The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Abingdon, October 2016)

Celebrate 31 days of a Christ-filled Christmas season.

For Christians worldwide, the month of December is filled with joy and wonder as we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth. There is no other time of the year that can compare to the Christmas season for both the young and young at heart.

From December to New Year’s Eve, reawaken the wonder, joy, and magic that is Christmas with daily scripture and inspirational readings of stories behind popular Christmas traditions, carols and movies. Enjoy a wealth of fun activities to help make the most of the season, including heartwarming holiday recipes and homemade gift ideas.

With this soon-to-be-cherished holiday devotional, best-selling author Ace Collins will capture your imagination and help to make each day of December more memorable and meaningful to you, and those you love, by shining a light on the real spirit of the season.

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  • I am so giddy about this little devotional. It will be placed out along with my Christmas decor for all to enjoy. This is sure to be a treasure I intend to keep and bring out each new December. I absolutely love this little book. It is stacked full of treasures.

  • I really enjoyed reminiscing with the author. Great look back at the different ideas and treasures of past Christmases and so much more.

  • A wonderful Christmas Book to include in your home. A beautiful well done book that has devotionals and recipies. It so good to have a book like this for the holiday season. Thanks for a wonderful book.

  • WORD Up! says:

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Ace Collins is so much more than a Christmas devotional book! This amazing read will have you reminiscing during your quiet time about holidays past with its 31-derful devotional offerings. Each day there’s something new to discover or something old to rediscover.

  • It is getting to be that time of year again. I absolutely love to read from now to Christmas time, there are so many heartwarming wonderful stories. This is a book that has it all. Recipes, holiday traditions, beliefs and history lessons. There are daily readings to share or read alone. There are many new ideas.

  • Each year at Christmas, I try to find an activity, devotion, etc to help draw us more into the Christmas season. This book is a great addition to our Christmas activities for this year. It has 31 days of readings to carry you through the whole month of December. There are a few components to each day. First, scripture, I love that part! Then, a devotional related to that scripture. I have found them easy to read and follow but full of good truth. Next is a blurb about a Christmas song along with the lyrics to that song. I have enjoyed reading about those songs and reading the lyrics for each day. The last portion of the daily reading is a provided activity. It may be something you can make for those you love such as a craft, food item, etc. I think this book is great for a family.

  • I enjoyed reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year because it shared some of the history of my favorite Christmas carols and traditions and every reading includes a craft or recipe you can do together as a family. You could share the joy of Christmas with others by baking and handmade crafts together.

  • At a time of year when we are bombarded with activities and To Do Lists that fill our time to overflowing, Ace Collins provides a way to pause and focus on the reason we celebrate. Learning the stories behind the carols and traditions of Christmas enhances their meaning, and simple recipes and gift ideas provide alternatives to extravagant gifts that will soon be tucked in a closet. Each inspirational daily devotion takes just a few minutes to read and is a great way to center one’s thoughts on the purpose of Christmas.

  • I love the way that Collins explains the story behind so many of our favorite traditions.  By bringing to the forefront the reason why we sing certain songs, decorate with red and green, and so much more, it refreshes the spirit and makes the seasonal work lighter.  Honestly, over the past few years I’ve come to dread certain aspects of my former-favorite traditions, only because they create so much work in such a short period of time; but knowing the reason behind so many of them makes me look forward to them again.  Many things I’ve heard before, of course, but somehow Collins puts a unique spin on them that makes the ideas seem fresh and new. 

  • Oh, yes, this is definitely going to be a cherished Christmas devotional. It includes songs, the stories behind the songs, actual devotions, scripture, stories of Christmas traditions, stories behind popular (classic) Christmas movies, crafts, recipes and a host of other fun activities.

  • Raventhreads says:

    I have to say that I love this book! I read through it for this review, but I will totally be working through it day-by-day this December, and I will be listening to music and making at least some of the homemade gifts and cookies that I’ve been given instructions for. This is a beautiful little treasury to turn to year after year, and I can see using this book as a reference or a devotional will be something that will grow to be a family tradition in our house

  • What a delightful little book by beloved author Ace Collins! The Holidays are often a crazy busy time with lots of activity that while good sometimes distracts our minds and hearts from focusing on what the real meaning of it all really is. I’m thankful that Collins offers a way for us to keep our hearts engaged in the blessings of this time of the year through Scripture, insights into some of our favorite Christmas songs and focus on how we can bless others.

  • I loved this new 31 day devotional that’s just right for the Christmas season! I loved reading the inspirational stories behind popular Christmas traditions, carols, and movies. I love all things Christmas! 🙂 There is also holiday recipes and homemade gift ideas. For such a small book, there is a lot to take from this devotional.

  • If you are looking for a great Advent study guide for older kids and teens, this would be a great resource, as the recipes and crafts are ones they could handle themselves, and there is a lot of info packed into this small book, that could help tie in lessons from previous Advent seasons (and sermons), allowing them a more adult look at the season. Adults will also love how quickly it can be read each day, and used as a daily reminder for the season. We highly recommend it!

  • Pray Species says:

    Unlike many other devotionals, this book has several extras that make it a unique and fun way to focus on the holiday. There is a ton of fascinating historical information about the holiday, especially the origin of several Christmas carols.

  • This will now be part of my preparations of Christmas and in sharing all this historical facts with my family and friends through the month of December, all packed into a 30 day devotional or advent celebration. It gives you time to slow down some of the busyness of the Christmas season and reflect on what it really means to celebrate this time of the year but also the why’s behind it all.

  • This is a wonderful devotional. Simple, creative and delightful. How it all ties in is just splendid! Granted, I only followed a week’s worth for the purpose of this review, but if the rest is any like the first week, I’d say this is a keeper!

  • Such a great little book, filled with daily scriptures and activities for Advent. I think this is perfect for Tweens who may have never had a role in Advent before. Check this book out!

  • Christmas can be a hectic time. I try to keep up with everything I want to do, but in reality I long for time to sit and reflect on the reason I celebrate Christmas. Ace Collins has created a lovely devotional book for the month of December. I like that each read for the day includes a devotion, a song and a little bit of fun.

  • Each day has a short, uplifting message that reflects on scripture. Other suggestions are also given for each day that may include crafts, recipes, the history behind beloved hymns, and ideas for serving others. This devotional made me realize how much I focus on the gifting part of Christmas, even though I try to limit it. Instead, I could make the whole month of December a time of intentional goodness. I enjoyed reading the history behind favorite traditions and little-known customs, too. This countdown to Christmas is a treasure.

  • The readings are fairly short and quick to read, a nice thought to start or finish the day without requiring a lot of time to be added to an already busy time. Some entries offer suggestions to help make your holiday season more enjoyable or meaningful, while others are generally uplifting for any time of year. The daily selections could easily be enjoyed alone or shared during family time.

  • It is inspiring and practical, and each reading short, making it easy to fit into your day. I believe this book will become part of my holiday tradition from now on.

  • Traditionally, I do not feature any Christmas books on the blog until after Thanksgiving, but this book would make an excellent early Christmas gift so I am making an exception. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year features a daily scripture and devotional reading as well as stories behind popular Christmas songs, movies, and traditions. It also provides lots of activities and recipes to enhance your holiday season. This is a terrific little book that will help you get your heart and mind ready for the Christmas.

  • I like the way Ace wove the daily readings together, the book really helps you focus on Christmas and the special time that it is. Recommended!

  • Mr. Collins’ book will make a great Christmas gift to a friend or family member. It has songs, devotions, scriptures, Christmas traditions, crafts, recipes and more activities to last you year after year. As a Christian family, we have a special appreciation for Christian faith-based stories — and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year doesn’t disappoint.
    ry Christmas!

  • I could describe this book in one word. Delightful. It’s mere 184 pages is packed with devotionals, activities and gift ideas that will make your Christmas new and special this year. You might possibly even begin some new traditions.

  • I can’t wait to try some of these recipes,and activities with my kids this holidays season. I also can’t wait to share the interesting stories and facts found in this “countdown to Christmas” book.

  • What a beautiful book this is. As the holidays get closer , I am always looking for something to read to lessen the stress of the holiday rush. When I started going through this treasure, I immediately knew this would be something I would return to every year.

  • The daily readings will inspire you and help you prepare for the season and enjoy every day leading up to Christmas and the new year. You will find unique gift ideas in the “Pampering the Ones You Love” and “Feeding the Ones You Love” activities. This devotional will be a much looked forward to traditional read for the Christmas season and one you will want to share with others.

  • The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Ace Collins. This book is full of wonderful scriptures.

  • I have not run across many Christmas devotionals, but this is the best one I have read to date. The devotionals in it are well done, interesting, and the songs, recipes, and the pampering parts all add a unique and interesting touch.

  • Baker Kella says:

    I’m really excited to re-read this devotional come December! I think it will be a great way to refocus on the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoy the holiday season with some homemade goodies. 🙂

  • This a cute (under 200 pages) devotional that is also a Christmas advent to read around Christmastime. The author has done an excellent job creating a simple, but beautiful little book.

  • This is a great book to use to help us focus in on why we’re celebrating Christmas in the first place. Ace weaves history, music, literature, cooking, and gift ideas all up in one– I learned something new each day!

  • By The Book says:

    I loved Ace Collins’ latest book, The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. Billed as a devotional, I think it is so much more. Filled with heart-warming stories, thought-provoking devotions, interesting facts, and great recipes to fill the stomach and sooth the body, this book is a wonderful way to plunge you right into the Christmas spirit!

  • It really is the most wonderful time of the year and this beautiful countdown reminds of all the reason why. Divided into 31 days, each day offers a Biblical verse followed up with stories that range from historical to personal to relevant in the here and now. The daily countdown includes a Christmas song complete with lyrics and brief history of the composer, artist, and background along with a lovely recipe to either Feed the One You Love or Pamper the One You Love. You’ll discover the poetic beauty behind songs that are tradition and fun treats to spread the joy of Christmas spirit through yummy cookies or fragrant salt scrubs.

  • This is such a delightful book! It’s a devotional that starts on December 1st and keeps you focused on the true meaning of Christmas!
    I love this book and intend to read it again for December as my devotional. I love how it keeps me focused on Jesus and the real reason for Christmas. I highly recommend this book!

  • The writing is inspiring, and perfect for the Christmas season – a time of love and warmth. I highly recommend this beautifully written devotional book.

  • I really enjoyed reading this Christmas themed daily devotional. Centered around Biblical focus of Christ, this book shares not only the history of many of our favorite Christmas Hymns, but also the true reasons for the season and giving. The addition of DYI gift ideas and recipes really sets this advent count down apart from many others out there. I really enjoyed the book. It was written well and had a nice easy flow to the daily pages. I look forward to adding some of the recipes and gift ideas in tour holiday traditions.

  • MysteriesEtc says:

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: A Countdown to Christmas takes the reader through the month of December. There are devotions, recipes and tips. Each day begins with a bible reading. This is the perfect book for lovers of Christmas. I am looking forward to December 1st!

    This is a great gift for someone or a gift to yourself. Highly recommend.

  • Where to start on this amazing little book! I know this will sound odd, but I LOVE the binding on this book, it is kind of soft to the touch. The size of this book is little bigger than hand size so you can take it with you in your purse if you like. There are a total of 184 pages full of Recipes , scriptures, devotions,poems, and decor on the pages that are just right . My daughters and I LOVE doing ADVENT and devotions together and they are 10 and 8. If I had to choose what I liked the most about this book I would choose two areas, the devotions and the recipes, but I LOVED everything about this book.

  • I found this Advent devotional to be a fun read. I like the way he brought all the various aspects together to focus on our true reason to celebrate our Lord and Savior. It’s a book I recommend for the holiday season.

  • This book is a 31-day devotional, spanning the month of December. Each day contains a devotional, a Christmas carol or hymn and the story behind it, and a recipe for a Christmas treat or homemade gift. I especially enjoyed learning the history of different carols; it’s amazing how many songs we sing without actually understanding their meaning! (Look up “Good King Wenceslas” sometime. So fascinating!)

  • This book is a great reminder of what this time of year and this holiday is all about. It is inspirational, historical, and has songs and traditions as well as help on focusing on the joys of this time of year. The recipes, the stories behind the songs, the crafts…it all helps bring you back to the joy and thankfulness behind this time of year.

  • Don’t look at Collins’ book as one more thing to get done; instead see it as a well deserved break. Read it while having a cup of tea or cocoa. Share the message by reading it out loud with an older child, or savor the quiet time alone. I guarantee Collin’s thoughts and observations will help you see this Christmas season in the right light, and that might just make the next few weeks go more smoothly.

  • This is such a fun book to have on hand during the holiday season! I love the variety of stories that give the reader a glimpse of the history behind songs and traditions that go with the Christmas season. I love that there are recipes for sweets and ideas for presents to pamper those you love. This is a great book to get and use as a devotional for the month of December.

  • Not only is that a wonderful song lyric, it truly is the truth isn’t it? It IS the most wonderful time a year. It’s a season of giving, a season of warmth, a season of family.

    But most importantly, it’s the season that we celebrate Christ’s birth. Though I always try to keep Christ at the center of our family, this is even more true during Christmastime. With everything else going on, it can be easy for that true spirit of the season to get a little lost. I am always on the lookout for great books for both myself and my children to help us keep that in mind. And this year, I have found a GREAT one that I am beyond excited to share with you- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year-

  • . . .if you are finding yourself stuck in the same old routine of Christmas and losing sight of what it is all about then maybe you would want to check this out. The devotional takes you through the entire month of December. If you are looking for new traditions in your family and to change your focus this season, then check out Ace Collins’ new book The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  • This is a super little book chock full of scripture, reflection, recipes, and crafts. I plan to share mine with my family.Thank you for my review copy!

  • THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR was a book full of inspirational messages for the Christmas season, festive songs, and treats and gift ideas for others for each of the 31 days in December. It is Christian, non-denominational-based, making it universally relevant to most Christians. It is also simply formatted, with messages that share important thoughts in a few short paragraphs. Overall, a good book to inspire and remind the reader of the importance of the season.

  • I really enjoyed the book – it was a great reminder of what this season is about. So often we get swept up into the busyness and it is just a great reminder to slow down and savor the season. I enjoyed the song lyrics and also the recipes. This is a great gift book!

  • Zac Weikal says:

    I really enjoyed the daily readings I read through. I felt the joy and peace of Christmas come over me. I felt transported through all of the great things about the Christmas season.

  • Comparing this book to some devotionals I have read this is my favorite one. The information is accurate and well developed. I recommend this book to all Christians or anyone looking for a devotional to read during the Christmas season.

  • This year, though, I am actually anticipating reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with my children through the month of December, and trying out some of the suggestions with them. Be sure to check it out.

  • I adore this book! I love Christmas and I love a good advent book! This book exceeded my expectations, surprising me with its content.

  • What makes this book special when compared to other devotions? It’s because, while this warm and cozy collection entertains, it also offers quiet, reflective moments in the midst of an often-frustrating busy season – and we’re subtly challenged to shift our focus to others, being sensitive and responsive to the needs of those around us. In the first day’s reading, everything is put into perspective as we’re asked to visualize the unthinkable, a world in which Christ had not been born…This is an excellent devotional collection that can be used personally and would also be a most meaningful gift. Highly recommended.

  • Fruitbearers says:

    Starting with Scripture, each devotional is short and concise, yet insightful. I love Christmas songs so I really appreciate the lyrics and the stories behind the songs. I look forward to trying out several recipes. They sound so yummy, especially Sugar Cookie Truffles, Eggnog Snickerdoodles, and Pecan Snowball Cookies. This is a book that I’ll keep coming back to year after year.

  • If you are looking for an advent calendar type book filled with beautiful Christmas sayings and Jesus filled stories, then you don’t have to go far. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Ace Collins is a cute little book that will have you filled with holiday cheer from the very first page.

  • Book Reviews says:

    Each day has a devotional reading, a carol, and something you can do for others. What impressed me the most about this book was all the ideas for gifts for others. I love that each day you were made to focus outside yourself and give to others. Often we look to ourselves and what we want so much. This can be a great tool to help families do something nice each day for other people.

  • A Rup Life says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Honestly the hymn studies are just amazing. I’ve learned so much. With recipes, hymn studies and devotions this is a great all-in-one that is perfect for the holiday season. I actually want to give this as a gift for my mom because I think she will enjoy this – it is truly a unique devotional.

  • What a perfect book to get one into the spirit of Christmas! This book book helps one prepare for Christmas and New Years by being properly focused on what is important and what really matters. Such a short, easy read that it is nothing to fit it into ones day and yet it is sure to brighten it. Filled with thought provoking words this book is such a charming book that is sure to become a yearly tradition. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of The Year is the perfect book to help you remember! Filled with a wonderful devotion for every day of December, a Hymn and a story about it’s history, and a recipe for a homemade treat or gift!
    I loved the recipes and I cannot wait to continue the devotions! I’m diving into the Holidays with an amazing devotional, new recipes and gift ideas, and a better understanding of the hymns I’m singing.

  • I can’t wait to get trying the recipes. This book is a very festive and practical book to keep within arms reach at all times. You’ll probably grab for the book all through out the year not just during the Christmas season.

  • Well this devotional book is not like others. It has a lovely twist to it that I really like. Yes, there are interesting perspectives on God’s Word and thoughts to encourage me to think in the right direction (especially about Christmas), but it also has so much more!

  • I absolutely loved this book because I was able to learn something from the devotionals and the sections on the Christmas songs, but then I was also able to find recipes and crafts that I will be able to use on friends and family for a long time in the future!

  • This was a great book that I will be keeping and going through again. Each day has something different to do or reflect on. The recipes were delicious, the stories behind the traditions were a great peak at what started some of the things we do each year with our family. My children really enjoyed hearing something about Christmas every evening as I read aloud to them some of the passages. This will make a great start to enriching the season, and can be used to jump into some of the things we already do. I would recommend picking up a copy before the season starts so you can enjoy it as well.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Ace Collins is a month long devotional book that begins on Dec 1st and runs through the 31st. Each day is a pleasant read and begins by focusing the reader on the reason for the season. I loved that! – Each day has a scripture and then a hymn with lyrics. I loved that. I am a musical person and I found myself singing each hymn as I got to it.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Ace Collins is such an awesome read and one that I wish everyone could read during this time of year! We get so busy during the Holiday season and this devotional shares not only exceptional devotions, but also great gift ideas and recipes too!!! It allows us to reflect on the true reason of Christmas!

  • Over the past couple of years I have done an Advent study throughout the Holiday season. I had been trying to narrow down my options for this year, but then received this in the mail and looked no further. This is a great devotional for Advent and is great for the entire family.

  • This was such a sweet, holiday focused devotional! Christmas is a hard time of year for a lot of people, as it hold so many memories, some good and some bad. This devotional can speak to the heart of so many hurting people, and it was so fun to have the additional crafty gifts ideas as well! Highly recommend for any person needing a good Christmas devotional.

  • Ace Collins is one of my favorite authors and this book is a wonderful addition to my collection, filled with inspiration it brings joy to your heart as you learn more about the biblical meaning of Christmas. This one chapter a day devotional also has stories behind the popular carols which I enjoyed a lot, he has included gift ideas and recipes for Christmas goodies.

    The book would be an excellent gift for anyone but especially those that enjoy Christmas more than any other holiday.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Ace Collins is more than a basic devotional book.  In addition to having quality reflections on Jesus, each day there is also a look at the story behind a Christmas hymn, as well as a recipe.  Some of the recipes are for food, and some are for gifts you can give to pamper the people you love. 

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is an awesome devotional for the month of December. Ace Collins take us through each day of December with a different insight about the one we celebrate on Christmas day, Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed this devotional because each day I am reminded of the birth of or Savior, and it I can read about Him and Worship Him in a new way each day. There is also a lot of fun things throughout the pages of this books. You will find nice recipes, the meaning behind the words of songs, Christmas traditions, Christmas carols and some movies. I am really enjoying my time spent in this little book, and I will save it for years to come.

  • I really liked how positive this book was. It’s full of positive uplifting stories to help us celebrate and remember the true meaning of this most glorious time of year. I’ve enjoyed reading this book outloud as a family. My youngest children don’t understand or glean a lot from some of the stories, but the older ones do. It’s a great thing to read aloud during a meal and then encourage discussion about.

  • These devotions provide wisdom, insight, comfort, and all of them point back to the true spirit of Christmas and keep our mind on the fact that Jesus is the true reason for the season. If you’re feeling stressed, harried, worried, overwhelmed, or just not feeling the Christmas joy this season, this is the perfect book for you.

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