Her Secret

Her Secret

Her Secret (Avon Inspire, March 2017)

A suspenseful tale of a young Amish woman who is forced to move to a new town to escape a threatening stalker

After a stalker went too far, Hannah Hilty and her family had no choice but to leave the bustling Amish community where she grew up. Now she’s getting a fresh start in Hart County, Kentucky…if only she wasn’t too scared to take it. Hannah has become afraid to trust anyone—even Isaac, the friendly Amish man who lives next door. She wonders if she’ll ever return to the trusting, easy-going woman she once was.

For Isaac Troyer, the beautiful girl he teasingly called “The Recluse” confuses him like no other. When he learns of her past, he knows he’s misjudged her. However, he also understands the importance of being grateful for God’s gifts, and wonders if they will ever have anything in common. But as Hannah and Isaac slowly grow closer, they realize that there’s always more to someone than meets the eye.

Just as Hannah is finally settling into her new life, and perhaps finding a new love, more secrets are revealed and tragedy strikes. Now Hannah must decide if she should run again or dare to fight for the future she has found in Hart County.

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  • Her Secret is part of The Amish of Hart County series by Shelley Shepard Gray. He Secret is another captivating book by Shelley.

  • The author gives the reader a charming and yet suspenseful read. It is well written and flows well. Faith is a strong part of this book. She gives good detail of the characters and scenery. This is a little different take on the Amish than other books I’ve read. This went outside of the mostly protected lives of the Amish and let the evils of the outside, in.

  • Shelly Shepherd Gray had yet done it again with this amazing story. I have read other books by Shelly and I believe this is one if my favorites. They just keep getting better and better every time and getting hard to choose a favorite.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray is one my favorite Amish fiction writers, so I guess you can say that my expectations for her newest novel, Her Secret, were probably high. I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed a bit with the title. It’s not your straight up, by-the-book Amish romance. Yes, while there is a bit of romance between the characters Hannah and Isaac, the book has more a suspenseful plot to it, including a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

  • I have a confession to make. Amish fiction isn’t typically a genre I can be found reading. My mother is the one who enjoys learning about the Amish and reading Amish fiction books. I can usually be found with a romantic suspense book in my hands. When Shelley Shepard Gray released The Secrets of Crittenden County series, my mother said; “Here is an Amish series I think you would actually enjoy. It has romance and suspense.” I read the series and was hooked. When I saw this newest series was also a romantic suspense Amish fiction, I couldn’t resist reading and reviewing Her Secret by Shelley Shepard Gray. I wasn’t disappointed! Her Secret is a captivating read with rich characters, a dynamic plot, and a nice mixture of suspense, romance, and Amish heritage. This is a must read for all!

  • Great writing and it will leave you spellbound!

  • If you like Ms. Gray’s books, Amish or historical, and like romantic suspense this book would be good. Ms. Gray has quite a gentle, non-intrusive voice, and that didn’t change any in this new book.

  • Shelley Shephard Gray has written an exciting new book “her Secret” for all Amish genre lovers. Meet Hannah Hilty, a young Amish woman, terrorized by an Englisher stalker and living in fear. But her secret isn’t the only one affecting the Hilty family.

  • I really didn’t like this one. Although the idea of the plot was an interesting one, I just couldn’t enjoy the book.

  • Her Secret is a tale that will keep you turning the pages! Shelley Shepard Gray is an engaging storyteller, and the atmosphere of this story and the emotions of its characters are palpable.

  • Her Secret by Shelley Shepard Gray is an Amish romantic mystery and I really enjoyed it. It is the first book of The Amish Of Hart County which promises to be a cracking series. There are the themes of secrets, anxiety, fear and faith, families and friends. The book has a mystery to be solved. The reader gets caught up in the action. There is an air of menace as the mystery involves stalking. Shelley Shepard Gray manages to capture this air and convey it to the reader who finds themselves becoming anxious on behalf of the characters.

  • Best Reads says:

    Compelling. Chilling. Inspiring.

    Shelley Shepard Gray knows how to dig deep into the hearts of her characters, exposing weaknesses and strengths in equal measure as she forces them along a complex path of self-discovery.

  • Her Secret by Shelley Shepard Gray is one author that I am almost guaranteed that I will like whatever book she puts out. This is the first book in the “The Amish of Hart County” series, and I can’t wait to read other books in this series because I feel in love with the characters in this book.

  • Shelley says she “wanted to write stories about regular, likable people…” with her Amish Novels. The main characters, Hannah and Isaac, are definitely two people who are regular and likable. Well, at least Hannah was doing her best to be regular. With each new page I could only hope for a romance to blossom between them.

  • Romance/suspense in one book, YES you get them both in Her Secret. I loved the suspense it was a high level mixed with a sweet romance. I love an Amish book that is different with characters you can relate to. I won’t share the Secret with you and spoil the book for you. You will never see what is coming in this one. It was a real quick read. I read it in one sitting and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. The Amish of Hart County is one you are going to want to read for sure.

  • I absolutely LOVE Shelley’s books!! If she writes it, I will likely love it as I have yet to read anything of hers that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. She has a special way of totally immersing readers into the world of the Amish, endearing characters to the reader and just making readers feel as if they are a part of this world and these characters. Whether it’s a sweet romance with hints of drama or a suspense full of intrigue, Shelley is sure to please!

  • The plot of the story has some intriguing twists that keep the story moving pretty well, although it does get a little bogged down at times. Most of the characters are interesting and develop well throughout the story. The suspense, love story, and faith mix well with the other elements to make for an enjoyable read for fans of Amish fiction.

  • Shelley Shepard Gray had my heart racing as I couldn’t put down Her Secret! In the first book in Gray’s new series, Hannah Hilty receives a chilling envelope with photos, but these are no ordinary photos–the photos are of Hannah, yes Hannah herself! First, Hannah is Amish, so this is something new for her. Second, the photos are of Hannah alone, including one taken from outside her home that shows her silhouette undressing behind a curtain.

  • A truly beautiful story about overcoming hardships, learning to love and trust others and yourself again. Hannah is a beautiful soul who needed to learn to trust herself and others again, you can’t help but fall in love with her character. I loved every moment of this well written emotionally packed novel and I know you definitely will too!

  • Shelley Shepard Gray never fails to deliver a solid storyline while highlighting the Amish. She has gotten her new series, The Amish of Hart County, off to a great start with Her Secret. With solidly crafted characters, Gray grabs readers’ attention from the very beginning and keeps them invested in the story with a bit of suspense and mystery until the very last page. Readers will feel a part of the story. This is for sure one of those books that will keep you up all night. You won’t be able to put it down!

  • I have immediately fallen in love with this new series from my favorite Amish author. As soon as we began meeting the members of the Hilty family, I knew I was hooked.

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