Blog Tour | Real – The Book by Shelley Malcolm

Welcome to the blog tour for this profound book – it’s GORGEOUS in look and scope – and we’re thrilled to introdue Shelley and Real. Proceeds from book sales go to support the work of several charities. It is a gift that gives a gift.

Watch the compelling video trailer for a bit more about this project:

Real – The Book from David Malcolm on Vimeo.

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Mocha With Linda In a world obsessed with eternal youth and beauty, often turning to botox, eating disorders, and surgical intervention to attain the perfect body, how refreshing it is to see this book celebrating the beauty of hands that have truly lived and bear the scars and wrinkles to prove it.


Becky at In The Pages This book is such a great idea that it captured me – I poured over each picture and then read about each person’s life that was represented by the picture of his/her hands. Terilee Dawn Ouimette’s photos brought the stories to life. It is a book that keeps you turning pages and makes you think…..

Amy at A Nest in the Rocks This book would make fabulous gift or coffee table book. Full of both inspiration and art, it’s a great afternoon read and yet it does not need to be read straight through. Each story stands alone and so the book can be read in any order.

Abi at 4 the LOVE of BOOKS Malcolm delivers a remarkable work of inspiration with 60 biographical stories, each illustrated by a captivating photo by professional photographer Terilee Dawn Ouimette. The stories are deeply revealing, while the photos are anonymous, focusing only on each subject’s hands.


Tasra at tasra mar | transform With candid stories of real people living in the textured reality of life everyday, your heart will be stirred. I found that to be true for me.

Theresa at Just One More Paragraph I keep this book on my coffee table, and find that every time I sit down near it, it demands to be picked up. The photos are stunning and paired with the prose, this book is nothing less than a true work of art. Along with each photo is a story that tells about the life of the person who owns those hands. The stories are heartfelt and beautifully written, and one instantly feels an attachment to the mysterious person.

Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This book exemplifies that, with a half page picture accompanied by a two columns of text.


Judy at Lost and Found This is definitely the kind of book I would keep displayed in my home so visitors could see it. And one I would return to time and time again for myself. I highly recommend “Real” by Malcolm and Ouimette … one copy for your own library (or coffee table!) and a few extra for gifting. A great big thumbs up from this reviewer, for this hands-on approach to storytelling!


Nicole at Bless Their Hearts Mom I really had to stop after I read each page, and reflect on the hands and what they said, that the words didn’t. This is a VERY moving book, and you will find yourself flipping back and forth looking at the pictures, and re-reading the info.

Danielle at The Happy Wife I enjoyed the small insight I was able to get into a variety of lives and the epilogue at the end, brings a semblance of closure to my involvement in their lives. The stories not only cover a variety of people and slices of their lives, but covers a broad area of life topics, such as hope, love, courage, and renewal. I found the stories to be inspiring and heartwarming and the photography is stunning. I will never look at, or even think of, hands in the same way again.


Fran at Books and Beyond We may not be able to see their faces and surprisingly that doesn’t matter. I did not feel cheated in the least. Instead I felt a part of. I “knew” each person. I laughed with them, cried with them, roared in anger with them, felt joy with them, grieved with them. Everything they felt and experienced I was a part of. I was drawn in and even if their personally unique experience did not apply to me, it applied to someone I knew. Now or in the past. The photography is exquisite. I truly envy Ouimette’s true talent with a camera.Shelley Malcom conveyed so much in few words. She did not need pages of flowery, dramatic, prose to draw us into the story and keep us trapped. One sentence was all it took. I WANTED to be in that story. It was not a struggle to continue to the next paragraph. She captured her subjects raw emotions and experiences with a quiet grace and dignity. I personally suggest we all order a copy of this book for everyone we love and have it handy at all times. I am actually eager to finish typing this up so I can go back and re read a few of the stories that spoke to me.


Kaylea at My Scrappy Life Wow.If pictures are worth 1,000 words, then Shelley Malcom and Terilee Dawn Ouimette have captured a priceless treasure in their collaboration known as Real.

Deb’s Here This is such a great book,shows the true life of real people.Each story was touching and this is a book that you can set out for everyone to enjoy! It makes you think of life and how the hands really tell the story.I would recommend this book to all.

Krystal at Live To Read This book was actually hard to put down, something I had not expected.

Whitney at Rambles of a SAHM While reading these stories I could just picture Jesus there with them through the struggles and the good times. I feel like the book Real shows us the stories from God’s point of view. When He sees our hands He does not think, oh what a nice manicure or oh my deformed hands. When He sees these hands He sees the real story, the whole story and always a story worth redeeming.

Diane at That’s What I’m Here For The author does a beautiful job of sharing snippets from people’s lives. Each one different and significant just as their hands are. Worn, from years of working, holding, going, and praying. The photographer captures each wrinkle, imperfection, and nuance that makes each set of hands extraordinary. Taking the time to examine each one, I could not help but be drawn in to that person’s story.


Brooke at I blog 4 books A stunning collection.

Julee at Mommy’s Memorandum Real is a book that tugs my heart strings. It sits on my nightstand and I find myself opening it’s pages throughout the day. The photos are amazing and accessorized by prose that makes the beauty of this book impeccable. Real is a story about the life of the person who owns the hands. The stories are amazing and written elegantly. I feel like I know the hands and the person behind them.


Joan at Book Reviews from an Avid Reader There are hands of builders and bakers, of students and seniors. There are young hands, old hands, and scarred hands. The people in this book are not famous. They are inspirational, however. They are people who have overcome difficulties, and weathered adversities. They are people who play together, and work together. They are people just like you and me who have made a difference with their hands.

Laura at Day by Day in Our World Both the photography and the ‘backstory’ have proven to be captivating and I’m looking forward to my print copy finally arriving here. Even from the pdf file, I find the photos drawing me in and wanting to expand upon what is written as my imagination extends the story beyond the words on the page. I can only wish that some one might look at my hands one day and see the stories behind them.

Jill at Frugal Plus The Inspirational stories found in this treasure will give you a glimpse into many Individual lives and you may just do some self-reflection yourself. The photography of each Individuals hands is heartfelt and you can almost “feel” the years of life lessons.

Kim at Window To My World I’ve always been fascinated by what hands tell us about people, so this book appealed to me a great deal! I remember sitting in church as a child examining my mother’s hands. God places the story of life in the hands, doesn’t He? Well, this book captures some fascinating pictures and vignettes about life. They are not all from a Christian world view, but they are interesting. If you’ve always noticed hands like I have, this will be aREAL treasure for you! I hope you will take time to enjoy this fascinating book!


Tina at Giving N Sharing I think the story that touched me the most is the story of Fran who is preparing for her son’s wedding by getting her hair nails done and yet because of cancer she can’t attend. Or there is Carol who writes “stories for the journey” and uses writing in her counseling career to help others. There are hands that pray, hands that lie still, hands that caress and hands that help others ~ but that isn’t all that this book is about. It’s about the stories of individuals who have lived life and have survived.

Angela at All Grown Up? I absolutely LOVE this book. Real by Shelley Malcom is more like a coffee table book than any other type of book. Its stories are heartwarming and make you see the good in life, the pictures are hauntingly gorgeous as all you see are the subjects hands. It is a wonderful concept!

Heather at Scoomer Blog I had the privilege of reviewing Shelley Malcom’s new and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book recently. The book is a compilation of 60 touching and inspiring stories of people and their lives. The stories are moving and deep, while the photos of the subjects hands are just as moving and detailed, there remains an anonymity to them as you never see the subjects faces. I am in LOVE with this book and have shared it with everyone who comes to my house! It combines so much: beauty, art, substance, simplicity, that it draws you in with the first profile. Which happens to be my favorite one in the book.

Tammy at Bluerose’s Heart The pictures just really touched my heart. It’s amazing what you can take from a picture of hands. Just looking at some of them brought tears to my eyes. I could “feel” how fragile or how strong the person might be, and see how some have struggled through life. They were all unique, yet beautiful!

Tonya at Geek Girl Reviews This is such a beautiful and inspirational book filled with pictures.


JHS at Colloquium Real is a perfect book to pick up when you are feeling depressed or defeated because the short summaries of those featured on its pages will help restore one’s hope and determination.

Jacque at Good Family Reads The pictures of the hands will make you stop and look at your own hands and decide if they are telling the story you want to pass on to your future generations or do we need to change something in our own life.

Karyn at Teach Beside Me What I love about this book is that it is so “real” just like the title states. You connect with the people in the stories so easily because they could be your neighbor or friend. It was a joy reading this book.

Alena at Little Bit Of Wonderful I received this book in the mail only a week or so ago, and was unable to put it down until I had reached the final page. The photography in this volume of insightful prose is very peaceful and captivating, and the accompanying stories will leave you smiling and thoughtful. I very much enjoyed Real and I highly recommend this lovely book to anyone who appreciates beauty and a heart-warming story.

Patty at Broken Teepee I found the strength and resilience of the people behind the hands to be very uplifting. The stories were perfect gems to read when I had just a few spare minutes and in need of a smile. Many tales I returned to several times. It’s a book to keep handy like that. I usually read before bed but some nights when I’m too tired or my head hurts one of these inspirational tales was just the perfect read before sleep. It’s real alright.

Erin at Connected 2 Christ Real is a book that will truly move you. There is nothing more encouraging and inspirational than the stories of others that come from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. Of the the sixty stories in the book, each are categorized accordingly in the following topics; Courage, Hope, Renewal, Work, Dreams, Balance, Wisdom and Acceptance, Inspiration, Purpose, Life, and Love. Stories are paired with stunning yet simplistic photos that illustrate and focus on the subjects life and shared story.

Janet at Along the Way Every once in a while, I come across a book that I want to share with all my friends. Real is one of those books. The photographs and stories are simple, yet stunning and unforgettable. After reading this book, I think I might just spend more time looking at the hands of the people I spend time with.

Michele at My Blessings From Above The stories within the pages of this book are beautiful. You will meet folks who have so few material possessions yet have so much more. You will meet husbands and wives who have shared their lives with each other for many years. You will meet folks who struggle each day and folks who heal.

Nicole at Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife I loved the photos in Real. The beauty and character in all the different hands portrayed was gorgeous! They were such interesting vivid photos that went along so well with each story about the person who these hands belong to.

Crystal at My Reading Room Real is a great coffee-table type book. It’s one to just leave out and pick up and read a few pages from now and then and look at the beautiful and heartfelt pictures. Yes they are just pictures of hands, but paired with the stories they become so much more than that. They become the pictures and stories of people’s hopes, dreams, love, search for balance, wisdom, acceptance and so much more.

Luanne at A Bookworm’s World Real is a unique project and a truly moving, inspirational and poignant book.