True to You

True to You

True to You (Bethany House, May 2017)

It’s the exciting start of a brand-new series by a contemporary romance fan favorite!

After a devastating heartbreak three years ago, genealogist and historical village owner Nora Bradford has decided that burying her nose in her work and her books is far safer than romance in the here and now.

Unlike Nora, former Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient John Lawson is a modern-day man, usually 100 percent focused on the present. But when he’s diagnosed with an inherited condition, he’s forced to dig into the secrets of his past and his adoption as an infant, enlisting Nora to help him uncover the identity of his birth mother.

The more time they spend together, the more this pair of opposites suspects they just might be a perfect match. However, John’s already dating someone and Nora’s not sure she’s ready to trade her crushes on fictional heroes for the risks of a real relationship. Finding the answers they’re seeking will test the limits of their identity, their faith, and their devotion to one another.

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  • Bestselling author, Becky Wade, has done it again, written an absolutely amazing novel! I didn’t think she could top her prior reads, but in my eyes she sure did!

  • Although I didn’t enjoy this book as I hoped I would, I still look forward to reading Willow and Britts book when released.

  • True To You by Becky Wade was a great book. I can’t even count the number of books that I have read by this author, so I knew going into this book that I was probably going to enjoy it. I love books by this author because the well was written and they always end up being super sweet love stories.

  • I am so excited to read the next installment in this series. The sisters are so likeable and easy to connect with. This was a 5 star read and I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • True to You by Beck Wade is book one in the Bradford Sisters Romance series. True to You is another work of art by Becky Wade. She has created

  • True to You marks the first book in Becky Wade’s new series The Bradford Sisters’ Romance, and it starts it off with a bang. The storyline is interesting and well written, and I found myself glued to the pages to find out what happens next to Nora.

  • A great story that was very well written and looking forward to reading more. Highly recommend this story it’s a great read.

  • I have been doing a little genealogy research in the last couple years so I enjoyed that part of the book a lot. It was a different plot than a lot of books I have read. I did have a problem with the book, though. So much going on,I felt a little overwhelmed at times.

  • This book is definitely swoon-worthy. I loved every sentence of it. I just smiled at Nora and John. I love these characters.

  • A light-hearted, funny, but also deeply emotional story with some swoony romance and a twist that made me gasp! You’ll want to read this book! 🙂

  • Moments says:

    I loved this story!  I also loved the bits and pieces about the other sisters whom will each have their own stories (hopefully sooner than later!).  Becky does such a great job with creating characters who I cannot help but love, but I can also picture completely and empathize with.  I highly recommend this book to contemporary romance fans!

  • I started it in the morning and read it most of the day but enjoyed every minute of it. Nora was stuck in the past and not moving forward with her life until she was carried out of a fake hostage situation by John. John calls Nora so that he can look into his ancestry which is her specialty. This book was filled with twists that I didn’t see coming but you should totally check out this amazing story but be prepared with a few tissues because you might need them.

  • This is my first introduction to Becky Wade, and I’m over the moon with her writing. This book had me laughing and relating to the characters throughout the entire story. Of course the serious note with what brings John and Nora together pulls the reader along as we head toward the finish line.

  • I like both Nora and John, they both share a strong faith, but they realize that they ave been holding on to things that they need to surrender to God. There is also a lot of great humorous dialog between Nora and John, and quite a bit going on. I loved the ending, and this was a great book, romantic, and well worth the read!

  • Wow! I have been eagerly anticipating this book, but I didn’t see that coming! What an introduction to Becky Wade’s new series. It has a really fresh feel to it, and yet it is still indubitably Becky Wade. Where this book really excelled for me was in the last third of the book when John grapples with the discoveries his search has brought to light. His anguish was so authentic, and I LOVED the way in which the character worked through it. Yes, there were a few tears!

  • Wade layers the story with piece after piece of well-timed drama.  It’s so much more than the premise implies – genealogist sparking with a hunky former SEAL.  They both have full and complete backstories that, while a bit fantastic, play totally and completely into their present and affect any possible future they might have together. 

  • Some novels just come in and swoop you off your feet. Such was the case for me with Becky Wade’s first novel of her new series. True to You is a beautiful story with characters that might just be some of my favorites that I’ve read about this year.

  • Wow. Just. Fabulous and Wonderful and oh. my. heartstrings! This book will be on my year-end favorites list, I’m calling it right now and it shall be so. The supporting cast of tight-knit family members and friends has me all kinds of giddy and squealing excited for the rest of the series!!!

  • True to You is oh-so-good! It totally made me cry… and that’s a good thing. By the end of the book I felt so much compassion for John and his struggle to accept and overcome some pretty tough things. As a mother who adopted her children, I completely related to the theme of adoption and was fascinated by Nora and John’s search for his biological parents.

  • Wade hasn’t written your typical sweet little romance. What she has written is a multi-layered story that includes crises of faith, identity, and relationships. Wade’s writing is a delight to read. You won’t come away disappointed with the time you spend within the pages of True to You.

  • As always, Becky Wade successfully created realistic characters with flaws and attributes: from the sisters to their grandmother and, of course, former Navy Seal John Lawson.

  • This series is a different style from the Porter series, but what is consistent is Becky’s trademark romance and solid story line. What is different in this story is how long the main characters fight their attraction.

  • A perfect balance of lighthearted humor and meaningful emotion, True to You is a most enjoyable read! I loved the characterization of the Bradford sisters and am eager to continue this exciting new series!

  • Oh my goodness! I loved this book! I felt like Nora and I could be best friends lol!! I liked seeing the girls all grown up and how well they got along

  • This was a really good book. I loved the slow and heated romance between Nora and John. I was riveted by the deep issues presented and the twist. Most of all, I absolutely loved the portrayal of God’s love for us as individuals. I definitely recommend this book.

  • This book is so full of emotions, faith, heartbreak, and the most incredible romance. An exciting story that will leave you filled with hope and encouragement that no matter where you came from, or what you have had to go through in life, that you are not alone.

  • I can understand her reluctance to put herself out in the dating world again and the struggle to trust God with her future and her singleness and knowing that God was enough, even if she never got married. I liked that her struggle was real and honest. I highly recommend yet another one of Becky Wade’s books!

  • There’s witty dialogue; skin-tingling, heart-thumping swoon-worthy romance; gut-churning tension; heart-breaking revelation; and hope-breathing, life-giving, Godly truths. Ms. Wade weaves these elements seamlessly into a story that had me captivated with its tender theme.

  • Becky Wade’s latest novel is my new favorite summer book. Nora and her sisters just welcome you into their lives… and the romance element is adorable. True to You is a must read if you enjoy smart fiction that will challenge you to think and grow!

  • Be still my heart! Boy oh boy oh boy! Lost of words for this newest romantic novel by a fan favorite, Becky Wade. True to You begins the Bradford Sisters Romance series with perfection. In all, True to You spoke true of a person’s self, acceptance of one’s past and finding a love that makes your inside melt.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    I am already a huge Becky Wade fan and was so excited to get started on this book. I have to honestly say this is my new favorite!! It has everything. There is romance, family drama, and especially lessons on trusting the Lord. I love how a fictional story such as this can inspire me in my own life.

  • Having recently read Then Came You, this series’ prequel novella, I was particularly eager to read True to You. It did not disappoint, and I’m eager for the next installment already!

  • TRUE TO YOU is a heartfelt, emotional, and sweet romance. Full of difficult struggles, friendship, family, and love as these characters figure out that they are perfect for each other even if they are opposites in so many ways. A story that touches the heart. Highly recommended!

  • One of the first things that struck me when I finished reading, was how invested I had become with this family. I felt like I really knew them, and more than that, I really liked them in the same way you might feel about an old family friend. I can’t wait to revisit the Bradford family in the rest of the series!

  • Becky Wade has quickly become one of my new favorite authors. I can relate to most of her characters (aside from being wealthy) and they’re always full of spunk, which makes reading their adventures that much more enjoyable.

  • I have to say that Becky did not disappoint with True to to You! She has once again created characters that are deep and knowable.

  • Becky Wade creates relatable, compelling characters. Nora, the heroine of the story, is brilliantly beautiful or extremely talented. She considers herself intelligent and ordinary. I can relate. John, the hero, is extremely handsome in Nora’s eyes and is a celebrated Navy hero. But in his own eyes John has lots of failures and flaws.

  • “True to You” is an exciting start to what promises to be a very fascinating series. I immediately fell in love with the characters in this story. I loved how Nora’s character wasn’t like most leading women in books today. Her occupation was very unique and intriguing. I have always wanted to learn more about my family’s history, and this book has intensified that desire. (Too bad I can’t hire Nora to help me.)

  • I enjoy books involving librarians and history and this book hit the mark adding in romance and intrigue. It’s modern day setting, great character development, and twist at the end all make this a great read. You won’t be able to resist reading it all in one sitting!

  • I loved this book! Nora was a character that I truly liked – and related to. She is the kind, smart middle sister in her family, unlike her creative and beautiful older and younger sisters. I really liked the family dynamics in this book as well.

  • Have you ever felt like you’re life has stalled? Or that your foundation had been knocked right out from under your feet? Well that’s exactly what the characters in Becky Wade’s latest novel feel like! (And I don’t blame them one bit.) This sweetly flowing novel introduces us to the middle Bradford sister, Nora, and former Navy SEAL John Lawson. With a cast of secondary characters that provide levity to a story that has tendency to be more serious, Becky Wade writes another hit.

  • I liked this book, it had a great message. I mean even though Nora was entranced by John the moment she meets him, their relationship gets to grow. I mean was their relationship a little rushed? Yes, but I mean there is only so much you can fit into one book yeah? I definitely recommend this novel to adults and teens, really anyone who is in a relationship to read this book.

  • I absolutely fell in love with this charming novel! We have sweet and kind Nora, who has given up on romance but still feels the tug at her heart for someone to love her and love them back. She just lacks the confidence in herself! Then she meets the handsome, strong, adventurous John – who is her complete opposite but who attracts her in every way.

    This was a truly lovely novel that had me giggling, praying and hoping for the best. A great weekend read!

  • To her credit, Becky Wade takes two wealthy, extremely accomplished individuals, reveals their flaws, and makes them sympathetic and relatable. And then she makes them smart and straightforward, avoiding cheap tactics such as cliched misunderstandings and instead demonstrating how people with real character behave, in spite of their fears and insecurities.

  • When I began reading I realized that the lovely lady on the cover as the book’s heroine, Nora Bradford, is from a “monied” family who owns a historic village and who loves books, words, times of long ago, genteel living, and multisyllabic word conversations. She is also a lady with a quirky sense of humour ….

  • John’s quest is a tug on the heart, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way this story came together, especially the gradual way the friendship and romance develops. I love the way John and Nora incorporate their strengths and faith into the story and come to fully rely on God to do so.

  • This will be on my top reads of the year. Yes, I am calling that now! I could relate to John’s story in so many ways, I can’t say anymore or I’ll give too much away. In her new book Ms. Wade takes her writing up a notch with a plot twist that you will never see coming and other little surprises that follow right along the way. The entire Bradford family has quirks, and a true family spirit of supporting each other. This book needs to be in your bag for the beach, park, cruise, airplane whatever you may do this summer!

  • Becky Wade drew me in with her writing style it was a unique way to do the story. You are going to have to find out for yourself as I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag. She captured my attention from the start. I liked how the main characters are so different from one another. I don’t recall ever reading a book when they are showing text and Facebook messages going back and forth. It made it a fun read while they are discovering John’s family history.

  • True to You is my favorite Becky Wade story to date! It is! And trust me, my declaration is not unfounded. There are several reasons that uphold my claim.

  • Becky Wade has again created a book that is fun, interesting with loveable characters and with a touch of romance all wrapped into a book that reminds us to trust God above it all!

  • Becky Wade’s True to You is an attractive story of love; not only of the romantic type but of Christ’s selfless love as exemplified by flesh and blood beings following Him.

  • I usually find Becky Wade’s characters to be a little too sweet for my taste, so right away I was Nora’s fan. She was spunky and sarcastic, but in a good way. As she does in her other books, Wade takes the time to really develop a scene for her readers. You start to imagine the setting in your mind. The characters become almost tangible, and you find yourself anticipating what will happen to each one. Since this was the first in the series, much time was invested in creating the world of the Bradford Sisters. To that end, some details were a bit too drawn out for my taste.

  • snidbits says:

    I’m a fan of Becky Wade and was excited to read another of her books! I always enjoy a book with great banter between the two main characters and this book did not disappoint! I like how John described Nora as real but guarded and capable but vulnerable. I feel like that’s something every girl can relate to! And I love Nora’s love for vintage.

  • Becky Wade is one of those authors that knows how to write her female characters with all the quirky bits that we all have. love, and laugh at. You can relate to what she’s thinking and empathize with her a bit based on your own life experiences.

    Loved this story and looking forward to book #2

  • First off, I was drawn to this book by the beautiful whimsical cover. When I first heard about this story and saw the cover reveal, I was not sure if it would be a contemporary or a historical. It is a contemporary, but I love how this cover really captured the character of Nora. She was a girl after my own heart: loved PBS dramas and found herself one too many times lost in a book, hence another world. She used big words, book words I call them that I actually understood the meanings of and I absolutely enjoyed her personality of a sweet, somewhat bubbly go-getter.

  • This Book Is A Real Gem! I’m not usually one to read romance novels, but when I read the description of True to You by Becky Wade, I knew I wanted to read this book. I’m so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone. As an adoptee, conducting my own search to find my birthmother, I was intrigued to read this story about an unlikely pair who team up to research and help a find birthmother.

  • It thought this was a sweet romance. I loved watching Nora and John fall for each other. I will admit that I read this late into the night. I was really drawn to this couple and their story. I felt like their struggle with things in their life was real. I also appreciated that they were shown as struggling with their faith and how to let it help them. I was also eager to find out if John found his birth mother or not.

  • True to You is perhaps my favorite Becky Wade novel to date! And considering how much I love Meant to be Mine, this is saying quite a lot. Wade is not afraid to tackle real life through fiction, with messy, painful situations and characters who love Jesus but remain as flawed as you or me. At the same time, this novel is endearing and fun and oh-so-romantic. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick, light read or a story with more substance, True to You fits the bill!

  • First I have to say how much I love the cover. There is something so innocent about the woman but yet mysterious. It is definitely perfect for this story. I absolutely adore Nora. She has such a cool job as a historian, genealogist and village owner. That is one busy lady with a resume that would impress anyone. I have been doing some genealogy research and I have to say it is one of the most fascinating things I have ever done. Nora craves details and loves to dig deep to get answers. With the help of her sisters they have quite a village going . I was very impressed with the chocolate store. Can you imagine working there everyday?

  • A great story with many twists and turns!

  • The strongest aspect of Becky’s storytelling is her threads of faith woven throughout the story. Those threads are highlighted as they are set against a lifelike situation that is heart-touching for Nora and John. There is a free novella titled, “Then Came You”, which helps set up the framework for this novel. Finding

  • This book is basically a “chick flick” in novel form, which is fun if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s full of back and forth banter, flirting, questions, and growth.

  • More of Him says:

    This is the first book in the Bradford Sisters Romance series, and personally, I can’t wait for the next book! As always, Becky Wade writes a story that pulls me in and keeps me there until the last page.

  • By The Book says:

    Great Scott! What a great book! Seriously, one of the best books I’ve read all year. True to You, the first book in Becky Wade’s new Bradford Sisters Romance series, is a contemporary romance with a lot going for it. This is not your typical fluffy, boy-meets-girl love story, but a deeply moving, thought-provoking novel that will touch your heart as it feeds your reading soul. This one gets the rare very highly recommended designation from me!

  • I loved all the characters and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. True To You was a great start to a great new series. The author gave us an interesting story with interesting people.

  • True to You was an enjoyable story filled with heartache and triumph, as the two main characters discovered about themselves and each other and found a path for their own story. I enjoy the way in which she develops her characters and lets things unfold naturally. There is a nice amount of suspense and uncertainty within the story, an anticipation that pulls the reader in wanting to know how things will unfold.

  • This book starts off in such an interesting way and it hooked me from the first line. Nora is a woman, who works at a museum and helps out her sister. Her and her sister, even though close are very, different, but the two meshed well. They were fun! I always wanted a sister, so when I see the friendship between sisters, like this, I savor it. I connected with Nora in this story and I honestly can’t wait to read more in this series!

  • I absolutely loved “True to You” by Becky Wade. It’s beautifully written and ought to be a movie. Mrs. Wade captures the reader early on in the novel and keeps you wanting more. She deals with some real topics while keeping it classy with romance and grace.

  • This book brings out many emotions like laughing, crying, despair, and hope. I truly enjoyed this book! I cannot wait to read the other 2 books in this series!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Contemporary Fiction, this book and this author. I give this 5+STARS.

  • This was a great weekend read (that took me two weekends and a couple days in between #slowreader). I liked that Becky didn’t write your typical contemporary romance. It was tinged with deeper issues, and a little mystery surrounding John’s heritage.

  • Becky Wade has a way with her words and I loved her descriptions of the scenery, the way her characters stood, their thoughts, their prayers, and always, their faith. This story about a man and woman has been told so many times over, but I absolutely love the part that both characters pushed and pulled God into their hearts.

  • Each part of this story makes me want to read more and more. I am so excited to read more by Becky and I’d be happy to recommend it to any avid reader.

  • WORD Up! says:

    “True to You” by Becky Wade is a beautiful love story between Nora, a librarian/genealogist and John, a former Navy SEAL who is looking for his birth mother. There are plenty of obstacles to these two getting together. Still, this beautiful story engages the reader so sweetly that the book is nearly impossible to put down.

  • Not only is this story one that will touch the heart of readers and inspire them, it will cause them to laugh as well. Readers of Wade’s previous stories will not be disappointed with this new novel. In fact, this may be Wade’s best story yet.

  • Book by Book says:

    True to You is everything a fan of Becky Wade should expect—in the very best of ways. She tells a story that tackles a number of tough personal and spiritual issues and incorporates chemistry-filled, healthy romance between well-developed, relatable characters. I don’t want to say too much more, since this is a book to savor and experience page by page, but I will say that it easily became one of my favorites of the year so far (and I cannot wait to read more of the Bradford sisters!). Just read it—readers of contemporary romance, read True to You. I highly recommend it.

  • I loved how life’s messy issues are realistically portrayed, and that John and Nora’s strong faith is tested in the same way that ours would be. The faith theme is vibrant and a natural part of their lives, never forced. Themes of grace, God’s redeeming of human messes, and total surrender of personal will were moving and thought provoking. A “best of the best” rating from me, very highly recommended.

  • At first i thought i wouldn’t like it when i got started but once i got a few pages in i really started getting into the story. At the same time its not like the previous novels from her i’ve read where i was instantly involved with the whole story.

  • Amazing. True to You was absolutely amazing. The opening scene was memorable and grabbed my attention and the book just continued to get better and better up until the phenomenal ending.

  • I knew from the start that I would enjoy this one. It was a combination of all my favorite things in a story – military hunk, a quirky heroine, and a family cheering them on even though they fight the obvious.

  • Noveltea says:

    Romance isn’t a genre I read very often, and contemporary romance is a genre I read even less. Therefore I probably should have paid better attention instead of being taken in by the beautiful cover. All that to say, if you like this genre, then you’ll probably like this book.

  • There will never be a book to compare to this one. It is beautiful, modern and yet classic. The characters become your dear friends, that you grow with, and cheer for. Becky Wade delivers the must read contemporary christian romance book of the year.

    Nora is AMAZING, yes I needed to shout that out to cyberspace. She is 100% a character that you will instantly love. And her job/passion in life is pretty freaky awesome. Seriously, I want to be Nora. She is so sweet, and charming. She has cultivated a historic village, yes village! I am blown away as a historian by her thoughtfulness towards creating this lovable area. Her want to help others is I think what drew John to her.

  • Wade also doesn’t shy away from topics that often are considered taboo in Christian fiction, but are no less realistic, such as desire, lust and dealing with thoughts you shouldn’t allow. If you enjoy contemporary romance with a twist, you definitely should give True to You a shot.

  • True To You is the first story of the new Bradford Sisters series and by introducing Nora Bradford, the simplest and sweetest of the sisters, Becky has won hearts of all the ‘girl’s next door.’ As a smart, pretty and an excellent businesswoman who is also a workaholic trying to keep her emotions and beauty buried under work and dull clothes, Nora is perfect but she doesn’t know it.

  • I’m going to start by saying that when all was said and done, I LOVED this book…but we got off to a shaky start. I honestly have never experienced the feelings (or maybe lack there of?) that I had for the first chunk of this book. I couldn’t put my finger on my thoughts about the story, it was so weird, I wasn’t loving it, I wasn’t hating it, and I wasn’t meh about it. There was a strange disconnect yet I could barely stand to put it down. About 150 pages in it finally clicked, this book was written in a completely unique yet classic way. It was kind of how I would imagine Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters would write if this was the era they lived in. It had that elegant, almost other-worldly feel but was still very much a contemporary, a perfect marriage of the two styles….

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