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Welcome to our first tour of 2012.

We are thrilled to be kicking off the new year with a brand new series from beloved author Suzanne Woods Fisher! The Keeper is the first book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series and releases (1/3/12) with grand approval from critics and fans alike. For the launch of this book and series Suzanne is hosting a “Honey of Giveaway”! She’ll be giving away an iPad2 and connecting with readers at a fun Facebook party on the 17th!

{More about The Keeper}

Julia Lapp has planned on marrying Paul Fisher since she was a girl. Now twenty-one, she looks forward to their wedding with giddy anticipation. When Paul tells her he wants to postpone the wedding–again–she knows who is to blame.

Perpetual bachelor and spreader of cold feet, Roman Troyer, the Bee Man.Roamin’ Roman travels through the Amish communities of Ohio and Pennsylvania with his hives full of bees, renting them out to farmers in need of pollinators. He relishes his nomadic life, which keeps him from thinking about all he has lost. He especially enjoys bringing his bees to Stoney Ridge each year. But with Julia on a mission to punish him for inspiring Paul’s cold feet, the Lapp farm is looking decidedly less pleasant.

Can Julia secure the future she’s always dreamed of? Or does God have something else in mind?

Suzanne Woods Fisher

{More About Suzanne Woods Fisher}

Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of the Inn at Eagle Hill series, Lancaster County Secrets series, and the Stoney Ridge Seasons series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including “Amish Peace.” She is also the coauthor of an Amish children’s series, The Adventures of Lily Lapp. Her interest in the Anabaptist cultures can be directly traced to her grandfather, who was raised in the Old Order German Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne is a Carol Award winner and a Christy Award finalist. She is a columnist for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazines. She lives in California. For more information, please visit and connect with her on Twitter @suzannewfisher. Get Amish proverbs delivered right to your mobile device! Download the Free App!

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Press Kit

The Keeper Press Kit


Berlin beekeeper dashes hopes throughout Amish country in The Keeper

Award-winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher releases first book in new Stoney Ridge Seasons series

SEATTLE: Every now and then, you read a book about a family you wish you belonged to. The Lapp family in Suzanne Woods Fisher’s The Keeper (Revell, ISBN : 978-0-8007-1987-6, $14.99, Jan. 1, 2012) is one of those families: amusing, endearing, with hearts as big as Lancaster County. Even though life on the farm hasn’t been the same since Julia Lapp’s father has had trouble with his heart, Julia still hopes for a bright future. She has planned on marrying Paul Fisher since she was a girl. Now twenty-one, she looks forward to their wedding with giddy anticipation.

But when Paul tells her he wants to postpone the wedding–again–she is determined to change his mind. She knows who is to blame for Paul’s sudden reluctance to wed: the Bee Man from Berlin, Ohio.

Roman Troyer, the Bee Man, travels through the Amish communities of Ohio and Pennsylvania with his hives full of bees, renting them out to farmers in need of pollinators. A mysterious man who relishes his nomadic life, Roman especially enjoys bringing his bees to Stoney Ridge each year. But with Julia seriously at odds with him, Windmill Farm is looking decidedly less appealing.

“My Amish friends’ red windmill inspired this story,” says Fisher. “It became a metaphor for my experiences with the Amish-they’re always surprising me! The Lapp family has a red windmill on their farm, too, and they’re a quirky, endearing family whom I think readers will quickly love.”

In The Keeper, Julia Lapp has to keep her faith in order to deal with the uncertainty of her dreams and trust that God’s plans are the perfect ones for her.

Advance Praise

“Packed with romance, secrets, betrayal, and forgiveness-Fisher knows her Amish history and stays true to their beliefs and way of life.”
RT Book Reviews

About the Author

Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of ‘The Lancaster County Secrets’ series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including the ECPA finalists Amish Peace and Amish Proverbs. The Waiting was a 2011 Christy finalist and The Choice was a 2011 Carol Award finalist. Her interest in the Anabaptist cultures can be directly traced to her grandfather, W. D. Benedict, who was raised in the Old Order German Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne is the host of a popular internet radio show called “Amish Wisdom” and a columnist for “Christian Post”. She lives in California with her family and raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Suggested Interview Questions

* The main character of The Keeper is Julia Lapp, a young lady with a lot of questions about God’s will on her mind. What does she want for her life and what is it that causes her to question if that’s what God also wants?

* Tell us how you relate to Julia- when have you felt that God might be leading you away from what you wanted because he had something else in store for your life?

* When people talk about “The Amish,” they tend to think of them as all being very similar, but you say there are actually a number of differences. What are some of those and what makes them different from each other?

* If you look at statistics for young people on the whole, we see that our culture is marrying much later than they used to. Many cite career or the cost of college or simply time to enjoy the freedom to choose. But Amish culture is very different. What are some of the practical reasons many are still marrying at the same ages as in generations past?

* Without giving away too much, one of the elements in the story is a heart transplant, something we don’t typically associate with the Amish. Can you speak to how the Amish interact with modern medicine? What kinds of services might they use and how do they pay for it, given that they don’t use insurance?

* You enjoy doing research for your books. Tell us a little about how you researched some of the elements in this book- everything from heart transplants to migratory bee keeping.

* Amish fiction is also still on the rise. It’s been stated that it is now 18% of the Christian fiction market. Why do you think the sub-genre continues to grow? What are readers looking for in Amish fiction?

Suzanne Woods Fisher is available for national interviews to promote the release of The Keeper. To request a review copy, schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Christy Anderson,


4 Stars from Romantic Times: The Stoney Ridge Season starts off with characters who are trying to make the right choices, but sometimes with unexpected results. Fisher always brings freshness to her Amish novels. The Amish culture is interesting to read and learn about, but there is also a message: God has plans and those plans may vary greatly from the plans you have.

Christian Fiction Addiction: I can honestly say that “The Keeper” is my favorite contemporary Amish novel that I have read to date. The reason? The characters are simply fantastic! From the moment I picked up this book, I became caught up in their lives and found the book impossible to put down. The book breathes with laughter, heart-break, deep wisdom, hope. As the author gradually allowed me to peek under the characters’ interesting exteriors, I discovered hearts that beat with all the dreams and insecurities we all wrestle with at times. God’s love absolutely shines through this book, and I came to the last page sad to leave the world of the Windmill Farm. I highly anticipate returning to the farm in book two of the series!



Charlene at Quintessentially Quilly Don’t let the fact that this book is labeled “Amish” fiction lead you to believe you’re about to enjoy a fluffy, light romance. Suzanne’s characters are real people with real world-problems. In her stories the Amish interact with their neighbors and one another in realistic scenarios and there are no clear cultural lines drawn to distinguish the Amish as all-good and the Englischers as all-bad. Reading a Suzanne Woods Fisher novel will give you reason to think and reason to rejoice. You’ll get a satisfying romance and a great drama as well.

Mocha with Linda Several plots entwined in this story and unexpected twists touched my heart. Suzanne’s new Stoney Ridge Seasons is off to a wonderful start with this first book in the series. It is absolutely a . . . Keeper!

Wendy at wall-to-wall books Wow, I didn’t see that ending coming! Any of, I didn’t! Suzanne Woods Fisher, in my opinion, is the best Amish Fiction writer there is. She has such a way with her characters, it just draws you into the family, makes you feel like you belong, like you are a visiting friend.

Mary’s Cup of Tea

Patricia at It’s Time to Read Meemaw I highly recommend this book! I rate this book a 5 out of 5.


Crystal Created for Home It was a nice little love story and a lovely break from reality for me to read.

Abi at 4 the LOVE of BOOKS Susanne Woods Fisher has done it again. She’s made a honey of story. This is one that will keep you buzzing the pages. You don’t want to miss what is happening at Stoney Ridge. Julia Lapp is a spit-fire character.

Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer  “The Keeper” is slightly different than the typical Amish fiction, adding witty characters and realism that any reader can connect with. Life is full of twists and turns that challenges your faith as the main character Julia findsout. There is heartache, laughter and wonderful storytelling to be found in “The Keeper”. I recommend the book to all readers.

Beckie at By The Book In The Keeper, you feel like you are among friends. And the story flows naturally; not to slow or too rushed, just right. I was most impressed with the insertion of the characters’ faith. Many of their statements concerning God’s ways and scripture felt like prayers. In fact, sometimes I would go back and repeat them to God. This is not to say that the book was preachy. If anything,The Keeper shows faith as a natural part of life.


Valentina at Carabosse’s Library This was a lovely story full of romance and special relationships that is very different from a lot of the Amish novels that are being written now.

Renee at Black’n Gold Girl’s Book Spot The Keeper is quite possibly going to go on my best books of 2012 list! The characters, the setting and most importantly the story are beautiful.

Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers Laugh, cry and fall in love with The Keeper . It will be a book that you want to share with friends- just be sure they return it to you.


Michelle at Destination Amish Suzanne writes about this topic with a real knowledge. I laughed; I cried and was thoroughly impressed by this book. This is a must read! The second book cannot come quick enough. Happy Reading!

Reviews By Molly With romance, humor, Amish charm and wisdom, Ms. Fisher has created the start of a wonderful story. This start to a fantastic new series is a 5 Book worthy novel and will be sitting pretty on my Amish fiction bookshelf for years to come. I can’t wait to read Sadie Lapp’s story in book 2, The Haven, set to release in August of 2012.

Diane at That’s What I’m Here For [Suzanne Woods Fisher’s] books are immersed in the Amish lifestyle but you do not feel overwhelmed by it. The characters are completely relate-able and entirely quirky in such a loving way that you are immediately drawn in to this family. I loved that the characters appeared to be one way in the beginning, but as you got to know them more and more, and their stories, your opinions of them changed. You were able to truly empathize and connect with each character involved.I have to give the author props on this book’s storyline. It went a way that I never thought it would take, and it was bold. I appreciated the sensitivity of the issues she included and she handled it beautifully and realistically. This book definitely shows that being Amish does not guarantee a trouble-free existence.

Kim at Window To My World I love the tenderness in the heart of the story itself, and how the faith of each character comes into play in an intimate, personal way. There are times when things seem pretty uncertain, and the solution isn’t always what it seems. Folks who enjoy visiting the Amish in their fiction will be delighted by Woods’ latest novel!

Danielle at The Happy Wife This is one of my favorite books in the Amish fiction genre. The reader is quickly and easily transported to a beautifully simple life in Pennsylvania. The plot draws you in quickly and keeps you engaged until the end. I had a very difficult time putting the book down and read it in 2 days.

Michele at My Blessings From Above This book hooked me on the first page! It really did! It just drew me in! The characters seem real and so believable. The writing is witty and fast-paced. I really enjoy Suzanne Woods Fisher’s writing style. Parts of this story had me laughing out loud! Her writing is very refreshing! If you are a fan of contemporary Amish fiction you will love this story!


Caroline at Happy Four The story beautifully unveils the heart of the characters as each chapter unfolds.  Those you may not have immediately been drawn to appear softer after knowing the history of their pain.  The story does brings devastating circumstances of loved ones lost, inclusive of one of Julia’s immediate family members passing, but not without passing on a vital part of their physical being to save another.  Life is lost, yet renewed in another.  A love that appeared genuine is lost and true love found and life at Windmill Farm will never be the same!

Karla at Quiet Quilter Suzanne has done it again!! This book is no different from any of her others!! The first chapter grabs your attention and keeps you enthralled throughout the story by making each character unique and so well described , that you become part of them. Her character development is outstanding. You live their dreams, heartaches, fears and rejoice in their joys.

Bab’s Book Bistro The Lapp family are one of a kind. They are funny, lovable and quirky at times. They the family gets along is wonderful. I started the book and did not want to put it down. The pages almost turned on their own as I could not get enough of the Lapp family. I like the way the story turned out. Fisher does a wonderful job with the characters, they way you feel their joys, sadness and dreams. I am looking forward to book 2 in the series.

Wendy at Minding Spot The Keeper is a wonderful read – filled with likable characters and a beautiful setting in Amish country. The troubles the characters go through and how they put their faith in God to help them through it is inspiring. The love triangles, the heartbreak of watching a parent suffer and wanting to help and the love and support of family is what makes this novel shine. I loved it!

Briana at I can’t decide This was a wonderful story with many different aspects to it. You will encounter forgiveness, loss, romance, heart problems, special needs, and many other topics as you read. It sounds like a lot to take in but Suzanne does a great job of weaving all of the story lines together. Oh, there is also a little mystery thrown in which is solved by the end of the story.

Roxanna at The Jolly Blogger Suzanne talked about how the Amish were actually fun-loving people and I felt that in the tone and the descriptive language she used throughout the book. As is always the case with her books, I couldn’t put it down…and I know you won’t, either!           


Deb’s Here I love to read about the Amish This is the first book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series and I can’t wait to read the next one! As this is a excellent book. Once I started I couldn’t put the book down. I loved the Lapp family`as they show you what true family values are all about. As each character has troubles and triumphs and I really liked each one. As Suzanne has a way with writing that makes you feel that you are there.I found myself laughing and crying many times.

Christen at Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways Sometimes a book shatters stereotypes. The Keeper by Suzanne Woods Fisher does just that.

Linda’s Lunacy I love to read books about the Amish lifestyle. The Keeper does not disappoint – a story of taking care of family, lost love, and found love.


Chrystal at Self Employed Writer I love the Amish books! I was so excited to read and review the newest book, The Keeper. I knew it would not disappoint, and I was right!

Kate at Fuzzy Black Slippers I really enjoyed The Keeper and I’m excited for the next book in the series. When you turn the last page of a book and find yourself disappointed it’s over, you know that book is a keeper!

Crystal at Cinnamon Hollow Suzanne Woods Fisher writes her characters in such a fun way. They aren’t what I would typically think of when imaging an Amish family.

Lauri at Knits Reads and Reviews Hats off to Suzanne for writing yet another great Amish story, I cannot wait to see what’s in store in the next book of this series!

Jodie at Mom’s Pace I couldn’t put the book down. I had feelings ranging from laughter, to sadness, to admiration.

Pamela at Daysong Reflections Suzanne Woods Fisher has a special touch when it comes to writing about the Amish. She literally breathes life into her characters.


Jill at Frugal Plus The vast difference in the well-written characters makes for a romantic, emotional read. A Keeper!

Marg at Simply Shop and Save This book reminds me of the long ago Walton’s TV program. Good family entertainment is sadly lacking for the viewing audience. I would be so delighted if this story, “ The Keeper ,” would be picked up by the networks or made into a movie.

Vera at Luxury Reading The Keeper is a heart warming story and the love between the characters in the book is readily apparent on every page. Fisher’s new book will appeal greatly to fans of Amish fiction, and cozy fiction in general.

Linda Linda’s Lunacy The Keeper does not disappoint.

Tina at Giving & Sharing The Keeper is fast moving, inspiring and filled with enough angst and emotion to keep you reading page after page and ending with probably the best ending I’ve read in a romance of any kind in a very long time.

Lena at A Christian Writer’s World Author interview and book giveaway!


Angela at All Grown Up?

Kemi at Homemaking Organized Blog I was disappointed to see end. Write more Suzanne!

Sheila at Showcase Sisters “The Keeper” is wonderfully written, romantic, inspiring and heartwarming!

Tiffany at A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews The story is engaging, humorous and heartwarming. I enjoyed her fast paced, witty writing style. Before I knew it, I’d finished the book. it’s a great contemporary Amish romance for those who prefer clean, dramatic love stories or for those who want a break from their normal reading. It’s a mini vacation for your taking, as you find yourself transplanted from the living room to an Amish farm.

Carrie at Farming On Faith Just when I think Suzanne can’t outdo herself she amazes me once again!

Sara at Shoopette’s Book Reviews Enjoyed.


Jennifer at For such a time as this I love Suzanne Woods Fisher! Her books just take me to a place where I can find adventure, love, and a simple way of life. There is not one of her books that I have read that I have not fallen in love with. She is a talented writer who knows how to draw her audience in.

Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood [The Keeper is] a heartwarming, funny contemporary romance with a fantastic cast of characters who just happen to be Amish. And, it’s a delightful read that I hated to see come to an end.

Renee at Doorkeeper I loved the tender hearts and gentle ways of the folks who peopled her novel, The Keeper. And I also enjoyed the touch of mystery in the plot.

Kat at Reviews From The Heart I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and love the message found between the pages, that sometimes we can’t always see things when we are too close, sometimes we simply need to take a couple steps back and see it from God’s eyes.

jacque at Good Family Reads There are Amish books and then there are Suzanne Fisher Woods Amish tales. The book blurb will lead you to think this is a typical love romance style book, but it is so much more. It is also a book to get you to think beyond the book…not only about the characters (they are great, tho), but about life and life going on.

Mel at MamaBuzz [The Keeper is] a very touching story that is so real to life. I truly wish that Suzanne’s books could be made into movies. They are not your typical Amish stories. She makes the Amish lifestyle, which can sometimes seem so far removed from our own, very real and transparent. Her characters are so lively, animated, and full of true-to-life character.

Amber at Seasons of Humility Fisher’s writing is a pleasure to read as she effortlessly combines the quirky with the authentic. Her stories are creative but not too far out there to also be familiar and comforting. Stoney Ridge is a great place to visit through Fisher’s book. And The Keeper is a great addition to Fisher’s Amish novels, with sweet sibling relationships and a honey of a romance!


Tammy is Blessed With a few different storylines mixed into the plot, this book was enjoyable from start to finish.

Simply Stacie This book is a beautifully written story of an Amish family who are going through a hard time with money, love and health issues.

Stephanie-jean at Life: SemiCrunchy The Keeper is full of very lovable characters (and some hard to love ones too) with layers of personality! I was left wanting more once I finished, but not in a negative way, I just really wanted to spend more time with all of the characters! Suzanne does a wonderful job keeping the story line interesting with plenty of twist and turns without making the story to convoluted or feeling rushed.

Patty at Broken Teepee Ms. Woods Fisher writes a lovely story about learning to accept what is given to you and perhaps stretch your thinking to expand beliefs you might have had from birth.

Lisa at Life Full of Laughter I really loved Suzanne’s style of writing. I loved that she took her time in telling me the story.

Kristie at Family Scrapbooks and Coffee The Keeper is full of laughs and surprises. It also pulls at heartstrings, as so many of the other books of Suzanne W. Fisher have done for me.

Anne at Mommy Has to Work I love reading Suzanne Woods Fisher books and can’t wait for the next chapter in this series.


Kaylea at My Scrappy Life Once again, Suzanne has created a story that is warm, inviting and fun to read.

Debra at Footprints in the Butter I had a hard time putting the book down.

April’s at Lifestyle Show This is my second book I have read by Suzanne Woods Fisher and I am addicted. The characters are strong yet fragile.

Judy at Lost and Found You wouldn’t think the term `action packed’ would apply to a community still using original `horse’ power. But not only is The Keeper is filled with action, it’s also rife with conflict and rich in romance.

Book Junkie Mom at Rainy Day Reviews! I love how the author brought the characters to life, brought realism to the character not just words on a page.

Shari at The Knit Wit by Shair You know you have a good book in your hands, when you can’t wait to get to the end to see how everything turns out, until you are getting close to the end, and the you change to not wanting it to end.

Melinda Joy: Living, Laughing, Loving I‘ve read other books by Suzanne, and I really enjoy them. She knows a great amount about the Amish lifestyle, and it’s refreshing to read about a simpler way of life.

JHS at Colloquium A lovely surprise.


Jennifer at Life Happens This book did make me cry a few times. But well worth it. I am so glad that Suzanne keeps writting! I can’t wait for book 2 to come out!

Melissa at Bibliophile’s Retreat In a genre that some might consider boring or flooded by the same stories redone, Suzanne always manages to bring something new to table.

Libby’s Library By chapter 2, I felt like I was a part of the Lapp family!

Lesley at Dragonflies ‘n Daydreams This was a wonderful story. I love the characters! Suzanne really brings them to life in an amusing way.

Staci at 7 on a Shoestring

Holly at Everything and Anything