God’s Crime Scene for Kids

God’s Crime Scene for Kids

God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective (David C Cook, September 2017)

Hone your reasoning skills as you investigate evidence in the universe to determine the most reasonable cause for everything we see in creation.

In this companion to Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, Jason uncovers a mystery in his grandmother’s attic. He and his friends, Hannah, Daniel and Jasmine, enlist the help of Detective Jeffries at the Jr. Detective’s Academy. Along the way, they develop the skills needed to investigate the mystery and the evidence of God’s existence. The cadets learn logical-thinking skills as they examine the contents of a mysterious box and the vast universe.

In God’s Crime Scene for Kids, real-life detective J. Warner Wallace shows kids ages 8 to 12 what skills are needed to solve Jason’s mystery, and at the same time looks at evidence in the universe that demonstrates God is the creator. Ultimately, kids will learn how to make their own case for God’s existence.

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  • I was thrilled to get another chance for my son and me to read another book from this author. We read his last book “Cold Case Christianity” and really enjoy it. The same is true of this follow-up title. I love the way Warner uses a fictional story and combines it with facts and truths about God and Creation.

  • Kids wondering whether God is real or grappling with the “why’s” of human existence will find answers as the case unfolds in God’s Crime Scene for Kids.

  • It has been said that if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Having just recently turned the last pages on God’s Crime Scene for Kids, it is clear to me that author and apologist J. Warner Wallace understands the material well…. this is a fantastic resource for any parent, Sunday school teacher or pastor looking to equip the youth in their care in a way that is deeper, more challenging, and (I believe) more fruitful than simply teaching them bible stories. Highly recommended.

  • The book took an interesting approach of blending two different types of mysteries together.

  • This is more than JUST a bible study book for kids! this easy reader chapter book, reads like a comic book, BUT what it is teaching kids is to not only realize how much they already know about Hod, but how they can justify his existence to others! At the older elementary age, when they start questioning, this is the perfect time for this book! By using a ‘crime scene’ concept, J Warner lets kids discuss and formulate their own theories, in a way that they can easily understand!

  • This is such a cool idea for kids . . . J. Warner Wallace and his wife, Susie Wallace, have written a great new series for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

  • I thought this book was a fun way to get kids to think about the evidence that God has given us of Himself in His creation all around us. This book helps them to take the different thinking skills they have learned through the fictional story and apply them to their real life surroundings. I like books that encourage critical thinking!

  • The tough part of writing this review is that most of what I want to say, I already said in my review of Cold-Case Christianity for Kids. This book follows the same format, is just as well-written, and is also a book that I think every parent ought to work through with their kids in the age range of 8-14 or so.

  • Moments says:

    There are illustrations throughout the book as well as little boxes that highlight key points or ask questions or share tips on detective work.  These “extras” add so much to the book and story and help hold children’s attention spans and focus.  What kid hasn’t wanted to be a detective or spy and solve mysteries?!  Therefore, this is an excellent book for kids that will entertain and teach and I am eager to check out more by the Wallaces. 

  • WORD Up! says:

    This book is filled with tools and challenges to build faith and sound reasoning techniques. “God’s Crime Scene for Kids” is a great tool to help build a solid faith foundation for Children of God of all ages. I’m sure I will read it many times myself and I can’t wait to share it with my grandson.

  • If you and your children are looking to learn more about the evidence for God’s existence then God’s Crime Scene for Kids is a wonderful place to start. J. Warner Wallace makes understanding the process of detective work easy to follow and shows how these logical thinking skills easily apply to discovering and making a case for God. This book will lead children to a deeper understanding of their faith and how to successfully develop a case for God’s existence.

  • I loved the first book in this Cold-Case Christianity for Kids series, so I have been looking forward to reading God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective. And I wasn’t disappointed. I love the approach to creation facts as given in the Bible, proving once again that God doesn’t lie.

  • I thought that this was unique book and I loved how the author uses his background as a detective in a forensic approach to our Christian faith.

  • God’s Crime Scene For Kids captured my girl’s imagination, engaged her mind, and taught her not only valuable apologetics but critical thinking skills that she will use for the rest of her life. Every day, my daughter and I looked forward to reading the book, watching the videos, and completing the worksheets. It provoked deep conversations about God, initiated some good bonding time, and gave my daughter confidence in what she believes.

  • This book works through basic apologetics with kids through the lens of a police cadet academy and middle-schoolers who are learning to think logically and deductively about different elements of Christianity. The book contains great illustrations and are filled with tips and apologetic tools but in a way that younger kids can understand. While there are adult versions of the books, I love how these introduce important questions in a way that younger students can begin in wrestle with them. In God’s Crime Scene the cadets are on the quest to discover who left a box of items in the attic for Jason to find and why. The detective uses this process to help show how there is evidence for a Creator.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    I am just thrilled with this book! It is perfect for a devotional type study with your kids to help with apologetics! The characters are interesting, and we are even a character in the book. It really engages the kids in thinking about the two mysteries and how to solve them.

  • If you want a great teaching and learning tool for kids check out the book God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a real detective. There are activity downloads for parents and kids to do together and videos too. So, not only are the kids involved, but the parents are involved too.

  • I was excited when I saw this title as an option for review. My oldest son, Colton, who is 6 is starting to ask questions about Salvation. I thought this would help along with the process and would help answer questions that come up when talking about Salvation. My son and I enjoyed reading this book – It’s not only a kids bible study book, it also has a lot of great pictures in it.

  • The book has lots of opportunities for interaction within its pages, and there’s also a website with videos and activity pages for each chapter. This would be a great book for families to go through together, and I also think it would work well for Sunday school. It’s entertaining, logical, and easy to understand, and I think it’s a great resource!

  • What I enjoyed about this book for middle grade readers is the inclusive point-of-view given to the reader. The reader becomes one of the cadets and is encouraged throughout the story to think alongside the other characters. The mystery is engaging but the factual evidence is presented in a way that is understandable and conclusive to readers.

  • This would be a great witnessing tool or great for your church’s children’s classes. It would also be a fantastic gift for any child in your life. I can’t wait to dive into this with my kids.

  • I think this is an awesome books for kids to read to learn that God does exist and that he did create our world. I know some people have different ideas bescuse of science but this book will show you otherwise. God made this Earth and the beauty around you. The characters are fun an

  • A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Exploring that is good for our kids!

  • Move over Sherlock! A new group of crime scene investigators – tweens- are being trained by a cold-case specialist not only to hone their investigative skills but to use these skills to prove the existence of God and the universe. Great book for families!

  • “God’s Crime Scene For Kids” is more than just a book for your kids to devour – it’s something that you can experience and learn from together as a whole family!

  • This book had a lot of encouraging and compelling to read with have a lot of knowledge that we can compare or creative and put a little bit of some more of your ideals that we can be used to our real life living and follow by God sign inside of the story of this book.

  • I read the book, but also had my 9 yr old read it to get a perspective from the targeted age group. I was a little thrown off by the present tense wording, but it didn’t seem to bother my daughter. She read the book, but didn’t get involved in any of the extra activities that were provided for the reader.

  • God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective is the first book that I’ve read by J. Warner Wallace, a forensic detective. Though I do not have the companion book, Cold Case Christianity, the children were still able to enjoy.

  • I’ve heard of J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace, but this is the first time reading any of their books. it can actually be used for my younger two girls during the school year for reading, & Bible.

  • I have a 7 year old, a 9 year old, and an 11 year old, and this was enjoyable for all three of them. Kids are often confident in their beliefs, but don’t know how to explain or share them with others. This book helps to bridge that gap between belief and knowledge.

  • We enjoyed this book in my home – my children enjoyed Mr. Wallace’s first book and so we were excited to read this one!! A great tool to teach children about logical thought as well as how to find evidence to support the Bible. Mr. Wallace has a wealth of experience solving cold cases and he is able to teach children to answer questions they have, with the evidence around them
    Great book!!

  • I think this would be an awesome read for anyone interested in theories, in schools who don’t teach creation or someone who likes to come to conclusions for themselves.

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