Through Waters Deep

Through Waters Deep

Through Waters Deep (Revell, August 2015)

It is 1941 and America teeters on the brink of war.

Outgoing naval officer Ensign Jim Avery escorts British convoys across the North Atlantic in a brand-new destroyer, the USS Atwood. Back on shore, Boston Navy Yard secretary Mary Stirling does her work quietly and efficiently, happy to be out of the limelight. Yet, despite her reserved nature, she never could back down from a challenge. When evidence of sabotage on the Atwood is found, Jim and Mary must work together to uncover the culprit. A bewildering maze of suspects emerges, and Mary is dismayed to find that even someone close to her is under suspicion. With the increasing pressure, Jim and Mary find that many new challenges–and dangers–await them.

Sarah Sundin takes readers to the tense months before the US entered WWII. Readers will encounter German U-boats and torpedoes, along with the explosive power of true love, in this hopeful and romantic story.

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  • I’ve read one other book and a novella by this author and really enjoyed them. But this book is now my favorite of hers. The characters were authentic and had depth. The plot of the story came alive with her descriptions, but I never felt bogged down in the details. The mystery and suspense fit well with the romance of the story and the time period. I felt like I was reliving a part of history as well as enjoying a great story. Those who enjoy historical fiction, especially WWII, will really love this book. But anyone who enjoys mystery or romance will also enjoy it. This is an author to put on your favorites list.

  • I am an ardent fan of anything pertaining to World War II and I have found a wonderful author who writes about this time in history with knowledge and sensitivity.

  • Through Waters Deep is book one in the Waves of Freedom series. Sarah Sundin has done it again with this amazing book. Through Waters Deep is a epic novel full of romance and mystery with a wonderful sprinkling of history. I can not wait to see book two in this series.

  • Through Waters Deep the author Sarah Sundin brings to her readers another gripping tale that is making waves this summer. It’s a wonderful beginning to a wonderful new series known as Waves of Freedom. It has everything a summer read needs! From sabotage and undercover work to the growing romance between Mary and Jim, readers and fans of Sundin can be rest assured that this new series will give them everything they could ask for and more. Join me in my review as I reveal the reasons why this book should be read immediately.

  • I am thoroughly immersed in Sarah Sundin’s novels that take place during World War II. Each of them is written with such a deep heart that I am convinced as I am reading it that not only is there a war going on in my backyard, but I am in the middle of it! Imagine my surprise when I step out of the story into my living room into a quiet, hot summer day! No thundering of explosives, no enemy to fear. Vivid imagery takes the reader into the book and makes the characters life long friends. Liberal usage of words describing all the senses makes for a memorable read and makes what could be a dull history lesson into living characters. There are references to past characters and incidents and having read the earlier books will make for a richer understanding of this story, but not having read them will not decrease your enjoyment of it. As such, i would venture to call this a stand alone novel.

  • [Through Waters Deep] is a great book and a wonderful start to a new series that I cannot wait to read.

  • From the streets in and around the Boston Navy Yard, to life on the destroyer USS Atwood, Sundin’s details make you feel like you are right there, being chased by a German U-boat. The characters of Mary and Jim are complex and deep – each of them has issues from their past that they are still working through. And as a result developing new and deeper relationships with God and each other.

  • I’ve been a fan of Sarah Sundin’s novels since I read her first novel a few years back, but I found this one a bit harder to get into. It was more about various crews in the navy and who did what which didn’t capture my attention. However the intrigue and mystery around a possibly sabotuer did. The romance was semi-predictable, but still enjoyable.

  • Sabotage. German spies. Isolationist theories. Who is telling the truth? And who is trying to frame innocent people?
    Join secretary Mary as she works as an amateur detective trying to get to the bottom of, just who is sabotaging the naval vessels.
    A historical mystery and a Christian romance, Through Waters Deep has it all.

  • This is a well researched and very informative historical romance. I had no idea that we had lost ships in the Atlantic before Pearl Harbor. Sundin really highlighted the tension in America before the U.S. entered the war. The romance was well done but I really liked the historical information in the book the most. It’s a good reminder of the strength of that great generation.

  • Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin was another great book. I have read another series by this author so this book had big shoes to fill and it lived up to everything that I hoped it would.

  • I love the story of these two characters that come together after some time, to see how they have each grown in different ways. Not like an Officer and a Gentlemen, this one felt real to me as both of my parents served in the Navy and subsequently fell in love much like these two do without solving a mystery along the way. Perhaps that is why I could relate to this one so much and saw these characters taking the place of my own parents in a different time from the past. Absolutely LOVED it and well worth all 5 out of 5 naval stars in my book.

  • My thoughts: I fell in love with these characters! The romance was so sweet and came about naturally, I love how the hero and heroine interact with one another! The mystery kept me guessing, with its many twists and turns. And, I loved this historical side, since it showcases what America was like in the year leading up to Pearl Harbor, how we were involved in the war without being officially involved. I think Sarah really outdid herself with this one! It is the perfect historical tale to curl up with and enjoy! 
    I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

  • As a historical romance this book does not disappoint. It was a fun distraction with likable characters that are easy to get to know. This is the first of Sarah Sundin’s novels that I have read and I look forward to reading more.

  • In my opinion, Sarah Sundin is by far the best WWII fiction writer I have ever read. Sundin makes her readers feel as if they were in the story, & “Through Waters Deep” was definitely no exception.

  • No doubt about it Sara Sundin really knows how to tell a story. This current book takes place before the U.S. Entered WWII. You wouldn’t think you would find an interesting, highly suspenseful thriller taking place before but Ms. Sundin has come through beautifully. I have never read a story that takes place around the Boston Navy Yard and I was fascinated to find sabotage and mystery there. Jim and Mary are childhood friends who team up to find the saboteur. Ms. Sundin has provided us with a wild ride that will keep you flipping pages to see what will happen next. And did I mention that this is a romance? “Through Waters Deep” is an exciting book. Ms. Sundin has done it again and I recommend this book highly.

  • Through Waters Deep, is a nice historical romance for fans of Christian fiction and suspense. Fans of World War II inspirational fiction are almost certain to love this sweet read.

  • A Rup Life says:

    What more could a reader want then a story about a handsome Naval Officer? Talk about perfect summer read! In this book we meet sweet Mary who doesn’t like to have any attention focused on her. She has some baggage from the past that makes her tend to just fade in the background. Then comes Jim, he too has his own baggage and tends to just ‘float’ along to not rock the waters.

    This was really a good book. I love how Sundin took the time took the time to really develop the characters. There is a mystery needing solving and Jim faces some hard adventures on the seas – both keep you wanting to read more. I loved the slow romance, it took awhile for romance to bud. I’m looking forward to additional books in this series!

  • Moments says:

    Mary and Jim are both wonderful main characters as they became so real and they were easy to connect and empathize with. They are both struggling with some things in their lives and they are forced to work together to discover what is really going on and whom is behind it. I love the suspense that is tied in with this story and the romance that is throughout. I also enjoyed the minor characters and I love how Sarah introduces them in the first book and then continues on their stories in later books in the series.

  • Sarah Sundin’s newest World War II series focuses on the American Navy in the Atlantic and the Avery family. In this book, readers are introduced Jim Avery from Ohio shortly before the launch ceremony of one of the Navy’s newest destroyers. There he meets Mary, a woman he remembers as being the quiet friend of his buddy’s vivacious girl. He quickly learns there’s more to Mary when she’s determined to discover who sabotaged her arrangements for the launch.


    I could take or leave the romance, but I liked how Mary had to define the line between pride and what I saw as over the top humility. At the same time Jim had to learn to be decisive instead of drifting along in life. My favorite parts, however, were the historical detail of the Boston Navy Yard and the drama of the sabotage plot.

  • As always, Sarah provides credible WWII descriptions and details in a way that provides a history lesson in the wrappings of an intriguing story. In this story, she masterfully weaves together elements that are romantic, suspenseful, dangerous, serious, and fun. Her characters are sometimes transparent and simple and oftentimes complex. Many twists and turns along the way help maintain an exciting pace.

    If you enjoy a good “who-dun-it” with a taste of Nancy Drew, if you are a sucker for a great love story whose outcome you can’t be sure of until the very end, or if you appreciate well-written authentic WWII history, Through Waters Deep is a great choice for you.

  • Memawsstuff says:

    My son is in the Navy and that alone was my first interest in this book. From the very first words, I was hooked. Through Waters Deep – Waves of Freedom Book #1, is full of suspense, exciting Naval happenings, a lot of love, and a lot of being able to see God through the story of Jim and Mary. Maybe not in some magnificent way, but just in the little things like Respect, Honor, Joy, Friendship.

  • World War II is not a time period that I usually read. Because of that, this book started really slow to me. I simply wasn’t used to the time period that was involved. However, once things got going it was hard to put this one down.

    This book has two or three different story lines going on. There is a friendship between Jim and Mary that seems to be turning into a romance during much of the book. There is the mystery of trying to figure out who is sabotaging the navy yard. And then there is the story of survival when Jim and his crew are out to sea during their missions.

  • When it comes to novels set in the 1940’s, you can’t find many authors that do it better than Sarah Sundin. Now she has gone and added mystery and suspense to the list of her ever-widening writing abilities. Mary Stirling made a great heroine and amateur sleuth; I cannot brag enough about the character development that went into these main characters. This story had it all; the romance is front row worthy! Jim and Mary make a dashing pair; you will find yourself rooting for their love affair from the very start. They complement each other so well, and at a time when nothing seemed sure for America, these two bring out a light in each other. The rest of the series is sure to be just as delightful as this one! Sarah Sundin, you are still the best in the business!

  • Sarah Sundin kicks off a new series set in WWII with Through Waters Deep and once again, she has written a tale that kept me glued to the pages. Engaging characters dealt with authentic issues: Mary as she struggled to balance her mother’s strict and legalistic teachings about staying out of the limelight with the need to be bold in presenting information regarding possible saboteurs in the Navy Yard, and Jim as he walks a fine line between “going with the flow” and being a pushover…..

  • There truly was good mix of mystery, intrigue and romance. The time period, right before WWII ‘officially’ broke out, certainly lends a hand to the intrigue. People were being divided into pro-war or anti-war groups. Sundin does a good job of twisting and turning the story, so that, just like Mary, we are suspecting one character or the other up to the very end.

    Mary and Jim themselves are good characters and they struggle with some big issues.

    Overall, liked! And I like that I can read summaries for the next two books on Sundin’s website! It makes me pretty excited for the rest of the series. If you enjoy a good Nancy Drew vibe, some good 1940’s romance, or anything involving WWII, ‘Through Waters Deep’ is your very next choice. 4 stars.

  • First the beautiful cover to this book made me want to pick it up, and once I turned the first page I was hooked. Now I have to wait another year for the second book in this series, and this one is still lingering with me, and will for a long time.

  • Sundin is absolutely the best author I’ve read when it comes to World War II era historical fiction. Dale’s grandfather (who I never met) served in the Navy in WWII, so that makes me even more interested in this particular series.

  • Through Waters Deep is an engaging tale of action and adventure, mystery, and romance! Sundin’s extensive research and attention to detail is evident as she describes life in and around Boston and the Navy Yard. The time and setting are masterfully conveyed, and I loved the descriptions and dialogue. I also enjoyed the historical details that were included; they allowed me to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of what was happening during this tumultuous time in history. Weaving spiritual lessons through this historical romance, Sarah Sundin has penned a novel that will encourage, educate, and entertain!

  • To say my experience reading Sarah Sundin’s newest novel, Through Waters Deep, was interactive would be an understatement. I actually spoke to certain characters as the book progressed because their actions, while noble, were also incredibly frustrating! And the fact that I cared so much is a testament to just how engaging Sundin’s novels are.

  • I’ve truly enjoyed this book and love Mary’s character who is super relateable. I was so in love reading this story where the main girl was more introverted and introspective over anything else and dealt with a fear of being in front of others. Mary is a character that I could see myself in. Sundin has done amazing with her historical research, character development and just creating a captivating story. I can’t wait to find the time to read some of her others!

  • Picking a favorite Sarah Sundin book is near impossible but this one may be her best one yet! It was so easy to feel drawn to Mary and her kind, gentle spirit and her love for Nancy Drew made her even more likable. I can’t wait to see what Sarah Sundin has in store for us in the next book in her Waves of Freedom series!

  • I absolutely loved this novel. Mary is an intelligent, likable protagonist. I love that she was inspired by Nancy Drew to work to solve a mystery. Jim is also strong and sympathetic. I loved the deep friendship, respect, and growing romance between these characters.

    I loved the mystery in this novel. It was complex, and kept me guessing.

  • A fantastic novel from start to finish. Mary transforms in this novel and it is beautiful to witness as she struggles on her journey and the freedom she finds at the end. The mix in of a little bit of romance by Jim’s character tops off a completely heart warming, exciting and beautiful story. A story that reminds us that there is always much more to a person then the outer features or the fears that people hold against others.

  • First, I just want to say that Sarah Sundin does an absolutely amazing job in researching her settings. One would think that she knew every detail of what she wrote about it. Of course I am not a world war 2 veteran, yet I have read enough historical accounts to be alert to any mistakes an author of fiction might make. A fascinating touch in Through Waters Deep is that the author delved into a new realm for her…mystery! Throughout the book, the main character Mary along with the reader struggles to discover who the local saboteur could be! I found this an interesting twist.
    As always, Sarah Sundin writes with heart and vigour, making the reader both enjoy and benefit from reading each chapter.

  • Great story! Both characters suffered scars from past incidents that left them fearful of making waves or drawing attention to themselves. Through their learning to trust God in every circumstance and place their cares with Him, they both gained freedom from their fears. In the midst of dire straits, they both prayed and placed their trust in God that no matter the outcome they were trusting in Him. What inspiration! This is a wonderful beginning to this new series, which continues in the summer of 2016 with the release of book two. I can’t wait!

  • “Through Waters Deep” has plenty of action, suspense, and romance to meet the needs of most readers. Historical details added authenticity to the story and helped me as a reader to understand a bit more about life during that era. I highly recommend this book and any other book this author has written.

  • This is a great view into the life of navy soldiers. Especially before there were cell phones or emails. This was definitely a book that I had to read as much as I could. Being on a ship with a saboteur is not a good thing. There is no where to go. Add in a war, and a new relationship, and I could not stop reading. I liked the ending and I really liked the ups and downs in this story. I can not wait to read the next book in the series. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

  • A fascinating look at the events leading up to World War 2, Through Waters Deep showcases the very best aspects of bold courage, breath-stealing romance, intriguing mystery and sweet friendship. For every woman who still dreams occasionally of being Nancy Drew, this is the book you need to read next!

  • I enjoyed this book tremendously! Both Mary and Jim had strong inner turmoil which drew me in and made me cheer for them. The action was exciting and well-written, and faith and Biblical principles were woven in seamlessly. I had a very hard time putting this book down and easily could have read it in one sitting. This is only the second book I’ve read by Sarah Sundin, but it won’t be the last!

  • They both had traumatic events in their pasts and it was inspiring to see them strive to overcome them. There were lots of sweet romantic moments. The mystery was interesting and there was definitely some action! I liked learning about the tensions leading up to World War II in America; I hadn’t heard about that before.

  • This story is full of intrigue, mystery, and romance. I enjoyed the historical aspect of this novel. The parts where Jim was at sea were exciting to me. I really liked the characters in this book a lot. I would love to read more in this series as they come out.

  • Book Reviews says:

    What a fantastic story! There were many great elements about this so I will touch on a few of them.

    This is a perfectly paced story. Some stories drag. Others rush. This one was perfect. It moved through time and just when it needed to pick up, it did. The romance wasn’t rushed. It was real and deep.

  • What I loved about this story are the strong characters, they are very-well written, they truly come to life in the pages. You can feel their sadness, pain, fear and so much more. You are right there with them through it all. I love that Mary is not described as some vivacious, beautiful woman that all men want to have. No, she’s just an average young woman trying to make it in the world. Her quiet demeanor, helps her to observe without drawing too much attention to herself. She will use this to her advantage as she begins her quest in finding the saboteur on the Atwood.

  • Book by Book says:

    Once again, Sarah Sundin delivers a captivatingly historical romance with purposeful yet conflicted characters in the midst of World War II drama. Through Waters Deep begins her newest series, Waves of Freedom, focusing on characters connected with the U.S. Navy. A fantastic read that won’t leave Sundin’s fans disappointed, Through Waters Deep is a wonderful choice for interested readers. I would highly recommend it.

  • A treasure for historical fiction fans! Sarah’s research is impeccable, but more than that, she has the ability to bring you right into the sights & emotions of that era. The writing flows, often with a lighthearted feel, yet there are some vividly-depicted situations that truly reflect wartime – sabotage, racial prejudice, unimaginable split-second decisions with lives on the line. Historical detail is one of this story’s strengths and while it took a while to capture my interest, I was fully engaged as the story unfolded. Strong secondary characters contribute greatly to the story & we will see some of their stories as the series unfolds. I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as Sarah’s previous series, but am fully invested in the characters and look forward to the next book.

  • I would say that Through Waters Deep is the best book from Sundin yet! I loved the setting, the building friendship to budding romance, the friendships, the inspirational moments, and the suspenseful aspect of the story. If you have enjoyed Sundin’s other books or enjoy books in the Christian historical romance genre, then this is a definite read!

  • My thoughts: THROUGH WATERS DEEP is a fantastic book! I loved how Jim slowly became enchanted with and fell in love with Mary. It felt realistic. I also could identify with how Mary felt so uncomfortable in the limelight. While I never had a traumatic experience as she did, it is something I struggle with as well. I also loved how Jim worked on her to draw her out of her shell.

    A hint of suspense, a war underway, and there is plenty of tension to go around. If you like WWII books, then THROUGH WATERS DEEP is a must read!

  • Sarah Sundin is a wonderful historical novelist. She does such thorough research. She portrays her stories so real to life that you feel as if you are there!

    This novel gave insight to how tense American feelings were prior World War II. I admit that it did take me a while to get into it, but once I did, I really enjoyed it. Reading about all of the technical ship stuff was kind of difficult because I’m not familiar with ships.

    Mary was a true heroine in this book! God gave her the strength to overcome her fears. Once she overcame them, she was used of God more and became the person God intended her to be.

  • I love any WWII historical fiction, but this was an interesting twist with the story set just before the US enters the war (a time not often covered in novels). Loved the romance between Jim and Mary and the “mystery” thrown in, too. It’s the first in a new series so I look forward to the upcoming titles!

  • Once again, while reading one of Sarah Sundin’s books, I felt totally immersed in the time period of the story. This time, I traveled back to 1941, shortly before the United States would fully enter World War II.

    This story was a great combination of romance and the feeling of reading a Nancy Drew mystery. I enjoyed trying to determine who the saboteur was, right along with Mary. The author did a good job of providing many people in the story who could possibly have the motive and means to pull off the subterfuge going on in the book.

  • I was so excited to read this book – so excited! 😀 After reading “A Distant Melody” by Sarah Sundin, I was quite hooked on her writing. And “Through Waters Deep” didn’t disappoint. While it didn’t top “A Distant Melody” for me (not much can! Hehe), it was still very satisfactory.

    I loved the main characters, Mary and Jim. I related to Mary in her quiet, calm manner, and felt deeply for her in her struggles. And Jim was a dashing hero. 😉 He had his own struggles too, and I appreciate that he and Mary shared their struggles and burdens with each-other, each growing in the Lord as well.

  • Jami's Words says:

    Riveting, powerful,edge-of-my-seat excitement are words I’d use to describe Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin. Mary and Jim, the main characters, work so well together. Sarah knows how to weave her characters so that they function together in the story without difficulty–no weird vibes or fake-feeling characters.

    There are several secondary characters involved, but not so many that I was getting everyone confused. Each person’s role in the story was specific and defined, and Sundin paid careful attention to detail.

  • I wouldn’t have thought that saboteurs would be busy prior to a major World War, but in the context of this novel, the overall sensitivity and suspicion of one group of people toward another serves as the perfect catalyst for the mystery at hand! The motives are also realistic for the time period, and the entire plot line is filled with realistic relationship struggles set against a backdrop of mystery and intrigue that is driven by fear.

    Fear is something that Mary recognizes in herself, and it is brilliant to watch her character grow and change as she struggles to overcome the emotion that keeps her bound. This is a finely written novel that begins the Waves of Freedom series! If you enjoy historical romances – this is the novel you have been searching for!

  • As is always the case when I read a Sarah Sundin novel, I adored this book! WWII is my absolute favorite time period and Sarah’s books are probably the best that I’ve read set during that time! I loved how this book was set in the time preceding Pearl Harbor and USA’s entrance into WWII. As much as I love this time period I had never read much about the events that happened in the months before we joined the war. It fascinated the history fan in me and I loved all the historical aspects almost as much as I loved the characters and their romance. Sarah truly knows how to sweep her readers to another time and every time I opened the pages I felt like I was there with the characters!
    And speaking of the characters, I loved both Mary and Jim so much! I had a lot of things in common with Mary..

  • Come join Sarah as she takes you on journey of discovering love where you least expect it and solve a crime. Sarah takes you on a journey with the early stirrings before World War II.

    Join Mary Stirling and Jim Avery as they find love unexpectedly and how one person can destroy the budding relationship or build it up. While aboard the Atwood and doing testing on the ship, it was discovered the works of sabotage. Jim and Mary embark on finding the person or persons responsible. As the list of suspects grow, so does the danger of getting to close to the person responsible.

    This is World War II romance at its best mixed with a who-done-it twist.

  • By The Book says:

    The mystery aspect of Through Waters Deep provides a great framework for the story of America’s reluctant entrance to WWII. Isolationist and interventionist proponents rally and protest as the government supports it allies in Europe. This is a part of history I didn’t learn in school — I am glad Sundin chose to include it. The main characters of Mary and Jim, as well as supporting characters, are likable and quickly make a place in the reader’s heart. They struggle with real issues — pride, humility, direction and purpose — that all can relate to. I did think the romance moved a bit slowly. I was ready to shake them if one of them did not make a move! But all in all, I really enjoyed Through Waters Deep and am looking forward to more in Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series.

  • Through Waters Deep offers a great piece on WWII. This is also a great read for those who love mystery and a little bit of romance. I also enjoyed the Christian foundation and talking about humility in relationships. This is a fun read of World War II inspirational fiction with lots of intrigue packed into the book.

  • I absolutely LOVED Sarah Sundin’s previous series, Wings of the Nightingale! So when I saw that she was starting another series, I was SO EXCITED!!!

    I absolutely LOVED Through Waters Deep just as much as all her others, but maybe a tad more because I always wanted to join the Navy. Therefore, I really loved the insight into the Navy world.

    The romance was great, the mystery was great and the storyline was so great! I love Sarah Sundin and I love her books!

  • MysteriesEtc says:

    Through Waters Deep is the first book in author Sarah Sundin’s Waves of Freedom series. Sarah Sundin writes charming books that take place during World War II. She is a fantastic storyteller and author.

    Through Waters Deep is a historical drama with some mystery and romance. If you like reading historical fiction and in particular books about WWII then this book is for you. Sarah is also a Christian writer so you know it is going to be a good, clean tale.

  • After reading In Perfect Timing I absolutely fell in love with Sarah’s writing as well as her characters and stories. I was not in the least disappointed with Through Waters Deep as it had an excellent amount of action and romance! I love the characters and the story was thrilling. And how about that cover?! Awesome! Honestly, I really didn’t notice anything particularly “bad” in this book, but there were a few detailed kissing scenes that may annoy/disturb some. Also, the story tends to lag a bit in the middle, but not bad. So overall, I rate Through Waters Deep 4 out 5 stars and will definitely be reading book 2 to the Waves of Freedom series!

  • I become more and more of a fan of Sarah Sundin with each new book she releases. Her newest book, Through Deep Waters is set in the Boston Navy Yard in the Spring of 1941, prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Ms. Sundin always does extensive research and always lets her readers know in her Author’s Note at the end what things are based on fact and what is fiction. With historical accuracy she takes her readers on a journey back in time when America was at odds with each other. Some wanted to help England in the war but others did not. Ms. Sundin brings the emotional stress of the time to life in this book.

    In my humble opinion, this book is Ms. Sundin’s best to date. The characters are real & still reside in my mind.

    Well done Ms. Sundin! 5 Huge Stars!!!!!

  • Filled with historical gems, romantic tension, and a mystery to solve, Through Deep Waters will draw you in and have you thinking like Nancy Drew right along side Mary Stirling and Ensign Jim Avery.

  • I am quickly falling in love with Sarah Sundin as an author. I’ve read a few of her other books and love how she makes WWII come alive. I’m particularly in love with her books on the nurses in the war! This book definitely was a great one. I loved learning about what women did in the home front during the war and a different side of the war. We as a country were at war on the waves just as much as we were in the air or on land. I loved reading how being at war on the waves really affected people at home.

    And then of course we have the spy issue. Can Mary find out who the spy is without getting herself or others killed? While the country is at war sometimes those at home didn’t always understand it. This book brings the war home. We were at war on the waves and land in America.

  • Sarah Sundin is one of those rare authors who comes along and makes you delve into a time period you may not really want to read, and enjoy yourself the whole time:) I am not a real big fan of WWII time period books. They just aren’t my favorites. But this author here can make me read them and love them!

    I would definitely give this more than 5 stars if I could!

  • Through Waters Deep was the perfect combination of history, romance, and a little bit of mystery. I love getting a glimpse into a different aspect of history, and Sundin’s writing is well researched; transporting you back in time to the 1940s. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series when it comes out next summer!

  • Can I just say that Jim and Mary are an adorable couple? They’re both so thoughtful and lighthearted, while also sharing an interesting combination of selflessness and self-consciousness. Their interactions are very “aww”-inducing! And their respective journeys to freedom and a deeper understanding of both humility and boldness are very well-crafted.

  • I liked how the characters matured over the course of the book. Great start to a new series. I have read and enjoyed all of this author’s books. Recommended.

  • Sundin’s Through Waters Deep was just plain fun to read! I absolutely loved Jim and Mary. Sundin wrote with the perfect balance of a budding romance, intrigue and mystery. She captures the WWII era with good characterization and dialogue as well as description of the times and places affected during the war. Sundin has started off her new Waves Of Freedom series with a real winner. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • I absolutely loved this book! The story was mysterious, intriguing, and hard to put down! I thought that the characters were well developed throughout the story too.
    If you love the WWII era and are looking for a new series to start, then make sure to pick up this book.

  • When I first started reading this novel, I enjoyed the characters of Jim and Mary right away. I very much related to Mary and her struggles. Jim was also a likeable guy. At the beginning, these many secondary characters were a bit hard to keep straight, but as I kept reading, things fell more into place, and the sabotage aspect of the plot lent a great deal to the overall story. As for the other characters, there were a lot of them.

    The era of the 1940s and its culture was an especially fun backdrop for this romance. Overall, Through Waters Deep is another winner from Sarah Sundin, and I am looking forward to the next one!

  • Mary’s gumption to try and figure out who was sabotaging the ships was admirable. Even though the FBI discouraged her from helping, her boss had faith that she would be an asset and encouraged her. (Jim) was also Mary’s cheerleader, encouraging her to face her fears and live life to the fullest.
    If this book is a sign as to the rest of this series, it will be one to watch for. I really enjoyed this novel, as I have all of Susan Sundin’s other publications, and look forward with great expectation for the other two books.

  • Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin is the First book in the Waves of Freedom series. The story is set in 1941, right before WWII and it is full of history, romance and mystery. This book really is the whole package! It took me a While before I was fully engaged in the story, but once I got into it and started getting acquainted with the characters I was hooked!

  • If I were to name a favorite author in the historical fiction category, it would definitely be Sarah Sundin. Her books are full of history and you can tell she does her research well before she starts writing. I have read many of her books and have enjoyed each one so far.

    Through Waters Deep didn’t disappoint me at all. The first book in her new series, Waves of Freedom, focuses its time in 1941. The reader is introduced to, and instantly hooked on, Jim and Mary. I was captured by this story from the first page.

  • This is an enthralling story. I found all the nautical terms throughout make the story more gripping. I relish history, and stories set during the World War 2 period, so I was instantly drawn to Through Waters Deep. I learned more about the time period just before the U.S. entered the war, and some of the little-known events which took place.

    This is a well crafted story, and builds to a powerful, on-the-edge-of-your-seat climax. I highly recommend this if you enjoy history, and mystery. A great summer read.

  • EmpowerMoms says:

    There were alot of historical facts and political turmoil through out the book because of the time period. I enjoyed the story and budding romance between Mary and Jim, but it was a little difficult reading through all the history and technical wordage. If you like reading books during the WWI and WWII time period, you will love this book!

  • Through Waters Deep is the first book in Sarah Sundin’s latest series, Waves of Freedom and it is great! As a fan of historical fiction I really was excited to read it. Also my Dad and my husband both served in the Navy so I am always interested in reading about the Navy, so this book had both. Sarah Sundin writes with authority about the 1940’s, the Navy, WWII and events leading up to it, and Boston. Sarah Sundin writes a perfect mixture of fact and fiction that kept me engaged. I loved learning about the shipyards and the different ships that were built and used during this time. I found myself looking up names and places to get a better picture of the story. I found myself unable to put this book down because it kept me guessing until the end. This story had a little of everything romance, mystery, history, and adventure. As I read this book I felt like I was there with Mary Stirling seeing the story unfold. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction, you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series! I give this book 5 STARS.

  • Like all books written by Sarah Sundin, you get the feeling of being right with her characters. You, can feel the love, the hurt and you ALWAYS get a little bit of history out of them. I always enjoy her books, even though I have found myself having a hard time to get into one of her past books, it was well worth the read. This series is not on the top of my list to finish reading!!!

  • Through Waters Deep was an amazing story. Maybe it was just my love for Jim and Mary as a couple or the honesty of the historical context, but I really enjoyed this book and stayed up late one night so I could finish it in two days.

    Mary is a girl after my own heart. Loving adventure while hating the limelight, I felt like she was a person I would have liked to have known. Jim was nearly the opposite, enjoying adventure while feeling perfectly at home with any attention he might draw by being himself. They complimented each other well, creating a pair whose happily-ever-after I could believe in.

  • I so enjoy learning/reading/pretending I’m living in the 1940’s, so this book immediately drew me in from that aspect. The writing is great, and the plot kept me reading and reading..and reading! (This is my second Sarah Sunden book, so I wasn’t at all surprised by that fact) I don’t know much about naval life, so it was enjoyable discovering the different nautical terms that would pop up throughout the story. Besides a good mystery and clean romance, something else I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing how Sarah wove Truth through the story. In the story, Mary is reticent/reserved, but can’t resist a good mystery, and even through her fear, she learns it is important to shine her light brightly – not to show the world how great she is, but how great He is.

  • I love any book about World War 2, especially Christian historical novels set in this time frame. Sarah Sundin does not disappoint with this novel. I’ve read so many novels of this genre but this is the first I remember reading set in the United States. It was so interesting to read about the different view points America had during the war. This book had me going from the first chapter. I loved the love story, although at times I wanted to slap them upside the head. But what truly made this book was the main character of Mary. She is just such a relateable character. She struggles with self-confidence from thinking she has too much pride. She was just such a lovable character that I found myself rooting for her through out. This book has love, friendship, war, and mystery.

  • From the amazingly developed characters, to a plot that flowed nicely and a book that kept my attention throughout, Sarah Sundin has nailed it with Through Waters Deep. I love WWII novels and this is absolutely one of my favorites in that genre. You will not be disappointed by this book at all, including the stunning cover!
    I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

  • Through Waters Deep is probably my favourite Sundin work yet. Sarah gave me exactly what I wanted and was hoping for in this novel. The writing was almost flawless, and the romance was a big part of the story and didn’t seem to be an after thought. If your a fan of Historical romance I would recommend you pick up this book.

  • I am always a fan of WW2 stories, there is a reason they were called the greatest generation, and this book certain was an enjoyable read. With characters that actually had depth and I enjoyed, a good mystery that kept one engaged and a interesting plot line, this book was a very easy read and I highly recommend it. I look forward to reading other books by the author in the future, she is a good writer for sure! I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • This is the first book I have ever read by Sarah Sundin. I was surprised at how quickly it grabbed my attention! There is much intrigue as Mary struggles to fine the saboteur on the Navy ship she is helping get commissioned. Through it all, she learns to find her self worth and fall in love. In a pre-American Involvement-WWII, tensions are high as it builds up to that fateful day at Pearl Harbor.

    The characters are really great in this book. They are full of depth and character. God is not an afterthought either, which I really like. He is woven throughout the pages. It’s a fun mystery and a sweet story. I absolutely recommend it!! Please pick up a copy.

    Thank you, Litfuse, for this great read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

  • Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin has a refreshing, modern beat that bears the unexpected. It slightly reminds me of the story Something Borrowed (Emily Giffin). The part that left me a little bored was the banter between the soldiers and officers. It’s just not interesting to me, and I found myself flipping past those pages in order to get to the good stuff (romance and mystery!) Through Waters Deep was a nice change from Sundin’s other books about airplanes, and I enjoyed the slowly budding relationship between Jim and Mary.

  • Sundin’s writing is wonderful but her historical research was superb. She wove the history in where it was not overwhelming but supplemented the story well. I felt as if I was right there inside the story. Plus, I learned somethings about World War II that I had not known before.

  • Through Waters Deep was another great read from Sarah Sundin! It started a little slow for me and didn’t grab my attention as fast as some of her other books, but it was still so good and the ending made me absolutely love the book!

    I liked how the romance was gradual and of course the setting was great. There were a couple scenes that were nerve-wracking, as you didn’t…

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