Four Weddings and a Kiss

Four Weddings and a Kiss

Four Weddings and a Kiss

Spitfire Sweetheart by Mary Connealy

Maisy MacGregor’s reckless ways injured rancher Rylan Carstens, endangering his livelihood. So she signs on as his caregiver – but just until he’s well enough to run his ranch. Maisy’s tender care soon has Ryan falling hard and fast. Can these two willfull souls give up their solitary ways to embrace love?

A Love Letter to the Editor by Robin Lee Hatcher

Molly Everton writes the most popular features in her town’s newspaper. When newcomer Jack Ludgrove is named the new editor, Molly is flabbergasted. She wants the position for herself and will do what it takes to get it. But Jack is not easily intimidated. He’s determined to change Molly’s mind about him – and win her heart too.

A Cowboy for Katie by Debra Clopton

Katie Pearl must rebuild her ranch after the tornado, but she can’t do it on her own. Treb Rayburn is a cowboy with a serious case of wanderlust. He signs on to help Katie so he can afford a new horse. But once Treb gets to know Katie, will his desire to stay drown out the call of the open road?

Courting Trouble by Margaret Brownley

Grace Davenport is a young widow in a heap of trouble. When her son asks attorney Brock Daniels to take on her case, Brock wants to say no, but then he meets the lovely Grace. As Brock and the boy work to free Grace, Brock discovers that her arrest may be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

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  • Cute and light. Perfect for a summer read!

  • Each story can be read in a sitting and makes you want to keep turning the pages and read the next story. A really good clean romance, and a cute way they all tie together.

  • I really love to read romance anthologies. They are quick and each author writes a wonderful story in their own way of writing. The four authors in this anthology have given us really heartwarming stories of love. I love to read all of the books that they write. –

  • FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS is written by some of my favorite historical and cowboy writers. Mary, Margaret, Debra and Robin. All four have strong feisty heroines and a quick story line that will draw you in and keep you hooked from the beginning to end. Not heavy reads, and with four stories in one book, it’s easy to read one, set the book down to do something and come back and read another.

    I love that Thomas Nelson and Revell have started doing anthologies. I hope to see more of them in the future. These are great summer time reads – great for vacation, or lazy days at the pool. Don’t miss FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS.

  • have to say that with most of these authors being new to my TBR pile, I really enjoyed these stories. I found myself on the edge of my seat with the suspense, but I also found myself thrilled with the anticipation of seeing each couple become one ! I think the way this starts out in the prologue was so funny. All in all this is a delightful series of stories

  • Mary Connealy writes a fun story with characters I’d love to spend more time with. I love a story with a head strong woman determined to be herself. Our Father in Heaven…

    Robin Lee Hatcher has given Molly fortitude that could be her downfall.. Truth is God and the truth will prevail. There is romance, intrigue and especially faith and hope in God…

    Debra Clopton writes a heart-wrenching story about a young woman barely holding on to reality. The author reveals how God will provide if we ask and believe he will answer, which happened in the form of Will Treb…

    In this story Margaret Brownley created the wonderful character, Brock Daniels in that he was so determined and lead by God to help this broken family. I loved the sweet mannered young boy he will pull at your heart..

  • Spitfire Sweetheart
    This was a fun, light-hearted, quick read! I always enjoy Mary’s stories and this one was no different!
    A Love Letter to the Editor
    I liked both Jack and Molly’s characters and enjoyed watching their story play out!
    A Cowboy for Katie
    This was a cute story! It was funny how they were both determined that they would never fall in love and get married, yet they ended up finding their perfect match in the person they least expected to, at least at first!
    Courting Trouble
    I loved the premise of this story! It was very unique and the author executed it well!

  • An engaging and entertaining collection of distinctly different, but well written short stories full of humor and love set against a western plain.

    I loved how each of the stories was woven together with faith, and had a wise preacher who gave godly wisdom. This was a lovely collection of stories, with an extra “kiss” at the end. A wonderful collection, that is both short and sweet, I would definitely recommend this book to fans of western romance!

  • Prey Species says:

    Spitfire Sweetheart – This story has a great premise, but is rough in execution. There is too much story happening too quickly in too little space.

    A Love Letter to the Editor- Robin Lee Hatcher evidently doesn’t need an entire novel all to herself to spell bind a reader with romance.

    A Cowboy for Katie- Excellent use of plot and story line to convey very emotionally charged character development quickly and efficiently in an action packed short story that somehow manages to keep from going over the top.

    Courting Trouble- Touching and filled with encouragement, Brownley’s characters are truly well developed. The story unveils plot lines effortlessly and makes falling in love in under 200 pages plausible.

  • “Four Weddings & a Kiss” is a collection of novellas by four of my favorite authors of western romance that features couples who appear to be unsuitable for each other. Novella collections such as this are perfect for those hot summer afternoons when one needs a cool break under the air conditioner, by the pool, on the beach or in the backyard under a shade tree.

    Each novella stood on its own with strong feminine characters and men who were able to meet them as equals. Humor was plentiful in all of the stories yet there was adequate serious material also. The short format allowed the authors little space to develop a romance but I felt that each one of them did a bang-up job. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book and would be hard pressed to choose a favorite from among the four. I how the prologue set things up and I also liked learning what happened to that particular preacher at the end.

  • All four of these stories were excellent, with likeable characters and very interesting plots. The leading men in all four novellas are all appropriately swoon-worthy. Whether they began the story with an understanding heart toward the leading ladies, or have to gain some insight throughout the book, I found myself rooting for them to open their hearts and embrace the special woman that God created just for them.

    I highly recommend this novella collection to fans of Christian historical fiction, especially if you like a western theme to your stories.

  • WordSmith says:

    I enjoyed all four of the stories in this collection of novellas. It seemed as if each tale was better than the last. Of course, when I saw “A Western Bride Collection” on the front of the book, I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed. 🙂 Some of my favorite novels tend to be Westerns.

  • book reviews says:

    From the prologue I was hooked on this book!

  • This is a book where you wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair and have warm cider to drink as you savor each story. All the stories are so well written and the romance is perfect, tender not overboard or forced.

  • Veronica's 'Views says:

    They were very well-written; the stories felt fleshed out and the characters realistic even though each story wasn’t very long. I loved the strong heroines and the tough men who met their match. The stories made me laugh out loud, but they also had their serious side as the women found themselves in tough predicaments and some of the characters were dealing with past hurts or distrust.

  • If you like reading anthologys or short novellas, then Four Weddings & a Kiss is a book you will want to pick up and devour. The authors offer up wonderful stories that will put a smile on any reader’s face.

    I would highly recommend Four Weddings & a Kiss to anyone who enjoys light-hearted reading. You can easily read each novella in one sitting. If I were to say anything negative about the book it is that I would love to learn more about all of these characters. All the women had spunk and the men had the willingness to tame them. An enjoyable read.

  • Described as “tales of feisty heroines, stubborn heroes, and unlikely love in the Wild West,” these stories capture the spirit, atmosphere, and romance of America’s West in the 1800’s. Anyone who likes novella collections should enjoy Four Weddings and a Kiss. The endings are quick and neatly wrapped up, yet fulfilling. And I congratulate these authors on the unique way of tying their stories together. I had been reading a long and deep World War II drama, and it was so relaxing to take breaks with these novellas. The collection was a light, fun comfort read for me, with good spiritual insights as well.

  • “In 1885 five western preachers sit around a campfire talking about unlikely couples they’ve seen God bring together.”
    Spitfire Sweetheart~A romantically funny tale of outward appearance or the heart.
    A Love Letter to the Editor~Unknown that he is coming into a set aside dream, Molly sets out to displace Jack Ludgrove before he gets a good start. Not to be hindered, Jack sets out to place Molly in clear view and matters of the heart.
    A Cowboy for Katie~She will include a horse? That’s too good to be true… it usually is… happenstance isn’t always happenstance.
    Courting Trouble~It’s the little things that matter; the inconspicuous, incidentals of life brought into the open.
    I enjoyed “…and a Kiss” begun in the Prologue, melding the stories in the Epilogue. A fun grouping of stories.

  • Four Weddings and a Kiss was a delightful read. The frame style is one that I have only seen once before, but I thought it worked really well for this collection of stories. I found Spitfire Sweetheart to be funny and cheered for Maizy when she stood up for herself. A Love Letter to the Editor was completely Hatcher’s style and a great sample of her work. A Cowboy for Katie turned out to be truly sweet, while Courting Trouble had a good sense of danger for such a short read.

  • This was the cutest idea for a novella compilation. I loved how it started with five preachers around a campfire trying to show the youngest of them that love doesn’t always come or work out the way you would think it would. They each had a love story to tell of unlikely love between unlikely couples…

    If you enjoy reading Christian Historical Romance, then I’d definitely recommend Four Weddings and a Kiss. The stories were sweet, spunky, inspirational without being preachy, and it was nice to be able to read each story in one sitting and feel that satisfaction from an enjoyable story with a happily-ever-after ending.

  • I really enjoyed reading all four tales. I give Four Weddings and a Kiss, 4 stars. Each of the stories has intriguing qualities about them and I am sure you, my readers will love them!

  • I received a copy of Four Weddings and a Kiss from Litfuse in exchange for my review. All opinions listed are 100% my own.

    Four Weddings and a Kiss is a great way to sample four authors, if you have never read any of their material before. I have personally read books from all of them so I knew that this novella was going to be awesome.

  • Katie Pearl and Treb Rayburn’s story ranks my as my favorite in this very lovely collection of short stories.

    A great read!

  • These four novellas are a delight to read. They pack a wollop of a punch from four very talented authors and ring true. A woman who doesn’t dress the way others think she should? Another who’s accused of murder? When God decides to put people together, watch out. He’s going to get His way, come what may. Each story hits home with a different theme we can all learn from.

  • Four great authors join together to form a fun summer read. While each story, is a novella, they are quick easy, light-hearted read. The prologue of this story, snatches you into the book, with you trying to see which preacher had the best story, to help convince the young minister it was ok to marry someone who didn’t seem suited for a ministerial life.
    These stories each showcase a strong woman, perfect examples to the young minister that strong women make wonderful wives and brides. This collection of Western Bride stories receives 4 stars from this reviewer.
    This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

  • Similar to the authors’ past collaboration, A Bride For All Seasons, the four novellas in Four Weddings and a Kiss are well-written with enjoyable characters. Brownley, Clopton, Connealy and Hatcher are at the top of their game in the Christian romance genre and their writing skills shine in each captivating story. Overall, Four Wedding and a Kiss is an enjoyable anthology featuring four great western romances.

  • A perfect collection brought to you exclusively by four brilliant authors of our time. A Western Bride Collection, is bursting at the seems with romance in the west. The talent of these four authors is proven in the writings of these great stories sure to warm your heart and soul.

  • These short stories are conveyed with such tenderness and grace that instills heartwarming emotions for the main characters involved in beginning relationships. I recommend reading this novel for avid readers of historical western romance who want an easy read for a lazy or rainy Sunday afternoon.

  • If I’m completely honest, as much as I enjoyed this book, I think the prologue was my favorite part! There was a humor in these men that just made me smile. I’d put this down as another great before bedtime read..where you can read a section or the whole book and go to sleep smiling.

  • Cassandra’s Review- A classic love story, or is it? This book is a be sure to read goodie. I would recommend for adults as they would connect more.

  • Do you love Westerns and good, clean romance stories set in the late 1800’s?

    If so, then Four Weddings And A Kiss – A Western Bride Collection is a must-read addition to your summer reading list!

    Four Weddings And A Kiss is a collection of novellas – written by four best-selling, award-winning romance authors – that remind us that God sometimes brings unlikely people together for a purpose – His purpose.

    The stories are tied together by a common thread…

    Get ready to laugh. Get ready to cry. Get ready to enjoy four stories of how God brought together the most unlikely of couples under the most unusual of circumstances!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe that you will too!

  • All Meant To Shine says:

    This is another wonderful set of stories written by these authors. The prologue of this book makes you chuckle and captures your interest in the stories that follow. The stories are wonderfully written and full of characters that you want to read more about. I love the “novella” type of story because they are shorter that average novels and they are packed full with main story line. If you are looking for a great book that you can pick up and start up again after doing what you need to do then this is a great one for you!

  • My Review:

    This was a very nice collection of stories! These are some of my favorite authors so naturally I enjoyed each one of their novellas, but I do believe that my favorite was Spitfire Sweetheart. The story was so well written and the characters were hysterical! The introduction to the short stories was well written too, I thought it was a really neat idea how they opened and ended the book.

  • Overall, while I liked some stories more than others, Four Weddings and a Kiss is an enjoyable quartet of romances, perfect for a light read for anyone who likes their Christian romance with a solid dose of cowboys, and plenty of Wild West.

  • In Spitfire Sweetheart by Mary Connealy I liked the male character more so than Maizy. The story was cute and rather humorous. The only thing I didn’t like is the beginning of the book when the two meet unexpectedly. There is a grizzly bear involved and I found that to be rather silly for the location but it did add humor.

    In Love Letter to the Editor by Robin Lee Hatcher I loved it all! The storyline, the setting ( I love reading about newspapers and working on one) and the characters. There was a bit of mystery within the two main characters and a bit of humor. It was well written and out of all the stories this one was my favorite.

  • I have so many Western Romance novels from each of these remarkable women in my personal library and loved gaining this unique collection of stories to add to my growing collection. Each of these stories shows that even the unlikeliest of couples can find true happiness in whatever their situation despite the odds set against them. They are people that God brings together to find more than just love, but healing and forgiveness as well. I easily give this collection a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion!

  • Four incredible authors come together for this lovely tale of love,romance and mystery. I loved the way the stories intertwined with the story tellers and how even though each was a short story in the big picture they were thorough stories of each character. Fantastic read!

  • This is a fun collection of historical romance novellas. They are an encouragement to those who march to a different drummer because the couples are so mismatched. But romance wins out, reminding us that God’s plans are often what we might not expect. Great characters, good stories, a very nice collection of novellas.

  • I’m a sucker for a good western story. I love them! I mean really, how can you beat a story with some fantastic cowboys. In my mind you can’t. And with Four Weddings and a Kiss, you don’t just get one handsome, hero cowboy, but four.

  • I love a well-written novella! All of these stories gave me a good sense of the characters and connected me to their emotions. The premise of unlikely couples let me know that things were going to get interesting… and they sure did!

  • Each story in this book has a firecracker female, and a man trying to tame her. If there is one thing I love it is a snarky, spunky female driving the men crazy, and each female in these stories does that.
    The stories are tender and full of fun. This is a perfect summer read, one that you’ll want to keep on the shelf and read it again.
    It would be great if this book would spark a series.
    Highly recommended!

  • Four Weddings and a Kiss was a great book to read. I love books like this one because it is just a collection of 4 short stories written by different authors. I love that you get to read 4 different authors stories in one book and have to stories all tie in together at the end.

  • WORD Up! says:

    Five preachers sitting around a campfire talking about love sets the stage for this terrific anthology: “Four Weddings and a Kiss”, with stories by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher. This entertaining and thought-provoking set of stories is a worthwhile way to spend a long weekend.

  • Four Weddings and a Kiss is a delightful novella collection. Following in the steps of the authors’ previous collaboration, A Bride for All Seasons, this collection is full of stories that are connected only through the prologue and epilogue, so the authors didn’t need to write about the same characters, which can be a problem in novella collections.

    Even though I didn’t love all of the novellas, this is still a great collection! And I suspect that other readers will really love the stories that didn’t interest me as much. That’s what’s great about novella collections—there’s usually something for everyone!

  • Four Weddings & A Kiss is four Novella’s written by four of my favorite authors, Mary Connealy, Margaret Brownley, Robin Lee Hatcher, and Debra Clopton has written four outstanding romances to make up this wonderful book. I love them all, they are all so wonderful I can’t pick one favorite. I n each story, the young lady seems to be thrown into a situation she doesn’t want to be in, making adding an intriguing twist to each couple’s tale. I laughed a while and sniffed a while as I read each story, a story of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Can you pick a favorite?

  • This was an easy book to say yes to reading, and an easy book to read. Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Mary Connealy and Robin Lee Hatcher are amazing historical authors who are masters at writing strong heroine characters and sweet romances. Four Weddings and A Kiss is no exception.

    The stories are quick reads with memorable characters and fun plots. The men are as strong as the women and the sparks fly despite the different conflicts in each book. Although each story is very different, I loved having them all in one collection. I don’t know how to explain it, but these authors, these stories together—it felt right.

    Reading Four Weddings and A Kiss is going to feel right, too. I believe this is a great summer read you’ll enjoy.

  • Moments says:

    I loved this collection of western novellas! I enjoy all of these authors’ works and these stories were fun to read as I liked the storylines and also the characters. I have really been into Mary Connealy’s most recent series and I just finished her “Stuck Together” and was sad to see this series end, so I was thrilled to have another chance to read some of her work and I enjoyed reading about Maizy and Rylan.

  • Each of these novella’s were wonderfully written with spunky, head-strong women and stubborn, good-looking cowboys. This book is a must read for those who enjoy westerns! You’ll find humor, danger, romance, trust, faith, fear, and love in all of these short books. Each character learns to depend on God and accept His will for their life, even if it’s not what they had planned. They also come to learn that God sends love through the people they wouldn’t expect and at a time when they least expect it.

  • I really loved the book and the way this book flows with four different stories but all linked on one way. Each story has a strong heroine in different ways. Great read.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    This book was appealing to me on so many levels, first I love historical fiction and I love novellas, so it was a win win! Unlikely romance is another one of my favorite things, and that’s just what I got with each story in Four Weddings and a Kiss. Each story is set in the west and feature strong female leads. While each story is a novella, none are short of plot or character development, the author’s effortlessly drew me into each story, with vivid descriptions and characters that were easy to connect too. Short and sweet,just what I expect with a novella. What a wonderful way to sample the work of these four authors. Anyone who enjoys historical western romance should give this book a try.

  • Each story was a great love story. However, they were just TOO SHORT! They felt a little unbelievable because the stories were so short and concise and the story just couldn’t develop like I am used to with stand alone books from these authors.

    My two favorites were A Cowboy for Katie by Debra Clopton and Courting Trouble by Margaret Brownley but overall I was a little disappointed in the overall book. They just needed more development to make them more believable.

    However, I love the concept of combining all these AWESOME authors and their stories, but it just didn’t work for me as well this time around.

  • All four stories are about women who had come on hard times but managed to survive and went on to find happiness despite the bad troubles that were in their pasts.

    Just goes to show that meeting the right man can go a long way into changing a woman’s bad luck and I have to admit the last story about Grace and her 3 dead husbands sure did take the cake, but her son came through for her and found the perfect lawyer to handle her case, in more ways than one!

    But, really, all four are great love stories with different themes and troubles, but if you can get past those troubling times and hang on to yourself, things will get better. Ask all four ladies, as they all end up with the man and the wedding!

  • What a delight to read another group of stories from these four talented ladies. Prepare to be swept back in history to the era of the Old West. You won’t be disappointed.

  • I Love the way this all starts! The more books I read by Mary Connealy the more I LOVE her writing! There are SO many of her characters that I LOVE and Mazie has shot to the top of the list!!!…Next is Robin Lee Hatcher’s A Love Letter to the Editor. This is a sweet read! I enjoyed the character dialogue and loved the plot…This is the first from Debra I’ve read and I LOVED IT!!!…Courtroom stories aren’t always my thing, but I LOVE Margaret’s writing!…,and I found myself really enjoying this Court case romance with humor in the midst of danger!…Overall this book is a fantastic Must read!!!! This collection of novellas is SO good I could read it over and over and over again! These four authors are an excellent quartet and should write more and more novellas together! 😀

  • I was so excited to get this book in the mail. Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy and Robin Lee Hatcher are all authors that I have read in the past, and I absolutely adore them. Debra Clopton, however, I had never heard of. Turns out, her novella was the one that I enjoyed most! I mean, none of them were . . . bad per say, but I was pretty disappointed. I ‘ve come to expect a lot from this group of authors because I have seen what they are capable of. It seemed to me that most of the novella’s in this collection were just thrown together in a hurry in order to meet a deadline. I could even write something like this, and that’s saying something. Maybe I’m just not a novella person. Most of them leave me wanting. I have read precious few that really impress me because most authors don’t take the time to make a REAL story out of it. Now, all this being said, I didn’t absolutely hate it. I’m a sucker for a good country romance, and that’s just what this collection is (even if some couples were a bit hasty in my opinion). And there were some really sweet moments with some even sweeter characters. I would have to say that my favorite book in this collection would be “A Cowboy For Katie” by Debra Clopton. It was just a really sweet, lighthearted story. I would recommend this collection to anyone that doesn’t have a lot of book related deadlines like I did when I read it, and to someone who is looking for a book to read at intervals (vacation, maybe?). Happy reading!

  • Great book. I love reading books with authors I have not read before and this book had 4 new ones. Each book was well written and I liked the characters in them. I love Western romances. My favorite of the 4 books was the last one Courting Trouble by Margaret Brownley. Grace needs some help she was arrested and needs to be freed. Brock Daniels takes the case for free and finds out that he is interested in Grace. You will need to read Courting Trouble to find out what happens. Read all 4 of these great stores today!

  • This is a book I thoroughly fell in love with! Characters that are a hoot, plots that make you laugh and a love for God that has you thinking. Each story is fleshed out so it didn’t even feel like a novella. Loved it!

  • These stories were all such enjoyable reads. Each story had something that made it sweet plus it’s just nice to just have a short story to read every now and then. None of the stories had super-complicated plots that took a lot of thought or concentration to read. There was enough story and tension to want to keep going and the characters were all quite likeable. The stories each had a dose of humor to them, causing me to smile on occasion. Overall, this was a fun collection to read and a nice break from longer novels, and an awesome afternoon read for this summer season!

  • I was really glad to see these 4 author’s names on the same book once again. I had really enjoyed this last book that they all wrote together, A Bride for All Seasons. All four of these authors are some of my favorites and I really like it when they write a good western!

    Each of these novellas could stand alone, but they flowed well together. Many books with more than one author can seem more choppy and not as well put together. I liked their idea to make the stories flow by adding an additional person to the story. This left them room to develop their story freely and independently from each other.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation by these authors. The writing is brilliant, entertaining and each has a unique flavor. Wrapped around the four novellas is a tasty little mini tale that was very creative and very cute too; I loved it! Whether you have read other stories by these authors or not, grab a copy of this book and just relax and enjoy. It is well worth the time to do so!

  • Who would not love this book? I mean look at that author list! Seriously some of the best out there. I am hard pressed to choose my favorite part. I would say that I love Courting Trouble the best. I loved getting to find out the answer to who the killer was while also seeing our widow shown that she was worthy of true love. But, all of the four books were really good! Definitely a book to check out to read. Four Weddings and a Kiss should be on the must read list for summer for everyone!

  • Loved, loved, loved this book! Four stories in one book. Women who are ahead of the times–spitefirers if you will. A great read for a summer afternoon. Terrific writers! Highly recommend reading!

  • I loved the idea of a group of men telling stories to a fellow who is in a turmoil. I like to use stories as examples to people myself so I could relate. I loved the strength of each lead female character and how each one found true love.

  • This review is for the book “Four Weddings and a Kiss” which is part of the Western Bride Collection. It is a collection of four novellas written by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Mary Connealy, and Robin Lee Hatcher. Now, I have read books by all these ladies before and I enjoyed them. I liked these stories because they all had a common theme (historical romance, strong leading female character) but they were separate stories. The book also includes reading group guides which is great for your book club. I think the stories were enjoyable and they will keep your attention, particularly if you like the historical romance genre.

    Thank you to Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

  • It took me a bit to get into this book…I’m not sure why because once I got started, I really enjoyed it. I thought the book had a pretty fast pace to it but I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I’d hoped. I think maybe because the four stories were nearly stand alone and were only tied together by the prologue and epilogue. That’s the only thing I would have changed about this book. I would have made the story flow a bit better together.

  • Four novellas, four authors and four weddings. So where on earth does the kiss come in?

    It was a long night, but Reverend Miller was just happy to be going home the next morning. He had no inkling of the surprise that waited there for him.

    These four ladies are fine authors and I enjoy reading all of them, both individually and collectively. I’m looking forward to their next venture.

  • This is a very nice romance anthology with 4 of the best authors that I really like. Their stories are always wonderful and their characters seem to be a lot of fun with nice traits. Even though I really don’t usually like to read cowboy romances I was glad to be able to read these as I enjoyed reading them, I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group and all opinions are my own.
    – See more at:

  • As far as novella collections go this is one of the best I have read. The plots are diverse, the settings (even though they are all set in the West) are each unique to its own story so you don’t feel as if you left a story but never left the town. The characters in each story are so endearing and each heroine is a real spitfire but, I have to say, Katie Pearl from Debra Clopton’s A Cowboy for Katie is my overall favorite. This is a collection that made me smile, cry and rejoice with the characters and that’s all I really want out of a book. I had one adventure after another without leaving the comfort of my living room. With these four authors you can’t go wrong. I will be recommending Four Weddings and a Kiss to family and friends. If you love historical romance, this is a Must Read!

  • I really enjoyed this book. It’s the first book I have read by Mary Connealy. She really draws you into the characters and gets you ready to find out what is going to happen next. I am so excited to have found another author that I love to read. I highly recommend this book. It’s a perfect weekend read.

  • As much as I love novels, and non-fiction, there is a time when sometimes a quick read from a Novella is exactly what this book-lover needs! Whether it’s for a short road trip, reading pool or beach side, or while snuggled up with a quilt and cup of tea, a novella often is the perfect book to bring you into a great story, when you are short on time. This is seen particularly in the above book, Four Weddings and A Kiss.
    Four of my favorite authors have joined forces for a set of four super stories! Each story contains well written, fast paced stories that will introduce you to a great cast of characters, each with their own pros and cons, yet they are such that each can be related to.

  • My Thoughts On The Book: I loved the beginning of the book as four seasoned ministers sit and listen to a young pastor talk about being in love with his exact opposite. Each of the four ministers then shares a story from their lives of opposites attracting. Each story is written by a different author so each story has its own flair. Each of the brides were all head strong and independent women in a male dominated world and time. I could not put the book down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and each one of the stories told. This is just the book for readers who like a good easy read.

    Disclaimer: This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson and their Book Look Bloggers Program in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts are entirely my own. Thank you for this opportunity.

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