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Welcome to the blog tour for Sarah’s stunning new release! Sarah is celebrating the release of her latest book with a fun giveaway featuring a brand new Kindle and some fantastic vintage aprons. All the details below. Fun begins 8/22.

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Book three in the Wings of Glory series.

Lt. Raymond Novak prefers the pulpit to the cockpit, but at least his stateside job training B-17 pilots allows him the luxury of a personal life. As he courts Helen Carlisle, a young war widow and mother who conceals her pain under a frenzy of volunteer work, the sparks of their romance set a fire that flings them both into peril. After Ray leaves to fly a combat mission at the peak of the air war over Europe, Helen takes a job in a dangerous munitions yard and confronts an even graver menace in her own home. Will they find the courage to face their challenges? And can their young love survive until blue skies return?

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Sarah Sundin

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Sarah Sundin is the author of eight historical novels, including “Anchor in the Storm.” Her novel “Through Waters Deep” was named to Booklist’s “101 Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years,” and her novella “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” in “Where Treetops Glisten” was a finalist for the 2015 Carol Award. A mother of three, Sarah lives in California, works on-call as a hospital pharmacist, and teaches Sunday school.

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To celebrate the release of Blue Skies Tomorrow, the final installment of the Wings of Glory series, Sarah is giving one lucky winner A Vintage Kindle Prize Package! 

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Blue Skies Tomorrow (for Kindle)

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The critics agree – Sarah’s series is a Must-Read…

Four and a half stars. With strong historical detail and superb characters, this may be the best yet. A great read for those who love romance, WWII-era settings or just satisfying stories. –RT Book Reviews

In her third WWII-set Christian romance, Sundin skillfully addresses several difficult issues…and invests her protagonists with the resilience of hope born out of faith. –Booklist


Charlene at Quintessentially Quilly Best Book in the series! That’s because each book just gets better than the last!  Sarah Sundin’s writing is so vivid and her characters are so well rounded, that I actually felt as though I was part of the story.  I worried, I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I held my breath, I longed to give advice ….. I grew as close to Ray and Helen as any reader can get to story characters.  This story was so amazing — all three books of it — that I didn’t want it to end and despite a wonderful conclusion, I felt somewhat bereft when I turned the last page. 

Christina at Will Blog 4 Books Highly recommended! I completely enjoyed Sarah Sundin’s third book in the Wings of Glory series. Sundin does an amazing job giving her characters flesh and growth. I loved seeing the characters grow and mature, both mentally and spiritually. Sundin isn’t afraid to write about hard situations and circumstances. She doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics like death and abuse, but instead she faces them head on and lets the reader see that difficulties can be overcome. Blue Skies Tomorrow does not disappoint!

Alena at A Little Bit of Wonderful The story of two people with deep insecurities who fall in love, despite societal and family expectations, only to be torn apart by a dark secret that will send both of them into harms way. Set against the backdrop of WWII and the California coast, this is a timeless story that will grip your attention and pull your heart strings until the final page!


Kaylyn at Book Nook Club The characters captivate you through the pages and leaves you (cheesy as it may sound) cheering them on through their challenges. The book is full of character growth and a beautiful romance. I loved it. While this book is the final book of a series, it isn’t necessary to read the first two books of the series to understand the plot. I haven’t yet, but I fully intend to read the first two books.

Pamela at Mommie CEO A great read – taking the reader back in time and full of history.  

Debra at Footprints in the Butter Total realism pervades. It is not very often that I am so totally drawn into a story, completely absorbed in the world that is described. I found myself flinching when Helen was threatened or ducking to avoid explosions when Ray is fighting in Germany. This book is Christian fiction. But there is nothing preachy about it. What Ray believes, what Helen believes, what other characters believe… the message is absorbed through the story without a need for Sundin to lecture the reader. Beautiful. Excellent book.


Beckie at By The Book This is such a great series, that I am sorry to leave the wonderful characters that she has created. Blue Skies Tomorrow kept me turning the pages. Ugly things are exposed by Sundin — prejudice and injustice within the Navy, emotional and physical abuse — but she proves that things that flourish in the dark, cannot stand when exposed to the light of day and the light of God’s truth. It is a wonderful thing when an author creates characters that come to life within the reader. Billed as “historical romance”, Blue Skies Tomorrow is so much more. Highly Recommended.

Heidi at Starts At Eight


Lisa at Heritage Homestead and Homeschool Academy With heart, grit, and depth, Ms. Sundin has woven a beautiful written tapestry that speaks of grace, forgiveness, healing, and freedom in Christ. You won’t find any gratuitous, explicit love scenes in Blue Skies Tomorrow. What you will find are realistic examples of believable characters experiencing moral dilemmas, and finding the grace to make it through such struggles, even if or when they fall.

Megan at Hardcover Feedback ‘Blue Skies Tomorrow’ is a wonderful conclusion to the ‘Wings of Glory’ series. I will miss this family greatly, but what a way to end! While I enjoyed all three books in the series, there was something about this book that I especially enjoyed. I highly recommend this book   

Mindy at A Room without Books is Empty This book will trasnport you back to the time of WWII and what life was like on the Homefront.  Both of the main characters have to learn how to live their lives not how everyone else wants them to live but how God wants them to live. A Great lesson for all of us.  I would recommend this book plus the others in the series if you like historical fiction.  Great Book!!


Chelle at Chasing the Divine This story is a beautiful picture of God’s ability to redeem and restore.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Lena at A Christian Writer’s World Author Interview

Judy at Seize the Book Blog 5 out of 5 stars! Sarah Sundin is now one of my favorite Christian authors. This third book in the Wings of Glory series is another inspiring novel that I am glad to add to my list of recommended books. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Nicole at Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife I loved the unique vibe of the storyline and the idea of broken hearts that needed love and healing finding it in one another. In this book Sarah deals with some more serious issues than things like lying that the first book addressed. it kept me turning the pages, in suspense of what would happen next.Though I’m sad the series is ended I definitely enjoyed it and am going to purchase the second book myself. My mom has also very much enjoyed the series, and the other day I saw that my Grandma was reading it as well.

Misha at On my Bookshelf Blue Skies Tomorrow is an enjoyable read that unfolds like a movie. Not a fast-paced mind-numbing thriller, but a something more thoughtful; a period movie like The Aviator or Catch Me If You Can. The language and imagery are steeped in the 1940s, and it flows effortlessly like that without jarring the reader with a stray line from the present. For something to take me into another world without cracks that leak reality, that, to me, takes skill, effort and time–the marks of a loving craftsman and a gifted editor.

Sarah at Growing For Christ I loved and enjoyed this book. Usually I find some fiction to have very one dimensional characters or the female lead will constantly dwell on her problems.  While Helen does think of her problems, who wouldn’t with what she’s been through (no spoilers), she doesn’t use them to make them whiny but she uses them to actually make her stronger both in her Faith in God and mentally.  This was a page turning book.


Vic’s Media Room The story envelops you as you rapidly flip the pages hoping this romance is going to work out. Ms. Sundin takes us on bombing runs that make us feel as though we are in the cockpit with the characters and we feel the bullets hitting the plane and the roar of the engines.  As exciting as the story is the romance between Helen and Ray takes top priority as each of them deals with their individual issues.  Ms. Sundin seems to understand how a man feels and accurately portrays the struggles of men and their identity.  The same holds true for Helen as she has to deal with her own insecurities that only God can heal her of.  Ms. Sundin has done it again and I recommend this book highly.

Leila at All Meant To Shine A great romantic drama.  

Michele at My Blessings From Above Sarah weaves a wonderful story. The characters are well developed and believable, real and down to earth.  She covers some serious topics disabilities, domestic violence and discrimination. I loved the history included in the book it was accurate and well researched. Sarah Sundin is a new author for me and I am looking forward to reading more of her books!

Shari at The Knit Wit When I picked up Blue Skies Tomorrowby Sarah Sundin I couldn’t put it down!! I have to say my house was very neglected that day!  I read it in just over 1 day. 


Tammy’s Book Parlor Sarah Sundin creates a great love story, using her writing skills and knowledge of history to balance the art of romance with historical events. This is a fantabulous read. 

Karla at Quiet Quilter What an ending to a series!! Captivating from start to finish!

Stacie at Hobbit Door

Carrie at Our Blessed Chaos The book is a labelled as a historical romance, but it is really a thrilling drama with an underlying romance theme that pulls it all together. It is so fantastically written with many obstacles and challenges thrown in the way of the main characters that it will draw you in deeper and deeper until you are entirely captivated. What a refreshing and exciting read! It has a plot that builds and twists all the way to the end.  It certainly kept my nose buried in this book with pages turning quickly to see what in the world could possibly happen next. This is one of best novels I have read in a long time! I will soon be reading the other two books in this series and will watch for new titles by this author.


Mandy at To Read Or Not To Read In the Wings of Glory series you will feel as if you have stepped back in time to the WWII era as the deep characters bring to life both the joys and sorrows of one of our counties most trying times.  

Patricia at Dream a little dream This beautiful love story is about Ray and Helen, both survivors, each reaching out to God for the courage to face their demons. Ultimately, it is the story of people torn apart by circumstances who in the course of their duties, both overseas and on the home front, reminds us that with God at our side, anything is possible! ‘Blue Skies Tomorrow’ is the perfect ending for the ‘Wings of Glory’ series! This is nothing less than 5 stars material! 

Karen’s Korner This book was one of those I did not want to put down.  I really enjoyed the book from cover to cover. Blue Skies Tomorrow is easy read with characters you feel as if you know.   I cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy, and wish I had read them in order.  When I was reading this book it was difficult for me, a twenty-first century woman,  to remember that in the time frame the book was written life was different from women than it is now.    

Whitney at Rambles of a SAHM I really enjoyed every aspect of this book. It was full of romance, drama, hardships, and just everyday life. I was completely caught up in this story and didn’t want it to end. I would recommend this book and I think it would make great discussion for a book club. I am also happy to say I have found a new author to love!

Danielle at The Happy Wife Blue Skies Tomorrow has many aspects to it that readers can be drawn to. It deals with abusive relationships, World War II, finding one’s true calling in life, and building self-confidence. I enjoyed watching the characters discover who they are and growing up as they also grew together. The perspective of the story changes chapter to chapter as well, so the reader can hear more than one side of the story and better understand the emotions that each person was experiencing.

Aprils Lifestyle Show You will root for the characters and be happily engaged through the whole book.


Maopa at Luscious Deals Sarah Sundin delivers a great romance story! I definitely want to read the other books in the Wings of Glory series.

Kate at Fuzzy Black Slippers & a Pink Hoodie While I think the storyline of A Distant Melody will always be my favorite of the “Wings of Glory” trilogy, Blue Skies Tomorrow is definitely the strongest of the three. The writing is stronger, the characters are more varied, the emotions intensify, and the suspense keeps you hooked through the very last pages. The author also addresses deeper social issues and personal struggles in the final book than the previous two. Although I wouldn’t peg this book as a suspense novel in any way, the complications that keep popping up, keeping Ray and Helen apart, had me guessing right up until the final pages if everything really would work out in the end. I’m happy to say, the conclusion was very satisfying. 

Jenny at Come Meet Ausjenny I found this book riveting and made me think for days after reading this book. Excellent book.  


Musings By Lynn Great for a book club.  Blue Skies Tomorrow is my favorite of the three. It goes beyond the immediate, and delves deeper into the lives of the main characters. I found  myself really caring about the characters, and becoming engrossed in their stories. Sarah deals with real issues. This story is full of suspense, drama, and romance, and is a very satisfying read. It is a page-turner, from beginning to end. Well done, Sarah!   

Lauri at Knits, Reads and Reviews I have loved this series and am sad to see it come to an end, this is a stand a lone story with a twist to the plot that made me feel anger down to the tips of my toes, but that was a good thing!  I enjoy the unexpected in a book, otherwise it can tend to lolly gag around, and this book was entertaining the entire way through.  Ray has to endure quite a bit to find his true self and to feel worthy and Helen has to endure a lot of pain before she can free herself of the demons in her past, together they make a strong and lovable couple.  

Courtney’s Chitter Chatter I know that I’m reading a good book when I’m left contemplating the story days later and I am emotional and angry at the things that I was reading. A very thought-provoking and great story! I will be looking in to more of Sarah Sundin’s stories. 

Evangeline at Sugarpeach I can’t stop thinking how beautifully written this story is. This book is definitely my favorite August read. I liked the well-researched facts contained in this novel. The descriptions of the fighter aircraft and the way they are piloted showed that plenty of research was put into this novel. An event that happened during war time in Port Chicago, the place where Helen worked for awhile, was real. To add on to it, more than 10 people in the story are real. This well-mixed elements of fact and fiction made this story a pleasant read for me as I like reading general knowledge in fictional stories.


Beth at For the Love of Books Blue Skies Tomorrow is a wonderful, wonderful story. Sarah Sundin addressed things like spousal abuse and the shame of the victim. She also showed through Helen what it is to survive and overcome this abuse. Sarah Sundin writes with such expertise on the time, many different parts of the world, and what it is to be a survivor. I found myself lost in this book, couldn’t put it down. Found myself laughing in places, crying in others, and having that unsure feeling of what would happen next. The characters are funny, real people like friends. I can’t wait to read more books by Sarah Sundin.

Brooke at I blog 4 books “WOW!” I was intrigued from the beginning. World War II. A soldier with something to prove. A widow hiding her relief. Overbearing in-laws. And a God big enough to redeem it all. Sundin masterfully weaves together a story that is hard to put down. Ray and Helen quickly felt like friends to me. At times I caught myself wanting to talk back to the characters … a true test of how “into” a book I am. In addition, the book was well-researched. It takes talent to detail flying a bomber during an airstrike into a romance novel and not lose my interest. Sarah Sundin definitely has a new fan … I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books in this series!

Joan at Book Reviews from an Avid Reader

Marissa at The Review Stew This book drew me in from the front cover to the first sentence and held me captive until the last word! I loved the storyline about love, the War, and that time period in our country’s history! It was a great story and I really recommend this book to any people who love to read about history books, WWII, or just love a good love story!!


Michelle at Beyond The Silver and The Gold It is an inspiring novel of  hope and courage despite very hard trials. Sarah Sundin writes beautifully, transporting the reader to that period with realistic descriptions of events and places.  

Stephanie at A Cooking Bookworm Recommended!

Tammy at Tammy Is Blessed The characters are well-developed and interesting, the storyline keeps moving and the history is captivating – all in all, two thumbs up!

Crystal at Just Another Book Lovin’ Girl Blue Skies Tomorrow was such a wonderful, enjoyable read. This is a beautifully written story filled with action, drama, suspense, and romance. Sarah takes readers back to the 1940’s with a descriptive writing style that makes you feel like you’re part of that time experiencing all the joys and hardship it had to offer. The characters came across as real people and I loved watching them grow both spiritually and mentally through the course of the story. I can’t wait to see what other fantastic stories Sarah has in store for us next!


Becky at Christian Chick’s Thoughts Blue Skies Tomorrow is officially my favorite read of the summer! Captivating from the first page, it is also extremely thought provoking.The characters jumped off the page, and I ached for Helen (while simultaneously wanting to shake some sense into her). Author Sarah Sundin seamlessly weaved a heavy, timely plot into a fascinating WWII adventure story. Perhaps this is premature (as this is the first Sundin book I’ve read), but I’m going to go ahead and dub Sarah Sundin the historical fiction version of Karen Kingsbury. Yes, this book isthat good! Should you read it? Absolutely–without a doubt! Seriously, go buy it now! 

Shoopette’s Book Reviews Author Sarah Sundin has made me wonder if I have been missing out on a fascinating time period for historical fiction. I really enjoyed this novel. The characters went through so much growth, and I was rooting for them every step of the way


JHS at Colloquium An engrossing and entertaining story about love, faith, empowerment, and journeying to peace with oneself in order to establish and maintain a successful relationship. The book brings the adventures of the three Novak brothers to a richly satisfying conclusion.

Jennifer at For Such a Time as This These books by Sarah Sundin are my favorite. She does such a great job showing women who are in the workforce. Her books are different because most romance novels show the lady at home taking care of the house (which nothing is wrong with that.)  But it is nice to see a refreshing look on a book where the woman actually works.

Kathleen at Bags, Books & Bon Jovi  It was so, so very wonderful! I know I sound like a gushing fan… well, honestly, I am! This series is perfect! My only complaint is that Blue Skies Tomorrow is the concluding novel in the series. I’m sad to let go of these characters that I have come to admire, love and, yes, grieve for. Ms. Sundin has such a wonderful gift for writing. She writes “small” scenes with as much care as she does for the scenes that keep the pages turning. 

Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood On the surface, Sarah Sundin’s Blue Skies Tomorrow may look like a typical World War II romance, but don’t be fooled. In the course of telling a heartwarming love story, Sundin also tackles some dark issues that few period romances dare to touch. Written with depth and heart, Blue Skies Tomorrow is an excellent read. Highly recommended.

Kat at Reviews From The Heart Hands down, I LOVED every moment of it. Like a full-length movie that is so good your sad when the final credits roll, so you’ll be when you turn the final page. Sarah Sundin does a great job engaging the reader from being a pilot of a B-17 bomber in England flying dangerous combat missions, to living at home, fundraising and running blood drives amid the shortages cause by the war efforts and living off ration books. I award this book a full 5 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to go back and read the beginning books in this series!!

Melissa at My Chaotic Ramblings Sundin really does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life on the page. Blue Skies Tomorrow touches on so many different subjects from the time period, and not just the normal ones, but really sensitive ones also. There is the struggle with domestic violence, discrimination and the ever present troubles of living in a country that is at war. We get to see the side of things that unless we were there we normally wouldn’t know about. A great read that I am proud to have on my shelves.


Alexia at The Mommy Rambles Sarah did a great job writing this novel. I liked that it wasn’t heavy reading, despite the fact that Blue Skies Tomorrow contained some heavy subjects. Raymond and Helen were real people experiencing real life. And you didn’t gag on the romance either. All-in-all a great read!

Carla’s Writing Cafe A stunning conclusion to Sarah Sundin’s Wings of Glory Series. What I love about Sarah’s books is that her characters are flawed or have great obstacles to overcome, but falling in love doesn’t erase those problems and often highlights them. She brings her characters through the fire of their shortcomings, and as the romance develops, so does trust, accountability, and even being willing to let go of the other person if it benefits him or her more. Ray and Helen’s story was, for me, the most heart wrenching in the Wings of Glory Series. Helen’s character as a childhood polio victim and then a victim of another kind as an adult had me hoping desperately she would find courage and happiness. The ending tied all the stories together beautifully. Please don’t miss out on this great series.    

Christina at Reading Extensively What I enjoy about Sarah Sundin’s books is the combination of realistic and flawed characters, a positive faith message, romance, and fascinating historical information. Just like with the other books in the series there is also plenty of historical detail about flying planes as well as what life was like back home during WWII. The subject of the treatment of African Americans in the Service was also explored a little. Blue Skies Tomorrow does a nice job of bringing the series to a close in the final days of WWII. I will miss the Novak brothers but I can’t wait to see what Sarah Sundin writes next.


Tracy‘s Nook Recommended!

Charity at Austenitis I loved this book! The cover is delightful. World War II stories are really interesting. And this book lived up to every hope I could have had for it. I had never read anything by Sarah Sundin before, and now I’m definitely hoping to read the first two books in this series! 

Patty at In the Hills of Tennessee I loved this book. This is my first time to read Sarah’s books and this story was well written and immediately captures your attention. Sarah writes beautifully. This book is just full of hope, which is what God offers each of us in real life. I highly recommend this book!


The Literary Mama

Joyce at Deco My Heart This is the first book I’ve read by Sarah Sundin and it definitely will not be the last! I found this to be such a wonderful, touching story. The characters are believable, each going through hardships due to the war. 5 Stars.

Anna at TheCross Is All Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin is a well written book. I was taken by surprise by some of the issues the author dealt with in this book (such as abuse and bigotry). The writing was good, the characters well developed and the story line is decently developed. Abuse of women and bigotry are things that needs to be written about and I applaud Mrs. Sundin for having the gumption to attempt to tackle such difficult issues in a novel.

Maggie at Tethered Mommy Enjoyed! Better than the last.

Mollie at The Gandy’s Home Base A great love story! This is a first novel that I have read by Sundin, and was very impressed by the research that she did for her book.