Life with Lily

Life with Lily

Book 1 in the ‘Adventures of Lily Lapp’ series.

Lily is six in this story, just starting first grade in a one-room schoolhouse in upstate New York. Her parents are busy building a farm, and soon animals join the family—Jenny the cow and Chubby the miniature horse. A baby brother arrives, too, which Lily has mixed feelings about. (She wanted a sister!) Aside from a mischievous friend like Mandy Mast, Lily is happy at school and even happier at home. Trouble is brewing at the schoolhouse and change is on the horizon for Lily and her family.

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  • I was really excited when I got Life with Lily in the mail to review. It is different from the other Amish books I have read as it is geared toward the younger audiences. It reminds me of the Little House Series!

  • This is a great book for kids. It feels a bit like a collection of short stories that are all connected by an overarching story. It’s also a great way to introduce kids to the Amish culture.

  • How cool is this? One of my favorite authors and blog friends is Suzanne Fisher. I have read all her books and they are wonderful. She has paired up with another blog friend~ Mary Ann Kinsinger. Mary Ann is the owner of the blog A Joyful Chaos. Mary Ann grew up Amish and shares many wonderful experiences of growing up plain on her blog.

    Together these two writers have created a new series all about what life is like as an Amish girl. The joys of a new baby brother. The adventures that Amish children find themselves in is fun seeing it all through Lilly’s eyes. Lilly lives on a small farm in upstate New York. She finds herself in a lot of mischief but she truly tries hard not to. What a great book!

  • I am a huge fan of Suzanne Woods Fisher, so I was excited to read book 1 in her new series, a series for children! I have read this book myself and I am also reading it to my daughter, she is four and she enjoys it as well! It is a long book for young children, so we have been reading through a chapter a day. The style of writing is perfect for children as it is written from Lily’s point of view and her thoughts and questions reflect those of young childen. The descriptive writing is perfect as well for young children. I think my daughter’s favorite scene so far is when Lily’s grandmother is decorating Lily’s mother’s birthday cake with pink frosting that tastes just like pink frosting should taste. While reading this book be prepared for giggles, questions and overall a good book to experience and share together!

    “Available October 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

  • I loved each chapter because they were charming vignette. Younger school children would enjoy hearing a chapter a day read aloud. It would make a great classroom read or one that parents could read to their small ones at bedtime.
    I loved how the book brought out great life lessons without being overly preachy. I would recommend Life with Lily to girls age six to twelve, with the younger ones being read to. Each chapter contains a drawn illustration, which adds to the overall charm of the book. When I finished I could not wait for the next book in the series to come out. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have shared it with a young mother so that she can read it to her little ones.. It was interesting to read about Amish life from a child’s point of view. I know my granddaughter will enjoy this story. I would recommend this book for children who are looking for an interesting book full of adventure. Parents will like it also for the values that are modeled in the adventures Lily encounters.

  • Because the chapters are fairly short and each tell a story of their own, I think this book would be a great bedtime story selection

  • I think the book is fabulous. Lily is curious and intelligent and simply a lot of fun. I am reminded of reading other book series’ about bright, inquisitive little girls from times past — books like Little House in the Big Woods…

  • Overall, this is just a good clean read for kids. My kids don’t realize how many luxuries they have. reading the story from Lily’s point of view just makes it all seem so different. I’m glad that this is going to be a series.

  • The book reminds me a lot of Little House on the Prairie, but Life with Lily is about a modern-day Amish girl. Life with Lily is a great way for kids to understand how the Amish live.

  • By The Book says:

    I love this idea — a look at a very different culture in a very positive way. Lily’s observations of the mysteries of adults, the complications of friendships and the many changes facing her ring so true — they are universal whether you are growing up Amish or not.

  • I love Amish books and this one was great. It wasn’t the typical romance that I read, but it was wonderful. I also love learning about the ways of life for the Amish and why they do and believe the things they do. In the books I normally read you get tidbits about those things, but in this book you learn as Lily learns, which I really enjoyed. It is about a little girl named Lily who is growing up, as all children do, learning life lessons along the way. Lily’s lessons are lessons that Amish children learn and they can also teach us some lessons, too. Life with Lily is a terrific book for people of all ages. I will definitely introduce it to my daughter for her to read. The chapters are short and there are several illustrations throughout the book. I look forward to the next books in this series.

  • As I read this story to my little girls we were able to take a peek into Amish life through the eyes of Lily. They learned that Lily is a lot like them, she likes to play with dolls, color, help her parents, and sometimes she is naughty.

  • This book seemed to have a Little House on the Prairie type feel only in Amish living. Children will get to read what Amish life is like from an Amish child’s point of view. Each chapter is a story in itself but all tied into the same girl’s life.

  • A winner for Suzanne Woods Fisher and Mary Ann Kinsinger!!

    While reading Life with Lily, I felt like I was living right there with Lily! This story was told in a child’s tone. A very easy read. I could have read it to my children and they would have understood it.
    I can’t wait to read about Lily’s next chapter in life in the new book book A Home for Lily, coming in February 2013.

  • Another delightful book from Suzanne Woods Fisher!!! With the help of co-writer, Mary Ann Kinsinger. These two ladies have come up with yet another winner!!!

  • This is a sweet book that is similar in many ways to the Little House on the Prairies series. It is about the everyday activities of a six year old little girl. Her and her family are Old Order Amish. Author Mary Ann Kinsinger takes memories from her childhood to build the story of Lily. Suzanne Woods Fisher pulls all of these memories together into this darling series.

  • Frugal Plus says:

    Your kiddo’s will enjoy all of the adventures with Lilly and learn about honesty, hard work, and patience. It’s refreshing to have a moral series that is fun to read. We can’t wait for the other three books!

  • As a teacher, I love all the hands-on activities that Lily does in this book – because it presents myriads of choices for lessons and for exciting, real-life interactions with Lily’s life!

  • Suzanne Woods Fisher creates sweet & fun characters & an interesting & fun story that makes this book one young girls will want to read. I love this idea of a series of books for this age group,to introduce the younger generation reading at its best.

  • I am putting this book on the shelf, right beside the Little House on the Prairie books and the Anne of Green Gables because I know this will be a series that I want my daughter to read and re-read as she grows older.

  • I have been reading Life with Lily aloud to Justin and Kaden and all three of us have loved this story! We have laughed out loud at some of Lily’s antics! We really enjoyed this story and are looking forward to the rest of the series! Life with Lily is a great book to introduce your children to Amish life. The age recommendations are for ages 8-12.

  • Having recently become a grandmother, I am constantly on the look out for books that are wholesome and uplifting for my grand daughter. I think that this book falls into that category. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and it will be saved for when my granddaughter is old enough to read them to her as cuddle time stories and I hope that she will want to read them herself when she can read. This series follows Lily Lapp in her everyday life as a young Amish girl living in New York. It is nice to get the child’s point of view after all of the adult Amish books I have read. It was a refreshing change. I also liked the whimsical illustrations that were throughout the book.

  • The story came together beautifully in my opinion and I could not tell that this book was written by two different authors; the story didn’t seem to flip back and forth between two different writing styles and it didn’t seem like I was reading two different stories written by two different authors. It seemed like I was reading the same story told (or narrated) by two different people.

    I feel that this would be a good book for both children and adults to read who want to learn more about the ways of the Amish. It would also be a good book for adults and children who love Amish fiction.

  • Life with Lily is an enchanting peek into the life of the Amish as seen through the eyes of an adventurous 6 year old little girl. Absolutely delightful! My 9 year old daughter and I were charmed by Lily Lapp and we’re anxious to read her further adventures. So excited that this is just the beginning of this new series of books! It’s like an Amish Little House on the Prairie!

  • I was absolutely delighted with this book on all counts. I originally got this for my daughter to review, but her schedule did not permit it. So I decided to undertake the task. As I began the book, I was reminded more than once of “Little House on the Prairie,” a book series that I absolutely loved as a child. I felt like I was reading a modern-day pioneer story! And the delightful illustrations only added to the charm of this book.

  • Minding Spot says:

    The first in a new series of four books, geared toward 8-12 years old I can easily see a younger child enjoying being read this book. Really something wonderful!!

  • This is a sweet book suitable for just about any age. The writing is interesting and written in a way suitable for young readers, but enjoyable to older audiences. On the back it says “Fiction, Ages 8-12”.

  • I think people sometimes assume that the Amish are perfect in every way. This book shows that they’re really not much different than us Englischers.

  • Janelle Cole says:

    I enjoyed this charming book about a young amish girl! I look forward to passing it down to my 3 readers who ask me lots of questions about Amish and can finally learn about it themselves!

  • In all though, it’s a sweet book. I can see reading this with a special kidlet in my life. I can also see giving the book to a certain seven year old I know learning to read (hum… can we say Christmas maybe?).

  • A brand new series featuring a little 6 year old Amish girl and seeing life through her eyes as she goes about her and her family’s life. I have to say while this book is a juvenile fiction book I really enjoyed it.

  • Laura Hilton says:

    My ten year old daughter snagged it the day it came in the mail and read it start to finish in two days. In my daughter’s words: Lily is mischievous and she’s fun and she does a lot of silly things, but she tries to keep out of trouble.

  • In many (good) ways, Life with Lily reminded me of The Little House on the Prairie, as it gives a glimpse of a lifestyle that is foreign to most of us, through the eyes of a charming but lively young girl. Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

  • How can a person not love Lily? She’s a delightful child.

    This is such a good book for the age group of 8-12. These older children are now reading books with chapters, and each chapter here tells a story. It’s just right for short attention spans.

  • This is a great series that is wholesome, entertaining, and will delight parents and children alike for years to come. I love it when I find a book that I don’t have to worry about for my kids to read.

  • I was captivated by this sweet six year old girl. Lily stole my heart. I found her view of life charming, innocent and real. I smiled big as I read about Lily’s life. I enjoyed reading of her fun adventures.

    Nora St.Laurent

  • I enjoyed this book. It was interesting to read about Amish life from a child’s perspective. I know my daughters, ages 8 and 12, will enjoy this story. We are city dwellers so I think they will enjoy learning more about farming life.

  • It’s a pretty good book that looks at life thru a child’s side and I found it kinda refreshing to see the world thru a child’s mind.

    Who knows, we might actually learn something we did not know! Children sometimes can teach us things that we missed

  • This is an awesome book!! I asked my eleven-year-old daughter to read it and get her thoughts. She loved it too and is looking forward to more. The stories remind both of us of a modern-day Laura Ingalls Wilder in Amish clothing and lifestyle. Lily is an exciting six-year-old who looks at the world with wide-eyed wonder. She struggles with friends, school and little brothers, but loves her family, her doll Sally and her home. This is a book I think would be interesting to both boys and girls.

  • Cindy Loven says:

    Conclusion, this book is a wonderful story and definitely one that children can enjoy. As I said it made me think of the Little House books, and I cannot wait to read more about little Lily Lapp!

  • A sweet, simple story that shows the sweet, simple life, beautifully.

    This looks to be the beginning of a lovely series featuring the life of Lily, a curious six year old. I love the child-like wonder that the authors showed in all that Lily saw and did, how she noticed every small moment and made the most out of them. This beautiful innocence that children go into every situation with is portrayed in every chapter. It reminded me of how I looked at the world as a child and still try to.

  • Life with Lily is a delightful book for 8-12 year olds by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher. I’ve always enjoyed Suzanne Woods Fisher’s books, and Mary Ann Kinsinger was raised old-order Amish, so she brings first-hand experience to the story!

    I read the book myself-my daughter is 17(she would have loved it years ago), and my youngest son is not quite at this reading level. I do think he will enjoy reading it within the next few years. Life with Lily is a sweet story about a lively little Amish girl. The sentences are not too long and complicated, perfect for this age range. The story was exciting and fun. I think this will be a great series for kids!

  • Even though this is a children’s book, I think it will delight the adults that read it with their kids. Mary Ann was raised Old Order Amish and it lends a certain authenticity to the story. Suzanne’s engaging writing style is present throughout.

  • Reviews says:

    Such a sweet book!
    Reading this brought back memories from my childhood. This book shows the children’s side of day to day Amish life. I enjoyed reading about the cheesemaking day! I look forward to reading more of Lily’s adventures!

  • What a charming book! Lily is the oldest, her mom just had her baby brother Dannie, Lily’s reaction to Dannie was priceless . . page 15 . . . Lily peeked at the baby. Why, it was the ugliest little baby Lily had ever seen! His face was all red and wrinkly. His head was bald. Lily didn’t know what to say as Papa lifted the baby carefully out of Mama’s arms. He asked Lily to sit in the rocking chair next to the bed.
    I was laughing so hard when I read that I nearly wet my pants. As adults we OOO and AHH over new baby’s but we have no idea what little children are thinking.
    The age range is 8-12, however this would be a great read aloud at bedtime for kids younger. There are sketches that are in the book, much like what you would find in the Little House On The Prairie series.

  • Crazed Mind says:

    You really do catch that sense of peace with the world. I think I see that in the books I read by Suzanne Woods Fisher. Of course things never same the same, change always happens. Lily learns this too. You will be falling in love with this series.

  • This is a very sweet read, perfect for your young daughter to read, or for you to snuggle up and read right along with her. If you enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie series, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Lily! She is adventurous, full of surprises and lots of love. After reading Life with Lily you’ll be sure to want to continue with the series as the following books are published.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading Life with Lily. In a time when children’s literature often leaves much to be desired, Life with Lily is a breath of of fresh air. A lovely book that will introduce your children to the Amish lifestyle.

  • Life with Lily is a delightful book. As is the case with all of Suzanne Woods Fisher titles, the characters are natural and relational. I love the sweetness of Lily’s character. It is refreshing to see the Amish through new eyes.

  • In Wonder says:

    and a little bit mischievous ☺…
    six year old Lily’s every day life “adventures”
    give insight into the Amish way.
    This is a great bedtime read :). If you enjoyed the Little House series, or Stories From Grandma’s Attic, you will enjoy Lily.

  • Ben and Me says:

    This book is wholesome and sweet, one to be treasured by little girls (and boys!), perfect for young readers or a family read-aloud. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Life with Lily is a welcome addition to children’s books. Joining the Amish genre the writing and book itself is very similar to the Little House books with each chapter being a story all in itself. This is a great book to read aloud at bedtime.

  • This was a thoroughly enjoyable read for my 6 year old daughter and myself. I loved that there was such a wholesome storyline and no objectionable content AND that it provided giggles and thought inducing situations. Great read!

  • This was a sweet book. Truthfully I enjoyed the book more than my daughter. I think it was timing so I’ve put it up for her for later.

  • Home of OHM says:

    This book was an absolute delight! I will admit that I was a bit concerned when I originally saw it, as it’s quite a large book for an 8-12 year old, BUT I love that the chapters are short and each one would make a great bedtime story! As for my daughter she absolutely DEVOURED the book! All 276 pages in about 2 days! In fact I have a sweet pic of her sprawled on the couch reading (that Suzanne Woods Fisher actually re-tweeted when she saw it!). ‘Orangie’ very VERY much enjoyed this book, and is eagerly awaiting book two!!

  • I loved this sweet peek into Lily’s daily life. Reminiscent of the style of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder ….Lily has captured my heart and I look forward to watching her grow in subsequent books in the Adventures with Lily Lapp.

  • Life with Lily is a sweet, captivating book about the day-to-day life of a young Amish girl – with lots of unexpected fun thrown in. If you have tweens who enjoy American Girl or Little House books, I strongly suspect that they’ll enjoy Life with Lily, as well.

  • I have been reading this book with my 3 children and we have been thoroughly enjoying this book. Lily and her family give you the feel that you are right there and a part of their lives.
    Her Brother is the curious type and finds himself getting into some predicaments.

    There have been times that you feel sad and could cry, times when you were thrilled and time when you just feel involved in their lives like you are there going through the emotions with them.

    So many of the modern books written today our family does not take part in reading, This book was very enjoyable for Myself as well as my children. Many days after reading to the end of a chapter as a stopping place you children would beg me to read more.

    I highly recommend this book and
    I am anxiously looking forward to seeing Lily again in book 2, A New Home For Lily, set for release in February 2013!

  • This set of books will truly be classics that every little girl (and little boys may enjoy these books, too, as she has little brothers) should have in her library. They will be enjoyed immensely. We ALL know how GREAT Suzanne Woods Fisher’s writing is, so you can just imagine how GREAT this book is! As I just said, the Adults will enjoy this book just as much as the children will. I can just envision a library setting in which there are a lot of little girls and boys all sitting around just mesmerized by the tales in this book! Enjoy!

  • We are taken on a fun and playful spin on Amish fiction, as seen through the eyes of a mischievous little girl. I found myself laughing out loud many times. One of my favorite parts of this book involves a chainsaw, Lily’s mother’s legs, and a stranger. What Lily thinks and how she reacts is just too cute. All in all, Life with Lily is an absolutely adorable book, and I am anxious to see what adventures are next for Lily Lapp.

  • What a joy it was to read this book. I savored it and made it last…trying not to read it all in one sitting. Each day as I walked my Grandson’s to the bus…they are ages 5 and 7, I told them about the previous days story. They started begging for more, and could sure relate to Lily and her brothers.

  • I am absolutely thrilled that my daughter has enjoyed reading this with me and it gives us an opportunity to talk about the lifestyles that some families have that are different from ours. It allows us to interact more and show how truly educational reading can be and how it really brings us together as a family.

  • Though I’ve enjoyed books by Suzanne Woods Fisher before, Life with Lily (The Adventures of Lily Lapp) was just right for my daughter. She grabbed it when the package arrived, and I didn’t see it again until she had completed the book!
    Black and white drawings are scattered throughout the pages which remind me of an old fashioned story book like I read at my Grandmother’s house as a little girl. This is the first book in a series, so be sure to look for more.

  • How refreshing to see a little girl who appreciates what she has and isn’t caught inthe cycle of wanting more and more. Who plays with, dresses and loves her rag doll! I think this series is going to be such a bonus for children.

  • This is an adorable book! It reminds me very much of the Laura Ingalls/Little House on the Prairie series that we had growing up. You will laugh with Lily and share in her grief at having an ‘ugly baby brother’ for example, and at how her delights in her simple world come through in brilliant color to the reader. isn’t it amazing how young kids see things as they truly are, without our adult shaded nuances we put on things? The series is aimed at kids 8-12, but Kiddo loved the chapters, and lovely ink drawings, we read together and wanted to know more about Lily’s life, so I’ll keep reading it to her! I can see the series growing as Lily grows (it is set to be the first of 4), and new situations arise in her world. I hope it does, as I know Kiddo will be reading it! We highly recommend it for all the young girls in your life!

  • This book was totally adorable! It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book from a young child’s point of view. Normally, my kids have books that tell the story through a 3rd person. Reading Life with Lily was a refreshing change!

  • This is a book filled with the delight of a child’s imagination and the mischief that inevitably follows. If you have children you will want to read this book aloud to your family. It is one of the best sources of entertainment we have had. We can learn so much from the Amish, and here is a way to step right into it through the life of a six year old.

  • I was so excited to see that there’s now Amish fiction for children! I had the opportunity to review Life With Lily, the first book in a new series. The author, Suzanne Woods Fisher, grew up Amish and based the books off of her own childhood. I thought this would be the perfect way to help my children to understand the Amish. I’ve been reading it to my children at bedtime. Since it’s “for ages 8 and up” and Lily is only 6 years old, I was a bit surprised that the book is so long and detailed. Since Lily is in 1st grade, I expected these books to be more like the shorter Imagination Stations series we’ve been reading. Perhaps in the future, Miss Fisher will write something that a younger audience can read themselves. We are enjoying it, though, in our own way. 🙂

  • Life with Lily reminded me of an Amish version of the Little House on the Prairie books (which I loved growing up!), but this is a simpler, faster, lighter read.

  • This is a cute story about a sweet little girl and her family. I really like this fun story and my kids enjoyed listening to me read it to them. I was slightly conflicted about the target age due to format and size of book versus character age; however, Lily is such a fun and likable character and her adventures were enjoyed by our family.

  • Lily is a darling little firecracker with spunk and character. It was so refreshing to read a story from her voice and not just a 3rd party telling of her life. And I loved being able to imagine this 6 year old Amish child going through her day to day life.

  • Life With Lily was an amazing read. It was very complex and I liked how descriptive so many passages were.

  • Not So 31 says:

    … it is a cute book, for kids, filled with wonderful stories and good Christian values.

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