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In Catch a Falling Star (Howard Books), Beth K. Vogt shares that God’s best is often behind the door marked “Never.” In her sophomore effort, Beth explores the meaning of life. Is it about accomplishing plans . . . or wishes coming true . . . or something more? Scoop up a copy for yourself and find out.

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{More about Catch a Falling Star}

What does a girl do when life doesn’t go according to her plan? At 36, Kendall Haynes has seen some of her dreams come true. She’s a family physician helping kids with severe allergies and asthma achieve more fulfilling lives—a childhood struggle she knows all too well. But the feeling of being “the kid never picked” looms large when romance continues to evade her and yet another one of her closest friends gets engaged. Are Kendall’s dreams of having it all—a career, a husband, children—nothing more than childish wishing upon a star? Should she hold out for her elusive Plan A? Dust off Plan B? Or is it time to settle? God says he knows the plans he has for her—why can’t Kendall figure them out and be content with her life?

Griffin Walker prefers flying solo—both as an Air Force pilot and in his personal life. But a wrong choice and health problems pulled him out of the cockpit. His attempts to get out of “flying a desk” are complicated by his parents’ death—making Griffin the reluctant guardian of his sixteen-year-old brother, Ian. How did his life get so off course? Can God get his life back on track … or has there been a divine plan all along?

Catch a Falling Star reminds readers that romance isn’t just for twenty-somethings and that sometimes letting go of your “wish I may, wish I might” dreams is the only way to embrace everything God has waiting for you.

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Beth K. Vogt

{More About Beth K. Vogt}

Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” A 2015 RITA® Finalist and a 2014 Carol Award finalist, Beth is a contemporary romance novelist with Howard Books. Her 2014 novel, “Somebody Like You,” was one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Books of 2014. In 2015 she introduced her destination wedding series with both an e-novella, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” (May) and a novel, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (June).

Find out more about Beth K. at

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Press Release

The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait for God to Bring Them

In Catch a Falling Star, Beth K. Vogt shares that God’s best is often behind the door marked “Never”

Seattle: Is there ever a point when you should let go of a dream? Shouldn’t you be content with what God has already given you, even if your life isn’t what society considers the norm? In Catch a Falling Star (Howard Books/May 7, 2013/ISBN 9781451660272/$14.99), Beth K. Vogt tells the story of Dr. Kendall Haynes, a successful family physician with a thriving practice, helping others just as she always planned. However, at age 36, her dream of a husband and family has not come true — at least not yet.

“Everyone experiences life not going according to their plans the outcomes range from humorous to tragic,” says Vogt. “What I’ve learned what I hope readers discover as they turn the pages of Catch a Falling Star — is God is in the plans, the dreams that come true, and he’s also in the plans that elude us.”

Sure, growing her medical practice takes up a lot of her time and she is focused on her career, but that isn’t the reason Kendall is still single. She’d happily make room in her life for a family, but Mr. Right just hasn’t come into her life. All of her closest friends are now married or planning their weddings. Even her baby sister, 10 years younger than she, is getting engaged and demanding Kendall give up their grandmother’s engagement ring because, after all, Kendall isn’t using it and at this point most likely never will. Kendall decides she needs to stop wishing upon a star and face reality: Some dreams just never come true.

Kendall’s path keeps crossing with Griffin Walker’s, an Air Force pilot who makes it loud and clear he prefers flying solo in the air and on the ground. His life is focused on flying until he is grounded due to circumstances beyond his control. However, life becomes even more complicated for Griffin after the sudden death of his parents makes him the guardian of the adopted 16-year-old brother he barely knows. Griffin is convinced there is no way his life will ever get back on course now. When their lives collide during a near tragedy, Kendall and Griffin must decide if they can embrace the unexpected changes God has waiting for them.

Catch a Falling Star weaves the lives of her main characters and supporting cast together using the themes of singleness, adoption and loss of parents. “All of these relationships fall under the umbrella of ‘life not going according to plan,’” explains Vogt. “In fact, relationships rarely do; they require hard work. Commitment. Trust. Prayer. Patience. Sacrifice. This is why I say there is more to happily ever after than the fairy tales tell us.”

Vogt was inspired to write a romance with characters a little older than many others on shelves today after a conversation with a friend. “I wanted to examine this issue within the context of a contemporary romance novel because it’s relevant and because I believe romance doesn’t just happen in your 20s. It isn’t just society that puts marriage and family expectations on singles. I certainly believe the church community can add unrealistic pressure on us when life doesn’t go according to plan or some prescribed, ‘right’ way to walk out the Christian life. There are lots of reasons women are getting married later and sometimes it’s because Mr. Right doesn’t show up when you’re 21 or 31.”

Readers can connect with Beth Vogt at her Catch a Falling Star Facebook party on June 6 at 8:00 PM EDT where she will chat with readers, answer questions and give away books. Watch for details on her Facebook page.

Advance Praise

“Anytime a novel makes me tear up, laugh out loud, or put my hand against my chest because the romance is just that good, I tend to give it a big thumb’s up. Catch a Falling Star had me doing all three! It pulled me in, kept me reading well past my bedtime, and left me eager for more from this talented author. Beth Vogt knocked this one out of the park!”

~ Katie Ganshert, author of Wildflowers from Winter and Wishing on Willows

“Beth Vogt has once again captured my complete attention. …Catch a Falling Star, is rich with true-to-life characters who sit down beside you and invite you into their lives. The story unfolds with humor, tenderness, and a few poignant moments that will have you savoring each well-written word. Vogt points the way toward grace, healing, and hope without preaching, but presents an honest portrayal of real lived-out faith and how it can impact lives.”

~ Catherine West, award-winning author of Yesterday’s Tomorrow and Hidden in the Heart

“This is one of those kind of books: the kind you open thinking you’ll just read a chapter or two and then, before you know it, you’re turning the last page with a smile and sigh. I don’t know how she does it, but Beth’s characters seem to live and breathe. I closed the cover after reading the last page and found myself a little bit sad, wondering where all my new friends had gone.”

~ Siri Mitchell, author of The Cubicle Next Door and Unrivaled

“Beth Vogt is a rising romance star with this amazing second novel. Delightful, sparkling romance and a story that is sure to keep you up all night. Bravo!”

~ Susan May Warren, best-selling, award-winning author of Take a Chance on Me

About the Author

Beth K. Vogt knows all about her plans and God’s plans not being the same. There was a time when as a non-fiction author and editor, she said she’d never write fiction. She’s the wife of an Air Force physician (now in solo practice) who said she’d never marry a doctor or anyone in the military. She’s a mom of four who said she’d never have kids. Vogt has discovered that God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.”

Vogt earned a journalism degree from San Jose State University. Her publishing credits include: Discipleship Journal, Virtue, The Christian Communicator and She is also a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Tribute to Moms and The Mommy Diaries as well as author of Baby Changes Everything: Embracing and Preparing Motherhood after 35. Catch a Falling Star is her second novel, following the release of her fiction debut Wish You Were Here, which hit bookstore shelves last year.

An encourager at heart, Vogt has more than 20 years’ experience teaching women at retreats, churches and other events, including the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers International) Convention and the Hearts at Home national and regional conferences. For several years, she edited Connections and is currently a consulting editor for MomSense magazine and writes a bimonthly column for MomsNEXT, MOPS’ ezine for moms of school-age children.

Beth and her husband Rob have been married for almost 35 years. They have three adult children and — thanks to a funny thing happening on their way to the empty nest — a 12-year-old. The Vogt Team, which now includes a “daughter-in-love,” two “sons-in-love,” and a grandbaby on the way, enjoys hiking and camping in Colorado.

Visit Beth Vogt’s website at to learn more about her books, sign-up for her newsletter, and read her blog. Readers can also follow her adventures on Facebook (AuthorBethKVogt) and Twitter (@bethvogt).

Suggested Interview Questions

– Is there a message you hope readers walk away with after finishing Catch a Falling Star?

– Kendall finds herself on her 36th birthday without the husband and family she longs for. Do think society sometimes adds undue pressure on our expectations and/or interferes with our faith in God’s timing?

– What was the inspiration behind making your lead characters a little older than most couples in love stories?

– Catch a Falling Star looks at more relationships than simply the traditional love story. How do the experiences of singleness, adoption and the loss of parents connect the characters together?

– Your male lead is an Air Force pilot, much like your own husband was in the Air Force. Are there other parts of your life written into the story?

– One of your themes in Catch a Falling Star looks at how people respond differently to disappointment and unexpected circumstances. Which character do you most identify with in these situations and why?

– Have you ever had to give up on a dream yourself?

– How has God surprised you in your life with plans of His own?

– How was writing your second novel different than the first? Are there any lessons you learned the first time around?

Beth Vogt is available for interviews to promote the release of Catch a Falling Star. To request a review copy, schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Audra Jennings,


“Anytime a novel makes me tear up, laugh out loud, or put my hand against my chest because the romance is just that good, I tend to give it a big thumb’s up. Catch a Falling Star had me doing all three! It pulled me in, kept me reading well past my bedtime, and left me eager for more from this talented author. Beth Vogt knocked this one out of the park!” — Katie Ganshert, author of Wildflowers from Winter and Wishing on Willows

“Beth Vogt has once again captured my complete attention. …Catch a Falling Star, is rich with true-to-life characters who sit down beside you and invite you into their lives. The story unfolds with humor, tenderness, and a few poignant moments that will have you savoring each well-written word. Vogt points the way toward grace, healing, and hope without preaching, but presents an honest portrayal of real lived-out faith and how it can impact lives.” — Catherine West, award-winning author of Yesterday’s Tomorrow and Hidden in the Heart

“This is one of those kind of books: the kind you open thinking you’ll just read a chapter or two and then, before you know it, you’re turning the last page with a smile and sigh. I don’t know how she does it, but Beth’s characters seem to live and breathe. I closed the cover after reading the last page and found myself a little bit sad, wondering where all my new friends had gone.” — Siri Mitchell, author of The Cubicle Next Door and Unrivaled

“Beth Vogt is a rising romance star with this amazing second novel. Delightful, sparkling romance and a story that is sure to keep you up all night. Bravo!” — Susan May Warren, best-selling, award-winning author of Take a Chance on Me



    I tell single people all the time, if you would stop trying so hard to make someone love you, it would come easier than you think. I think we try too hard when we need to just walk away and say I quit and will just be me and live my life to the fullest even if it means by myself. Then, and only then, did a miracle happen and I am not alone like I thought I thought I would be.

    This is an awesome story that is about love coming late in life and when you least expect it. Kendall held onto something her sister wanted when she got married and Kendall refused because she wanted to wait and wear it for her marriage. But, in the end, she gives that ring to her sister and lets go of what she thought she wanted and when she did that, the man that was chosen for her by God, showed up!

    Written by Mary’s Cup of Tea on June 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really loved this book and feel that it speaks to the notion that life usually doesn’t work out like a fairy tale or how we see it play out in the movies. Quite often how we envision our future isn’t how it turns out and until we take the time to come to terms with living God’s plan rather than our own we will continue to struggle and ask why things aren’t how we hoped they might be.

    Written by Suz @ Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Happiness happens if you let it. You may wish on the stars but it is in allowing peace to be within that you find your true happiness. I loved reading Catch a Falling Star because it brought home that you can not micro manage you life. That when you let go and as they say Let God things fall into place. You may believe putting out good Karma brings it back to you. I just know that finding inner peace and loving each day sure does relieve the stress of life

    Written by Crazed Mind on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    A fun summer read. Loved that it takes place in Colorado Springs; it is always fun to recognize names. It made me want to own a Jeep and take advantage of our many Colorado Jeep trails.

    And as I closed the last chapter, I found myself hoping that Beth has a sequel in mind. I want to find out the rest of the story!

    I appreciated the research that obviously went into the details of this book. Thanks, Beth.

    Written by Echoes of Grace on June 4, 2013 | e


    If you’re looking for a romance with a few twists, but that stays focused on the true north of finding a lifelong love, then this book may be for you. Kendall is someone with a plan, who finds her plans not going as she’d imagined. Instead, she’s 36, a successful doctor, but resigned to staying single. Griffin is an Air Force pilot who’s grounded and suddenly the guardian of his 16 y.o. adopted brother. Life isn’t going the way either imagined. If you open the pages, you’ll find a tale of two reluctant people confronting the realities of their messed up worlds and moving toward a future. The only question is will it be together.

    Written by Cara Putman on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I adored Kendall Haynes. She’s smart, independent and not afraid to speak her mind. She cares deeply for her patients, coworkers, friends and God. I loved reading her reflections on the past- memories of rebuilding her Jeep with her Dad and fairy tales and memories shared with her precious Mina. I admired the spunk Kendall displayed when she refused to give up Mina’s ring! Beth K. Vogt has a gift for creating characters with unique story lines that touch your heart.

    Written by Morning Glories and Moonflowers on June 3, 2013 | e


    What a wonderful story! I love everything about Catch A Falling Star! This story is rich in family dynamics and dreams of love and life. It’s a story of second chances and finding love a little later than expected. This isn’t your typical love story and I love that Beth has written it in such a real and believeable way! Highly recommend.

    Written by JoJo’s Corner on June 3, 2013 | e


    I have previously read and reviewed Wish You Were Here, Ms. Vogt’s debut fiction work and she has quickly become one of my top 10 favorite authors of the last couple years. I was very excited to read her most recent work, Catch A Falling Star, recently and can’t wait to share my thoughts!

    First of all, my favorite aspect of the book was the characters! They were all charming and real-to-life, which made them very easy to relate to. You will laugh and cry cheering each of them on as they move past mistakes made to a future that only God had a hand in orchestrating!

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on June 3, 2013 |e


    This is my second book of Beth’s and I love the interactions she creates with her characters. They don’t fall in love at first sight and in this case, it will take more than a chance encounter to get these two strong willed characters to see what God has placed right in front of them. This is a great story about what goes on in some adoption cases where things don’t always go smoothly for the adoptive parents. I think the story is genuine and realistic and gives the reader a different mindset into the lives of adoptive parents than they may have had before reading this one. I know it did for me.I personally rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars and can’t wait for many more novels from Beth K. Vogt in the future.

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on June 3, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Catch a Falling Star is a fun, quick read containing a cast of likeable characters that are easy to connect with as well as a relevant message about waiting on God while not putting your entire life on hold in the process. Vogt does a great job of portraying the many emotions that Kendall, Griffin, and Ian (along with other characters) experience while keeping the book light and free of melodramatic angst.

    Written by Mocha with Linda on June 3, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Catch a Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt was a delight to read. Almost as good as her debut novel, Wish You Were Here. This book keeps us in Colorado where we meet young doctor Kendall Haynes. She’s self-sufficient, yet the last of her friends to remain single. It’s not that she wants to be, she just hasn’t met the right man. Enter two single men, both with their own ideas of the ideal woman, both with secrets, and both with an agenda.

    This book was warm and sweet. The characters invited me into their world where I got the chance to get to know them, and I truly enjoyed that opportunity. Once in a while a book comes to life, and this one did.

    Written by Suzanne Schaffer on June 2, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    “Catch a Falling Star” is my favorite type of romance novel—the kind that features a woman who is older than I am. As I get into my 30′s, most romance novel heroines are younger than I am … and reading about an older woman’s love story reminds me that there’s no expiration date on romance!

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on June 1, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed “Catch A Falling Star.” It is a lively and sweet romance, set in beautiful Colorado Springs, a place near and dear to my heart. It was fun remembering the places that author Beth Vogt mentions through the story.

    Fans of inspirational fiction and contemporary romance will love this novel. The characters are realistic and believable, and I appreciated the fact that the main characters were more mature than the usual “twenty-somethings” that are frequently the main focus of romantic tales.

    I highly recommend “Catch A Falling Star” for a great read for the summer!

    Written by Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews on May 31, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was a good story that dealt with real issues. There was so much to like in this book where Contemporary Christian fiction is usually too cookie cutter. The characters were older. They had been through some tough times. Life wasn’t what they had imagined it would be. I wasn’t sure how it would all end which is nice. And there was another twist to keep it all interesting.

    Written by Homemaking Organized Blog on May 31, 2013 |e
    Read my full review:


    Sometimes I just want to read a good old-fashioned love story that makes me happy! Catch a Falling Star was this for me, for sure! :)

    This book was also a great reminder that God has plans for all of us. We might think we have a plan for our lives from little on and it is really hard to get past our own plans when God’s plans are different.

    Written by The Review Stew on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    It’s a touch of reality when things in your life do not go as you had planned. Yet, that is what “life” is all about, having faith and keeping the good memories close to your heart.

    Can these two live happily ever after?

    Written by Frugal Plus on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a well-written, engaging novel that draws the reader so deeply into the tale that you’ll be surprised and how much time and how many pages have passed. The likable characters are thick and colorful. The situations are plausible. The romance is chaste. The conflicts are emotional because of the reader’s investment in the tale. This is a thoroughly entertaining way to spend a few hours over the weekend.

    Written by Stacey Dale on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Overall, the story and characters had great depth and I was sad to see the story come to an end. I name Catch a Falling Star as one of the “most anticipated” books of 2013, and I’m happy to say that the book lived up to every expectation I had for it! Again, I’m anxious to read Beth’s next book … I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait a whole year!

    Written by i blog 4 books on May 29, 2013 | e


    Totally captivated by the characters and story in “Catch a Falling Star” that I breezed through its pages with little effort. I personally liked the fact that the primary characters were a bit older than those I usually find in romance novels. This did not seem unusual to me as I have noticed many young people these days who are not rushing into marriage but taking their time to establish a career and/or be sure they have made a wise choice in their life partner…

    “Catch a Falling Star” is a wonderfully realistic novel that illustrates how we must sometimes give up our dreams and plans in order to receive God’s best for us. I enthusiastically recommend this book.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I found I could relate to Kendall and that made this book fly by for me. This love story is sweet

    Written by The World As I See It on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Just when you feel like you should give up God steps in and then all of a sudden things seem to speed up and bring you to the place that he had waiting for you all along.The author has written a very intriguing novel that causes you to keep digging deeper to see what is going to happen next.

    Written by A Simple Life,really?! on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Beth Vogt has introduced me to characters who are vibrant, spunky and complex, and through them she has told a story that captures the goodness of life. Every page of this novel won me over again.
    Hints about how much I liked this book…. Halfway through, I wanted to tweet “This book is good for the soul!” and after I read the final paragraphs, I said “All Right!!” out-loud, prompting curious looks from family members who had heard about this story as I read.
    Catch a Falling Star is one good novel of restoration, of the longing for family, and of letting God write your love story- no matter how far away or improbable it seems.

    Written by Found a Christian by His Grace on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I absolutely loved this book! It had such amazing depth, and lessons that can touch anybody from the new believer to the lifetime Christ follower. The story was so well told and the characters were so well developed, and their interactions were so meaningful and made the relationships grow naturally and realistically. There was just so much to love about this book, on top of a stellar storyline all of which made this book more than enjoyable.

    Written by Labor Not in Vain on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed this book immensely. The writing and the characters were relatable, and very believable. Beth Vogt took a common story line (older single woman looking for love) and wrote a great story. I enjoyed the side story of the little boy Javan, it was a heart jerker. The setting and the roles of the characters in this story were perfect. Dr. Kendall was a girly, girl, but not afraid to work on her own Jeep. She also didn’t allow her single status to threaten her confidence in her work. She was at the top of her field. This was a great story, and most definitely worthy of a 5 star rating.
    I was provided this book for review purposes only and no payment was received for this review

    Written by Cindy’s Book Reviews on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was a charming book, and once it caught my attention, I didn’t want to put it down. It is a lite read that is full of GOD’s love and redemption. There is even a little intrigue in this book to make it all the more interesting. Kendall thinks she will never find a husband, but then two men show interest in her, but which one is the better choice. Kendall has to look inside herself and realize she is a worthwhile person, even without a man in her life. I like how Beth protrayed Kendall as such a strong character. This book also has other very good chracters in it. If you are looking for a quick, faith filled, charming read, then this is the book for you. I highly recommend it. Great job Beth.

    Written by Melina’s Book Blog on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book will tear at your heart strings. You’d better have that box of tissues handy as you near the end of this book. I had to use quite a few. I’m looking forward to more books by Ms. Vogt.

    Written by sunny island breezes on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved reading this book for a few main reasons. The characters are completely believable and easy to relate with. The setting is my favorite because I grew up in the area and the author paints the picture vividly. Also, Kendall’s dog is named Sully after Sully in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, one of my all time favorite shows. Beth Vogt is someone I think I should meet. Anyway, love the plot and reading how the characters grow throughout the story. Great romance, made me laugh a lot, and simply a good book. I have not read Beth’s first book Wish You Were Here, but after reading this I think it is a must read!

    “I received this book from Litfuse for free in exchange for an honest review.”

    Written by I Hope You Dance on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Though it lacks a certain gravitas, and sometimes the dialogue felt stilted (too explanatory), on the whole, I really liked this story. It included a nicely paced romance, moving believably from tension to attraction. It also included an intriguing twist toward the end that I didn’t see coming, and a poignant act of sacrifice, all of which ups the emotional ante. The ending too was unexpectedly satisfying.

    Written by Story Matters on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Beth K. Vogt might very well call herself a non fiction author but her heartfelt prose shines with love, hope, humour and a good amount of faith!

    ‘Catch A Falling Star’ is about imperfect relationships, the deeds we wish we could see undone and the courage we must find to redirect ourselves when God has other plans for us!

    Written by (Live and) Dream a little dream on May 27, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book has it all for me. Romance, drama, and military life! It was a very quick read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love the idea of “letting go” and letting God take the lead. I have done this so many times in my life, and it has had great results! A lovely book!

    Written by Hanging Off The Wire on May 27, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I realized that Vogt was doing a great job of bringing her characters to life when I noticed that I was having strong reactions. I could not stand Heath Parker. I had an even stronger aversion to Kendall’s spoiled, down right bratty younger sister, Bekah. I was completely captivated by Griffin’s younger brother, Ian in a good way; and I liked Griffin Walker even though he was far from smooth. It is good writing that evokes such strong feelings.

    This was an enjoyable book to read. I loved reading the details of a life that is so different from my own. Plus, it was a just plain good romance.

    Written by Manifest Blog on May 27, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I like a good love story and “Catch A Falling Star” is a good love story. Kendall is a doctor who has always dreamed of being married but it always eluded her. When she comes to the aid of a teenager who is having an allergic reaction she scolds the man whom she believes is his father. Turns out the man is his older brother and then the romance begins. “Catch A Falling Star” is a story about dealing with your emotional issues and finding healing so that you can move forward with your life. Ms. Vogt does an excellent job in giving her characters real life and we find ourselves caring for them and rooting for them the whole length of the book. “Catch A Falling Star” is a wonderful, sweet story with real depth that will keep you flipping pages.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on May 25, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The story was filled with enough conflict I had to keep reading to see how they resolved their issues. Kendall and Griffin both wanted totally opposite things in life—so it was interesting seeing which one would give the most.

    Written by Laura Hilton on May 25, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed is so much because it is a really good, light and very refreshing read. With characters that are going through the things that people go through everyday, I liked the way Ms Vogt weaved the characters living for God in their everyday lives. Griffin has so much baggage that he doesn’t feel worthy of taking care of his brother, nor does he feel worthy of Dr. Kendall Haynes, making his life miserable. But he was miserable because of bad choices he made years earlier. But can he overcome these problems and live a happy life?

    Written by Joy Hannabass on May 24, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Catch a Falling Star by Beth Vogt caught my eye because of the fun cover picture, with the Jeep and the night sky. It turned out to be a fun romance story in which, yes, the Jeep played a prominent role. I liked the characters and the plot of story. It would make a great summer read!

    Written by Ramblin’ Roads on May 24, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a first book for me by Beth, not my last. I could not put it down, I enjoyed it so much. It was a fun fast read.
    Beth is sure to be an author you will be waiting for her next book to come out and run out and buy because she is a great story teller.
    The characters come to life on each page.
    I can’t wait to see what is next from Beth, she is now on my list of must read authors.
    I gave this book 4 stars
    I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.

    Written by The Mary Book Reader on May 24, 2013 | e
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  • Having heard many good things about this author’s first book, when this one came up for review I jumped at the chance to review it. The characters were all very interesting and unique as were their stories. I don’t think I’ve ever read about a character who was an allergy doctor so that was neat and was made even more so due to the fact that my younger siblings all have allergies of some sort. I really like Kendall’s personality and her way with people. Griffin was probably the most interesting of all of the characters, with how much he had dealt with and was dealing with, but I liked how he turned out. The plot was also very well done and kept me guessing as to how it was going to turn out.Written by Christian Novels on May 24, 2013 | e
  • Catch a Falling Star is more than a simple romance novel. It’s a story that takes a look at some difficult truths: Loving others can be painful. We can’t relive wasted years. Some decisions cannot be undone.But Kendall and Griffin live out how Jesus enables us to view the reality of our lives and see this transcendent Truth—that God can redeem our bad decisions and foolish mistakes and offer in their place Hope, Peace, and Second Chances.

    I especially appreciated the story’s Love-Is-Lovelier-the-Second-Time-Around aspect: Kendall and Griffin are nearing forty with failed relationships behind them when God brings them together. And that beautiful second chance, as the song says, “Makes you think perhaps that love like youth is wasted on the young!”

    Written by Renee @Doorkeeper on May 24, 2013 | e
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    I loved the easy friendship between Kendall and her girlfriends. The story also resonates with reminders of love and forgiveness. It’s nice to be reminded that sometimes wishes do come true.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on May 23, 2013 | e
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    Love. Love. Love. This book just hit home for me. It touched on so many tough and deep things but was still a fun and enjoyable novel. I felt like it was written for my friends. A professional, 36 year old woman who is single but hoping not to be forever. A mom struggling to connect to an adopted son. Loss. Trouble connecting/letting people in. A book that includes the Air Force (After working for them for 4.5 years, I have a soft spot for them!). These are reality for people I know. As it is a novel, clearly their struggles are cut short or we only see a glimpse of them. We join them at the end of years of struggle just as the hope they’ve longed for arrives. That is the part that keeps it fun and enjoyable and not just the mundane struggle of daily life.

    Written by Stacie on May 23, 2013 | e
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    Throw a bit of suspense and intrigue into the mix and you have a delightful contemporary story that is a good weekend or beach read. Enjoy and then pass it along to a friend.

    Written by Chat With Vera on May 23, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The group of characters in this story are realistic and well-developed. Vogt tosses in a healthy dose of unexpected twists and turns within the plot, so you may be surprised how all of this works out! I was! I hope you enjoy getting to know this group and learn that God’s plans for our life always exceeds our human expectations!

    Written by Window To My World on May 23, 2013 | e


    I really liked reading this book, especially since it was set in Colorado Springs where I currently live. I was also able to relate to the military aspect of this book since I am a proud Air Force wife! I was really able to find myself in the setting of the story and really put myself in the middle of it. The characters were easy to relate to and I often found myself rooting for the “right” couple to end up together. I enjoyed how the characters each had their own story, their own issues to deal with, yet their stories were beautifully intertwined. This is the first book I’ve read by Beth K. Vogt and I hope to read more in the future.

    Written by Little Blurbs on May 23, 2013 | e
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    Catch A Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt is a happy beautiful romance. Dr. Kendall Haynes has been wishing on stars for years. No husband, no family, and no career. She has to decide whether to trust in God to show her the way she must go or not. I give this book a 5/5. I loved it!

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too! on May 22, 2013 | e
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    When Do You give up on a dream? When do you let God take over and write the story for you? These are a few questions that will be having you turning the pages as you read this book.

    Written by A Room Without Books is Empty on May 22, 2013 | e
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    I enjoyed watching Kendall and Griffin grow and change as they faced challenges that were set before them. It was a delight to see their reactions as they discovered God’s plans for them. Many of us know that life doesn’t always go according to our plans, but when we trust God with our futures, we learn that His way is always better than we could have planned for ourselves. This is what Griffin and Kendall were learning as their story was being told, and is a lesson many of us are in the process of learning ourselves.

    Written by Our Homeschooling Pilgrimage on May 22, 2013 | e
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    Catch A Falling Star is a story about finding love where you least expect it. I loved the strong influence that faith played on the main characters – one who was not about to give up on finding love, the other who was trying to avoid it at all costs. It is a quick and easy read with a story line and characters that draw you in right away.

    Written by Alas 3 Lads on May 21, 2013 | e
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    This was not your typical romance. There was a lot of depth to the story like as well as the characters. I was also pleasantly surprised by how we see Griffin develop. I also enjoyed the sub-plot with other characters in the book, too. It really added to the whole story.

    You’ll enjoy this book, I’m sure! I really like the age of the characters finding romance and I loved the story because it wasn’t simplistic. I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    Written by Julie @ More of Him on May 20, 2013 | e
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  • This book has some great characters and a great story line, although somewhat predictable like many romantic novels. The main character, Kendall, is a strong, intelligent, independent doctor. In the beginning of the book, she has a run in with the male lead and his adopted teenage brother who he now has custody of due to the death of their parents. The book is actually filled with great women characters and shows the struggles and triumphs they have.This book is a fun read and I definitely recommend it to any woman who loves a romance that also has situations we, as women, often find ourselves in.

    Written by All Meant To Shine on May 20, 2013 | e


    What’s on your summer reading list? Do you like a quick romance for those lazy days by the pool or the beach? If so, then pick up Beth Vogt’s second book, Catch A Falling Star, a novel that proves it is never too late to find love.

    Catch A Falling Star is a realistic romance — the characters are set in their ways and there are plenty of obstacles and personality traits to overcome. Both characters must learn to trust each other and God with their futures and their hearts. There is a secondary plot that I really enjoyed as well, making this story feel very real. If you like a good contemporary romance with some interesting plot twists and realistic characters, I recommend you pick up Catch A Falling Star.

    Written by By The Book on May 20, 2013 | e
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    So often we hold on to things that are no longer ours to hold on to ~ faulting, blame, blocking our future ~ needlessly. Catch a Falling Star is a story of what can happen when we relinquish who we are fully to the One who made us and has His best for us, beyond what we could ever think or imagine. Several stories are going on, as lives around us are in real life. It flows effortlessly as Beth K. brings to life her characters with their weaknesses and strengths. Most beneficial? Being available to change. I especially like the growth in Griffin as he discovers his worth. I like the relinquishment of Kendall’s as she releases an heirloom, only to receive her own. Grace. Beyond measure.

    Written by Lane Hill House on May 19, 2013 | e
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    This book was awesome, one that I didnt want to put down. I love Beth Vogt books she just knows how to get you so into the book and the characters. This book was so true I could see myself in certain aspects. God has a plan for each and every one of us, and this book sums that up for them!

    Written by Pamela’s Heavenly Treats on May 18, 2013 | e
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  • This book was just what I expected it to be — a light contemporary romance that was easy and fun to read. The characters are likable. I can relate to Kendall’s romantic notions, which don’t always line up with reality. Kendall is an older (late thirties) heroine than most romance novels. She enjoys a successful professional career as a doctor, but longs for a husband and children to share her life. Her biological clock is ticking, after all. Griffen, an Air Force pilot, is the untamed bachelor who doesn’t want to be tied down. The typical romantic tension ensues.What I like best about the novel is the faith aspect of searching for God’s plan and being willing to let go of your own ideas in exchange for God’s will. It’s not always an easy thing to do, no matter who you are or what your stage of life.

    Written by Sara @ Embracing Destiny on May 18, 2013 | e
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    I really liked the strength of Kendall’s faith. Her prayers are rich and show a depth that only a strong, faithful Christian will have. She is obviously NOT a “baby” Christian. I loved how in moments of need she stopped and turned to her God to support her and encourage her. This part of the book is beautifully written and designed to teach without preaching and ideal for drawing someone who is questioning who God is to believers.

    Written by GivingNSharing on May 17, 2013 | e
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    Beth Vogt has written a story that dives into the depths of what it takes to let go and be vulnerable. To let life happen; not only with people but with God. Vogt lends an honest voice to the story’s main characters and the frankness is not lost as we travel life with them.

    Written by Slow It Down on May 17, 2013 | e
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    I liked Vogt’s premises behind the book and the inspirational aspects of her plot. Though it was a quick read for me, without heavy detail or overabundance of explanation, it was still a book that provoked some thought into my own life path, decisions, and also my reaction to the choices of others. I enjoyed her view of relationships and her modern spin on an unlikely romance. I suggest this book if you want a Christian contemporary romance that inspires you to think about where you are in life and where you want to be. More lengthy review at the site.

    Written by Oh, for the Hook of a Book! on May 17, 2013 | e
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    This was a fun read, a sweet romance with Christian worldview. The characters are interesting and the story moves along quickly. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

    Written by Inspired By Fiction on May 17, 2013 | e
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    I genuinely cared about the characters as this story progressed, supported by convincing emotions and well-informed realism.

    No casual summer beach read, this novel will leave you thinking about its characters long after you close its covers. It also invites readers to deeper faith and

    Written by Delores Topliff on May 17, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:; barnes&noble


    We find things are not always as they appear, and we will root for hopefully the right people to come out on top! This is a great, fast, page turning read, and the only part I was disappointed in was….I wanted more!

    Written by Maureen’s Musings on May 17, 2013 | e
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    I really liked both main characters in this book. Both are very intelligent professionally successful people. Both have had some real problems in their personal lives. Both are afraid of being hurt; both eventually…
    As an older couple (late 30′s) they have to work at integrating established lives and deciding whether their lives can be meshed.

    Written by This That and the Other Thing on May 16, 2013 |e
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    I really enjoyed this book. I love the fact that the main character was charming yet full of spunk. Catch a Falling Star was really romantic yet also a little mystery and adventure. There were a couple of different subplots but stayed within trusting God and knowing He has a plan for your life. Sometimes things aren’t going the way you thought it would, but He may have another plan for you. It is hard to let go and do His will, as several of the characters experienced in this book. I think there is a great lesson in this.

    Written by Buzz4Mommies on May 16, 2013 | e
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    Catch a Falling Star was one of those books that you do not want to put down. I enjoyed the story, the characters and their personalities along with their past that has shaped them, and most of all how Beth Vogt wrapped it up tying in the title perfectly.

    Written by The IE Mommy on May 16, 2013 | e
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    This is a great Christian romance for older singles. Some wait for years, wondering if their dream of marriage and family will come true – if it is God’s plan. It was fun to read this novel and watch how God worked in the two rather independent and stubborn people to bring them together. Other themes in the book include loss of parents and dealing with the issues of adoption. A good and rewarding novel.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on May 16, 2013 | e
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    Catch a Falling Star is a captivating story about two people who experience life’s unexpected changes and are brought together by a chance encounter that leads them to discover God’s true plan for them.

    Catch A Falling Star is an inspirational and heartwarming story that will resonate with you long after the last words have been read!

    Written by Jersey Girl Book Reviews on May 15, 2013 | e
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    This one was wonderful! . . .this is one story that will turn you on your head and show you that sometimes faith is all you need.

    Written by The Witchy Contessa on May 15, 2013 | e
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    I read somewhere that there are two types of stories: character driven and conflict driven. I was pleased to find that Catch a Falling Star was both. Beth’s characters are real and flawed and oh so relatable. On top of that, she spices things up with conflict after conflict…

    Written by Sara Ella on May 15, 2013 | e
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    Let’s face it, we all make grand plans. Whether we were the 6 yr old playing house imagining her husband and 2.5 kids, dog and house with a yard, or the teenage girl with the mad crush on the boy in English class, doodling her name with his, planning what dress style, flowers and color combinations we would have at our wedding. We plan, it’s what we as humans do. So what happens when we are past our mid thirties and none of those plans have come true? Kendall Haynes is finding out. She finds out quickly that our plans are not necessarily ours and are usually far from what we want, but God knows what we need.