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After a cross-country trip to track down a sold painting that could ruin her family’s business forever, Miranda Wimplegate forms an unlikely but charged partnership with livestock auctioneer Wyatt Ballentine in Regina Jennings’ At Love’s Bidding. Miranda and her grandfather discover their new auction house doesn’t deal in fine antiques, but in livestock. And its frustratingly handsome manager, Wyatt, is annoyed to discover his fussy new bosses don’t know a thing about the business he’s single-handedly kept afloat. Faced with more heads of cattle than they can count–but no mysterious painting–Miranda and Wyatt must try and prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

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At Love’s Bidding (Bethany House, December 2015)

She sells priceless antiques. He sells livestock by the pound. Is he really the man to make a bid for her heart?

After helping her grandfather at their Boston auction house, Miranda Wimplegate discovers she’s accidentally sold a powerful family’s prized portrait to an anonymous bidder. Desperate to appease the people who could ruin them forever, they track it to the Missouri Ozarks and make an outlandish offer to buy the local auction house and all its holdings before the painting can move again.

Upon crossing the country, however, Miranda and her grandfather discover their new auction house doesn’t deal in fine antiques, but in livestock. And its frustratingly handsome manager, Wyatt Ballentine, is annoyed to discover his fussy new bosses don’t know a thing about the business he’s single-handedly kept afloat. Faced with more heads of cattle than they can count–but no mysterious painting–Miranda and Wyatt form an unlikely but charged partnership to try and prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

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Regina Jennings

{More About Regina Jennings}

Regina Jennings is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in English and a history minor. She is the author of “A Most Inconvenient Marriage,” “Sixty Acres and a Bride,” and “Caught in the Middle,” and contributed a novella to “A Match Made in Texas.” Regina has worked at the Mustang News and First Baptist Church of Mustang, along with time at the Oklahoma National Stockyards and various livestock shows. She now lives outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with her husband and four children.

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“What a delightful book! The relationship between Wyatt and Miranda develops naturally and comically. Their banter serves to ratchet up the romantic tension and propels the match forward in a captivating way. Great romance, sprinkled with a bit of mystery and some laugh-out-loud humor, this tale is entertaining from start to finish.” —RT Book Reviews

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    The message was very inspirational and talked about God in a manner that was not intrusive but enlightening and motivational for those reading. I was fully invested in both of these characters and I cared about the same things they cared about. They were smart, strong, and completely determined to better themselves and their goals. The book has a very real and serious message behind it, but Regina Jennings writes scenes that are witty and full of humor. She makes the character’s lives and problems seem very real, but she still allow them to joke and have a good time while enjoying each other’s company. I am looking forward to so much more from this series!

    Written by Charming Chelsey’s on January 11, 2016


    Talk about a culture clash! The difference between antique auctions and cattle auctions is huge. So is the lifestyle each represents.

    Coming from Boston and being confronted by the rustic west was a shock to Miranda and her grandfather. They struggled to adapt as they searched for a valuable painting that had gone astray.

    It appears that both the recovery of the painting and a blooming relationship are doomed. Miranda and her grandfather return back home empty handed. Can they possibly turn things around?

    Thank you, Ms. Jennings, for this book with such a delightful twist.

    Written by sunny island breezes on January 8, 2016
    Read my full review:


    This is one of the cleverest stories I have ever come across. This has drama, some suspense and loads of fun. Ms. Jennings has provided us a Humorous Historical Romance. Wyatt and Miranda are very interesting characters and we root for them to succeed. This is a book about family and what is important in life.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on January 7, 2016
    Read my full review:


    In At Love’s Bidding two drastically different worlds collide for a fun, yet heart-rending story. I enjoyed it a lot. There are some parts that go as expected, yet others take longer to wrap up with surprise events thrown in that keep the story interesting.

    The heroine starts to break out of her shell at her home, but is quickly pushed to do unusual things as she accompanies her grandfather to a place with a totally different way of life than she has ever known. I think she does well with the information and life twists given her. She grows in maturity and self confidence throughout the story.

    The voice switches between the hero and heroine with good success. There’s not much religious content, but it is very moral and clean. I’m definitely interested in reading more books by R Jennings

    Written by Jendi’s Journal on January 7, 2016
    Read my full review:


    Miranda Wimplegate is in trouble. She has sold something that is not replaceable. She has to find out where it is and how she can make it better for the client. She goes across country after buying an auction house. But, they do not deal in the same kinds of products. What will they do with livestock? Wyatt Ballentine the auctioneer she has just met is a challenge. They seem to start off the wrong way but, now they are starting to like each other. Will they have any kind of future? They have a ton of cattle and cannot get their hands on the picture. What does a person who sells wonderful antiques have in common with a manager of cattle? I give this book a 4/5.

    Written by Deal Sharing Aunt on January 7, 2016
    Read my full review:


    At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings was an amusing, entertaining novel that featured the exploits of one Miranda Wimplegate and her disastrous run in with a Wyatt Ballentine. The story line of this novel is fun and relatively quick paced and is filled with danger, comic relief, suspense, and, of course, romance. There are times that the story jumps to unbelievable heights, but overall, it is well written and highly intriguing. The characters are fairly complex and certainly interesting as Miranda and Wyatt are from very different backgrounds, and Miranda’s grandfather is a whole other situation by himself. I do think that the relationship that begins between Miranda and Wyatt feels a little rushed, but I do like how it plays out in the end.

    Written by Heart to Heart Books on January 6, 2016
    Read my full review:


    What a delightful book! Filled with adorable character that are fun and sassy, this book is a delight. I enjoyed this frothy light romance as a quick afternoon read, it was sweet and funny, perfectly hitting the spot on a cold blustery day.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on January 6, 2016


    Overall, this novel was a well written, enjoyable read, if a bit slower at first. If you’re interested in this novel, I would definitely advise you to stick to it. Besides, who wouldn’t love to read about all those awesome antiques?!

    Written by Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm on January 5, 2016


    I had completely forgotten how much I enjoy reading Regina Jennings. I had completely forgotten she had written of my top books, such as Sixty Acres and a Bride, Love in the Balance, and A Most Inconvenient Marriage. I always find myself laughing throughout the book and she just knows how to make her readers enjoy her books.

    The opening pages of this book had me engaged from the start. I couldn’t go a few pages without laughing.. In fact, it was the parts of humor that made me flip to the back to remind myself of what books Regina had written. I love that laughter triggered that memory for me.

    Miranda Wimplegate is just a fun character. She tries to restrain herself and stay “in her place” but she keeps finding herself in situations where she needs to intervene.

    Written by When life gets you down…read a book on January 5, 2016
    Read my full review:’s%20bidding&qid=1452024929&ref_=sr_1_1&s=digital-text&sr=1-1


    Well, if you’re anything like me, you read the back of this book and thought…

    This is a book I HAVE TO read!

    And yes, the story is just as delightful and intriguing as it sounds.

    I never fancied myself a fan of westerns . . . but At Love’s Bidding is so much more than just a western.

    It is a delightful story that makes me want to rush out and find every other book Regina Jennings has written!

    Romance . . .

    Cowboys . . .

    How could you go wrong?

    Written by JC’s BookShelf on January 5, 2016
    Read my full review:


    What a wonderfully entertaining and heart-touching work of fiction! There are several characters that bring a unique personality to the story which brings climatic moments for the reader. First, there is a woman named Miranda who helps run the family auction house in Boston. What brings them together is a mistake at the auction house regarding a painting that now has disappeared.

    I started this book late at night and remained reading until I finished it. I was hooked from the first page, so be careful when you start the book in case you have to arise early the next morning!

    Written by Seeking with All Yur Heart on January 5, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I love how Miranda stays by her grandfather’s side, looks after him and defends him when his memory takes a turn for the worse and he starts to alienate the people in Pine Gap. Even though Wyatt is not happy that the new auction house owners haven’t the first clue on how to conduct livestock auctions, he tries to help them the best he can. He does a good job trying to balance their big-city ideas with the reality of small town living.

    Written by Our Little Corner of the World on January 5, 2016
    Read my full review:


    This book was just OK for me. I usually love Regina Jennings but I found myself getting a bit bored with this book. It might be because I read it over the busy holiday time and therefore couldn’t really sit down and read without interruption.

    It took me a while to really get into reading this book. It didn’t start to get exciting for me until the grandfather started going off his rocker!

    I enjoyed the characters and the romance. Maybe it was the whole auction theme that I just couldn’t get into.

    I hate to give an “OK” review but this is my honest opinion.

    Written by Colletta’s Kitchen Sink on January 5, 2016


    At Love’s Bidding is quite different from Jennings’ other books – fewer cowboys, a weaker female lead – but the suspense and the twisting plot keep this book as a Jennings’ great. By the time I reached the end, I wasn’t ready to – I had fallen for the characters and wasn’t ready to turn the last page on them. I certainly hope Wyatt, Miranda, and the crew in Pine Gap make a reappearance in another Jennings’ book, because I want to hear more about them.

    Written by A Nest in the Rocks on January 4, 2016


    The second of her series set in the Ozarks following A Most Inconvenient Marriage (but definitely readable on its own), Regina Jennings’ At Love’s Bidding delivers a delightful and entertaining historical romance. Fans of Jennings will not be disappointed with this new romance and will certainly be left eager to read more from her, just like I am. I would not hesitate to recommend this novel to readers of historical romance – it’s a fun read.

    Written by Book by Book on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    This was a very enjoyable and amusing story I had a hard time putting down! I loved the characters, from shy Miranda who doesn’t want attention drawn to herself to impetuous Wyatt who sometimes acts without thinking, yet cares a lot about his family and friends. I also loved how he encouraged Miranda to trust God and also to believe in herself. There were some great romantic moments.

    Written by Veronica’s ‘Views on January 4, 2016


    At Love’s Bidding has what I enjoy most – rich characterization, humor, appealing hero and heroine, romance with chemistry, inspiration – all beautifully blended into an intriguing storyline. The humor which Regina infuses into her writing is wonderful. You’ll find it throughout the novel, sometimes in laugh-out-loud scenes – like the first livestock auction and the headless chicken – and simmering beneath the surface at other times. But don’t be fooled into thinking this a “light” read. It does read easily, but there’s hidden depth in life issues – social status, stewardship of wealth, and the heartbreak of dementia. I found Wyatt and Miranda’s patient, loving care for her grandfather most touching – and personally inspiring. Highly recommended.

    Written by The Power of Words on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I rather enjoyed this book. It’s not a typical “historical romance” novel. It is different, unique, and well written. Regina Jennings does a fantastic job of using descriptive writing to bring to life the town of Pine Gap and the story of Miranda and Wyatt. I personally felt the book was a little slow to warm up, but gained more speed as it went along. By the end, I was very pleased and overall I really enjoyed it. Growing up, my parents used to take me to auctions a couple times a month or more, so this triggered some happy memories from long ago, even if they weren’t on the same wavelength as this book. I liked it!

    Written by Through The Open Window on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I loved how this story wove in a little mystery and a lot of God. I never felt preached at — rather I felt encouraged and challenged. This book is perfect for romance lovers who love historicals that also strengthen their faith.

    Written by Cara Putman on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    This was a delightful romp in the Ozark Mountains. It has all of the run that you find in a duck out of water story. From auctioning fine antiques in Boston to learning how to auction cattle in Missouri. A great book.

    Written by A Room Without Books Is Empty on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    At Love’s Bidding is a fun read, full of quirky yet lovable characters and some not-so-loveable characters. There are several laugh out loud moments when Miranda’s grandfather tries to make their first sale more like their elegant antiques auction house in Boston—in spite of their smelly wares. The romance between Wyatt and Miranda is done well, fun to follow, and comes to a satisfying conclusion.

    Written by The Writer’s Tool on January 4, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed this book. I will admit the character of the grandfather really aggravated me, but I think the author was trying to show that his character was changing quite a bit from his “normal” personality.

    Written by The Talbert Report on January 3, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I love historical romance and when there is humor woven into the plot well it makes the story even better! At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings is an easy to slip into read that easily transported me into the heart of the story, and the characters.

    Written by WV Stitcher on January 3, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I always enjoy Regina Jennings’ historical romance novels because I know I can expect an entertaining combination of humor, drama, and romance laced with a touch of mystery and suspense and surprises. It is also a plus to find a good message of faith woven through her stories. At Love’s Bidding did not disappoint with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and a sweet romance that kept me happily reading and satisfied at its end.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on January 2, 2016
    Read my full review:


    I liked the story. It was full of twists and turns that didn’t turn out the way I expected. I also expected a little bit more about the character’s faith since this is labeled as Christian fiction. The main characters were well thought out and fit well with the story. But my favorite was actually a secondary character named Betsy. She really added to the plot and the uniqueness of the town. Overall, it was a fun, slightly romantic story, but didn’t have any gripping drama or deep faith connection.

    Written by Tima Murrell on January 1, 2016
    Read my full review:


    Regina’s story will entice readers from page one as they journey with Miranda Wimplegate on a journey to help solve a problem from a sale from the family auction and possibly even find romance. Readers will not want to put down this wonderful book.

    Written by Singing Librarian Books on January 1, 2016
    Read my full review:


    Overall, At Love’s Bidding was a highly enjoyable story. There were sizzling moments full of chemistry, laugh-out-loud moments, moments that inspired, lovable characters, and a plot with some twists to keep the story interesting. A perfect story for inspirational historical romance fans.

    Written by Wishful Endings on December 31, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Unfortunately there were so many over-the-top moments in the story that it detracted from the decent plot. One crazy situation after another just made me tired. The book wasn’t a wash, however. I enjoyed the sweet romance between Miranda and Wyatt; her grandfather was a charmer as well. This is a book I would recommend for days that you want to just sit and enjoy a good cute read, without worrying about plot twists or suspense.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on December 31, 2015
    Read my full review:


    In Regina Jennings’ most recent historical fiction novel she does an excellent job of writing the characters in a way that at times you love them, get mad at them, or your heart aches for them. As far as the story itself goes the romance plays a secondary role to the suspense in my mind. I was curious about so many things from the very first chapter and rather than reveal too much at once the story doles out bits and pieces here and there that bring answers over time.

    Written by Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between on December 30, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina Jennings is back with another adorable historical novel. At Love’s Bidding serves up a look at auctions in the late 1800s and has a dose of mystery mixed with a little love. Very clean read. I enjoyed this book and read it in just a couple days, the end was a little slow and I hurried through the last chapter or two just to finish before bed. I enjoyed a look at the history of auctions and the humor of the Boston auctions versus the Missouri auctions. Published by Bethany House, this is one author I always trust for a safe read.

    Written by Clicking Her Heels on December 30, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I loved the high contrast between the locations Miranda and Wyatt are from, and that they each get to experience the other’s lifestyle. Going from Boston to the wilderness of Pine Gap definitely put Miranda at a disadvantage, but she rallies and attributes she felt weak in such as self-esteem, confidence and courage become strengths as she rises to the challenges before her. There is humor in many of the scenes but I think the compassion that Miranda and Wyatt both share is highlighted as they interact with the community and prioritize the needs of others. The mystery unfolds and takes the story in a direction I didn’t foresee but complicates the budding romance between Miranda and Wyatt. Their special moments together are well-depicted, full of tension and joy.

    Written by Heidi Reads… on December 30, 2015
    Read my full review:


    At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings was a fun book to read. I found myself smiling throughout the book because of the crazy things that kept happening to Miranda and her grandfather as they tried to find a painting that got sold on accident.

    Written by The World As I See It on December 30, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina has once again written a novel that will keep you completely engrossed from the beginning to the end as she creates such lovable characters and storylines with humor and heart. Regina dives right into the story and into Miranda’s world on the very first page with detailed descriptions that set the scene and begin taking the reader on a journey into the world of family businesses, auction houses and a trek across country.

    Written by Moments on December 29, 2015
    Read my full review:


    The mix-ups in the plot, the relationship between the main characters, the delightful scene-stealing minor characters, and the humor all reminded me of work of the favorite author of my childhood, Stephen Bly. This was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year and it thoroughly drew me in and captured my senses.

    Written by ReviewsByErin on December 29, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I really enjoyed getting to know Miranda and Wyatt, who went through a lot of personal growth in this book. In Boston, Miranda was easily swayed by others, but through her trip to Missouri with her grandfather, who was showing signs of dementia, she learned to stand up for herself and become more independent. Wyatt grew up feeling inadequate because he was adopted and always believed he was born out-of-wedlock, so he had to summon up the courage to learn more about his background. Miranda and Wyatt seemed to have little in common at first, but through their struggles, they learned that they were more alike than they thought and both had a good heart. The quirky people in Pine Gap, Missouri, were a joy to meet, too. If you’re a fan of historical romance, you’ll delight in this book.

    Written by Susan Heim on Writing on December 29, 2015
    Read my full review:


    This was a cute story. It was a little slow to get into but once I was a few chapters in I found myself wanting to read more. I think Jennings rushed it a little and could have developed the two main characters a bit more to make the story flow a little better. I was also disappointed a bit by the epilogue which gave us more questions than answers or at least it felt that way to me. Even with that it was a nice read and perfect to dive in to over the long holiday.

    Written by A Rup Life on December 28, 2015
    Read my full review:


    At Love’s Bidding had its moments, most of them interactions between just Miranda and Wyatt. Yet I did not care for the representation of many of the other characters. They fell flat to me, like cutouts of real people. I still plan to read the next book, if there is one, as I had really enjoyed the first. I just was not a fan of this.

    Written by Backing Books on December 28, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina Jennings always writes the most fun-filled, lighthearted romances and I love sitting down to read them when I need a mental break from the stresses of life!

    At Love’s Bidding was such a fun read and I love the look into early auction houses – both household items and livestock auctions. This book was a great romance with many funny moments, mystery, intrigue, family relationship issues and so much more! She really packed a lot into this easy to read, lighthearted book!

    Always a pleasure to read a Regina Jennings book!

    Written by The Review Stew on December 28, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina Jennings book is a delightful tale that draws the reader in. She has a wonderful way of describing things to the reader and providing a portrait of her own making. You won’t want to miss out on getting a copy of this book.

    Written by Digging For Pearls on December 28, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I find At Love’s Bidding rather captivating. It moves along smoothly, and I found it hard to put down once I began reading. I found myself easily relating to Miranda, who went from being rather timid and desiring to be “invisible” to becoming bolder, and standing up for herself. It is also touching, how Miranda tenderly and patiently cared for her grandfather, who exhibits signs of dementia. I would certainly recommend this book.

    This was the first book I’ve read by Regina Jennings, and I hope to read more.

    Written by Life at Rossmont on December 28, 2015
    Read my full review:


    At Love’s Bidding is sprinkled with romance and a bit of suspense and mystery. It also really touched my heart as the subplot of Miranda’s Grandfather’s forgetfulness reminded me of my own Grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s. This is another enjoyable read from Regina Jennings. Her prose transports the reader to well-crafted settings populated by fleshy characters that not only entertain but also provoke thought and make me examine myself. This is not my favorite Regina Jennings novel, but I still recommend this book.

    Written by WORD Up! on December 22, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I delighted in Miranda Wimplegate and Wyatt Ballentine and their auction house adventures! At Love’s Bidding boasts its own unique charm, as only Regina Jennings can create. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to more!

    Written by Buzzing About Books on December 21, 2015
    Read my full review:


    The strength of At Love’s Bidding lies in the romance. Wyatt and Miranda are a classic case of opposites attracting, and boy did they attract! Jennings hit the perfect tone with the slow build to the couple’s first kiss, and the obstacles she threw in their way following the initial confession of feelings made sense and didn’t feel contrived. I was incredibly invested in Wyatt and Miranda finding their happily ever after, and the romance portion of this book was handled expertly.

    There’s also a very intriguing mystery woven throughout the novel concerning the missing painting and its owner. I did not anticipate the turn the book took about three quarters of the way through, and that turn made the story so much more interesting.

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on December 21, 2015
    Read my full review:


    A completely wonderful book! I absolutely LOVE Regina and I can’t get enough of her writing!

    Written by ASC Book Reviews on December 21, 2015


    While I do not find myself madly in love with this book, I don’t really have any real complaints. It was just an okay story for me.

    I enjoyed getting to know the characters that we met through this book. Miranda is one of those women who has lived her entire life within the rules of society. She does as she is told and is not allowed to think for herself. However, when she accompanies her grandfather to Missouri for a business trip, we get to see an entirely new personality come through. I love the woman that Miranda became during the trip. She is willing to stand up for herself and make decisions that are for the betterment of her family. She seems to become an independent woman and I truly enjoy her character.

    Written by Ting’s Mom Books on December 20, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Colorful characters, entertaining antics, and a romance that will flutter your heart – these are the strengths of At Love’s Bidding. Nearly every emotion was engaged while I read, from laughter to tears to sympathetic mortification to swooniness (new word I coined just now). And Wyatt. *dreamy sigh* (I haven’t used one of those in a while. It felt good.) Wyatt is just THE ideal hero. I dare you to read this and not get all twitterpated when he’s in the scene. Especially one particular scalp-massagey scene. Whew!

    Written by Reading Is My SuperPower on December 20, 2015
    Read my full review:


    This book is fantastic! I love how Regina took an antique dealer and someone in the livestock business to make a fantastic novel that is charming, hilarious and without a doubt, a must read historical novel!

    Written by Running Through The Storms on December 19, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina Jennings is one of those delightful authors who always finds a new plot for her readers. And this one is no different! An entertaining read with high falutin’ women and big strapping guys.

    Written by Giveaway Lady on December 18, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I loved this novel because it gave me something I hadn’t read before in any of the historical novels, a story line involving a strong willed woman who works for an antique auction house who’s only familiar with high priced items like jewelry, antiques and paintings so to see her having to deal with the livestock instead makes for a comical romance you will just love. Even though I haven’t read the first book in the Ozark Mountain Romance Series, I look forward to going back and reading the previous one A Most Inconvenient Marriage!

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on December 18, 2015
    Read my full review:


    One mix-up leads to another, landing Miranda and Wyatt in some awkwardly funny situations!

    I love the humor sprinkled throughout At Love’s Bidding. Not only are the circumstances comical, but the characters are fantastic. From young Betsy, who manages to find her way into the middle of most everything, to elderly Elmer, bless his heart…

    Written by Fiction, Faith, and Fun on December 18, 2015
    Read my full review:


    Regina Jennings has written a most wonderful book. A book that will capture the heart of the reader. I love the unexpected things that happen.

    Written by cherylbbookblog on December 18, 2015


    This historical fiction book is filled with humor, romance and mystery, this book just about covers it all.

    Most of the characters were likable except Cousin Cornelius. I couldn’t stand him.

    I loved how Regina wasn’t too good to visit with the other classes in society. She took the time to teach them about the Bible and tried to help educate them. That takes a lot of confidence. Which is why I was confused when her family didn’t think she had confidence. From page one she seemed to have a strong personality, but within the next few pages it seemed to change.

    All in all this was an enjoyable read and I liked reading from a new author.

    Written by Dixie n Dottie on December 17, 2015


    I was looking forward to reading another book by Regina Jennings, since her other stories have been a fun blend of history, romance, action, God, and spunk. At Love’s Bidding didn’t disappoint! I appreciated the fun story of a young woman sent out west to right a wrong and clear her family’s name, and discovering more than a missing heirloom, finding love and a backbone as well. The story has some great characters and fun twists! I highly recommend it.

    Written by Inklings and Notions on December 17, 2015


    Regina Jennings takes readers on a hunt for a mysterious painting in her newest Ozark Mountain Romance installment. What is the object Miranda’s grandfather has accidentally auctioned off? How did it show up after Miranda had catalogued the lots of this particular auction but in time for the actual event? […] But in the course of looking for the artwork, her grandfather starts showing some unpredictable behavior. The reader then gets a sobering look at how growing old can change a person, because Miranda has her work cut out for her. A twist is also revealed midway through which takes us from a straightforward romance to to a romance mystery with a possible criminal element. That’s what kept me reading.

    Written by Proverbial Reads on December 17, 2015
    Read my full review:


    There are those unfortunate times when you just cannot get into a book. And this was definitely one of those times. Normally, Regina Jennings is the type of author I adore–she writes great historical novels with quirky characters and fun plots to keep me interested. And believe me, I really enjoy a good historical. So it was very odd when it took me so long to finish At Love’s Bidding. After a few chapters, it seemed to pick up and I got more into the story so it definitely wasn’t a bomb, just not one of my favorites.

    Written by Luxury Reading on December 17, 2015


    I absolutely loved this book! Due to some forgetfulness on my part I had a very short window in which to read this book but I probably would have finished it just as quickly without a deadline! Miranda and Wyatt were both fabulous characters. I loved how they both cared deeply for everyone they came across, whether it was sneaking treats to feed the boys on the street or buying an old lady’s inedible pie on a regular basis to spare her feelings. They were both great examples of being the hands and feet of Jesus. Their romance was cute, starting with a not so great first meeting and through all the ups and downs that came along, till they finally admitted their love! The secondary characters were all well written too, from the eccentric Elmer to the precocious Betsy and everyone in between.

    Written by Christian Novels on December 17, 2015


    Author Regina Jennings brings good clean stories to life with her quirky, sweet, irksome characters. You’ll find as I always do when reading a Jennings book that you get a lighthearted feeling because there is fun, joviality, and downright silliness sometimes in the characters as she develops the story around them.

    When Miranda meets Wyatt, it is under hilariously disturbing circumstances. She and her grandfather have just traveled by train from the cultured city of Boston to the rough and tough Ozarks. Expecting to be met . . . . .

    Written by Chat With Vera on December 17, 2015
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    I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. I really enjoyed Regina’s earlier books but lately they all seem to blend together. The silliness is a bit over the top for me and the romance with this particular book is not my favorite and didn’t really capture my attention. There are some funny moments and a few great lines but overall this was a difficult book for me to get into and finish.

    If you enjoy Jennings’ books I’m sure you will like this one, it just wasn’t for me.

    Written by I Hope You Dance on December 17, 2015


    A truly lovely story from start to finish full of romance, sweetness, funny moments and heart break (and just a tad bit of scandal!). Every moment I spent reading drew me in closer to the characters and I loved every moment! A fantastic read from start to finish.

    Written by Working Mommy Journal on December 16, 2015


    I’m a sucker for any novel or book that is set in my home state, so I already liked At Love’s Bidding before I even turned the pages to chapter one. Yes, the plot is sort of comical at times, which would’ve made it a little cheesy, but the author does a great job by keeping the story fresh as it went along and avoided any cliches. I found all the characters likable, especially Miranda. Overall, At Love’s Bidding is a fun read that should appeal to romance readers.

    Written by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer on December 15, 2015
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    This is the first book I have read by Jennings, and I found it to be simply enchanting. It contains the perfect mix of romance, mystery, and humor. The faith elements are woven throughout the story and are not overpowering. The relationships develop at a reasonable pace. The cover is a perfect fit for this charming tale.

    Written by Edits & Reviews by Leslie on December 15, 2015
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    While historical fiction/romance can be a bit of a fluff read, I did find a couple of thoughtful nuggets in this book that made me pause and think. One of them is on page 303, where Miranda tells herself, “I have a choice.” She goes on to reflect that she couldn’t choose her circumstance, but she could choose her response. That was deep, and a good reminder for all of us.

    So what are Miranda’s circumstances? She’s traveling with her grandfather, who is at the beginning stages of dementia. She’s totally out of her city-born element in a backwoods town she doesn’t understand or appreciate. She’s on a quest to fix a mistake she didn’t make, but feels responsible for. And she’s afraid of letting her family down. The perfect time for a romantic distraction, right?

    Wyatt, although raised in a totally different life from hers, ends up being her social superior in a bizarre twist of fate. If she admits her feelings for him when he’s wealthy, after disdaining him when he appeared poor, what does that make her look like?

    Another deep little nugget comes on page 332, when Miranda tells her father, “If it means facing heartbreak, then that’s just the cost of being brave.” After all, it’s not bravery if you have nothing to fear.

    Along Miranda and Wyatt’s interesting path to each other, we meet up with Abigail Calhoun, who was a character in book 1, A Most Inconvenient Marriage. The description sounds intriguing, so I think I’m going to have to read it, as well.

    Written by Greatly Blessed on December 15, 2015


    Journey with Miranda and her grandfather to Missouri to recover a painting – a painting that has the power to change lives.

    See the command to ‘take care of the widows and orphans’ lived out within the novel.
    Marvel at what God can do when lives are focussed on Him.

    Written by Christian Bookaholic on December 15, 2015
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    Miranda Wimplegate has been helping her grandfather work at her family’s auction house that is in Boston. She is very upset to realize that the portrait she sold is really a strong family’s prize and on top of that the bidder was anonymous. She has no choice but to find the portrait and buy it back before their business is gone. They will have to go very far to find it and then they find out the new auction house that they have bought does not sell antiques. Wyatt Ballentine does not like Miranda and her grandfather taking over, he can run this place alone. They cannot find the portrait and they realize that they are stuck with cattle. Will Miranda and Wyatt be able to figure out what happened? Will they start to get along? This was a very nice story and I liked Miranda and Wyatt and thei

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too! on December 14, 2015
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    With humor and multiple twists and turns, Regina gave readers their run for a fun read that will have you spinning. Pick one up and read if you dare.

    Written by Just Commonly on December 14, 2015
    Read my full review:


    I had misgivings about reading At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings, mainly from the cover art. A young woman dragging a cow by a rope was not my idea of an invitation to read between the covers. I did enjoy the book, but the plot seemed a little fanciful to me. The characters were not that believable to me. Problems popped up frequently and those seemed a bit contrived. All in all, the book was entertaining, but just not my cup of tea.

    Written by I’m Hooked on Books on December 11, 2015
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    At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jenning’s. This is book two in the Ozark Mountain Romance. What a wonderful romantic comedy. I so enjoyed reading this book. I laughed so hard at times that I cried.

    Written by cherylbbookblog on December 11, 2015


    As in all of this author’s books I have read she pulls you in from the first page and does not let go until the end. I like how her stories read so quickly. Miranda gets herself in a bind when she sold a portrait she should not have then she digs a bigger hole when she buys what she thinks in a regular auction house but in fact buys a livestock auction. I liked how as the story progressed you watched her relationship with Wyatt grow. You will find yourself smiling at all the little errors that Miranda and the whole cast of characters makes as the story goes along. For me this made the story seem more real to life. I also enjoyed that the author gave us a look into how auction houses work. All in all a quick fun read. Highly recommended.

    Written by Griperang’s Bookmarks on December 10, 2015
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    We meet Wyatt and again a chuckle as they try and dress him as if he is in Boston Ma, where their Auction House is. We do travel the beautiful countryside, and wonder if the two opposites in Miranda and Wyatt could possibly attract.

    There is danger, and then there is not fitting in with your family, and the journey to find your roots.

    It took me awhile to get through this book, and the epilogue at the end didn’t seem to give more information about the story I had just read, which was a bit of disappointment.

    Written by Maureen’s Musings on December 10, 2015
    Read my full review:

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