Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids (David C. Cook, October 2016)

Between the ages of 8 and 12, kids often start to wonder if Christianity is true.

In Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, detective J. Warner Wallace draws readers into the thrill of high-stakes investigation by showing them how to think rather than telling them what to think. In this children’s companion to the bestselling Cold-Case Christianity, detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit.

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  • WORD Up! says:

    ‘Cold-Case Christianity for Kids’ by J. Warner and Susie Wallace is a super resource for teaching analytical study techniques to kids – and adults – designed to build a solid Christian faith and a defense for that faith. Use it with an NASB translation of the Scriptures for seamlessness when filling in blanks.

    Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace and his wife, Susie, have developed a wonderful resource that keeps kids (and adults) engaged and teaches valuable principles for studying the Bible as well as other topics. The book is affordable enough to buy copies for every child you know. It’s companion online resources (found at are an enjoyable part of the training.

  • The author produces us with a very current and relevant text for our time. I love teaching my children even more about Jesus and this book can help me achieve just that.

  • This was an excellent book that I recommend for everyone from parents, homeschooling parents, and church leaders.

  • Raventhreads says:

    I enjoyed reading through this book. The story was engaging and it was really written down on a level that I imagined that my children could truly comprehend. The illustrations are pleasant and helpful, and working through the ideas is a fun experience. Plus, I reviewed apologetics and thinking ideas that I hadn’t had exposure to until I was in college

  • First of all, I wish I would have read a book like this when I was a kid! This is a wonderful book for kids who are just learning about Christianity or who want to know how to defend their faith.

  • Geared for tween boys and girls, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is interactive, intelligent, and shows kids how to think. For a great gift, combine this book with a blank journal, pen, and flashlight. Liven up family devotions by going through Cold-Case Christianity for Kids together, use it in Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, Children’s Church, or after school clubs. (I received a complimentary review copy.)

  • Geared for tween boys and girls, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is interactive, intelligent, and shows kids how to think. For a great gift, combine this book with a blank journal, pen, and flashlight. Liven up family devotions by going through Cold-Case Christianity for Kids together, use it in Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, Children’s Church, or after school clubs. (I received a complimentary review copy.)

  • This is such a neat little book! Very well done & super interactive, this technical non-fiction—but written in story form—has many great points about the Case for Christ. I could also see churches taking this book and expanding it into a Vacation Bible School, wouldn’t that be fun?!

  • Moments says:

    This is such a cute, fun book for kids to read and learn from. However, it goes a step beyond this as there are instructions and worksheets to use by going to the on-line website and watching videos and filling in the corresponding worksheets in order to take the “lessons” and training even further.

  • I am glad that there is a book like this for kids now and Can’t wait to read this with my kids when they get older. I wish they had a book like this for me when growing up. I had a lot of questions and wondered how true it was. So I am very thankful that this book is out to help out.A great book to ad to your shelf at home.

  • Cold Case Christianity for Kids isn’t just a fictional story, though.  The techniques taught are real and  are excellent ways to analyze information.  The authors extended the learning with a website featuring videos for each chapter, printables, notebooking pages, and a leader’s guide.  There are pictures scattered throughout the book to add visual interest to each chapter, and the comic-book style will appeal to boys and girls alike.

  • At first, I wasn’t sure I liked this book. I expected an interactive study, but received something more like a novel with sidebar questions and applications. Once I found the website, though, my opinion of the book changed. The online resources — videos, review worksheets and activities — greatly enhance the material. Resources for parents are also available on the website. Together these provide a solid and engaging introduction to biblical apologetics. The authors encourage critical thinking and introduce facts about Scripture and church history.

  • A book and website to inspire you and your children to seek out the truth, they are about to enter the Detective Cadet Academy, and about to be trained up, and learn how to investigate the case for Jesus. What an exciting and Christian challenge for these young people, or for you for that matter.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. As the Children’s Church director at my church, I am always looking for resources and visuals that I can use with the children. This book gave me several good ideas that I am looking forward to using in the future.

  • This is such a neat little book! Very well done & super interactive, this technical non-fiction—but written in story form—has many great points about the Case for Christ. I could also see churches taking this book and expanding it into a Vacation Bible School, wouldn’t that be fun?!

  • Doing this as a family is simply wonderful. The teens and I are getting far more information, but the “for Kids” book is fantastic at getting the main points put into fairly simple language. And the book includes two mysteries to solve… one involves Jesus, and whether or not the stories in the Bible about Him can possibly be true. The other involves a skateboard.

  • I am so excited about this book. It’s a fun style devotional study book for kids to investigate the truth about Jesus and Christianity.

    Written in an exciting mystery solving format, using three main characters -on of which includes the reader, the author draws the reader in by participation.

  • This is the PERFECT book for curious kids! Most kids in this age group love being a detective and sorting through clues, AND they all start having questions about their faith and religion. As many are making First Communions or Confirmations, they may have even more in depth questions, that they might not feel comfortable asking. This book allows them to seek the answers in a way that works for them, age wise.

  • This book trains kids to think like cold-case detectives. I love that this book teaches the kids how to think, not what to think. Too often children have grown up in church being told what but not how. J. Warner Wallace teaches you how. I am grateful, then, to endorse and recommend such a resource that will encourage kids, between 8 and 12 years old especially,to examine Christianity and the Bible, to see they are true, and to see Jesus is worthy of our worship!

  • My 12 year old and I discussed what he liked and disliked about the book. He told me that he believes the book is meant for younger readers. I asked him to rate the book from 1-5 and he gave it a three. I have to give it at least a four because it has been one of the few books that we could actually discuss in depth without any bickering.

  • Cara Putman says:

    Cold Case Christianity is written as an adventure for tweens. The youngsters are going to be part of a police academy and through the program learn whether Christianity makes sense. Cold Case Christianity has great illustrations that support the story, and the story does a great job of making apologetics approachable for younger kids. I’ve read it to all four of mine (6 to 16) and they’ve enjoyed it. There is also a great website that supports the book with downloadable activity sheets for each chapter as well as short videos. The videos are fantastic and should be watched before reading the chapter. This book would be great for homeschoolers, Sunday school classes, and other settings where young people will gather to learn about their faith.

  • amandainpa says:

    This book really made digging into the evidence of Christianity fun. My daughter and I read it together and she really enjoyed the illustrations and the way the story was presented. More importantly, it equips kids with answers to questions that may arise regarding Christianity. This would make great curriculum for a Sunday School class, it even includes a certificate of completion at the end of the book and a website with downloadable fill in activity sheets and videos for each chapter.

  • If you have children or grandchildren who would benefit from this book, I highly recommend it. We need young people to learn to think through these questions of faith so that when they are faced with opposition (and they will be!) they are equipped to “give an answer of the hope” that lies within them.

  • I LOVE this book and I’m so excited that I was able to share it with my son! I will most likely hand this copy over to the Children’s Director of our Church. She’ll be able to use this for her Wednesday night class. I love how the book teaches about investigating the Bible using a skateboard mystery.

  • Great book – would love to see more books like this for youth!! A well written, easy to read book to teach kids to examine information for themselves. This is such an important topic for our culture today!!
    I highly recommend as a book or middle age kids to read, or to read aloud to younger kids and discuss together!

  • If you have older kids who are interested in detective shows or books, they will love this book.

  • Real-life detective J. Warner Wallace take children to a real briefing room and introduces them to characters to help them with their task of investigating their case for Christianity. Don’t miss this wonderful series!

  • Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is a great book for children who have not been exposed to the truth of Christianity or who have doubts about Christianity, it shows them clear evidence to support the Bible and Jesus. It’s also a perfect book for children who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour because it confirms their belief and gives them evidence to support their faith.

  • This is obviously a book below my usual reading level, but I don’t just review books that pertain to me.

    The authors did a great job of coming up with a totally different kind of book than is the norm for kids. There is a story line, but there is a lot of hands on things kids need to do, look up Bible verses, go to the website and look up information, etc.

    There is a lot of info on how to solve crimes, and the authors apply that to investigating Jesus and if the Bible is telling the truth about Him.

    I thought the book was well-written, the plot well done, and the way the authors tied crime solving into Biblical truth and evidence is genius. I definitely recommend it.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    The kids and I had so much fun reading this book together. It is part fiction where a detective is teaching kids how to be better investigators. It is also part devotional with scripture reading assignments and questions to answer. While the kids are learning to be great detectives they study a current day mystery of a found skateboard and they also work on the mystery of God and His Son. This was really unique to look at the Bible and God by using evidence and proving His existence.

  • This would make a great Wednesday night or Sunday night study for your Middle Schoolers. It will get them involved in knowing why we believe instead of just that is what we have been taught. Most kids want to know why and not just be told that is what they believe.

    Preston F (AGE 10): I give the book five (5) stars. I really liked the book and if kids like detective stuff then they would love this book!

  • My 11 year old son read this book and enjoyed it very much. He especially liked the funny illustrations, he liked the engaging way the author made the detective work relevant to him, and the scripture verses the author used. My son read this book quickly and when he discovered something new he shared his revelations with me.
    I think this book is an engaging tool to get kids thinking about the truths of Christ and His existence here on earth. I recommend this book for homeschoolers, youth ministries, or just leisure reading. There is also a free “Cadet Academy” available online.

  • that you have to teach a child to find their own truth in their beliefs, so they can teach others to believe in them too. That I can do.

  • J. Warner Wallace is the well-known homicide detective who specialized in cold-cases. His journey to Christianity came as a result of using his own detective skills to investigate the Bible and the life of Christ. He wrote the popular book Cold-Case Christianity which was targeted to adults. This version is specifically for kids from 8-12 years-old and is excellent. I love that this resource encourages kids to think critically about why they believe what they believe.

  • Fun, and highly entertaining, it’s a great way to encourage a personal responsibility in finding evidence that supports one’s beliefs. Perfect gift!

  • I really enjoyed this book. I like that the authors want kids to think through the evidence and find Jesus without being told to. There are illustrations and a link to a website with more activities. J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case detective who has been featured on Dateline, Fox News, and TruTv. His expertise makes this book a real deal for kids and their quest to solve mysteries.

  • This book is an excellent tool for tweens that are starting to grasp their own faith. It’s well done, fun, and encouraging!

  • When I was growing up, my dad filled our house with Bible reference books, concordances, and maps. He was fascinated with the historical background for Jesus. We watched videos about the places Jesus walked and learned about Jewish customs that help the Gospels make sense. So when I saw Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, I was excited to share that same evidence with my daughters.

  • Engaging and will spark the interest of any child who loves a good mystery and wants to know how to solve one. They will also pick up the tools needed to demonstrate the truth of the Word.My son was hooked immediately by the premise, and although he moans and groans occasionally about filling out worksheets in his school work, he has been anxious to complete those that go along with this book!

  • The narrative format of the text helps the reader to imagine what it’s like to find the truth in Jesus instead of being told about it. I appreciate the overall goal of Cold-Case Christianity, and I hope to see more engaging material like this in store for the younger generations.

  • I really enjoyed this one! This book is a fun way to teach kids how to look at all the evidence and be able to figure truths out for themselves. The book has a more modern mystery for kids to work out along with the cold case for Christianity and figuring out the answers to some of the age old questions about Jesus Christ and His resurrection. I love that this book equips kids to think for themselves and to look at evidence, not to just assume things are true or not. Thus book is especially wonderful for the inquisitive child.:)

  • Imagine my joy as a father when my older 2 kids aged 11 and 9 picked up a book about the foundation of the Christian faith, and they were so eager to read it they couldn’t decide who should have the chance first! I am speaking for my children here when I tell you that this book is an absolute winner. Entertaining and informative, I encourage you to get a copy for the kids in your life (or maybe just for you)!

  • You might be surprised at how young children are when they begin questioning, struggling and wondering about biblical truths. My oldest son isn’t even ten years old and we have already had deep, meaningful conversations about biblical topics that I never even thought about until college. Maybe the reason so many children leave the faith once they finish High School is because so many questions were left unanswered as children and they end up finding what they are looking for in secular, humanistic views. Rather than dismissing my child’s genuine questions about the Bible and it’s truths, I face them head on. I don’t fear his questions because they have led to powerful soul-searching and change already in his young life.

  • I thought that this book was a creative way to engage children in learning about Jesus and why they believe in Him. It would be a great book to use with kids who are struggling with putting their faith in Jesus. I think kids will find it fun to following along as they learn techniques for being a detective from an actual cold-case detective. If you’re looking for a new book to encourage your kids to begin to study the Bible on their own, make sure to pick up this fun new detective book.

  • kcreatives says:

    I have boys. And I love crime shows that require detective work. This book will be good for them in the future to help them in their understanding of who God is and what the Gospel is. We can teach our kids that yes, faith is a gift, but we can back it up with study and knowledge.

  • I enjoyed reading this book with my 8-year-old son, Nate. He liked the illustrations that run throughout the book as well as learning how real detectives use all the steps to solve crimes and mysteries. Each chapter teaches another tool or process that detectives use to work on their case, and I know my son found it very interesting to see the kids in the book follow those steps to solve the case. I really like how the author relates the skills the kids learn to check and explore their faith more. We strive daily to teach our son about the Bible and our faith but I think this book will encourage him to search out and discover more for himself in the Bible.

  • WOW! I mean, seriously. There is soooooooooooooo much packed in here! First, this book is written in a fun, conversational tone that kids will love. There are fun graphics, and even a certificate at the end! This book uses real world examples to help teach kids how to logically reason their way through arguments. I was really pleased with how this helped to build my son’s reasoning skills. I also liked the fill in the blanks that helped to reinforce the reading to make sure he understood what he read. In the words of Mr. B: “WOW! This is a lot of fun!”
    Very nice!

  • The author really digs deep and catches the interest of children and keeps them wanting to read more. My daughters loved this book so much I have decided to make a cold care of our own on people of the bible.

  • What a great resource for kids! I am always impressed with what great resources are coming out for young children to deepen their faith, much needed resources might I add! This book is a great book that very thought provokingly gets younger kids to really start thinking about the gospel and investigating why it is true and what makes it true. Great resource for at home or at Sunday school, I highly recommend it!

  • This is a fascinating book for any kids in your life. The way it takes scripture and a story and makes kids want to know more about Christ and how to know him really impressed me. I think my kids will like this as well.

  • Sean & Shey says:

    From the moment I opened the front page and began to flip through this book, I knew it was something truly unique. It is filled with great illustrations, easy to read text, pull quotes to highlight the main thoughts, and application questions throughout to promote further thought and understanding.

  • I will passing this on to my grand children when they are a little bit older. Great way to get kids into figuring out for themselves about the Christian faith.

  • With an easy tone that is both conversational and compelling, J. warner and Susie Wallace take kids through a fascinating look at the evidence for Christ, His life, His death, and His resurrection.
    My husband and I really enjoyed going through this book with our daughter, and I’m sure we will be referencing it in the future. I would love to see other books of this type for kids!

  • One of the things I’m loving about this upcoming holiday season and having kids? BUYING BOOKS for presents! I was super excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is a fabulous book to start helping your child understand the evidence that has been given to us to support our faith. It’s early apologetics for pre-teens and in this day and age, so important too! Consider adding this one to your Christmas list for your readers 🙂

  • What a brilliant book for kids! It does a wonderful job of creating a very interesting storyline for tweens as they get to become a junior detective. It isn’t written at all in a way that is childish or condescending.

  • Memawsstuff says:

    Led by a real-life detective in a setting like a real-life discussion session over a cold case, Cold Case Christianity, takes you through the entire Bible and proof that God does exist.

  • I read this book as a read aloud with my both my nine and five-year old. Written by a real detective, this book is pretty neat. There are videos on their site and printables that go along with the book so that the kids can make their own detective notebook. It takes them to a real briefing room and it gives them characters to follow on their investigation of Jesus.
    We have thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. My boys looked forward to doing this daily.

  • As much as I have loved these ideas of mystery solving, I cannot say that it ever occurred to apply those same ideas to the mysteries of the Christian faith. And yet, it’s genius, so I’m happy that someone did.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    This book was really interesting and a great concept! The author, a detective, has the young reader examine evidence and determine facts about Jesus and Christianity. They have scriptures throughout the book, questions, and even a completion certificate at the end.

  • My son loves this book so much! It has been the perfect tool to use in our home as he digs deeper into God’s word. We loved how practical it was. As soon as my son saw the book, the cover instantly drew him in.

  • It is a quick read, but still gives a very in depth (for children) explanation of why we can believe that the New Testament is true.  I enjoyed reading this book and it made me want to get the Cold-Case Christianity book to read for myself.  I also was intrigued at the thought of using this junior detective format to run a real life apologetics class for children.

  • Great book for my 10-year-old nephew! There are many ways to be engaged and to further delve into the research and investigation and the little blurbs of “Dig Deeper”, “CSI”, and “Detective Definitions”. The illustrations were nicely done, and the level is right on par for the intended age range. Great book!

  • Children are welcome to engage in interviews, surf through evidence, and better understand the tenemants of Christianity as well as the religion’s background. The illustrations are colorful and fun to look at. I found them eye-catching and believe that many kids will enjoy them.

  • The book moves along slowly enough to build momentum and keep the attention of kids who are reading it, but quickly enough so that they don’t lose interest. This is a great book for young readers to read so they can grasp the foundations of the Christian faith from a “logical” perspective.

  • I loved the idea of this book. People, and children, are likely to wonder what aspects are true of Christianity and may want to test some theories. Children are welcome to engage in interviews, surf through evidence, and better understand the tenemants of Christianity as well as the religion’s background. The illustrations are colorful and fun to look at. I found them eye-catching and believe that many kids will enjoy them.

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