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Richard Mabry‘s latest medical suspense, Critical Condition, is receiving high praise. USA TODAY says, “Mabry combines his medical expertise with a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

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{More about Critical Condition}

Dr. Frasier couldn’t save the gunshot victim on her front lawn. Now she’s fighting for her own life.

It began as a quiet dinner party honoring Dr. Shannon Frasier’s colleague, but became a nightmare when a man was shot on her lawn, reviving emotions from a similar episode a decade ago. Then a midnight call from her sister, Megan, causes Shannon to fear that her sister is on drugs again.

Her “almost-fiancé” Dr. Mark Gilbert’s support only adds to Shannon’s feelings of guilt, since she can’t bring herself to fully commit to him. She turns for help to her pastor-father, only to learn that he’s just been diagnosed with leukemia.
Shannon thought it couldn’t get any worse. Then the late-night, threatening phone calls begin, the rough voice asking, “What did he say before he died?”

With everything around her in a critical state, simply staying alive will require all the resources and focus Shannon has.

Learn more and purchase a copy at Richard’s website.

Richard Mabry

{More About Richard Mabry}

Dr. Richard Mabry is a retired physician who writes “medical suspense with heart.” His novels have won multiple awards: a semifinalist for International Thriller Writers’ debut novel; finalists for the Carol Award, Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, and Romantic Times’ Reader’s Choice Award; and both finalist and winner of the Selah Award. He and his wife live in Frisco, Texas.

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    I have recently gotten into the whole medical Christian books and so far Richard Mabry is my favorite in the genre. His characters are likable and engaging.I loved the mystery and suspense in this book as well as the medical background,the author gives enough information without being overwhelming. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and an enjoyable book.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on May 30, 2014 | e
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    Richard Mabry does it again! Loved Stress Test and Critical Condition was just as great. I liked the little details in Critical Condition that made me feel like an insider in the game of hospital politics. Who knew that July 1 could be a significant date? I wasn’t at all familiar with the medical jargon like Bovie or Critical Condition takes the reader through a series of twists and turns, just like Stress Test. Between HIV and broken beer bottles, I was not sure which way was up.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on May 22, 2014 | e
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  • I love a good medical drama and had a murder mystery in and the book is sure to be a hit with me. Critical Condition was a fabulous mix of these that also included some great truths from the word of God. I was pulled in to the murders and the characters and didn’t have it all figured out until the end.

    Written by The Crafty Home on May 21, 2014 | e
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    I am not normally a real big fan of medical type stories. Richard Mabry is one of those authors though who I enjoy. His writing style is interesting and the characters are very fleshed out. This one had a different plot to it and I think I liked this one more than any of his last ones. I really, really liked Mark!! A great story!!

    Written by Giveaway Lady on May 20, 2014 | e
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    This is an awesome book! I am totally in love with this author and want to read the next one. I do have a bone to pick though over the man that ends up being the leading guy in Shannon’s life. I would have gone for the other one, personally. I love the suspense and the mystery surrounding this book. It’s a a great read. Critical Condition makes you want to stay up all night and keep turning those pages while your brain keeps working trying to figure out how all these characters are connected and who is really the guilty guy! I am definitely checking out more from this author soon!

    Written by For Him and My Family on May 20, 2014 | e
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    Critical Condition by Richard L. Mabry, M.D. was a great book to read. Once again I was not let down by Richard Mabry’s medical suspense book. I have loved both of the other books I have read by him.

    Written by The World As I See It on May 20, 2014 | e
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    Edge of your seat thriller that starts with a bang and doesn’t let up till the very end. Refreshing that there is no language or sex. Great story. Great Read.

    Written by A Room without Books is Empty on May 16, 2014 | e
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    I loved this book!
    If you are looking for a spine-tingling, can’t-put-down, thriller that will have you checking over your shoulder and reading late into the night…this is the book for you.
    I have now read several of author, Dr. Richard Mabry’s novels and each one has been better than the last, with this definitely one of my favorites for sure.

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on May 12, 2014 |e


    I think “Critical Condition” is Dr. Mabry’s best medical thriller to date. First off take a look at the cover–it looks like the medical tray for the doctor during an operation except for the gun and three bullets. The book has already grabbed your attention and you haven’t even started reading yet! Emotional trauma is the hardest experience to heal from mostly because it was so painful in the first place that we do not want to revisit it to begin the healing process. That is where Shannon is at when a stranger is shot on her front lawn it triggers all the memories from her previous experience. Only this time the situation is even worse. On top of everything she is not sure whom she can trust. Action, mystery and suspense these are the ingredients of “Critical Condition”.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on May 12, 2014 | e
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    Critical Condition is another stellar medical suspense novel from Richard Mabry! The story is intense and fast-paced. I enjoyed getting to know Shannon and Mark and seeing their relationship progress. Shannon’s sister Megan was another great character. She probably showed the most growth of anyone in the story, and it would be fun to see her reappear in future novels. Dr. Mabry’s experience as a doctor shines through this book and makes the medical situations very realistic.

    Written by Brooke @ i blog 4 books on May 11, 2014 | e
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    So overall I enjoyed reading it and I like this author’s works. Recommended to fans of this genre.

    Written by A Book Lover on May 10, 2014 | e
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    If you do a search of my blog for Richard L. Mabry you’ll find that I’ve read quite a few of his books and I’ve enjoyed them all – and Critical Condition is no different – but I think this may even be my favorite one. We meet Shannon Frasier before she is a real doctor entering a fancy restaurant with her soon-to-be fiance and then he is gunned down – right in front of her. Fast forward several years and Dr. Frasier is a successful doctor, with a loving set of parents, a messed up sister and a boyfriend who wants more from her. Ah, life. As Shannon and her boyfriend sit down to a dinner in her home with some friends, gun shots ring out and all too soon the nightmare from the past has been reawakened on her front lawn – but I don’t want to give away too much so I’ll tell you…….

    Written by Growing For Christ on May 9, 2014 | e
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    If a good medical thriller from a critically acclaimed author is something that’s on your list of things to read this season – than add Critical Condition to your reading list!

    Critical Condition is a fast-paced novel that takes us deep into the world and psyche of Dr. Shannon Frasier – a highly esteemed physician whose life was forever changed a decade ago when her boyfriend died of a gunshot wound during her first year as a medical student.

    Now she’s moved on – or so she thought. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?

    Critical Condition is gripping. It pulls you in from the start and keeps you pouring over the pages until you reach the very suspenseful conclusion.

    A great story from an acclaimed author!

    Written by Create With Joy on May 8, 2014 | e
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    I loved this book and felt as if I could not read fast enough, yet at the same time I was sad to have the story end. Richard does an incredible job with bringing his characters and their situations to life as he ties in medical terms, and situations and his medical expertise is evident through his writing. Shannon and Megan were both great characters and ones that I enjoyed spending time with.

    Written by Moments on May 8, 2014 | e
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    Mabry’s characters are so real, I feel like I’m going to see them the next time I’m at a hospital. Not only are they real in their personalities, in all their struggles, they deal with real-life situations. This is the first book I’ve ever read that has a character diagnosed with the same cancer as my mother had—I relived the memory of getting that phone call from her telling me of her diagnosis and treatment through Shannon’s experience. I am not trained in the medical field, but my mother was an R.N. and freely shared her knowledge and all the complications that could arise. With that one event in the book, I completely bonded with Shannon, and I longed to call her up and reassure them they would make it through this one difficult situation.

    Written by The Writer’s Tool on May 8, 2014 | e


    I just read “Critical Condition” and I loved the suspense, the suspense and the storyline.

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too! on May 7, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is my first experience reading one of Richard Mabry’s medical mysteries, and I found it very difficult to put this book down. As a former member of the medical community I thoroughly enjoy a well-written medical mystery, and Critical Condition was no disappointment. The author’s medical knowledge is a definite bonus in this fast-paced novel filled with suspense and unforeseen developments. Considerable research is reflected through the detailed legalistic aspects that dominated much of this novel. The cast of characters revealed throughout this book represent believable and well defined individuals. Issues, such as addiction, fear of commitment and family dynamics are broached with candor and integrity. I recommend Dr. Mabry’s book, “Critical Condition,” and look forward to reading more books written by this talented author.

    Written by Perspectives By Nancee on May 7, 2014 | e
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  • Critical Condition was a great read! It’s one of those books you don’t won’t to stop reading. Perfect for a day at the pool or beach.If you like a good mystery you will love this book. There are many twists and turns and it keeps you guessing what will happen next!

    Written by Mommy Has to Work on May 7, 2014 | e
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    “Critical Condition” has everything I love about Dr. Mabry’s novels. It began with a shooting and progressed at a rapid rate through an increasingly suspenseful plot that included more murder and mayhem before reaching a dramatic conclusion. The suspense and tension grew at a perfect pace with several unexpected twists. Characters were very well developed. Shannon’s panic attacks, struggles with her faith, and reluctance to commit to her “almost fiance” were just a few of the details that made her as real as one of my friends. Mark was the perfect hero with seemingly unlimited patience and support for Shannon and a strong faith that kept him grounded. Sister Megan’s determination to overcome a sketchy past filled with poor choices was also a strong point.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on May 6, 2014 | e
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    I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I read this mystery/thriller by Dr. Mabry. I just had to find out who had committed the crimes and why? Were Shannon and Megan involved, or just convenient scapegoats? I won’t reveal the answers so that you will enjoy finding out for yourself when you read Critical Condition.

    Written by Our Homeschooling Pilgrimage on May 6, 2014 |e
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    If you’re ready for a heart pounding, adrenalin pumping read, Dr. Mabry can always oblige.

    This is not a book you can put down and then pick back up in a day or two. Dr. Mabry doesn’t write that kind of book. Start it early in the day, because you won’t sleep until you’ve finished this book.

    Written by sunny island breezes on May 6, 2014 | e
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    Richard Mabry is an author who seems to get better with each book he writes.

    Written by Thoughts of a Sojourner on May 6, 2014 | e
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    Shannon is an interesting character, she is dedicated to her work and her patients, and Megan lived a reckless life and didn’t mind taking advantage of her sister. I kept getting frustrated at Megan because of her lifestyle. But characters like Megan is what makes the story interesting! With Megan and all of the twists and turns in this story, I found myself glued to the pages of this book until the last word! As you can tell, I loved Critical Condition. One of the reasons I enjoy Dr. Mabry’s books is because of the extensive medical details.

    Written by Splashes of Joy on May 6, 2014 | e
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    I enjoy getting pulled into a suspenseful story, especially a medical mystery. Once I started and got connected to the characters I was reluctant to put it down. I enjoyed the pace of the story as well as the dimensions of the characters. It did not end the way I expected, which I enjoyed as well!! I recommend, a good summer read!

    Written by Cole Clan Adventures on May 5, 2014 | e
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    I think you’ll enjoy this book. If medical suspense isn’t your thing, you can still give it a try. There’s a little element of romance too!

    Written by A Dusty Frame on May 5, 2014 | e
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    Richard Mabry, MD combines the pace of a crime thriller and the equally stressful world of medicine with a well crafted, complex personal story of Dr. Shannon Frasier.

    Written by Thoughts from Mill Street on May 5, 2014 | e
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    Critical Condition is a unique blend of fiction, medicine, suspense, and faith. With likable characters and a plot that holds God’s message, the story grips the reader from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the very last page. Marby has created an engrossing and exciting read for lovers of Christian fiction.

    Written by Serenity Reviews on May 5, 2014 | e


    Dr. Mabry has once again written a novel that provides everything you could ask for in a great novel. He has provided us with meaningful characters, a believable storyline and a plot that flows like a smooth river. The descriptions of places and actions throughout the book always invoke clear vivid pictures of everything that is happening, adding to the realism and immersion of the storyline. The end is wrapped up tight, allowing you to heave a huge sigh of relief that all of the suspense and turmoil has finally come to a dramatic end.

    Written by Reviews From a Man’s Perspective on May 4, 2014 | e
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    Overall, “Critical Condition” will having you biting your nails and making sure the doors and windows are locked up tight. If you enjoy suspense, action, a lot of drama, and a touch of romance, then this is the book for you!!

    Written by Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno on May 3, 2014 | e
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    I just finished reading Critical Condition and I really liked it. Dr. Shannon Frasier’s whole life is turned upside down when a person is found murdered on her lawn. This book is full of action, suspense and family loyalty. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a good mystery.

    Written by Deal Sharing Aunt on May 3, 2014 | e
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    The twists and turns that author and retired physician Richard Mabry bring to this book will keep you turning the pages to the stunning conclusion.

    Written by Lighthouse Academy on May 3, 2014 | e
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    It is a very well written book, the characters are real to life and there are a few moments of extreme suspense that leaves you breathless. The ending had a surprising twist that I did not see coming. Very unexpected.

    Written by My Daily Trek on May 2, 2014 | e


    If you’re not familiar with the works of Richard L. Mabry, M.D. and love medical suspense fiction then you need to run out and grab some of his books. He writes the perfect mystery. Critical Condition is his latest and I could not put this book down. Started it in the morning during my treadmill workout and finished it before I fell asleep later that night. Just enough suspense to keep me alert but not freak the daylights out of me and make me want to sleep with a light on. Just enough romance to make me teary eyed. Just enough mystery to keep me guessing as to whether or not the people closest to the main character could be trusted. Just enough of everything.
    It even had just the right number of characters. Sometimes too many characters makes me put a book down (for good). I don’t want to have to keep flipping back or refer to a chart to remember who is who.
    This book was really good. I hate to use such simple words, but I truly did enjoy it. Don’t miss it!

    Written by Clicking Her Heels on May 2, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love every novel that Mr. Mabry has published because it utilizes his experience as a medical physician to keep the story captivating, on the edge of your seat and turning pages faster than you ever thought possible with just the right blend of suspense. Once again I believe he has hit a home room with this one and easily rates a 5 out of 5 in my book. This one even comes with a discussion guide at the end that is perfect for book clubs!

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on May 1, 2014 | e
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    Mabry has become one of my favorite medical thriller authors! I love his characters…they are genuine and believable. He writes not from sensation, but about “real” people who find themselves in somewhat unbelievable situations. He never fails to infuse a crisis of faith into the story. While in this particular story there were ideas/thoughts repeated too often (from the main character, Shannon Fraisier), the suspense both in Shannon’s love relationship and in the murders kept me turning the pages. The best part of the experience reading this book is that I couldn’t figure it out…until the last page was turned!

    Written by Mother of Three on May 1, 2014 | e
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    I have read Stress Test by this author and really enjoyed it. While I don’t enjoy reading doctor details, this book was just as great as the other! It kept my attention span from the start, and while the ending was slightly more predictable than I hoped, it was a good adrenaline rush! I really enjoyed the characters in this book and how Shannon (the main character) grows from her past and struggles. There is a tad bit of romance but the storyline is mostly centered around the suspense about the murders throughout the book. If you enjoy suspense I encourage you to read this book or others by Richard Mabry. Even if you don’t enjoy medical type books these really are good!

    “I received this book from Litfuse for free in exchange for an honest review.”

    Written by I Hope You Dance on May 1, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved this book and I thought that it was way deeper then I thought it was going to be from the description. The blurb makes it sound like the main character, Shannon, is a complaining about all of the things that are happening to her. Once you get into the book, you see very quickly that this is not what the book is about. The characters were really great and you could see them developing through all of the situations that you learned more about them. Each character does some unexpected things that show what they are made of. I enjoyed the book and all of the characters. I am interested to read more about these characters and other things but this author. Make sure that you pick this book at your local bookstore or library.

    Written by NOVA Frugal Family on April 30, 2014 | e
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    Richard Mabry is my go-to author when I need a story about ordinary citizens caught up in a major mystery.
    In the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing three of his books: Stress Test, Heart Failure, and now Critical Condition. And I swear his mysteries get more perplexing with each novel- there were at least three major plot twists in Critical Condition that I never expected!

    I loved this story, not just for the mystery (which sure was tricky and startling!) but for the tale of two sisters and restoration after loss.

    Richard Mabry combines suspense with people-oriented plots, that show how men and women move closer to God in the middle of real life.

    Get ready to join Shannon in sleuthing, sistering, spiritual renewal, and suspense.

    Written by Found a Christian by His Grace on April 30, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:

  • As an RN these books resonate with me!

    Written by Phyllis Bartram on April 29, 2014 | e


    This is the first of Richard Mabry’s medical mysteries that I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. There’s the expected medical theme, but also relationship drama, suspense, romance, and police procedural. I suspected it would be strong from a medical point of view, but was pleasantly surprised at how good it was from a police procedural standpoint. Critical Condition is a great suspense story, but the characterization and drama elevated it so much more for me. Recommended for all readers.

    Written by The Power of Words on April 29, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Critical Condition is a fast paced thriller that I could NOT put down. From the first page, I was taken in to the story. The action started right in the beginning and it kept going until the end of the story. It was a difficult book to put down.

    Written by For The Love of Books on April 29, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    This book is a real treat for those of us who like medical suspense stories. From the minute I opened the book, I was hooked. Each successive situation had me asking, “How much more can she handle?” The characters and story line are wonderfully put together, and it was fun to try to figure out what was happening. If you enjoy medical suspense and thrillers, this book is for you.

    Written by Books and such on April 29, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Once you turn the first page of this fast paced, riveting, book you are going to be hooked.
    Come along for another of Dr. Mabry’s reads, I know I wasn’t disappointed, and felt that I had become a part of the Fraizer family. I also enjoyed that there was an epilogue at the end of the book. Don’t miss this one, especially if you love mysteries!

    Written by Maureen’s Musings on April 29, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love Mabry’s books, and Critical Condition is at the top of that list. With lots of suspense, a dose of mystery, and some romance thrown in, this is a great read. Don’t miss it.

    Written by A Nest in the Rocks on April 28, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I like the many layers of this book. I like the mystery of the crime and the twists and turns it takes. I also love the growth in Shannon’s life in great regard to Mark’s faith in God and his helping to redirect Shannon to where she needs to find her strength. I also really like the story of Megan who has been desiring to turn her life around.
    On top of all of that throw in Megan and Shannon’s Dad getting cancer, the possibility of a corrupt cop, and kidnapping.

    Written by A Year of Jubilee Reviews on April 28, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Combining medical fiction with chilling suspense is what Dr. Richard Mabry does best, and Critical Condition is one of his finest. I absolutely couldn’t put it down and read it in one day. I was riveted from the opening chapter and intrigued by the characters. Mabry moves the action and the emotion seamlessly between the hospital setting and Shannon’s personal life as both are turned upside down by the events unfolding in her life….

    Written by Mocha with Linda on April 28, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is a medical suspense. There are bits and pieces of medical jargon and scenes, but this is not an in-your-face ER or Hospital Drama! Written by a retired physician, it rings true to life and professionalism. Dr. Mabry handles the emotional drama with a delicate, yet descriptive and true to life realism.

    Written by Chat With Vera on April 28, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I’m trying to read all the reviews, but obviously I’ll miss some. Thanks to all of you for your nice words. I appreciate them.

    Written by Random Jottings on April 27, 2014 | e


    For fast-paced suspense novels, one go-to author is Richard Mabry, M.D. I have enjoyed his books in the past and was please to be included in the tour of his latest, Critical Condition. There’s a little bit for everyone — romance, suspense, a puzzling mystery, medical drama and characters that grapple with real life problems, questions and doubts. A quick read that will keep you turning the pages, Critical Condition is a good choice for your next book.

    Written by By The Book on April 26, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love reading medical drama books because you also get a rare glimpse into a doctor’s world and it’s all so very fascinating. But, in this case, maybe not so much. Who gets to see 2 men shot in their life?

    Written by Mary’s Cup of Tea on April 25, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Another good book by Mabry. This book was very good for a day’s read. There were plot twist that were enjoyable and not impossible. I like Mabry’s inclusion of emotions, drama, suspense, mystery, and very subtle “romance”. He doesn’t go overboard on the violence either, even though the reader understands it is there. It is definitely a book that will take you away from the here-and-now for awhile, without letting you get too far away from reality. It was a good book that I’d recommend to others in search of a quick read with an interesting story line and good characters.

    Written by North Laurel Home & School on April 25, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love a good thriller, and I have found that some of the best thriller authors are those who are in the medical profession. I just read “Critical Condition” by Richard L. Mabry, M.D. and he did not disappoint.

    The story is full of twists and turns. A man gets shot on the lawn of Shannon Frasier’s house just a day before her bad-news sister tries to move back in with her. Her father is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Things begin to happen to people her sister knows. And then Shannon is in the middle of all of it – not really knowing who all to trust or how to get out of this sticky situation. Meanwhile she has pretty much given up on her faith in God.

    Written by The Talbert Report on April 25, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Time flies when you read one of Mabry’s books. From the first page to the last, “Critical Condition” is captivating and entertaining. You may figure this one out before the end, but it’s still a lot of fun to read.

    Written by I am believing God on April 25, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I found another new author whose fictional tales are heart-thumping, action-filled adventure along with characters wrestling with their faith! Bravo!

    Crafted well by this author is a story readers will want to finish no matter how long one may stay awake doing so. Don’t pass up such a great book that will be fun to discuss in a reading group or enjoy turning pages while sitting on a porch in the sun.

    Written by Seeling with all Yur Heart on April 25, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I absolutely LOVE his medical thrillers and Critical Condition was EXCELLENT, as I knew it would be! I’m never able to solve the who-done-it in Dr. Mabry’s books and I LOVE that! I’ve always loved the fact that his books, for me, are not the typical cookie cutter suspense novels. He writes good, clean, exciting novels that leave you anxiously awaiting the next one!

    If you haven’t read one of Dr. Mabry’s books, you truly should! If you like suspense, medical thrillers, then Oh boy! you truly need to read his books!!

    Written by Heart of a BookWorm on April 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Medical Suspense at it’s finest! In my humble opinion, Dr. Mabry has yet another hit on his hands. Personally, I believe his newest release, Critical Condition, is his best novel to date.

    I will say that there are many twists and turns in this book making you think everything is tied together one minute and then in another minute you start questioning things and begin thinking everything is unrelated. Oh my it was a wonderful suspenseful ride!

    For anyone who enjoys a fast paced suspenseful read you must pick up a copy of Critical Condition. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. It is a wonderful, clean read that will keep you up turning the pages as fast as you can.

    Written by All Things Are Possiblew on April 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    Critical Condition is an intriguing novel that kept me guessing until the end. In addition to the suspense thread (which is really quite good), it also examines family relationships. I saw a lot of myself in Shannon, the “good girl” who always did what was expected of her, even if her heart wasn’t in it. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the novel and come to a place where she could truly take control of her life. I also was surprised at the direction the romance took. It was not at all what I expected, but I do think it was fitting. (The other potential romance revealed at the end of the novel? Not so much…)

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on April 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    This is my first read of Richard Mabry; however I do have his other novels downloaded to my Kindle as a result of reading Critical Condition and anticipate reading them all. You will know by the end of the story that God is watching and helping and whether Shannon will finally be secure about her feeling for Mark and accept his marriage proposal. Thank you, Dr. Mabry for penning an enjoyable read without distracting sex, bad language, and hope that immorality will be turned to good actions. Let me mention also that I have a wide appreciation of the medical information and complexion overall this story….it helped make it ONE GREAT MEDICAL THRILLER!!

    Written by Barb Shelton on April 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    This was my first Richard Mabry and medical suspense novel. It was a good one to cut my teeth on. I loved how Shannon was written ~ strong and capable, yet lovable and caring. Mark, Shannon’s almost fiance, was excellent, and I wish there were more of his type in the real world! Overall, this story kept me guessing and kept me on my toes.

    Written by Books By Amanda on April 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:


    I recently got the chance to read Critical Condition by Richard Mabry. It is the first book of his I have ever read. My first initial reaction when reading this book was, “Oh man — I am going to be up ALL night reading this page turner.” Here’s why I loved this book SO much.

    The characters seemed real to me. I loved each of the characters in this book. It did not start off all nice and roses like most novels do. There is a tragedy right from the get go that sets the scene for you to start getting acquainted with the characters and their back stories. For me, I love reading and finding out about a character’s back story. That helps me to fall in love with them more. That is how I felt about Dr. Shannon Frasier. She has had some serious things happen to her in her life.

    Written by Jen’s Journey on April 24, 2014 | e


    This is a great Christian medical suspense novel. I really liked it. The characters are well developed and believable and there is plenty of action and suspense. The main character has a troubled relationship with God because of the murder of her fiance a decade ago. But her current boyfriend, a committed Christian, is patient and very supportive. Action, suspense, romance, a great novel.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on April 23, 2014 | e
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    This is a complex plot, a combination of mystery, suspense, medical thriller and romance (although I did feel the romance was definitely last place). There were lots of related points to keep in mind, yet not so many that I lost track of who was who or what was what. Shannon and Megan were both well-drawn characters, with Shannon as the ‘good’ older sister who had worked hard and done well, and Megan the more flighty younger sibling with a more mixed personal history.

    I did almost feel as though the plot lost momentum at one point, but the climax certainly got the adrenaline pumping, and all the loose ends were tied up by the last page. Recommended for thriller fans.

    Written by Iola’s Christian Reads on April 23, 2014 | e
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    I have been a big fan of Richard Mabry’s books since I read his Code Blue book series a year or so back. I stumbled on them by mistake when looking for medical mystery novels. I am so glad I came across his books because I’ve enjoyed all of the books I’ve read by him. He has a medical background, but doesn’t use lofty language that a layperson can’t comprehend. He makes his novels deep, suspenseful and keep you on the edge of your seat. I’d recommend them for anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel!

    Written by Living, Laughing, Loving on April 23, 2014 | e
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    Fantastic read from start to finish! Dr. Richard Mabry brings a fresh perspective to this novel with his background in medicine. The novel was full of suspense and kept me guessing through out – with the ending not what I expected but very exciting! A definite must read!

    Written by Working Mommy Journal on April 23, 2014 | e
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    I love a good thrill ride of a book. I also really enjoy Christian fiction. It is not often that the two can be one and the same. Critical Condition is a Christian suspense with a bit of medical drama. I loved this combination and was glued to the book from the moment I started reading. Richard L. Mabry, M.D. had me at the first word!

    Written by Buzz4Mommies on April 22, 2014 | e
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  • It became evident fairly early in the story that there were some dangerous times ahead for Shannon and the book began to pick up, rushing toward an exciting ending. I admired Shannon’s drive to not let a criminal destroy her life and I think any reader would admire her coolness in a time of extreme danger.
    I recommend this book. It is exciting and will definitely keep the reader going until the final page

    Written by Manifest Blog on April 17, 2014 | e


    I love the cover and the title of this book!

    Besides the externals, a strong aspect of “Critical Condition” was that it kept me guessing to the end. I was never quite sure which characters could be trusted. The book had a great story line with lots of questions that were resolved seamlessly at the end. I liked the way there was mystery surrounding the credibility of Shannon’s sister Megan. The last part of this book was my favorite. I read late into the night, and at some point toward the end of the story, I went from fighting drowsiness to being wide awake as I was caught up in the suspense of the adventure.

    Written by WordSmith on April 14, 2014 | e
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