Stepping on Cheerios

Stepping on Cheerios

Stepping on Cheerios: Finding God in the Chaos and Clutter of Life (Abingdon Press, April 2017)

Family life is beautiful and motherhood is a privilege, but it ain’t no picnic!

Being a mother isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s hard to experience a personal connection with God and community when you are caught up in the chaos of just “doing family”.

Independent and self-sufficient, author Betsy Singleton Snyder lived a full and busy life as a pastor, missionary, and wife to a husband who served in the U.S. House of Representatives. She had her first child at age 44, then at 47, she found out she was carrying triplets. Suddenly finding herself overwhelmed is an understatement.

Stepping on Cheerios is a collection of funny, warm, and charming tales from the frontlines of parenthood, written for women who are juggling to accomplish everyday feats of work, motherhood, marriage, church, and more. It’s a comical story of one woman’s realization that her crazy life is a gift and how she found the grace in it.

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  • The author has done a great job of encouraging us moms. Whether old pros at this or newbie mothers, there is a lot to be gained from Stepping on Cheerios

  • “Stepping on Cheerios” by author Betsy Singleton Snyder is a breath of fresh air. It is the kind of book that a mother needs to keep and read whenever she needs a pick me up moment. You will find yourself smiling right along with the author because you know just how she feels. After all you have these kinds of days, too.  I really enjoyed reading every page.

  • I definitely enjoyed this fast, interesting read. Ms. Synder did an incredible job and has really given me lots to ponder on as a mom. My life as a parent is a blessing not a burden no matter how crazy wild it can get. I highly recommend this to all parents, new and seasoned! You’ll find grace and peace in the middle of what may be an overwhelming experience and it will really help! 

  • This book was a wonderful writing and compelling to read with full of the real story that unexpected are happening in the real life that would be very inspire me in so many way to life our live in the crazy and busyness in this generation or the way to looking forward of life to live and so many thing that can be happening.

  • What an awesome story. I believe every mom should read this story. It’s very helpful. I really loved the stories of the other moms. It’s nice to see that I am not alonebout there and other moms have been through the same thing.

    I am glad that this book is out there for mom’s. Highly recommend this book. It will give you some things to think about as well and good lesson for us mom’s.

  • Stepping on Cheerios is a great read that reminds you to have balance.  It offers some insight to let you know that you aren’t alone in the chaos. There are parts that will make you want to cry and others that will have you laughing like crazy. The book is well written, but a little unorganized. I felt like I was jumping back and forth at parts, but overall it was a steady read that  I would recommend to other moms that could appreciate the chaos.

  • It has some stories that are geared more towards moms of younger kids. Has some funny stories that moms of young ones my enjoy and find funny.

    The read for me as a mom of an adult child was alright but not the best book that I have read for parents.

  • Stepping on Cheerios: Finding God in the Chaos and Clutter of Life is written in a very conversational tone and includes a variety of popular cultural references. The book provides a good reminder about keeping things in perspective and being able to see the blessings that are all around us through the use of Biblical tie-ins to the text. This book can be enjoyed by all moms, but I think mother’s of young children will particularly relate and enjoy this one.

  • Ms. Synder made a good point in allowing the reader to understand that mothers need to make sure God is the focal point before their children. Children are important, but as mothers they need to spend time with the Lord and make him a priority.

  • I desperately needed this book. Can I just come right out and say that? I needed it. I am a mother of five children; 1 boy and 4 girls, ranging in age from 5 years old to 14 years old. On any given day, I am balancing My Little Pony toys, dress up time, tea parties, training bras, skateboards, Band practice, puberty, the chore list, picky eaters and sibling arguments.

    Which is why, someday, I am going to hug Betsy Singleton Snyder breathless. She put her experience with motherhood out there for all to see. The great, the wonderful, the chaotic, the messy, the silly and the frustrating. And it was awesome.

  • A personal story about the crazy busy life as mom. You will relate to Betsy’s experiences and see your life as mom as similar to other moms.

  • The author pulls from her own messy, but beautiful life as a mother to write an encouraging book to all the mothers who yearn for God amidst the Legos, Cheerios, and mess that is parenthood.

  • Some of her stories made me laugh and others left me pondering. She shares Jesus in the messy every day life challenges. For me what I took from this book was the importance of relaxing and playing more, as well as, letting people help.

  • This book will inspire and encourage you to take a break from the insanity and spend time with the One Who can fill you up when you’ve been running on empty. Crazy busy mom, put down the laundry basket and run to your nearest bookstore for your copy of Stepping On Cheerios today!

  • This book is a fun compilation of stories from Singleton’s life raising four boys with her husband while still trying to stay alive. 😉

    This book was cute. It was easy to read a chapter at a time and not rush to read the next chapter if time did not allow.

  • Filled with wit and wisdom, Betsy Singleton Snyder’s tales of parenthood are ones all moms can relate to. Child-rearing is challenging, and it is great to read stories from one who knows and understands both the blessings and misadventures of motherhood.

  • The author tells about her adventures of becoming a first time mother at the age of 44 and of having triplets at the age of 47.

  • Don’t worry, though, because this book isn’t a glamorous fairy tale of a perfect woman and her perfect family. They’re just like every other family, trying to see the beauty in the mess. Her style of writing reminds me a lot of Jen Hatmaker, another author/speaker. She is very transparent and doesn’t mind sharing her chaotic life and how she’s seen God in it.

  • This book felt like it was written just for me. Ms. Snyder took all the stuff that I had been feeling – and tells her story on how she had to learn to put God at the center of it all. This book is definitely geared towards moms and has lots of great stories and tidbits on her life as a mom ad how she found her Strength through HIM.

  • Moments says:

    This is a good book to pick up and read when you have a few minutes to sit down, breathe and relax or you just need a few minutes to decompress and feel like you’re not alone in the mothering role.  This book is a collection of stories, and are perfect for reading a story or two at a time as that is what they are a collection and a mishmash of personal antidotes and Biblical accounts.  This is inspiring and entertaining, a great read for mothers at all stages of their lives! 

  • The author provided a lot of hugs and wisdom through her writing. I think I really would enjoy sitting down in her living room visiting while the kiddos played.

  • I found myself both entertained at Snyder’s words and nodding along, as if I needed some validation that I’m okay. My children are okay. And our household will more than likely be messy for a long time but God’s love, and grace keeps us together when we’re seemingly the only ones in the planet to not have picture/social media style lives. I appreciated Snyder’s candor and found her disorganized thought pattern matched my own haphazardness views of motherhood messes and truths and faith……. but then again, perhaps we’ve both been Stepping on (too many) Cheerios.

  • This book is an inspiration to all mothers, especially those struggling with finding a new identity as they step into the role of motherhood. This book is an encouragement and a reminder that as mothers we are all human and that in life we as women have different roles and we step into those roles.

  • I found myself really enjoying this book. Betsy’s self-deprecating humor was refreshing and funny, and I liked how she put in biblical truths throughout the book without being heavy-handed or preachy.

  • MemawsStuff says:

    when I first started reading Stepping on Cheerios, I didn’t like the book at all.
    When I read further I realized that what i didn’t like was the preachiness.
    If you are able to get past that, you are left with a great little devotional, a lot of comedy and some new parenting skills.
    Add into that some different viewpoints on The Bible that maybe you hadn’t seen

  • This book was an easy and refreshing read, sometimes the writing and humor fell a bit flat but overall it was a very down to earth approach to the chaos that comes with being a Mother summed up pretty darn well!

  • An easy read on a lazy afternoon with lots of poignant truth woven into life stories that I related to quite well as I’m in the same season of life driving kids to and from activities and trying to balance motherhood and ministry with it’s never ending challenges.

  • This book is such an entertaining encouragement for mothers! I enjoyed the stories Betsy shared.

  • Whether your a new mom or been doin’ the mom thing for a while you’ll get great inspiration and focus within these pages.
    I think Stepping On Cheerios is even a great read for grandmothers. I am one. I was able to gain a much better understanding of my daughter and DIL and the struggles they have living in todays culture.

  • This is a really small and short book. It can be an inspiration to those who read it, with a little “how to” guide in biblical terms without sounding “preachy”. It’s very encouraging to the reader and is a good read to get your mind off things and relax. Realize a messy house is ok sometimes and enjoy yourself more!

  • Snyder did a nice job of sharing realistic stories of herself parenting four boys within a few short years and the chaos that ensued. I can completely relate – although her story of becoming a mom later in life and having triplets is quite logistically different. I also appreciated that she really tried to tie in Scripture and strong Biblical principles.

  • This book is a great way to look at the real life struggles to keep God in the craziness of our family lives & careers.

  • Stepping on Cheerios is an refreshingly authentic account of how motherhood can flip the most organized, detailed life into one that is lived not knowing what each day will hold. Author Betsy Singleton Snyder is pretty witty as she describes having her first child at 44 and triplets 3 years later. If anyone has earned the title “Boy Mom”, it’s her!

  • As a parent, I know I have stepped on my fair share of cheerios and legos. One makes a mess while the other causes pain. Motherhood can be messy yet beautiful, painful yet joyful, blessed yet a trial. God is in the midst of it all. Some days that is easier to see than others. Raising a son of my own, I was able to feel a bond with Betsy Singleton Snyder as I read and reviewed her new release: Stepping on Cheerios.

  • I laughed, I nodded and I loved this book. It was a really nice book to relate to, as a mom. I was finding myself in agreement, nodding and thinking “oh, that’s my life!” it was real, it was authenticate yet, held tales that moms resound with. It was personal to this author, she gave a piece of her life in writing this book. As the reader progresses they can feel her heart and mind on the pages. Through good and bad the author provided her stories of motherhood to those that could use a laugh.

  • Pray Species says:

    In Stepping on Cheerios, Snyder talks frankly about her challenges in motherhood including getting nursing advice from her husband’s colleagues; a group of politicians.

    In these pages you’ll find humor and tears and a lot of encouragement.

    Part memoir and part inspiration, this book is a treat for Moms; especially those blessed later in life!

  • This author made her read more of a fast paced yet breathe of fresh air. You don’t feel like you’re doing a completely horrible job anymore, there are parents out there just like you, suffering and asking the same questions all the while reminding us to seek Him to give us help, guidance, and peace.

  • Stepping on Cheerios is a light and witty read reminding us to continue to appreciate these wild and crazy moments. It’s a book that reminds moms that Jesus isn’t too busy for our sippy cup and goldfish cracker lives–

    Favorite Quote: “Isn’t it just like God to show up where you’re working your tail off? Jesus met people in their workplaces and in their homes. Jesus came to Peter, James, and John, who were busy fishermen, trying to mend their nets. Jesus met a Samaritan woman who was trying to get water for her home. Jesus met Matthew in his little tax booth…God is a very involved parent, so don’t ever think you’ve got to line those rubber duckies up in a neat row before God is swimming with you.”

  • Stepping on Cheerios was the perfect combination of gut-level honesty, humor, and reminders to see God in the chaos and clutter of life. Today alone, the chaos level seemed through the roof. The kids, however, were having a great time. Thanks to Betsy’s gentle and humorous reminders , I’m going to step over the cheerios and the coloring books and the un-capped markers and the sticky hands and faces and the manic tears. I’m going to enjoy my rowdy bunch and thank the Lord for the growth taking place in me and them. And maybe take a nap!

  • I highly recommend this book to all parents. We take ourselves way too seriously, and this is a great reminder that MOST of those things that happen on our watch just don’t matter that much. And we can find God in the midst of all our chaos.

  • This collection of real-life experiences as a mom for four was a delight to read. I laughed, cried and found myself nodding in agreement with a smile on my face many times as I read it. There is encouragement in the chaos of being a parent, even if we don’t always see it at the moment. I am very glad to have read it when I did.

  • You’ll find sane advice and plenty of bandaids, both metaphoric and real, and be reminded that there’s something very special about the seemly overwhelming challenges of life with energetic young ones. Do you struggle with the creative chaos of living with energetic little ones.. been bruised to the bone by stepping on Lego.. entered your living area to discover metres of dental floss, duct tape and assorted containers assembled for a ‘speriment? Yes? Then you’ll relate. The lessons are light and easy to live & learn.

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