The Five Times I Met Myself

The Five Times I Met Myself

The Five Times I Met Myself (Thomas Nelson, November 2015)

What if you met your twenty-three-year-old self in a dream? What would you say?

Brock Matthews’ once promising life is unraveling. His coffee company. His marriage.

So when he discovers his vivid dreams—where he encounters his younger self—might let him change his past mistakes, he jumps at the chance. The results are astonishing, but also disturbing.

Because getting what Brock wants most in the world will force him to give up the one thing he doesn’t know how to let go . . . and his greatest fear is that it’s already too late.

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  • This is a book that seems to be a little bit of It’s a wonderful life and Back to the Future series. It is a great read, that keeps you interested until the very end.

  • This was an interesting book and that is why I wanted to give it a try. I thought this story was enjoyable. How many times have we all wanted to go back and meet ourselves at a different time to give ourselves a little bit of advice we have learned. While reading this book you will stop to think about what you would do if you did meet yourself. I thought the author’s writing style was very nice and seemed to just flow. Even though this is a longer book it seemed to read very quickly. I will have to check out the other books that this author has written.

  • This is a thought provoking book. My brain was spinning, thinking of what is and what might have been. The author does a great job of getting us thinking about the choices we make. You’ll be challenged to look at them in a whole new way. Hold on to your chair when you read this book.

  • The Five Times I Met Myself by James L. Rubart was a good book just not the right book for me. This book is well written but I just couldn’t get into the story no matter how many times I tried.

  •  I will be honest, there were times when I didn’t like the females in this story, since it felt like they were the ones being pretty selfish (like, bailing when the money threatened to no longer be there), but I wound up being happy with where the story ended up. I thought the story was an interesting “what if?” style, being able to change the course of our life through our dreams. The book is well written and hard to put down, as well as contains a great message!
    I received this book from Lit Fuse in exchange for my honest review

  • How many times in your life do you look back and think you could change just one thing? Have you considered that changing that one thing could completely change the course of your entire life? That’s the basis of this book, and the message is powerful.

    Brock only wants to change one little thing about his life, and he discovers that he can change things by visiting his younger self using lucid dreams.

  • James Rubart has such a unique writing style that his books tend to grab my attention. This story line will twist your mind (as his books do) and by the end I was confused yet intrigued. The book goes between present day and past younger Brock, so I really had to pay attention to the dates because it can get confusing fast. This book really makes the reader think about the decisions made on a daily basis. If Brock had chosen one thing differently in his past, his entire future would be completely different. On that same note though, we can’t live in fear of making the exact right choice. We can’t see ahead and even if things aren’t smooth sailing, our character is built by the choices we make. I think this book displays this is a unique way and Rubart has once again written a great novel.

  • I really enjoyed this extraordinary story of redemption and second chances! The Five Times I Met Myself is brimming with life lessons and inspirational messages that will make you think and challenge you to live in the present. Fans of Mitch Albom and Andy Andrews are sure to enjoy this latest offering from James L. Rubart!

  • Tima Murrell says:

    This book was a different take on time travel then what I’ve read in the past. It was an unusual set up for a thought provoking book. I enjoyed the style of writing and the visuals the author created. I didn’t really connect with or care about the characters, but the plot was very intriguing. I finished the book and couldn’t stop thinking about the life lessons the author brought out. The book has appeal and I would recommend it for the Christian element alone. For the casual reader who isn’t into life lessons or Christian insight, the book might be a bit much. But for me it was entertaining as well as a jumping off point for some deep thinking.

  • In a word, WOW! It was incredibly unique with time travel aspects and a hint of a Christmas Carol. There were wonderful life lessons to take away and reminders of what and who are truly important in life. I was never sure what was going to happen next and how Brock’s dream would influence reality.

  • Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If only I could go back in time and tell myself XYZ, none of this would be happening right now” ?? I’m sure most of us have. That is the basis behind. Rubart’s, “The Five Times I met Myself.” Brock, the main character, learns how to control his dreams after he has the same recurring dream. Thus, he is ultimately able to try and “fix” mistakes in the past to impact his present (and his future.) But he soon learns, sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other past side. Not a “dumbed down” book for sure !Thought provoking, and pretty great!

  • Although the idea has been done before, I sincerely enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters and the writing style. The book also includes a discussion guide at the end. It would make for a great book for book club. After reading this book I would love to check out some of Rubart’s other books.

  • Once again, James L. Rubart has written a book that wrapped itself around my mind and made me think. This is not a rehash of Back to the Future but a serious look at what might happen if a man decided to “fix” his current circumstances by convincing his twenty-three-year-old self (through lucid dreams) to make different decisions. Rubart creates gripping scenes with poignant family dynamics that pulled me into the story and kept glued to the pages.

  • With more twists and turns than a waterslide park, James L. Rubart’s The Five Times I Met Myself will play out a riveting story in the cinema of your mind. Schedule out enough time to read this book cover to cover once you start because I can just about guarantee that you won’t want to be distracted by silly things like sleeping or eating – certainly not chores or your job! A wonderful candidate for your next book club, it’s perfect for fans of Mitch Albom and William Paul Young… and for anybody who’s ever wished things had turned out differently.

  • GOODNESS! Now did that not pack a punch!?! You can read the synopsis and know what it’s about, but only when you’ll get a chance to really read it, that’s when you’ll appreciate how fascinating and stimulating it really is. In all, I’m saying don’t let this pass you by when you see it in the bookstore online or off.

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  • Overall, I liked the story okay but might have enjoyed a bit more dialogue and action. It did not move along as quickly and smoothly as I might have liked.

  • If we are honest, we would all confess that we’ve longed for “do-overs.” We have things we wish we had made right; we focus too much on past mistakes, or we dream that if we’d only made some different choices life would be peachy. Well, Brock gets do-overs, but he keeps avoiding the one thing he can’t face, and the lesson for all of us seems to be that if we want a future, we must face our failures, our fears HERE IN THE PRESENT.

  • This is an intriguing story with shades of “It’s a Wonderful Life” woven in. The plot is constantly changing, as Brock’s dreams affect everything from where he lives, to the woman he is married to, even to what he does for a living. It’s quite a ride, and Brock often feels like he’s flying blind, awaking to a new reality almost every day.

  • This was a very interesting concept of redemption and healing. I’ve read other books by this author and really enjoyed them. The regrets about the past and the wishing for a “do-over” in some situations really rang true for me. I liked the faith elements in the story as well as the realistic struggles Brock encountered. The emotions evoked from grief to laughter were something else that engaged me in the story. I’m looking forward to the next intriguing story from the pen of this author!

  • * WARNING * Do not open this book unless you are willing to entertain the idea of having your whole world turned upside down.

  • WORD Up! says:

    Initially, “The Five Times I Met Myself” by James L. Rubart reminded me of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” except that it began in May. This unique novel also reminds me a bit of the Biblical Job because it is about a man (Brock Matthews) with lots of troubles: the family business is going belly-up as is his relationship with his brother/business partner, his marriage is failing, he has regrets over other failed relationships, so his life is coming apart.

    “The Five Times I Met Myself” is a heartwarming novel that showcases the value of forgiveness and “letting go and letting God”. Told in dreamland flashbacks, this beautifully crafted story will have you contemplating the status of your own relationships and how you can improve them.

  • This one does have a bit of a twist to it like you might find in It’s A Wonderful Life or Family Man. It does make you truly consider the consequences of the decisions we make and if you could do it all over again, would you really change anything? What would the impact be along that new timeline? I absolutely LOVED this book and at the end it really gives the reader something to think about and take away. For me this one rates a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

  • I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was definitely different: a man meeting his younger self in his dreams and managing to change the past through these meetings. It made for a fascinating read that I didn’t want to put down because I wanted to see what would happen next and how the book would end. It has a lot of twists and turns and you don’t know what is going to happen next. There is a lot of bouncing back and forth between dreams and awake and from one timeline to another, but it is done in a way that is easy to keep up with.

  • All Grown Up says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with The Five Times I Met Myself by James L. Rubart. I just knew that when the invitation to read it came across my desk, I felt the urge to jump on it.

    As usual, when I get that urge, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Even though it is written from a male point of view, I identified with Brock Matthews immediately. That is something completely out of the ordinary for me. I usually don’t mesh with male POV, especially when the female POV is basically a minor character.

    The premise of the book is What would you say to your younger self? What would you change, and how would it affect the person you are today? Brock Matthews finds out, and it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  • James L. Rubart continues to blow my mind with the intriguing premises that characterize his books, and “The Five Times I Met Myself” is no different. I started the book only meaning to read a couple of chapters before carrying on with my day, but then found myself unable to put it down, such that I had to read it in snatches while trying to carry out the normal parts of life I just wanted to ignore so I could keep reading!

  • Moments says:

    I really enjoyed “The Five Times I Met Myself,” written by James L. Rubart. I don’t know of anyone who has not once asked, “What if…;” what if I made a different choice, what if I said no instead of yes, what if I had done this instead of that. This book basically addresses that question through Bock who meets his younger self in a dream and he is able to make decisions and make changes in his life.

  • James Rubart is known for his books that deal with the spiritual realm, in his latest book he takes us into the world of dreams, which I found to be one in the same. What would you do if you could meet your younger self, what would you tell yourself? Brock our hero is having dreams, meeting his younger self and seeing how his life would be different had he made a different choice. This is a mind bending novel one that will not only keep you reading, but keep you up late at night. I highly recommend this book, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  • This book is a fun insight into how Brock Matthews’ utilizes lucid dreaming to attempt to change his life’s course. It can be hard to follow at times but overall, it is an interesting and intriguing book.

  • The book is a bit like the heartwarming movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. One life choice has a chain reaction to other aspects of our world as well as other people’s lives. I loved reading this story and the resolution at the end. I truly had no idea what was going to happen but I definitely enjoyed the ride! James L. Rubart focuses on the beauty of God’s redemption and His ability to bring restoration. I highly recommend this for adults of all ages!

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. This. This is an example of why I read. I wish every book could be like this one. I started it in the morning and finished that same afternoon. Very easy to get into, not an overwhelming amount of characters, a fast moving storyline and a topic not overdone. This book was probably the best I’ve read this year.

  • This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It was compelling enough that I finished reading it in a couple of days and had some sleepless nights because I just wanted to read one more page. 🙂

  • Book by Book says:

    James L. Rubart’s The Five Times I Met Myself had me fascinated from the start. Rubart’s main character, Brock Matthews, sees his life slowly begin to spiral out of his control, when a friend introduces him to a dreaming technique that changes everything. It’s a worthwhile and interesting read, and I would recommend it to interested readers.

  • ‘The Five Times I Met Myself’ is the definition of a thought provoking book. Brock gets the opportunity to visit his younger self in his dreams. He tells Younger Brock to make one simple, life change, a change that should make his current troubles better. Yet, changing the past never seems to work out like we want it too. Sure enough Brock is now stuck in a world he doesn’t know or understand, and everything is wrong.

    Rubart’s latest is hard to put down. I needed to know what was going to happen next. What was reality? Would things ever be made ‘right’? Like I mentioned previously, it really is a book made for thinking. What would I tell my past self? Would I want to change anything? ‘The Five Times I Met Myself’ would be an excellent book club read, or even a cold, winter night read.

  • Fic Gal says:

    The title of this book intrigued me. I must admit that I’m not usually a fan of stories that go back and forth in time. I don’t mind flashbacks but if it is a continuous back and forth kind of thing I tend to avoid it. I do believe in exceptions to the rule and this was one of those times. I will admit that I’m easily confused and I was briefly confused while reading this book but I quickly got back on the track and kept on reading.

  • Oh My!!! Where do I begin! This book is fascinating!! Have you ever wished you could go back in time and change certain situations in your life? I know I have! Well, The Five times I Met Myself, takes us on a journey with Brock Matthews doing just that! Things aren’t going so well in many areas of his life so when he learns he can go back and possibly guide things in a different direction, he is thrilled. But like so many things in our lives, just because we change things doesn’t mean they’re going to work out any better…or will they ??

    I LOVED this book!!!

  • The Five Times I Met Myself is the most unique fiction title I think I have read maybe ever. James Rubart is a new author to me and now one of my favorites. I am anxious to check out his other works.

  • The Five Times I met Myself by James L Rubart was an interesting and unique book that mixes reality with dreams in an exciting way. I found the plot to be complex and well written, and it contained a mixture of suspense, romance, danger, and unexpected twists and turns. I liked how the story jumped between the past, present, and entered into the dream world and how that changed both the past and the future.The characters, especially Brock, were interesting and well developed. Brock had very intriguing and sometimes conflict filled contacts with other characters, and it was interesting to see how his interactions changed as he went back in dreams to try to change his past mistakes.

  • “The Five Times I Met Myself” is a very exciting book. One that will keep you flipping pages trying to find out what will happen next just as fast as you can read and flip. Everything is Biblical and Mr. Rubart is at the top of his game with his writing. “The Five Times I Met Myself” will keep you asking questions.

  • The premise of this book is enticing and something most people have probably considered. What would you change about your past? What would you tell your younger self to help change things, if you could? How would any of those changes–even the small ones–affect all of your future?

    The author dives into these situations and explores various possible outcomes in this book. Because the main character doesn’t know what’s really happening and what’s really being changed or not, the reader is kept guessing as well, which helps create intrigue and quick page turns.

  • James L. Rubart’s book is the most mind-engaging book of fiction I have read in a long time. This book may change your life. At the very least, it will challenge you to view the world and your place in it quite differently.

  • Thank you Litfuse for this review copy.
    I almost shelved this book. Almost. I plodded through six chapters of “I’m only reading this for the review. It’s boring.”

    Fifty-one chapters of “I don’t want to put this down! What’s going to happen next? I really liked this book. Every time this guy dreams, he tries to fix all the stuff that’s wrong in his life. Who wouldn’t like to do that? It all begins when he’s given a book about lucid dreaming. He decides to try to change his life by talking to himself. What a tangled web he creates. Only the creator of time himself will be able to sweep away the cobwebs of confusion and show what was, what might have been, what is, and what may be.

    This science fiction suspense book is awesome. It’s one of my top favorites of the year.

  • I really enjoyed this story – it made me think about how important choices are and how they have ripple effects. I enjoy Mr. Rubart’s style of writing, and how he can take spiritual matters to a completely new level. The characters were awesome, I really enjoyed how complex they became after seeing different storylines. Great book, I highly recommend it!

  • The Five Times I Met Myself is one of those books that makes you think as you read it. You begin to wonder how different your life would be if you had made one different decision. I was very intrigued by the style of this book, and was easily sucked in to the characters and story line. The concept of lucid dreaming and then those dreams becoming reality was clearly a hint of science fiction, however, it was unique to me, and I thought that James L. Rubart did a wonderful job with it. This novel kept me up late reading, held my attention, and had me thinking on an even higher level about life itself, and my personal faith. I would definitely recommend this to other readers!

  • If you’re looking for a decently interesting story that will keep the pages turning, The Five Times I Met Myself, might be worth your time.

  • Win says:

    This IS a story of redemption in its truest sense! The vehicle of the delivery of this truth may seem a bit fanstastical, but in its context, it echoes a reality that we each face at some point in our lives. My most honest response? AMEN!! And AMEN!! And AMEN!! I’ve lived this redemption out in my own life very recently, and, once again, God’s timing with this story is so much more than amazing!! ENJOY!!

  • This is a great novel about regrets and more importantly redemption. This book is about a guy whose life is unraveling and it really deals with the what ifs and makes one think about the choices in ones life and how they can affect your life. This was a very though provoking, intriguing read and I highly recommend it. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you should have done differently? What would you say if you met your 23-year-old self in a dream?
    As I read the book, I realized that the questions are not so straight forward and that what you might want to change in your life could result in a much further reaching impact than simply the path that you take. It made me take pause and think about who else and what else would have been impacted if I had made different life choices along the way. It gave me a great perspective on the idea that it was through a series of individual decisions that led me to exactly where I am, and where I feel like I belong. Any changes to those decisions could see me married to someone else, living somewhere else and not the mom to my kids. What a strange thought!

  • *************************************
    “The Five Times I Met Myself” was very different yet captivating at the same time. It was a good different. There was so much imagination throughout the whole thing and at the same you wonder if this could actually happen.

    While reading this book, I was reminded of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. While the main character always exists in this book, he is still given a gift to see how different things could be. So he uses that gift and soon realizes that things may have been pretty good as they were.

    I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about this book at first. It took me awhile to actually start reading it, but once I started, I didn’t want to put it down. I was hooked from the very beginning!

  • Whether you like the time travel vehicle or not, there are a lot of interesting people in this story. Many different scenarios emerge, and it’s interesting to see how Brock reacts to them all. If you do enjoy time travel, however, The Five Times I Met Myself is definitely a book that should reside on your bookshelf.

  • Whew!! You have to hold on for this one. I had to back up a couple times and try to realize what time we were in, and figure out what things had changed after FB (future Brock) came and changed things in the past. Brock changes his career, his relationships, and even people around him and their relationship with God. Most.. not for the good.

  • When the opportunity to review this book came through my email I thought it sounded interesting mainly because it was different from other Christian books and that cover is just amazing. I’m also sucked in by a good cover. I know the saying but I just can’t help judging a book by it’s cover. Unfortunately I didn’t read on to the author and remember that I have read a few of his other books and find that he is a little out there theology wise and I always have a hard time with his books. When the book began I started to worry I was going to have the same issues with this one and I did a little bit but then I began to just put aside those things I took issue with has they weren’t huge and could easily be fictionalized and then began to really enjoy the book. Basically the main character learns how to do lucid dreaming but then come to find out the changes he is making in his dreams actually affect the real world. It is his struggle to correct his mistakes and eventually he learns many important life lessons. It’s a great book and I gave it four out of five stars.

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