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Travel back in time to the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress in Elizabeth Camden’s newest release, Beyond All Dreams. From the gilded halls of the Capitol where powerful men shape the future of the nation, to the scholarly archives of the nation’s finest library, Anna and Luke are soon embroiled in secrets much bigger and more perilous than they ever imagined. Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they’ve ever dreamed for their futures?

Elizabeth is celebrating the release of Beyond All Dreams with a Kindle giveaway and Facebook party on February 17.


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Beyond All Dreams (Bethany House, January 2015)

Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they’ve ever dreamed for their futures?

Anna O’Brien leads a predictable and quiet life as a map librarian at the illustrious Library of Congress until she stumbles across the baffling mystery of a ship disappeared at sea. Thwarted in her attempts to uncover information, her determination outweighs her shyness and she turns to a dashing congressman for help.

Luke Callahan was one of the nation’s most powerful congressmen before his promising career was shadowed in scandal. Eager to share in a new cause and intrigued by the winsome librarian, he joins forces with Anna to solve the mystery of the lost ship. Opposites in every way, Anna and Luke are unexpectedly drawn to each other despite the strict rules forbidding Anna from any romantic entanglements with members of Congress.

From the gilded halls of the Capitol where powerful men shape the future of the nation, to the scholarly archives of the nation’s finest library, Anna and Luke are soon embroiled in secrets much bigger and more perilous than they ever imagined. Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they’ve ever dreamed for their futures?

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Elizabeth Camden

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Elizabeth Camden is the author of six books and a RITA and Christy Award winner. With a master’s in history and a master’s in library science, she is a research librarian by day and scribbles away on her next novel by night. Elizabeth lives with her husband in Florida.

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“Once again Elizabeth Camden has created a lovely, well-crafted novel that is engaging and fun. Anna is a wonderful protagonist with whom readers will immediately fall in love. . . . Beyond All Dreams is a must-read for fans of historical fiction.” —RT Book Reviews

“Camden creates an intriguing blend of politics, mystery, maps, and family issues that will keep readers interested in this sweet, inspirational romance.” —Booklist

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    Elizabeth Camden chose an interesting occupation for a young woman in 1897 and what fun it was to step into the functioning Library of Congress in Washington D.C. So much history is explored in the novel, and in a very entertaining way. The stairways were works of art, but I am sure that running up and down them multiple times a day helped the workers keep healthy though they worked in doors.

    I was fascinated as she went about her day what was required of a map librarian, and all the things that it entailed. The author did an amazing job of making the story come alive with her use of words that caused the images to become real. Though values have remained the same, so much has changed, from the acceptance of women in the workplace, in Congress, as well as technology of which we would not want to lose. I am continually amazed at how much she accomplished with what she had to work with. Today the dream of working is such a prestigious job might still be out of reach for many of us, but a good work ethic is sure to lead the way.

    Thank you to Chris at Litfuse Publicity Group and BethanyHouse, a division of Baker Publishing Grup for the opportunity to read this book. I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review. A positive critique was not required. The opinions are my own.

    Written by Reviewing Novels Online on February 19, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really, really enjoyed this book. I approached the story with a smidgen of timidity because I didn’t enjoy the last book I read by Elizabeth Camden, With Every Breath, as much as I loooved Into the Whirlwind.

    Beyond All Dreams exceeded my expectations and then some. Anna O’Brien is incredible. She’s shy yet gutsy (especially with Luke). She knows what she wants, but she isn’t afraid to stand up for what just may cost her everything. I greatly enjoyed relating to her and learning from her.

    It was the same with Luke Callahan. As a powerful Representative for the state of Maine, honestly, I expected to find him intimidating. And he is brash, but he knows what he believes in: peace. He’s determined to see America not plunge into another war…

    Written by Inspiring Daring on February 18, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I have to admit it I am a big fan of Ms. Camden, have been from the start. Whenever she comes out with a new book it is a must have for me to read. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I tell you that this may be her best story yet! Anna is a librarian in 1897 trying to uncover the reason why the ship her father was on disappeared. No one is willing to help except Luke, a scandal-clad Senator, who joins forces with her to investigate. Now the excitement and the danger begins. Anna and Luke are fighting against a brick wall with no one wanting them to succeed. Ms. Camden has given us a suspense filled thriller that will keep you flipping pages as fast as you can read. Let me assure you that once you start reading you are not going to want to stop until you finish.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on February 17, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Elizabeth Camden has written another great book. I absolutely loved the humor and wit of this story. Anna and Luke had very real personalities, ones I would expect to meet in my daily life. I enjoyed the honesty in which Camden portrayed them, even if Luke did have a fierce temper and both had grizzly backgrounds. While this may put off some readers, I found Luke’s flaws far more relatable than most hero’s.

    Written by Backing Books on February 17, 2015 | e


    When I started reading this book, I was hooked instantly. I immediately adored the library-loving Anna (to whom I could totally relate), and I thought her job was so interesting. I was also drawn to the story of her father’s ship – the Culpepper – that was lost at sea and the mystery surrounding it.

    Even though the characters are interesting in this novel, what really sets it apart is the historical details. I sometimes get bogged down in political stuff, but this aspect was kept interesting because of the involvement of Luke and Anna. The emotions that people must have been feeling during this time period came across so clearly, and it shed light on a time in American history that I didn’t know too much about.

    Written by Shoopette’s Book Reviews on February 17, 2015 | e


    Things are not always as they seem. What you may know and what the truth is are not always the same. This is very evident all throughout this novel. My attention was never lost and quite often found it difficult to put the book down.

    Written by Our Little Corner of the World on February 16, 2015 |e
    Read my full review:


    The characters are: Luke Callahan the youngest member of Congress and Anna O’Brien a Map Librarian for the Library of Congress. Anna discovers some inconsistencies with maps regarding a shipwreck that involved a ship that her father was on when it went down. What is the Navy trying to hide? What secrets will her and Luke uncover? Will it lead to another war?

    Written by Caffeinated Christian Raves – N – Reviews on February 16, 2015 | e


    It got a little slow for me after the first third of the book or so. I really liked that Anna was passionate about what she did, even during a time when it was frowned upon for her to be working. I enjoyed that her relationship with Luke started the way it did.

    Would I Recommend This Book?
    Maybe. It’s not at the top of my to read pile. It got a little drawn out towards the middle for my taste. I found myself skimming and jumping around a bit. Eventually I might go back and reread this.

    Written by The Sunset Won’t on February 16, 2015 | e


    As always, Elizabeth Camden fills her novel with rich historical detail that simply blows me away. Her hero and heroine, again, have the awesome dynamic of seemingly being the LAST people on earth each would choose to fall in love with… only to find out that their chemistry and emotional connectedness is too strong to let go of…

    Perfection, Elizabeth Camden. Absolute perfection.

    The twists and turns throughout Beyond All Dreams kept me always guessing, sometimes gasping at the outcome of some situations. I do love that the main basis for most of Elizabeth Camden’s books is the love story between two characters who have to deal with their pasts, their misconceptions and even sometimes their prejudices against each other.

    Written by Dawn Crandall / A Passion for Pages on February 16, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Anna and Luke are first-class characters. Opposites definitely attract, and these two spark like lightning – but the story isn’t just about their romance. Luke is walking a serious emotional and spiritual journey, while Anna fights against loneliness and struggles to unravel the mystery her father left to her. Their lighthearted romance balances the heavier emotional issues well.

    The characters’ personalities aren’t even the strongest part of this story. Anna’s father’s mystery is suspenseful and moves the plot along quickly. I loved the angles and intrigue inherent in it, so while it’s not exactly a thriller, it’s definitely a cut above your normal historical romance.

    Written by A Nest in the Rocks on February 16, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Beyond All Dreams captured my fancy last year when I was making my book wishlist and surprisingly this one really lived up to my high expectations. With chemistry fairly popping off of the pages, I was hooked. A few times I hit stumbling blocks with the hero, Luke (he seemed a bit too aggressive and he really jumped the gun when it came to confronting Anna with his feelings), but overall the story was interesting and unique. I LOVED the fact that it was set in 1898 and mentioned the Spanish- American War even though it was highly fictionalized. When’s the last time you read a historical romance with a congressman as a hero and relations with Spain in question? Exactly. Probably rarely or never.

    Written by Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot on February 15, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • My grandmother was a librarian, so I was drawn to this book right off the bat! As a bookworm myself, I really related to Anna and why she felt so comfortable in the library. I love how this is not only a love story, but a story of Anna coming into her own.

    I think my favorite part was how the romance starts out seeming to be an “opposites attract” type of deal, but as the story progresses, Anna and Luke seem to discover that they have more and more in common.

    This story is heart warming and a romance in the purest sense. Once I got into it, I couldn’t stop reading! I am so excited to read Elizabeth Camden’s work in the future!

    Written by Seersucker Sass on February 15, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    There was a big to-do made over regarding cultural differences in Beyond All Dreams. It was interesting to note how different social classes and geographic upbringing can impact the way a person responds to a situation. Would it be possible to connect two people who are from such different worlds? It’s a joy to find out how Elizabeth Camden worked around these plot twists.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on February 15, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really enjoyed “Beyond All Dreams”! It captivated me, and was just an overall great read. I felt a connection to Anna, and was rallying behind her in her efforts to uncover the truth. I also love history, and so I loved the rich historical component of this book (because, truthfully, I don’t remember too much about the Spanish-American war from school). Luke was not quite as easy for me to naturally like. Both Anna and Luke have things in their past that could destroy them, and I found it interesting to see how different people can react in different ways – Anna forgave, while Luke held his anger close, but of course, it spilled out to all those around him. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and highly recommend Elizabeth Camden’s writings!

    Written by Leafy Not Beefy on February 15, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • This was a fascinating story with great characters and a wonderful message! The historical detail was wonderful and really made the story come alive. The romance was great and it was a lot of fun to see how different Anna and Luke were from each other, but also how well they complemented each other.

    Written by Veronica’s ‘Views on February 14, 2015 | e


    This is a lovely story. Though it stay on history and what is going on with senate. It about woman named Anna who wants finds a mistake and want to correct it. Though when she goes to font the Navy. She hit roadblocks along the way. She wants to know the truth.

    Anna want to find out what happen to a ship that disappeared at sea. Luke is also struggling with his spot in Congress. Anna and Luke run into each other. Anna wants the information on this ship. Everyone around her is in the cover up. What could be the real reason of the ship disappearance? There is twist and turn each time you turn the page. What are the secrets that got Anna and Luke are in embroiled in. Will the truth put the nation at risk.

    What will happen to Luke and Anna. Luke is dealing with many problems of his own.

    Written by Nighttime Reading Center on February 14, 2015 | e


    This is another winning story from Elizabeth Camden! I have liked many of this author’s previous novels, am a fan of her work and look forward to her next offering.

    Written by Seeking with all Yur Heart on February 13, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Elizabeth Camden has quickly become one of my favorite turn to authors for historical novels. They are interesting, vivid in details and the characters are quirky but totally lovable! And Beyond All Dreams set a new standard for my historical novels. This one folks I got so involved in that I finished it in one day and literally didn’t do anything but read for several hours:)

    Written by Giveaway Lady on February 13, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    It is great when an author tells such a great story that it has me wanting to learn more about the subject of their story. In this case it is the Library of Congress. As a woman Anna has to be careful of her reputation as any impropriety could be the end of her job at the Library of Congress. She meets Luke when he loses his position on a Committee and is forced into another “lesser” committee. Luke is immediately intrigued by Anna and is more than happy to help her out. They are drawn to each other, but Anna fights it because of her fears. Both of them have lived through difficult childhoods that are heartbreaking, but instilled in them strong desires for their future. I love how both characters helped each with their weaknesses & ended up being a great fit. Great secondary characters.

    Written by Under the Boardwalk on February 13, 2015 | e


    I was drawn right into this story and really liked Anna, the main character. The story has great history and she works as a map librarian which I found really interesting. It was a great story and I can’t wait to read more of Elizabeth Camden’s books.

    Written by The Cutting Back Kitchen on February 13, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Mystery and a smacking of political intrigue with a cover up, a fresh historical setting (one not overdone by others) and a romance between a likable, but flawed pair — these elements blend smoothly into a captivating novel which I am sure will remain one of my favorites for 2015. I believe Elizabeth Camden intended this to be a stand-alone story, but I would love to see Anna back at the Library of Congress helping Congressman Callahan figure what is best for America as the country faces the dawn of the twentieth century. If you agree, let’s tell Camden; perhaps she will craft a sequel.

    Written by Thoughts from Mill Street on February 13, 2015 | e


    Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden is one of those rare books I had trouble putting down in order to get other things done. The author has vividly brought to life the world of late-nineteenth century Washington D.C. The characters are well developed and by the end of the first chapter I had fallen in love with both Anna and Luke. The romantic tension between Anna and Luke was another factor that kept me reading, just to see what would happen next.

    Written by The Writer’s Tool on February 13, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really enjoyed this book. It was such an enjoyable read, one that wasn’t quick to leave your mind. To me, it seemed like such a comfortable book – you know, one you just love visiting in. It brought warmth, and was well-written, the characters love-able. I instantly loved the main character, Anna. And that she was quiet, reserved and worked in a map library! What’s not to like? For me, at least. =) I could relate to her very well, and Luke was a strong character as well. He had his broken-ness, but we all do, and that showed well through this book. I think a bit more God could’ve been involved in this book, but otherwise it was good….

    Written by God’s Peculiar Treasure Raechel on February 13, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Although Luke Callahan was a goodlooking congressman, and an outspoken one at that, troubles of home were sure to come to surface sooner or later. Bringing more questions about this man Anna had grown quite fond of. Their relationship was pretty complicated, but the romance was sweet, and kept us all on our toes, wondering what would happen, if anything at all.

    Written by Splashes of Joy on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed roaming the halls of the Library of Congress and learning a bit of it’s history. Our Library of Congress has always served our Nation so it is worthwhile to learn about it. I enjoyed, too, the political fever that was leading up to the Spanish American War of 1898. Short lived though it was, it was avoided as long as possible and yet set the stage for further American expansion and conquest.

    While historical fiction is truly that – fiction, it does serve well as a spring-board to further examine bits and pieces of history. This is a sweet, romantic read that treats the history lover with a journey into a world they so love – history. This is an easy book to recommend for his well-written prose that is all the while easy to read.

    Written by Chat With Vera on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review: Is Amazon now a requirement?


    Elizabeth Camden became a go-to author for me with her book With Every Breath. This book is even better!

    This historical novel set in Washington, D.C., has romance, mystery, and a story I couldn’t leave. The characters are so real, the conflict separating them so vast that I literally wondered how they could end up together –even as I wanted it for them. And I love this — she taught me something about American history that I didn’t know in a way that made it enjoyable. This novel is perfect for every historical reader who enjoys Gilded Age, more than a romance, yet a romance that is sigh-worthy.

    I can’t wait for her next book!

    Written by Cara Putman on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a well-researched historical fiction book about a young lady, Anna O’Brien, who has been through a horribly difficult life, yet can still look at things with a positive outlook. She’s been hurt, physically and emotionally, and she is very shy, but she has a very strong personality.

    I thought it was a good story. However, at times, it was a little slow for me. It wasn’t one of those that I couldn’t put down. In fact, I had to go back to it again several times.
    I would recommend this book as an adventurous, light read, but don’t expect a lot.

    Written by Busy Being Blessed on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really love historical fiction books about strong, brave woman who held jobs of importance years and years ago when it is not common to find that among women. That is what really drew me to Beyond All Dreams and I loved the unique setting and learning about the Capitol and Library of Congress. Very interesting!

    But of course, I loved the love story that unfolded as well. Elizabeth Camden is a great author who drew me into the story from start to finish with tales of history, secrecy, peril and love. This is a great book with a unique setting and I loved it!

    Written by The Review Stew on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love the historic detail that Elizabeth Camden incorporates in her novels. Beyond All Dreams is a beautiful story filled with little known pieces of information about history. The storyline kept my interest from start to finish, the main characters had a complex relationship that had its ups and downs throughout the book, and I finished the story knowing so much more about this time period than when I first began reading.

    Written by Britt Reads Fiction on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    “Beyond All Dreams” by Elizabeth Camden is a fantastic book. It’s one of those books that you mention to other people when they ask you if you have read any good books lately. Not only is it a wonderful story, it is expertly written in a way that makes you feel like you’ve read a classic when you’re finished. Needless to say I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

    Written by Dawn’s Quilt Corner on February 12, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    “Beyond All Dreams” follows Anna as a map librarian at the Library of Congress as she meets Congressman Luke on the job. This story takes place in the late 1800s in Washington DC. and is full of lots of historical details and politics during that time period. I liked learning about Anna’s interest in maps as well as her quest to find out what happened to her fathers missing ship 15 years prior.

    Written by EmpowerMoms on February 11, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is Elizabeth Camden’s sixth book, and her writing continues to shine. I found it compelling and difficult to put down. There are elements of drama and humor within its pages. The romance sizzles, although some readers may find it a little too heated for their tastes. There are also mentions of domestic abuse, alcoholism, adultery, and other improprieties. Anna and Luke both come from troubled families and, although I disliked them at first, they grew on me. For history fans, it’s a great look at turn-of-the-century Washington DC and the country’s political machine. When revealed, the truth is devastating but I was stunned to learn it was based on actual events.

    Written by Proverbial Reads on February 11, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    It was fascinating to learn about how the movers and shakers in Washington DC worked together and against each other during the turn of the century. All the characters, even minor ones, are portrayed in a way that I could visualize them vividly. Anna’s position as one of the first of a small handful of females to work as librarians for the Library of Congress is inspiring since she does not take her job for granted and reveres the work she does. Her first interactions with Luke are hilarious, and as she works more closely with him she learns to stretch beyond her comfort zone professionally and personally as well. There are a variety of political dynamics at play that impede Anna’s search for the truth, and the story intensifies as loyalty is threatened in the face of impending war.

    Written by Heidi Reads… on February 11, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I am a fan of Elizabeth Camden and was so looking forward to this book. I like Anna’s character well enough and her job at the Library of Congress is fun to read about. I found the relationship between Anna and Luke humorous, Camden usually includes a bit of humor. There is an overall mystery that tangles the book up and threads a bit of suspense. Is Luke really who he says he is? What happened so long ago to Anna’s father? This part of the story is interesting and I honestly wish there was more detail on this particular part of the story.

    There are a lot of politics in this book that I honestly couldn’t get into. The little details about Congress and Luke’s job didn’t intrigue me and I wish that wasn’t the case. I have loved all of Elizabeth’s books but this one was a bit of a let down.

    Written by I Hope You Dance on February 11, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed “Beyond All Dreams” very much, especially how Anna and Luke were portrayed with all their faults and strengths. I admired the honesty of Luke’s continuous struggle with his temper and fear that he would be just like his father. Anna’s determination to find the truth and to stand up for those she felt were mistreated was inspiring. Her willingness to forgive even the worst offenses against her could only come from her strong faith.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on February 10, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book was great! I loved the history included in this book about the Library of Congress and when they moved from the Capitol to the actual library building. This is such a great backdrop to introduce Anna’s character. Anna has quite the storyline going for her. I like her character and the knack she has for sniffing out a hidden story. The mystery of her father’s death is so intriguing, and when she continues to get blocked from the truth, the mystery grows stronger. Luke’s character is also interesting. He can be quite over the top and hot-headed, but on the other hand he has a soft heart. The two of them make quite an interesting pair. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it!

    Written by Amanda’s Pile of Books on February 10, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:

  • Anna is a librarian in the Library of Congress, Luke is a politician. Their paths cross, and emotions and adventures ensue.

    I liked this book because the characters aren’t perfect. Old, fat, disabled, damaged, catty, cranky, intimidating… From the main characters to the supporting roles, author Elizabeth Camden creates people who are realistic because of their shortcomings.

    This book begs the question, are there things we’re better off not knowing? And if so, who gets to decide that for us?

    When I finished the book at 3:30 a.m, I was left hoping that Luke and Anna could both overcome their difficult childhoods for the sake of love, and create a healthier home environment for any children they may have.

    Written by Greatly Blessed on February 10, 2015 | e


    There are only a handful of authors that make it to my “must-get” list. These authors write books that I know I will enjoy and ones I know I will reach for when I need a pick-me-up. Beyond All Dreams comes from one of those authors. Elizabeth Camden is above par in her genre and I treasure each and every work penned by her.

    Camden is known for her historical novels that take the reader from the room they are in and transport them to a different time and place. Beyond All Dreams is no different.

    Written by Luxury Reading on February 10, 2015 | e


    I am so lucky that I get to read so many good books and this weekend I read Beyond All Dreams. I really enjoyed it. I liked that it was a historical romance. It took place in the 1800’s and at the Library of Congress. Anna worked at the Library of Congress and was researching a mysterious shipwreck. She needed help and enlisted help from Luke – a congress man. I loved the characters and how the interacted together. You will want to read Beyond All Dreams to see what happens to Anna and Luke.

    Written by Kaisy Daisy’s Corner on February 9, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    There’s just something special about an Elizabeth Camden novel because of the way she combines setting, historical detail, lyrical writing, and rich characterization into a highly entertaining read. Elizabeth did a wonderful job fleshing out a fascinating period of history with lively characters and storytelling. The overarching spiritual theme is one of letting go of anger to forgive those who have greatly wronged us, for anger held tightly only poisons the one holding it – and that’s something to which most of us can relate. It was good to see Luke gradually change through Anna’s influence in his life, as well as Anna’s emotional growth and self-confidence. I enjoyed Beyond All Dreams so very much and highly recommend it.

    Written by The Power of Words on February 9, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I’m having a really hard time rating this novel. I really enjoyed the mystery and wittyness but both Anna & Luke pasts are not easy to read (like real life, I know, but I have to point this stuff out). I’ve enjoyed other Elizabeth Camden novel—and I did enjoy this one—but I’m having a mini war inside myself, so to speak, about the rating for OHST and MPR. I knew since Anna worked in a library there would be some great quotes and I found quite a few I liked!
    “Beyond All Dreams” was witty and had some deep parts..but I’m having such a hard time with rating this novel!

    Written by Books for Christian Girls on February 9, 2015 | e


    Elizabeth Camden has a unique ability to combine significant historical events with well-developed characters and complex relationships in a way that draws the reader in and then surprises you with unexpected twists and turns that leave you really thrilled at the way it all comes together. This is a very well-written, captivating story that was so much more than I dared to expect. I highly recommend Beyond All Dreams!

    Written by Window To My World on February 9, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Beyond All Dreams is my favorite novel by Elizabeth Camden. The original plot, combined with romance, historical mystery, and poetry references created an enjoyable story that I intend to read again in the future.

    I could identify with Anna’s respect and affection for books and details. Luke Callahan’s character was a powerful force in the story and the romance between Luke and Anna was complicated, but sweet. The mystery of the USS Culpeper was unpredictable and remained a mystery to me as long as it was to Anna.

    Overall, reading Beyond All Dreams was a wonderful experience. I recommend it to fans of inspirational fiction who are interested in a tale of mystery and romance with just the right amount of depth.

    Written by Beauty in the Binding on February 9, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I felt that the story really said a lot about being content and what happens when you push beyond normal boundaries and experiences. The outcome of doing so certainly is not always what you had hoped or expected, but as the title suggests, sometimes the outcome is beyond all dreams.

    I really enjoyed the balance of historical fact inter-mixed with the fictional tale. You could tell the author had done her research, from the opening of the new building for the Library of Congress to the Tourmaline mine in Maine. The history going on around the story helped to make the characters and events in their lives more real to me as a reader.

    I would recommend the book to others that enjoy historical fiction or romance.

    Written by A Busy Mom of Two on February 8, 2015 | e


    I thought Anna was a great example to Luke by demontrating forgiveness, it showed him how he needed to learn how to forgive his father for his distructive behavior. Luke taught Anna that she needed to take chances and reach beyond her dreams. Political rivalry is also prevalent in this story which opened my eyes to see that no matter which side you believe in, the person you oppose may have good intentions you just have to open your mind to see what is motivating them to believe the way they do.

    Written by Frugal-Shopping on February 7, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Once again, Elizabeth Camden fascinated me from cover to cover. Beyond All Dreams is an imaginative story of dreams and forgiveness, involving the Library of Congress, a mysterious shipwreck and scandalous political maneuvering – with two fabulous characters at the center of it all. It is a wonderful, delightful read that will not disappoint historical-romance fans.

    Written by Book by Book on February 6, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I just love reading Christian Historical Fiction and was excited to review Elizabeth’s new book. This book wooed me along with a mystery that needed to be solved. Oh…yes…there’s a romance brewing but I especially enjoyed the suspense of trying to figure out the mystery.

    Great characters…all with their own set of baggage (from past pains). Great writing, a terrific book to enjoy on a snowy afternoon. I truly enjoyed reading this book…excellent read.

    Written by Four Seasons of Blessings on February 5, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    I always hate giving books a bad review, but I’m afraid on this book, I must. I tried very hard to like this story, but the character of Luke Callahan was so grating to me, I just couldn’t enjoy the book.

    What I did enjoy was Anna and the historical information of the era and the history of the Library of Congress. I found Anna’s character to be very likable and I really liked her tenacity and her loyalty.

    For it’s historical storyline and the character of Anna, I give his book 2 out of 5 stars. I had a hard time getting through this book and really didn’t enjoy it much.

    Written by Julie – More of Him on February 5, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    Elizabeth’s way with history is compelling. This look at 19th Century American government was fascinating.

    This was a novel I couldn’t put down. I loved Anna and Luke. I found myself frustrated with Luke and his temper, but his history explained it and his efforts to change were appreciated. I was thrilled with the inclusion of Neville as Anna’s best friend. His disability and challenges did not limit him and his character was refreshing and a welcome complement to Anna.

    How do you go wrong with a book set in a library? The Library of Congress is my favorite building in Washington DC. I adored seeing this historical view of it and how it moved from rooms in the Capitol to its own gorgeous building.

    Written by 2 Kids and Tired Books on February 5, 2015 | e
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    One thing that I really enjoyed about this novel was the characterization of Luke and Anna. The author really explored the issues of both of their pasts and how it influenced the adults they became. This added a nice depth and nuance to the story. The historical aspect was also extremely well done and I could hardly wait to finish the book so I could read the author’s note at the end and find out how much of the story was based on actual events. That, in my mind, is the mark of excellent historical fiction.

    Written by ReviewsByErin on February 5, 2015 | e
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  • Everything really worked for me in this story through Anna’s and Luke’s struggles, through them trying to figure things out and getting to know each other in the meantime (their chemistry and dialogue was full of wit and sass and I loved it!), and as they find and lose their hearts.

    Written by Wishful Endings on February 4, 2015 | e
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    Like with her other novels, Camden highlights a part of history that many readers might not be aware of, and she truly transports the reader back in time. I highly recommend this to any fans of the historical romance genre and those who enjoy an intriguing mystery.

    Written by Covers and Ink on February 4, 2015 | e
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    Elizabeth Camden writes another fabulous novel! Her writing style and characters had me as an avid fan in Into the Whirlwind (which still stands as my favorite Historical fiction novel!) and I was not disappointed with Beyond All Dreams! The way Camden words her story draws you in and lets you connect with all of the characters. The plot was very intriguing and I loved uncovering all of the small mysteries with Luke and Anna.

    Written by Accelerate The Jesus Movement on February 4, 2015 | e


    I’m not typically a huge fan of Historical Fiction, but Camden made me a believer when I read her book Against the Tide a while back. Beyond All Dreams pushes me even further into being a fan of this genre. Camden’s writing is rich in history and her research is evident in the content of her book. Her character’s are richly developed and she captures the time period with superb plot design and description. Luke and Anna’s story is captivating. Camden includes a bit of everything in this book – faith, love, mystery – and she weaves it all together very well.

    Written by Mother of Three on February 4, 2015 | e
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    With today’s computer chips the size of a pinhead containing more information than we could possibly access, it’s easy to forget those increasingly distant days when data was manually stored and meticulously catalogued and researched. Elizabeth Camden has brought such a time to live with her latest novel, Beyond All Dreams. As I have not personally visited the Library of Congress, I was fascinated by Anna O’Brien’s job and her diligence. Some authors create a good plot but struggle with character development while others make their characters shine but their setting lags. Camden skillfully cultivates and balances all three of these aspects, and the result is a delightfully engaging story.

    Written by Mocha with Linda on February 3, 2015 | e
    Read my full review:


    With each new book Elizabeth Camden continues to show her talent, her creativity and her love of history. It makes one book nerd rather happy! Her latest release is another intriguing topic, time period and inspired me in so many ways.

    First off, this book was funny! I also loved Luke’s appreciation and love of literature, as well as the way he described said love. He expressed it in much better ways than I could and was completely unashamed about it. I also thought the book would focus on figuring out what happened to a ship’s disappearance (which would have been intriguing enough), but it was so much more than that….

    Written by Books and Beverages on February 3, 2015 | e
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    Beyond All Dreams stands out for many reasons, but among the myriad elements that grabbed me was the rich historical detail that Camden infused within every page of the novel. Set in Washington D.C. in the late 1800s, Beyond All Dreams includes big-picture details of the Mid-Atlantic setting, as well as smaller pieces that will bring readers directly into the story. Among my favorites of this aspect of Camden’s novel are her characters’ connections with the new inventions of the time period. From Anna’s fascination with flashlights, to Luke’s abhorrence to anything new, to Neville’s job in the Patent Office, Camden makes it easy for readers to understand the varying interest of our ancestors’ experience with technology. She also weaves in a time in history—not named in this review to avoid spoilers—that is seldom included in fiction novels but is so brilliantly used within the plot of Beyond All Dreams that I would consider reading another book set within this time period. I loved learning about a time period I knew little about and appreciate Camden branching out in her fiction so that I can take a trip into the past differently than I would normally would choose.

    Written by A Way With Words on February 3, 2015 | e


    I really enjoyed this book! The characters of Anna and Luke are wonderfully constructed and the storyline one that drew me right in. I loved the historical aspect and the setting in Washington D.C. was perfect. If you enjoy historical mysteries with some romance thrown in, this book is for you. It is the perfect book for a snowy afternoon or a day at the beach.

    Written by Books and such on February 2, 2015 | e
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    Elizabeth has written another wonderful story. I know that every time I can find a great historical novel.

    Written by A Bookworms corner on February 2, 2015 | e


    Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden was a great historical fiction book to read. I loved the characters in this book. This is one of the few books that I loved all of the characters in it.

    Written by The World As I See It on February 2, 2015 | e
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    I really enjoyed this book. From the first page, I felt like I was right in there with the characters. I fell head over heels in love with the first time that Anna and Luke collide. The tension and romance that flies between them is unmistakable.

    Luke to me, is the perfect hero. He swoops in and makes Anna feel like the woman she thought she wasn’t. I love guys like that! There is also a really great mystery in this book. I was dying to know what happened to that ship, and certainly didn’t see this one coming. Also, I learned a lot of historical things that I didn’t know before. Two thumbs up!

    This novel is perfect for every historical reader who enjoys Gilded Age, more than a romance, yet a romance that is sigh-worthy.

    I can’t wait for her next book!

    Written by Jen’s Journey on February 2, 2015 | e
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    I have enjoyed all Ms. Camden’s books so far, and I think I have said that each of them is my very favorite, but I’m going to say it again. I fell in love with these very real characters, and hated to see this book end. Spell-binding. I literally couldn’t put this book down. If you like historical fiction, don’t miss BEYOND ALL DREAMS. It is loosely based on real events and what played out in these pages could’ve easily happened in real life.

    Written by Lighthouse Academy on February 2, 2015 | e
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    This was such an enjoyable read to me as the storyline was so fascinating with the mystery woven throughout the romance against a great backdrop. Elizabeth writes with such detail that I felt as if I were a part of the story. If you enjoy historical fiction, then this is a book to read and also Elizabeth Camden is an author that cannot be missed as she is one of the top five historical fiction authors in my opinion.

    Written by Moments on January 31, 2015 | e
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    I really enjoy reading Elizabeth’s book. Her writing style and historical aspects in the books is what draws me in. It is nice to see how she draws actual historical events into her story and makes them exciting to read about. Anna’s job to me sounds like an interesting one – I felt drawn to her from the beginning. There is a bit of a romance brewing between Anna and Luke but it is not so overbearing as normal romance stories, it is subtle and I like that. Another thing I liked about this book was that there was a bit of a mystery in the story and I like a good mystery. If you are a lover of history you will enjoy this book. I look forward to the next book by this author.

    Written by Griperang’s Bookmarks on January 31, 2015 | e
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    Elizabeth Camden’s books caught my attention in 2012, and I haven’t missed a new publication since. Her newest book, Beyond All Dreams, captures a world and setting that is new to me but that was both intriguing and educational. Anyone who loves and appreciates books as much as I do will of course love this book simply because our heroine, Anna O’Brien, is a librarian working in the Library of Congress. I was mystified with the setting because it was unlike anything I have read prior. Camden perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of what is Washington, DC and allows readers to vividly imagine what life would be like working inside the Library of Congress. Politics is not really my forte, but Camden makes Anna’s world inviting and mesmerizing.

    Written by Charming Chelsey’s on January 31, 2015 | e


    The characters in “Beyond All Dreams” are particularly strong. Anna is quiet and shy, yet she possesses surprising tenacity. Luke, handsome and charming yet still flawed, makes a great love interest for Anna. And the supporting characters, from Anna’s friend Neville to Luke’s troubled family to the enigmatic Speaker of the House, are fleshed out and realistic.

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on January 30, 2015 | e
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    The best part of this novel is the strong determination of Anna’s character. She isn’t willing to lay down her convictions that the truth may be discovered and believes her father may in fact still be alive. I love her convictions to follow the research wherever it leads and found myself relating to her quite a bit. I love that this one is based on the true story surrounding a ship that was apparently lost at sea in a way to keep the truth a secret during a time of difficult relations with Spain at the time that would have led to war. For me, once again Elizabeth Camden has capture my heart in this story and deserves 5 out of 5 stars! I can’t wait for her to write another novel and she is one of my favorite historical romance authors!!!

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on January 30, 2015 | e
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    I have been so excited to read more by Elizabeth Camden ever since I read my first book authored by her. She packs so much into her stories and pulls the reader in from the very first page of the book. I enjoy the history that fills the pages and even the suspense that is a bit unexpected. To be honest, I didn’t think there could be much suspense to a missing ship. Don’t worry….I was wrong. There was a lot that could happen.

    Beyond All Dreams was a wonderful story of a Anna O’Brien. Anna has been alone her whole life due to many circumstances. She has had to learn to stand up to bullies, prove people wrong, and to face her fears.

    Written by When life gets you down…read a book on January 30, 2015 | e
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    But what happens when Anna finds errors in a map? Errors in a map that show her father did not die where she was told he did? And will Luke ever learn to forgive his own father for the years of mistreatment. Now things start moving though as it seems the US Navy does not want anyone to know of the map errors. In fact, they deny the errors and threaten Anna’s very job due to her diggings. She is told she MUST stop. Then she feels her life is in danger. And her best friend is hiding something.

    Open your copy of this book and find out what happens to Anna and if Luke is able to move on from his anger and heal.

    Written by For Him and My Family on January 29, 2015 | e
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    Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden is a book that should be on your ‘2015 To Be Read’ list. It’s full of humor, intelligent wit, politics, romance, and a story that will keep you turning from page to page. This is a read that will surprise you from beginning to end. Don’t miss out on this, because Camden wrote something that pulls out all the stops for her readers.

    Written by Taylor Reid Reads and Breathes on January 29, 2015 |e
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    I was intrigued by this book from the beginning. I have always been fascinated with our nations Capitol and all of the historical buildings that are a part of America’s history. I have even had the pleasure of visiting the Library of Congress a couple of times, which made this book more appealing.

    This book is full of history and some facts that I didn’t even know! Not only does it have history, but romance, adventure, mystery and life values. Luke and Anna are complete opposites, but they are perfect for each other. The way they would banter back and forth made me laugh. Although they faced hard times, in the end they allowed their faith to get stronger and help them through it.

    Written by Dixie n Dottie on January 29, 2015 | e
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    In this historical romance novel, Anna O’Brien leads a very quiet life as a librarian at the Library of Congress. In her studies, though, she discovers something incorrect about the ship that sank when her father was a sailor. She begins investigating this mystery, and is soon joined by Congressman Luke Callahan. Together they search for answers and they also begin to fall in love. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to their relationship.

    The politics involved in this novel were really interesting to me. The novel is set in the late 1800s so there are a lot of issues that arise throughout the book with politics and gender issues and war. It was all put together very well and I really enjoyed this book.

    Thank you to

    Written by The Talbert Report on January 29, 2015 | e
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    “Beyond All Dreams” by Elizabeth Camden. Anna O’Brien is a map librarian for the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Her father was a cartographer who died in the sinking of the Navy ship Culpepper. When she finds some information that doesn’t fit the scenario that the Navy portrayed as the demise of the ship and its crew. When she tries to get to the bottom of the discrepancies she is warned by the Navy brass that she’d better not go further with her investigation or risk the consequences. This story takes place as the Library of Congress is being moved from the Capitol to its own prestigious building. This book was quite interesting and gave good insight about the time period.

    Written by I’m Hooked on Books on January 29, 2015 | e
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    A fantastic novel from start to finish that I fell in love with from the first chapter. A strong female lead (in a time where women were not treated fairly) who finds her complete opposite. They bring out the best and worst in each other. Fantastic read!

    Written by Working Mommy Journal on January 29, 2015 | e


    Camden draws us in with elegantly and realistically drawn characters. They are both flawed, but talented. I was also amazed at the wealth of information woven into the story about cartography, and about the Library of Congress when it still occupied part of the Capitol Building.

    Written by Positive Grace on January 29, 2015 | e
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    Was it memorable? The history is what will truly stick with me. Will it lead me to read more of the author’s work? YES! I would love to see if I can find some more of Camden’s work on Audible next month for my free audiobook. 4 stars and anyone who could use a quick dash of history mixed with an adorable romance should pick this one up. Stat!

    Written by Sunrise Avenue on January 29, 2015 | e
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    Beyond All Dreams is a wonderful book. It takes place in Washington DC in 1897, rich in history. Elizabeth Camden does a wonderful job of balancing fact and fiction in this work of fiction. She writes with authority on American History, Washington DC and the world in 1897, cartography, map librarian, politics in 1897, and the military especially the Navy. I loved the historical facts in this story, I learned a lot about our nation’s capital during this time in history. The characters in this book are great. They are real people dealing with messy lives. I really enjoyed Anna and Luke’s banter. They are truly opposites and their interactions were always explosive (good and bad).

    Written by For The Love of Books on January 29, 2015 | e
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    As with all of Ms. Camden’s other books this one is filled with rich historical detail, the setting is perfect and the attention to detail is magnificent, it is hard to rival the author on her attention to detail and this book does not disappoint! I enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of this book and the character development

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on January 28, 2015 | e
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    This book contains all of the elements that makes a great Christian historical romance. There is a strong protagonist in Anna. There is a tantalizing mystery involving the death of Anna’s father. There is intrigue as Anna pursues the truth the navy does not want made public. There is a handsome man who is likely to break Anna’s heart. There is information I learned about the Library of Congress. And there is much to discuss with others, like the role model of a father. A terrific novel.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on January 28, 2015 | e
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    I have had different opinions about each of this author’s books so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one. Thankfully I loved it! From the very beginning I was sucked into the mystery of the Culpepper and couldn’t wait to find out what really had happened.
    Luke and Anna were both fantastic characters and I really loved them! I loved how Luke was so passionate about peace, and how much he cared about those close to him. Then there was Anna with her quiet strength, tenacity, and good heart. They were so perfectly matched and it was beautiful how perfectly they balanced each other out.
    I loved how unique both of their jobs were I don’t think I’ve read a book with a map librarian or a congressman as the main characters and it was cool to get a look into that world.

    Written by Christian Novels on January 28, 2015 | e
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    This story has lots of twists and turns. I loved every single second of the book! The attraction between Anna and Luke is undeniable!

    Written by A Simple Life, really?! on January 27, 2015 | e
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    Elizabeth Camden writes such real characters, you wonder if she’s really pulling them from true stories. Anna O’Brien and Luke Callahan both had such full and colorful backgrounds. Their could easily be novels written about both of their families. I can’t tell you whether I liked Anna or Luke’s character better. Usually one of the main characters will really pull at me in a novel I’m enjoying. This time… they both were equally fascinating. And together? Well I had butterflies in my stomach each time they were alone together.

    Written by A Bit Bookish on January 27, 2015 | e
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    I enjoy the clean writing style of this book. It presents a good mystery that does get you into the chapters. I would recommend it for adults as I feel that younger children would not really get into it. The author makes her characters come to life and the librarian has a great role.

    Written by Cassandra M’s Place on January 26, 2015 | e


    I loved these characters! They were both witty and never let anyone get the best of them. Both had to fight from a young age to get to where they were in their adult lives. The two together engage in such banter that it had me chuckling along with the characters! I love how this story had a good plot. Camden write believable characters with very believable stories. It was also a nice historical glimpse into what congress and the Library of Congress would have looked like in 1897.

    What I loved best about this book is that both character’s had rough childhoods but they didn’t let that be an excuse to make nothing of their lives. They both overcame the odds and went on to have great jobs and be productive members of society. Abuse didn’t define them it empowered them!

    Written by A Rup Life on January 26, 2015 | e
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    3 out of 5 stars! A young up-and-coming Congressman from Maine and a female Library of Congress map librarian’s path cross. One dreams of things being peaceful everywhere and hopes to be the one to make it happen. The other hopes to uncover what truly happened to her father after finding a false report. Together they should be able to get through anything but will they be able to trust each other enough to see their dreams through to the end?

    This novel is for Ancestry and Historical Romance lovers! Because it follows historical events really well, while throwing enough flirtation between Luke & Anna in the mix to keep you intrigued.

    Written by From Me to You … Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on January 26, 2015 | e
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    One Sentence Review: An intense tale of friendship, loyalty and love.
    This isn’t a mere Rom Com, where two people who Cannot. Stand. Each. Other. soon fall deeply in love… no, there’s more to Luke and Anna than that.

    As the two work together, they realize a common bond. Both have professional goals that require devotion, and neither came from a stable or safe home.
    Their similar memories and driven personalities leave them each with a choice- will they view their pasts through eyes of redemption, or continue to resent what was forced upon them?

    And will they be able to find individual healing- separate from each other?
    She cannot be his source of peace, he cannot be her future.

    Written by Found a Christian by His Grace on January 26, 2015 | e
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    A novel whirl with intrigue and mystery, from the stately libraries of congress to the shores of Cuba, this is a novel that you won’t want to miss!

    With well rounded characters that I wanted to cheer for throughout, there was even a cameo from Theodore Roosevelt!

    Overall, this was a well put together book filled with mystery and political intrigue! A riveting book that keep me turning the pages, dreading having to put it down! Definitely one I’d recommend!

    Written by Labor Not in Vain on January 26, 2015 | e
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    A mystery surround the disappearance of the Culpepper. Anna O’Brien is determined to find out just what happened to her father, but is blocked at every turn.
    Handsome and confident congressman is drawn to quiet librarian Anna O’Brien – will it be a case of opposites attract?
    Romantic historical fiction at it’s very best, with strong likeable characters – just the thing for a cold winter’s read!

    Written by Avid Reader Reviews on January 26, 2015 | e
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    When I first started reading this book, I didn’t have much hope that it was going to grab me and hold onto me to the very end. I think that feeling lasted about two chapters in and then I was hooked! Anna’s love of the library and Luke’s love of poetry and their respect and love for books and learning…well, they could have been my best friends, I think.

    Written by Life With Katie on January 21, 2015 | e


    I adore Elizabeth Camden’s stories, so I was thrilled to review this one!
    It lived up to my expectations! The plot is rich with history and the characters come alive. I can’t recommend it enough!

    Written by Inklings an Notions on January 21, 2015 | e
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    What follows is a well-crafted story of love and loss and some of the best advice I’ve ever received from a book or a person! I am inspired to dream big and make big mistakes…to take bigger risks and live like I believe God is Who He says He is. And that’s how I’m praying. This novel also spoke to me deeply about forgiveness, an area where I’ve needed quite a bit of help.

    This is not only an entertaining novel. It is wise counsel. It is a glimpse of history and Washington politics. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading Elizabeth Camden’s other works.

    Written by WORD Up! on January 20, 2015 | e
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