Pray A to Z

Pray A to Z

Pray A to Z: Practical Guide to Pray for Your Community (Worthy, November 2016)

Change the world one prayer at a time.

How would our community change if instead of absently saying, “I’ll pray for you,” we actually did pray–deeply, intensely, and purposefully?

Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Praying for Your Community will help you topically organize your prayer requests and lay the burdens of your community at the feet of our Heavenly Father.

With compassion and encouragement, Amelia Rhodes offers Bible verses and prayer prompts, organized topically for every letter of the alphabet. There are five topics per letter–three prayers of petition asking God to work in a certain area of need, and two more prayers of praise to reflect gratitude for God’s presence in the daily issues and relationships of life. Through petition and praise, your specific, focused communion with God will lighten your heart as you place the heaviness of those prayer requests where they belong–on His strong shoulders.

Whether you are praying for a friend’s adoption journey, a neighbor’s bankruptcy, or a family member’s cancer, this book will give you Bible verses, prayer prompts, and prayer starts to guide you through praying for even the most difficult issues that affect the people you know and love. Perfect for either individual or group prayer, Pray A to Z will help you experience the peace that comes from communicating with God.

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  • This book is a great resource for praying for your community. Rather than using the same list day after day, Rhodes gives you a variety of topics for prayer and praise. The alphabetical arrangement makes it handy to use monthly – each day new subjects for prayer. This is not a how to pray but a very good way to keep prayers intense and purposeful.

  • I have often struggled with prayer feeling passive, but that is a lie! Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do in dark times, when the brokenness closes in, when we are discouraged and our community around us is disheartened and disillusioned.
    Amelia Rhodes book Pray A to Z fell into my hands at the right time. When I was feeling most powerless, this book was an invitation into the throne room.

  • It’s really incredible how specific this prayer guide is. I have never seen another one that included topics such as eating disorders or people who lack medical care.I absolutely loved it.

  • A great job by the author for making this book. I really enjoyed the concept and it made my day better after reading this book.

  • If you’ve ever promised to pray for someone but had trouble following through, Pray A to Z is the book for you.  Rhodes has created a simple plan to help you keep track of your prayer commitments.  With lots of flexibility, it can easily be adapted to different schedules and amounts of prayer times.

  • After reading Pray A to Z, I am reminded of all the needs in our community that can be met through prayer (and whatever God leads me to do). In the book I was led to pray over different areas of need found in most communities. Each page consisted of a translated piece of Scripture, an area or group of people to pray for, and a prayer to get started.

  • I’m impressed with the amount of time the author took to think of words and write out prayers for each topic.

  • The author takes a delicate somewhat scary task and makes it easier! Great book for anyone needing help with prayer.

  • By The Book says:

    The book is an effective resource to re-energize and re-focus personal prayer time or group prayer meetings. I also see it as a tool to compliment prayer-walking or driving as we go about our daily life.

  • Pray A to Z is a timeless read offering the reader an opportunity to connect and organize their prayer life.

  • In the Pages says:

    There is not ONE THING I don’t love about this little book!  Pray A to Z by Amelia Rhodes is a fabulous resource for Believers as we attempt to find new ways to pray intentionally.  In Pray A to Z, Rhodes gives us a practical guide for praying for our communities. 

  • I love this resource for families! They will learn about issue that face their neighbors, how to engage God in petition and prayer and how to pray together. Our communities, families and friends need to be uplifted and that is something powerful we can give. I’m so thankful to have this tool to use thoughtfully with my family.

  • This book helped to open my eyes to pray for things I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about.
    The prayers aren’t always tangible things to pray for. Some of them are for character or things in our own lives to pray over.

  • Pray A to Z is a wonderful prayer guide! I really appreciated the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the suggested prayers, as well the pertinent scriptures that begin each section. Simple, yet effective, Pray A to Z is a great tool to use in your individual prayer life, as well as in a group setting.

  • Amelia gives practical tools for prayer and it’s a great resource for small groups, bible studies, families, and church groups to use to empower and engage.

  • Pray A to Z has neatly tied together our thoughts for us, keeping us on track and prayerful like we want to be. It covers all manner of things, helping us come to God with a clear and worshipful mind.

  • I mostly see this book as a training tool. I can’t imagine anyone not being changed as they pray through this book, and not being inspired to personalize these prayers. So let the book be used as a starting point, an inspiration, a checklist of needs … and then let the Holy Spirit work through you as you become a prayer warrior for your community.

  • Pray A to Z is an awesome resource and tool for your prayer life. Don’t miss the opportunity at this book! It is life changing with prayer and will help you pray in a completely and new way! I loved this book!! It is a must.

  • I like the idea of having a bit of specific direction with my prayer, and this new book, Pray A to Z, is a wonderful resource for that. Pray A to Z is a book of prayer prompts that guides the reader in “a practical guide to pray for you community.” Each letter of the alphabet lists a few topics to pray for (like adoption, pain, neighbors, missionaries, etc.) along with a couple of praise topics that thank God for his character (like mercy, righteousness, & dwelling place). It’s a great starting place for spending some time in prayer as I start the day.

  • I loved this fresh perspective on praying for your community! It’s easy to tell people that they should be praying more, but this book is a great resource that will give you ideas on what to pray for. I love that it is set up so that it can be used as a devotional, giving you a subject for each day. Or, you can take more than one per day! I never thought to pray for some of the things in this book, like for the homeless or those who are grieving. This book also served as a good reminder for me to be praying for things like the marriages of those around me or law enforcement.

  • This book has been a wonderful resource to me as I seek to pray for my community each morning and I would certainly encourage you to pick up your own copy and start making a difference in the lives of those around you through prayer.

  • Best Reads says:

    An encouraging little book that has the power to change your prayer life. Would make a great gift for someone new to the faith. The author has divided a myriad of community based prayer prompts for easy access in alphabetical order. A gem of a resource that embraces every kind of issue people come across in community.A really unique idea and could easily be used as a daily devotional.

  • I have appreciated this resource. In addition to my personal prayer journal this book has been a wonderful guide to help lead me in prayer over topics and people that I might otherwise forget to pray for on a regular basis but my favorite part has been the reminders of things that I can praise and thank God for on a regular basis. I have chosen to pray through one letter per week at this time. I have also introduced this book to a prayer group that my husband and I are in and we are incorporating it into our prayer time with the group.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    This book is so easy to use and is great for all ages. I love that I can think of a topic and follow the alphabet to it, or pick a random prayer topic. It was wonderful when something specific was weighing on me and also when I needed some guidance. The topics are very relevant today and will also help you think outside the box in your prayers!

  • WORD Up! says:

    “Pray A-to-Z” is an easy to use guide of basic prompts. Just choose a topic and pray. I would’ve liked if there was more room on each page to write additional Scriptures or prayer prompts. But you can jot notes in the margins or add sticky notes. This is a book I will refer back to for years to come.

  • Pray A-to-Z is a terrific resource to help direct one’s prayers. It includes over 100 different topics and provides a scripture reference and ideas about what to pray for in relationship to a wide variety of issues and concerns. This little prayer book is a wonderful guide for those who want to pray for their communities in a deeper and more focused manner.

  • In “Pray A to Z” Amelia Rhodes gives us a practical guide to help us to pray for our communities and each of their specific needs.

    Instead of having one long prayer list, what if she prayed by topic. The idea of praying A to Z was born.

  • This is a great prayer resource to have in your prayer arsenal. I loved that there are so many specific prayers to guide the new believer as well as the mature in the faith.

  • You really can’t go wrong with this book! It might sound a little corny to list prayers from A to Z, but it greatly opened my mind to those that need my prayers(and yours). There are many that I don’t think about on a regular basis, and this book has been a great reminder to do just that.

  • Pray A to Z is a little 158-page book written by author Amelia Rhodes. The book is written topically from A-Z. The title suggests the reader will pray for their neighbors using any one of the topics suggested. With such topics as abuse, bulimia, cancer and many others this will make a great reference book for a special prayer need. The general field is prayer or Christian living.

  • I love the way this book helps us pray with power and intensity! The simplicity of the layout makes the praying person pray with a deeper concern for family, friends, and community.    I am a pastor and loved this book so much that I have introduced it in small steps to my congregation and prayer groups.  It is a powerful teaching tool when you can develop a more disciplined prayer life. 

  • As I read through the topics this first time around I was convicted by the number of things I hadn’t been praying for…Adoption, Homelessness, Job Seekers, Law Enforcement, Addictions, Refugees, just to name a few. These topics can sometimes feel overwhelming– where does one even start when praying for “hunger”, for example? This book is a solution to that challenge. It kick-starts the prayer dialogue.

  • I liked how Amelia Rhodes gives a “How to use this book” section in the front of the book. Some of these topics I would never have thought of as things to pray for. I like the book as a platform to build off of to improve my prayer life.

  • Pray A To Z is an easy-to-use and highly practical book that aspiring prayer warriors will find particularly useful. I highly recommend this book, especially for those who want to pray more but have had difficulty finding their rhythm in the past.

  • Rhodes’ book is an excellent guidebook and one that you will use over and over again. My one wish, or two, is that there was space to record names of people you are praying for as well as a space for your own prayers.

  • I think this book is a great book to have so you can teach your children how to pray for others, and I fantastic way to spend time together as a family, or even as a small group in your church.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to know what to pray or what to say…this simple guide will help you take your prayers and make them more specific, plus allow you the resource you need to truly transform your prayer time.

  • Pray A to Z by Amelia Rhodes is a one of a kind prayer book. I’ve not seen anything like this one before. Want ideas of how to pray and who to pray for? Look no further. This book is divided into twenty-six sections from the letters A to Z and each letter has subsections. Every page gives prompts for praying. If you are struggling in your prayer life this book may help you get to the next level. It’s small size makes it easy to take with you anywhere. The one page at a time approach makes it easy to stick with. Simple and genius. Perfect for all ages.

  • Moments says:

    “Pray A to Z: a practical guide to pray for your community” is truly that – a book that will help guide your prayers. Sometimes it is hard to actually put into words what is on our hearts and minds, hard to voice what we are seeking God’s help and guidance with. This is when Amelia’s book comes in to help us to put into words what we are trying to pray for.

  • Many people look for ways to strengthen and enrich their prayer life, but they are at a loss as to what to actually pray for.
    Amelia Rhodes looks to fill this need with her book “Pray A to Z: A Practical Guide to Pray for Your Community.”
    It adeptly goes through the alphabet with ideas of what to pray for, starting with a given letter.

  • More Of Him says:

    I love this book! Praying in this way has already made my prayer life more effective because I’m putting the concerns of others under the category and not forgetting to pray. I don’t have to write down a lot of detail about the prayer request because they are under the category they should be and that brings to mind the details. So easy and organized!

  • The prayers written here will help bring voice to the Father’s ear for many concerns such as law enforcement, homelessness, finances, medical care and a plethora of other topics. People of God need no longer feel inadequate to pray or unsure of what to say. Prayer is conversation and listening to the God we love and serve, who cares for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

  • I really liked this book alot as it helped me to have directed pray for issues that affects people in my community. I first used for my personal prayers but now my husband and I are using it for our devotions that we have together.

  • kcreatives says:

    Prayer is often so hard. We don’t do it as we should. Amelia gives us a great resource that will help engage our hearts and minds and bring our community to our God!

  • I almost passed on this book, as I didn’t think it could have that much in it, but I requested it, and discovered I was wrong. There is a lot in this book.

  • A gem of a book, one that packs a powerful punch and will undoubtedly enrich the prayer life of those who use it. Personally, I like prayer prompts. It’s not so much that I don’t know what to say, but prompts often guide and expand my thoughts. I have already prayed over a few of these topics and found the experience to be spiritually rewarding…Pray A to Z is a simple, yet profound prayer guide. It would also work well personally or in a small group setting, for the newer Christian as well as mature believer.

  • Pray A to Z makes a nice addition to anyone’s spiritual arsenal and, considering the time of year we’re in, would be a great gift for new believers and prayer warriors alike. Use it in your personal prayer time or as a family or small group – or all of the above! The aesthetics of the book are so well done, too. Worthy Inspired Publishers do such a fantastic job with cover design and little touches inside and out that make their books special to own. Pray A to Z isn’t meant to be a book of prayers that you recite mindlessly, but as a stepping stone to deepen your prayer life and cover your community in grace. The possibilities are endless!

  • Intentional prayer–it’s a reminder we shouldn’t need, and yet we do. Pray A to Z is a great resource for how to pray with purpose, with passion, and to pray beyond ourselves. While it gives specific prayers, it is also written in a way you can still keep your prayers very personal. It is a good book for the longtime believer, yet also a great gift to give a newer believer who doesn’t have much knowledge regarding the power of prayer.

  • In Pray A to Z the mission is that you take each letter and topic and petition God on behalf of your community. Once we start to pray for people going through the adoption process and adoptive kids like they are our family and our struggles, things will start to change. It becomes real. And when it becomes real, and you are moved to pray with a unnamable vigor, God is there, and God is waiting to help.

    That is the hope that I believe Amelia Rhodes has for each reader of her book. I intend to follow along these lines and use her devotional as a guide on what to pray for, when I have no idea where to start, and what struggles are facing my community. I would encourage you to do the same.

  • This book has been one of those “right on time” books in my life. It seemed every time I picked it up I could find a prayer that helped me see my way past a situation and through to the truth of God’s word. I really can hardly believe how MANY subjects this powerful book covers! There is a scripture verse to ponder and imprint upon your heart. There is a central thought to consider, and then the author beautifully and intimately talks with The Father. You can pray the words she’s written, but you can also use this as a template for prayers of your own. This would be a great book for a new believer, and can help strengthen the prayer life of a long time believer. I am happy to recommend this book to everyone!

  • This is an incredible tool for you to use with your spouse! When Craig and I ask couples what keeps them from praying regularly together, the response is often related to awkwardness or not knowing what to say. This book has two things to help you with that—specific ideas on how to pray on this topic and an actual scripted prayer, as well.

  • Yes, this is a book about praying for your community in general, but I was surprised at how specific it is and how personally applicable it is as well. My mind started filling in people who I know personally from church who have needs in these different areas, as well as praying generally for people in the community struggling with these needs.

  • This is really a simple book of prayers on a variety of topics. It is not a book that goes deep into the subject of the prayer topic but it is a starting point. I thinks this book would be great for a new believer that is learning the concept of praying and how to apply the word of God to the prayer need.
    I would encourage anyone who is struggling to develop a life of prayer to get this book and learn how to apply God’s Word to your prayer life.

  • This book was even better than I expected! Thoughtfully written it is such a gem! It talks about how deeply important prayer is and how all different aspects of our lives would change if we truly took prayer seriously. I loved the scripture books the author found to support her thoughts and how she went through A to Z.

  • This is a great tool, for that time when you want to transform your prayer life. When you want to breath some fresh life into your prayer time, this book will help you focus and organize what you want to go through!

    I enjoyed going through this book, and I look forward to having it as a tool for my prayer life and my library!

  • The prayer text for each subject is helpful and thought provoking. While I don’t think that rote prayers repeated over and over are good, it is helpful to have reminders of problems and concerns faced by many people.

  • So many of the topics gave words to concerns that I have and met a need that friends had shared with me. I also found the prayer for Ordinary Life — the place where we spend more of our days — beautiful and touching. I’m grateful to Amelia Rhodes to giving words to my concerns. A lovely book to give or keep.

  • If you’ve ever said, “I’m not sure how to pray, or what to pray for,” then the book Pray A to Z is solution to your problem. Amelia Rose offers specific prayer prompts based on various ideas — such as righteousness, pain, and even adoption. It helps to set the stage for a meaningful, more intentional prayer life. Consider using it as a devotional or conversation starters in a small group.

  • This book is very general, but very easy to make specific and person. A great variety of topics are included and many can touch home for everyone.

  • I believe that regardless if you are a seasoned prayer warrior, new Christian, or just starting to talk to God this book will be a blessing in your life. It will bring a new meaning to your prayers. Written in a profound way. This book teaches you the simplicity of prayer. This will be a book you will cherish along on your journey with God.

  • Pray A to Z by Amelia Rhodes is a practical guide to pray for your community, as well as a devotional piece to focus on certain aspects from abuse to jealousy to love. With five topics for each letter of the alphabet, this handy dandy prayer list of topics to focus on will be sure to help even seasoned prayer warriors.

  • This is a great book that is small enough to fit in your purse. It is also great because it saved me time. I feel as though I am always late, and this book made it so much easier to get praying done. In the car, waiting in line, anywhere really. I liked the way the book is separated and think that this would be a great way to teach kids in catechism how to find time to pray. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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