien to her, but also into deeps of faith she had never dared tread. While there are portions of this new edition that could have used updating, such as where there are two people speaking in one paragraph without much distinction between the two, there is a wealth of storytelling that stands on its own as a classic that will remain for generations to come.

  • A fantastic story!The author did a phenomenal job.

  • I can honestly say that Christy is my all-time favorite novel. Yes, I love it that much. Catherine Marshall’s writing is simply beautiful. Her descriptions pulled me into the story and made me feel I was in the Smoky Mountains right along with Christy. And the characters! She has a knack for breathing life into each person Christy met. I love Fairlight and the beauty she brings to her life regardless of her circumstances. Alice Henderson is amazing. How fun to read about the doctor and David. Marshall wove so much of the Appalachian culture into the story. Although the book is based on her mother’s experiences, the story is much more the tale of a young naive woman who grows up by jumping into a new experience with both feet as she finds her calling.

  • Pray Species says:

    Overall, I really enjoyed “Christy” and found it to have a wonderful historical perspective with a great story line. The book is filled with beloved characters whose realism shines through. You’ll remember them and their stories long after you close the covers of “Christy.” 

  • In my re-reading of Christy this fall (I think this makes it my fifth), I was struck again not only by Marshall’s incredible gift for storytelling but with the timelessness of her tale. So masterfully crafted, the story feels as fresh today as it did the first time. New readers will never believe this novel was penned more than fifty years ago. Its characters and themes and issues — oh, yes, the issues! — are just as relevant as they were half-a-century ago. (Which tells us something too about those issues…) As a novel of faith, its depth and breadth continues to amaze me. It’s a story that has everything, a rich tapestry woven through with threads of inspiration, mystery, intrigue, history, humor, and drama. Genre-defying, Christy is a toothsome novel to sink into—and to find yourself in.

  • All readers have comfort books that they love and return to again and again. Christy is one of those books for me. I received a copy of this book from my parents long ago as a gift. I was a young teen, and I read it over and over during my teen years. When I heard that Christy was being re-released on its 50th anniversary, I was eager to re-read this favorite book again.

  • GCC bookworm says:

    A timeless classic! Catherine Marshall’s “Chirsty” is a true adventure of a young nineteen year girl back in 1912 who stepped out in faith. Although written fifty years ago, the truths uncovered, the principles revealed, are still relevant today. Highly inspirational! Don’t let another day go by without reading this fascinating story.

  • Christy contains so much wisdom regarding loving others and sharing the gospel, yet it never seems preachy or heavy handed.

  • I first read ‘Christy‘ as a young woman of fifteen and I had little appreciation for the book back then. Cultural dialect is something that I abhorred back then—largely as I’m from North Carolina and I was embarrassed. As an adult, I can appreciate how the Appalachian history is preserved in this book. This book is mountain life, wrapped in paper and ink. The heart of the people and their vibrancy touched my heart in ways I truly didn’t expect. I’m so glad that I decided to re-read!

  • I adore the way Christy describes “plain living.” It’s a great way to introduce my children to the old ways of life. Washing clothes in the creek or weighing down the blankets to keep the wind from blowing them off….these are things my kids would never dream of!

  • n my opinion this is one of the best books that have been written, and I was so excited when I heard and updated version being released again. I  have fond memories of reading this as a child, and I also remember the shows that aired based on the book. However, the books are always better than the shows, and that is true in this case. These days it seems harder and harder to find well written literature that is suitable for the entire family, but this story accomplishes that beautifully. If you are a fan of this book already, read it again and if you have never read it, add it to your must read list. With the holidays nearing this would be a perfect gift for the book lovers in your life.

  • This book has endured for 5 decades, and will endure for 5 more if the Lord tarries. This is a timeless novel that I am VERY grateful to have taken the time to read – finally!! This should be in every reader’s library!!

  • Although I’ve long been a fan of Catherine Marshall’s non-fiction inspirational writing, I somehow missed her classic novel, Christy. Reading this newly released 50th anniversary edition was a true joy for me. It’s wrapped in thick layers of generational storytelling, based on the life of the author’s own mother, Leonora Whitaker Wood.

  • The book is riveting. Well written, captivating and the authors knack for character development is amazing. There are so many amazing life lessons to be learned in this book. An incredible story of self sacrifice and living with a giving heart – something we all could use a little more of in this modern day.

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