Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home

Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home

This is the book we wish our parents gave us.

Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home is a packed guide to help young adults enter life on their own. In the book, the Gudgels use stories, perspectives, and dialogues to discuss 30 indispensable topics to help teens survive, including: worldview, financial challenges, use of time, career moves, moral dilemmas, sex, painful experiences, and spiritual life, among others. Written from a Biblical perspective, the book is more of a guide to making good decisions than a lecture on how to live., It’s perfect for a parent and teen to go over together or to give as a thoughtful gift. This is a book they’ll reference for years to come.

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  • Highly recommended; I suggest you get two copies, one for the parents and one for your teen.

  • From talking about faith and everyday life- the knowledge that we want to impart to our children as they prepare to enter to world without mom and dad holding their hand is contained concisely within the pages. David and Bernice feel a deep burden to tell kids what to expect when they get to places they have never been and how to rely on their faith to make better decisions and to know that we can still make the wrong ones.

  • The IE Mommy says:

    After reading this book I really wish I would have been given something like it when I turned 18. Looking back, I was completely unprepared for adulthood and really didn’t know what was out there awaiting me in the next chapter of life.

    This is a great book to get your teenager to determine their inner voice and make them think about what they will stand for.

    I really recommend Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home to anyone who has kids or works with kids. I even think parents can benefit from this book as it reminds them to look back to the basics of relationships and life.

  • I wish my parents had had this book when I left home for college. The wealth of information in it is great. Moral issues, relationship issues, goals and planning – all kinds of topics are presented with the biblical basis and questions for thoughtful reflection and discussion. A great book for parents preparing their teens for life away from home.

  • David and Bernice Gudgel have a fabulous, informal writing style that is a bit like sitting down and talking to a favorite uncle. Or at least that is how it felt to me.

  • Moments says:

    Wow! “Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home,” written by David Gudgel with Bernice Gudgel, is an excellent book for parents with children whom are about to leave home, whether for college, or to live on their own, or making decisions of what to do after completing high school. At this stage and age, teenagers are looked at as soon to be adults and many feel as if they are ready to go out into the world; I know personally looking back, I really was not as prepared as I thought and wish I had had this book.

  • Written in an intelligent, adult to adult manner, Gudgel is very matter-of-fact about issues adults young and old face. He is a preacher, but he is not at all preachy. Rather, Gudgel leads the young adult into thinking through actions and choices so that he or she can make the best decision possible and recognize those things that are eternal truths because God says so.

    This is a book that I expect to use with my daughter during her senior year of high school, but it could certainly be used with young adults as well. It would even be of benefit if they read it on their own.

  • This is one book I wish I had years ago before my two boys left home. As you are raising your children you hope and pray that you have taught them all the things you should to prepare them for the real world. You also hope and pray that they remember what you taught them. Having this book, Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home, would really help remind them of all the things that are so important and that you have been trying to instill in them over the years. To sum it up, they say everything I said and wish I had said in on handy place that can be read and reread over and over! I highly recommend it!

  • Just One More Thing : Before You Leave is an important book for both parents and children. One of my favorite parts was when they talk about 3 Stages. The first parents make all of the decisions, the second stage is where parents and children make decisions together. the last stage is when children make decisions on their own. This book covers many life events that children face.

  • This is the kind of book you can use over and over. It is a great reference book which presents different choices for some events.

  • This book is so full of great information! I really would have liked to have had this book when my sons were younger, but the great thing is,I can still share a lot of this information with them even now.

    This is the perfect book for our children as they transition out of our home and into the world. They will be faced with so many situations and decisions and this book gives them a place to start. Honestly, there was great information in there for us parents, too!

  • I love the conversational style of the book and how the Gudgels incorporate personal experience. The biblical guidance is shared with loving concern for and to the young adult. At the end of each chapter, the Gudgels give scripture alongside introspective questions to help the reader practically apply the concepts shared within the chapter through the lens of God’s Word. Most importantly, Just One More Thing isn’t preachy. It’s not a lecture, but a discussion. The book gives solid and practical guidance not just theory and would be the perfect gift for a graduate.

  • I think we as parents get stuck when it comes to some of these topics, not knowing how to talk to our children or even at times how to approach a topic or where to start!

    Just One More Thing is a wonderful resource to help children learn t deal with these real world issues.

  • I wish I had this book when I was leaving home….an excellent resource, family friendly and full of great advice!

  • Fruitbearers says:

    I wish I received this book sooner because I would have gone through it with my daughter before she left for college in September :). I definitely want to go through this book with my sons in a few years before they leave home. This book is a valuable guide to help young adults make wise decisions and be better prepared to live a productive life on their own with confidence and with integrity. It’s an easy-to-read book. I enjoyed the conversational style; it seemed like I was just “listening” to some loving advice/insightful counsel from people who really care (I think it’s because what they wrote was what they shared with their own children). Great stuff for discussions with your teenagers!

  • This book is EXCELLENT for parents to discuss with their child who’s about the leave the nest. I’ve a son moving out in January (wince, sniff, sniff) and I know I’ll never be ready. But with JUST ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME read and discussed, I know he’ll be ready and able to tackle life away from Mom and Dad.

  • Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home, is a practical way to find peace in the stressful and emotional time of getting your child ready to leave home. David Gudgel has provided us with 30 topics to cover with our children to prepare them for the future.

  • I would highly recommend this magnificent book for every single parents or future parents. This book would make a wonderful gift for any student entering college and it should be a required read for all students!

  • I found this book to be a gold mine of information with biblical and sound advice. While we aren’t quite ready to discuss absolutely everything with our children in this book, I am so happy to have it on my shelf as my children are all three entering teenage years. I think it is such a valuable resource to have as a parent and definitely a great resource for the young person leaving home. I was excited to see how it was laid out. I appreciated the thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. I feel very comfortable giving this to my son with Asperger’s Syndrome also. I know it wasn’t necessarily written for that purpose, but I feel that the guidance given on multiple life challenges is sound and written in a pretty straight-forward way. To be so encouraged to have good conversations with our kids without scarring or scaring them is a blessing, too. I would recommend this book to my family and friends in a heartbeat!

  • Having just sent my first daughter off to college, I still wonder at times if I told her everything I needed to tell her. Did we talk about the really important things? Does she know how to make the right decisions? Does she know how to operate the washing machine? Basically, is she ready?

    Thankfully, my daughter is willing to call and ask questions. I walked her through her first load of laundry over the phone. We’ve talked about relationships, finding the right church, and her decisions about her major. She’s doing well. But just in case, I have a book to send home with her after Thanksgiving break. It’s wonderful!

    The advice in this book has all been excellent. I haven’t read anything that concerned me at all. It’s exactly what I want my kids to hear as they set out on their own.

  • My thoughts: I thought we were the parents that had covered all the bases. While reading this book I have discovered there was/is a lot left undone. This book is primarily written to the teen getting ready to leave the nest. It is presented in a way as not to talk down to them. It has some humor and David shares his own mistakes during his teen years and just starting out on his own. Some of the things that he discusses definitely come better from him than they will me or my husband. Mostly it reinforces things we have said once or twice.

    I have told our middle daughter (17) some of what the book is about and even read little snippets to her and she is willing to work through it. That’s right. It should be worked through one short chapter at a time. Savored and vegged on. There are some great scripture and thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter.

    Over all I was very pleased with the book. I highly recommend it any parent and/or teen.

  • Life is complicated and no one can be sure that every single topic has been covered, however it is an impressive list that Gudgel has compiled. Topics are broken down into similar categories, with discussion questions and many Bible verses in order to reinforce the concepts.

    Parents with an eye-rolling teen might be reluctant on their own to start a conversation on a few of these topics. For this reason, Gudgel also offers advice on how to approach your teen with these topics, how to open up channels of communication and how to be a praying family over your teen’s future. The advice in this book is really commonsense stuff. Have you talked to your teen about these commonsense things yet, though?

  • David and Bernice Gudgel have made our job as parents a little bit easier by writing the book Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home. It is full of practical, biblically-based information to help young adults as they prepare to leave home.

  • Did you ever wish you had a manual telling you just what you really need to impress upon your kids before they leave home? As a parent, we can often question ourselves and our ability to equip our kids with what they need to succeed. If you need some parenting input from a couple who’s been there, you won’t want to miss this book!

  • All Meant to Shine says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book. There are 30 topics that we, as parents, need to go over many times with our children, especially before they leave the nest. I love books that are reference-types, like this one. My children are far from the age of leaving home, but having this book now will help me talk about these issues for years before they leave. I really appreciate being able to go to this book for tips, ideas and reminders on what to talk about and how to talk about those issues. This is a great book for all parents to keep on the book shelf!

  • The book comes in an easy-to-read format. I liked the Gudgel’s writing style.

  • I found myself nodding in agreement with the advice David Gudgel was giving chapter after chapter often wishing I had this book to read before I left home over 20 years ago. My own son is 17 now and I will be adding this book to his reading list.

  • I have a few years before we even have teenagers in the house, so thankfully I have lots of time to prepare them for when they leave the house. (And to prepare myself!) There is definitely advice that I wish I had recieved before leaving for college and beyond. This book is a great guide that I plan to keep until my little ones may need to hear it!

  • As a parent of young children I want to do all that I can to prepare them for the world. I know when I left for college there were lots of things that I didn’t know and wasn’t prepared for in life. One of the major reasons is that my family moved to the United States when I was fourteen. My parents didn’t know a lot about the college system here, SAT tests or anything like that. Most of what I learned was from winging it and internet searches. Once in college though I realize that lots of parents don’t do everything to prepare their children for when they have to leave home. It’s that nurturing quality in us we just want them to always be our babies and we sometimes forget some of those life lessons. I just loved this book and how it was written.

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