You Don’t Know Me

You Don’t Know Me

A Deep Haven Novel

Sometimes the secrets we keep to protect ourselves can be our undoing.

To all who know her, Annalise Decker is a model wife and mother. She’s a permanent member of the PTA, never misses a sporting event, and is constantly campaigning for her husband’s mayoral race.

No one knows that Annalise was once Deidre O’Reilly, a troubled young woman whose testimony put a dangerous criminal behind bars. Relocated through the Witness Security Program to the quaint harbor town of Deep Haven, Deidre received a new identity and a fresh start, which began when she fell in love with local real estate agent Nathan Decker.

Twenty years later, Annalise couldn’t be more unprepared for her past to catch up with her. When Agent Frank Harrison arrives with news that the man she testified against is out on parole and out for revenge, Annalise is forced to face the consequences of her secrets. Will she run again, or will she finally find the courage to trust those she loves most with both her past and her future?

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  • This book has mystery, intrigue, and on the edge of your seat drama. This book is in keeping with the Deep Haven series that will have you intrigued with this little town, and having you turning the pages rather quickly.

  • An amazing read! From the beginning this story will draw you in. You won’t want to do anything else but flip to the next page! At times I found myself holding my breath while reading as fast as I could.

  • I really like that these books seems usually follow a love story within a marriage. It’s one thing to fall in love with someone new and be swept off your feet, but it’s a completely different thing to fall in love with the same person over and over.

  • This story is full of mystery, intrigue and suspense, but most of all it shows the picture of love and demonstrates the picture of Christ’s love for us, through the story of frail human beings.

  • The newest Deep Haven novel features a rekindled romance after two decades of marriage, a second chance at love in the twilight years, and the turbulence of first love. Romance, suspense, and God’s mercy combine to create a captivating tale.

  • The author has a way with words and I was instantly glued to plot of a woman that must deal with her haunting past that could tear away everything that she has worked for during the past twenty years.

  • First and foremost a story about being open and honest with those we love, even if we think we are protecting them from things that might hurt them. Add in a bit of suspense with a hint of romance, and you have a winner. Highly recommended!

  • I loved this book. It is not the usual book I would choose to read, but I am so glad I did and will definitely be checking out Susan’s other books! There are so many twists and interesting relationships in this book. Susan writes about each of the characters so well and tells their part of the story. This book is filled with love, mystery, suspense and twists you never see coming!

  • I was drawn into You Don’t Know Me immediately when a woman struggles with saying a final goodbye to her daughter in the prologue. I started thinking about how terrible it would be if I ever had to make that choice.

  • As always, the characters are flawed and intriguing. It’s easy to sit there and think how you’d like to slap some sense into them at one point, and how amazing it would be to have someone like them in the next scene.

  • WV Stitcher says:

    Ms. Warren really brings the characters to life in this story, the children seem so very realistic, Colleen seemed to be going thru problems typical to what sixteen year old girls would experience. I really enjoyed the family feel of this book, it was easy to connect with each character, while also experiencing the suspense and mystery that surrounded Annalise’s past. A contemporary story, where we have family drama, a bit of romance, along with a dash of mystery and suspense, with a strong message of forgiveness woven in. While this book is part of the Deep Haven series it can easily be read as a stand alone work. I always enjoy the small town feel of the stories set in Deep Haven and look forward to my next visit there. Recommended!

  • By The Book says:

    You Don’t Know Me is suspenseful on many levels. There is the obvious physical danger facing Annalise and her family, but also the emotional minefields set up by various family members in their attempt to present a picture perfect facade. I think this book would be a perfect pick for book discussion groups. It can start some very good conversations on the nature of secrets and their impact on marriage and other relationships.

  • Buzz4Mommies says:

    ou Don’t know me is a book with everything. It had a great story that kept me on the edge of my seat. It also had terrific characters that I wanted to see do well. This book also had tons of heart..I highly recommend this book…

  • Great characters and a story to enjoy that gets you really thinking about the issues raised in the book. As the emotion & suspense ramped up I hardly breathed for the last 1/4 of the book. The messages in this book comforted and encourage me. Love it

  • You Don’t Know Me has everything I look for in a book, great characters, unpredictable twists and turns and a happy ending.

  • A New Leaf says:

    I was very quickly pulled into this book once I started reading it. It had incredible suspense – I really could not put the book down because all I wanted to do was discover how the story would end.

  • This book dug at the very core of where I’m at right now. The message of how damaging secrets & lies are to a family & the need for truth & honesty above all is rattling through my inner core.

  • You Don’t Know Me is suspenseful, well-written, and indicative of what it means to stay true to your marriage, and your family. I’ve only read about 4 of Susan May Warren’s books, but this one is the best as of yet.

  • Wow! This was an awesome book! I read it in four days, from Friday afternoon non-stop to Monday morning. You Don’t Know Me by Susan May Warren is a wonderful book! I want to say this is a thriller because it had that anticipation aspect to it. But you could also say it is a mystery novel or christian novel. Whatever you want to call it, it was great! It was one of those books you just can’t put down.

  • You Don’t Know Me is your at the edge of your seat, suspense filled, comedy, and romance novel all in one. Susan May Warren complied a very emotionally drawn plot, that either had you crying or laughing.

  • Deep Haven is such a nice town!I loved visiting again.Annalise has so much worry in her life because she has been hiding her past.When she trusts enough to share with her husband,they can work together.It was great to see how important trust can be!

  • This book shows how no matter the reason for keeping secrets or telling lies it is better to be honest especially with those you love. Again I say this was a great book. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  • More of Him says:

    I liked the story of redemption and the story of relying on Christ through things. The ending was spectacular with many twists and turns I hadn’t expected.
    This book has some romance, a lot of mystery and is just a great read! It was hard to put down and I highly recommend it!

  • Even though the story is built around deceit it’s actually a love story at its core. Annalise’s love for her family is so great that she struggles with deciding what the right thing is to keep them safe.

  • This was a nail bitter and I loved watching the drama unfold like a visual movie as Annalise had to come to terms with her past life. I loved the way Susan wove the story around the growth of Annalise, as we see her face each emotional milestone, another layer of the story was revealed along with added depth to each of the characters. Seeing the outcome when she finally faced her fear and exposed the truth was a sweet victory. The passion and hope laced heavy handed with an intense mystery scores another win for a fabulous storyteller.

  • Saved Sister says:

    What I liked about this book is the journey that not only Annalise takes, but her family as well. The journey through her past to heal the present. Annalise is like so many of us hiding to protect ourselves when the truth is the only way to be truly set free.

  • By Nicole says:

    Great book, not because of the suspense, but because of the message of God’s redemption and forgiveness. The characters were so real. I was quickly drawn in. I loved that it was told from multiple perspectives. A fast read, with such a good ending!

  • Fast paced, with characters that are deeply flawed and entirely believable, You Don’t Know Me is a story about the destructive power of lies – even ones born of necessity – and the astonishing power of forgiveness when found in Christ Jesus.

  • Janelle Cole says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The suspense was great, the characters were real, and I loved the who story! I would highly recommend this book to any fiction readers!!

  • Susan May Warren has delivered another exciting visit to Deep Haven! You Don’t Know Me shares it’s mystery with you on the first page and dares you to put it down! What I love about Susan May Warren’s writing is that she offers a glimpse into her characters hearts and lives without giving too much away all at once or allowing the storyline to drag on and bore. Her mysteries are real enough that we easily connect emotionally with the story as well as with her diverse and intriguing characters (they are all unforgettable in their own way). This book is a real page turner!

  • What I loved most about this character was the endearing love she carries for her family, they are the most important thing in her life and she isn’t that willing to give up the life she has worked so hard to build for herself. In fact, she pretty much erased her passed and true identity and embraces the new one as her own. Her dedication and love keeps her strong in the most difficult of situations.

  • HAPPY FOUR says:

    This is another page turner by Susan giving you insight in to the thoughts, insecurities, past and concerns of all the characters as the story unfolds in more detail with each chapter. A wonderful story connecting human beings at the very core. Do we share our true identity or only what we desire others to see about us and create a perception that is not 100% real?

  • I really loved the complex relationships and how nothing was a simple decision for any of the characters. I think that’s so true to how life is- from the outside we see one thing, and don’t realize the many parts that are affected.

  • I like this town. Ms. Warren does such a good job with the town and its inhabitants that you want to go

  • I just loved this book! The town of Deep Haven is so quaint and picturesque and yet there is danger lurking and difficult decisions that need to be made that will affect Annalise and her family forever. The story jumps right in with secrets and suspense! I love the way the author tells the story not just from Annalise’s point of view but from other members of her family.

  • The author drops you into the characters lives and you do not want to leave! The book takes place over a week and it races to the finish with every family drama you can think of! The characters are realistic, honest and people you’d like in your life

  • The first thought that crossed my mind while reading You Don’t Know Me by Susan May Warren was, “I would like to live in Deep Haven, Minnesota.” Warren paints a town that is so appealing and breathtaking it is impossible not to consider a relocation.

  • Susan Warren has done it again!! She has used her creativity to write a delightful romance full of love, but also throws in the challenges that are met by a couple lead by God,. It was a book that had me on the edge of my chair!Mystery plus romance

  • Susan May Warren is one of the few authors (possibly only?) who can get me choked up in the prologue. My `mom’ heart was already beating faster and I hadn’t even made it to chapter one!

  • A secret past, politics, witness protection, danger, rekindled love, and so much more … You Don’t Know Me has almost every story element imaginable.

  • I really liked this book. I was pulled into the story because Annalise could be anyone I know. She struggles about whether or not to tell her husband and family about her past but doesn’t want to cause them any undue stress. As Annalise’s story comes out, her family is forced to confront the other secrets that abound around them. It is just another reminder to keep being honest with the people we love and to stop keeping secrets. All it does is cause more problems instead of prevent them. I really like the Deep Haven novels and how they are independent but overlap in small ways to keep the “town” real. This book, as well as the series, are a great read.

  • Laura Hilton says:

    YOU DON’T KNOW ME is the latest spellbinding story set in Deep Haven, Minnesota. Full of colorful characters that we all know and love from previous books, this is a story that will tear at your heartstrings and make you ache for the characters.

  • Moments says:

    I have read all of Susan May Warren’s Deep Haven novels and have liked them all; however her latest, “You Don’t Know Me,” is the best one in my opinion! Annalise is the model wife and mother, her husband is running for town mayor, she takes care of

  • Even if your husband isn’t running for mayor, and your not in the witness protection – we can see ourselves in the life of the Deckers, trying to appear perfect to everyone else but quietly falling apart on the inside.

  • I always enjoy Susan May Warren’s writing, and this book is no exception. Warren skillfully interweaves four points of view that form the tapestry of this suspensful and intriguing tale that will keep readers on the edges of their seats.

  • Stacie says:

    Overall, this is a great read. I really enjoyed it. So much so that I finished it weeks before my review was due! I couldn’t put it down. Now, when is the next book coming out?

  • Susan writes so many twists and turns into the story she keeps you on the edge of you sets! And of course, you fall in love with the characters in Deep Haven as the story develops and find yourself really upset and rooting for Annalise and her family

  • This was such a good story including romance, suspense, and drama. It was interesting to follow the family’s different relationship dynamics. I enjoyed the closeness of the family, their protectiveness of one another. Don’t miss this one!

  • I can honestly say that I have never read a book about someone in the Witness Protection Program and to take the viewpoint of both the member in the program and the family members they leave behind is smart and unique.

  • You Don’t Know Me was poignant and had that certain mood that I adore reading. I love it when at the beginning of a novel, you just know everything is hopeless—everything goes wrong, and it starts piling up so fast the heroine doesn’t know what to do, where to turn, how to survive. And yet, in the end—after many trials and heartaches—she gets everything she’s always wanted.

  • I planned to read a few chapters but ended up finishing the rest of the book & staying up past my bedtime. I was in tears by the time I read the last word. An emotionally gripping book about lies, consequences, grace & the Truth that offers freedom.

  • This was a book that I just wanted to read straight through. I loved the whole story concept and how Susan lead us in to the life of Annalise. The whole way through the book you just want to know the answers to so many questions and it keeps you turning the pages. I love how there is more than one love story in the book. It’s fun watching all of them develop and grow in their own unique ways. Susan did a great job at developing the relationships between all the main characters too. I think the only thing I didn’t like was that at times the book dragged a little for me. I wanted to story to move along a little faster. During many, many times where the characters were thinking about events and plans the conversation in their heads just dragged too much for me. But the story kept pulling me through those slow parts. I wanted answers, and got them!

  • Cara Putman says:

    Love and secrets: Can they mix? In this complex and multi-layered story, the heroine’s past has caught up with her. Secrets could tear her family apart. Gripping. Hard to put down story with characters I wanted to shake and hug. A kiss of love, too.

  • This is a great book. It has it all. Love, mystery, suspense! Plus I love the last name Decker – my maiden name! The whole time while reading the book, I was totally immersed. I just had to know what happened next. I was hooked from the beginning.

  • This novel seemed very true to life. There were tense moments and funny moments. The elements, characters and story line all intertwined to give a rich, moving story about love, courage and trust.

  • I thought it very refreshing to have that same wonderful Deep Haven atmosphere with a completely different story than others I have read.

  • Cindy Loven says:

    I cannot say enough about this book, it is absolutely a wonderful book. Loved it and am so pleased I was able to review the book!

  • Do you really know the person you are married to? What secrets are you harboring that may affect the ones you love? Susan May Warren addresses these questions in her novel You Don’t Know Me by telling a compelling story of the life of Annalise Decker

  • Warren is a master wordsmith and I was instantly glued to the plot of a woman dealing with a past that could cost her everything that she has worked for during the past twenty years. I could not put it down. If you love a good romantic suspensful thriller, then this is the book for you.

  • Home of OHM says:

    Ok, seriously! I think I am officially addicted to Susan May Warren books! My Foolish Heart was the first one, and I LOVED it, so jumped when I saw You Don’t Know Me offered. Once again she didn’t disappoint! I was hooked! Another QUICK read that I couldn’t put down! It’s got everything you could, suspense, an awesome storyline..It’s a fab fall read! Grab a nice hot beverage and enjoy!

  • Annalise doesn’t mess around with little secrets, her secrets are whoppers, secrets that keep her on edge, that keep her looking over her shoulder and away from her past. This book held my attention from the first page, great characters, great plot!

  • I was totally engrossed in the story. Just thinking of the logistics of this situation has kept me pondering the book for days. Susan has once again written a gut wrenching story about one of the most difficult situations imaginable. What I enjoy most is that she always includes eternal hope in her stories.

  • You Don’t Know Me is a gripping novel that entices readers with sinister suspense, restorative romance and fragile family dynamics. Susan May Warren has proven again that she can seamlessly navigate between historical and contemporary fiction

  • I truly enjoyed reading this book. Annalise is much like a normal wife and mother whom does all the normal things but she has a deep seeded secret she is keeping from everyone. When the truth becomes unraveled you wonder if her husband and children will ever be able to forgive her lies.

  • Susan May Warren has done it again. This is a great novel. The action is tight and continuous, right to the very end. The character development is amazing.

  • I’ve fallen in love with the town of Deep Haven over the course of this series. The great thing is that each book can be read as a stand-alone as well.

  • I have long been a fan of Susan May Warren’s books and “You Don’t Know Me” is just another example of this lady’s immense talent. Her characterization is superb. I found it easy to identify with what each person was experiencing emotionally as they wrestled with making the correct decisions. Pacing was excellent and the suspense kept me glued to the book when I should have been doing something else.

  • Susan May Warren writes a wonderful story that has Romance and Suspense. This story grabbed me from the first chapter and kept ahold until the end. I love the town of Deep Haven, MN that Susan May Warren has created and all of its characters. I cannot wait to read the next Deep Haven Novel!

  • I really enjoyed this book. I found myself drawn into Annalise’s life and was worried for her. Definitely an interesting story.

  • This book opens with a great start and just picks up speed as you go along. I quickly fell in love with Annalise and her struggles of living a double life. You often think of the neat exciting aspects of going into the Witness Protection Program but you normally don’t realize the hardships and difficulties that also go into this. Leaving everything you have ever known, your family, friends, school, etc. It is like you are totally starting your life over, but not from the beginning.

  • Susan May Warren writes a fast moving tale filled with action, and emotions that run deep. I loved how fast the pages turned and how it had me on the edge of my seat, worried to death how they would ever untangle the mess they were in!

    The characters were strongly written and the plot was very touching and poignant. Ms. Warren worte every aspect of this book with such meaning and suspense, that even though this wasn’t exactly my style, I came away satisfied and an even bigger fan of Ms. Warren than before.

  • Frugal Plus says:

    Can she keep the past from catching up with her and ruining what she’s worked so hard for? Will she be able to escape danger once again? Annalise and the other deeply involved, well-written characters will keep you flipping the pages of this action packed novel and the intriguing ending may just surprise you.

  • She has a beautiful way of drawing in the reader and enabling them to make connections to the characters in such a way that you are not only vested in the story, but desire to maintain that connection.

  • This book was really well-written and really held my attention throughout the whole book while reminding me of some great Christian lessons: to trust God and to have courage in the face of adversity!

    I really recommend this book, especially if you like modern day Christian fiction or a unique and exciting story! Susan May Warren is one of my favorite Christian authors and she definitely proved her talent as a Christian writer again!

  • I really enjoyed this book and I love this author. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

  • Susan May Warren’s You Don’t Know Me is a constant page-turner from the moment Annalise locks eyes with Frank. The life she knows and loves is forever changed in an instant…

    While a romantic thriller, Warren’s novel also broaches the subjects commonly discussed in marriage: sacrifice, betrayal, trust, love, honesty and family. Yet, Annalise’s story pushes each of these themes to the extreme as readers are taken on a ride of emotional strife…

    Warren’s characters have a natural depth making them realistic, believable and relatable. Who hasn’t wanted to fit in, feel accepted and be known for what was truly in their heart?

  • You Don’t Know Me is a fast-paced story with elements of suspense and romance woven throughout. I could hardly put it down! My fingers are crossed for another installment in the Deep Haven series!

  • “You Don’t Know Me” is a gripping marvel of strong storytelling and solid characters that beg to have their story told in the way that has put Warren on the Christian fiction map.

  • I got into this story right away, and I finished the book within 24 hours. I have to admit that there were things in this book that affected me on more than just a story level. The whole idea of living with lies and not telling the truth–not just to others, but to ourselves–was eye and heart opening to me. The sermon about 2/3 of the way through the book really got me thinking about how God loves us no matter what we do or do not do, even in the midst of our sin.

    This book will be with me for a long time.

  • If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like in the Witness Security Program (WitSec) for you, your loved ones, or the people left behind, Susan May Warren gives a great depiction of that life in You Don’t Know Me. Inspired by a conversation she had with a woman on an airplane, Warren dives into the emotions a witness has when being hidden and the constant fear that one day that secret life will come to an end.

  • I loved this book. Susan May Warren has a way of drawing readers into her stories and holding their attention until the end. The characters and story line captivated me, and I wanted more. I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense, and think book groups will enjoy discussing the many faces of this story.

  • “You Don’t Know Me” is an enjoyable return to Deep Haven. (It functions well as a stand-alone novel if you haven’t read any of Warren’s other Deep Haven books.) The plot–about Annalise, a woman in Witness Security whose long-buried past comes back to haunt her just as secrets her family members are carrying come to light–is fascinating. The characters are great, especially Witness Security Agent Frank and Annalise’s mother-in-law Helen. Warren knows how to write convincing, realistic characters.

  • You Don’t Know Me illustrates that one must allow oneself to be known in order to love and be loved. And, the book delivers its message through and entertaining, well-written tale.

  • Susan May Warren brings us another story from our favorite town of Deep Haven, and once again does not disappoint us. Deep Haven is full of rich characters, a community you feel you are a part of as you read about the Decker’s. This book will have you thinking and realizing how much keeping secrets can hurt the people you love.

  • While I was reading it I have to admit I got mad at Annalise a few times. I wanted to tell her to stop being stupid and straighten up. Secrets aren’t good for anyone! But if she would have listened to me half of the story wouldn’t have happened and well that would have been a shame!

  • The premise of this novel drew me in immediately. I was fascinated to see how a story of someone in Witness Protection would play out. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, too – getting to know the characters and falling back into the setting of Deep Haven, Minnesota – it was interesting and intriguing.

  • Susie’s done it again. One of my favorite authors, showing up as always with a fabulous story for readers that never fails to touch, inspire, warm, and refresh. Sometimes I hate to rave about authors because I feel like it’s going to go over your head or you’ll brush it off as “oh yeah right, no one is that good” – but uh, Susie is 🙂

  • I have to say that You Don’t Know Me was every bit as exciting as the other Susan May Warren titles that I have read. A bit of romance, a bit of faith, and a bit of suspense all add up to an enjoyable read. Warren has a knack for taking flawed characters and making you truly care about them.

  • Susan May Warren may be one of the most creative writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Her style keeps you so entertained and drawn in that you almost feel as if you are living the life of the heroine in the book.

    In this Deep Haven novel, I loved all the twists and turns, and in the end — it’s not even what you expect to happen! You will definitely want to get a copy of this book.

  • I was flipping pages, anxious to find out what happens to Annalise and her family. Would she choose to disrupt her life again and start new? Could she really give up her family twice? I can’t say enough about this plot because it was so intriguing to me. I found myself thinking about this book long after I closed it for the final time. This is a book that will demand your attention once you start reading!

  • You know when you read that synopsis that this is going to be a fast paced book! I loved the whole mystery of being in the Witness Protection program, what a great idea to write a book about! Susan helps us to see that with God all things are forgiven if they are given up to Him.There is nothing that can separate us from His love, even when we are fearful that things separate us from the love of other humans.

    This was a fantastic book!!

  • With her creative pen Susan May has written a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat turning pages late into the night. Grab a warm blanket, a cup of your favorite brew and snuggle in for a great read! Highly recommended!

  • For those who have already fallen in love with Deep Haven and the characters that populate the place, You Don’t Know Me is a wonderful addition to the series as it meets expectations for a story of heartfelt character and characters with heart. Of the three I’ve read, this one follows more along the lines of The Shadow of Your Smile rather than My Foolish Heart – it has a similar suspense and similar themes regarding falling in love again, forgiving, and truly desiring to know and understand another. (If you have yet to experience Deep Haven, any of the these three books can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.)

  • You Don’t Know Me is the sixth Deep Haven novel, but the first I’ve read. I was able to follow along easily and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I’ve read many of Susan May Warren’s previous books, and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with any of them!

  • Susan May Warren has woven an intricate, intriguing story about a young woman, Annalise Decker, who is in the Witness Security Program after testifying again drug lord, Luis Garcia. Her life became established like any normal family life would in Deep Haven. … The author’s multiple twists keep you hanging onto your seat. You think you have it figured out, and she throws a wrench into the plot! It ain’t over till it’s over. Just the way I like a great suspense story!

  • I do not remember reading any other books by Susan May Warren, but now that I have read You Don’t Know Me, I will definitely choose to read more of her books. I loved how the characters jumped of the page and into my imagination. Someone once said something like this: reading is like a movie playing in your imagination, well I believe that Susan May Warren has the incredible talent to write in such a way that makes this saying so very true. I highly recommend this book and look forward to revisiting Deep Haven.

  • After finishing this book it kept making me think about that situation and how there could be someone you met in your life that could be part of the witness protection program and you would never know it.

  • The story is intriguing, there is drama, there are tears, and there is love. The love of God finds this family drowning in secrets and pulls them together with His unfailing love and showers them with grace.

  • A quick read, one you won’t want to stop until you’ve read it all. There’s twists and turns and a downright good story. I give it 5 stars.

  • Crazed Mind says:

    I loved reading You Don’t Know Me … We do not really know those around us. It is fun to see the mystery of Annalise start to come unraveled. Susan May Warren has another hit on her hands here.

  • Warren does a masterful job dealing with these angles and more.

  • Cara Putman says:

    As the story spins out, the secrets others have harbored and the pain they create spins an intricate web. While there is a small sense of suspense, this is really a story of healing from the past, couples with a nice romance with strong secondary characters. An engaging, enjoyable read.

  • Jami's Words says:

    Susan absolutely is a terrific writer. She magnificently fleshes out her characters in a way that leaves me wondering how she does it! The emotion in You Don’t Know Me was palpable. Several times, I found myself in tears because of the characters’ emotional situations. When a book can bring me to tears, I know it’s excellent!!

  • I LOVE thriller novels filled with mystery and suspense. You Don’t Know Me does a great job of capturing that in print. I felt really drawn in to Annalise’s life. Not because of any similarities I have with her, but because of the way the story is written. She went from a drug addicted teen living a wild life to the mom of all mom’s. She did everything with perfection. The entire town loved her. She was beyond devoted to her husband. Yet, no one really, truly knew her. And she dealt with that from day to day. She didn’t just live the life of a lie with ease. She really struggled with it.

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