Door to Freedom

Door to Freedom

Door to Freedom (New Hope, February 2017)

It’s rough and it’s smooth. It’s dark and it’s light. It’s a masterpiece. It’s us. Here in Sudan. We are scared of it and drawn to it. There is an open door, and there is much opposition.

In the dusty, Islamic country of Sudan, Mia, who is raising her family in a Muslim country, has learned to boldly share her faith. Rania, the daughter of a wealthy Sudanese Arab, seeks to find the reason for her sister’s sudden disappearance. Mia holds some of the answers, but both women quickly discover they must each walk through their own doors to freedom, the freedom that only comes when you trust God’s sovereignty more than manmade security.

Part of New Hope Publishers’ line of contemporary missional fiction, Door to Freedom, the sequel to Side by Side, opens the reader’s eyes to modern-day persecution and the life of Muslims in Sudan. Based on real-life events, Door to Freedom also reveals some of the struggles that Christians face when living under Islamic law. The reader will be inspired to pray for those who are persecuted for their faith as well as for the salvation of the persecutors.

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  • Door to Freedom is a wonderful read by Jana Kelley. This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

  • This is my first book by Jana and boy was this book an eye opener. A very well written story that you should definitely pick up and read.

    The characters were very well written and believable in this story.The Author does a good job on the story line and the really pulls a good message through her writting.

    This is definitely a story that you should definitely pick up and read. This may just change your life.

  • Never have I heard or read anything so compelling as Jana’s novels as to the life of a family with a heart for those who do not know Christ.. She has a true gift of showing the beauty and the hardships that come with living cross – culturally and the need of showing Christ to those people.

  • Kelley continues to explore the struggles and dilemmas of Christians living in a hostile environment. In the second book in her series we see the fragile nature of humanitarian organizations under an authoritarian regime. We feel the pain of being so far away from family back in the U.S. but also the joy of knowing you are where God wants you to be. I recommend this book.

  • Kelley’s personal experience is evident in her latest book, which contains a life-changing message for the characters and reader. The cultural aspects are portrayed in a realistic and respectful manner. The book educates the reader on the Sudanese culture, which is likely unknown to many. A recap from book one is included, but a greater appreciation for the story will be gained by reading the books in order. The reader may walk away from this tome with a greater appreciation for things which are commonly taken for granted, such as daily freedoms, religion, and life choices. The ending paves the way for a possible, and hopeful, sequel.

  • Door To Freedom by Jana Kelley was a great book. This is the second book in the series and going into this book I was sure I was going to like it because I loved the first book in this series. This is such a unique plot that I can’t help but love it because it is so different from anything else that I have ever read.

  • Author Jana Kelley’s style reads like nonfiction. These tales of persecution are powerful and truthful, yet Kelley is respectful of the Muslim women and their lives. She beautifully explains many of their customs, foods, and everyday life. I learned much from reading these two novels. Both are published by publisher New Hope whose mission is bringing to print books that challenge Christians in their beliefs and their roles in God’s mission.

  • Moments says:

    Jana does an incredible job with bringing the characters and the story as a whole to life. 
    While reading the details really brought to life the situations that these women find themselves in and the persecution that so many people are facing on a daily basis.  It is so hard to imagine in my “cushy” life the trials and the horror that so many live with each day.  This book is such a great reminder and so eye-opening to so many things that Christians and others are having to experience and choose whether to stand up for beliefs and live out their faith. 

  • This book was intense and amazing and very challenging to my own personal faith. Although aware of persecution in other countries for believing contrary to that country’s mandatory beliefs, it is hard sometimes to really grasp the courage of those who are suffering.

  • I enjoyed seeing how the two had matured and how they continued to trust God and His plan for them even in the midst of threats of tribulation. I loved how Scripture was interspersed throughout and how much Mia and Michael relied on God

  • Amanda says:

    I enjoyed this sequel! It was interesting to see how much the characters have changed since the first one, especially Mia and Beth. This series is a wonderful glimpse of what life is like in Sudan.

  • Door to Freedom is an intriguing story sure to pull the reader into its choreography, and maintain a firm grip until the very last page.

  • It is easy for us to forget about the many missionaries throughout the world, but this book reminded me that everyday somewhere someone is taking a stand for their beliefs. The story really delivers a powerful look into a world that few have witnessed and the many traditions that they hold with honor. We may not have the same beliefs but we all want freedom.

  • This is a remarkable story based on true events that shows readers that the life of a missionary isn’t as always as easy as we might think it is. It is dangerous and often times results in the deaths of those simply trying to share the message of hope to those lost in Islam and all the restrictions that family members, especially women face. The best part is the message of hope and salvation that comes to those who find the true light and truth in Jesus Christ. I easily give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • This was a well-written, interesting book that makes you think twice about complaining about America! I really liked the deepening of Mia and Michael’s faith and their increasing boldness to share their faith as they start studying the book of Acts together. Their growth and the way God works things out for them is encouraging.

  • Door to Freedom is the sequel to Side by Side, but can easily be read as a standalone. If you read Side by Side and enjoyed it, then I’ve no doubt you’ll enjoy Door to Freedom as well. If you felt there were some writing and characterisation issues, with Side by Side, then I suspect you’ll see those same issues in Door to Freedom.

    Overall, my impression was that the writing style was best suited to middle grade students or early teens, but the subject matter more appropriate for older teens or adults. Recommended for those looking for an insight into Islamic beliefs or life in an Islamic country. Not recommended for children, despite the writing style.

  • This is the sequel to “Side by Side” and can be read alone. I actually own both books but decided to read this one forgetting the other book came first. The story is split between the Weston family and Rania. While, the book was enjoyable I found Rania’s story more enjoyable and wished it was a greater focus of the story. There are some elements of the story which is vague, like we are never told why the Weston family moved to Sudan and what Mia’s husband, Michael does for the Keller Hope foundation. I do love, how this book gives a wonderful glimpse of Islamic culture, beliefs and customs. A decent book but I don’t see myself ever rereading this book but I would be open to reading other books by the author.

  • This is a quick read but a powerful one. Hopefully readers will finish the story with a softer heart toward Muslims, a greater understanding of the importance of relationship in introducing them to Jesus, and more appreciations for the freedoms and conveniences we so often take for granted. I was inspired by Michael and Mia and their courage as well as their honesty. I’m looking forward to book 3!

  • By The Book says:

    This book is an eye-opener — cultural differences, governmental harassment, and opposition from friend and foe are woven into a highly readable contemporary novel. If you want to know more about life for those on the front lines of mission work, you need to get Door to Freedom.

  • This story is not only inspiring, but it is also gripping. Mia’s decision to proclaim her faith boldly scares her friends and family, but she still remains obedient to God and trusts Him to keep her safe. Rania, the daughter of a Sudanese Arab, seeks to discover the truth behind her sister’s disappearance, and becomes infatuated with Christ. She must make her own decisions about her faith and struggle to stay safe.

  • This book is a really good read and easy read. It is a sequel to Side by Side, but can be read as a stand alone book easily. This would be a great book for teens and young adults to read, as well as adults. Some of the subjects are tough to grasp in respect to the hard times Believers in those countries deal with, but not so much that you should avoid it. It’s an impactful book!

  • I have to admit that I didn’t particularly like this one. I didn’t feel as if the characters in the story were well-developed at all. I didn’t feel as if I could truly know them.
    I also thought that the writing was choppy and didn’t really tie together the stories of Raina and Mia as well as it seemed from the book’s synopsis. It was hard to really see the connectedness of the stories. The events in the story didn’t seem to flow well either.

    The one thing I did really like was the glimpse into the life of a strict Muslim family and culture. I know that it must be so difficult to be a missionary in that culture, to balance the desire to tell people of Jesus Christ with the need to be aware of safety issues and the desire to be considerate to the culture of the people around you.

  • Reading the first book in this series from Jana Kelley, Side by Side, was really eye opening and life changing for me.

    So when I saw there was a second book coming out, Door to Freedom, I couldn’t wait to read it! It was just as inspiring and interesting as the first one! I really like the writing style of Jana Kelley – the events in the book, the culture and the characters really become real to me when reading these books.

    I really recommend reading Door to Freedom and also reading Side by Side first if you haven’t already! They really will be life changing and inspiring as a Christian in today’s world.

  • This book reminded me of the missionary books my mom would make me read in the summer, vivid with sights and smells. I liked the honesty of the book. I have no idea how I’d handle living in a Muslim country where Christian’s are persecuted. We know that missionaries place their lives on the line when they go to a foreign country to share the salvation of Christ, reading some of the life and death events gave me a new appreciation of the dedication they have to bring God’s word to the unsaved.

  • Jana Kelley has painted a very realistic picture of life in northern Sudan. Through her words, the sights and smells can be experienced, as well as the oppressive heat and atmosphere.
    Door To Freedom was a powerful read. It opened my eyes to the cost of following Jesus in Muslim countries. We take our freedoms for granted but others are not so fortunate.

  • I really enjoyed this book. More than that, I am thankful at the work God has done in my heart through this book! Books are a powerful tool God uses in my life to remind me of His truth, His power and His faithfulness! I am happy to recommend this book!

  • Door to Freedom built well on Side by Side, showing development in the characters. The book gives the reader an understanding of what life is like in Sudan — for Christian ex-pats, as well as for locals. You can’t read this and still paint with the “all Muslims are evil” paintbrush — it makes you realize that Muslims are people just like us, with friends, with family tensions, with hopes and dreams, but mostly with a deep need for the peace that comes only from the Gospel.

  • `Door to Freedom` is part two of a two-part series written by author Jana Kelley. In order to understand part two, it is important to read part one `Side by Side`. Part one is the beginning of Mia, and her families move to Sudan. This series is inspired by real-life events.

    As I read the series I felt turmoil in my emotions. Such horrible actions take place within the Muslim faith; female circumcision, abuse to females who chose to follow Jesus, demonic men leading crowds with cheers of `There is no god but Allah`, and disownment by family members. To become a Christian is to bring dishonor to your Muslim family.

  • After the last contemporary missionary story disappointment, my hopes for redemption were high. Though this book’s content was on a moral high ground, for as far as I could tell, the plot lacked, and the writing was simplistic. Unordinarily, this book’s ability to capture my attention fell short. Not to be overly critical, but I also was a little put off by the length of the chapters – sometimes just one and a half pages. I would have preferred longer chapters with page dividers. Lengthened and more complex scenes would help out as well.

  • Noveltea says:

    While I really liked this book, the first one did a better job of grabbing me in. Once again though, it was interesting and enlightening to dive into the story and see another culture. I especially liked getting to read from Rania’s perspective. She was the somewhat pesky younger sister in the last book, and she’d really changed and matured in this book. I can only imagine how crazy life would have been for her with trying to figure out what to do, knowing 100% what the consequences for her actions would be. Knowing in theory and knowing

  • Part of New Hope Publishers’ line of contemporary missional fiction, Door to Freedom, the sequel to Side by Side, opens the reader’s eyes to modern-day persecution and the life of Muslims in Sudan. Based on real-life events, Door to Freedom also reveals some of the struggles that Christians face when living under Islamic law. The reader will be inspired to pray for those who are persecuted for their faith as well as for the salvation of the persecutors.

  • “Door to Freedom” is the second book in this two-part series by Jana Kelley. Although it’s not required to read “Side by Side”(book one), it would be helpful to read it so that you can understand the second book.

  • I enjoyed this glimpse of the life of a Christian missionary family in an Islamic country. The fact that Door to Freedom is inspired by real life events makes it have an even greater impact. Be sure to add this to your to-read list.

  • When I first started reading Door to Freedom, I feared I might have to “muscle through” to complete it. Instead, I stayed up late to finish it and went to bed feeling like it was Christmas Eve–so very excited to be a Christian! I needed to truly be reminded how many people are persecuted for their faith, how many people are seeking out Truth, and how many people are risking their jobs and have given up Western comforts to share about Christ around the world. Jana Kelley has created a novel rich in character development, sensitivity, and empathy. It is very deep and an easy read at the same time. I’ve never read anything quite like it, and am making it a point to read her previous novel as well as her future ones!

  • A thought provoking and eye-opening book, even convicting. It’s written in a style appropriate for YA readers, yet its themes are adult-level serious. Its strength is the glimpse it gives of religious realities for Muslim & Christian faiths alike – and the resulting challenge to the reader’s personal faith.

  • I loved Door To Freedom so much – I just couldn’t stop turning the pages. I was captivated by the rich descriptions of Sudan and its people, and I learned so much about the Sudanese culture and the Muslim religion. Not only that, Jana provides an insider look at what it’s like for Christians living in Sudan and how difficult it is to evangelize there.

  • Jana gives readers a clearer picture of the day to day life and religion of Muslims in Sudan and how those seeking to present and live the gospel before them should interact and live before them. While the writing is a little stilted in places, the story is captivating. I was challenged, convicted, and encouraged by Mia’s story and Rania’s. The book could be read as a stand-alone, but I really encourage readers to dive into Side by Side first for context and introduction to characters.

  • This book was such a wonderful read, I utterly devoured the two books in the series in a matter of days which is saying something! This book takes Mia and her family through another test of their faith as things in Sudan become harder and harder and threats are all around them, do they have the faith to stand up in the time of great danger even when there appears to be someone reporting them? We also get to know Rania who is upset and distraught over her sisters disappearance when she became a Christian, is Rania going to find that peace her sister found and is she willing to sacrifice everything to embrace it? Thought provoking and well written this book really brings to light what it must be like for those who are willing to give it all for the gospel.

  • Nancy Jones says:

    This is a very touching story which gives one tremendous insight into the dangers of Christians living in a country under Islamic law. It also showcases the dangers encounter by Muslims who convert to Christianity.

    Mia and Michael live with their children in Sudan. They want to share their Christian faith with those they encounter, but must be very caeful. Persecution is a very real danger to both the Muslims who convert and those instrumental in bringing them to Christ.

  • Easy to read, easy to follow, and well paced. Thought provoking and very interesting. Very good use of graphic imagery, and truly brought the Sudan people and culture to life. This is the 2nd book in a series, and I would say reading the first book would be a great idea. This is from real life events, so it makes it that much more intense.

  • Jana gives the reader a glimpse of how Muslim woman are treated and how Christians endeavor to live in an area where they are persecuted due to their beliefs.

  • This story is so strong for me because it is based off of some of the author’s own experiences. This way, we as the reader get an inside look at a religion and culture that we mainly see and hear about on the news.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and topic, and found the challenges, emotions, and thought processes that the main characters go through to be believable and relatable, even though the reality of that situation is rather unimaginable to those of us in North America.

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