Kissed by a Cowboy

Kissed by a Cowboy

Kissed by a Cowboy (Thomas Nelson, February 2016)

Cassidy was looking for a home and a place to belong . . . not for a cowboy to steal her heart.

Having lived through her parents’ endless string of “matrimonial bliss gone wrong,” Cassidy Starr knows when the odds are not in her favor. Divorced and humiliated, her faith on rocky ground, Cassidy is through with love. She’s been bucked off that horse far too many times. Instead, she returns to Wishing Springs, Texas, and the rundown farm she’s inherited from her great aunt Roxie. She’ll reopen the strawberry farm and a bed & breakfast and follow in her aunt’s footsteps, remaining forever-independent, happy . . . and single.

Rancher Jarrod Monahan’s hands are full running the ranch, looking after his ailing grandfather, and chasing down a group of rustlers on the loose. He’s pushed his longing for a family to the bottom of his list of priorities. Besides, he was in love once but ran scared and lost his shot at happiness. But suddenly, the biggest regret of his life has moved in next door with a wounded heart, determined to become a spinster . . . and that’s a challenge that Jarrod can’t pass up.

Jarrod sets his mind to breaking down the walls around Cassidy’s stubborn heart. How can he show her that a cowboy’s kiss lasts forever? For the good folks of Wishing Springs, falling in love has never been so much fun to witness.

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  • I liked Cassidy. She is a spunky, good-hearted woman. Being burned as badly as she was by love, I can understand wanting to live life the way she chooses. Jarrod is a cowboy. Yep, a good Texas boy who wants the woman next door just like he always has. His family is an interesting mix and I plan to read the previous 2 books in this series. Overall it is a good, fun book to read.
    It is a 4/5 for me.

  • Kissed by a Cowboy is book three in the Four of Hearts Ranch series. This book was the last book in this series. But it was still a wonderful addition. I just love Debra Clopton’s books and this book was just as awesome as all her others. I hope to read many more of her books.

  • I loved going back to Wishing Springs, it is such a great place for a Bed & Breakfast and I would love to go stay for a while.

    I read this book in one sitting it was so good as were the first two in the A Four of Hearts Ranch series. It could have been read alone, you would not be lost, but why would you want to.

    Stubborn Cassidy and Jarrod have a story that you won’t soon forget and you will love the ending. Not to be missed.

    I gave this book 5 stars and I HIGHLY recommend it.

    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.

  • The story is warm and entertaining and the characters realistic, charming, quirky, lovable. The little town has a bit of everything and a heaping dose of friendliness and caring.

  • I had to giggle when I was offered this book for review.
    All my readers know that my husband is referred here on the blog as The Cowboy.

    I enjoyed the story line in this fun little book. It’s a little bit of the typical story of boy meets girl. Boy runs from girl/romance.
    Girl gets married/divorced and comes back to town and that’s kind of where the typical ends . . .
    The story of Jarrod & Cassidy’s budding long overdue
    romance is charming, funny and eventful.
    Jarrod’s character is strong, stoic and exasperated with Cassidy’s stubbornness. Her quirkiness keeps him on his toes.
    Their romance is woven around her plans to open a Bed and Breakfast and Jarrod’s own struggle of running the family ranch while his cattle are being rustled.
    I’d like to see more of Wishing Springs.

  • Oh my gosh! I love Debra Clopton’s books and I love cowboys! Cassidy is divorced and now she thinks she is following in her parents footsteps. Cassidy has decided she is through with romance and men. She has just received a farm from her aunt after she passed away and decides to go there. There she hopes to open the bed & breakfast and start over.

  • Kissed by a Cowboy is book three in the A Four Hearts Ranch Romance series by Debra Clopton. I have so enjoyed this series. If you love romance and cowboys then this is the book for you.

  • I was so excited to read this cowboy romance and was immediately drawn in and had trouble putting down the book. Cassidy Starr was trying to overcome all of the problems with her past including her parents mistakes, childhood dysfunction, and her divorce. Cassidy was coming back to her aunt’s house to start her life over and her childhood friend, Jarrod, lives right across the way. But she has sworn off any help or relationships so she continues to push him away. In order to find out what happens in this push and pull relationship, you need to pick up the book and read it!

  • Kissed By A Cowboy by Debra Clopton was an excellent book. This is the third book in the series, and you can just read this one if it is the only one that interests you. I do want to say that if you wish to read the entire series start at the beginning because this book will give things away if you start with it.

  • Cara Putman says:

    This is a story of second chances and finding romance when you’ve given up on the idea of true love. It’s about a man determined to break through barriers to win the heart of a woman to skittish to try again. While it deals with the serious issue of moving on when life has taken you down a road you never envisioned, there are flashes of humor that keep the book from being too heavy and hard to read. This could be the perfect spring break book, especially if you like your romances with real characters who have hurts and sparks.

  • The ranch setting with wide open spaces and small town Texas community is so well-depicted it made me want to go live there! I liked Cassidy’s plan of recovering from her divorce and taking back her life by returning to the place where she was happy as a child and teen and get lost in the hard work of starting a new business and farm. You could tell how severe her emotional issues were with the interactions she had with Jarrod. She kept their relationship rocky as she ran hot and cold- mostly cold- as Jarrod tried his best to help her and she resisted any assistance which she viewed as a threat to her independence. Their experiences from the past made Jarrod refuse to give up on her though, and the story focuses on the progression of her feelings as she slowly lets him in.

  • What a fun story! I loved returning to Four Hearts Ranch and reading more about some of the fun and quirky characters in town.;)

  • Overall, a fantastic read, nearly impossible to put down, with action, mystery, romance, and second chances. Lots of fun and a community of great characters. A fantastic conclusion to an amazing series!!!

  • Author Debra Clopton does a fabulous job creating vivid supporting characters and side stories that round out this book nicely. Even her four legged characters have personality. Who can resist a cranky veterinarian who keeps a potbellied pig in his office?

    This was the sort of book that has you reading, “Just one more chapter,” long after you should have turned the light out. And when it’s over, you wish there was more.

  • “Kissed by a Cowboy” by Debra Clopton is a book about starting over. Cassidy is divorced, and has gotten a Bed & Breakfast from her aunt after she died. Her aunt was single and happy and she could be just like her. Rancher Jarrod Monahan is taking care of his grandfather and running his ranch. Can he get her to see him at all? What will happen in their lives? I give this a 4/5. I was given this book for a review by Litfuse Publicity and all these opinions are mine.

  • I loved this book and I love how Jarrod was willing to go after a stubborn woman. He knew who he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after her, despite her past! Great read! Would highly recommend this romantic, lovely and fun book!

  • A hunky cowboy is hard to say no to, but this cowboy, even with his blue eyes and dark hair, is my least favorite of the Monahan clan. He was straight up stalker-ish in his pursuit of Cassidy Starr. No matter how many times she said, no, there he was. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hero who goes for what he wants, but he tried a little too much in my opinion. Cassidy is a great heroine, scarred and reluctant, but resilient in her desire to start fresh in an old, familiar place. It’s too bad that Jarrod didn’t live up to what I expected from reading Betting on Hope and Counting on a Cowboy. That said, if you enjoy contemporary romance that is clean but not preachy, this series is one to look for. Read what others are saying about the book.

  • I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could shout that from the rooftops! This is one of my most favorite series EVER!!!!!!! I have gotten so invested in these characters, I just love it! I was so excited, soooooooo VERY excited when I was chosen for this review. I LOVED Counting on a Cowboy so much, I didn’t think anything could top it. It may not top it, but Kissed by a Cowboy at least equals it! There’s an element of suspense/turmoil, and the story line is believable. It progresses nicely, and the growth of the characters between the books is well done. Truly one of my favorites!

  • This review is for the book “Kissed by a Cowboy” by Debra Clopton. This is part of her Four of Hearts Ranch romance series. I have been fortunate enough to read her other two books in the series, but you could definitely read this as a stand-alone novel if you desire.
    I really like the characters in these novels. They are fun, and realistic, and now that I have read three of the books I really feel like I know the people in this little town. I can definitely recommend this book and the whole series.

  • This book was very entertaining, with plenty of humor, especially when reading about the townsfolk, who can’t resist poking their noses into everyone else’s lives. After finishing this series, I couldn’t help wishing there were a few more Monahan brothers to read about. If you love cowboys and romance, you’ll adore “Kissed by a Cowboy” and all three books in Debra Clopton’s A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance series.

  • Kissed by a Cowboy is by far my favorite of the Four Hearts Ranch trilogy. Unlike his brothers, Jarrod is still striving for his dream (instead of already having everything but the girl), and unlike the other heroines, Cassidy has come to make her dream rather than find a new one. I personally found them to be far more relatable, both in their personalities and in the way their romance unfolded.

  • Poor Cassidy! I really felt for her and all the hurt that she experienced in her first marriage. I wanted her to open her heart to love, but she was just so scared! This frustrated me a bit, but I realized this was a symptom of how hard her life had been up to this point. I still liked her as a character and looked forward to when she would finally be willing to risk her heart.

    Jarrod was a wonderful character, just like the other Monahan brothers have been in the previous books. I loved the way he handled things, whether it was trying to break through Cassidy’s defenses or trying to save the family ranch. I really enjoyed his character.

  • Clopton’s writing style is so easy to read. She makes me feel right at home with her characters so I usually just settle in and read until the book is finished and the rest of the world disappears for awhile. I was right there in Wishing Springs, Texas witnessing Jarrod’s determined pursuit of Cassidy even as she shut him down again and again. Naturally I had to cheer him on because he was just the right man for her and he kind of needed her too. They both had a bit of old baggage they needed to leave behind and just maybe they could help each other. It was fun witnessing their story as it played out.

    I loved “Kissed by a Cowboy” and the chance to visit with some familiar faces from Wishing Springs. I heartily recommend it to those like me who cannot resist a book with cowboys.

  • Once again, Debra Clopton welcomes readers back to Wishing Springs, Texas, where the folks are friendly and feel like family! I have really enjoyed this fun series, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know the Monahan brothers. Humorous and heartwarming, Kissed by a Cowboy is an entertaining story!

  • I absolutely loved this book! Can’t wait to read the rest of the series 🙂

  • Deep down inside my heart, I have always had a soft spot for great looking cowboys who have a heart of gold for both animals and romance. Guess that is why I married my own. However I have been in love with Debra Clopton’s romance series, A Four of Hearts Romance Series, and her third book, Kissed by a Cowboy gives readers a look into the heart of another of the Monahan brothers, this time with Jarrod, the oldest. The best part of coming to the conclusion of this novel is that there is one more left in the series so readers get a sneak peek of that in this one along with some discussion guide questions that is perfect for book clubs. Well worth 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and a must have for fans of Christian contemporary romance fiction!

  • I’ll admit that I was a little anxious before reading Kissed by a Cowboy, the third book in the Four of Hearts Romance series. The first one [Betting on Hope] was so good; but the second [Counting on a Cowboy] was a little disappointing. I’m happy to report that this third book is back to the normal level of fun reading that I’ve come to expect from Debra Clopton.

    There are some laughs, thoughtful times, a hint of sadness, and even a bit of action. The viewpoint switches between the hero and heroine, with a little seen from the eyes of the ladies in the hair salon. There’s very little religious talk; but it is a clean story. The supporting character are a lot of fun, and so are the animals included in this book.

  • ….From the first few pages I’m already laughing so hard that I can’t read in public! :D…Issues of trust, past hurt, and history lie between these characters. Can they get past it all or will Jarrod convince Cassidy to get back on the horse?…..

  • This is a delightful Christian romance. It is uncomplicated and rather predictable but shows how one woman must deal with her stubborn streak when God has other plans. I really liked how the Monahan family worked in relationships. It’s a good example how family members support each other. I recommend the book to those who like a straightforward romance.

  • Like it’s name implies, Kissed by a Cowboy isn’t for the faint of heart. Each interaction between Jarrod and Cassidy sizzles with tension, and it’s immediately obvious that their past, though dramatic in nature, hasn’t chilled their feelings for each other. With very real issues keeping them apart, this story is a rollercoaster of a romance.

    Clopton writes in some pretty neat side issues. The cattle theft keeps Jarrod on his toes, and I enjoyed the glimpses of the Monahan story. It was nice to see what’s happening with them even though their particular book has ended. That aspect definitely added to the saga-like feel of the series.

  • The third in an inspirational romance series, this cowboy love story leaves little to the imagination. Cassidy Starr escapes her loveless marriage and retreats to her aunt’s house where she spent many a summer growing up. With her aunt dead six years, Cassidy hopes to turn the farmhouse into a bed and breakfast and organic strawberry farm. She happens to forget that the boy who broke her heart as a teenager lives right next door, and of course he’s a gorgeous cowboy. Jarrod Monahan’s biggest mistake was fleeing Cassidy’s love. They shared a beautiful kiss and then he fled; her heart broken she threw herself onto the first man she saw, her awful ex-husband. Now he is determined to right his wrongs and win her back but she’s having none of it.

  • Kissed By A Cowboy is a sweet, second chance love story, as cute as they come.

    Overall it is a smooth book with not many highs and lows but I was impressed with the ending, I was expecting a confrontation and the author did not disappoint. A little bit of fun, parties, action and adventure all made sweet with lots of love and Cassidy being thoroughly Kissed By A Cowboy!

  • In all, a charming story in a charming small-town with a handsome cowboy, and maybe not your typical damsel in distress, but definitely one that will have you acknowledge and appreciate. Then, we can’t forget there are several comical and swoony moments too. Just take a look at that cover.

  • Kissed by a Cowboy is the final tale in Debra Clopton’s ‘A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance’ series. Debra has a way of spinning stories that has the reader clamoring for more. You won’t want to miss this book. I give a 4.5 out of 5 for happily-ever-after endings.

  • Kissed by a Cowboy is an enjoyable light read with a deeper message of hope and healing. There are numerous references to people and events in the previous stories, so I would definitely recommend starting at the beginning. If you are looking for a fun cowboy series, this is a sweet one all the way through!

  • I really enjoyed getting to know the characters from Wishing Springs. The story drew me in from the start, flowed smoothly, and was easy to read, even when I found myself reading for short periods of time. This story of second chances was an enjoyable read. I look forward to going back and reading the first two books and getting to know more about the residents of Wising Springs.

  • Memawsstuff says:

    This book is NOT a stand alone book. You could read it alone, but it would make a LOT more sense if you read it after reading the other two. I dislike that in the book As well as the fact that it is predictable. It is the typical, boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy loses girl, blah, blah. You get the picture. However, for me, there are just days you need to lose yourself in those kinds of books just for the entertainment value alone. Escapism is a real reason to read any book! As long as you come back 🙂

    As all of Clopton’s books, I really liked this book. While it was predictable, it was good!

  • Moments says:

    This is a really fun read and a book that you will not want to stop once you start reading! I was immediately drawn into Cassidy’s life and the story as Cassidy returns “home” and is determined not to get emotional, alluding to what is below the surface. Cassidy and Jarrod are both characters whom I enjoyed spending time with and I found myself empathizing with them and cheering for them. Aunt Roxie is a person whom I would have loved to meet from her influence on Cassidy and the role that she played in her life, an amazing person whom Cassidy needed in her life and she continues to remember and draw strength from her memories.

  • A Rup Life says:

    There is something about revisiting a town and characters that you already know and love. Seeing Pops again and getting glimpses into the rest of the town folk’s lives makes you feel like your part of the family.

  • KISSED BY A COWBOY is the third book in Debra Clopton’s Four of Hearts Ranch Romance series. The first two books were Betting on Hope and Counting on a Cowboy. KISSED BY A COWBOY does standalone, but previous characters are all the way through the book.

    I loved Ms. Clopton’s Mule Hollow series with Love Inspired and was so excited when Thomas Nelson picked her up to write her cowboy romances. But I didn’t enjoy any of the books in this series as much as I did her previous books. I still wasn’t ready to give up on her and I eagerly anticipated each book hoping it would be quirky and fun and spellbinding

    I admired Jarrod a lot. He is sweet and caring. I would love a neighbor like him. And of course the towns quirky characters, the vet, and his pot-belly pig, the mayor and his twin, …

  • There is nothing like curling up with a super sweet romance novel by the fireplace and loving every minute of the book as you read. That is what I experienced with Kissed by a Cowboy. I loved the humor that Debra Clopton writes with, love the super sweet and romantic story line and, of course, you can’t lose with a cowboy coming to the rescue! 🙂

    Looking for that love story you can dream about? Check out Kissed by a Cowboy!

  • There are so many great opportunities to grin while reading Kissed By A Cowboy, the final book in the Four of Hearts Ranch series by Debra Clopton. From the quirky residents of Wishing Springs to some Monahan brotherly ribbing to Jarrod’s drawling dreaminess, be prepared to smile. A lot. And when Jarrod sets his mind to wooing… well, best have your fainting couch handy.

    As a fan of the Four of Hearts Ranch series, I’ve been waiting for Jarrod’s story. I wasn’t disappointed. Debra Clopton’s wit and talent shine in this fitting farewell to the Monahans.

  • This is a fun & entertaining read, filled with comical as well as heart-melting moments. Look for cowboys, spark-filled romance, a quirky & loveable supporting cast, cattle rustlers, cowboys, recovering alcoholic, a pet pig named Clover, Thanksgiving in July – and did I mention cowboys? I never fail to enjoy Debra’s humor and her writing style that flows so easily across the page…A Christian element is definitely present in this story, but I longed for more spiritual depth. The Monahan family attends church and we’re told that Cassidy drifted away from God during her divorce, but I missed seeing their personal belief and how it affected their lives. Yet on the other hand, Christian values are reflected in character actions. A fun read overall.

  • The author depicts the heartache of being caretakers quite accurately and compassionately. Each of the main characters has their own personality, gifts, heartaches and hobbies. I loved how they pulled together to save what their Pops worked so hard to establish for future family members. There is some humor in the pages and readers will get lost in their imaginations when they read about the Monahan’s in Wishing Springs, Texas!

  • WORD Up! says:

    “Kissed By A Cowboy” by Debra Clopton is the amazing third offering in her Four of Hearts Ranch series. Opening the cover of this engaging page-turner is like visiting old friends for those who have read the first two books in the series. But this novel also reads well on its own, so I recommend it even if you haven’t experienced the previous stories.

  • Tima Murrell says:

    This was a really sweet story. It was nice to reconnect with the characters from the previous books, but the book would also work well as a stand-alone. The romance was clean, and fit well with the characters. The characters, while flawed, had depth and faith. The author does a great job of setting the scene and pulling in the characters from town. The plot has several themes going, but it isn’t confusing or cluttered. I liked how the author wove in a message of faith, forgiveness, and trust. I really enjoyed this third book in the series and based on a couple of things left open, I hope to continue to enjoy more books as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a clean romance or Christian fiction.

  • A wonderful tale of trust, honesty, love and acceptance with a Western spin! You will fall in love with the warm and funny characters and the honest story.

  • Best Reads says:

    An incredible conclusion to the Four Hearts Ranch Romance series – faith-filled and brimming with hope — Jarrod and Cassidy’s story will grab your heart and linger with you long after the last page.

  • This was a fun, easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed. With likable characters and a cute western spin this book is very enjoyable and is just plain fun. I like how this book deals with flawed characters and second chances I liked how if you had read the previous book that you would recognize some characters but it worked well as a stand alone novel too. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Maybe it’s the Texas girl in me, but I’ve always been in love with the idea of dating a cowboy and the three Monahan brothers just made my heart swoon.

    “Kissed by a Cowboy” focuses on Jarrod, the oldest of the three brothers and his new/old neighbor Cassidy. There are many bruises and bumps in their relationship, but their long-standing friendship forces them to work together. The matchmakers from their town of Wishing Springs also throw in their two-cents and the typical mayhem occurs.

    I’m sad that our time in Wishing Springs has come to an end because Debra Clopton’s characters are so relatable and realistic that I feel like I’ve known them my entire life. If you enjoy cowboys and romance, then this is the author for you!

  • I really enjoyed this novel set in cowboy country. The story of first love, lost love and found love never seems to grow old, yet no matter how many times it is told, and we read it, it is new again. Trust, forgiveness of those who have wronged us, misunderstandings explained. And the biggest one, forgiving ourselves. We all like to experience and read about second chances. These themes are fresh and part of all our lives. As the world looks on, watching as mistakes and assumptions are made, life goes on. And when we are the ones looking on, we see the humor. It did not take many minutes of reading before I felt I was part of the community of Strawberry Hill where Cassidy and Jarod’s life is played out .It is a book that is easily read. Although it is book 3 in the series, reading the other books is not necessary to enjoy this novel. I have only good things to say about this book and this author.
    Thank you to Debra Clopton, the author, Chris at Litfuse Publicity Group and Thomas Nelson Publishers for the opportunity to read this book. I was given a free book for the purpose of writing an honest review. A positive critique was not required. The opinions are my own.

  • It’s small town country at it’s best! They’re ranchers. They’re cute. They each have to go through trials to find romance and true love. This book focuses on Jarrod Monahan. He’s pretty much in charge of the operations of the ranch. He’s dealing with rustlers getting his cattle. Top that off with seeing lights where they shouldn’t be and he goes off to meet his new(err old) neighbor for the first time. Sparks fly because these two know each other from what seems like a previous lifetime but really was only childhood and high school.

    Cassidy wants nothing to do with men after coming out of a divorce and because of what she’s seen in her parents life. She’s ready to start fresh and be independent on the farm she inherited. She didn’t count on the feelings she once had buried.

  • After reading the first book in A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance series by Debra Clopton, I’ve been patiently waiting for Jarrod’s story. He was immediately my favorite of the Monahan brothers because his serious nature and obvious concern for others was something I could relate to. I was so happy to see the author brought someone from his past back into his life. I would have had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that a total stranger could end up in his life and win his heart.

  • “Kissed by a Cowboy” is book three(3) in this four(4) book series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first two, so when I was told that I would be reviewing this one I was happy. Debra Clopton is on my list of “favorite Authors”.

  • I have looked forward to this book ever since the previous book had come out months ago. I have so enjoyed the story of the Monahan brothers. This has been one series that I have remembered each brother and their wives. I’ve picked up the books not needing to look back to the previous book to remind myself what had happened. With the number of books I read in a year, I’m always impressed when an author writes in such a memorable way with memorable characters.

    Jarrod Monahan has always seemed a little mysterious to me. His other two brothers didn’t seem as tough, but Jarrod always seemed to be so focused on the ranch that he didn’t have time to meet any woman.

  • Book by Book says:

    As comedic scenarios, emotional hurts, and the meddlesome matchmakers of Wishing Springs bring Jarrod and Cassidy together again and again, Kissed by a Cowboy tells an entertaining and heartwarming romance. I really enjoyed it, and I believe fans of contemporary romance, especially those who have read the other Four of Hearts Ranch noves, will, too. I recommend it.

  • Jarrod Monahan was the last Monahan without a wife, so this was an enjoyable and sweet romance to read. But Jarrod wasn’t interested in a woman and married life, that is until old flame Cassidy Starr moved into the house near Jarrod. But Cassidy was finished with men, she wanted to make a life for herself, without a man in her life. But for whatever reason, the two seemed to always run into each other, and that’s when the attraction began.

    I love the characters in this series, and it was nice taking a trip back Wishing Springs and the Four of Hearts Ranch.

  • While not my favorite of the three books, I did enjoy Jarrod and Cassidy together. I loved how Jarrod never gave up in trying to win back Cassidy’s heart. I was really rooting for them the whole way. For me, it just took Cassidy a little too long to get with the program. In addition to their story, we are treated to the conclusion to a story arc over the series between Pebble and Rand. Their love story was so super r sweet and I was so happy with that couple’s ending. Along with appearances from previous characters, there is a bit of adventure added into the story.

    I’m not sure what is next for this author, but I hope she will visit with Wishing Springs Texas again in the future!

  • Fic Gal says:

    I’ve never read this author but I’ve been trying to get back into reading romances more and I haven’t really read many involving cowboys so I thought I’d give this book a try. I’m glad that I did because I found it really easy to get into. Debra has the kind of writing that just sucked me in with no problem. Some books take time while others just aren’t for me but this one I really enjoyed. For those who read by season I think this would be a great book to read in the summer although I read whatever I want regardless of the time of the year.

  • You will be swept away in Debra Clopton’s latest work, “Kissed By A Cowboy”. I have been able to read the previous books in this series and from the beginning, Jarrod was my favorite and I couldn’t wait to read his story.

    The Monahan brother’s are definitely swoon-worthy and full of charm, but I believe that Jarrod has special cowboy, charming powers that he uses on Cassidy – who refuses to be give in to them. Well, at least she tries to refuse.

    Filled with romance, wit, swoon-worthy cowboys and down home charm, this book is a delight! As well as all of the fun stuff this book contains, it also focuses on letting go of past mistakes, forgiveness and opening up your heart for God’s blessings.

    Easily a stand alone novel.

  • This is my second Four of Hearts Ranch series read by Debra Clopton. I read, and enjoyed, Counting on a Cowboy last summer. This series has such a warm, cozy setting in the small town of Wishing Springs, Texas. It felt like returning to a friendly, favorite place to visit this town and many of the same characters again.

    This book centers on Cassidy Starr, who returns to Wishing Springs in order to run a strawberry farm and bed and breakfast at her late aunt’s home. Cassidy is sour on marriage after a particularly bad divorce, but she still feels sparks fly when she sees the handsome cowboy-next-door, Jarrod Monahan, again.

  • I enjoyed Kissed by a Cowboy as much as I enjoyed Counting on a Cowboy. I found it to be an easy, enjoyable read. It talks about forgiveness: of oneself, as well as of others. It also talks about needing to realize one shouldn’t blame oneself for others’ mistakes and life choices.

    If you enjoy reading about cowboys, farm and ranch life, and small town life, you will enjoy Kissed by a Cowboy.

  • A Book Lover says:

    This was a great Christian contemporary romance book. I love this author for her witty, funny, and unique dialogue. The plot and characters are unique and well written. The secondary plot in all three books is resolved in this one between Rand and Pebble. I recommend this book and the whole series.

  • Two people made poor decisions that will affect their entire lives. Jarrod ran off to another state to work. Cassidy ran off to another state and marriage.

    Jarrod came to his senses and returned home too late to marry Cassidy. Years later he’s still on the ranch next door to her great aunt’s farm when Cassidy shows up.

    Her Aunt Roxie had left the farm to Cassidy. Now Cassidy is divorced and wants to make a success of turning the farm into an organic strawberry farm and a bed and breakfast.

    Thank you, Ms Clopton, for another Four of Hearts Ranch Romance. Too bad there’s not another brother hidden away somewhere. I surely do like your cowboys. I’m looking forward to your next book.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    I highly recommend this series! Who wouldn’t like a cowboy romance with lots of family and close knit neighbors?! I truly can’t say enough good things and hope Debra Clopton continues to write more for this series!

  • All in all, I did like the storyline, and I am still hoping to enjoy more of Debra’s novels in the future, so I will give Kissed by a Cowboy four out of five stars. I did like the idea of the book, and I do typically like Debra’s writing, but it was just a little too cheesy and rushed for me to award it more than that. I am looking forward to actually getting the chance to read the middle book of the series, hopefully it will be more like its predecessor than the novel that comes after it. And I would still recommend this book and the whole series!

  • Such a fun cowboy romance, don’t think for a second that there isn’t also a beautiful message to be heard. I really do wish there was so much more to come in this series but I can’t wait to see what Debra does next!

  • Kissed by a Cowboy by Debra Clopton has a bit of romance and mystery to the story. I just love the characters in this story as I want Cassidy to fall in love. But then again, I am not sure if he is the right guy for her. I promise you will love the ending to this book as it is not one to disappoint. If you love Kissed by a Cowboy, check the rest of Debra’s books.

  • All Grown Up says:

    Kissed by a Cowboy was a so-so read for me. It’s been enjoyable, but I didn’t get swept away in it. I think because at the place I am in my life, I just could not identify with Cassidy. She came off as rather stubborn and insensitive to me, holding on way to long to a grudge that was kind of silly to begin with. Jarrod however, I loved. He did what he needed to do, what he felt was right at the time, and stood by his decision. You have to respect that in a man. It is very strange for me to like the male over the female in a book so that in itself was a bit refreshing.

    Overall, it was a good read. I would recommend it to my friends, and to anyone who asked what I thought.

  • KISSED BY A COWBOY started off so fun with an awkward moment between two friends who haven’t seen either other in a long time. It set the tone for this book full of small-town charm, a cowboy who wants to love a gal, and a gal who is trying to stand on her own. I enjoyed the humor, the swoon-worthy moments, the family relationships with all the heart and teasing, and the small-town feel. The heroine didn’t work for me, but I loved the hero and the other characters.

  • In book three of the Four Of Hearts Ranch Romance Series we learn more about Jarrod Monahan and a old female friend of his, Cassidy. It has been a real treat to read each book in this series about each Monahan brother and how they have had work together to save their grandfathers legacy. We also get to know a few of the townspeople along the way as each brother finds the love of his life. While I am glad to finally get to read Jarrod’s story, I get a little sad when I get to the end of series that has drawn me in.

  • I think Debra Clopton is an amazing author who really knows how to tell a good romance. Ms. Clopton does a great job of answering those questions without being preachy. Cassidy and Jarrod are wonderfully crafted characters.

  • What a fun read! Book four in A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance series, Kissed By A Cowboy, is a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic series. I have really enjoyed coming back to Wishing Springs, Texas and look forward to what will come next from author Debra Clopton. The book was very fun to read, light-hearted, full of romance and mystery, cowboys and a great story line. It was a quick read, and I finished it in an evening, with a cup of tea and cozy quilt!
    The main theme of forgiveness is seen throughout the book and I loved learning more about brother Jarrod Monahan and how each book covered the life of each brother in the family.
    A great inspirational read!
    I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

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