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Saddle up for a new romance from novelist Debra CloptonBetting on HopeIn Wishing Springs, Maggie finds what she has always been looking for: a community and a home. But when her past catches up to her, it threatens everything, even the tender hope that this town holds all of her heart’s desires.

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Betting on Hope (Thomas Nelson, February 2015)

A bet gone wrong. A small town’s meddling. And a cowboy intent on saving his ranch.

Maggie Hope is an advice columnist whose background leaves her with little advice to give . . . and it’s beginning to show. When Maggie fills in at an interview with champion horse trainer Tru Monahan, the on-camera chemistry between them is undeniable. Maggie’s bosses know this is the opportunity she’s been looking for to launch her career—and their bank accounts. In order to save her column, Maggie takes Tru up on the bet that he can teach her to ride a quick-stepping cutting horse like any cowgirl, despite the fact that she has never been on a horse. And in the meantime, she can get the scoop on the man under the cowboy hat.

Tru has been on the competition circuit for longer than he’d like, but he knows it’s the only way he can afford to keep the Four of Hearts Ranch that means so much to his ailing grandfather. So when his sponsors see the opportunity for Tru’s fans to get to know the star on a more intimate level, he knows he must oblige. To his dismay, Maggie not only invades his small town of Wishing Springs, but she also invades his heart, and that is something he cannot let any woman do—for her own good.

In Wishing Springs, Maggie finds what she has always been looking for: a community and a home. But when her past catches up to her, it threatens everything, even the tender hope that this town holds all of her heart’s desires.

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Debra Clopton

{More About Debra Clopton}

Debra Clopton is a multi-award winning novelist and has written more than 22 novels. Along with writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church. Debra’s goal is to shine a light toward God while she entertains readers with her words.

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“Filled with humor, romance and a great sense of reality . . . the writing is moving and masterful . . . each character comes alive through her words.” —RT Magazine

“Hope and faith come in many different forms in Clopton’s contemporary cowboy romance . . . amusing secondary characters and an intriguing side plot mix with humor.” —Publishers Weekly

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    This book read quickly(think an afternoon and it was all over). Really drew me in to the characters. No major murder or mystery here unless you count the little bit of mystery over Maggie’s past. But you learn all about that before it’s all said and done. Tru has a secret he keeps from Maggie that also keeps him from letting her know he loves her. Oh and turkey fryers do catch on fire, twins can be named Doobie and Doonie and still dress alike as adults, and cowboy firefighters are hot and inspire writing.
    You’ll learn so much more here in this book. I don’t want to tell you too much because it’ll ruin the read for you. But I do want to commend the author for tackling so many tricky subjects in one book.

    Written by For Him and My Family on March 19, 2015 | e


    Debra’s style of writing really helps the story to come alive. I could almost picture myself standing there beside Maggie as she overcomes the discomfort that her latest interview subject causes in her.

    I have always had a love of horses so having them featured defiantly helps the appeal of a book for me anyway :)

    If you are looking for a new fiction read then I recommend picking up “Betting On Hope”!

    Written by Book Reviews By Jenny on March 15, 2015 | e


    Betting on Hope was a cute romance with a well-developed plot line, humor, faith, and is a clean book for all over the age of 18.

    I thought the characters were very relatable, and I loved how vulnerable they were. I loved how slow, yet steady, Tru and Maggie’s relationship developed and that letting God guide our lives was a key theme throughout the book. A really fun book to read through a weekend.

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on March 15, 2015 | e

  • I don’t think I’ve read anything by Debra Clopton before but that will change from now on – I’m hooked! I’m not really into horses myself, and yet westerns still hold a great appeal as far as fiction goes.Believable and extremely likable characters were the biggest draw for me in this story. Even though the ending isn’t very suspenseful, you are still caught up in the storyline because you care what happens to the characters. Her writing is excellent, and makes you feel like you’re right there in the small town of Wishing Springs. I loved it!Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for organizing this tour and providing me with my complimentary review copy.

    Written by TammyisBlessed on March 11, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton is the perfect book for a cold wintery, snow bound day. A wonderful swirl of humor, romance and reality Betting on Hope is a fantastic read! Debra Clopton has a way of writing characters that are so real you would swear she has been sitting at your family reunion taking notes on Aunt Bertha and Uncle Fred. I would love to just sit and have coffee with her and pick her brain, there have to be ton’s more stories waiting to come out!

    A slow moving romance, with a side of humor and dessert of side characters that leave you wanting more and more, throw in a small Texas town and you have an amazing read that sweeps you away and makes you forget you are under 2 feet of snow! The first of a four book series, I can’t wait to read what’s next for Wishing Springs

    Written by All Grown Up? on March 10, 2015 | e


    I enjoyed reading this sweet Christian romance book. I have read the author’s Mule Hollow Love Inspired series too. This is the first book in a new series Four of Hearts Romance. Although Maggie and Tru are the two main characters there were many good supporting characters. At times it seemed like they wanted to take over the story. Maggie has some serious issues she needs to work through from her past. It takes a lot of the book for her to start trusting Tru. The romance develops slow but steady between them. In the beginning it was based on looks apparently he is good looking. But throughout the book she sees another side of him. Tru thinks she is a city girl who’s a little crazy but in the end he admires her. Wishing Springs seems like a great little Texas town full of “real” characters like Clara Lynn and Reba. There were also the twin men mayors who would switch out. The book had funny moments for sure. The characters and plot were well developed and interesting. This series is contemporary with a small town Western twist. I look forward to the next book in the series and going back to Wishing Springs. Recommended. :)

    Written by A Book Lover on March 9, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was a fun, entertaining read. Not the usual love story…..a different bit of a story line which was refreshing, and who can’t help but love a cowboy story?

    Sparks fly when the worlds of Maggie and Tru collide.

    Written by Knits Reads and Reviews on March 8, 2015 | e


    You know how sometimes a book just literally pulls you in from the get-go? This book totally did that to me!! Debra Clopton is an author I have read before but only in the Love Inspired novels. Turned out that was all she had written til this one here, Betting on Hope. Needless to say, I will anxiously be awaiting the next installment:)

    Written by Giveaway Lady on March 8, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Wow, what a wonderful romance! There is such a strong chemistry in this story! I was drawn in from the very start! This book will not only have you laughing, crying and mad at times. You get so emotionally involved in this story.

    Written by cherylbbookblog on March 8, 2015 | e


    Just when I was in the mood for a sweet romance, Betting on Hope came along. Filled with characters that pull you right into their world, this was another one night read. Thank goodness that wrestling season is winding down so that I can catch up on some sleep on the weekends! This book is filled with not only wonderful primary characters, but secondary characters that sometimes steal the scene, but in the end, it all comes together. Debra Clopton is another author who rarely has anything more than a home run and this book isn’t any different.

    Written by Life With Katie on March 8, 2015 | e

  • I loved the small-town charm of Wishing Springs! It’s a small town in the country in Texas. Small town + middle of nowhere + western = a winner.Beyond Maggie and Tru (who were very likeable), Wishing Springs is home to quite a few fascinating characters. Clara Lyn and Reba are compassionate busybodies (if that’s possible). The twins who switch out as mayor were hilarious. And the vet with the pig who has a great bedside manner was definitely unique! My favorite, though, was Jenna. Her story was so poignant and emotional, but truly hopeful. Maggie grew a lot through knowing Jenna, which made their relationship special.

    Written by Brooke @ i blog 4 books on March 7, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This cowboy story will have you wanting to reach through the pages of the book and shaking these two young people! They are both so hard headed and Maggie is so blind she just doesn’t realize that she is with the heartthrob of America! I very much enjoyed the details of cowboys and their activities on the ranch, and how Tru taught city girl Maggie how to ride a horse, when she was so afraid of them. The entire story is just a winner for me.

    Written by Splashes of Joy on March 7, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    There are a lot of real-life circumstances that come up in this book. Various characters struggle with problems such as dealing with Alzheimer’s or teen pregnancy. There are other issues in Betting on Hope that will tug on your heartstrings. Clapton ties it all together in a nice, neat bow. This is one story you won’t want to miss.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on March 7, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was a pretty sweet, simple story although it was very predictable and didn’t have a whole lot going on. That being said if you are a fan of modern cowboy stories then this book would be right up your alley. It was well written but overall was just not something that I really got into. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on March 7, 2015 | e


    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the budding romance between Maggie and Tru, even if it did start out as a bet that he could teach her to ride a horse and how to cut with a horse.

    At first I thought Maggie was a bit much, but the more I learned about her and read about her actions, I decided that she wasn’t so bad a character after all. I especially liked the fact that she is a klutz like myself.

    Tru is a typical cowboy in the sense he rides horses and works on his grandfather’s ranch, but he also has secrets of his own to keep–which include trying to save the ranch from the debt collectors.

    If you enjoy a quick sense of humor, a touch of chivalry, and a light-hearted romance, then this is the book for you!

    Written by Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno on March 6, 2015 |e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton was a good book to read. I really liked Tru from the start of the book right up until the end of the book. Maggie on the other hand wasn’t always my favorite but I loved how she always kept trying and didn’t give up on anything.

    Written by The World As I See It on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    How many times have you said, “You wanna bet?” If you’re like me…a lot! Well, what happens when someone takes you up on the bet and it goes out to millions of viewers on TV? You have to go through with it. Betting on Hope is all about that and more.

    Written by Too Read or Not Too Read on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    “The man smelled like leather and sunshine, and something spicy that drew her like a hummingbird to sugar water. She had to fight the urge to lean in and inhale.”
    Great line huh?!? When I read that line, I was hooked and believed I would fall in love with the rest of the book. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I felt like the storyline was being forced, as well as the relationship between the main characters. You have no idea how much I dislike saying that I didn’t like a book. Also, please don’t just take my opinion as gospel. If you are interested in the book read the other reviews for this book and decide.

    Written by Radiant Light on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was a fun read. Contemporary. “Cowboy” element. Bit of romance. Clean. And for those who love ‘em – horses.

    As with many works of fiction, they drive me to look further into what is going on by doing a bit of research. The internet is great for that. Having no knowledge of horses, especially cutting horses, I looked it up. I read about quarter horses and training on cutting horses. This helped me enjoy the story more.

    Of course, the story wasn’t just about horses. It was about people and their past. About how the past effects their current lives and decisions. About the secrets we harbor. It is also about overcoming fears.

    There are several characters besides the main protagonists and each of these supporting characters bring elements to the story that enrich it…..

    Written by Chat With Vera on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Debra has a very fun and energetic way of writing that draws you in right from the get go. I had a hard time putting this one down.

    Written by Jen’s Journey on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved watching these two slowly come to trust each other. Because that is what needs to come first, trust before the love can settle in. I wanted to kick Tru for holding back. While his reasons were understandable, they were misguided and stubborn. I was really rooting for him to wake up!

    Besides the main characters, the peripheral characters in the town really made the story. I loved how the town just embraced Maggie and made her their own. She came in alone and ended up with a big family that would have done anything for her. There are so many more things that happen in this story that I could go on forever. I encourage you to read this sweet, clean romance. I can’t wait to visit with the town of Wishing Springs again very soon!

    Written by From the TBR Pile on March 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was my first time reading a book by Debra Clopton and it won’t be my last. “Betting On Hope” had my attention from the beginning. The characters were so real, likeable and easy to relate to. Usually a book that has so many different characters gets confusing and hard to keep the characters straight, but Debra Clopton knows how to pull them all together into an easy read.

    I enjoyed every page of this book. Most of the time I can guess what’s going to happen, but this book kept me guessing. “Betting On Hope” pulls on all of your emotions and will have you right in the middle of this small town in Texas wondering what’s going to happen next. I can’t wait for the next book!

    Written by Dixie n Dottie on March 5, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Very entertaining romance story…. This is a story of a writer filling in at the last minute to interview a cowboy, that soon turns into a reality show. Maggie is a city girl forced to move to the farm and learn how to ride a horse. Being taught by a very handsome cowboy, Tru, that just doesn’t get the whole picture of love and being loved. This story not only has romance it has a few other side stories that keep you turning the pages. From a homeless pregnant teenager, to a dad having Alzheimer’s. It is a very good read that tugs at your heart, makes you laugh and just plain entertains in today’s time.

    I would recommend this to anyone that wants to read a good, fun story. This could be a hallmark movie. I really liked this book, it is book 1 of a series, can’t wait for the next o

    Written by Deb’s Book Review on March 5, 2015 | e

  • The cover. Who wouldn’t want to open the book and read a romance between that cowboy and a wonderful woman? This novel is another great one written by Debra Clopton. This story contains a lot about life as a cowboy. It will keep you entertained and make you feel a range of emotions for the characters and their stories. If you like fun, romance novels with a western twist you should definitely check out this book. It’s so nice to be able to pick up a book and exit reality for a little while. You can easily pick this book up right where you left off.

    Written by All Meant To Shine on March 5, 2015 | e


    This book was a cute romance novel. The characters had some obstacles to finding true love, but nothing too deep or dark. I find it frustrating when characters let their secrets keep them apart in some Christian romance novels, because it often seems like the difficulties are ridiculously exaggerated. I am happy to report that this was not the case with “Betting On Hope”. The characters themselves didn’t overreact to the drama of it all, and their internal struggles seemed appropriately proportionate to the obstacles they faced, which I appreciated.

    I loved the secondary characters in this book…

    Note: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review. This is my honest opinion.

    Written by Through Clouded Glass on March 5, 2015 | e


    Both Maggie and Tru have secrets they’re holding on to and a romance between them doesn’t fit with each other’s plans. As with all wonderful small town books there are a couple back stories thrown in for good measure and they’re just as good, or heart wrenching depending upon how you look at it.

    I loved Betting on Hope and while I’m not a betting woman I’m pretty sure (or hopeful) that Debra has at least a couple of sequels in store for us.

    Written by Homemaking Organized on March 5, 2015 | e


    Nothing is better than a good ole’ cowboy book!!! And Betting on Hope was definitely one of those great cowboy books!

    I love the chemistry between Tru and Maggie and their competitive spirits! I loved going along on their journey to find love, happiness and a home!

    This book was really well written, a true romance and one I couldn’t put down!

    Written by The Review Stew on March 5, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Author Debra Clopton has written another great novel. Anyone who loves or likes cowboys and cowboy romances will fall in love with her stories. “Betting on Hope”, is the story of 2 completely different people who seem to find each other and then try to not like each other. The problem is that stopping those feelings may not be as easy as either of them think it is. What if any secrets could they both be hiding from each other? I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group and all opinions are my own.

    Written by Deal Sharing Aunt on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Always up for a good western novel, I was excited when “Betting on Hope” finally came up on my review calendar. It was well worth the wait. This book is so very readable with a plot that never bogs down and an encouraging message of faith.

    A contemporary tale, this novel had me laughing out loud one minute and close to tears minutes later. Populated with wonderful characters, Wishing Springs is a make-believe town that I wish were for real. Misunderstandings and personal secrets threaten to keep Maggie Hope and Tru Monahan apart although it is apparent to absolutely everyone that they were made for each other.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who enjoys a novel about cowboys, the western lifestyle, mixed with a little romance. Debra Clopton writes in a way that draws readers in and it was very descriptive that I felt that I was watching every scene unfold as if I was there. My favorite character was Tru Monahan because he was very relatable & he is the tough cowboy who doesn’t let the bad things in life stop him and he rises above the challenges. I really liked how the book covered real life issues people have to face, for instance, the dangers of gambling and risking all of your life’s saving, Alzheimer disease and how that affects families, a young minor character’s pregnancy, parent conflicts, forgiveness, love, and healing. I’m also excited and can’t wait to read the next book!

    Written by Andrew Smith’s Blog on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope is one of my favorite books I read this year so far. Maggie Hope fills in for a sick friend to do an interview of Tru Monahan who is a champion horse trainer. Maggie is an advice columnist so doing a interview is not something she is that comfortable with. Tru tried to make Maggie more comfortable during the interview and some how ended up challenging Maggie to learn to ride a cutting horse. Some how she is talked into going to Wishing Springs for two months to learn how to ride. During this time she falls in love with the handsome Tru Monahan. You will want to read Betting on Hope to see what happens – does Tru return her love? Does the community get involved?

    Written by Kaisy Daisy’s Corner on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Ms. Clopton does a great job of bringing that out in the story without being preachy. Tru and Maggie and even a side characters, Jenna, are wonderfully crafted characters that we draw very close to and root for them to succeed. “Betting On Hope” is a wonderful, interesting story that is a lot of fun that will keep you flipping pages. I recommend this book highly and I do look forward to the next book in this series from this highly talented author.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Debra Clopton, is an amazing writer than can take any storyline to new heights. This is definitely the case with Betting on Hope, the ground shaking dynamic between Maggie and Tru is undeniable.

    Written by A Simple Life, really?! on March 4, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • I enjoyed this amusing story about two people who have overcome incredible odds and eventually discover each other. I also enjoyed learning about quarter horses and cutting manuevers. The town residents were amusing and added an extra fun element to this romantic story.

    Written by Frugal-Shopping on March 3, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • A fun, romantic and light novel that was a delight to read! A reminder that we need to move past our past experiences and see inside a person.

    Written by Working Mommy Journal on March 3, 2015 | e


    I loved this book! It had everything you could want in a good romance: a handsome cowboy, plenty of humor, and powerful secrets that could destroy the romance. I laughed out loud at Maggie’s clutziness, as well as the gossipy ladies from the Cut Up and Roll Hair Salon. But this book wasn’t all lightness. There was Maggie’s secret past catching up with her, a teenager with a baby on the way, and a cowboy who may not be able to have the family he’d always dreamed of. Maggie had her silly moments, but she was also smart and stronger than she realized. And Tru made me want to reach into the pages and grab him for myself! “Betting on Hope” was entertaining and absorbing from beginning to end. I can’t wait to read more books by Debra Clopton!

    Written by Susan Heim on Writing on March 3, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    There is something about a cowboy that can make any girl go weak at the knees. Tru is just one of those characters that did that for me right off the bat. Maggie Hope was also swooned by him from the first time that she met him when she was asked to replace her friend Amanda to do an interview with him. Tru is one of those types that is mysterious in just all the right ways and is a hard working man that gets things done for himself to ensure that his future remains intact after his father’s gambling problems.

    Written by Manic Mama of 3 on March 2, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • I have a soft spot for cowboys. They’re rough, rugged, charming, strong, and normally gentleman (at least in fictional stories). Tru definitely fit the mold although he has been painted as less in his past. Maggie on the other hand is a single city gal with a rough past that she feels guilty about. They were an interesting combination and as they fell for each other, I fell for them and this small town full of fun and interesting characters with some interwoven stories of their own.

    Written by Wishful Endings on March 2, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love a klutzy heroine — especially when a dashing cowboy comes to her rescue. I could hear the rumble of fireworks over that first glance and couldn’t burrow into the story fast enough. Clopton is a comedic genius and her scenes just flow with love and laughter.

    Written by Best Readds on March 2, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is my first book by Debra Clopton, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I found is a heartwarming story of two like able characters who find love in the most unlikely place. I loved the secondary characters!

    Written by Inklings an Notions on March 1, 2015 | e


    I instantly fell in love with Maggie Hope and Tru’s story. It’s not your typical love story. I won’t say anymore about that because I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone.

    Written by Reading Corner Reviews & More on March 1, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    A nice taste of romance that would not make a person blush in public. The characters are enjoyable and easy to follow and the story is written very well.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Litfuse.

    Written by Cassandra M’s Place on March 1, 2015 | e


    Any story about cowboys I am all for reading. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to read this book! I have read one previous short story by Debra so I was excited to read this story. This is a fun story that starts with an awkward interview that ends in a rather amusing way. From this the story continues to tell about Maggie learning how to ride a horse and trying to get along with famous cowboy Tru. You can only imagine what happens from here it is rather predictable. There is a side story about a young teenage gal who is pregnant that I think I enjoyed reading about as well.

    For a fun very light romance read this is a great book. At times I wish there was a little more depth but still enjoyable.

    Written by I Hope You Dance on March 1, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton is a book that made me laugh, hope (no pun intended), and even cry for the characters and the life decisions they each struggled with. Being a country girl myself made it easy to fall in love with the small town of Wishing Springs, TX, and the unique personalities of each of its residents. If you want a feel-good, make you laugh, country romance then you’ll love Betting on Hope!

    Written by Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between on March 1, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton is a book that made me laugh, hope (no pun intended), and even cry for the characters and the life decisions they each struggled with. Being a country girl myself made it easy to fall in love with the small town of Wishing Springs, TX, and the unique personalities of each of its residents. If you want a feel-good, make you laugh, country romance then you’ll love Betting on Hope!

    Written by Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between on March 1, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • Betting on Hope drew me in and kept me interested to the very last page. Now, I’m anxious for book 2 to come out later this summer!In addition to the primary story line (girl meets boy), there is an interesting secondary story line that tugged at my heartstrings. At the end of chapter 7, I’d really gotten a feel for the complex characters in the story, and I thought I had it all figured out. “This will happen, that will happen, and everyone will live happily ever after.” Then, as I read further, and the author focused on Jenna’s struggle with her decision, I came up with a new scenario. Well, both times, I was wrong. But that’s okay, because author Debra Clopton weaves a touching tale that I really enjoyed.

    Written by Greatly Blessed on March 1, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved loved loved this book! Debra has created such fun characters whom I loved spending time with and could relate to throughout the book. Also, the storyline is great as well – a newspaper columnist forced to fill in for a reporter on tv and getting suckered into a bet with an incredibly handsome cowboy, what isn’t to love!? Wishing Springs sounds like an amazing place to be as well; so homey, filled with loving, yet meddling people and described so beautifully. Maggie and Tru are great characters and I highly recommend you picking up this book and spending time with them as well!

    *Thanks to Litfuse Publicity Group for including me on this blog tour and for the complimentary copy of this book.*

    Written by Moments on February 28, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    BETTING ON HOPE is a great read. I enjoyed getting to know Maggie and Tru. Maggie is insecure, klutzy, and second-guessing herself. Not to mention, terrified of horses. Tru on the other hand is confident, wary of reporters, and a well-seasoned cowboy. I couldn’t help but fall in love with both of them.

    There is a secondary character, Jenna, in the book, whose situation is heartbreaking. I cried. Maggie’s story is also sad, but she—and Jenna—struggle to rise above their history and make something of themselves—to do what it takes to succeed.

    Ms. Clopton is one of my favorite cowboy authors and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series, Counting on a Cowboy, coming August 2015.

    Don’t miss BETTING ON HOPE.

    Written by Lighthouse Academy on February 28, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope is a lighthearted fun read that kept me turning the pages quickly. The characters of Tru and Maggie captured me and took me along for their story. I truly enjoyed this book.

    The book is set in Wishing Springs, a small town packed full of colorful characters that have a tendency to poke their noses into other people’s lives. I loved all the characters in Betting on Hope and look forward to getting to know some of them better in future books of the series.

    I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Betting on Hope. You will love it I am sure!

    Written by All Things Are Possible on February 28, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Great romance novel with depth and wonderful character development. Was instantly hooked and could not stop reading until I was finished. I cannot wait for the second book to come out. Well done!

    Written by on February 27, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Betting on Hope is set in a small town, filled with a plethora of fun and quirky characters. These people just made the place feel so very real to me. The two main characters Maggie and Tru are definitely opposites, yet they end up drawn to each other right from the start. Maggie is a strong woman, yet she struggles with self-doubt, guilt, and some clumsiness. Tru seems to have it all together. He is definitely a confident champion, but there are things weighing him down, as well. I loved watching their interactions and learning more about both of them.

    Written by Britt Reads Fiction on February 27, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a delightful Christian romance. I loved the setting of a small town with many quirky characters. I loved the idea of a handsome and well known cowboy teaching a reluctant newspaper columnist how to ride a horse and compete. I loved the friction between the two and the healing of the past each needed to experience for romance to blossom. With added humor, with novel is a fun one to read.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on February 27, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Overall, Betting on Hope is an immensely fun, yet emotional book – with a permeating thread of hope within each moment. The premise begins with a spur-of-the-moment horse-riding bet and gets even better from there. I absolutely loved all of it and would certainly recommend it.

    Written by Book by Book on February 27, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • There were some great romantic moments and I loved getting both of their viewpoints so you knew what each one was thinking in a given situation. I really liked Maggie’s optimistic viewpoint and how she was determined to keep on and overcome. There were a couple of interesting twists, such as the pregnant teenager Maggie helps and befriends who she feels a real kinship with because of her own past.

    Written by Veronica’s ‘Views on February 26, 2015 | e


    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Maggie Hope and Tru Monahan were fantastic characters to spend time with. I enjoyed their heartfelt responses and their desire to help others.

    In this book we meet Maggie, a columnist for a big paper. She gets saddled with interviewing a cowboy for a live news event. Things happen and these two are thrown together for a two month long adventure. Wishing Springs, the town where most of the story takes place, sounds like the most wonderful small town! I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series so I can get back there!

    Written by A Rup Life on February 26, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    The setting was in a small town called Wishing Springs which seemed so inviting and homey to me. I loved all the main characters-Maggie, Tru, Pops, Jenna-they all had their personal struggles but through their friendship and faith they were able to find peace in their current and past choices.
    I would highly recommend this wonderful book!

    Written by Empower Moms on February 26, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This a nice romance book without the romance overtaking the story. The characters in this book were easy to get to know and fall in love with. I also liked that there was some humor in this story as well as a few plot twists along the way. I think the settings were very well described as well, I felt as if I was there on the ranch. I have mostly lived in the country and love all things country so this book appealed to me. There are a couple of very real topics used in this story as well one is teen pregnancy and the other is dementia. I have dealt with dementia in my family so this hit home for me. This is the first book by this author that I have read and I will be looking for me. She grabbed my attention on page one and kept it all the way to the end. If you are looking for a nice clean romance than this is the book for you.

    Written by Griperang’s Bookmarks on February 26, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoy light-hearted romance books! Debra Clopton had me laughing out loud in certain parts of this book. It’d been awhile since I’ve actually done that! Maggie Hope was a true character. She’s a girl who is stronger that she actually realizes she is. Who would have ever thought that she’d need a horse and a cowboy in order to figure out just how much she could handle. Needless to say, she learned that falling out of the saddle didn’t mean being down forever. She learned to pick herself up again and move forward.

    Written by When life gets you down…read a book on February 25, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This story is so sweet and cute and fun and funny. The characters just took me into their world from the start. I love the town of Wishing Springs and am thrilled to know that there are more books coming.

    Written by JoJo’s Corner on February 25, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This novel’s central theme is all about sacrifice and how each person will be required to give up something for the sake of someone else. For some it will be a life changing one, while others will simply have to learn to let go of their pasts and see that they’re not accountable for those mistakes that were made by others in their lives. This is a great series that I can’t wait to get my hands on the next novel “Counting on A Cowboy.”

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on February 25, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved this book from beginning to end, and I didn’t want to put it down in between!

    The interaction between Maggie and Tru was really well done and I loved how patient, and straightforward Tru was while teaching Maggie to ride.

    Overall, this is an excellent book with a “true cowboy hero”, filled with action, horses, great themes, and well developed characters. Highly recommend!

    Written by Labor Not in Vain on February 24, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I have read several of Clopton’s books before; mainly her Mule Hollow series. I enjoyed those, and this one really does not fall far from the same style as those books. This book is part of her Four of Hearts Ranch series.

    Written by The Talbert Report on February 24, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Tru Monahan is a true romance hero. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that little pun. Tall, dark, and handsome indeed! That said, I didn’t quite “get” the chemistry between Tru and our leading lady, Maggie, but Betting On Hope has a few fabulous characters that tease great stories to follow in the series. You can bet that all the Monahan men will make a western romance fan out of every reader! Wink, wink.

    Written by Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot on February 24, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I LOVE THIS BOOK! :D And I LOVE Debra as an author! Everything I’ve read from her, so far, I’ve loved, and I can’t wait for more!… This book has everything for me really: humor, Faith, secrets, love, cowboys, horses, and so much more! ;)…

    Written by ASC Book Reviews on February 24, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Cowboys, horses and romance…can there be any better of mix for a story? Yep, and Debra Clopton found a way to bring other ingredients to the book. The ingredients like a con artist run away, robbery, faith and whole lot more! Readers will enjoy the slow unveiling of the tale between the two main characters, Hope and Tru.
    I didn’t have to read long before I was consumed with the fictional lives of the characters. In the novel, hard topics are woven into the fabric which brings depth to the plot, drawing in the heart of the audience. Here is the first installment of the series with another planned for later in 2015. I am amazed at how brilliantly and encouraging the story is when dealing with some heavy issues, including the fact that the brothers are caring for Pops who has Alzheimer’s through both good days and bad days. The bond the brothers share, the love of the ranch life and horses I felt strongly throughout the book.
    I cannot wait to see what the next book has in store. I hope it shares more of Tru, Hope, horses and other characters’ futures! Great novel!

    Written by Seeking with all Yur Heart on February 24, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    The author wrote a wonderful book full off desires, romance, settling down, a little suspense and bringing out the cowgirl, Maggie has inside. Grab a copy and follow Maggie and Tru down the paths of their lives and find out what is hidden in their lives.

    Written by BOOKS REVIEWS ETC on February 23, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    They were finally home, lost in their love and found because of it. What a fantastic love story.

    I fell in love with Maggie Hope and Tru and their story, it is different, this is not your everyday love story. The Characters come to life right in front of you from the very first page.

    I must say this is a real page turner. I never put it down until the last page.

    I gave this book 5 stars and I recommend it.

    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.

    Written by The Mary Book Reader on February 23, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    All I can say is I love all of Debra Clopton’s novels. The storylines are great and the characters, did I say cowboys?, are fantastic. This author has given us 2 main characters who are each hiding a secret. Will they be able to trust each other before it is too late? Will they have enough love to overcome some of their obstacles? I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group and all opinions are my own. –

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!on February 22, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    If you enjoy humor in your romance novels, such as Mary Connealy writes, you want to remember the name Debra Compton. She has a new fresh voice with her own brand of humor.
    The novel is well written, and I thoroughly loved getting to know the people of Wishing Springs. Just as we interact with many people, each with their own issues, so do Maggie and Tru, giving the story depth and interest. I look forward to reviewing more books by Debra, and hope you grow to love her, too

    Written by Reviewing Novels Online on February 19, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

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