Pennsylvania Patchwork

Pennsylvania Patchwork

Seattle native Holly Fisher is smitten by Lancaster County, its simplicity and her long lost relatives. In the sequel to bestselling Leaving Lancaster, Holly embraces the Amish culture, learning to slow down to see what – and who – really matters.

Meeting the family that her mother had kept hidden from her, Holly comes face to face with her real life and blood legacy. She also falls for the charming Zach, a handsome Mennonite veterinarian who is everything she’s ever wanted in a husband: confident, kind, successful, and authentic. And Zach proposes marriage. Is this too soon? Is this the right choice? Mother and Amish grandmother think she’s rushing into too much of a lifestyle change. Holly is in love with Zach and that precludes everything. Until she meets an attractive Amish man. And an old suitor shows up.

Pennyslvania Patchwork is the moving, richly told story of one woman’s heart, her faith and trust, and the choices she makes. Never easy, but one choice can change your destiny.

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  • Just when you think you have everything figured out, guess what, it changes! Enjoy your fun stay in Amish Country!

  • I just finished the second book in this series, and enjoyed it. I did not read the first one and enjoyed this one tremendously, but I would recommend reading book one first. I plan to read it as soon as I can. There are three powerful women characters in this novel. Nothing is going smoothly for any of the lovebirds and just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes! I know you will enjoy this book. It is a fun read.

  • The IE Mommy says:

    Lloyd did a wonderful job creating several different characters all with very unique personalities. I find that no matter what group of people a book is about, we all face very similar situations and decisions.

    It is great that a book about Amish, which I am not, can be something I can relate to and enjoy. Pennsylvania Patchwork was a very good book to read!

  • I was under the impression that life among the Amish was plain and peaceful. Evidently not! The author’s imagination must have been working on triple time.
    I tried to think of who was my favorite character in this story and I have to say Anna the feisty grandmother. She may have been in bad health but the author gave her a big personality. Anna was one sneaky, persistent and sometime sweet old lady.
    What really got on my nerves was the constant friction between Holly’s so called suitors. They bickered so much I wanted to bop them upside their head. The story could have done with less of their bickering.

  • I found it to be a charming Amish read and I will most definitely get book 3 when it comes out to see what happens next! Great read!!

  • I have to say a lot of the Amish authors are writing the same stories over and over again, but not Kate this was such a great and very touching read.
    I highly recommend this book.

  • This is my first read from author Kate Lloyd and it will not be my last. She has a wonderful touch with dialogue and scenery descriptions. Overall, Pennsylvania Patchwork is a great addition to the Amish genre and I recommend it to others.

  • If you’re a fan of Amish fiction, you’ll love how Kate Lloyd blends “English” and Amish life, as both Holly and Esther try to find their place in their Amish family. While I thought that the resolution of one part of the story line was a bit rushed toward the end of the novel, I still enjoyed the continuation of Holly and Esther’s stories.

  • This was an interesting book with the combination of Amish and Mennonite families and points of view. My first go-to books are Amish books. I just love their way of life and (most of) their beliefs. This book held all of those things with the romance I also love reading. Of course, Llyod made some very memorable and entertaining characters, who did not always hold true to what we normally consider Amish behavior.

  • Pennsylvania Patchwork is about the choices that we make and how they affect our lives. A dramatic saga about three women, this book picks up right in the middle of conflict. A prologue catches the reader up to speed with what happened in the first book of the series, and soon that reader will be hurtling through Lancaster County faster than a runaway horse and buggy.

    Pennsylvania Patchwork is a tangled web of emotions, mistakes, grace, and forgiveness. It’s a story full of wisdom and seeking to live God’s way, no matter how you might dress to do so.

  • This is book two in the series, but you don’t have to read book one to understand what’s going on – although, I recommend you read book one because it’s excellent as well! This is another lovely Amish romance filled with characters you’ll love and care about. It was a book that was hard to put down!

  • I enjoyed this book and look forward to back tracking and reading the first and eagerly awaiting and hopeful for a third.

  • Pennsylvania Patchwork is a little different than the other Amish books I’ve read lately. There is quite a bit “English” in this one too. Which was a nice change. The main characters are a mother and daughter deciding whether o not to join the Amish church. I enjoyed this read, my only complaint was it seemed both women had a lot going on. Of course that happens in life sometimes doesn’t it?

    This is a sequel book but can definitely stand alone in reading.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    I found myself drawn right back into this story, and felt like I was catching up with old friends. It was interesting to see three generations of women living together, with both mother and daughter planning on getting married. Each character is easy to understand and like, but I have to say that Mommy Anna had to be one of my favorites. She was dealing with a health issue that happens to many, and I was interested in seeing how the family would deal with it. The story had several twists that keeps the reader from figuring out how things will work out. While I expected the friction of Holly’s story, I was a bit surprised that Esther’s story had a few kinks as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and was left wanting more.
    “Pennsylvania Patchwork” is the second book in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy, and while it can be read as a stand alone work I recommend reading the first book in the series, “Leaving Lancaster” especially if you enjoy well written Amish fiction.

  • Kate Llyod is the kind of author that gives you real characters and real dilemas. This is a wonderful story about 3 generations of a family that live together. A reader will love the romance and the different twista in this book.

  • Laura Hilton says:

    If you like Amish family sagas with a thread of romance, you’ll love Ms. Lloyd’s books. There are three main female points of view, the grandmother, the mom, and the daughter/granddaughter

  • Enjoyable addition to the series. Holly is truly a love struck woman and it is refreshing to see love and relationships looked at from older peoples perspective.

  • Kate Lloyd is an author to watch for. She has the ability to write Amish fiction a bit differently than the norm. The Englisch world plays an important role in her stories. This is definitely worth the read!! I can hardly wait for her next book!!

  • Those who really enjoy Amish culture stories probably loved this book. The story was fairly interesting, if not believable. The premise of two women–mother and daughter—standing at the crossroads of the Amish lifestyle and the “Englisch” way was interesting to me. My favorite character was the grandmother, Mommy Anna. She was the toughest woman of the three!

  • This story was full of surprises for both Mother and Daughter! I sometimes got the feeling that Holly was a little bit immature and was just trying to sow a few wild seeds when she decided to visit the place that her mother had kept her from and her Grandmother Anna.

    She toys around with 2 different men for several months but decides that the one who makes her feel like she can be herself is the one she ultimately decides to stick with and even her mother has found the courage to be with the man that she really loves.

    It was a nice love story for both women you will enjoy Holly’s antic’s between her 2 suitors and in the end she does make the right choice.

  • Although this is a sequel, it is a good stand alone read. I do want to read Leaving Lancaster (book one) and am looking forward the reading the last book in this trilogy.

  • Kerrific says:

    I just had to laugh at Holly’s story because all too often it could have been my story as a teenager. The book was full of laughs, tears, and wonderful writing.

  • Pennsylvania Patchwork is the second book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy by Kate Lloyd. I had not yet read the first book in the series, Leaving Lancaster, but definitely plan to now! This is a story full of emotion, suspense, and trusting God. The author did a wonderful job with the characters-I felt strongly for Holly and her mother, Esther. The story held my attention throughout, and I stayed up way too late reading several nights because I didn’t want to put Pennsylvania Patchwork down!

  • I’d call this book an Amish soap opera as some of the storyline is a bit far fetched but fun just the same! The three men fighting over Holly are a riot of testosterone and laugh out loud funny! Unanswered questions, a mysterious box, and even a missing wife (Is she still alive?) will keep you reading to discover answers. I truly couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen next!

  • This is the first book in the series that I have read and it can easily be read by itself. The story line is a bit of a love triangle and at times it was difficult for me to follow. The characters I couldn’t really relate with. The mother figures in the story were entertaining at times but the romance and setting were not my favorite. It is full of drama, a little too must for my taste. If you like romance/family drama and Amish life you will like this book. The main aspect of this book is confronting your past and moving on with the future.

    “I received this book from Litfuse for free in exchange for an honest review.”

  • This was a great Amish book, it didn’t overwhelm you with the strictness of the Amish. I liked this book better than the first book in the series, which was Leaving Lancaster. Holly was more likable in this book than in the first. The book was very well written, which made it flow really well. Once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down and it kept me up pretty late, because I wanted to know how it ended. Holly has three suitors, which one will she choose. There was some mystery in it also; Nathaniel is summonsed to Ohio because his cousin thought that his deceased wife was living there, what will this mean for his and Esther’s upcoming wedding. Also, Esther receives a box from Samuel’s old Army buddy, what is the deal with that. And there is a little humor with Anna, she is a

  • Not So 31 says:

    I enjoyed the funny little lines throughout the story and I could just picture the guys standing there, with there chests pumped out, talking smack to each other. My favorite line between the men, “I’ve got better things to do than listen to you put me down in order to build yourself up” just made me chuckle picturing the exchange. An pleasant read and if you’ve read the first one, then I definitely recommend checking this one out.

  • This book had many angles and at first was a little complicated. If you are a person who likes deep books~ this book is for you. I had a hard time keeping focused at first but once it captured my attention I could not it down until I had finished it.
    This book is one that needs to be added to your Summer reading list.

  • I would have enjoyed the beginning of the book so much more had the author led into the story with more background. As the story progressed I was less confused and really began to enjoy it! I would like to read the first book Leaving Lancaster when I am able and look forward to the third and final book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy.

  • I have not read the first book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy but the author included enough background in “Pennsylvania Patchwork” that it could easily stand alone. The title of this novel is quite appropriate because there are so many different things going on in it and so many characters from varied backgrounds.

    …On one hand, “Pennsylvania Patchwork” has lots of action and interaction between characters which kept the story moving right along. On the other hand, there was so much going on that I was not fully able to relate to the characters in the way I usually enjoy.

  • Amanda says:

    Pennsylvania Patchwork is the perfect title to this book. Flawed, patched, and imperfect human beings who need forgiveness from those they’ve wronged as well as from themselves.

    This is a different kind of Amish book. Englishers, Amish, and Mennonite alike learn to accept others for who they are, mistakes and all, and love them anyway. This is the second book in Ms. Lloyd’s series, and though I haven’t read the first, this was written in a way that you could understand what was going on without much trouble. It did make me want to read the first book to learn the backstory of each character.

  • Pennsylvania Patchwork is different from most Amish fiction books today. Holly didn’t even know she had Amish family, now she’s living with her grandmother and her mother in Lancaster County.

    The relationship of Holly to her mother Esther and her grandmother Anna grows and changes over the course of the book, and there are very heart warming moments between them all. I like that the author shows Holly and Esther learning to turn everything over to God, including their choice for a husband.

  • I have to say that I really enjoyed this book! Holly Fisher finds herself in Lancaster County with her mother’s Amish family after going her whole life thinking she had no family. She’s adjusting well to her new life, and instead of taking time to learn their ways she just jumps in and fully embraces the Amish lifestyle. She quickly begins a fast moving relationship with Zach, and then finds herself with 3 men after her attention. Her mother also makes amends with the family and finds herself in a relationship with an Amish man. The ending was surprising and I will be looking for the next book in the series!

  • The story was good (it could have been better had I read book one). It was not your typical Amish story since the main character is English and her fiance is Mennonite. The story got better as it went along and I became more familiar with the characters. I found the men interesting and would have liked to have a little more background on them.

    If you like Amish fiction then yes this is a good book but please grab book one while you’re at it.

  • This book was so cute and sweet. It was another one that once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.

  • A very good read, Holly is a delightful character who is learning to deal with her hidden past. It’s what she does with the hidden knowledge that makes this book a fun, light, romantic read!

  • I really loved this book simply because I love Amish fiction. Kate does such a great job with this novel. It’s not the perfect “fall in love” type book that I normally read, but has a back story and little bit of mystery.

    Holly has to choose between three men who are pursuing her. In all honesty, I thought I had it figured out from the beginning, but Kate threw me for a loop! She had me at every page and I could not put this one down.

    This truly has been one of my favorite Amish fictions and I cannot wait to read more from Kate.

  • Holly’s back and her life is still spinning like a top. She is adjusting from being a city girl to the quiet life of the Amish and that she has an extended family she was not aware of. She is in love and has been proposed to but there is some doubt about Zach and his situation. Then Holly meets two other men, one Amish, one not, and her life spins faster. Esther, her mother, is thinking about returning to the faith and maybe remarrying but there is some doubt about whether Samuel is still alive in Vietnam. ”Pennsylvania Patchwork” is all about family. Holly is trying to adjust to having one, Esther is trying to adjust to being home and her aging mother and the possibility that Holly might just start her own family. Ms. Lloyd gives us wonderful characters that we care about and root for.

  • Fans of Amish Fiction will not want to miss Book #2 in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy!!!
    Though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I love the characters, there is definitely a lot of family drama, which make for UBER-interesting story-telling. I also love love loved the romantic aspects of the story. There were various plot lines happening throughout, and I found myself wanting to read more more more! I give PENNSYLVANIA PATCHWORK *****5/5 STARS*****!
    If you are a fan of Amish Fiction, family drama & romance, don’t miss this one!!!!

  • Since reading the first novel in the series, Leaving Lancaster, I knew I wanted to see how Holly’s story would play out in this novel. I was not disappointed. Along the way, we learn more about Samuel and his disappearance in Vietnam. Esther also has to deal with the potential of deciding if she will become baptized in the Amish church satisfying a possible marriage with Nathaniel as well as dealing with a health issue with her own aging mother. I’d rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to seeing how this all wraps up in the next novel.

  • The cover of this book is probably one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen in a while. I love how the picture is on the front, but it wraps around to the back with the pictures of the Amish farm and the sky. When I got this book in the mail, I had a hard time restraining myself from reading it right away because it was so appealing to me.

    Kate Lloyd has become a writer that I anticipate reading her books. This book is the second book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy. I like how it switches back and forth between Holly and Holly’s mother, Esther. It also goes into third person during some points. I liked that in this book. It was something that I hadn’t read much of lately, so it was a nice change. It set the book apart from many others with that simple change.

  • Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some pretty interesting moments in the book. It was clear that Kate Loyd had done her homework. She painted a splendid picture of Amish life and examined many issues surrounding the decision to convert to this way of life or not. And the trio of men who were pursuing Holly made me want to read to the end. I was also grateful to the allusions to Seattle and the beauty of Washington state. That is what first drew me to this book, as a matter of fact. I also appreciated the bit of mystery and intrigue the author inserted into the story.

  • My favorite character in the book? Old Older Amish grandmother ‘Mamm’. She is a fiesty gal, with some serious spunk and some health issues that are holding her back. I really enjoyed watching her grow, something you wouldn’t think would happen to an elderly person like this. She really has a lot of love for Holly and it shows in her interactions.

  • This was an amazing book that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

  • Once again, I had the wonderful opportunity to review a great Amish fiction book, this time Pennsylvania Patchwork by Kate Lloyd. It is full of romance and adventure, as the second book in the Legacy of Lancaster series. I enjoyed the pace of the book, reading it in only a few days.

  • Definitely delightful and an easy read, but also dealing with family dynamics and diverse beliefs. Lots of drama as Kate is trying to bring the romance of the two younger women into the fore front, with all of its twists and turns. The women are basically strong women, able to make difficult decisions that will effect the future of their own lives as well as their families. This is another look into the everyday life of a family of women.

  • I enjoyed the switch from the English to Amish lifestyle, and the characters were believable and grew on me as the story moved on. I always enjoy reading about the simple Amish lifestyle, and the author does a wonderful job of weaving the two together to make it enjoyable and heartwarming.

  • Moments says:

    I have really been enjoying this series as growing up my family would visit Lancaster and the surrounding area, Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse, and I was always fascinated by the Amish culture and wondered what it would be like to be Amish. However, as Holly finds out although the Amish lifestyle is simple, it still comes with difficult choices. I highly recommend this book to any Amish fiction lover!

  • Our Frugal Happy Life says:

    I enjoyed this book. The plot line was very good and I found myself enjoying the story. I was a tad confused at the beginning, but the story quickly sorted itself out.

  • I enjoyed reading about Holly and her mother, how she is getting to know more about her Amish family. It was fun reading about how she had to choose between 3 suitors. The guy with the Tiffany ring (Larry) was a funny one and I couldn’t decide who out of Zach and Armin I wanted her to go with. They all had good things about each of them. I was mostly rooting for Armin. Overall, it was a great read that I passed on to my teenage daughters who are
    also enjoying it.

  • I would hate to be torn between a few guys…like poor Holly is. Holly has been thrown for a loop-she did not even know her mother had a family that she sort of kept secret. When she finally meets them and the life she could have known, she isn’t quite sure what to make of it. She is further confused when she meets Zach and begins to fall in love with him. Her feelings are not really scaring her, but she is unsure of what course she wants to take when an old suitor pops up and she begins to have feelings for an Amish man, as well. If I were her, I would just choose and stay the course, but the reader will get to follow her thought process as she attempts to decide.

    I did like Holly, but I didn’t like how indecisive she was. I wanted to shake her and tell her to make up her mind. I honestly didn’t have much of a preference when it came to the guys. I felt like they could all offer her something-though I wasn’t as fond of the old suitor. Ultimately, this book is for adults who enjoy an engaging love story.

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