ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises

ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises

ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises: A Six-Week Devotional Experience (David C. Cook, December 2016)

Some of the most incredible stories in the Bible are of God’s promises and faithfulness to His children.

ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises refreshes believers who are feeling burned out or stuck in a rut in their relationship with God. Each of the creative worship prompts in this interactive guide includes biblical encouragement and ideas for worship through art. Artist April Knight includes creative lettering tips, color ideas, and completed examples to inspire readers to respond to promises in Scripture related to trust, faith, and the power of God’s Word in all circumstances.

This unique blend of Bible study and creative expression provides the opportunity to connect with God as Creator in a new, life-changing way.

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  • These books can be fun for older teens and adults. There is also information about basic materials used and coloring tips, so even the most reluctant can enjoy art. All the required supplies can be found at your local craft store.

  • Oh my stars~ I love these books. Life gets so busy and this is just the best way to unwind, have your devotions and be creative. These books are amazing. Scripture Doodle Books are more than a coloring book for adults but also have a devotion to go along with each creative art project. It covers many great topics to encourage the reader throughout the six week study.

  • These books are so much more than adult coloring books. I love how the author, April Knight, gives you step-by-step instructions and encouragement! I love doodling so these books are perfect for me. I love all of the devotional prompts and scripture throughout the book. These books would also make great gifts!

  • These two books are great for young adults and adults a like. You will love the easy to follow writing, doodle suggestions and creative freedom they allow. The scriptures are well chosen and allow you to deepen your faith and creativity.

  • Scripture Doodle: A Six-Week Devotional Experience begins with helpful information on how to use the book. It also contains information on basic materials and coloring tips. There are lettering tips as well. I found all this material very helpful. I love to color and do simple sketching, but I sometimes find a new creativity book or project initially a bit intimidating. The tips and supportive tone of this section was really great.

  • Throughout the Scripture Doodle books, you’ll receive tips and guidance on sketching, drawing, and doodling. The simple devotionals fit into your daily schedule and can be used as a springboard for further studies.

    The books are well made with heavy paper that is nice for coloring, sketching, and doodling. The covers are sturdy and clean up nicely if you have the occasional spill or mess.

    These books would make perfect gifts.

  • These are great books to expand our creativity in Christ. What a great idea!

  • I LOVED these two books! They are unique in that they are a combination of journaling, doodles, and coloring along with a six-week devotional experience. And they are great for a person who wants to join the journaling/coloring craze but isn’t sure what to do. As you move through the book, you’ll progress to more in depth and intricate doodling while memorizing and studying scripture. They are awesome! 🙂

  • I loved having the opportunity to review this beautiful coloring book. The guidance it gave at the beginning lended great tips to follow throughout the book. While I haven’t had the time to complete a page in one sitting, I am enjoying working at my own pace. It is a great way to reflect on meaningful scriptures!

  • Book Reviews says:

    These books are really a great way for those who enjoy “hand lettering” or “scripture doodling” but aren’t feeling brave enough to try on their own. I, for one, am not super artistic and these little books are perfect.

  • The perfect study for a women to focus in on her relationship with God.

  • MysteriesEtc says:

    These books will help to unleash your creativity. They are a great way to learn God’s Word. And a great way to focus on God’s Word. I am very impressed with the imagination that went into developing these lovely volumes.

  • A Rup Life says:

    I really like the way these books teach you some basics with lettering, colors and borders. Then the actual daily devotions give instructions and guidance. It will hold your hand if you need it and this is all new to you or if your more of a natural you can take off and make your own interpretation. It is really a unique way to engage in your studies. There is plenty of open space in the book so you can create with the assignments given. In the end you’ll have a 6 week treasure.

  • Here’s what I love about the ScriptureDoodle books: they’re not just about marrying coloring, hand lettering, and doodling with Scripture. They’re also about instruction, which is so valuable for the non-artist like me. Before the devotionals even start, there are several pages of instruction on shading techniques, hand lettering, and simple doodling.

  • Scripture Doodle is a half-way house for those of us stuck in between the “I really want to try this” and “Man, I stink at drawing and have no idea what to do with a blank piece of paper.”

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • April Knight’s idea of adding doodling in with scripture memorization is a wonderful concept. It was a joy incorporating these books into my daily devotion time. I found that the doodling and drawing on each page was so relaxing and it really help me to unwind after a long day at work. ScriptureDoodle is a devotional but these books are not your typical devotional. They are a way to learn a Bible verse and enjoy letting your inner artist emerge.

  • These delightful books are part sketch book and part devotion book. Using the tips the user/reader has the tool for the act of Worship with Art by taking time to draw and express oneself. It can open your time to connect with God. The brief devotions relate to art ideas.

  • I like the way that they use scripture in the pictures, either having you write it in or doing it yourself, so you are focused on the word of God while you work through these books.

  • What I love about these books is it gives you a start on being creative. I can stare at a blank sheet of paper all day and still come up with nothing. These books give you ideas, simple enough for those of use who aren’t as creative. These would make a great gift or something fun to do with people from church or just a fun thing to do.

  • These books are a really fun and beautiful way to interact with God’s word while also functioning as a creative outlet.

  • Moments says:

    These books are so enjoyable and relaxing while at the same time helping me to connect with God and His word. I found this to be just what I needed to force myself to really take that quiet time that is so necessary and to really escape into the word and allow myself to create and worship creatively, really coming from the heart.

  • Creative and meaningful option for your devotional time and encourages your God-given artistic ability plus gives prompts, practice and ideas for those wanting to grow in their doodling and hand lettering experience.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    I am one of those people who would love to be creative but I need a little push and direction. I am not naturally creative but I think a little bit of creativity is in all of us. Even, if like me, there is no skill there is still a desire to create. Both of these lovely books help with this. Even more importantly they take you on a 6 week creative journey with God! This is a win-win!!

  • I loved these! They make the perfect gift, I am sure, since I love how they give a fresh perspective on Scripture. So much fun!

  • This set of books is so much more than just a coloring book. There is purpose beyond the relaxation of coloring.

  • What a great way to begin each day with a bible verse, and reflection and a way to put yourself in that verse, and then adding a doodle or drawing of your own, showing how you have been touched, and add to your own personal journey with God.

  • I’m a huge fan of adult coloring books and jump around when it comes to how I use my devotion time. So I was really excited to try these out. It was completely different from anything I’ve done before, but it was great. I liked the prompts and used them to jump off into what I was studying. These would be a great way to add some variety to your devotions, would make an excellent gift for the creative person on your list, or would be something to take when traveling so you can have a few moments to get away.

  • I knew these would have devotionals to go with coloring pages and I was excited to be able to do something calming while also meditative. But I had no idea there were also TUTORIALS inside! As in, how to create those beautiful scripted letters, ideas for creating designs, step by step lessons that went along with Scripture and also gave you some pre-crafted imagery to color as well.

    The Bible devotionals are simplistic and encouraging. They’re not deeply intellectual, but sometimes at 9:30 pm at night, I need the soft spoken Word and thought rather than an argument for or against predestination.

    I would definitely recommend these if you’re at all interesting in even STARTING to color or craft letters

  • ScriptureDoodle & Scripture Doodle:God’s Promises by April Knight are so much fun and more meaningful than any “adult” coloring book I’ve had(and I’ve have several)! When I saw ScriptureDoodle & ScriptureDoodle:God’s Promises, I thought they were both super awesome ideas and couldn’t wait for my books to arrive.

  • SK Bell says:

    Each page has a short blurb with some scripture, and then on the page beside it has a coloring page for you to fill in, write your scripture on, and play with in whatever way suits you. Because I am not super artistic, I really appreciated that the doodling pages usually had some kind of starter on them. Those helped get my brain the right start, and maybe it’s just me but I think I’m getting a little better already!

  • As a Christian, the desire to spend time in God’s Word runs deep in my soul. As a busy mom, I know that it doesn’t always happen the way I envision it happening. Part of what I seek when entering a conversation with God is a way to release the stress my body holds onto each day. That’s why the ScriptureDoodle books appealed so much to me. They truly blend Bible Study with artistic expression (coloring) that allows me to let go of stress for a while.

  • April explains that although she frequently created art for clients, her passion and creativity were at times squelched by the need to make a living. Hence, these books came about, after feeling like God was calling her to work towards creativity in her every day life, and not just under the pressures of a job. Being a creative person myself, I can relate to the constant pressure to create for others while not often doing creative things just for fun.

  • This hybrid devotional and coloring book lets us be creative and I like that as a particular truth is focused on we can create it on the paper and on our mind, hopefully remembering it always. The drawings are simple and clean, giving us a jump start to our own creativity. This was a nice something different that stands out combining a devotional and a coloring book.

  • For me, these books have allowed me not only to focus on specific Scriptures in the exercises but to remember these verses better, something I have been struggling with more as I get older. Now I can create something truly beautiful while I work on these each day. I would love to get a group together to work on them over the duration of a year and share not only our own artistic creations but also to see what God does in each of our lives along the way. I would easily give these books a 5 out of 5 stars.

  • These are both beautiful books! I believe anyone that enjoys creating art, or wants to learn how to do it better will enjoy these books. I must admit that I’m a bit fascinated by them.

  • Bible journaling meets adult coloring in April Knight’s ScriptureDoodle books, but the process goes deeper than that. With ScriptureDoodle books, you are guided through learning how to effectively doodle while also increasing the depth of your study and meditation time. April Knight starts each book out with an introduction and an explanation of how to use the book, but she also covers different tips and techniques that will benefit the user as they progress through the book. Each page (intended to be a daily devotional lesson) describes a scripture and a short devotional, and then offers instructions on how to complete the doodle page. Instructions for each day include completing the artwork on the page, adding a border, adding doodle embellishments, adding scripture, and more.

  • Adult coloring books are super popular right now and I love the ones with a Biblical influence. With so many choice out there, it’s hard to decide which one is the best….well look no further. April has done a fabulous job putting together a product that is fun, beautiful and faith-filled.

  • More Of Him says:

    I absolutely LOVE these books!! They are so amazing and spark your creativity as well as bring you into a closer relationship with God.

  • I have devotionals that I read daily but it’s sometimes hard for me to invest in dissecting a verse or how I can apply it to my life. The ScriptureDoodle Devotionals are a way for me to do just that, and I’m more sincere with my answers. The left side of each page includes scripture and ways to implement them. There’s also prompts for how you should fill in the right side of the page.

    The paper is of good quality and I can use a variety of writing utensils in the books, allowing me to be creative. The beginning of each book includes pages on different ways to doodle, how to draw certain fonts, and basic art instructions. Those parts were helpful, but I’ve basically been going with what hits me at the time. I definitely recommend these two devotionals.

  • April Wright’s ScriptureDoodle books will revolutionize how you approach your quiet time with God!

  • These would make a nice devotional for a tween or teen. They are thought provoking and are a great way to get them to search out God’s Word. Of course they are great for use adults. These are nice devotionals for those who like to doodle and be creative.

  • The books seem like they are really well made and durable. I like how big the pages are and that they bend easily (they don’t lay flat, though, so you have to hold open the books)

    All in all, I am eager to dive into these books and start doodling!

  • Scripture Doodle is a six week devotion experience that is wonderful for anyone. Are you or someone that you know new to the faith walk?

  • I highly recommend ScriptureDoodle and ScriptureDoodle: God’s Promises. These are not your average devotionals OR your run of the mill adult coloring book, spiritual or not. Part art class, part devotional, wholly encouraging and fun, they would be a fabulous gift for the woman in your life (or yourself :D).

  • The Scripture Doodle books by April Knight are so well done! The layout, the aesthetics, the instructions, and the guided prompts – all of these elements add to the overall excellence of the books. They are perfect for someone like me – someone who has seen (and drooled over) the gorgeous Bible/scripture journaling and doodling posts by uber-talented people and wants to do the same thing but also knows that, like math, art isn’t her gift. Knight gives you guidance and tips but most importantly gives you the freedom – and the knowledge – to take a Scripture verse and use “doodling” to help it take on even more personal meaning.

  • In one week the book talks about “Fit Together.” We all have a place in this world and our talents should bless each other. The word tells us to work together as one , but are we doing that? How many of us are working on our own and forgetting to include others on our journey? That was a real reminder for me. I’m guilty of getting all excited about something God has laid on my heart. I go full throttle trying to run the race by myself. What I forget is there are others that are suppose to joining me. I am thankful that I am reminded to slow down and let others do their part. I don’t have to do everything myself . I want to work beside people so that I am honoring God.

  • ScriptreDoodle is a combination of Bible study, creative expression, and artistic community with artwork shared online at #scripturedoodle. Exploring topics such as being generous, finding rest, and facing grief, ScriptureDoodle gives the heart the creative space it needs.

  • I absolutely loved these two books! They were just what I needed right now and I think everyone should have them. I’m not certain how to explain it, but this was the absolute best book and Bible study I could have done!
    5/5. I am seriously buying these for gifts this year.

  • I browsed through each of the books and was really impressed with them. I think they are well written and designed and are great devotionals.

  • I’m new to the world of doodling. If I’m honest I will say that my pictures rival those of a first-grader’s. I’m not very good. That being said, these Scripture Doodle books by April Knight give me courage and confidence! I feel I can get into these and create some pretty scribbles. These are six-week devotionals that encourage the reader to create as she draws nearer to the Lord. From body image to generosity, there are many topics addressed in this clever series. Beautifully done, these would be a welcome gift to almost any woman! Published by David C. Cook. Look for these at your Christian bookstore or online.

  • Cara Putman says:

    Think of these as a combination adult coloring book, devotional, and art class. Each starts with an intro followed by some basic coloring and art tips. Then you launch into the devotional. Each day has a verse followed by a short devotional thought (think a paragraph) and ends with an invitation to create. Some days there’s a full drawing just ready for you to grab your pencils and color. Other days it’s a prompt to help you interact with a key verse while creating an image or page on your own. Still other times, you’ll interact with a started image. What I love about it are the prompts. I’m creative and I long to create, but there’s still the part of me that is very much a perfectionist and needs a little encouragement to step out and create — exactly what these books provide.

  • I will just start off by saying, I stink at having devotionals. I have tried and I have a hard time to sticking with plans. It is hard to do at times for me.

    I have seen the journaling Bibles, but the idea of drawing in the Bible I can’t get past. So when I saw this book pop up, I wanted to try it. I’m someone who is able to remember better when I’m able to write things out or doodle as I listen or read. This book offered the best of both of those worlds.

  • These ScriptureDoodle books are great for enhancing personal devotional time. It was a pleasant surprise to find the coloring and lettering tips at the beginning of the books, as well as suggestions of how to use the books. It seems these books could be used for more than just “adult coloring” pages. You could even create your own journal, or use the techniques for journaling in your Bible if you wish.

    I’m not sure who is enjoying these more: my 23-year-old daughter, or I. We both think you ought to check them out for yourself.

  • April Knight is the first author of devotional doodling books I have come across. Her work is light, joyous and faith filled. I found the most moving page to be that of determining what puzzle piece I was on the body, I chose to leave the piece that I felt was me white, and filled the others with colors bright and fun. I found myself connecting beyond just the coloring with these books, and think anyone who feels they need a faith recharge will find these books to be wonderful. I am recommending these coloring books to everyone I know!

  • I LOVE these books! A while back I started a doodling board over on Pinterest because I kept seeing so many fun and creative doodling ideas over there. Until receiving these books however, I did very little doodling. Drawing has always somewhat intimated me and these books have helped to carry that intimidation away. In both of the books, April starts off by easing you into the doodling world. She guides you through your creative expression with pages on basic materials and coloring tips, lettering tips, and lettering in shapes and borders, before diving into the rest of the book………

  • My Full Cup says:

    I love to doodle. I’m not any good at it but I love to do it. I pretty much stick to flowers, squiggly lines, and boxes.
    I loved all her instructions and tips! Every page has a Scripture, devotional, and instructions for doodling. The facing page has space for you to try it out.
    I haven’t gotten brave enough yet to really venture into much Scripture doodling, but I hope to soon! I know my 16-year old loves the lettering techniques in the books.
    This would be a great gift for the doodle-er in your life!

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    Scripture doodle is a six week coloring devotional. I love how the author explains some things in the first part of her book; like how to use the book, basic materials that you’ll need, lettering tips, different ways to doodle and shade, etc. Of course you can just simply get a coloring book to color or doodle in.

    But this scripture doodle book is so much more than that! It is a six-week devotion and creative worship activity book. This book progresses with simple coloring and doodling to doing full-page doodles by the end of the book.

  • This book is great for yourself, or perfect as a gift! I have both ScriptureDoodle’s by April Knight; my 7th grade daughter oohed & aahed over them, so I gave her this one. She absolutely loves it, and it’s been a true delight as a mom to look through her book and see all the ways she is learning, growing, and being creative in learning scripture! I enjoy it, too, but because so many reviews focus on adult women utilizing this book, I felt it important to focus on how much I recommend it for junior high, high schoolers, and young adult women as well.

  • Book by Book says:

    April Knight makes each page and lesson of her devotionals accessible, meaningful, and fun, and I’ve really enjoyed my time with the ScriptureDoodle books so far. Any Christian in need of a refreshing and creative devotional should definitely get one of these ScriptureDoodle books—I highly recommend them!

  • This was a breath of fresh air. I really really enjoyed Scripture Doodle by April Knight, which is a six-week devotional experience. Basically, this book, that is about the size of your standard coloring book, with thick white pages and lovely writing, gives you exercises and prompts in order to get right with your spiritual side.

  • These are pretty much amazing! I love them! I am a creative/artsy person anyway so combine that with a devotional and you get perfection!

  • As a doodling book, the books each have sturdy paper that can taken crayon, pencil, pen and ink, equally well. Knight also offers coloring suggestions at the start of each book. I wouldn’t recommend water color however. many of the pages are suitable for framing after you finish the book as well.

  • It’s more than a coloring book. It gives art lessons, devotionals and coloring, doodling opportunity. By all means it brings out creativity. Just what the arty person in your life needs.

  • kcreatives says:

    Some of the coloring books I’ve received are more drawing and less time and focus on the Word. I think April does a great job combining both in these coloring books. What a great way for our hearts to take a short time to be creative and rehearse the Gospel – especially during the business of the holidays.

  • “April Knight is an artist and a worshiper who loves all colors and loves stories of God’s Faithfulness.”

    She starts out this 6 week devotional book with info on how to use this book use in order to get the most out of these pages. The author states, “Recent research shows that doodling helps people stay focused, grasp new concepts, and retain information. It can be used to 1) Focus on things above 2) Worship God 3) Grasp biblical truths 4) memorize scripture 5) enhance bible study and devotional experience.

    She starts out with some practice pages, talks about basic materials and coloring tips. She has a Jump-start page with tips on helping your creativity flow, styles of lettering and boarders.

  • I have several Scripture-themed adult coloring books that I enjoy using, but they are just coloring pictures with Scripture verses or themes, not an actual Bible study (not that there is anything wrong with that! I enjoy them greatly.). However, in ScriptureDoodle: God’s Promises, April Knight manages to combine coloring and fun with a rich Bible study.

  • The pages are sturdy, and I found I had no issues with using colored pencils or gel pens (my preferred coloring methods. The author also includes some tips in the front of the book for coloring. The pages are beautifully illustrated and the devotionals are great. This is a really lovely set!

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