Medical Judgment

Medical Judgment

Medical Judgment (Abingdon Press, May 2016)

Dr. Sarah Gordon lost her husband and daughter. Now she’s about to lose her life.

After losing the two people she loved the most, Sarah Gordon doesn’t think life could get worse. But, after a fire in her garage is ruled an arson, she begins to realize someone is after her—and that person wants to see her dead. But first, they want to see her suffer.

Her late husband’s best friend, Kyle Andrews, and a recovering alcoholic detective, Bill Larson, are trying to solve the mystery before it’s too late, and they’re both trying to win her heart, too. Not only does Sarah feel torn between two men, she also feels as though she cannot trust anyone.

With creepy threats that become more and more sinister, Sarah finds herself in constant fear, but even the best home alarm technology won’t protect her. Who is doing this, and why are they after her?

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  • As a contrast to Mabry’s other novels, medicine isn’t a strong feature in this book. I like that Mabry writes stories that are clean, with only a hint of romance. Christian beliefs are mentioned in Medical Judgment, but not in a preachy way. Medical Judgment is short enough to finish in a dedicated afternoon.

  • If you like medical thrillers then I urge you to check out his books. Each one shows the hand of God guiding the characters through decisions and trials. Excellent reading with uplifting messages through the messy lives.

  • I LOVE a good medical drama, and Medical Judgment doesn’t disappoint! It’s a page turner for sure, and the author’s medical background serves to create an incredibly believable storyline that is based on tacit knowledge one gains through experience. Better than that, you don’t need a medical degree to understand the writing and enjoy the plot!

  • Suspenseful thriller and a tiny bit of Romance. I didn’t want to put it down. From page one I was on the edge of my seat.

  • I really loved the story. The suspense will keep you wondering what the killer will do next and what will Sarah do about it? Will she be the next to die?

  • Medical Judgment was an amazing book full of action and mystery. I really enjoyed reading this book and found it to be an epic read. I hope to read more from this author real soon.

  • Another wonderful medical thriller from Richard Mabry that will keep you guessing till the end. A well constructed plot that throws up questions, all of which are answered in the end.
    There are several themes including grief and how one deals with it, grace and forgiveness, hurt and anger, and temptations.
    See the loyalty of God Who never leaves nor forsakes us.
    More, more, more please Richard Mabry! I love your books.

  • Fast paced, full of suspense – I could not put this novel down! It was well written and an even better plot with a strong female character that you will love. A definite must read.

  • This is a good mystery that left me wondering who the bad guy was until the very end. There were lots of suspects and each could have wanted revenge. I liked the characters and how they grew as they struggled to trust God. There are good character studies of some learning to trust God after tragedy and others dealing with alcoholism. A good mystery that will keep you guessing.

  • I am really falling in love with these medical thrillers by Dr. Mabry. They keep you guessing and keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the wildly suspenseful ride.

  • In this book, someone is after Dr. Sarah Gordon. Her husband and daughter were tragically killed in a car accident that wasn’t even their fault, and while she is trying to mourn them, someone is obviously after her. They set fire to her house, they are stalking her, and leaving eerie messages on her phone, to name just a few things. Meanwhile, she is being “helped” a little too much by a friend of her husband’s, Kyle, and the detective on the case. Honestly, those two guys were what turned me off of the book. They totally creeped me out. They were both really pushy with her, especially her late husband’s friend. I just felt like the story line didn’t need the men to be so pushy and weird with Sarah. They could have had feelings for her without being overboard.

  • Although the book was fast-paced and set up a number of suspects, there was just something about it that was not to my liking. I think it was the constant reference to turning to God in grief, dwelling on the character flaws and the superfluous number of suspects in the story. I’m sure that mystery buffs would like this novel, but it is not one of my favorites.

  • There was a lot of action and mystery trying to figure out who was trying to do Sarah harm. The way the story is written, you don’t know what evil is around each corner.

  • Medical Judgment gripped me from the opening pages and I was loath to set it aside for such trivial pursuits as sleeping and working.

  • For me, this was one of the best books the author has written! I loved how he has the main character, Dr. Gordon, take measures to be protected as well as being able to protect herself, if necessary. I loved how the author shows the doctor still working through her grief and being very transparent about she feels toward God. Readers will sense at times they may know who the culprit is terrorizing the doctor and at other times perhaps not quite so sure.

  • When you like thrillers it is hard to find a good one that keeps our attention drawn to the book. Sometimes for me, I lose interest after reading a few pages and I never seem to finish the book but with Medical judgment, I was hooked after reading the 1st page. The genre of the books is thriller-Christianity and suspense though so I knew what I am getting into when I started reading.

  • I felt like the mystery was fairly well done with plenty of suspenseful situations and several characters introduced that could be the suspect. And I liked Dr. Sarah Golden’s character and the way she finally has had enough and makes a stand against her stalker. But I did not like either of the two male leads – one was pushy and the other one felt wishy-washy in their attentions to Sarah. And the romance that did develop had a lack of depth, in my opinion. I just wasn’t really taken with this book.

  • Tima Murrell says:

    I love this author’s ability to pull the reader into the action with the descriptive details and real to life characters. The rawness of the emotions and the tiny clues that help solve the mystery are all part of a great plot. The author also does a great job of showing authentic faith and what it means for each person. He had quite a few secondary characters that I can see easily going on to have their own books later.

  • “Medical Judgment” is yet another of Dr. Richard Mabry’s suspense-filled novels woven around the medical profession. It always surprises me how well this author can write from a female protagonist’s viewpoint but he pretty much nails it every time. Dr. Mabry grabbed my attention with this one from page one and held it all the way to the end. I read the book in one evening because I couldn’t put it down.

  • Sarah is still grieving for her husband and daughter. She shouldn’t have to deal with any added grief, but the fire in her garage is just the beginning.

    Will a home aarm system, a guard dog and a concealed weapon protect her? They don’t seem to be working.

    The twisted person behind all this has a motive not necessarily founded in reality.

  • This is another great thriller that is full of suspense and scary actions.

  • The mind-chilling scenario of being a widowed young professional and finding yourself the victim of various types of stalking, threats, and with harm seemingly awaiting your every turn strikes fear into the hearts of readers as they plunge into Medical Judgment by beloved author Richard L.Mabry, M.D.

    Lovely Dr. Sarah Gordon has the protection of a law enforcer, an attorney but she doesn’t feel protected. She feels threatened and all are seeking to find the source of her horrors.

  • Dr. Richard Mabry have the suspense level down pat. It keeps you guessing until the very end, and Medical Judgment was just that. You might have guessed the player(s) involved, but you really won’t know until the very end. The twists that comes up will have you second guessing and sometimes even if you have it right, the reason and the process may not be what you had surmise.

  • The story is a complex one. Besides the main storyline, several subplots are built in that help the reader get to know much about the characters and their back stories. The mystery is good, keeping you guessing about who the “bad guy” really is. Before the story was over, I think I had suspected every character! The struggles of emotion and faith drew me in to caring for the characters and their outcomes.

  • This was a real page turner! I read Medical Judgment in 2 sittings, one of which happened late at night. Sarah is grieving the loss of her family when strange things start happening to her. As she navigates her way through what feels like constant danger, she questions the intent of everyone in her life. This is not a book you want to start when you’re home alone. (Not that I would even remember what that’s like.)

    With themes of loss, addiction recovery, faith, and trust, Medical Judgment takes you on a roller coaster ride, but leaves you with things to think about, too.

  • I have enjoyed many books by Dr. Mabry and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I really loved the character development as much as the thriller story. Seeing Sarah find her way through the mourning after the loss of her husband and daughter was encouraging. Both male lead characters : Kyle and Bill were likable as well. As each character had their own journey of faith, I could identify with each on some level.

    Thanks for another great story!!

  • Medical Judgment is the kind of roller-coaster thrill ride you won’t be able to put down. I read this book in a single afternoon and wasn’t ready for the story to end. I love that I couldn’t name the villain, although I had narrowed down the suspect list a bit. Books in which the authors keep me guessing are the best, and Mabry is a master at twists and turns.

  • Not sure if she will ever love again, she just wants to stay one step ahead of her stalker as his threats escalate while the detective and his partner search every possible patient, friend, and family member who may want to do her harm. As they come up with the suspect list, all are shocked at some of the names on it.
    This story was an emotional, creepy thriller that had me constantly looking over my shoulder for the stalker.

  • Moments says:

    I loved this book, I did not want to stop reading until the very end as I was kept guessing as to who was behind the threats. Sarah is a great character, and she was so real and I loved her personal reflections and then how she took charge but still showed her vulnerability, making her so easy to relate to and empathize with. The suspense kept me turning the pages and made me a little jumpy when I was up reading at night.

  • An enjoyable story that kept me guessing until the end. If you enjoy medical drama laced with suspense, Medical Judgment just might be what the doctor ordered!

  • Dr. Mabry has a master’s touch, skillfully interweaving medical drama with that of life in a way that produces fiction that fairly crackles with tension and suspense, faith and passion. His ability to “keep you guessing” results in a book that grabs your attention and refuses to let go until the final page.

  • One thing I want to say right away – I would not have guessed that this was written by a man. The author did such a great job telling the story about Dr. Sarah Gordon. He really got her character just right. It was very heartfelt. You really get a feel for her personality – you get inside her head. I loved that she was vulnerable but strong willed , wanting to take care of herself and stand on her own two feet. I sometimes have a hard time reading books written by men because they don’t seem to be able to get a woman’s character right, but this was perfect!

  • My Thoughts:
    I’m not in the medical field but I’ve loved all of Richard Mabry’s books that I’ve read so far, and this is no exception to that rule. While I knew a romance was blossoming I couldn’t tell with whom, and even 30% into the book I didn’t know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. I suspected every character of commiting these crimes at some point or another despite how “nice” they seemed. I love that about his books. He keeps us guessing til the end!

  • The author wastes no time setting up the main plot; within the first chapter you are introduced to the main character, Sarah, learn about her heartbreaking past, and find out that her house is set on fire. From that point on, I was clued to the story; turning each page and reading each chapter with excitement.

    Overall, Medical Judgement is a fast-paced thriller with plenty of twists and turns around every corner (or every few chapters). I didn’t know who was behind the “fire” until very end.

  • The plot was great. I had an inkling of what the real motive was before it was revealed, but enjoyed having that insight before the characters did….as odd as that may sound. And I even enjoyed the surprise on the romance front…I did not see that coming. When I closed the book after reading the last page, I had that very satisfied feeling that I get after reading a great novel. It was time well spent.

  • This was a new kind of read for me. Well not exactly new but I haven’t read a medical mystery in a while. Dr. Mabry weaves an interesting tale with complex characters. You have no idea who is involved until the end.

  • From the fiery start to the heart-pounding ending, Mabry’s writing satisfies and never disappoints. He continues to write Christian suspense with heart and compassion.

  • Dr. Mabry has done it again, and I had to page turn just to keep up with all that is going on. The story has a really sad happening with the deaths of Dr. Sarah Gordon’s husband and two year old daughter. If you like to read books that keep you stomach in your throat, don’t miss this one!

  • I’ve been a huge fan of Richard L Mabry’s novels for quite some time, because they are realistic in their core pertaining to medical procedures without being cheesy like Grey’s Anatomy. There is always a mystery behind the facade and you just never know what you are in for each time, but you know it will be exceptional. I loved this one as well because during the entire novel, I kept trying to figure out who it might be. Richard does a great job at keeping it concealed until just the right moment and then you are hooked to the very end to see how it will all play out. Nothing like a great cat and mouse suspense thriller and this one garners a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my mind.

  • The only thing that seemed a tad out of balance in the novel are the number of men ready to jump into her life and become the focus of her interest. Maybe a nice problem for a grieving widow to have, but I’d be as cautious of the line of men queuing up in my phone calls as I would be of the person who was obviously stalking me! (just my own paranoia peeping through, I guess!) Anyway, the men that become so abundant in Sarah’s life also have believable points of entry, and I’m thankful her ability to feel Holy Spirit’s nudge toward one of her possible suitors was plain!

  • Richard Mabry’s writing keeps getting better and better with each book he writes. Medical Judgment is a heart stopping ride from the first to the very last page. Richard writes with the perfect balance of intrigue, emotion, and faith. His characters are easy for readers to become engaged with and to care about early on in the story. And somehow he accomplishes this and takes readers on one amazing journey full of twists and turns. I appreciate that Richard writes the medical jargon into his story but doesn’t write over his readers’ heads. If you like suspense filled, faith based drama, you will love Medical Judgment!

  • I am a huge fan of Dr. Richard Mabry’s work. I love a good suspense and he always delivers.

    In his newest novel, “Medical Judgment”, Dr. Mabry has created some of his strongest characters yet. From the heroine, Dr. Sarah Gordon to several male leads, I found myself having emotions stirred up withing that kept me turning page after page until the very end.

    I would have loved a little more “medical” in this novel but the suspense was enough to carry me through.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good clean suspense novel.

  • This story is full of suspense and really needs to be read at a leisurely pace so you don’t miss anything.

  • Dr. Richard Mabry is a talented writer. As a retired doctor, he is able to draw from his medical knowledge to come up with fascinating stories. Medical Judgment was a suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat mystery. There were twists and turns throughout the story, and with so many possibilities for the villain, I found myself guessing and changing my guess as to who it was throughout the book.

  • A Book Lover says:

    This was an okay Christian mystery/suspense book. I did not enjoy it as much as some of his previous books. This was a medical drama only in the fact the main character Dr. Sarah Gordon is an ER doctor. The faith element is well developed. I was kept guessing until the end on who was stalking her. Dr. Gordon has two different possible love interests. One is her recently deceased husband’s best friend and the other a detective. The romance could have been more developed. There was also a lot of repetition throughout the book like her husband being dead eight months. My favorite series of his is the Code Blue series.

  • I thought I knew “who done it” – who was behind the attacks a few different times, and then it turned out, I was way off, and I loved that too. I hate when storylines are predictable. Anyway, as the threats escalate from this unknown enemy, Sarah starts suspecting people around her and begins to be unsure of exactly who she can trust. She wonders if it could be a former patient of hers or possibly that perhaps the threats are somehow related to her husband’s death.

  • As with all good thrillers, we get an early insight into the mind of the perpetrator so we know what he’s planning while Sarah–his intended victim–doesn’t. What we don’t know is his identity, which means the tension ramps up every time a new male character is introduced and we ask if this is the whacko. Sarah is an excellent character, weak at first but who gradually grows stronger as she decides she’s going to get past her grief and not let this guy win.

  • I found myself laughing in parts of this book, crying in others, and holding my breath through most of it. This story really kept me guessing until the end and weaved a web of deception. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Suspense books, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • Don’t relax while you’re reading Medical Judgment! I mean, if Sarah can’t, you really shouldn’t either out of solidarity. But even if you wanted to abandon poor Sarah since she lives in the book and you don’t, you still shouldn’t relax. Fires and gunshots and creepy stalkers. And then there are the emergency room scenes. Not to mention the trail of twitterpated men that Sarah leaves in her wake. From chapter one to “the end”, Richard L. Mabry’s latest novel may have you seeking medical attention for a raised pulse and insomnia, but it’s totally worth it!

  • This story starts off running! If you are looking for a suspenseful summer novel, then I can recommend this one!

  • I loved the suspense and mystery of this book. I really had no idea who was making the threats against Sarah until the author revealed it. The story line was very intense and the characters very well developed. I really like Sarah a lot and felt like I actually knew her.

  • Richard L. Mabry, M.D., now retired from his medical practice, has made a name for himself as the author of medical thrillers with a heart. The “heart” element is definitely evident in MEDICAL JUDGMENT, his latest suspense novel. Mabry has peopled this book with multiple characters with pain and loss in their recent pasts — events which could set someone on a course for revenge or a path to forgiveness and new beginnings– and that makes picking the likely villain complicated. I suspect the ending will be a surprise, or at least the motives behind the stalking will be. Scenes at the ER add medical authenticity to the book, but the story is not really a medical thriller.

  • Medical Judgement by Richard L. Mabry, M.D. was a good book but not my favorite one by this author. I had a hard time getting into the book for some reason but even when I say that I still enjoyed most of this book.

  • The story line is great and kept me guessing the entire book. It included some heart stopping moments and twists and turns that I did not expect.

    A great story and a good read from an excellent author.

  • Once again, “Doc” Mabry has come through with another excellent medical suspense. Medical Judgment is his latest release from Abingdon Press. As I read, I couldn’t help but be pulled into the story with Mabry’s latest characters, who are varied and well developed. Although the stage was set for the ending, it was still a surprise when Sarah’s stalker was revealed. So kudos to “Doc” for another excellent read. Again, I can highly recommend Medical Judgment to anyone who loves to read medical suspense.

  • Fic Gal says:

    This story starts eight months after the deaths of Sarah’s husband and daughter. She’s trying to get on with her life but someone is out there watching. As you can see from the cover there’s a fire but she’s determined to stay in the house where she lived with her husband and daughter. I’m torn about how I feel about Sarah. I don’t hate her but at the same time I don’t really like her.

  • Talk about a page-turner! The action started on the first page and continued to build throughout the story. As I was reading, I found myself biting my nails (along with the main character) as she continued to be tormented by her crazy stalker/harasser.

  • 1 Six 1 Five says:

    Medical Judgment by Richard Mabry, M.D. is not the typical novel I gravitate towards. I do not normally read medical drama books because it’s not really my thing. I rated Medical Judgment 3.5 stars because while the writing style was good I found the characters to be trying and the plot dragged in some spots of the story. So while it won’t be a favourite of 2016, I didn’t completely hate it like a few others I’ve read this year.

  • I also liked how the book explored the different dynamitic of the characters and we get to see many different aspects of their lives. I believe this helped keep the plot interesting and it kept the suspense going.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    This book was fast paced and thrilling from beginning to end! I have read only a couple books by author Dr. Richard Mabry and each one is more thrilling than the last.

    I also gave this book to my almost 15 year old to read and he said “it was awesome and very exciting!” and asked for more books to read by Dr. Richard Mabry.

  • Dr. Sarah Gordon has already lost her daughter and husband, now someone is coming after her as well. But who is it? Kyle Andrews and detective Larson doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere solving the case. Things just keep getting worse and creepy for this Dr. I love Dr. Mabry’s books because they keep me on the edge of my seat, and I cant put the book down until I finish it! As much as I tried, I couldn’t figure out who the evil creep was that was harassing Dr. Gordon.

  • Book by Book says:

    Dr. Richard L. Mabry excellently blends mystery and suspense with medical drama in Medical Judgment, his latest novel that will not disappoint his fans. A thrilling, twisting-and-turning read, I recommend it.

  • Sarah’s husband and baby daughter were killed a year or so ago. Another character lost his wife to cancer not too long ago. Yet another lost his fiancée, though I can’t recall how. All three grieve differently, and there is some great discussion about how grief is going to be different for everyone. That was something I really appreciated in this story.

  • Gotta love a book that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat!!! I could go on and on but I think it’s better if I just say, “This is an ABSOLUTE book to add to your Summer Reading List!!!” You will love it!!!

  • I always enjoy Dr. Mabry’s books, they always seem like an excellent blend of medical intrigue, mystery, romance with very engaging and dynamic characters and this one was no exception. I honestly thing this might be one of my favorites by the author thus so far. This book kept one guessing until the end and was a real page turner, I was totally engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • I love this book! I love this author. Seriously. Richard Mabry’s new book Medical Judgment is a fast paced action packed edge of your seat kind of a read. You won’t be able to put it down. I couldn’t! I had to know what was going to happen. And really. Umm I don’t want to tell you who the bad guy is, but that one was a toughie! I didn’t figure it out for the longest time. Loved it. So so much loved it. I’ve already passed the book on and it’s being enjoyed by others as well. Make sure to request a copy from your library or purchase your own. While you’re at it make sure to check out his other books as well.

  • Richard Mabry is an author whom I enjoy reading. His books are medical suspense and they are quite thrilling while immersing the reader into the world of doctors and detectives. This one is no different with a woman trying to start over alone. But someone isn’t going to let her start over, at least not without a fight. She has two men wanting to step in and help, but can she trust them? An amazing story that had me reading into the wee hours of the night. Don’t let the medical aspect scare you away!!

  • I think “Medical Judgment” is Dr. Mabry’s best medical thriller to date. Action, mystery and suspense these are the ingredients of “Medical Judgment”. Turn off the TV, unplug the computer, put aside the housework you are not going to want to do anything but read this book.

  • This book had me guessing all the way till the end. I liked how he wove in each characters lives and their faith into the story. I highly recommend this book.

  • This is a new author for me and I found Medical Judgment very interesting. It doesn’t follow the average Christian fiction story line because the hero of the story is not the romantic interest of the heroine. There is some talk of medical things, but it is not bogged down with them.

    This book really feels like just a small window into the main characters lives. All 3 have already been through some really rough times and are dealing with life after loss. They are complex and there is a focus on their feelings just as much as what is happening in their lives at this point.

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