Gentle and unassuming, Hope Kauffman has never been one to question the traditions of her Mennonite upbringing. She quietly helps her father run Kingdom Quilts and has agreed to the betrothal he arranged for her with the devout but shy Ebbie Miller.

Despite the attempts of Hope and other Kingdom residents to maintain the status quo, changes have already begun to stir in the small Mennonite town. The handsome and charismatic Jonathon Wiese is the leader of the move to reform, while Ebbie insists Kingdom must remain true to its foundation. When Hope’s safety is threatened by a mysterious outsider, she can’t help but question what she’s always been taught about the Mennonite tradition of nonviolence.

As it swiftly becomes apparent the threat Hope faced is only the beginning, the town that’s always stood so strong finds itself divided. With tensions high and their lives endangered by an unknown enemy, will Hope and the people of Kingdom allow fear and division to break them or will they draw on the strength of the God they serve?

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  • Nancy does a phenomenal job in bringing the Mennonite belief in nonviolence into the modern world, and explaining the reason they believe the way they do. She does this without belittling the faith or those who believe otherwise, as well as showing us the virtue of forgiveness.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    This is the second book in the Road to Kingdom series and I didn’t think I could enjoy it more than the first book. I adored this book. It was even more thrilling and action packed then the first. However to me the best thing was the main character Hope. She is so admirable in her faith even when she isn’t sure what to believe. She is always trying to find the will of God and do what He wants and this is something we can all learn from. The author doesn’t make her perfect, she makes her human. This is what brings me even closer to the characters of this book. they are all flawed but trying there best to do what is right in God’s eyes. If all of us tried harder to live that way the world would be a better place.

  • By The Book says:

    If February finds you yearning for some romance, pick up Nancy Mehl’s latest in the Road to Kingdom series, Unbreakable. Though it is book 2 in the series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. If you like romantic suspense or novels involving an Amish/Mennonite theme you will like Unbreakable.

  • http://allmeanttoshine.blogspot.com says:

    This book was great. I love Amish books and this was my first Mennonite book to read. It sounds silly but it actually was a little bit different. This was also the first book of either kind that had so much drama and suspense in it. I really enjoyed that part. Of course there is romance and a special tenderness to Amish books that I love. I really enjoyed this book and will look forward to other books from Nancy Mehl.

  • One of the things that makes Unbreakable a compelling story is the very real struggles of the characters. More than one character comes to a point of crisis between strongly held beliefs and necessary actions — something most readers have probably dealt with either in reality or in their own imagination. Mystery surrounding the violence in and around Kingdom keeps interest level high. And Hope’s quest to determine which man she should marry weaves a romantic thread throughout the story.

  • I love the setting, plot, and characters in this book. This isn’t a gritty, scary kind of suspense, so readers who don’t normally enjoy that genre’ would most likely enjoy this book and the book it follows. The suspense factor is dialed back a lot from what I normally read, but I still enjoyed the book

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve read a fiction book that I couldn’t put down. Nancy Mehl engages the reader from the very beginning causing you to empathize immediately with it’s main character Hope.

    There were so many twists and turns to this book, it was hard to put down.If you are looking for a romance novel with added suspense, this book is a good pick!

  • I enjoyed this suspenseful, while a bit romantic, story of several members of a Mennonite Comunity. I enjoyed the depth of characters and the struggles they each had to work through. I appreciated the debate about how a community such as a Mennonite one, who pledges a non-violent approach to life, defends itself.

  • Mommy Has to Work says:

    While I love reading Amish stories, this one is more of a mystery than Amish romance. The book is based on a Mennonite town, which does off similarities to the Amish but differences as well. I really enjoyed the characters Nancy Mehl creates. I would recommend this book to any mystery or Amish reader. Or if you just want something different.

  • Unbreakable is very different in its compelling storyline. I enjoyed it much more than the first book and recommend it to anyone who likes a suspense-filled read. Yes, there is still the religious factor but it was a smaller part of this book than in the first. Also, Unbreakable had enough of its own backbone to be a stand alone book. So even if you haven’t read Inescapable, you’d still get the basic story in this one.

  • I felt connected to the people of Kingdom and wanted find out who would want to hurt these gentle people. I also wanted to know why and who was behind the burning of the churches outside of Kingdom. Up until now evil hadn’t come into this peaceful Mennonite town, but would that change? The people in Kingdom were God-fearing, and non-violent. Were they easy targets? How would the residence of Kingdom react, and would they hold tight to their beliefs, even if someone they loved was is danger? I asked myself these questions as I read; and I have to say that Nancy did an amazing job of using her characters to explore these long held Anabaptist beliefs. The story was exciting and very believable.

  • This book Kept be turning pages until I reached the end.

  • There are enough turns in the plot to keep it interesting but simple enough to follow the storyline with ease. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of Bonnet Books!

  • Once again we go back to the quaint little Mennonite town of Kingdom. I fell in love with this little town in the first book in the Kingdom series, Inescapable. In the second book of this series we meet Hope and her father who run a quilt shop in Kingdom. The story opens with Hope being run off the road in her buggy by a truck.

    Ms. Mehl really knows how to weave a mystery that is for sure! Unbreakable starts at a very fast paste and grabs your attention in the first couple of pages! This story will truly keep you guessing and just when you think you have figured out who is responsible for the bad things happening you are surprised by a twist in the story! I was truly kept guessing until the very end! I love a book that grabs you and does not let you go!

  • Laura Hilton says:

    UNBREAKABLE is book two in Ms. Mehl’s Road to Kingdom series. Readers will want to read book one, Inescapable first, so they are up to speed with the story, and have some idea about the small Kansas Mennonite community.

    Rich in detail, this book will grab your attention immediately with the threat to danger, knowing that something will happen to make Hope question her faith, her safety, and her very future. You won’t be disappointed.

  • I loved the character of Hope in the first book and was glad to see her back as the main character of Unbreakable. I was also glad to read more about Lizzie from the first book.

    If you like stories of suspense entwined with love than you are going to want to read Unbreakable.

  • I give Unbreakable 5 out of 5 stars! The suspense was gratifying and constantly leaving me “over the edge.” It kept me guessing and at times holding my breath. This is a story that will keep you turning pages until the end and leave you wanting for more! Characters with heart, soul, and relatable flaws allow the reader to connect. And who couldn’t love the little town of Kingdom or the poor dog who immediately grabs your heart?

  • Moments says:

    Nancy Mehl is one of my new favortie authors! Her book, “Unbreakable,” is the second in her Road to Kingdom series and I am hoping that the third will be out soon! You will want to be sure to read book 1, “Inescapable,” as the characters are the same in both books and it is another excellent book!

  • The story line drew my attention, especially with all the gun control issues being talked about today in the U.S. While the story does not talk about gun control by name, it does bring up trusting God with everything, including your safety when your life is threatened, and not relying on violence to solve the problem. I like how the author shows both sides of the coins.

  • Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl is the second book in her Road to Kingdom series, which allows us (the reader) to peek into the lives of the small Mennonite town of Kingdom Kansas. I had the pleasure of reading and review the first book in the series Inescapable, and can say that this second book in the series didn’t disappoint. It’s full of interesting people, of great faith, learning to love and live as God would have them do it.

  • Minding Spot says:

    With a great Mennonite foundation, the book is clean on romance and dark suspense, but held this reader’s attention from cover to cover with the super character development, solid plot and intricate attention to relevant details.

  • This was a very suspenseful book. I really enjoyed it. Nancy Mehl is a very good author and does a very good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat.

  • The author makes a great dilemma that makes you examine a heartfelt issue that makes you see both sided of the issue. It was interesting seeing what they would do and would they compromise their beliefs. Well done Nancy with handling both sides of the issue.
    I had a hard time putting this book down. I’m looking forward to the book in the series.

  • I read the first book in the series, Inescapable, and loved it so much that I passed it on to my Mom. She loved it too! I was excited to get to reading Unbreakable right away! I enjoyed this book as much as the first! While Inescapable focused mainly on Lizzie Engle, Unbreakable’s main character is Hope Kaufmann, who is a very lovable character. The small town of Kingdom and it’s people’s sense of family and unity are so enjoyable to read about, as well as the Mennonite religion and traditions. The amount of romance and mystery in Inescapable was a perfect balance. Now its time to pass on Unbreakable to Mom!

  • This story was very interesting, I loved the mystery aspect of the story. I did love reconnecting with the familar characters from Nancy’s previous book. There were some parts that confused me, but reading through the book it all connected. I enjoyed this book, it was a very good suspenseful story. 328 pages US $14.99 3.5 stars

    This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

  • The character development is so in-depth, it really feels like you’re right there at Lizzie’s restaurant with all the folks. Mennonite characters make it a wholesome love story. Mehl makes it not only mysterious but edge of your seat suspenseful.

  • I made sure to read Book #1 of this series, Inescapable, so that I would have the full background and effect while reading this book. I’m so glad I did, because there was so much that I understood that I might not have if I hadn’t read the first book. I recommend that you do.

    This book was FULL of suspense. Nancy Mehl has a serious talent for grabbing your attention and drawing you in. I honestly did not have the mystery figured out. I enjoyed that so much. I really don’t like when the mysteries are so obvious that I have them solved by half-way through the book.

    Excellent read!

    You can read my full review here:

  • Unbreakable, the 2nd book in the Road to Kingdom series is every bit as good as the first, if not better. A very enjoyable, standalone read.

    A bit of romance, a bit of suspense and a fast paced read make for a great way to break the winter doldrums!

    Loved the characters, the setting and the plot!

  • I really enjoyed this book as much as I did the first book in the series, Inescapable! It was so refreshing to get a really interesting and exciting storyline for a Mennonite based book. The book shows real conflicts, real threats and real feelings and it was really well written!

    I loved Hope as the main character this time, since we briefly met her in the last book. She faces real world problems with love, business, and danger. I loved her personality and getting to know her!

    So if you love the Amish/Mennonite genre, you will definitely love this unique book!

  • Nancy Mehl was one of my favorite new-to-me authors of 2012, so I was very excited to be a part of a blog tour, promoting her most recent release. Book two of the Road To Kingdom series, Unbreakable, did not disappoint in the least. Bringing together Amish/Mennonite fiction with mystery/suspense was done in a well organized manner with delightful characters and interwoven with the theme of “turning the other cheek” and what that exactly means.

  • Unbreakable is the second book in Nancy Mehl’s Road to Kingdom Series. I reviewed book one Inescapable last year. I enjoyed reading Unbreakable as much as I did Inescapable. The characters from inescapable are in Unbreakable, along with a few new ones. If you didn’t read book one, you can still enjoy book two. I do recommend them both, though.
    The author does a good job of drawing you into the characters, so that you care about what happens to them. Unbreakable is a great read and has something for everyone – suspense, drama, family, romance, forgiveness, and discovering God’s will for your life.

  • I enjoyed how Nancy brought out subjects in the book that affect all of us, not just a certain denomination. Our trust in God and his protection is something we all must consider and reflect on. Whether we wear a headcovering or not, we desire a spouse who is fully committed to us for a lifetime. Our humanness can get in the way as we seek to do what God has called us to do.

  • Mary Shipman says:

    How do the Mennonites choose to protect themselves, will they depend on God’s promises, or take matters into their own hands?
    This is a good read, with a touch of romance, plenty of mysterious happeings and a surprising ending.
    Nancy Mehl’s characters ring true, the story keeps you on edge all the way.

  • This second installment in the Road to Kingdom series introduces readers to the Mennonite’s strict belief in nonviolence and respectfully offers examples of differing points of view. At the same time, there’s quite an exciting mystery going on and romance to boot!

  • I would recommend this magnificent book to people who love the western style, ole timey feeling adventures. I have read the first book in the series and Nancy Mehl did an even better job on describing and adding more action to the storyline. I immensely loved the plot of Hope being torn between marrying Ebbie or pursuing a relationship with Jonathon. An even interesting scheme was the violent that was coming from outsiders to the small town. Most of the younger people wanted to stand up and to protect their people from harm. The older religious demanded that God doesn’t like violent and we’re supposed to let Him protect us from evil. The conflict between the different generational views will keep readers engaged to the last page. The book is a thriller mixed with religion themes and even though it is a continuation it can still read alone. If you’re looking for a suspenseful novel then this one is for you!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading Unbreakable, the second book in the Road to Kingdom series. It has opened my eyes to the reality and struggles that the members of the Mennonite and Amish communities face on a daily basis. It has also made me realize that though their way of life is drastically different from my own, we still share the same struggles and frustrations, as well as doubts. The good news is that our faith in God helps us to conquer the challenges that we face, and sometimes helps others to see that there is a proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” if we just practice our faith and show what we believe.

  • I enjoyed this story, and how it left you on the edge of your seat ready to turn to the next page time and again. I think it is a great story with a few twists to keep you wondering what is coming up next.

  • I usually don’t like novels of the Amish/Mennonite genre but this is the second I’ve read of Mehl’s and enjoyed it as much as the first in this series. The novel gave me much to think about. When do you trust God and when do you just get to work yourself? What does it really mean to “turn the other cheek”? If my household was threatened, what would I do, how would I react?
    A reading group guide is included and I think this would be a great choice for lively group discussion.

  • I loved the characters in Unbreakable, especially Hope. Her struggle with God’s plan and purpose for her life is one we can all identify with. Hope’s courage in the face of extreme danger is inspiring as she learns to trust God with her life.

  • Unbreakable took my breath away. When I first started to read it, I thought that it would be purely a romance read. That was the reason why I chose to review this book. I hadn’t expected the mystery element in the story. The mystery was so good, that I didn’t guess the identity of the perpetrator until it was revealed towards the end of the story.

  • Crazed Mind says:

    Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl delivered me to the town of Kingdom and let me get to know the many people who have kept this place one of calm and serenity. Now it has become a place of fear and anxiety spreading all over. Never have they been threatened before and with their strong beliefs of non-violence they are becoming divided on how to keep Kingdom and it’s residents safe. I hope that Nancy plans on bringing us back here so we can see the next step of rebuilding and forgiveness bring life to a new height of love.

  • This is such an amazing novel because it shows how truly devoted some people are to their faith, despite the fact that the world around them is changing and they can’t remain locked away forever without having the world intrude upon them. It takes you behind the scenes through the eyes of Hope Kauffman and teaches us that sometimes it’s alright to question the things you have been taught instead of simply accepting them at face value. It makes them easier to hold onto and shows that often times compromise can be achieved without losing your foundations in the process. I proudly give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to the third book in this series coming soon. There is also a discussion guide included at the end that works perfectly for book clubs to enjoy this one as well.

  • Kerrific says:

    I thoroughly loved this book! It was a wonderful read with a bit of romance, hint of danger, dash of suspense, and a whole lot of Hope. If you enjoy an uplifting book about a girl who will steal your heart than this one is for you!

  • Unlike, Inescapable, this book was a bit more predictable, but still enjoyable and difficult to put down. I was equally intrigued by the criminal aspects as I was by the romantic knot that Hope found herself tied up in. I felt as torn as Hope was in choosing between these two men, as they both offered her something different for her life. I also found the discussion surrounding the Mennonite belief of living a passive, peaceful life, free of violence, very interesting.

    I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Mennonite/Amish fiction and/or mystery books.

  • Combining mystery with a touch of romance against the Old Order Mennonite tenet of non violence, ‘Unbreakable’ begins with the news churches nearby the town of Kingdom are being targeted by arson.

  • Nancy Mehl has become one of my favorite authors. I read her book, “Inescapable” and loved it and I feel the same way about this amazing book! She has a way of weaving a story from page one that draws you in and makes you want to know the characters more and what is going to happen to them next.

    This is book two in the “Road To Kingdom” series and it brings us back to revisit some of our favorite characters from the first book, “Inescapable”. Don’t fret if you didn’t read the first book in the series, though. You will not be lost at all – however – you may want to run out and pick up the first book when you’re done with this one just because the book is so good!

  • This is the second bookin the Road to Kingdom series, but it is a good stand alone read. I’m not only looking forward to the next one, but also will be reading the first. Thank you, Nancy Mehl.


    By the time I reached the second half of the book, I could hardly put it down. The conflict between the traditional beliefs of the Mennonite church (forgiveness and non-violence) vs. the more popular attitude of vengeance and justice is a compelling story. While this is a fictional novel, the Mennonite and Amish groups face these same problems in the world today. At the same time, Hope’s dilemma of having to choose between two men, both of whom seem to love her, is interesting. Right up to the end, I could not decide which man she would choose. The characters are all interesting, with Ebbie being one of the more sympathetic, and Jonathan being mysterious.

  • This book draws you in immediately with both the storyline and the characters. Combined with a charming setting and lovable characters, is excitement and suspense. I found the writing a bit repetitive at times; however, it did not detract from the plot. For fans of Amish fiction who are looking for a bit more action, these are the books for you!

  • The cover of this book is very intriguing. I have to say that was what first drew me to read this book. At first I thought it would be a scary suspense book, but I was glad to realize that it was indeed suspenseful but not scary. Once I got into the first couple of chapters, I understood the cover and it helped to add some imagery to the story.

    The story itself is unlike one I’ve read before. I was gripped during the first chapter and couldn’t put this book down. I really like Amish/Mennonite stories, so the fact that it was based on a Mennonite community also made me want to read this book.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    have been a fan of Ms. Mehl’s for quite some time. I always find myself drawn completely into the stories she tells, and with “Unbreakable” I found myself drawn into the town of Kingdom, needing to know how things would play out. I found myself torn over what I might do. I really enjoyed Hope’s story and how she ultimately chose who she would be with. She was such a likable character, true to her faith. “Unbreakable” provides romance, suspense, mystery along with a small town feel where the town and it’s residents become a part of the story. While this is the second book in the “Road To Kingdom” series, I feel like the author provides enough background information to make it a stand alone read, although if you enjoy a good suspense filled read, with a nice spiritual message woven in then your going to want to read the entire series.

  • Being from a Mennonite background myself, I enjoyed reading the debate about pacifism vs using violence as a last resort in order to protect the ones you love. The Mennonite faith definitely teaches pacifism, and this is one area I differ slightly from their teachings. Though I definitely think violence should be used as a last resort, I would use it in order to defend the lives of my loved ones, and I do not think it would be unbiblical to do so, nor do I think that it is showing a lack of faith in God. I do, however, have complete respect for those who have the opposing viewpoint. And that is one thing I really appreciated about this book – it allowed for both sides of the “argument” to be heard, and promoted respect to be shown from both sides to those that had the opposing viewpoint.

  • This isn’t just a light-hearted “Plain” romance, there’s a mysterious rash of disturbing hate crimes that take place in Unbreakable that make this book a serious nail-biter up there with the likes of books written by Irene Hannon or Diann Mills.

  • Nancy Mehl is a talented author who certainly knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat while reading her book. “UnBreakable” is the second in her Road to Kingdom series, following “Inescapable”, however you could read it as a stand alone.

    I was immediately caught up in the drama and mystery on the very first page of the book. When a story begins with someone being warned to be careful because someone is threatening to destroy houses of worship as well as the Christians who live in her town, you know it will be an intense situation.

    The characters were very real to me, as they had been in Book 1. Hope, a favorite of mine, became a very good friend for whom I was concerned. I wanted to give her advice and help her solve her problems. I could feel her every fear and worry. The conflict that Hope experienced in her relationship issues, tore me apart, not knowing what she would choose to do. I felt her pain. The other main characters were just as well developed throughout the story. Nancy has very ordinary, realistic characters, so that you can easily identify with them in times of problems as well as in times of joy. To me, a good book has characters that I can FEEL and understand. Nancy is very successful in the development of them throughout the book.

  • Being able to get a close look at an old order Mennonite town was one of my favorite parts of the book. My mother was raised Mennonite and I am fascinated with Mennonite culture and stories. I remember attending church with my grandparents with the entire service being in German. There are many descriptions of wonderful food being served at the town restaurant that brought back memories of dishes my grandmother and mother cooked. The town of Kingdom has been isolated and has maintained its commitment to “the old ways” and it truly is a fascinating look into the past.

  • I really enjoyed this book, the writing style was very good. I really feel that if you like good mysteries, this one would make good reading for you.

  • I really like the writing style of Nancy Mehl. Her stories are unique and interesting, and different than most Mennonite stories I have read. Both Inescapable and Unbreakable shows some of the difficulties that Mennonite families go through when their children do things parents do not agree with. It is difficult for me to realize the harshness of the treatment from the parents. But Nancy doesn’t just show the difficulties, she shows love, grace and forgiveness when families come together and trust the Lord.

  • Home of OHM says:

    …so I just had to get my hands on ‘Unbreakable’! I’ve gotta say that I’m really enjoying the romantic suspense theme! Now this wasn’t one of those gobbled-it-up-in-one-sitting books, but it was definitely still enjoyed thoroughly! I loved all the twists and turns and ‘whodunnit’ in this book..I was totally off till the very end! I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Nancee says:

    Dual plots in this suspense-filled and romantic story are fast paced yet beautifully detailed. The realities of resistance and nonresistance are well defined and choosing sides in this story is not an option. Both sides of both plots are humanistic and relative. The spiritual quality throughout this story is strong and well utilized. Nancy Mehl has a beautifully descriptive and picturesque nature with words, enhancing the locale and human qualities of her characters. This is a wonderful sequel to “Inescapable,” but the book is also a stand-alone. This book has its own merits.

  • The bizarre set of circumstances in this book don’t only provoke the townies to reaffirm their beliefs, but it will cause you to question your own, as well. What would you do when faced with unspeakable danger – not only for you, but to a loved one? I loved the way that Mehl presents this scenario. She writes in such a way that you can understand each character’s point of view even though they all vary by huge amounts – and yet she never states her own position. This open-endedness was the perfect resolution for this story – but you’ll have to read it yourself to find out how she gets there.

  • Unbreakable had a well-paced plot with plenty of action, drama, and suspense. The romantic aspect was a bit different than most novels in that the heroine was undecided about the two men in her life for a large part of the story. I enjoyed reading about a Mennonite community in the process of change and felt that the situation Kingdom found itself in was an excellent vehicle for working out some of their differences of opinion, especially about their position on nonviolence. I also liked how the author had Hope decide which of the men really loved her. Was it the one who said he would do anything for her or the one willing to sacrifice everything for her? I’ll leave you with that little teaser. You’ll have to read Unbreakable for yourself to learn which man was which and how everything turned out for Hope and her beloved town of Kingdom.

  • Just like the first book in this series I loved this book. Once I started reading it I finished is super quick and was once again sad that it ended.

  • Nancy Mehl has well developed characters who are completely believable. The story line is intriguing enough that you don’t lose interest as you read. The insight into the gentle, non-violent Mennonites is interesting and challenging as you, as an individual that is not Mennonite, examines your own closely held beliefs into how you would protect those you love and just how you would react.

  • You will have to read right to the end for answers. Even when I was sure I knew who was to blame, I was wrong. Also who will Hope end up with? Jonathon, who gives her her first kiss….or Ebbie who will step aside for Hopes happiness. Oh my, both these guys sound wonderful. Prayer…. for the Community and for the right choices.

  • Nancy Mehl has outdone herself this time. This book contains a little of everything. A sure fire hit!

  • This is a story that will keep you turning pages until the end. I had to keep reading to find out who was terrorizing Christians and why. It was neat to see how the various characters reacted to certain situations and to see their faith at work. I don’t know if there is another book planned in this series, but I sure hope so!

  • The town of Kingdom, Kansas and the people who live there become real and are brought to life by a gifted storyteller. I liked ”Unbreakable” and look forward to the next book in the series

  • This is a good book to read as it is about several things and not just another love story. Those are okay, but I like a little drama too so it was nice for once to see a little bit of both.

  • This is an excellent installment in the Road to Kingdom series. Loved the characters and the research that goes into the book. I felt like I was among the mennonite community and I also felt like I learned more about them.

  • Cara Putman says:

    Unbreakable is the second book in Nancy Mehl’s Road to Kingdom series. When you crack open the cover, you’ll be transported to the small Mennonite community of Kingdom, a town that wants to live apart and in peace. Yet from the opening pages, Hope and the town are in the sights of an unknown attack. The story spins out with conflict on many levels. Enjoyable read for those who like books with the plain life complicated by the collision of both worlds.

  • Hope’s character was nice enough. She is very sweet and soft-spoken though she does have opinions. At times, the reader will wish she stuck up for herself and spoke her mind a little more. Hope’s character is in flux, it is fun to see her grow and adjust as the novel continues. Ebbie’s character was kind and a little like one may expect from a Mennonite town boy. Jonathan was meant to be exciting and fresh and did come off that way. Both men have their ups and downs, but the reader will likely have just as hard a time at choosing one man over the other as poor Hope will. Overall, the tone of the novel was simple and straight-to-the-point, the reader will enjoy getting to know the characters, and the plot was nicely paced. This book is recommended to adult readers.

  • The avid Reader says:

    It was a different genre for me to read because I do not read these kind of books often so this was a refreshing surprise because I thought it was good. The characters were great and the plot well developed. I would reccommend this book because its an enjoyable read for everyone.

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