Love Our Vets

Love Our Vets

Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with PTSD (Deep River Books, April 2015)

Chances are that if your loved one has seen war, he or she has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at some level, and you who love your veteran will also be deeply and profoundly affected.

Finally, the cries and needs of the loved ones have been addressed in this comprehensive, practical book, now newly updated in its second edition!

Love Our Vets answers more than 60 heartfelt questions, providing down-to-earth wisdom and much-needed tips for taking care of yourself. Sharing as a counselor and from her personal experience of living with a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD, Welby O’Brien gives hope, encouragement, and practical help for families and loved ones who are caught in the wake of the trauma. This book addresses a broad spectrum of issues and concerns and offers realistic wisdom from a wide variety of individuals who share from real hearts and lives.

Now newly revised and updated with additional material, the second edition of Love Our Vets continues to be enthusiastically welcomed by VA and other counselors. This is not just another book about PTSD; rather, it is a tremendous resource for families and loved ones who struggle heroically along with their vets to face the day-to-day challenges.

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  • So many of our vets are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. O’Brien is married to a vet with PTSD. She gives great encouragement and practical ideas for those in relationship with one experiencing PTSD. She draws from her own experience and that of others and tells many stories. That helps readers know they are not alone. O’Brien says one may always have to walk on egg shells, in a sense, but encourages readers to still continue living and being who they are.

  • It is practical book and not a light and easy read. It deals with a hard subject. I would recommend this book for anyone with a friend, neighbor, or loved one who suffers from PTSD.

  • So for those that live, or have lived with someone who has/had PTSD I urge you to get this book, to look up the links I have added through the info I have posted, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone to talk to.Almost forgot to tell you in the back of the book there are prayers for each day, and poems as well. Again this was a VERY helpful book, made me re look at some things and I would like to Thank you Welby and Dr. suzanne for a very well written book.

  • Welby writes from the heart for families of veterans with PTSD. With an extensive background in counselling and a veteran husband with PTSD, she offers comfort, encouragement, practical help and hope for those who may otherwise feel like they’re grieving for a person who is still right beside them. Love Our Vets is unapologetically open and honest, with real-life scenarios and realistic solutions for dealing with a seemingly hopeless future. Although this book is geared particularly for spouses, I highly recommend it for anyone who has a loved one with PTSD.

  • If you have a veteran in your life with PTSD, I highly recommend this book. It’s mostly geared towards spouses, but anyone could benefit from it. It’s set up not in chapters, but in questions. It’s easy to quickly find the answer to what you are asking. As caregivers, we many times put ourselves behind the needs of others. The book also goes into how to take care and stand up for ourselves when necessary. Something I’m sure we can all do more of.

  • This book is a must for any military family! It is such a practical and valuable resource, I can’t imagine not owning this book. It is an easy read, but it is essential in asking the hard questions that we may not want to face as caregivers, spouses or family members with those who have dealt with trauma. Pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

  • When you are going through a stressful situation it is nice to have someone to talk to. Be a good listener and not try to fix them. I loved when the author said, God never intended us to be alone.” The book is filled with insights that is helpful and suggests that “patience is a big key to living with someone with PTSD.” Overall the book is detailed and I loved how people who deal with PTSD on a daily basis shared their stories. Lets help our vets and those who take care of them.

  • I learned more through this book about how triggers from PTSD that people get after they have been through a war experience can affect their daily lives and the lives of their loved ones, and that they are usually completely random. People need to pay attention to their loved one’s “anniversaries” that trigger PTSD so they can be better prepared for something that triggers it. I was reminded that people need to be aware that holidays that are happy to a lot of people often cause unhappy triggers in people with PTSD, such as Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

  • I find this to be a very useful resource for those who have loved ones suffering from PTSD. It is good to remember that it’s not only the one struggling with PTSD who is affected; the veteran’s family also suffers. This book will assist the veteran’s spouse care for herself, while supporting her husband. I can see how these suggestions would help in other traumatic situations, as well.

  • What an eye opening book! This is such a humbling and hard to read book, but such an awesome resource at the same time. This book speaks from the authors own experience with dealing with PTSD in her husband and with her background in counseling this book is a great resource for the loved ones of those dealing with PTSD. It really stresses how patience is the key and it is so insightful with how to lovingly deal with the many issues that come with a loved one struggling with PTSD. This book is yet another reminder for me of the many sacrifices that our veterans have made for us and makes me prayerfully support them and their families.
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • While I do not have any family members who live with PTSD, I do have some friends who live with it. Because of that, I wanted to read this book and then determine if I should buy a copy for them, too. My answer is ABSOLUTELY!! I myself gained so much insight, understanding, compassion, clarity, wisdom and very aware of the importance of love and grace by reading this book. I truly believe if a broader range of people read Love Our Vets, our society would have a whole new outlook on what PTSD is and how we respond to those who have it. And those who have PTSD would not feel as isolated!

  • Love Our Vets by Welby O’Brien is a wonderful resource for those that have PTSD or

  • I am really glad that there is a book out there for families that have loved ones with PTSD. This book will help you understand what they are going through.
    This is a must have book if you have a loved vet in your family that has PSTD. It is very helpful

  • Love Our Vets is a very good book. I loved the message and hope included in this book. As a person with many people serving this book hit close to home for me. PTSD is such an issue today with so many people coming back from war, injured mentally as well as physically. PTSD is not always talked about as much as it should be.

  • Love Our Vets is a very good book. I loved the message and hope included in this book. As a person with many people serving this book hit close to home for me. PTSD is such an issue today with so many people coming back from war, injured mentally as well as physically.

  • If you love someone with PTSD I highly recommend this book. It is geared mostly toward spouses but you can gain something from it even if you are another family member. It is setup by questions, rather than chapters which makes it an easy reference to thumb through and get the information or help/advice that you might be seeking most at any given moment. As caregivers, we often place the needs of everyone else ahead of our own and this book also reminds us that we need to put on our own oxygen mask in order to be at our best for those we care for.

  • Although I think that this would be a great resource for those who have spouses, sons, or daughters with PTSD. This mainly applies to those who have been in a war zone or experienced militaristic measures first hand than those who come by PTSD in a different way. I found the stories interesting and informative. There were a few in this book that I didn’t quite believe or think had the best advice. My favorite part was the first portion of the book that dealt with explaining what PTSD was and the experiences that many with PTSD have. I found the advice in this section good. I always like and appreciate firsthand experince, so the latter portions of the book were definitely intriguing. After reading this book, I can see why the disorder is hard to pin down into an exact group of symptoms and why people often do not realize their loved one is experiencing it.

  • There are so many vets that struggle with PTSD, and without proper counseling, it is extremely hard for families and vets to cope with a diagnosis. Actually, many times, vets are not properly diagnosed, which is even worse. This book is incredible because it goes through three different aspects of living with someone who has PTSD – “reaffirm” which is a section of discussion questions, “replenish” which talks about how to take care of yourself, and “reflect” which tells real-life wisdom that has been taken from people actually in these scenarios. All three of these parts are so important.

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