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Welcome to the campaign launch for Lisa Wingate’s latest novel, Firefly Island. This is the third book in her Moses Lake series and Booklist says, “Versatile and prolific Wingate weaves a story of deception, secrecy, and scandal… Wingate’s many fans and fans of women’s fiction will find this novel about one woman’s struggle to discover who she is meant to be deeply satisfying.”

Lisa Wingate is celebrating the release of Firefly Island with an iPad Mini giveaway and a fun Facebook Author Chat Party (March 19th).




One fortunate winner will receive:

  • An iPad Mini
  • The Moses Lake series (Firefly Island, Blue Moon Bay and Larkspur Cove)

Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on March 18th. Winner will be announced at the “Firefly Island Author Chat Party on March 19th. Connect with Lisa, get a sneak peek of her next book, try your hand at the trivia contest, and chat with readers just like you. There will also be many fun giveaways — gift certificates, books, and more!

So grab your copy of Firefly Island and join Lisa on the evening of the March 19th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven’t read the book, don’t let that stop you from coming!)

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“Lisa Wingate is a glorious storyteller!” –New York Times bestselling author Adriana Trigiani

Sometimes love takes you on an adventure completely off the map.

Mallory Hale’s life quickly veers off course when she falls hopelessly in love. After a whirlwind romance, Mallory finds herself leaving the bustle and action of Capitol Hill for the remote town of Moses Lake, Texas–with husband, stepson, and a U-Haul in tow.

A sweet, mishap-filled journey into marriage, motherhood, and ranch living ensues, and Mallory is filled with both the wonderment of love and the insecurities of change. But what she can’t shake is the unease she feels around her husband’s new boss, Jack West. Jack’s presence–and his mysterious past–set her on edge, and when hints of a scandal emerge, Mallory finds herself seeking answers . . . and comes to realize that the middle-of-nowhere home she wasn’t sure she wanted is the very place she’ll risk everything to save.

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Lisa Wingate

{More About Lisa Wingate}

Lisa Wingate is a popular inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and national bestselling author of several books, including Tending Roses, Talk of the Town, Blue Moon Bay, and Larkspur Cove, which won the 2011 Carol Award for Women’s Fiction. Lisa and her family live in central Texas. Visit

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“Lisa Wingate is a glorious storyteller!” — New York Times bestselling author Adriana Trigiani

“In this third volume of award-winning novelist Wingate’s Moses Lake series, Mephistopheles meets modern love in a cozy [story].” — Publishers Weekly

“Versatile and prolific Wingate weaves a story of deception, secrecy, and scandal… Wingate’s many fans and fans of women’s fiction will find this novel about one woman’s struggle to discover who she is meant to be deeply satisfying.” — Booklist



    An engrossing story. I loved every minute and didn’t want the story to end!

    Written by Preslaysa on April 3, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I have not lost myself to this extent in a book in a very long time. This book is a kidnapper. This author clearly loves language. Her descriptions are fantastic, her dialog realistic, her characters three-dimensional. I couldn’t put the book down!

    Written by In the Dailies with Tanya Dennis on April 2, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I dived into this book, not sure what to expect, but after a few pages, I quickly was hooked. Lisa Wingate has a way of telling a story that is funny, and intriguing. I had to wipe tears as I read how Mallory kept caulking things and trying to keep the ‘varmints’ out of the old house they moved into.

    Written by Jetties Ramblings on April 2, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book was better than I expected. I’m not a fan of whirlwind romances, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it. However, I appreciated that Mallory was able to fall in love on her own, even if she did feel like it was a mail-order bride marriage at times. I also loved her relationship with Nick, and how that blossomed. However, it just seemed kind of… empty to me. Nothing about the story made me want to read it again. It just needs a little something more.

    Written by The Librarian’s Bookshelf on March 30, 2013 | e


    I actually just started this book yesterday. I’m a little behind, but I like it already. It is quite unique. I am curious about what the rest of the book will bring. The characters are likable, and the writing is detailed. I have a free hour and a half tomorrow that I will be spending with this book! If you have a e-reader, download it now and join me!!

    Written by Inspired By Fiction on March 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Love Lisa Wingate’s books and this one was no exception. She gives us wonderful characters, a mystery, and a little romance. A great story!

    Written by JoyAnne Williams on March 23, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    My initial reaction to the book was, “Who in their right mind would do this?” Once Mallory gets to Texas and the stories from Moses Lake begin to unfold I was so hooked. I could not put this book down and could not wait to see if my deductions were correct. I found myself asking, “Was Mallory’s observations right?” “Was her little family in danger?” This book was excellent and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read and review it.

    Written by Karen’s Korner on March 19, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    First of all Lisa Wingate’s writing style is so poetic at times, you can completely imagine you are at Moses Lake. The sights, sounds and people are so creatively written that you almost feel like they are being created right before your very eyes.

    “I imagine that I am at home, not here in DC. I hear the waters of Moses Lake lapping at the shore, feel the rhythm of it beneath my feet. My eyes fall closed, and I drink in the water-scented Texas air, the oleander blooming, the sound of small feet tramping up the hallway, a favorite blanket dragging behind. The honey-sweet tastes of a summer morning.”

    From the very first page, I was captivated and the deeper you get into the relationship between Mallory and Daniel along with their son Nick, this one is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on March 19, 2013 | e
    Read my full review: A great novel that I simply couldn’t put down until I finished!!!,


    I assume a 5 is the best rating you can give. I loved Firefly Island so much and hated for it to end. I loved that Lisa Wingate added more suspense to this book. It was sweet to read of Mallory’s struggles to be the best step-mother ever and how hard it sometimes was for her to find herself. It is so hard to be a long way from family and I could relate to her angst. I really enjoyed the whole story. Thank you Lisa.

    Written by Cynthia Moore on March 19, 2013 | e


    Small towns, love, humor, a touch of mystery; they are the components that I have come to associate with Lisa Wingate’s novels. “Firefly Island” delivers each element in an absorbing novel set in the small town of Moses Lake, Texas. Wingate’s portrayal of small towns with a collection of interesting residents never fails to charm me. In her latest novel, readers see Moses Lake through the perspective of Mallory, a self-professed city girl.

    Written by The Ramblings of Two Readers on March 18, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a different romance novel since the romance and marriage happens in the first few pages. The plot of the novel centers around Mallory trying to make the serious adjustment from being a city gal to one who must milk a cow!
    I had a few issues with the book. This is not Wingate’s best but she is a very good author and the book is worth reading. Don’t get so caught up in the mystery as that aspect of the novel is disappointing in the end. And prepare for some repetition in Mallory’s adjusting to farm life.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on March 18, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was an awesome book! I totally enjoyed every moment that I spent with this book and it’s characters and I thoroughly enjoyed how it was written – from the perspective of Mallory. After a whirl-wind romance, which I can totally relate to, giving up career and home to become a stay at home step-mom, wife and more Mallory learns what it means to trust in God and in others and settles in to her life at Moses Lake. At first I really didn’t want to like Mallory, she was selfish and really into what was in it for her – never really considering how it affected others – of course she is also young.

    Written by Growing For Christ on March 17, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This novel wasn’t exactly what I expected. It was different, which honestly, makes it quite unique. It’s not just a “romance.”

    It starts out as a “slice of life” book – tracking Mallory from her life as a D.C. career woman, to the changes she experiences once she and Daniel marry and move to Moses Lake. Ultimately, it’s just a contemporary novel where faith is just part of life – and not overtly preached.

    On the scale of one to five, I give this novel a three. It’s different – and that’s what sets it apart from the typical “romance” book. It has an air of suspense, but I wouldn’t label it as a mystery. It’s just a nice work of fiction.

    Written by My Scrappy Life on March 16, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    FIREFLY ISLAND..I L-O-V-E THIS BOOK!!!!!!! It starts off witty and wonderful…

    Written by none on March 15, 2013 | e
    Read my full review: none


    I highly recommend Lisa Wingate’s new and exciting book, Firefly Island. The Frontier Woman and Al keep the reader looking forward to their next venture. As in all Lisa Wingate’s books, Firefly Island has many lessons about life. “The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place”, by Barbara DeAngelis, is one example.

    As I’ve come to expect from Lisa Wingate, Firefly Island is full of not only expert writing, riveting plot, and real characters, but also sharp wit and wisdom. I also loved that she was a blogger in this book. She blogged to log her adventures. Mallory shares in one place in the book this amazing piece of advice for anyone: “An amazing thing had happened to me in my first weeks of blogging.

    Written by Jen’s Journey on March 15, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I’m always tentative reading new authors, because I’m never sure what to expect, but Lisa Wingate brought her A-game on this one.

    I had a hard time predicting anything, and the complementary story lines not only kept the book moving right along, but also made it interesting.

    Apparently, this is Book #3 in the Moses Lake series, but I really couldn’t tell if I was missing something from the first two books. So, my conclusion is that it’s OK to read them out of order, because I did and it was fine.

    I also loved that the character in the book started a blog. Oh, and her best friend’s name was Kaylyn. Spelled different than mine, but I guess this book was just meant for me. {grin}

    That, and I just had to know what happened in the end!

    Written by Words With Books on March 14, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    A story told with humor, love , faith and romance to make this a fun read. I understand that this is the third book in the series, but I had no problem getting into it even though I had not read the previous two. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Written by Celticlady’s Reviews on March 13, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved how relateable this book was. I was able to really feel a connection to each of the characters. I would highly recommend this book to friends.

    Written by My Money Dearest on March 13, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love that Lisa included a blog for Mallory, it’s so modern. Mallory’s background fit well into the final chapters of the book and the author weaved all of the facts together so well.
    If you’re looking for a fun set of books to read, pick up the Moses Lake series. It’s enjoyable!

    Written by Amanda’s Pile of Books on March 13, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The captivating storyline has a wonderful mixture of humor, sweet romance, intriguing mystery, and interwoven thought-provoking messages. Firefly Island is an enjoyable story that leaves the reader wanting more!

    Written by Jersey Girl Book Reviews on March 13, 2013 | e


    I am in love with her main character Mallory . . .

    Written by Crazed Mind on March 12, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    With her humorous escapades of killing vermin, interactions with the locals in Moses Lake, ventures in blogging and the mystery surrounding her husband’s boss Jack West, the story kept me laughing and intrigued.

    Written by The Watered Soul on March 12, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    “Firefly Island” is part Pioneer Woman and part Queen Esther. This is Lisa’s third novel about Moses Lake, a small rural community deep in the heart of Texas (isn’t there a song about that somewhere??). and introduces us to some delightful new characters. Some old favorites tag along as well!

    Mallory is adorable, especially when she’s in love (read that in a sing-songy voice like her four older sisters would, please:-). The object of her whirlwind affection is also fun to know: Daniel Webster Everson. But make sure you save plenty of room in your heart for little man Nick—how sweet he is!

    Written by A Peek At My Bookshelf on March 11, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Firefly Island helped me to take an introspective look at the challenges I’ve faced in my life and how my character has developed (good and bad) because of them. I think all well-written stories cause us to think about our own lives and how we relate to others. In this case, Firefly Island certainly did.

    I was able to relate to the characters and their life situations as I too moved from the “big city” to a small town in Texas for a brief time. (Talk about culture shock.) In any case, learning to lean and trust God in every situation was a life lesson that had to be learned.

    With romance, suspense, and political shenanigans, Firefly Island is a must-read!

    Written by Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno on March 11, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really liked Firefly Island – it is part of the Moses Lake series but I did not feel lost when reading this as my first book. I liked the romance of Mallory and Daniel and how they moved away. I also like the mystery and how it kept me reading to the end. I can’t wait to read more from Lisa Wingate. I am sure you will like this story as much as I did.

    Written by Kaisy Daisy’s Corner on March 11, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:

  • Firefly Island is by far one of the very best novels that I have read in a very long time. I felt an instant connection to Mallory as she tried to balance her hopes and dreams for romance and family and her own sense of self. Author Lisa Wingate did a remarkable job hitting on some of the adjustments and struggles that newlywed wives face, even if they wouldn’t admit it to anyone else. This story had just the right amount of love, romance, mystery, suspense and humor – I truly couldn’t put it down! You will also fall in love with Nick, Mallory’s young stepson whom she learns to love as her own. The characters of Moses Lake and their unique stories will haunt you long after you finish the book and leave you longing for more. I highly recommend this novel and gladly award it five stars.

    Written by Hannah E. Trotter on March 11, 2013 | e


    Firefly Island is interesting and involved, but not too complex to be confusing. I enjoyed reading this book and learning about Mallory and her new family. Lisa Wingate has captured new marriage and new motherhood perfectly, including all of the insecurities and doubts that come along with that phase of life.

    Written by Lavish Bookshelf on March 11, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    There are other loveable characters in this book, and they seem to be there for those in need, even when they disagree. Enjoy your visits at the Waterbird Cafe, and Mallory’s experience as a Mother of a little boy! What starts out as a love story, ends up being also a big mystery!

    Written by Maureen’s Musings on March 11, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    With the writing style and talent that Lisa Wingate is known for, she has released a fantastic read in Firefly Island. You will everything a great novel needs: suspense, romance, great themes like family and friendships, learning to not judge, and the importance of having a relationship with God.

    The book is very fast paced and trust me when I say that you will not be able to put it down until you have gotten to the very last pages. I was up late into the night reading! From the very first pages you are drawn into the world of Moses Lake, as the writing style and descriptions are amazing.

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on March 10, 2013 | e


    I enjoyed Firefly Island so much that I went out and picked up Lisa Wingate’s other books. I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that.

    Written by The Zen of Motherhood on March 9, 2013 | e


    Contained in the nearly 400 pages you’ll find romance, suspense, political intrigue, and humor. But more than that, Firefly Island is about a woman finding her way—to motherhood, to herself, and to her God.

    From the opening pages, I was swept into Mallory’s story, and I remained captivated until the very end. Author Lisa Wingate does a wonderful job of drawing the reader in and painting a picture in his or her mind. The supporting characters, the vermin, and the struggle to begin a marriage while settling into an unknown (and completely foreign) place all struck me as completely realistic.

    I especially enjoyed Mallory’s friend Al and the mystery surrounding her, and I’d love to read a book where Al is the main character!

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on March 8, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I got right into Firefly. This was a great read. Lisa’s style of writing is so engaging that I was into this book from the very beginning.

    Written by Homemaking Organized Blog on March 8, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lisa Wingate has crafted a rollercoaster of a story keeping you guessing with each turn of the page. She creates characters that allows you to get into their minds, and as soon as you think you have figured out the mystery she throws you for another loop and has you doubting your initial guesses.

    Written by Elle in Organic Shoes on March 7, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Ever since I picked up my first book by Lisa Wingate without any expectations, I have HAD to have each and every book she has published. Her natural down-home style and next-door characters drew me in and her stories filled with true life lessons and quotable quotes captured me .I always love Lisa’s characters and her inclusion of at least one dog into the story which just helps keep it real. Lisa also has at least one good lesson woven into the plot but it is always made palatable by her talented writing. “Firefly Island” was no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on March 7, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book was part of the Moses Lake series but it really seemed like a standalone book to me. The author did mention some of the characters in Firefly Island that were main characters in the other books but it didn’t change the way I read or understood the plot and characters in Firefly Island.

    With that being said, this book was a whirlwind from the beginning but a good one! It got right into the story right away and I liked that! Since I am a blogger, I LOVED that Mallory became a blogger!

    This book was a great read and had romance, mystery, humor and faith all wrapped into one great book!

    Written by The Review Stew on March 7, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    With Mallory’s help the residents of Moses Lake come together to solve this mystery of many years while protecting their own despite all of the emotional upheaval.

    A wonderful blend of romance and suspense along with a message of hope keeps you turning the pages.

    Written by Frugal Plus on March 7, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love stories that tap into real romance, mystery ans intrigue. Firefly Island is one of those stories. Mallory has a case of “love at first sight”. And that love takes her life on a journey like no other. I love how Lisa Wingate wrote the story of Mallory and Daniel. I love the friendship created between Mallory and Al. I also love that she knows she can turn to her family. She can call them if she needs to. She can go home if she needs to. She made a decision when she married Daniel and took over the role of mother to his son and she is determined to see it through.

    Firefly Island is a touching story with great characters…

    Written by Cinnamon Hollow on March 7, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    For a reader there is nothing as satisfying as opening a new book to page 1 and having the first lines jump of the page and hit you between the eyes. The opening paragraphs of Lisa Wingate’s book had me launching for my pencil to underline (yes, I’m one of those people) and commit the phrases to memory. Thus began my first foray into Lisa’s writing and what I discovered is a writer who knows how to captivate with sensory description versus literal description. I felt my way through the first few chapters, intrigued by both the characters and the rhythm of the story. Lisa’s subtle humour and the nebulous mystery surrounding Jack West enticed me to prevail with the story when my interest began to wane midway and I am happy that I saw it through to the exciting resolution.

    Written by The Overweight Bookshelf on March 6, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:

  • At the heart of this book is the idea that God uses each of us in specific ways we may never quite understand. Each small thing can add up to one amazing thing. I loved that idea and the way it was presented in the book.

    Written by A Casual Reader’s Blog on March 6, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This gem has all the makings of a classic southern tale—family, romance, and secrets, combined with plenty of small-town drama, unique townspeople, a precocious child, a handsome man, and a sassy woman. Seriously, what more could you want?

    From the very beginning, I was invested in the characters and the outcome of their story. Only a few chapters in, I had to stop myself from cheating and looking at the last page—to make sure things turned out okay for them. By the end of the book, I was sad to see it end. It was just so perfect—yet not—and I wasn’t ready to leave Mallory and the rest of the residents of Moses Lake.

    Written by i blog 4 books on March 6, 2013 | e


    I really loved this book and can’t wait to read the others. Lisa did a wonderful job keeping things just exciting enough to keep me up all night reading. It was a wonderful blend of parenting, romance and mystery. It is a great read and one you won’t want to miss!

    Written by Kerrific on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lisa Wingate is a new author on my radar and after reading this latest novel I’ll be keeping up with her writing. I carried this book around with me everywhere until I completed it. Thankfully the kids cooperated and gave me some space to read in peace. It doesn’t take long to get swept up in the lives of Mallory and Daniel. Having lived in a small town (no stop lights, 2 restaurants and a dollar general) with a child I could empathize with Mallory and how hard the adjustment was from city life.

    Jack West, the mysterious character that bring the family to Moses Lake keeps you guessing on his motives and how everyone fits together. I will admit I had my own ideas on what was going on albeit they were wrong.

    Written by Coupon Clippin’ Mommy on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Firefly Island has all the ingredients for an excellent read. As I read, I realized that the romance and love story were genuine. The story is exciting – especially the last part. It is a book I would recommend.

    Written by Manifest Blog on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This novel is packed with both romance and mystery. I look forward to reading more Lisa Wingate books.

    Written by sunny island breezes on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Firefly Island is the first book I’ve ever read by Lisa Wingate. It was very enjoyable. I found it suspenseful, with plenty of romance and mystery. There was a lot of action, so I had a hard time putting it down and ended up reading it in just a few days. I felt that I really got to know the character of Mallory, as well as some of the residents of the town. The Moses Lake area was described beautifully. I was delighted to discover that there are two other books by the author centered around Moses Lake!

    Written by The Loose Screw on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed the mysterious side of the story, and it made the story more enjoyable for me! A great book you have to keep reading to the end! Very interesting. Favorite side story in the book for me was “Al” and her story, a great twist to add to the storyline! 4 stars

    Written by Cindy’s Book Reviews on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is the perfect book for me! It has romance, and mystery. It kept me intrigued the whole time I read it. This is the second book I have read by this author, and I love this one as much as the other one (Larkspur Cove). The author brings characters to real life, and you feel like you know them, and you “feel” with them! Great read!

    Written by Hanging Off The Wire on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Firefly Island is one of the most beautiful and moving books I have read in a while. It really struck a chord with me. Mallory Hale is content, happy even, in her life of politics, friends and family… until she meets him. It’s love at first sight, and after a short romance and a little bit of reality, her life changes so drastically that’s she’s not sure what happened or if she can survive.
    Lisa Wingate has written such an amazing storing that just draws the read in and dares you to put it down. I laughed, I cried and there even times I was angry. This is my favorite type of book for sure — one that takes you through a spectrum of feelings. The book is perfect for all types of readers.

    Written by The Life and Times of a pwnmom… on March 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lisa Wingate’s novels are described as ‘Fiction Good For The Soul’ and rightly so! Once again we discover what it means in ‘Firefly Island’. There is something about her light and airy style which brings to mind fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky, gurgling clear water in a stream, the wind playing softly with the tree canopy and a child’s happy laugh in the background…
    Poetic? Perhaps. Let me just say her writing brings such a warm feeling, it inspires happiness!

    At times witty, at others verging on emotional, delving even in the mysterious, the plot line is witty, hopeful and reflects wholesome goodness! If I had to describe its colour, I would chose bright yellow…sunny!

    Written by (Live and) Dream a little dream on March 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    After a whirlwind romance Mallory decides to leave Capital Hill’s hustle and bustle for Texas. She quickly marries Daniel and they pack up and leave. Mallory becomes Terminix R Us killing every rodent known to man kind, that has taken up residence in their bunk house.
    Lisa has written a book that has great suspense and romance, with humor. You will enjoy Mallory’s journey as she tries to find her niche in Texas.

    Written by Radiant Light on March 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I have enjoyed all 3 books in Lisa Wingate’s series, and each once I thought could not be better than the first but they have all been! I love the Moses Lake setting and how Lisa has created this community that is so real and comes alive in her stories. Mallory may just be my favorite character in this series as well. She is down to earth, and “normal” – a flawed human being trying to navigate through life admist pressures from work and in her personal life, be successful and be happy while not losing her mind and herself in the process. This was a fun story to read and filled with love, adventure and some mystery – all elements to a great read in my opinion!

    Written by Moments on March 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Wow- I really thought I wouldn’t rush thru this book, but I found myself pulling another all-nighter as I just could NOT put it down by the time I was 4 chapters in! Based partially on Lisa’s life, she gives us an amazing MODERN romance, fish out of water chick lit, small world of the internet analogy, tight mystery, fictionalized novel that will delight the reader!

    The book has everything that a reader could ask for and more, and I really don’t want to spoil it for you by talking too much about it- this is one of those books that has to be experienced! Pick it up and read it and you will understand!It may end up being the most talked about book of the year!

    Written by bless their hearts mom on March 3, 2013 | e


    If you enjoy a clean romance with memorable characters, pick up Firefly Island. I loved it!

    Written by Minding Spot on March 3, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The expression is something like this: you can take the person out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the person. Mallory has to give her story to the producer on CNN so she does what we all would do, she starts at the beginning. She met Daniel in the Rotunda. They got married. They moved to Texas. That is how they took the girl out of the city. There is a mystery surrounding Daniel’s boos and Firefly Island. Mallory used to work as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill. Put a mystery in front of her that possibly threatens her husband and step-son and she will solve it to protect them. That is how they can’t take the city out of the girl. “Firefly Island” is a lot of fun. There is a real story going on with Daniel’s boss but the most fun is watching Mallory adapt

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on March 2, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lisa’s talented way of vividly describing the people and the scenes brings everything to life, drawing the reader (me) into the book, page by page. Engaging my emotions as I continued to read and became intimate with the characters.
    As an added bonus, there is an intriguing suspenseful sub-plot that causes ripple effects in the lives of a number of characters. I am certain that whether you are a long time fan of Lisa Wingate or, maybe you haven’t read any of her books, that you’ll want to add Firefly Island to your TBR wish list.

    Written by Our Homeschooling Pilgrimage on March 2, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really enjoyed the way Lisa told this story from the past – more than any other novel I have read. I enjoyed this style. I loved her characters and I enjoyed the suspenseful side of the story too. This story made me want to go to Firefly Island, meet the people in the town and experience a bit of that life! I really enjoyed it!

    Written by Cole Clan Adventures on March 2, 2013 | e
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    Written in first person, the story is different in style. Kind of a looking back style, where she is trying to think over how to tell the story on CNN news about how she got where she is—and there’s no way to tell it, except by starting at the beginning. The moment she met Daniel on Capital Hill.

    Written by Laura Hilton on March 2, 2013 | e
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    This is such a sweet heartwarming book, but yet Mallory and Daniel have their differences and issues. I really felt for Mallory as she tried to fix up the house they were given to live. All of those critters in there would be the downfall of me! The way Mallory handled all of the difficult situations shows just how strong she is, because she was able to take care of her new step-son, Nick and make the house liveable for her family. I found it neat and heartwarming the way the people of Moses Lake snuck their way into Mallory’s heart and she begin to love them, wanting to do whatever she could to help them.

    Written by Joy Hannabass on March 1, 2013 | e
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    Firefly Island is a beautifully written novel, a story that will make you laugh just as much as it may bring a tear to your eye. Mallory Hale is one of those characters who, within minutes of opening the book, you have come to absolutely adore. Her klutziness, her moments of insecurity, the humorous predicaments she finds herself in, and the realm of emotions that encompass her life, all combine to form a person who fairly leaps off the page.

    Written by Christian Fiction Addiction on March 1, 2013 | e
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    It takes a very special writer to pull you in to a book and hold your attention from page one. Well Lisa is that special author. She is so talented.
    I can not wait to see what she has in store for us next.

    Written by The Mary Book Reader on March 1, 2013 | e
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    … I really did fall in love with the characters.

    Written by The World As I See It on February 28, 2013 | e
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    I really like books that mix a little bit of romance with a little bit of mystery and/or suspense. This book does that and then some. There is just enough mystery to keep you turning the pages and just enough romance to become invested in the characters.

    Written by A Room Without Books Si Empty on February 28, 2013 | e
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  • This book was really enjoyable to read. It starts out with a charming romance and leads to so much more! Mallory, the main character, is wonderful and you can definitely find yourself in her and her thoughts. This book has tons of romance, suspense and twists and turns. I definitely recommend it to everyone who likes easy, fun, romantic books!! I will definitely read more of Lisa’s books, especially in this genre!

    Written by on February 28, 2013 | e


    Lisa Wingate always brings a huge amount of joy and love to her writing, and her latest book, “Firefly Island” is proof postive of that. Filled with romance, faith, and an intriguing mystery, this novel is just a delight to dive into.

    “Firefly Island” is the third novel in Lisa’s “Moses Lake, Texas” series, but readers can enjoy this as a stand-alone novel.

    I highly recommend this novel for those who enjoy contemporary, faith-based romance and well written women’s fiction!

    Written by Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews on February 28, 2013 | e
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    I found this to be a MOST intriguing book! I was entranced from beginning to end and found it very difficult to put down, even for a moment. I HAD to know what was going to happen next. Lisa has a special talent for capturing your attention immediately, in the first chapter, and maintaining it throughout, by adding unexpected twists and turns in her plot. You can never guess what is “around the corner”- on the next page. What is predictable, just doesn’t occur. The ending of the book left me completely satisfied, yet wanting more!! I just did not want this story to be over!

    Written by Quiet Quilter on February 28, 2013 | e
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    One of my guilty pleasures is reading inspirational romances. I love a good love story. Reading about how a couple meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. I know that it doesn’t always happen that way in real life, but it does happen and I love reading these stories. Now add a bit of a mystery and some intrigue and I am totally hooked.

    Firefly Island is one of those kinds of books. I loved reading about the love at first sight they experienced and how Mallory fell in love with both Daniel and his son. Such a sweet story. I also loved the mystery part of it.

    Written by Saved Sister on February 28, 2013 | e
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    Lisa Wingate has a new follower now, and it is me. She writes with a heart that shares real life issues in a fictional setting and it was great. I loved coming to the end of the novel and seeing God glorified as well as knowing that there are novels where the search for truth is paramount.

    Written by Seeking with All Yur Heart on February 27, 2013 |e
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    The thing I love about Lisa Wingates writing is she makes us care about the characters in her books. It’s easy to feel what the characters are feeling because we care about them so much.
    I loved the mystery element in the book. It was a page turner, for sure. There was just the right amount of romance, too. We were left wondering about some things in the book that I would have liked wrapped up, but honestly, it didn’t affect the fact that I really enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it!

    Written by Julie @ More of Him on February 27, 2013 | e
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  • Not being a stranger to Lisa Wingate, it was super exciting to get to read and review this anticipated new novel of hers. I was first introduced to Lisa’s writing while browsing through the library and looking for Christian publishers in various sections. I was looking for a specific author that day and happened upon Lisa’s Talk of the Town series, and after that I was hooked!

    Written by the ramblings of miss aimymichelle on February 27, 2013 | e
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  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    I could not have known when I started Firefly Island how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G a read it would turn out to be! I just finished it and am blown away! I thought I was reading a plain old romance novel and slowly the suspense began to build until I found myself immersed in a full blown mystery.

    Wingate brilliantly weaves all of her plot-lines together tying in Mallory’s past in politics, her new journey into Motherhood and connecting the people from her past and present. This is absolute must read that I know my words have not even begun to do justice for! Firefly Island was like taking a trip that you think will be fun but turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime!

    Written by The IE Mommy on February 26, 2013 | e
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    Love, love, love! I just loved this book! To me, it was perfect in every way. I am not new Lisa Wingate, I have read quite a few of her books. But I honestly think this is her best. This is part of a series and I have not read any of the other books in the series (although they are all on my wishlist). I did not feel like I was missing out. I don’t think this is a series that you have to read in order (I could be wrong) or that you have to read every book to get it.

    I loved the characters. I felt such a connection to Mallory right away. Her husband I had my doubts about but I ended up liking him too. I also loved her new friends Al and Karen. Everyone seemed so real to me.
    The descriptions were excellent. I really could picture every thing – the lake, the island, the cabin, the ranch, and the town. I wanted to drop everything and just drive there and meet them all, LOL. The way she told about the cabin with the mice, bugs, scorpions, and all the filth… I just felt so sorry for Mallory! First having married someone she just met and then to be taken to her new “home” that was… this disgusting place. Well I just felt for her. I don’t know if I could have taken it, I may have yelled at my husband and just left!

    I highly recommend this book!

    Written by wall-to-wall books on February 26, 2013 | e
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    All in all, I highly recommend Firefly Island. If you are new to Moses Lake, it can be read as a standalone, but I would start with book 1 (Larkspur Cove) and proceed to book 2 (Blue Moon Bay) first. You don’t want to miss any time you can spend in this wonderful little part of Texas.

    Written by By The Book on February 26, 2013 | e
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    After the first few chapters, I got hooked and I couldn’t put it down until I finished. It is not too spiritual, but there are plenty of twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. Firefly Island is a great read!

    Written by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer on February 25, 2013 | e
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    Firefly Island is a very good book with some mystery, some intrigue, and several areas of hilarity all mixed throughout. I was shocked at the end of the book to find out that Firefly Island is part of a series based in Moses Lake, Texas…and that this was the third book in the series! Lisa Wingate does a great job writing a book in a series and filling the reader in so that they don’t feel like they’re missing chunks of the story! There was enough background in each sub-story that I felt it could be a stand-alone novel if needed. I’m looking forward to the next Moses Lake installment, but I’m also anxious to go back and read the first three in the series.

    Written by Vera Pereskokova on February 25, 2013 | e


    The one word that came to me when I finished reading this book was Wow! It was not like I expected at all, but it was even better. Firefly Island had it all. I was expecting the romance and mystery, but not the edge of my seat thrills and amazing descriptions! I felt like I was right there at Moses Lake getting to know all these wonderfully rich characters. There are so many amazing themes running through this book. One of them that stands out is that we can’t judge others too quickly. You never know what their life is like or what they’ve been through. There were twists in this book that I was not expecting at all and it was glorious!

    Written by Buzz4Mommies on February 25, 2013 | e
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    What I especially like about Firefly Island, is the wisdom given within. So much to tweak from, in our own lives. Balances. Facing the unknown and making it our own. Mallory learns to enjoy where she is, leaving behind where she has been. What is new, moving from what has been. I like how she expresses herself, recognizing the change that is occurring. Realizing love that is real, not subjective.
    Intrigue. Firefly Island. Uncovering truth and trust. I read all but about 35 pages, only because I ran out of day. The twists and turns near the end were surprising. They have forever friends. I hope there is one more Moses Lake, Texas, book!

    Written by Lane Hill House on February 25, 2013 | e
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